hes perect


inspired by “Alec S1 no way he’s going to pride but Alec S2 could maybe be convinced to go” - Matt Daddario

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Magnus and Alec were sitting on the couch all cuddled up. It was one of those rare evenings when netiher of them had any work. No demons to fight, no potions to create, no spells to make. Just the two of them enjoying their time together.

They were watching something on TV but they weren’t really paying attention since they were both more focused on each other and those small, casual touches that left that tingling sensation on their skin.

“Alexander?” Magnus finally broke their comfortable silence.

“Yes, Magnus?” Alec replied, still drawing small circles on Magnus’ arm.

“I wanted to ask you something,” he said and moved from his his sitting position against Alec’s chest very reluctantly. He loved lying on that firm chest, sue him.

Magnus looked at his boyfriend and he could feel a smile forming on his face. It was an imediate reaction when he saw Alec and he definitely wasn’t trying to fight it. He hasn’t felt that happy in way too long. He doubted he has ever been that in love before.

“I’m not sure if you’re aware but there’s a pride parade in New York this weekend.”

“Um, okay?” Alec furrowed his brows and observed Magnus, waiting for him to continue.

Because of course Alec hasn’t even thought about it, he’s never been to a pride. For most of his life he was hiding this part of himself, never allowing himself to show others his full self. Magnus always felt this need inside of him to somehow go back in time and tell Alec that he was perect and that the way he felt wasn’t wrong, that nothing about him could be wrong.

Magnus cupped his cheek and Alec leaned into the touch instinctively. His eyes were closed and his long lashes were touching his cheeks just barely. He looked absolutely stunning.

“I would like you to come with me,” Magnus said simply and waited for reaction.

Alec’s eyes snapped open immediately. “What?! No, Magnus. I can’t- how? I’ve never-” he started stuttering and he was panicking already.

Magnus’ hand was still cupping Alec’ cheek and he put his other hand on Alec’s arm to try to calm him down. “We don’t have to go, it’s okay,” he said.

Even though he wanted to celebrate their love among people that belonged to their community, he would never make Alec go to the pride if he felt uncomfortable. Alec has already opened up a lot, he got more comfortable with his orientation and that was all Magnus really wanted for Alec, to be happy.

Alec calmed his breathing a little bit and leaned against the back of the couch.

“What do you- how does pride parade even work?”

Magnus perked up when he noticed that Alec was interested in the subject.

“Oh, it really depends, darling,” he replied and lied on the couch, his head landing in Alec’s lap.

Alec was brushing his product-free hair softly and Magnus waited a bit with continuing his explanation, just enjoying the gentle touch of Alec. It was one of the best feelings in the world.

“It’s about celebrating love,” Magnus finally said. “It’s about showing the world that our love is beautiful. It’s about spending time with people who belong to the LGBTQ+ community. It’s about being happy and loud and having a great time,” he smiled when he saw Alec being more and more interested. “It’s also about fighting for equal rights. It can be everything and anything because you’re there to show that you’re proud of who you are.”

Alec seemed to think about what Magnus had just told him, his hand still buried in Magnus’ hair.

Suddenly, there was a huge smile on his face and Magnus smiled back because he was pretty sure he knew what Alec was about to say.

“Okay, let’s do it, I want to go to the pride parade with you.”

Magnus stood up and then moved on to sitting in Alec’s lap. Alec’s hands were on his hips, securing him from falling down accidentally.

“Really?” Magnus asked. He wrapped his arms around Alec’s neck and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

“Really,” Alec chuckled. “I want to celebrate what we have because it’s important to me. You are important to me. I love you, Magnus.”

“I love you too, Alexander,” Magnus replied without hesitation and kissed Alec again.

This time the kiss was longer but still the most gentle. The kind of kiss that shows just how much you love someone without using words. Because sometimes words just aren’t enough to explain how much someone means to you.

There was loud music all around him. And so many people. Alec was never a big fan of crowds, he preferred spending some quality time with his boyfriend or his family and friends in a quiet place like Magnus’ loft.

This time he was still with his boyfriend. He held Magnus’ hand in his own, their fingers intertwined. A warm, reassuring feeling that was grounding him and making him feel safe.

Magnus was wearing clothes in the colours of a bi flag. He looked absolutely stunning and Alec spent most of the time admiring him than he did looking around.

But Magnus said pride parade can be about everything and anything and Alec really just wanted to be with Magnus.

And nobody could really blame him, having a boyfriend who looked like that? Alec sometimes wasn’t sure how he was even able to breathe around him. All those strong muscles left him speechless countless times. But Alec’s favourite part about Magnus were his eyes. Deep brown eyes that were always full of love and goodness. And his beautiful gold cat eyes that were a small reminder of how powerful Magnus really was.

Alec wasn’t as brave with his clothes choices but Magnus created a small rainbow flag on his grey T-shirt with his magic. Alec was grateful that Magnus understood him so well and never pushed him. But Alec wore that small rainbow flag with pride, showing the world that yes, he is proud to be gay. And yes, he is proud to be in a relationship with a wonderful bi man.

“It’s perfect, Magnus,” he said with the biggest smile. “Thank you for bringing me.”

“I’m glad you’re having a good time,” Magnus replied, kissing him softly.

Expiration Date

Legend has it
there is always a reason why souls meet.
Maybe they found each other
For reasons that weren’t so different
after all.
They were two souls searching
and found a home lost in each other.
When souls find comfort in one another
seperation is not possible.
The reasons they are brought together
are no accident…
Maybe she needed someone
to show her how to live
and he needed someone
to show him how to love.

How do you show someone how to live if they put a time limit on life?
It’s always been about time, since the moment he met her. Perect time, the right time, not the right time. When he first met her, he immediatly noticed her frigid demeanor when cameras turned off, but the more she became comortable with him the more she relaxed. She laughed, she giggled, she played…she lived, and he showed her how. He showed her that it was okay to say “fuck the world” and not care what the crowd had to say, he showed her how to dance and express herself with her body and that it was okay to stand up for herself. He showed her she was beautiful, many, many times.
But she put a limit on him, just like she put a limit on living. There was always a limit with her. He wasn’t allowed to kiss her too long in public, they wern’t allowed to hold one another too long on camera, he wasn’t allowed to post certain things or comment certain words or show too much affection because…there was a limit.
Thinking back on their time together, he felt like she had put an experation date on him. Like she knew he wouldn’t last because somewhere down the road he wouldn’t fit into her life schedule no matter how willing he was to change or how long he was willing to wait, because he had an experation date.
She needed him to live. Needs him too live, no matter how much she’s unwilling to admit it, eventually she’s going to wake up and realize that charity events end on a scheduled time, not life. Love is strange and unfamiliar, not familiar and safe. Living isn’t humanly timed. That’s what makes life perfect, the unknown is what makes us live another day.
But, she wasn’t living, she was timing. Just like she had timed him.

Here he was again, being timed by her immpecable clock that he could never seem to beat. Takin her hand in his, Maks led her to the dance floor for what most likley be their last dace.

“It was a beautiful wedding.” she tried making small talk.

“It was.” he agreed. Swaying back and forth slowy, Maks knew he was being cold.

“What do ou think you wedding will be like?” she asked with a teasing smile. Looking down at her, Maks didn’t return it.

“There probably wont be one.”

“Why would you say that?” she frowned.

“Because the only one I wanted to marry doesn’t want me back. So whats the point?” He explained as they continued to dance. She didn’t answer him at first, instead she looked frantically around the room, anywhere but at him. “What do you think your wedding will be like?” he asked out of no where. Startled by the question, Meryl looked up at him.

“I-I don’t no. Maybe something in the winter…I love the cold.”

“I remember.” He whispered.
They continued to sway slightly, both too scared to say anything in fear of making things worse. He knew she was single, just like she knew he was. They hadn’t seen each other in what felt like forever, this wedding bringing them together.

“How have you been?” she whispered looking up at him.


Drawing an awkward silence, Meryl chose not to say anything else.

“What are you doing after the wedding?” he asked casually.

“Nothing, I haven’t made any plans. I was gonna go look for a hotel to stay in for the night or something…”

“Oh…do you want to come stay with me? I have the guest bedrooms and it’s just me now so you don’t have to worry about Val…” he trailed off.

“Thats sweet of you…I’d like that.” she smiled gently.
When the song came to an end, Maks and Meryl said their goodbyes to the bride and groom and left the reception, following each other out.
Pullin up to his home in New Jersey, Maks couldn’t help but feel a surge of hope shoot through him as Meryl entered his house. Maybe she was starting to live again, maybe this time she’ll stay for good, maybe this time there wont be an expiration date.

Anonymous- Can u do a really romantic one where its raining and Robbie is being all cute and you guys dance and kiss in the rain?

A.N- It’s actually pouring rain right now as I am writing this so it’s kind of perfectly setting the mood lol. And yes I may or may not have put Taylor Swift lyrics/ references in here, and the writing was kind of influenced by Fearless ;)

There’s something about the way the street looks when it’s raining. There’s a glow off the pavement, and everything seems sort of peaceful and magical.

You and Robbie had been cooped up inside your apartment all day, as it had been pouring out, and quite honestly you were(both) sick of being stuck inside.

That is why you had suggested you and Robbie go out and grab some dinner or something, and to your surprise he’d eagerly agreed, making a reservation for a nice restaurant in town. So you’d donned your best dress, the one that always felt somewhat confident and happy in, and excitedly prepared.

“You ready, (Y/N)?” Robbie asked you with a bright smile he only reserved for you. You nodded and he grabbed a large grey umbrella, opening the door.

It was at a light rainfall at the moment, and as you and Robbie walked towards the car, you couldn’t help but stick your hand out from under the umbrella and feel the rain on your skin. It felt refreshing and heavenly and you wanted nothing more than to be in full contact with the warm raindrops.

With a playful smirk, you raise your eyebrows mischievously at Robbie before dashing out from under the umbrella and allowing yourself to become immersed. You throw your head back, laughing and letting the rain fall on your face, not caring that your makeup and hair will undoubtedly be ruined. You just want to let go and have fun, be completely care free, a feeling that has been rare and fleeting for both you and Robbie ever since the events of last year.

Robbie is still standing under the umbrella, mouth wide in shock but eyes laughing. “I swear, (Y/N), you sure are something special.”

“Come on, Robbie, get out from under that boring umbrella and enjoy the rain with me!” you plead, widening your eyes and making pouty lips in a foolproof way you know he can’t resist.

He hesitated for a moment, then chuckled quietly, shaking his head at you, “How could I say no?” He tossed the umbrella to the side before walking to you and stretching his arms out to feel the rain.

“I feel like I haven’t truly felt or enjoyed the rain in forever.” he remarked, turning his face up to the sky.

“I know, isn’t it great though? It feels so good!” you exclaim, spinning around. By now the rainfall had increased to a steady shower and you and Robbie were fully drenched.

You shrieked happily when Robbie wrapped his tone arms around you, lifting you up and spinning you around midair. You felt free an happy.

This is too perfect. He is to perect, you thought as he slowly started dancig with u in the in slow rain. “However did a girl like me deserve someone like you.” you whispered, as he led you in a little waltz of some sort. He leaned his forehead against yours, smiling, “I think the real question is, how did I get so lucky to get such a girl like you, (Y/N).”

You sighed contently, prssing yourself into him, despite how soaked and cold his clothes were (as was your dress).

Suddenly, it started pouring rain and you laughed and gasped with suprised delight.

Like a child, you were fascinated, you soaked  yourself in the rain, you were already wet enough as is, there was no point in retreating from the rain.

“You’re crazy. We’re crazy.” Robbie laughed, joining you in the reveling of the rain.

“I know. But that’s what makes us happy. Doing crazy spontaneous stuff like this.” you giggled, flipping your hair back and forth, pretending like you weree in a cheesy music video. You put your arms around Robbie, who was watching you with a big grin on his face and green eyes bright with happiness, “I don’t know why, but with you I’d dance in a storm in my best dress.”

He gently moved some of the wet strands of hair from your face before kissing you, his lips tasting like rain, passionately and lovingly. It felt different kissing him in the rain, it felt reckless and spontaneos and romantic with the rain pouring down around you and every inch drenched. But you were happy, beyond happy, both of you, and heart bursting with love and excitement.