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Falling In love with Newt would Include

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Anonymous asks:  Could you do a newt scamander falling in love would include

  • You actually not liking him at first, you think he’s weird and strange.
  • Him being persistence, but is always really nervous around you.
  • You thinking he’s really annoying, especially the way he acts around you in particular.
  • You avoiding him at all cost, trying to pretend he doesn’t exist.
  • But again, he’s persistent, and has an almost angelic attitude, and treats you with respect, something that you don’t get a lot being a woman in the 20s.
  • Him making little flowers with his wand and sending them to you.
  • Sometimes when he’s not looking, you steal a glance at him, trying to figure him out.
  • Months and months pass, and he’s still falling for you, but you’re holding your grounds.
  • He doesn’t like you just because you’re pretty, he loves the way you talk, and laugh. Especially when you start to snort a little bit, not caring who is judging.
  • Him asking you out a couple times, you reject him, but you’re slowly getting warmed up to his weird ways.
  • The two of you are becoming friends, but he still has feelings for you. Newt’s scared of being rejected over and over, and gives up asking you out.
  • Him leaving you alone, because he wants you to have space, and Newt thinks you really don’t like him.
  • You think he doesn’t like you anymore, and naturally, right about then, you start liking him back.
  • You being sad, because you think Newt doesn’t like you anymore.
  • You ask Newt if it’s too late to take up that offer. Newt smiles, and says, “It’s never too late.”
  • Newt always smiling, especially when you smile and are laughing.
  • When things get tough, the two of you like to cuddle, you nestled into Newt, your hands around his waist, his hands gently petting your hair.
  • No matter what happens, he always encourages you, and tells you how much he loves you.
  • You jokingly call Newt Newton in a horrible British accent.
  • Newt surprising you with flowers, every Friday.
  • Lastly, you telling Newt, “I’ve fallen for you, and I don’t think I can get up.”

I apologize for all the Newt Scamander posts! HAHA JK, I’M NOT SORRY, SUCKERS, ADMIT IT YOU LOVE IT!!! 


Obama bids his final farewell to the nation from his adopted hometown of Chicago

President Barack Obama bid farewell to the nation on Tuesday in an emotional speech that sought to comfort a country on edge over rapid economic changes, persistent security threats and the election of Donald Trump.

Forceful at times and tearful at others, Obama’s valedictory speech in his hometown of Chicago was a public meditation on the many trials the U.S. faces as Obama takes his exit. For the challenges that are new, Obama offered his vision for how to surmount them, and for the persistent problems he was able to overcome, he offered optimism that others, eventually, will. (AP)

(Photos: Charles Rex Arbogast/AP, Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP, Jonathan Ernst/Reuters, Jonathan Ernst/Reuters, John Gress/Reuters)


See more images from Obama’s farewell on Yahoo News.


Andy: I’m at, like, a beach cabana and Brad Pitt approaches and tries to lean in and kiss me. I would definitely resist, like, at first. But, if he was persistent, I might give in a little bit, to just sort of see what it felt like. Would I push him away? How hard? Like, what if he’s, like, really aggressive? This is not real Brad Pitt. This is, like, in my- this is my fantasy. Or it’s, like, not a fantasy. It’s just a scenario.

Real talk

Does Lin-Manuel Miranda know how much hope he has given so many people with Hamilton? I mean, I can’t speak for anyone else, but my family isn’t very well off. I never thought I would go anywhere, despite my good grades or passion or detemination, I knew that my parents just did not have enough money to send me to my college of choice.
Then Hamilton came along.
Hamilton, as you all know, is the story of founding father Alexander Hamilton. Our buddy Hamilton was also hella not rich, just like me!!! But he was so persistent and he was so eloquent and he achieved so much even if he didn’t have the money to do so!!! Like!!! Buddy!!! I can also do that!!! I can make a difference!!! I can go to whatever the fuck college I want to!!! Thank you, Mr. Miranda, for writing something that gave this determined cinnamon roll hope!!!

Jason: Did you hear the rumor about me? That I’m gay?

Nico: I did. Yes.

Jason: And?

Nico: What?

Jason: Do you think it’s true? Do you think that I’m… gay?

Nico: Are you attracted to other men?

Jason: [scoffs] No! But, let me kick you a scenario. I’m at a beach cabana, and Brad Pitt approaches. He tries to lean in and kiss me. I would definitely resist, like at first. But if he was persistent, [long pause] I think I might give in a little bit, just to see what it… felt like.


Jason: Would I push him away? How hard? Like, what if he’s like really aggressive?

Nico: If you resisted Brad Pitt a little bit, he would still… need to get to you?

Jason: It’s not real Brad Pitt, this is like, this is my fantasy. Or it’s like, not a fantasy, it’s just… it’s just a scenario.

Nico: Wow. I wish… I wish I could help you. I don’t… you might be gay. You might be gay.

Think about it..

Kwon Jiyong was no more than 5 when his mom made him take part in talent shows and auditions and when little Jiyong started crying in protest his mom dragged him into the toilets and pinched him so he’d go up there and do what he’s best at. After already being a success in SM he went to be a trainee in YG and trained there for 6 years, wrote 2 songs every day before bed after a long day practicing at the studio. Now, only at the age of 26, he’s the loved leader of one of the best kpop groups in the world, talented, worshipped and praised. The G-Dragon.

Dong Youngbae started being a trainee in YG at the age of 13 after being to the CEO’s office countless times, being persistent that he wants to train and make it big. After training 6 burdensome years hearing stuff like “if u’re not practicing hard enough u’re gonna end up like Youngbae” and finally debuting as a boy group BIGBANG he is the great Taeyang.

Kang Daesung got called “the ugly one” in his trainee years. Even tho he already had fans for being a sweetheart he still had a very difficult life. Even though he sang like an angel, his father was against him being a singer and Daesung had to go to school, train after school and be home at 11pm every day. Now that he made it to the group after hard work and being loved by the world and being a worshipped solo act in Japan, he finally lives up to his name, Kang Daesung, a big success.

Lee Seunghyun was training hard in YG before eliminated from the soon debuting group. He didn’t give up though. Even though being away from home and only being 15, he never stopped believing in his dream and after showing others that he has the passion and ability to debut with the group and being absolutely essential part of it, he was given an another chance. Now, at the age of 24 he’s the maknae of a 9 year old group, has his own academy and is a beloved MC in Korea and Japan, he deserves the name Seungri, the victor.

Choi Seunghyun, an overweight underground rapper invited to audition for a real agency, turned down because of his weight but accepted after seeing his hard work. Being the eldest of the trainees he was given hell for not being as talented as the other boys. His thing was rap and he was struggling to get better at everything else required, singing, dancing, etc. Now 9 years after debuting he is declared as one of the sexiest men on earth, worshipped as a rapper and loved as an actor, he’s truly T.O.P in everything.

BIGBANG is a true inspiration. Thank you for your hard work and your dedication.


The moment when Victor is so blinded by Yuri’s handsomeness in the light of the sunset and his admirable persistance that he easily allows a complicated jump he never landed instead of coming up with a more approachable idea about how to score the same number of points.

The moment when the coach let his feelings get in the way…

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: but i wonder who is going to be at worlds this year? and how many of those people will go onto the olympics next year? how is javier fernandez doing this weekend at the spanish nationals? of the german, estonian, and italian nationals, which should i try to find on youtube first? what if yuzuru hanyu *is* the first person to complete and land a quad axel? how will adam rippon do in the u.s. nationals coming off his grand prix performances? speaking of the grand prix, i wonder how shoma uno will do at japanese nationals? it will be interesting to see how many points behind hanyu he places. is uno destined to live in hanyu's shadow, or will he be able to break out on his own? and is patrick chan going to make it to the next Olympics like he hopes to?
Dating Newt Scamander Includes


•he instantly finds himself liking you the second he saw you taming a beast and he persistently tries to swoon you

•it takes you a while to get use to his shy and awkwardness but you find it absolutely adorable and can’t help but fall for him

• he loves to you show his beasts and even teach you a thing or two about how to care for them

•he often gives you exotic flowers or magical flowers that he found during his travels which you make a garden out of inside of his case

•his kisses are gentle and timid but full of love and passion that makes your heart flutter

• he blushes very much whenever you surprise him with a kiss out of the blue

• often he likes to wrap his arms around you and simply hold you while you silently hum and stroke his hair

•whenever your not looking at him Newt tends to stare at you and can’t help but think how he was lucky enough to have you by his side

• and whenever you find yourself gazing at Newt you can’t help but wonder how you found such a kind , sweet, gentlemen

• when it’s time for him to leave he begs you to come away with him cause he can’t bear being apart from you

• and you end up agreeing and traveling the world with him to find and learn about beasts


Papyrus prepares perfect pasta with poise and precision.
Papyrus picks plump tomatoes and purees them in a particular progress. Papyrus prepares in a pan, his pasta, which can be Penne, or Pillus, or Pacherri, or Papperdelle, Pici, Puntine,Perciatelli, and Pelmeni. Papyrus peaks his pasta with Parmesan and a pinch of Parsley.
Papyrus is provoked with puns and playful pups procuring to place paws on his precious pasta, but he persists in his practice, for Papyrus is prim and proper. Papyrus will plate the proportions promptly and posthaste, for his pals and peers with picky palates push Papyrus to portion the picture perfect pasta with a passionate personality.
Popular and prestigious Papyrus is proud and pleased for the pasta he prepares is the pinnacle of culinary perfection.

…so I like alliteration
Also I substituted for  some of the pasta that I could not find. 
I may not be as great as the Pasta Master Papyrus when it comes to macaroni art, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

This is the amazing original HERE

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YOU GUYS WILL NOT BELIEVE THE NIGHT I HAD!!! this racist white guy kept harassing my friend trying to make her dance with him and she was trying to get away but he was so persistent. so then she told him to fuck off already and he gave her the finger because the white male ego is so fragile. and i had enough of his hit so i smacked him hard in the head with a closed fist and then i grabbed my friends and started running in my damn heels to the girl’s bathroom shoving people out of the way i honestly thought i was going to get killed because you KNOW how white men are axe murderers and they esp! do not care about cutting up a woc. and we were all so scared so we asked the guy cleaning the bathroom if he could escort us out the club and he radio’d the bouncer and i was grabbing onto that man’s arm for dear life. anyways i am back home and i live to see another day

  • Scorpius has nightmares, sometimes
  • And they usually involve Albus disappearing or Albus being tortured or him frantically searching for his best friend only for everyone he asks to give him a blank stare at the name Albus Potter and the only thing that’s exactly the same every time is how very helpless he feels
  • When he wakes up in a cold sweat he tries to be quiet about it but Albus always knows somehow
  • Always
  • So it isn’t long before he appears at Scorpius’s bedside and by now he knows to scoot over without a word because Albus is going to crawl in beside him no matter how persistently he protests
  • “You’re not being stupid” Albus always assures him because Scorpius doesn’t have to say a word for Albus to know that he’s thinking it
  • And Albus waves his wand and conjures hundreds of pinpricks of starlight in the canopy of Scorpius’s bed that dapple his face in a soft glow and swirl gently above him until he can feel his eyelids start to get heavy again
  • Albus is warm beside him and it’s easier, at night, beneath those winking stars, to inch a little closer and rest his cheek on Albus’s shoulder and maybe sometimes trace the constellations into the familiar lines of Albus’s palm
  • They fall asleep that way sometimes
  • Together
  • They sleep better that way but neither is brave enough to admit it to the other because once morning has dawned and Albus’s stars have burned out and their dormmates are whispering about them behind their hands (Scorpius knows they are) things feel different
  • And Scorpius’s fears are silly in daylight and what’s sillier is that when the sun is shining he isn’t nearly brave enough to hold Albus’s hand

Genji - He would try and get his s/o to get down from there, either attempting to somehow sit on the ceiling as well or just standing below them and occasionally, looking up and asking if they want to talk about it instead of sitting alone. 

Hanzo - He just stays close by to his s/o, letting them take their time up there and just waiting patiently and quietly for them to come down on their own time. 

Mccree - Like Genji, he tries to get his s/o to get down from there and just talk about their problems but he isn’t persist about it, leaving them alone up there for as long as they with the occasional peak in the room to see if they’re still up there.  

Tracer - She just stands about, looking up at her s/o with some concern on her face, wondering what she can do to make her s/o feel better. She tries to get their attention with promises of happier things and maybe even getting something her s/o likes. 

[victuri] his hair grows longer

Victor’s hair is getting longer. When Yuri asks him why he’s growing it out, he smiles and says, “To keep me warm during the winter.”

“Are you a bear?”

Victor props himself up on an elbow. “To try something new, then. Or something old, I suppose.” He grins. “Do you like it?”

“Of course I do,” Yuri says, running his fingers through the soft silver strands. They reach Victor’s chin, and tickle Yuri’s chest when Victor kisses his way up, finally reaching his mouth.

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Babysitting |  Rucas

♡ ♡ ♡

“Topanga!” Cory screams as he enters the kitchen area. His wife was sat on the living room sofa, stack of papers in hand as she went over a case she was working on. The loud shrill sound of her husband’s voice should’ve startled her or at the very least got her attention but by now she was used to his theatrics.

“Topanga!” he persists, “I caught them!” He shrieks, dramatically putting his palms against his temple.

She finally gives in and turns to him, “Cory, what’re you talking about?”

“Riley and Lucas” He makes his angry face. “I caught them horizontal – fully clothed – but horizontal.”

He had walked in on them kissing on her bed. They weren’t doing anything per say but Riley was slightly lying on top of him and from where Cory was standing it looked like a lot more than that.

“Cory.” Topanga sighs. “She’s 17, remember how we were when we were 17?” She asks knowing it wouldn’t help him feel any better at all.

“She had the look.” He says, eyes wide.

Thee look?” She asks, more concerned now.

He nods his head dramatically at her, waiting for her to say something.

“Don’t worry.” She smiles mischievously. “I have a plan.”

It was Friday night and Riley and Lucas made plans to go the movies after school. It’s a little tradition they started back in 9th grade when they finally became official. Every other Friday they’d go to the movies just the two of them. Since Riley was hell-bent on including all of their friends in on their plans so no one felt left out, Lucas suggested they have one day where it was just them. Of course that didn’t include their one-on-one study sessions, lunch dates at Topanga’s bakery or the strolls they took when they just wanted some alone time.

Lucas is sitting on the couch waiting for Riley to finish getting changed when Cory walks through the door with a big smile on his face although it diminishes a bit when he notices the handsome teen waiting on his daughter.

“You.” Cory narrows his eyes at the blonde boy and huffs past him towards the kitchen.

Before Lucas has the chance to say anything Riley comes out of her room, ready to leave. “See ya later dad.” She waves as she makes her way to her boyfriend, and the front door.

“Woah woah woah.” Topanga cautions as she steps through the front door. “Where do you think you’re going?”

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Not Feeling the Christmas Spirit ~ Stiles Stilinski

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 671

Author’s Note: Merry Christmas, guys! I decided to write this short and not very great imagine because I have nothing else to do. Sorry that it’s so specific, I’m kinda drawing from my life, except I don’t have a Stiles so you could probably tell how this ends for me. 

“Are you sure you don’t want to come tonight?” Stiles asks for the billionth time. 

“Yeah, I’m sure.” You answer again. You can hear Stiles exaggeratedly groan over the phone. “This is what I do every year.” 

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