hes p much my favorite lmao

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A - age: 3
B - birthplace: michigan
C - current time: 12 am
D - drink you had last: my mom literally just put something with a strange consistency in my hands and said “drink this” so i honestly have no idea
E - easiest person to talk to: lmao
F - favorite song: sleepwalk by santo & johnny (tomorrow it’ll be something else)
G - grossest memory: my last relationship
H - horror - yes or no: no, not anymore… he left, you just missed him
I - in love?: i’m a libra what can i say
J - jealous of people?: nah
K - killed someone?: who hasn’t
L - love at first sight or walk past again?: like… can we have a conversation
M - middle name: The
N - number of siblings: 1 living 2 passed
O - one wish: if i tell you it won’t come true
P - person I last called: sister midnight
Q - question you’re always asked: “how do you get your hair like that”
R - reason to smile: when somebody else doesn’t want you to
S - song you last sang?: new york groove by ace frehley, lol
T - time you woke up?: idk i only slept like an hour last night
U - underwear color: navy blue
V - vacation: heaven knows i need one
W - worst habit: which one?
X - x-rays?: teeth + my hand
Y - your favorite food: cajun stuff
Z - zodiac sign: libra sun, sagittarius moon, aquarius rising

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can I also just take a minute to say how much I love watching Got7 stuff their beautiful faces

it’s p much my favorite pastime okay

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Can you answer all the "Basic Gorillaz Asks" questions, actually? I'm on my computer so I can't do emojis but I'm also really curious about every answer lmao thanks xx

THANKS!!! I can answer them :P 

1. Whos your favorite band member? ⭐️

I really really love 2D the most, probably. Just because his story is so tragic, he’s still such a good person, and also when I hear his parts of songs, I get SO pumped! I care so much about him ;;

2. Whats your favorite song? ✨

This is so difficult, so I’ll limit it to one song an album. So; 

Self-Titled; Dracula. 

Demon Days; Every Planet We Reach is Dead

Plastic Beach; Pirate Jet lul (but a Serious song is either plastic beach or broken)

The Fall;  California and the Slipping of the Sun 

Humanz; Momentz and Busted + Blue

3. Which band member needs more backstory? ⚡️

I think they all have a fair amount of backstory, but I wish we just got More of Russel as a main character, rather than just a peripheral character. Not that he isn’t great as is, but… It would have been nicer if he was more than just ‘man who gets huge and saves noodle’ in Plastic Beach, for instance. 

I also really would love if we got… Hm, we know enough backstory about Murdoc already, but I would appreicate if we got more of his…. Motivations? I mean, the lore behind how old he is is vague bc of his mythos… I just wish we understood him more, considering he’s uh, obviously the one who has done The Most ™.

4. Theories for phase4? ☀️

It seems like it’s going to have a heavier connotation for ‘family’ this phase. At least from what we’ve seen so far, it looks like the gang is slowly working through their issues (in one interview, Murdoc even mentions a therapist I think? :o   ), and actually seem to like each other. I mean, Russel and Murdoc have never gotten along too well and they seemed pretty tight in Saturnz Barz. 

5. Thoughts on Noodle? ⛈

I love her, and I want the best for her. I hope she, along with Russel, are featured more prominently. I’m so amazed at how confident and stylish and happy she seems this phase; I’m SO excited. 

6. Thoughts on Russel? 🌈

so good….. he’s so good….. they really don’t deserve him. I really love his relationship with 2D especially (I kinda ship em!)

7. Thoughts on Murdoc? 💦

why does he….. why is he who he is… But really, I think he’s an interesting compelling character and just…. Feel complicated about him.

8. Thoughts on 2D? 🌚

my good…. good boy…. i wish he was happy… he deserves it. (I have too many feelings about him to be contained in one post)

9. Should Del appear again for phase4?🌙

it would be great! i mean, yeah! I doubt it tho

10. Which songs should get their own music video? ❄️

fingers still crossed for a finished rhinestone eyes vid

but for humanz, ascension, busted and blue (a bouncy momentz video would be fun too!)

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Long recap and ramble about the joint younow please! I need it.

Okay sorry this is so late, I debated whether I should still post it or not because everything’s probably already been said by now lol but oh well.

First off, I loved this show. Although there was an obvious difference in moods between them (dan being ‘frickin’ zazzed’ as he’d put it lol and phil far more relaxed and mellow), you could tell that they were both feeling excited and proud of the tour/book so far. Dan was nearly giddy at times, like seemingly ‘high on life’ from the success and wonderful things happening for them. And it was incredibly nice to see them so happy.

Phil was on fire in this show…no pun intended. Despite his more mellow mood (I almost thought perhaps he had a headache or something? he kept blinking his eyes shut and squeezing them tight like the light was hurting. idk maybe it was just an issue with his contacts lol), his humor was killing me. I love when his dry, sarcastic side shows. The side he used to show more often in old school Phil videos and that we get occasional glimpses of every now and then. I live for it.

The way he was mocking Dan’s long waffle-y tangents and trying to move the topics along when Dan was stuck on a point for 84 years was amazing. I like what @phantheraglama wrote here about Phil sassing Dan and I agree that it just emphasized their closeness even more. They are beyond well-trained in those quirks and habits and the comfort-level they have with each other is unreal. They’re skilled at balancing each other. Phil knows when to be a listening ear, how to put his own opinion aside and allow Dan the time to ramble and assert his thoughts, even if he might not truly agree. But he also knows when he can poke fun at Dan’s intensity and teasingly move the conversation along elsewhere. It’s really great to witness.

Basically, the whole vibe of this show felt like an old married couple bickering and completing each other’s sentences. It was incredible.

 -Notable moments below-

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what I love abt people that watch dan & phil is like. to anyone else we’d appear to hate them. like we say “goddammit dan” or “how disgusting can you believe these two??” or my personal fave: “I hate both of them so much” and other people are just like ????? if you hate them so much why do you reblog these two men??? but d&p watchers will know