hes only 2 days older than me

I decided to make a tinder as a seventeen year old after tinder stop allowing minors on the app so naturally I had to lie about my age. (Don’t judge me) I was on it for a couple days and it wasn’t really working out seeing as everyone was much older. I had my age set to 18 and I met a guy who’s profile said 18 as well. I started the conversation by disclaiming that I wasn’t actually 18 and found out he wasn’t either and he was actually younger than me (by 6 months) and I was his first match on the app. We talked for 2 weeks, met in person, and we both deleted our tinders that day that we met. We’ve been together ever since and we both only had to spend three days on the app to find each other. We admit me moved quickly but it just kinda clicked for us that we wanted to be together.

This is going to be a nonsensical “pouring my heart out” kind of things but I wanted to share this:

I was about 13 when I first started getting into comics. I’d just seen Iron Man and was almost instantly obsessed with all things Marvel. Around the same time, I began to realize things much bigger than the fact that I loved Marvel. At the same time I was beginning to realize that I might not fit into the general boxes of “straight” or “cis” and being a kid, I turned to the thing I loved most for guidance: Comic books. 

I was pretty lucky because, at the same time I was getting into comics, Marvel released Avengers: The Children’s Crusade. It was my first time being exposed, uncensored, to gay characters. To say it changed my life might be overdramatic, but as a young gay kid, who had a lot of trouble socializing and making friends, it made me feel much less alone in this world. 

The downside to Children’s Crusade was that it was released pretty sporadically (an issue when your only about 13 years old and relying on your parents to get to the comic book store) and just as soon was it was debuted, it was over, only 9 issues. 

The other day I went to the comic book store and there, I saw a little boy, who couldn’t have been much older than I was when I found Children’s Crusade and asked my dad if he could get it down from the highest shelf for me. I watched as he grabbed a copy of Iceman #1 and #2. Maybe he just loves Bobby’s sense of humor, or that the covers were pretty (which they are), but I thought to myself that maybe he’s a young queer kid, just looking to find himself in the pages of his favorite media. 

Maybe Bobby Drake means to him what Billy Kaplan means to me, and I thought about how wonderful it is that he will find Bobby not just in his solo and X-men Blue, but as a staple member of the X-men. He’ll watch movies with Bobby Drake on the big screen. Sure there might be times where Bobby is under the pen of a bad writer, but no matter what Bobby Drake is a staple to comics. 

I guess that’s what I’m trying to say is that: That is the reason Bobby Drake’s coming out is so important. He’s big, a household name among comic geeks no matter who you are or what you identify as. He’ll always be in comics, and there will always be a queer kid who will see that and see that and realize, maybe for the first time, that they can be the funny guy, the hero, and be gay. 

My Age Headcanons for the Paladins

So I was discussing these with @not-just-any-fangirl​ and since we had a few laughs, I thought I would share them.

  • Shiro and Pidge are 25 and 14 respectively. I don’t debate this at all. It makes a lot of sense to me.
  • Hunk is 17. He’s maybe about 9 or 10 months younger than Lance but they’ve been in the same year since Grade 3 when Hunk was pushed ahead a grade because of being really good at things like maths.
  • He has never regretted being young for his year, especially since he’s always been a large guy, and this way he stood out slightly less
  • Also he never felt the need to jump any further ahead, especially since now he had formed such a strong friendship with Lance and their joint love of space
  • So Lance is also 17
  • Keith is 18, but he’s only just turned 18 and is only around 2 months older than Lance
  • He holds this over Lance constantly - Lance is bitter about it
  • It’s even funnier when they’re dating
  • When Keith finally turns 20 he teases Lance every single day for like a month - he’s such a little shit
  • ‘Gross dude I can’t kiss you you’re still practically a child’
  • goes on about “damn teenagers”
  • it drives Lance insane
  • Lance rages and Keith and Shiro share an 'adults know better’ look
  • BCUS shiro is also a little shit (let’s be real; Shiro is probably the instigator of half the shit that goes down in the Castle, he’s just subtle about it and then watches the chaos unfold around him while sipping his coffee)
  • Lance tries to look to Pidge for support but she’s just as bad
  • “Respect your elders, Lance”
  • “who? me? I’m just a child like yourself, lance. what would I know?”
  • When Lance finally turns 20 there is a huge surprise celebration to make up for all the teasing
  • Keith gives him lots of kisses
  • Until they sneak off halfway through the party to “be adults together” whoops

This does come across as a little rude, but I definitely understand your concern. Let me take a moment address some things here:

1. Darren is about ten years older than Cassandra (he fucked up and had Dirk when he was basically still a kid), which is kind of common in relationships these days. I dated someone nine years older than me when I was her age (although I would not do it again or advise it).

2. If it makes you uncomfortable, good. It’s kinda supposed to. If it didn’t, I’d be a little concerned. It also makes Darren and all of Cassandra’s friends uncomfortable, which I’ve highlighted in the story.

3. To clear it up for anyone who thinks I’m just romanticizing their relationship, Cassandra is obviously not mentally stable (she only thinks she is) and is a little disillusioned about their relationship. Darren knows deep down that their relationship is different, but he really does love her and wants Cassandra to be happy. This doesn’t justify him continuing to lead her on.

4. Having three teenage siblings, I know exactly how certain things can affect young minds. Trust me, I’m doing the opposite of what you think I’m doing.

5. The story isn’t over yet.

I hope this helps you understand more of what’s really going on.

Machine Gun Kelly

It was march of 2010 i was in my brother mikes honda civic with his little brother matt just blaring rap threw the 12 inch subwoofers when matt grabbed the aux cord and put on this kid ive never heard of named Machine Gun Kelly. so me being me i went home and downloaded all of his mixtapes and became obessed and here we are 7 years later and im just as obsessed with him and i have spread the love to numerous friends. The original thing that brought me to him was his flow and his word play. And then i found the lace up mixtape and i heard a song called the return, to this day i still believe that is one of the realest songs ever written in history. He spilled out every negative aspect of his life and all of his struggles over top of a dope beat and just has an amazing flow about it. so then i found his freestyles and his story threw his music. every machine gun kelly song makes me forget about the stress in my life. this guy from 2 hours north of where i live whos only 1 year older than me i have seen his career blow up in front of my eyes. its amazing. and the love he has for his fans is not shown by any other musician, he really loves his fans and thats a big thing for me. with his career blowing up and his dreams coming true he still recognizes where he came from the struggles he faught getting there and he has never took his fans for granted. and threw all of that hes always had a fuck you attitude. his songs take me to a whole new place they make me feel normal when im used to being criticized for being myself. The hope of hip hop is machine gun kelly, his influences go beyond hip hop and r&b he brings a rockstar vibe to hip hop which is what weve needed in this genre, we need mosh pits, people going crazy, good music, and good times, cause after all the very reason we go to shows is to escape the struggles of every day life for a few hours. The Lace Up movement is a very inspiring thing to me, no matter what the world throws at you lace up them shoes and put 10 toes to the pavement and make some shit happen. I will always pass on an mgk song to as many people as i can in hopes it will bring someone as much happiness as it has brought me. Thankyou for being you Machine Gun Kelly and from a fan we appriciate your appriciation. Machine Gun Kelly will always inspire me in a musical way and that carries over in to my personal life as well. He shows anyone can achieve their dreams if they give it all they have. 


YA Lit Meme: [2/5] Protagonists » Flynn Cormac (This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner)

He doesn’t look much older than I am, so even if he enlisted the day he turned sixteen he won't have more than two years of service under his belt. Enough to get cocky—not enough to know he should wipe that grin off his face. A few weeks on Avon will do that for him. He’s chiseled, with a chin so perfect, it makes me want to hit it. The shadow of stubble along his jaw only emphasizes the lines of his face. These guys invariably end up being assholes, but from this distance he’s just beautiful. Like he was put together by an artist.

Guys like this make me want to believe in God.

The greatest that ever was

Hi. I don’t post often (read: ever) and I’m sure many of my 13 followers probably wonder if I’m an actual person. I assure you I am. Again I say, hi.

I thought today would be as good a day as any to make my introduction. Today’s a pretty significant day for me, see. It marks the seventh anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. And the seventh anniversary of the day a ten-year-old me cried her fricking lungs out.

Here are a couple of things that I’m aware of:
1. He was only human, like anyone else.
2. I only knew some of him, the sides that were visible to the public, and so I can’t say I knew him.
3. He was almost forty years older than I am.
4. Millions if not billions of people feel exactly the same things that I do towards him, because he does not belong to me: he belongs to the world. I merely make up a tiny part of the love world feels for him.
5. I’m being over-emotional.

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spillingoutintotheclouds  asked:

47, 8, 25, 27, and 28 (lol it's not saying lettuce)

8: probably a lion or a tiger 🤧
25: 2 or 3 probably
27: a NORMAL date, jesus christ just one where the person isn’t a fucking scene like ur man I was telling u about🙃 not about being told someone has an “irish fetish” and theyre years older than they originally said.. an then the other weird ass stuff he did🙄
28: lmao rude, pretty sure ur the only one that can’t understand me when I say lettuce😂 hm tbf, the amount of times I cough per day has to be some sort of talent (CF ftw🤙🏻)
47: holy fuk forgot his name, ur man off supernatural who plays Dean 🙄

thelazyslytherin  asked:

Oh btw when's your birthday? Mines in September (I was born 2 days after Jungkook smh so close to having the same birthday and he's only a few years only then me too lol)

Mine is in the beginning of May, Baekhyun’s is the day before mine 😭 so close 😂and bambam is 5 days before mine😂

But I’m a 02 liner so Jungkook is 5 years older than me (even though we are the same height fml 😭)

Teen Wolf Imagine

Lacrosse Game (Liam x Reader)

Originally posted by queenstilinski

The training Game (Liam x Reader) (Part 2)

Summary : You are an omega trying to be part of Scott’s pack but Liam doesn’t trust you.

Paring : Liam x Reader

Warning : None (only some fluff)

Words : 1,402

It’s my first Teen Wolf imagines :) I’m so in love with it that I can’t wait till the episode 2 comes out! And Liam is one of my favorite and that I could totally date him because he is 2 days older than me (let me dream please) so I decide to wrote an imagine about him. I may write another one with WAY MORE fluff :) Hope you like it ♥

You sigh, looking at the dark sky. It was the evening and all the stars were already poorly glowing.The full moon was stunning because of how much it shone. It was so beautiful and it was perfect for a date. If only it wasn’t a full moon…

“Are you okay?” (Y/F/N) ask will she was driving to the school for the Lacrosse game.

“Yeah, I am” You lie, bitting your bottom lip.

You discreety look at your palm which were covered of your scarlet blood. Why does the game has to be on a full moon?

“You’ll see, the games are always full of fight and at least two players will have injuries.” She pause and glance at you with a exited smirk. “It’s more hardcore than hockey” She practically whispeare.

You never saw a Lacrosse game. Not because you didn’t like sports, it’s just that you never thought about it. But that was before you heard about Scott McCall, the truth Alpha and the captain of the Lacrosse team. Plus, you heard about what happen to omegas. Maybe the Argent weren’t a threat anymore, but there’s still hunters out there. “And I need a pack” You thought will looking at your hands.

The game was about to begin when you took a seat beside your friend and behind the players seat. You could hear all of their conversations, which were sometimes slighty disturbing.

The players were getting ready while Coach was yelling, again.

“Where is McCall, Stilinski and Dunbar!? Always late those three… Oh great, they’re coming!”

He stares at Dunbar who’s hair were completly wet and amazing and he had water drop on his face which make him look even hotter and damn this guy could kill you only with his smile…

“And they were in the showers, again’’ Coach said. ‘’You Dunbar have a problem with the shower!” He yelled before shouting some orders to the other boys and the girl, Kira.

You glanced towards the trio and you tried to listen at what they were saying. Maybe they were giving some advice to Liam about how to control yourself when there’s a freaking full moon.

“Focuse on your anchor” Scott told him.

“And try not to transform on the field. And kill someone too” Stiles said, while giving him pats on the back.

Liam glanced at him and Stilinski stepped back while scratching the back of his head.

“Nice advice, Stiles” You mumbled while rooling your eyes. You didn’t saw the look that Liam gived to you.

“You’ll be great” Scott said before Coach screamed to go on the field.

“Exept for you, Stilinski. Greenberg! Sit. Down.

“Alright Coach!” Stiles get back and sat infront of you. He placed his elbows on his tights and his nose on his hands while shacking his legs.

It was the middle of the game and there was already three guys who got hurt - pretty hard though. Everyone was around the third player and further, Stiles was with Liam. Dunbar looked worried but Stilinski looked even more worried, maybe because he could be Liam’s next victim.

“Liam, you need to control yourself!” Stiles whispered/shouted at Dunbar.

“I try!” He grunt at him.

You could tell that his eyes were glowing by the way Stilinski looked at him when he rapidly stepped back.

“Then try harder!”

He did a sassy move towards Liam and get back to Scott which Coach was talking to.

“You better look Dunbar because it’s the third guy that he injured. Oh and you’re out”

Scott nod while looking at his beta.

“Dunbar, out! Stilinski… (He sighed) and Greenberg on the field. NOW!”

You had an eyecontact with Liam and you rapidly looked away.

“Look at who’s coming on the bench. Isn’t it your babe?” My friend whispered while glancing at Dunbar.

You put a finger on her lips before saying that he could heard her and that she better shut up.

“Come on you paranoid! He’s too far to hear us!” She laughed. ‘’Wheren’t you there for him?’’

‘’No, I’m not a stalker! I wanted to see a game and I need to talk to Scott’’

‘’You couldn’t wait at school tomorrow?’’ (Y/F/N) asked you, lifting one of her eyebrows.

‘’I thought, but no. It’s quit urgent’’

I looked up to the full moon and then I glanced at Liam, wondering if he felt it like I did. He glanced at me with a strange look and I looked away.

Damn superhearing ears.

While Liam goes sat on the bench, Scott was walking towards the school, which only means the locker room.

“I’m coming back” You said to (Y/F/N) before she has the time to protest.

You needed to talk to Scott in private and this was your chance. It seemed a bit wierd but you could feel the effect of the full moon and you couldn’t wait any longer.

You were about to go inside the guy’s locker room when a hand pulled you back and pressed you against the cold wall. You could feel claws slighty pressing on your skin. You hold your breathe, hoping that it wasn’t Peter Hale.

“What do you want from him?” Liam asked, his eyes were glowing.

He was so sexy when he was acting protective. He turned you around so you were facing him now.

“I only want advice” You said while showing your hands covered with blood. “And maybe be part of a pack” You mumbled.

He stared at you, maybe trying to figure out if he could trust you. Several minutes past when you finally said :

“Can I talk to him now?”

Dunbar was staring at you, making you feel nervous.

“I don’t know” He said. “Maybe if you answer one of my questions”

“Which is?”

“Am I your babe?” He asked, smirking at you.

Your cheeks blushed instantly.

“I won’t answer that!” You protested.

“Then you won’t talk to Scott”

Liam’s eyes were sparkled mischievously and his smirk grew even bigger when you look dumbfounded at him. 

“That’s not very nice of you!" 

 He laugh a little while getting closer to you. You didn’t know how to react but you knew that you wouldn’t pushed him away. I mean, have you seen his so protective attitude? And his freaking smile that makes you melt… 

 "I can be nice if I want to” He slowly whispered while softly touching your jaw, his fingers slidding down your neck. 

You felt your claws sink in the palm of your hands and canine grewing inside your mouth. He totally makes you loose control. You closed your eyes, knowing that they were now glowing yellow. 

“I really need to talk to him” You said, breathless. 

“Why is that? Did I make you loose control?" 

He took your hands inside his and stepped even closer to you. His breathe was blowing on your burning skin. Liam glanced at your hands and then at your closed eyes. 

"Open them” Dunbar asked. 

“Just let me talk to Scott, please” You practically begged while opening your eyes. 

‘’I thought I was the only sophomore with glowing eyes’’

His smile was now a real one. You know, those kind of smiles that make you want to kiss those lips…

“You want to talk to me?” Scott asked. 

It was practically a relief to see McCall coming out of the locker room because you could barely stopped the transformation. Liam stepped back and looked at his friend. You turned to face Scott and you managed to became human again, exept for your glowing eyes. 

“Yes, I really need your help. As you can see, I’m a werewolf and I need advice. And a pack” You shyly said. 

He glanced at Liam, not knowing what to say. 

“Uhm yes, totally. It’s just the first time that someone asked me that” Scott said. 

‘’Well, you first advice would be to stay away from attractive boys who makes you loose control’’ Dunbar teased, attempting to make you laugh.

You giggled, feeling relief, again.

‘’I think that I will go now’’ Scott said while walking out of the building.

But Liam and I didn’t even realise that he was gone.

‘’It’s a pretty good advice’’ You said. ‘’See you after the full moon’’

You were about to go meet (Y/F/N) when Dunbar shouted :

‘’Wait, does that mean that you think I’m attractive?’’

You laughed while imagining his smile that melt you heart.

Hope you liked it ♥

I'm Scared... (Baekhyun x Reader) Part I

Written By: Admin T.Pot

Characters: Baekhyun x You

Summary: How far would you go for the person you love ?

A/N: Hey ~ this is actually a fanfic I wrote in Korean.. And I’ve translated it so I can upload it on Wattpad.. And it’s also like… my first fic ever .. Like EVER… But then since I’m really busy these days TT I decided to upload them here so that you guys have something to read, other than just waiting weeks for a new one shot … Warning: there are many parts… LOL but I do hope you guys enjoy it ^ ^ and just a head’s up, this is a Korean fic and I was really too busy to edit it TT so if you see “ㅇㅇㅇ” it’s the same as “Y/N” so just read the “ㅇㅇㅇ” as if it was “Y/N” >< sorry guys !! Thanks for understanding !!

Akira Kosemura - Fragile

Word Count: 1000

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[Interview] Lee Minwoo's turbulent life history (old interview)

*I translated this before I had my tumblr and it was previously posted on iheartshinhwa ’s tumblr. Didn’t know I saved a copy of it on my drive until I accidentally came across it a few days ago..so here it is! An awesome insight into Minwoo :)

[Star Talk] Hooked onto dancing since 2nd year of Middle School, who knew it’ll become my work for life~
My debut story, it can probably be made into a drama?…the stinging feel of emotion during the 10th Anniversary concert, I’m a blessed person ^^

To anyone, humble beginnings are a possibility. But not everyone can turn it into a prosperous ending. In that aspect, group Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo is “tenacious”. If he gets hooked onto something, he has a strong desire to make that into his own. He also doesn’t easily back down in a competition with others.

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A Little Bit of a Distraction Part 2

Part 1

Liam was so caught up with trying to decide how he was supposed to start a conversation with her that he didn’t notice that she had stopped walking in front of him and then they were both falling to the ground. Liam tried to catch them both but he kind of messed up along the way and now he was on top of her. “Uh, it’d be super cool if you got off of me now.”

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- ••• MY BFF'S BROTHER •••

“please (y/n)…my brother wont be home tonight. I’m gonna be home alone and im scare” my bestfriend Lora told me. Actually begging me
I closed my locker and fixed my glasses with my fingers
“Lora, i dont know, i have so much homeowork” i sigh
“then we can do it together. I’m good at history, you’re good at math, we can help each other” she said “plus, there is a math exam coming this week, you gotta help me” she held my hand and begged me
I rolled my eyes and sighed “okay fine” she hugged me tightly and kisssed my cheek
“best friend ever” she said. And we both went home bc the school was done.
We were walking out of the school then i saw Lora’s brother leaning his back on his car and talking to his friends. He’s a bad boy his name was Justin and to be honest im afraid of him, you know, me and Lora we were both nerds, we wear glasses and everybody was always making fun of us. All we do was homework, grade, test, exams and yeah.
“hey Lora!!” her brother yelled. “come on!!” she held my hand and we both ran to him
His friends looked at me and giggled “nerd” one of them fake cough and then they were laughing
“Justin!!” Lora hit Justin’s shoulder
“oops sorry, right i forgot” he stopped laughing “get in” he opened the car door for us. He was taking us home every day, we were only 16 so he was 2 years older than us and went ot the same school.

So i was preparing to go to Lora’s house. I pick up my bag and went downstairs
“MOM!!” i yelled. “okay im here, let’s go honey” she said. We went to her car and she drove me to Lora’s house it wasnt very far from mine.
I opened the door without knocking bc i did that all the times plus nobody was there so yeah only me and her.
“hey friend” she giggled and greeted me. We went to her room and started doing our homework
“(y/n) what the hell is x(2x + 3x) and stuffs like that?” she asked
“it’s…” i was saying then she cut me off
“Zoey borrowed my notebook, i have to go to her house to get it” she said
“what? No, call her” i said
“i dont have her number” she said “oh god, i wont go to her house, i dont like that girl” i said
“then you stay home, okay? I’ll be right back” she stood up
“how will ou get there?” i asked
“my bike? I guess, i have no choice (y/n)” she said running downstairs and i stayed in her room like come on. This is such a mess.

5’ minutes later and i heard someone opened the door then i thought it was Lora, i done with the homework so i was sitting on her bed looking the photos on her nightstand, there was a phoot of her and Justin. Awwww
“Lora?” the door opened and it was Justin. “oh hey nerdy i mean (y/n)” he said tried to hold his laugh
I was blushing so hard
“where is Lora?” he asked
“she went to Zoey’s house. She borrowed Lora’s notebook” i said looking down
“okay” he said and closed the door i thought he got out but no he got inside
He sat on the bed next to me “why are you and Lora always wearing glasses anyway, they dont look pretty” he said
“we’re Short-sighted” i mumble shyly
“so you always doing homework? You dont do anything else?” he asked with smirk. He looks sexual as hell i wanted to get out of there because i was very innocent
“no. Like what?” i asked. “sex” he whisperred and bit his lips
“n-no” i whisperred and looked down “i want to wait until marry” i said
“aw come on, you only live once” he said and lift my face up with his index and thumb
“i dont know anything about… that…” i said
“i can teach you about that” he whisperred
I was blushing so hard, i thought that my face was going to pop like a bubble
“lemme get this shit off” he said and took off my glasses, everything wasnt very clear but i could see things
“aw you look amazing without glasses sweetie” he said
“have you ever kissed?” he asked. Like… No i havent.. Seriously
I shook my head. He came closer and held my chin with his thumb and index finger, he inclined his head a little, his eyes were on my lips and his lips were opened a little, i have never kissed before so i didnt know anything and then his lips touched mine, i was blushing. His lips were so soft. He pulled me off gently “like that” he said and smiled. Then he pulled me closer and kissed me again, this time he uses tongue, we were kissing for a couple minutes and he took off his shirt and threw it on the floor
I blushed even harder and tried not to look. He laughed out loud “come on honey” he said, “come here lemme see” he took my hands and dragged me closer. He was taking off my shirt but i tried to stopped him. Then he looked at me with his eyes “do you trust me?” he whisperred. I melt. I let go of my hands and he pulled the shirt off.
“hhmmm not bad huh” he mumble and kissed my breast. I was shock like to a nerd like me, this is too much.
He was kissing my breast and his hands went on my back and unhooked my bra.
“justin… I,..” i mumble bbecause i was really shy
He ignored me and pulled out my bra. “look how beautiful you are” he said and started sucking my nipples. Oh my god, is this guilty? Does Jesus see what are we dong right now? Because he was sucking on my nipple… I was only 16, was that right?!!
“i’ll show you why you dont have to wait until marry” he said and unzipped my shorts. He pulled it down along with my panties. I was covering myself with a blanket
“stop doing that, you’ll be fucked anyway. It’s up to me to be kind or rough” he seems pissed off and took the blanket away.
His fingers were playing with my clit, i couldnt hold it so i moaned “aghh…”
He smirked and looked at me “yeah… Do that again” he smirked and continued touching me. I was moaning like crazy because that was the first time in my life i can actually feel good
He bend down and gave my vagina a loooooooooooong lick and i squeezed the blanket so hard and put my hand over my mouth apbc it felt so good
He kept licking and licking my pussy then sucking my clit until i came so hard in his mouth. The first time.
He got up and licked his lips “okay now, the greatest part” he pulled down his pants and boxer and put it on the floor
“dont be scare baby it wont be that hurt” he laughed and got on top of me. I was scare and shaking because his dick was so big and my vagina was so small… I’ve learnt about this but i havent seen anybody doing that so…
“okay here we go” he said and slowly slid his dick in me. I was screaming and crying from pain while his eyes closed down and his mouth opened, he was moaning
“Justin!!!” i yelled and held his arms tightly
“oh god babyyy yea” he moaned
I dont know how “good” it felt
He was going slowly but hurt so much because he was so big
I was crying and screaming, my tears run down my cheek but he didnt stop
He put his hand over my mouth “ssshhhh this will be quick ye oh god” he moaned on my ear
Then i felt the pain slowly got away and i was moaning his name
“ok i’ll go faster ok?” he said and moved a little bit faster. Everything Feels like heaven
He was kissing and leaving hickeys on my neck while i was moaning and messing with his hair
“i’d fuck you everyday girl” He groaned and went faster. I was moaning like crazy, i didnt care what the hell on earth anymore
“yea yea right there like that oh my god justin” i moaned on his ear and moved my hips asking for more
“yea babyyy ” he groaned again
“aaaaaahhhhh!!!” i didnt know what happened but i was so close and he was still thrusting himself in me “sooo cloooooseeee” he said
“JUSTIN WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?!” lora yelled as she walked into the room and coverred her eyes
“LORA SHIT GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!’ he yelled at her
“THIS IS MY ROOM!!” she screamed
“JUSTIN IM SO CLOSE PLEASE DONT STOP!!” i said and moaned, i was moving my hips bc he stopped thrusting “oh baby agh” he groaned and held my hips
“(Y/N)!! THIS IS SO DISGUSTING STOP IT!!” she yelled
“LORA GET OUT!!” Justin kept yelling, i was so angry bc i was almost came so i climbed on Justin’s top and started driving him so hard
Lora screamed and ran outside, Justin was laying there with shock and wrapped his hands around my waist
“jump jump jump!!! Faster faster!!” he groaned. I went faster and screamed his name
“LOUDER, SCREAM LOUDER JUMP FASTER!!” he screamed and squeezed his eyes while i moved my hips faster “JUSTINN!! “i screamed
Then i came hard on his dick
“shit shit shit get out get out!!” he said and quickly pulled him out of me. Then i saw a white juicy fell on the bed… He fell his head on the pillow and hugged me, we were breathing heavilly and he touched my hands
“you should change your style” he said “you fuck good, you look good without glasses” he added then he continued catching his breath ” i’d date you if you stop being a nerd bc im a hot boy in sspchool you know?” he said and clean his sweat on his forhead
I nodded and closed my eyes
“hey dont sleep here, let’s go to my room, Lora will be loco on you” he said

He out on his pant and gave me his shirt, he picked up my clothes on the floor and my books and got out. Lora was crying in the hall
“you guys are so disgusting” she cried, i felt so guilty
“relax, i ust fucked your best friend. Not a big deal” he laughed
“come on girlfriend, let’s go call your mom for a sleep over” he said and wrapped his arm around my waist
“what sleep over?” she said “girlfriend?!” she was sobbing
“yes” he said “let’s go (y/n)!”
“and next time when you come home and hear weird noises, just know that we’re fucking. And if you want to watch porn, go search on the internet dont interrupt us” he said and closed the door

Since that day, me and Lora didnt talk as much as we used to. She has a new bff, and i did too. I didnt wear glasses anymore but contact lenses instead. I became a real player in the school, i smoked, party, and fuck with Justin at least twice a week. Lora was kind of afraid of me. Justin made me became a real play girl in the whole school. The nerd with glasses on and good at math was dead and gone