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write your fav a phic for her 16th bday on the 24th? -w- (dont hate me for the phic suggestion bc its full of memories and i wanna see how you recreate it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) dan and phil are out and dan keeps using cheesy pickup lines to tease phil and phil ends up taking dan into the nearest public restroom and smut ensues. oh, i KNOW you remember this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


also u made it sound like we fucked in a public restroom just sayin’

anyways happy birthday pall ily also i’m sorry if i completely butchered our rp i tried ( & i changed stuff a lil clearly ) here we go

“Kiss me.”

Phil laughed, glancing over at his husband and raising his eyebrows. 


Dan whined, swinging their intertwined hands between them, his feet making light noises on the pavement. “Yes, again. I need a kiss.” He stuck out his bottom lip, pouting. Phil rolled his eyes. 

“Fine, fine, I’ll kiss you. Don’t cry.”

He stopped walking, pulling Dan closer by his hand and letting their lips brush. Dan grinned against his mouth, touching his face with one hand to hold him steady and pull him as close as possible. 

“Thank you,” he said finally, pulling back and squeezing Phil’s hand. Phil nodded, starting to walk again. He flashed Dan a crooked smile, poking his cheek. “You taste good.”

Phil’s eyes lit up, and he grinned widely. “Y’know, that’s actually a science thing, when two people taste good to each other-”

“You’ve said.”

Phil laughed, searching Dan’s face. 

“You’re blushing.”  

Dan blushed harder, his hand shooting to his face, his eyes widening slightly. “Oh, am I?” He laughed, his eyes flashing happily. “I guess I still kinda can’t get used to kissing you.” 

“Really?” Phil smirked. “How long have you been doing it, what, seven years?”

“Shut up.”

They were quiet for a bit, and Dan focused on the feeling of Phil’s hand on his and the slight breeze brushing against his face and through his hair. It still felt incredible that he was here, after ages of wishing for it. 

They had gone out for a lunch date and to stop by the gardens, so Phil could ask for shit and Dan could whine about it. They hadn’t done anything like this in a bit, other than their honeymoon. It was mostly hours and hours of staying inside, sleeping and talking and having sex. Lots of sex. And planning for the rest of their lives together. It was kind of heaven. 

Dan glanced over at Phil again; something he could seem to stop doing. His husband. His. It sent a warm jolt of happiness through him every time he thought about it. After all this time- finally his. 

“Hey, Phil?” Dan’s face slowly melted into a grin as something came to mind, and Phil looked at him. 


Dan squeezed his hand, shifting their fingers so they more easily slid together. He hummed, watching his feet as he walked. 

“Roses are red, my face is too, that only happens when I’m with you,” he said lightly, giggling and licking his lips. 

Phil paused for a moment, sucking in a sharp intake of breath, and laughed almost nervously. 

“Are you kidding? Was that a pick up line?”

Dan shrugged. “Maybe.”

“Whenever I use those you call me an idiot.”

Dan shrugged again, a smile tugging at his lips. “I should call you google, because you have everything I’m looking for,” he muttered under his breath, his eyes flashing. 

Phil puffed air into his cheeks, blowing it out with a huff. God. That cocky bastard, he knew how he was messing with Phil’s head. You could tell just by looking at him, the way he was searching his face, looking for a reaction. 

“Would you like another? I could do this all day.” Dan’s smile widened, and you could see his dimples popping from his cheeks. 

“Fine.” Phil ran his fingers through his hair, pushing it back, and raised his eyebrows at his husband. “Hit me.”

Dan grinned, having gotten the answer he had wanted. “Are you a magician? Because when I look at you, everyone else disappears.” 

Phil groaned, shaking his head. “That’s a good one. You probably stole it from me.”

Dan held a hand to his heart, pretending to be offended. “I did not!” He stepped out in front of Phil, taking both of his hands in his, swinging them gently and walking backwards in front of him. “More?”

Phil sighed. “I’m gonna be honest, Dan, you’re really turning me on right now.”

Dan’s eyes went wide, and his face immediately flushed red. “W-What?” Phil laughed. 

“Seven years of sex, and you still get blushy when I even mention it.” He leaned forward, kissing Dan on the lips briefly. “You’re adorable.” 

Dan glared at him, but it was clear he didn’t mean it. “Whatever.” He let go of Phil’s hands, only to clasp them together in front of him. “One more.”

Phil grumbled something under his breath, but nodded. “It better be one more.” He smirked. “Or we might have to find a bathroom.”

Dan’s eyes went even wider, and he swallowed. He ran his fingers through his hair, mussing up his curls. 

“Your lips look so lonely…” He paused for effect, licking his lips and grinning. “Would they like to meet mine?’

Phil stared at him, his mouth opened slightly, and his eyes flickered over his face. Finally he grabbed Dan’s hand, walking ahead briskly. 

“That’s it,” he said breathlessly. “We’re finding somewhere where I can kiss you senseless.”

Dan stumbled slightly, taken by surprise by Phil’s sudden firm manner. “W-Wait, you were serious…?”

“Of course.” Phil glanced around, at the nearby buildings, looking for a bathroom, preferably with stalls. “You know that drives me crazy.”

Dan hummed, walking quicker to keep up with Phil. “I mean, I hadn’t tried it. I guess now I do.”

Phil nodded, grunting softly and pulling Dan by the hand into a restroom connected to an art gallery. They didn’t even make it to the stall before their mouths were pressed together heatedly, with Dan against the wall, Phil’s hands exploring his body. 

Dan wrapped his arms around Phil’s neck, pulling him as close as possible and tugging his lower lip between his teeth. 

Phil led him with hands on his waist, stumbling blindly until they made it to a stall, closing the door behind them and pinning him against the door. 

“Jesus,” Dan breathed, breaking away to get control of himself, his eyes wide. “You were serious.”

Phil nodded, picking Dan up in a swift movement that they had done a thousand times before, and Dan wrapped his legs around his waist, clinging to him. And then Phil was kissing him again, and his mind was fuzzy. 

They both got increasingly desperate, as they always did, and soon Phil was grinding on him, holding him up by the hips and kissing him deeply. Dan moaned, making the loudest of noises from the smallest of actions. But Phil didn’t even flinch, because he was always like this. 

“You’re gorgeous,” Phil muttered against his husband’s lips, and Dan’s face went hot. 

“Thank you,” he said quietly, scratching down Phil’s back slightly, tightening his legs around his waist. 

Phil hummed against his lips, groaning quietly and resting their foreheads together. 


Dan met his eyes, raising his eyebrows in question. “Yeah?”

“I know it’s gross, but… do you want to have a… quickie…?” 

“It’s not gross,” Dan said quickly, and then blushed even darker. “I mean… yeah. I w-want you now.”

Phil licked his lips, nodding and moving his mouth to Dan’s neck, sucking at the spot he knew was Dan’s favorite. He reached up with one hand, circling his thumb over the hickeys from the night before, and other times as well. 

“Let’s darken these up, shall we?”

Dan whimpered, nodding and letting his head fall back against the stall door, giving Phil room to work. 

Phil immediately sucked at the darkest of them, right above Dan’s collarbone, pushing his sweater out of the way. 

Dan let out a shuddery breath, trying as hard as he could not to moan so loud everyone outside could hear. Phil’s mouth had such an affect on him. 

“You’re strong,” Dan said softly, trying to focus on something other than the immense pleasure shooting through his nerves and making him shiver. 

“Mhm. It’s from holding you up all the time.” Phil pushed him up slightly on the door to get a better grip, as if proving his point. 

Dan pushed his hands beneath Phil’s shirt, feeling his stomach and shoving the fabric up. Soon enough Phil had to set him down so Dan could get his shirt off, and then pick him back up. 

Dan explored his chest slowly; although he had seen and felt the pale skin a thousand times, it still felt new. 

Phil got his jeans down and then helped him shove them off, and Dan pushed Phil’s down his hips. It was messy and shaky and kind of disorganized, but neither of them cared. 

Phil pushed his hands into Dan’s boxers, squeezing his ass and grinning widely. 

“I love your ass.”

“You’ve told me.” Dan giggled despite himself- Phil was almost obsessed with his ass, it was kind of amazing. “Now fuck me.”

Phil tutted, but shoved Dan’s boxers down never the less. “Someone’s being bossy.”

Dan whined as he felt Phil line up, scratching down his back. “Shut up.”

“Tell me to shut up again and I’ll make sure you can’t walk away from this bathroom.” 

That made Dan stay quiet, because as much as he wanted that, he would rather save it for after they got home. 

Phil pushed in and Dan whimpered, burying his face in Phil’s neck and biting down on the soft skin. He pulled back right away, blushing. “Sorry.” He was always nervous he would bite too hard, or would be doing something that Phil didn’t like. 

“Shush,” Phil muttered, his voice slightly tense as he tried to keep himself from pounding into Dan until he screamed. “You can bite me, baby.”

That was all it took to have Dan pressing his mouth against Phil’s shoulder, biting him to muffle his own noises. “You feel so good,” he said breathlessly, moving again so his nose was against Phil’s neck. 

Phil made a soft noise of acknowledgement, thrusting up into him, still holding him up against the door. Dan tightened his grip, making sure he wouldn’t fall. 

“Harder,” Dan moaned, his hair falling over Phil’s shoulder and his toes curling. 

“You sure?” Phil asked, breathing heavily. “I don’t want you to be hurting-”

“Please,” Dan gasped, fucking himself down to meet Phil’s hips. 

Phil licked his lips, nodding and speeding up, listening to Dan’s loud moans and focusing on finding the angles that made him scream. 

“I love your - noises,” he growled, tugging at Dan’s hair gently. Dan just whined in response. 

Dan clung tighter with one arm, using the other to reach between his legs, getting himself off while Phil fucked him. That made him even louder, his thighs shaking from the effort of holding himself up. 

“C-Close,” he choked out, and Phil nodded. 

“Good. C’mon baby…” he nudged his nose against Dan’s, moving Dan’s face so he could kiss him deeply. “Cum for me.” 

Dan whimpered against his mouth, his eyes fluttering shut. He always got at least a little self conscious at this point, no matter how many times they did it.

“Fuck,” he gasped, moving his hand faster and bouncing a bit more to meet Phil’s thrusts. “Fuck, you’re so good, jesus fuck.” 

Phil replaced Dan’s hand with his own, jerking him off and kissing around his mouth gently. 

“C’mon Dan,” he whispered, moving his mouth to Dan’s neck instead. “Cum for me. Mmh, fuck- I’m close.”

Dan came with a loud whine, spilling over Phil’s hand and on both of their stomachs. Phil groaned, thrusting harder and faster than before, pushed to the edge by Dan’s noises and the clenching around him. It only took a matter of seconds for him to let go. 

Dan hopped to his feet, immediately stumbling and practically falling over. Phil caught him, helping him stay on his feet. 

Phil helped him to the bathroom counter, letting him sit there and cleaning them both up quickly with a paper towel. He helped Dan get dressed as well, pulling his boxers and jeans up carefully. 

“Alright,” he said softly, smiling at him. “We should go.” 

Dan bit his lip. 

“I would,” he said slowly, his voice raspy and broken. “But…”

Phil grinned. 

“Yes, Dan, I’ll carry you.” 

Baby Blues - Jim Kirk

Prompt: can i request a pregnant reader x kirk? - anonymous. (yes, that’s literally the whole request)

Word count: 2,601 (GODDAMN WHAT THE HELL)

Warnings: language, pregnancy, FLUFF

A/N: so there was not much to go off of for this vague request and at first i was like “WHOO FREE REIGN” but then, after writing drafts for 3 entirely different stories, i realized it was so much harder than i thought. but it was interesting! this is super cute and went off the rails very easily but i sorta like it. i just love jim so much and i added enough bones to hold myself over (because he’s still my fav forever). forgive any typos, pls OK WELL ENJOY AND LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

Leonard was hunched over his desk when you walked into his office, the door already wide open. His head was in his hands and his eyes focused on the PADD before him. The room smelled strongly of antiseptic. He didn’t look up as he spoke gruffly, “I’m off-duty.”


He brought his eyes to meet yours at the sound of your voice. His scleras were reddened and the adjacent skin was darkened. His hair stuck up on all ends. As always, he was scowling. “What do you want?”

“I want a drink,” you said, pulling out the chair directly across from him. You fell into it and placed your feet atop his desk, ignoring his clicks of irritation. “But seeing as alcohol is prohibited in my current state, I’ll settle for a nice heart-to-heart with a friend.”

Heart-to-heart,” he snorted, rolling his hazel eyes with an especially sarcastic frown. “Why’d you really come, sweetheart?”

“Needed to get away from Jim.”

He nodded once and leaned back in his seat. “There we go. Did you tell him yet?”

“Nope,” you answered, popping the p. “I don’t plan on it, either.”

He cracked a smirk, the crooked smile causing an uneven creasing of his skin. He looked to be more awake now than when you first walked in. “Are you waitin’ for the baby to tell him?”

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Dramione Fanfiction Recs

i read a lot of fanfics, and when i mean a lot, its exactly what you guys are reading here, a lot means a lot. if you have any suggestions or have any favs, help me out by sending me the link so we can share Dramione all over tumblr. (don’t really care what the ratings are) sharing the favs from different writers. 

Cassie’s Birth -  The story of Cassiopeia Jean Malfoy’s birth.

Cassiopeia -  Draco is patrolling the castle one night when he meets a very special girl from the future. Set during OOTP. Dramione future pairing, though Hermione does not make an appearance in the story.

The Day Draco Malfoy Has A Toothache -  She turns to him and her eyes narrows, “Malfoy, did you clean your teeth?”

Future Adventures -  M - During a joint Potions/Charms lesson, Draco is accidentally given an overdose of a potion that will allow him to experience time in the future. During his time in the future he sees plenty of unexpected things, but will he like how his life is going to turn out? 

A Reunion To Remember -  After twelve years of not seeing each other the whole Granger family is having a reunion. Little do they know Hermione is not the same ugly bookworm from twelve years ago. Hermione is married and has a daughter, how will the family react.

Needing Him - M -  He only participated hook ups, he didn’t call girls back and he definitely didn’t see girls twice if he could help it. But his question throws her off guard. Will they see each other again and reveal their feelings?

Formal Introductions -  So it’s the formidable Granger family reunion.

Voicemails -  Draco doesn’t know what a phone is, neither does he know what a voicemail is either and he’s trying to apologise with her through Potter’s rectangle object.

Dwaco -  Draco does not tend to little ones but has somehow been roped into getting up extra early, drinking from a Princess mug, wearing a Weasley jumper, and babysitting his messy cousin, Teddy Lupin. How on earth did that happen? Inspired by the artwork “Draco meets Teddy” by CaptBexx.

Animal Instincts - M -  Five years after Hogwarts, Hermione and Draco are thrown together after a certain ‘Malfoy trait’ kicks in and Draco needs Hermione’s help.

17 Years Later -  It’s 17 years after the war and time for the new 1st years to board the Hogwarts Train. What has become of the Gryffindor Golden Girl? Ron Weasley finds out the hard way.

A Long Waited Engagement -  The air was blistering cold. She sat on the frost covered bench, playing with the ring around her index finger. She looked uneasily as the train pulled in and a man stepped off. And I could only watch their love blossom again.

A Dish Best Served Cold - M -  Somebody is out to get Hermione. Draco gets caught in the middle, and doesn’t mind at all!

A Reunion To Remember -  It’s been eight years since they’ve seen each other and a reunion in Hogwarts finally gives them a chance to come together again and catch up with each other’s lives. However, a shocking revelation makes the event a reunion to remember.

Brotherly Love -  Hermione has a twin brother. He’s in Hogwarts, and he’s drop dead gorgeous.

Best Laid Plans - M -  Draco has come up with a plan to make Hermione HIS…and look perfectly innocent at the same time…of course, he never once thought that his plan might backfire quite hilariously…

Addicted To Mints -  Draco Malfoy is an addict. A mint addict…

A Wonderful Caricature Of Intimacy -  Draco loves his son more than anything in the world. So, when his ex-wife plans to take his son away, Draco asks the most unlikely person for help. Hermione must decide whether changing her entire life is worth helping the man she hates unconditionally.

A Union Most Difficult - M -  Veela!Draco When Draco turns 18 and realises that his mate is someone in the castle, what does he do? Submits to a test to find and claim her, of course.

Aphrodisiac - M -  Hermione drinks something that wasn’t intended for her. Draco finds a very pleasant surprise in the Heads’ Common Room.

Always Be My Baby -  Draco Malfoy was hit by a curse which turned him into his six year-old self again. And Hermione was asked to take care of him until they develop a cure for him. Oh, baby.

Hot When Jealous - Draco was always getting jealous for no reason, accusing Hermione of flirting with people she had absolutely no interest in.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any SKK fic recommendations?

Boy do I? Do I? Of course I do.

¬ All in the Night’s Work by ultramarcypan ; Mature
“When Chuuya heads in to service his customers for the evening, Dazai is not who he’s expecting to see.”
(Courtesean Chuuya, need I say more?)

¬ Days of our lives by setosdarkness
“You don’t have to sound so happy, it’s an insult.”
“…you called me your boyfriend.”
“It’s an insult. See this? This is a goddamn wedding ring. We’re already wed. Calling you my boyfriend is supposed to be an insult.”
(Chuuya + Agency, fluff, more fluff and more more fluff)

¬ Beyond All Logic by setosdarkness
“Like most things that involve them, it’s easy to explain the fact that they just can’t let each other go.”
(Agency!Chuuya ; Mafia Boss!Dazai, so many feels, too many angst)

¬ This Beautifully Cruel World by setosdarkness
“Dazai becomes the Boss of the Port Mafia. Chuuya tries to stop Dazai from ruining the organization, Yokohama, everyone. Most importantly, Chuuya tries to stop Dazai from destroying himself.“
(Mafia Boss!Dazai, this is like Dazai being a version of Light Yagami)

¬ Intoxicated by setosdarkness (like bruh, setosdarkness is my queen and my fav skk writer, i worship what she writes; fluff, this is too funny, i swear; porn with feelings, apparently)
“Chuuya getting into fights (and winning, somehow) is nothing new.”

¬ Not Safe for Work by Insomnia_Productions
“In which Dazai doesn’t come to work, and Kunikida and Atsushi go to his place to drag him to the Agency and faced with a very strange surprise.”
(fluff + Chuuya interactions with the ADA + skk wedding, too much fluff i swear)

¬ On the contrary, you’re happy by succocku
“Chuuya never changed apartments, Chuuya never changed numbers, Chuuya never changed at all.“
(one of the most read fic in my library; 897 words of dazai’s thoughts and pain :))) i love pain)

¬ Take Me With You by doubleblacked
“I’m home.”

The door of their shared apartment clicks a soft thud as eager footsteps hurry themselves towards Chuuya. Before he can even respond with a “welcome home”, Dazai’s hand had already sneaked around his petite waist; and somehow, this feels like home. Dazai’s voice sounds like home. Everything about Dazai is Chuuya’s home.An hour later, Chuuya finds out that when Dazai said he’s home, he really isn’t.
(pain pain pain :))), those damn ‘ps’ killed me, dazai stops being a dummy)

¬ Truth to be told, I was never yours by doubleblacked
“People might say you deserve better.
But no one would understand.
That you don’t want someone better.
What you want, is Dazai Osamu. “
(pain, pain, even more pain, i’m a sucker for second person’s point of view)

¬ 1893 by mountainlaurels
“5 times Dazai and Chuuya run into each other and one time Dazai decides to stop running.”
(I love 5+1; quiet angst)

¬ Lost in Translation by Lwin
“In which Dazai travels to France to handle a little business of the Port Mafia and meets their operative there. Of course, Dazai pisses him right off the bat.”
(!!! Fucking hilarious. French!Chuuya + nsfw ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

¬ Noir by Adargo
“In the past, he never truly understood that darkness growing behind Dazai’s eyes. Yet lately, Chuuya thinks, when he stares back into the black of his own, encircled by those pale-blue skies. He’s starting to catch glimpses of it .”
(angst!!! 💯💯 i swear this fic killed me; too damn good)

¬ One plus one by peppersnot
“The last time you said something like that you left. So, I won’t fall for that kind of thing again.”
(fluff; bless this!)

¬ Disqualified as a Human Being by fleetingspark
“Dazai comes back home to Chuuya after a long time.”
(angst, angst, angst, NHL, angst, i love this, ok!!!)

¬ Born Back Ceaselessly into the Past by protectginozasquad
“Pasts are like ghost, but far more permanent.”
(angst :))) hilarious, angst, 💯💯)

¬ Yesterday’s News is tomorrows chip paper by yaoyue
“In which Dazai and Chuuya are advice columnists for rival newspaper agencies and have far too much fun writing their columns.”
(hilarious as fck, idk how they should trust these two, fluff)

¬ 11 Things Chuuya does when he’s drunk by peppersnot
“He causes a scene that Hirotsu kind of wants to record, just for the sake of reminding himself that he should never invite Chuuya-san out for drinks again, and maybe also because it’s kind of amusing to watch.”
(the title says it all, waaaay too damn funny, god bless hirotsu and tachihara)

¬ after the war (we were free) by Insomnia_Productions
“The one in which Dazai and Chuuya rekindle their friendship after the war, and no, Ranpo, that’s not "friendship” with quotations, they’re both straight, dammit, who asked you?”
(no dialogue but still hilarious af, too cute ok)

¬ Consigned to Oblivion by ShesAParadox
“What is your name?”
“Nakahara Chuuya.”
“Do you know where you are?”
“I’m in the Port Mafia obviously, I’m a member here.”
“Do you work with a partner?”
“Do you remember ever having a partner?”
“No, I can’t remember ever having a partner.”
(dazai suffering!!! memory loss)

¬ Find Something Worth Dying for (and Learn How to Live) by Kibasix
“The boy was scared. This was nothing new. The boy cannot remember the last time he slept soundly without fear; the last time he felt love and affection; the last time he smelt clean air or felt the sun on his face. But this…this was a different kind of fear. The kind of fear that had the boy’s blood running cold. The kind of fear that had his breath wheezing from his lungs in panicked
pants. This was fear for his life. His legs are aching, they feel like they are about to collapse with exertion and yet he pushes on, willing himself to be faster as he flees through the dirty alleyways, zig-zagging this way and that with no comprehension of where he’s going. This city is entirely new to him and he is flying blind. The footsteps behind him are drawing ever closer. The boy doesn’t dare to look behind him, for fear of what he knows is looming in the darkness: the large hulking shapes, the glint of sharpened steel, the putrid scent of death. ”
(angst, 💯💯 best, one of my faves, one of the fics that caused me too much pain)

¬ Camellias in Full bloom by setosdarkness
(hanahaki!!! angst at the moment, this is too good to pass up idc if it’s on-going)

¬ Your love burns against my skin by setosdarkness
(angst, soulhate and soulmate au, chuffering bc i’m masochistic, one of my favorites!!!)

¬ Retrace by Kuronoa
(angst, angst, fuck you kura, angst :))) chuuya getting killed over and over again, oh, did i mention angst??? :))))

For the Love of a Queen. Black Sails Episode Seven

In last week’s episode of Black Sails, we witnessed the final moments of Madi Scott, Queen of the Maroons. If episode six was about the cycle of life coming to an end, episode seven centers on the aftermath of  Madi’s “death” and how the people she loved are dealing with it.

We open the episode with the Queen Mother sitting quietly clutching what looks to be a piece of jewelry, Madi’s maybe. It’s immediately obvious that she’s been told of Madi’s death. You can see the grief on her face. After a moment, Silver walks into the room. You hear his crutch before you actually see him, and in that instance the Queen Mother gathers herself. She puts her face back on or at least she attempts to until Silver starts to talk…

~ I wasn’t able to say goodbye to her. So I didn’t know what she would have wanted me to say to you right now, if anything at all. She and I we’ve become close. So I think I have some sense of what it might have been. She was curious and strong and not made to be hidden away from the world. She was able to see it before she died and she was fighting for something she believed in, when she died. ~ Silver

~ You knew her well.~ Queen Mother

~ I loved her. I believe she loved me. I think she would have wanted you to know that, too.~ Silver

You know how you sometimes ask for something and then once you get it, you’re disappointed. This wasn’t one of those times. Since Season three, one of the items on my Black Sails wish-list was a scene between Silver and the Queen Mother. Of course, I wanted it for the obvious reasons, Madi. However, I was also dying to see how these two witty, intelligent, so very different characters would play off each other. I never could have imagined that their first solo scene would be in a room surrounded by Madi’s books and cloaked in heartache.

I adored the fact that Silver, lover of language that he is, was able to give voice to the Queen Mother’s grief. Its appropriate really because when you’ve suffered a lost as great as hers, you don’t have the words to describe it, especially when the pain is so fresh. As she’s sitting there she is probably wondering why this presumptuous pirate is invading the worst moment of her life, but then he starts to speak. I immediately realize it’s his Madi voice. By that I mean, Silver changes his tone and inflection frequently depending on who he is talking to. I tend to think of this voice as the “sincerity” voice and he normally only uses it with Madi. What a strong decision the writers made to essentially have Silver “eulogize” his love. Even more touching was the fact that Madi’s mother recognized the truth in what he was saying. The man clearly knew her child. His description of her showed that. So when he admitted on a broken breath that he loved her, the Queen Mother “knew”. She “knew” that he was speaking the truth and it seemed to give her some comfort that her only child, however briefly, found love and peace in the middle of so much turmoil.

Our next scene takes us to a meeting of the Alliance. All the pirates and maroons are there discussing the upcoming war. Silver walks in and Flint asks him “how is she”, meaning the Queen Mother. Silver states simply “breathing”. Who could know that one simple word could be so gut-wrenching and powerful. It’s obviously true though. Madi is dead and the people who loved her best are merely existing.

So… back to the meeting where we now find out that not only does Flint want to invade the entire West Indies, but also Boston. No, you didn’t misread that. Captain Flint now wants to declare war on Boston and even Silver is surprised. Where is Billy when you need him to point out the ridiculousness of this? Well, he’s kind of preoccupied (it’s coming), but Julius steps up to the plate. Julius calls straight bullshit on this plan of Captain Flint.

~ Fools. You’re all fools if you think this road leads to where he says it does. What happens when our enemy realizes that all he has to do to defeat us is to  take away that common cause? Turn one against the other. And when that happens, as it is all but certain to do, which one of us standing here are likely to be the ones who benefit and which the ones sold back into their chains? ~ Julius

I’m absolutely loving the fact that Julius is not here to play anyone’s fool and in the process reminds these emotional pirates that he saved their asses, lest they forget. That said though, Long John didn’t take to kindly to Julius not toeing the line and busted out the Pirate King voice to tell Julius to get the fuck off his Bae’s island if he wasn’t going to support the cause. Every time, I watch this scene I cackle. Mostly, because the Queen Mother has to step in and calm down her son-in-law before all hell breaks loose.

The Queen Mother invites Julius and Ruth to meet with her. The purpose is to smooth some of the feathers that Silver has ruffled and to also explain why she set aside her initial mistrust of the pirates to form the alliance. It’s interesting that Julius has now firmly stepped into the role of the Queen Mother. He is now all for building a wall and saving who you can save. The Queen Mother, on the other hand, has witnessed the death of her husband and her daughter as a result of this. Maybe, just maybe she wants their deaths to have a greater meaning. At the end of the conversation Julius states….

~ No one changes the world. Not like this. Not all at once. The world is too strong for that. ~ Julius

… and in that moment, I realize, not for the first time, that Julius is going to be a true player in this game. So many layers, yet to be revealed.

Flint goes in search of Silver and finds him in Madi’s library, collapsed on the floor and surrounded by her books. So many parallels between him and the Queen Mother in this episode. Both sitting in the library, both clutching Madi’s things and both holding on with both hands to their love for her.

 I loved this scene between Luke and Toby. Luke does that thing where he looks away while delivering most of his monologue. Gawd, does it work. You can feel that Silver is overwhelmed, devastated and raw. You can also feel that he’s bothered by the fact that he can’t pull it together. That’s why he looks away. He doesn’t want Flint to see the pure anguish in his face. Toby’s choice to sit here was masterful and so real. That move said, I’m taking off my Captain hat and I’m just going to sit here and comfort my friend. Ugh…

I say ugh, because watching this I’m so conflicted. Silver has just expressed to Flint that the Resistance has to continue. He can’t deal with the fact that Madi’s death might be in vain. Again…. paralleling the Queen Mother. Flint responds in the most supportive way. He reminds Silver that he saved him from “drowning” before and that he was going to return the favor.

~ Look at me. I will do the same for you. I give you my word. But in order to do that you have to trust my judgement for a little while. While yours is reeling~ Flint

The part of me that wants Silver to have one damn person, still alive, that gives a fuck about him rejoiced. Somebody is going to help my Bae while he’s in the midst of this storm. But… the 4 season watching chick knows better. This is Flint we’re talking about. Flint. Yeah, so it’s still Stranger Danger, we don’t know him and Lawd please send Madi back because it’s Flint.

Speaking of Queen Madi…. We find out from one of Woode Rogers’ men that one of the members of the Pirate Resistance wants to speak with him and only him. I told ya’ll earlier, Billy was busy. Once Billy receives his audience with the Governor, he explains that he himself is actually Long John Silver. He is the one who recruited the pirates, sabotaged the Governor’s supply lines and turned water into wine. He was in full on god-mode. I’m assuming the purpose was to “show” Rogers that he “made” Long John Silver and John Silver was still the useless, one-legged creature that he has always been.

Side note… I really can’t wait until Billy has to eat those words.

Billy has come to broker a deal with the Psycho Guv. He explains that the other Pirates left him to die and therefore he wants his revenge, and he has just the right instrument to accomplish that…

Yep, that’s right. The Queen ain’t dead ya’ll. Evidently, the future Mrs. Silver has just as many lives as her beloved. So, I’m sure by this moment, you’ve figured out Billy’s plan right? Let’s trade the Queen for the cache. That will be the perfect revenge. I’ll just sit back and watch Silver and Flint destroy each other. This shit would be comical, but we’ve seen it before. Remember, when Woode Rogers was bested by Eleanor and decided to sail his ass to Havana? This is that moment. This won’t end well. Oh… the parallels.

So Governor Rogers has Madi moved to her own private cell and heads down to discuss terms with her. Interesting though, the very first thing he does is mention Eleanor. Someone, Billy probably, has informed him that Madi was with Eleanor before she died. He has questions, but the Queen ain’t answering. When he finally realizes that Queen Madi is indeed a Queen (meaning she doesn’t have time for your shenanigans or feelings) he gets down to business. He presents her with a contract or terms, if you will. Basically, he will emancipate all of Madi’s people on two conditions: She turns in all future Runaway slaves and she cuts off all ties to the Pirate’s. Didn’t Julius warn us about the “man”? Didn’t he specifically say these divide and conquer tactics would be forthcoming? Well, that didn’t take long. However, if we don’t know anything else, we know that Madi loves her people. All enslaved people and at the very least one Pirate. So in her regal way she said fuck you and I’ll die fighting, bitch! Oh and by the way, I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready. Daddy saw to that. Remember, Queen Madi is well versed on this villain ya’ll.

So now that we know that Queen Madi is alive, all we need is for her favorite people to find out and go get her, right? If only it were so simple. The Queen Mother receives a letter from Rogers informing her that Madi is alive, and he’s holding her hostage for the cache. Silver is relieved and more than happy to turn over the treasure, but Flint and even the Queen Mother are hesitant to do that. The Queen Mother through tears tells Silver that “my daughter is everything to me as I believe she is to you, but that cache is critical to the success of the war…”. Flint chimes in to tell Silver that they can pay the ransom or have the war, but they can’t have both and that’s when things go left…..

~ A week ago, you were willing to trade this money for a fucking fort and now its too important to trade for Madi’s life? ~ Silver

~ Things have changed~ Flint

~ Nothing has changed that justifies trading her life for YOUR war. ~ Silver

~ No one is saying that we let her die. ~ Flint

~ No? Because that is certainly what it sounds like. ~ Silver

~ We will find a way to get her back. We just cannot sacrifice the cache in order to do that. ~ Flint

~ Is this war more important than her life? Answer the question. I wanna hear you say it. Is this war more important than her life? ~ Silver

~ Right now with what’s at stake, yes it is more important.~ Flint

~ Oh, fuck you! ~ Silver

There was quite a bit more dialogue after the FUCK YOU heard around the world. Flint made promises to save Madi and kill anyone who stood in their way. The Queen Mother looked distraught as hell, and Silver appeared to be managed. If just for a moment, you could be led to believe that he’s okay with following Flint’s plan. Until this….

Israel Hand’s once told Flint “ how long do you think he can suffer it before he decides he can do better than you.” Well, judging from that look, I think we’re about to find out.

cauthon  asked:

Natsume Yuujinchou for the fandom thing if you are still doing it! :)

Ohhh, that’s a fun one!!! Natsume Yuujinchou is actually the earliest series I got into that I’m still in the fandom for! I had read many other series before it, but those have mainly faded into obscurity for me XD

How I entered/learned about the said game/show/movie/etc of that fandom: These days, I mostly read manga, and really only watch an anime if it’s an adaptation of a series I like (and sometimes not even then), or if it somehow manages to catch my attention because of friends or tumblr mutuals (like YOI). But when I was in my early teens, I was more into anime and was always looking for something new to watch. And one day, I was scrolling through crunchyroll, and Natsume Yuujinchou was on the front page, and I thought the premise sounded cool, so I decided to check it out, and I adored it. If I’m remembering correctly, there was only like one season out at the time. But I kinda forgot about it after a while. And the next time I remembered it, seasons 2 and 3 were out, and I quickly marathoned those. And I think that’s when I finally got into the manga.

Fave character:

Originally posted by daburupurei

One of the rare occasions in which the main character is actually my fav. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely ADORE Tsuna and Luffy and Yuuri and the other main characters in my other fandoms, but I tend to usually gravitate towards the misunderstood, hurting characters who like to hide their emotions behind a prickly outer shell (or, in JJ’s case, arrogance and obnoxiousness). And in Natsume Yuujinchou, that just so happens to be the main character XD Natsume is just so sweet and caring and amazing, but he’s just been hurt so much in the past by the people who were supposed to care for him, and now he’s just so aloof and always hiding behind a smile, and my heart hurts for him. But something I really adore about this series is that all the worst parts are in Natsume’s past. He has foster parents who adore him now, and a group of friends who would go to the ends of the Earth for him, and an older brother figure who sometimes might do questionable things, but ultimately has Natsume’s best interests at heart.

I mean yeah, sometimes he gets caught up in dangerous situations, but everything turns out okay in the end, and there’s no real source of misery in his life, no world-ending danger, and I rather like that. 

Least fave character:

Originally posted by hoshis

See, I feel really torn about this handsome fucker. Like. He’s shady and rood and does so many questionable things. But at the same time…he never actually does anything outright malicious? And that episode about Natori’s past with him only further served to confuse me. Don’t get me wrong, I always get super excited whenever he shows up, because that means things are going to get interesting, and Natsume’s probably going to meet other exorcists which I always love. But at the same time, I kinda resent him because of how he’s always manipulating others, even if it is “for the greater good”. He’s a really iffy character, but I don’t despise him the way I do Akainu and Iemitsu and Oikawa, so I guess that’s a good sign, if he’s the one I like least in the series. Everyone else in Natsume Yuujinchou is really likable, and even with the youkai that attack Natsume, it’s never anything personal, you know what I mean? He has something they want, and that’s it.


Originally posted by lazyfebruary

Their marriage is absolute perfection and they adore each other and I love them so much. I don’t have many other ships in the series though. I mean, I find TanumaxTaki kinda cute, and NishimuraxKitamoto is also a sweet pairing. And if it has a cute enough premise, I rather like Tanuma x Natsume as well, and I’ve also written for Natsume x Nyanko-sensei in the past, though I don’t really ship that one anymore. I’m just kinda meh with the pairings in this series. I would conceivably be okay with any combination of Natsume’s main group of friends, except possibly anything with Sasada.

Pairing that everyone likes but I don’t get: NatorixNatsume. I can kinda see where y’all are coming from, but I personally don’t really like it much. I just don’t see any chemistry there, and really just prefer a sibling relationship between them.

Fave thing about the fandom: I love the surreal, dreamlike quality of the series. Even in the height of battle, there’s just this kind of relaxed atmosphere that is so soothing, and I love it. The town Natsume lives in is just so beautiful, and that also helps lend to the atmosphere of surrealism. The entire town has this kind of nostalgic feel, that reminds me of the quiet, sunny summers of my childhood. Slice-of-life at its finest.

The most despised thing: The way Natsume’s relatives treated him when he was younger. It was canonically confirmed that he was both physically abused, and neglected, and my heart is broken for him. This poor boy did nothing wrong. He never knew his mother, and then he lost his father as a young child, and instead of being consoled, people just kept adding and adding to his hurt, and I’m so sad???

If there is something I would change from said game/show/movie/etc., what would it be: Honestly, I have no clue. I personally think the series is perfect the way it is. I am sad at how Natsume’s relatives treated him, but it was necessary for his character development, and it makes sense. I understand why they acted the way they did, even if I don’t approve. I would like to learn more about Reiko, and about Natsume’s mysterious grandfather who may or may not still be alive. Imagine the plot twist if he were the head of one of the exorcist clans??? That would be fascinating.

Oh! But now I think about it, there is one thing I might change. I think it would have been really cool if the Fujiwaras had a biological child. It would be an interesting source of conflict, because any child would be at least a little jealous having to share their parents’ affections with some random stranger. But it would also be beautiful to see Natsume’s relationship with his foster sibling grow and get stronger. Whether they knew about Natsume’s abilities or not, it’d be fascinating, and I’ve been wanting to write a fic for that for a while now.

cutie-kenma  asked:

YES do the whole Ultimate Relationship Tag for otayuri (if u wanna and/or have time)



Who is more likely to raise their voice?

yuri ofc, he is a Big Ball of Rage and he’ll always have the louder voice when they argue

Who threatens to leave but never actually does?

yuri, again (flashbacks to him saying “we’re through!!” literally 2 days after meeting otabek) he’s too impulsive and always says he’s going to leave but both of them know he’d never be able to

Who actually keeps their word and leaves?

otabek, only for a day or two and only on the worst of the worst fights. he often needs time alone to sort things out. its a v v v dramatic reunion scene when he comes home

Who trashes the house?

neither, although yuri tends to punch or kick the walls when he’s too angry

Do either of them get physical?

NEVER, although sometimes the things they say can be so scathing they wish they had been slapped instead

How often do they argue/disagree?

disagreements and mild arguing happen pretty often but actual, real fights that leave them aching only happen two or three times

Who is the first to apologise?

whoever knows they are at fault, like hell are they gonna apologize for something they didnt start lmfao

the rest goes under the cut!! <3

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i am bAck w another cliche high school au headcanon thing bc i was asked if i had any more (this is lowkey based on real life events but an au nonetheless). i swear it wasnt supposed to be this long but fake relationship is my fav kind of au and i kinda got carried away so um yeahh~~~~

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Mc with kids from a previous s/o + Rfa and minor trio

Muy sorry for the wait hope this makes up for it and I am currently to followers away from a 100 and figured I would do my other half to the first post I put on here! I will be doing a hc post to celebrate once I get to 100 and if anyone else has any ideas for what else I could possibly do drop a comment~Love,Lainy

Saeran: He was just minding his own business and jumping through your window… He’d done absolutely nothing wrong!! So pls tell him why did he have to receive the total annihilation that was given to him by your children…??..(just how does a kid upgrade their Nerf to stun someone????) By the time he wakes Saeyoung has caught him and is currently spewing how sorry he is etc.(Saeran ignores him) It’s the first time that you guys meet but it certainly isn’t the last but you’re gonna have to wait a little bit for the true Saeran to come back from his unknown phase and when that time comes your life was made better just like his~

*When you meet him for the second time both you and ur babes are surprised because well…. Saeran is a completely different person and even if you only met him once, at one of the darkest points of his life you could tell almost instantly without a single word that he was slowly becoming the person he should be

*Your kid is extremely worried and it takes months for them to get over their weariness of Saeran, it would have been longer if it wasn’t for Saeran proving him wrong by saving you from mint eye (Rika) as soon as the threats are gone and Saeran is helping you with a minor injury you received your child has anime tears running down their face + hugs Saeran with all their might

*Helps you out so so much with litteraly everything and I believe that for no matter what Hc or scenario Saeran will love you no matter what situation your in or what you look like because you treat him with a kindness he’s never quite known before that he can’t even begin to ever judge you over your stuff when his past is so dark and tangled

*Isn’t good at comforting anyone so if your babes are sad he will


Point it out to you so you can help because he feels like he literally will make everything worse


give them a quick hug and leave HIS ice cream in hopes of making them feel better

*TBH he just gets hella attached to your family real quick and it doesn’t take long for him to get dragged into this adorable disaster along beside you

Saeyoung: Okay he knew everything about you before he met you in person. So he should have been expecting what was to come right? Yepp! For once he was ready he cleaned up his apartment (it wasn’t vanderwood I swear it lol (why the f*uck you lying!!) He has the whole place decked out in even more games junk food and it’s any kids dream come true your kids eyes are widened by the awesomeness of it all but they make it pretty clear that if the two of you are gonna be a thing Saeyoung’s gonna have to work for it~

*Low-key is the type parent who will always read to the ya kids every night and also helps with flashcards etc.

*Prank wars are no longer accepted into your house after the 🔥 instance y'all were lucky to have someone let ur fam stay at their home 😑 Saeran was not amused that he has to pay for Saeyoung’s + ur kids mistakes

*will help them learn a language that they show an interest in, he also tries to teach them computer skills but it doesn’t work out like they expected….

*also due to his shitty childhood makes up for it the best he can and is super lenient towards most things……

*Isn’t protective in the way that anyone will see but will cyberstalk almost everyone they meet even teachers friends etc


Doesn’t say anything or show any giant reaction HE’S JUST LIKE “Mc your kid is so beautiful” and gushes about it for ten minutes. Proceeds to take pictures (even more than he taken of Zen) You’re just kind of like okay???  Once he thinks he has enough of just of your kawaii child he then wants pictures of the two of you together and I don’t think he ever really stops being amazed/in love with your little family.

*Your kids and him get along swimmingly and both parties get attached easily

*He always makes sure to not do every crappy thing his parents did to him because he knows how much it sucks to be treated that way…..

*Will ruffle your kids hair if they’re sad or discouraged (applies to you too)

*He’s the best advice giver and listener (except for himself😂)+ creative help to your kids teaches them photography and they are really good

*Will do literally anything and everything to protect you guys, unknown to you there isn’t anything he owns that isn’t going to your family in his will😭

Jumin:  He’s been wanting to put a ring on it anyways so a couple kids ain’t gonna change anything and he will try his hardest to be a good father figure but then his emotions get involved and yeah his love for your kiddos is equal to his love for you and Elizabeth 3rd your lives might as well have turned into a family sitcom but it’s still pretty great.

*Doesn’t spend time around people so yeah he’s gonna be awkward at first with ur kids and yea it has hella tension cus both your kids and Jumin think that the other hates them…… this is all resolved by Elizabeth 3rd and a game of Monopoly which is ironic to all of you that Jumin has never played it before

*FAMILY PICTURES ARE TAKEN BY V just imagine sweater pics lol

*Elizabeth 3rd is his prized friend, she’s got him through some tough stuff and he wishes he had her around as a child due to this he will literally let your kids get any pet as long as the animal is not dangerous and is loyal

*Won’t let anyone become spoiled/bratty and finally learns to work on that farm of his along with your smol babes it is so cute

*Also will tuck your kids into bed and when he makes a promise he will never let work get in the way or break it

Zen: Homeboy was ready for date night and date night  got cancelled cus ur baby-sitter for the night quit last minute so you texted Zen that it was probably best if you just waited a while anyways he doesn’t listen to it says fine shows up and didn’t know you had kids but accepts it because uno he ain’t a skwank and dos he loves you very very much

*The kids as soon as they see him are sort of in a trance with his beauty and are drawn in like moths to a flame but are also kind of hiding behind the bookshelf

*Zen has sort of the same reaction but is much more vocal about it and nearly cried with sparkling anime tears

*Opens up to your kids with tangled, spirit (the DreamWorks horse movie cus it’s my fav) and many Ghibli movies laughter is all around you and when you’re the only one who hasn’t fallen asleep on the couch, you know never felt a more purer and free moment

*Soon you fall asleep too and when you wake up Zen has already made everyone breakfast and was just about to come get you, it’s really nice and normal and simple but it brings tears to your eyes and you hope that things will stay like this for a while

*any problem with previous parent and he will be on their ass ready to fite and catching them outside

*Another poor child whose family is shit will never put the kids through that and will always be supportive

Jaehee:  Okay she is sort of prudish (like babe….morals am I right?) but she will definitely never be a total bitch about you having kids or never being married/divorcing ur previous s/o, she will understand the circumstances no matter what cus this is the 21st century and people should really get with the program~ Anyways she is considered by most to be extremely practical which she but she also is a fun loving mama bear who knows martial arts and will kick yo ass anyways let’s start the hcs before I get carried away🤗

*Is a little too worried about anything hasn’t dealt with kids much and even if seven acts like a kid you promise your kids are way better so she is grateful to find this information true and didn’t say anything but  finding your features in your kids faces was quite magical  

*Probably has been interested in cake decorating classes so your kids bday cakes are amazing and just really nice and thoughtful

*mama bear studied her ass off and was her own tiger mom but makes sure your kids don’t deal with that to such extremes and helps with studyblr worthy tips but will be there every step along the way if anyone is struggling

*The cafe can be family run and it’s just so frickin adorable your kids inspired Jaehee to make some kid inspired drinks and such so there is a little something for everyone at the cafe

*Makes sure everyone is healthy cus she doesn’t want to lose anyone and makes sure everyone has hella good health insurances etc


*He’s shook but in a good way like he can’t even keep his grades up and you’re raising your kid/s?  Literally even if you think you're​ doing not the greatest job he’s literally so proud of you for juggling everything and just caring so much and it’s just amazing to him

*Everyone gets along good and me makes hella omaru rice and bento boxes for everyone

*Helps your kids with their h.w if they ask or need help but it may or may not be wrong in some of the more difficult subjects (aka math-_-_-_-)

*Fricken protective yandere with you or ur babes will never do anything that hurts you guys but who’s to say that assholes who can’t keep there mouths shut etc not be put in the hospital

*There is a civil war of Pokemon and Digimon happening in this family it amounts to only saltiness

*Plays games with your family and let’s them sit on his lap and may or may not let them win a few rounds

Vanderwood: Your life has always been a little complicated mess so even after being friends with Vanderwood for quite some time you didn’t really want to talk about your kids because reason number 1. They seem to prefer no messes or complicated situations. Reason number 2. was well… not a lot of people acted nicely about​ you having a kid or not being married so yeah, for the time being you were gonna keep it to yourself because you don’t want this treasured person of yours to think your a hoe. So after awhile of this Vanderwood comes over to your home doesn’t knock just sort of breaks in and they have their hands full of take out and some kids movies, despite their initial tsundere act their a hit with your kids and once vanderwood learned of your insecurities towards showing them your family they’re like “why???? I’m a grumpy spy and you’re worried about me judging you??? That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard eat your take out”. This may seem not romantic at all but to you it was one of the sweetest things ever~

*Doesn’t want your kid to ever grow up or date #willprobablytrytokillthepoorbish

*Will be a pro at ponytails and every other hairstyle, your kids love it when Vanderwood does their hair! They have heart eyes all day~

*Is low-key your kids Sensei, teaches your kids survival, self defense and cleaning plus a bunch of other important things

*they are literally mini ninjas and not like saeyoungs weeby naruto wannabe kids, they will END you before you even realized what happened

*Vanderwood does have a very reserved and happy side and it’s reserved for you guys in your home away from everyone else due to Vanderwood’s profession and they sure as hell ain’t letting bitches hurt you guys they will kill and do everything in their power to keep your family safe and come home every time as well

An In-Universe look at Troyson

In Universe Meta Meta Continued! 

Based on this post

Ok I was looking through the tags and I’m gonna do some posts for the diff Check Please RPF ships (and shipping wars). But I wanted to do it in semi-chronological order which means first we gotta discuss the Kent/Troy aka Kent/Swoops discourse. And if any one has topic requests/questions feel free to send them to my inbox. 

*clears throat, we’re now in the land of my UBER SUCESSFUL in-universe rpf blog. My character will be one of a Pimms shipper who’s been jaded by the discourse surrounding Jack’s OD.*  

The year is 2009 (and goes as far as 2011). This blog is mostly inhabited by Aces content at this point.

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Our favorite Mystic bitches with a Hufflepuff s/o?

W E L P. I’m about to go bananas on this ask because I’m a freaking HP nerd (I’m Gryffindor btw) and have spent a LOT of time thinking about this shit.


Okay before I go into answering this let me first explain which houses our mystic bitches are in so you can understand where I’m coming from. I’ll break this down by individual houses first.



  “This house values hard work, dedication, fair play, patience, and loyalty. Hufflepuff’s are known for being just and true. “Do what is nice” is their motto.”

◆Yoosung—It’s quite obvious that Yoosung is in Hufflepuff. He may have been a slacker due to depression for a short amount of time, but he was dedicated after meeting you and was the fastest to get his PhD! He joins the men of monogamy to show how loyal he is to you. And of course, he’s a sweetheart and can’t imagine a person having malicious intent, which is why he is so gullible.

◆V—We don’t get to see enough of V, but from what we know I think it’s safe to assume he would be sorted into this house. He’s incredibly loyal to his friends and the people close to him. It’s very important to him that everyone is happy. Puts others before himself, even if it means he will be hurt, because its the nice thing to do.



“This is the house of the cunning, prideful, resourceful, ambitious, intelligent, and determined. Slytherin’s love to be in charge and crave leadership. “Do what is necessary” is the motto of this house. Slytherin is a fairly well-rounded house, similar to the other houses. They are loyal to those that are loyal to them just as Gryffindors are and are intelligent as Ravenclaws.”

◆Saeyoung—A lot of people would probably put him in Gryffindor, but I don’t think that’s where he belongs. It’s true that he is extremely loyal, but that doesn’t mean he belongs there. He’s also extremely intelligent as we all know. He’s very resourceful and cunning as well. He can think on his feet and works well under pressure. We know he’s prideful. He is really full of himself when it comes to his work, sometimes to a fault, because he believes he’s coded so well that no one could possibly hack him. Intelligent, cunning, cocky…this boy is a Slytherin.

◆Jumin—Also extremely intelligent. Remember when he went off on Zen about marketing strategies and importing/exporting? Literally wrecked him. He’s also very cunning. What business man isn’t? And he’s cocky about it as well. He prides himself on being able to make business deals with anyone and often sweet talks his way into them. Loves to be the one in charge. Needs to be the one in charge. Incredibly loyal to his friends (V. lolol) and does whatever is necessary to make things go the way he wants them to go, regardless of what others think.



“The house of the brave, loyal, courageous, adventurous, daring and chivalrous. Those who stand up for others are typically Gryffindors. Brave-hearted is the most well-known Gryffindor characteristic, and Gryffindors are also known for having a lot of nerve.”

◆Zen—Brave. Courageous. Hmmm? Like, when he was literally the only one to be like “idgaf tell me where the hell MC is she is in danger I’m not sitting on my ass I’m gunna go save her!” Chivalrous? This guy literally calls you a princess and has every opportunity to take you up on your offer of staying over but instead forces you to go home. Because it’s the chivalrous thing to do for a lady. Adventurous and daring? Oh. Like being in a FUCKING BIKER GANGG?! Plus he is so in love with himself, like all Gryffindors who think they’re gods gift to earth lmao.

◆Saeran—Some people might be like, “whaaa-?! He should be in Slytherin!” No. NO. Okay yeah, he did some bad things. But also he was, like, drugged. And also, say it with me folks, not all Slytherins are bad people. This kid had a rough life. He could have just shrunk into a little ball and stayed, as he put it, the “weak twin” and went on with his life. Instead, he chose to stand up and fight for what he wrongfully believed was right. That’s pretty brave. Obviously he is extremely loyal. I think it’s canon that he is chivalrous, and does care about women. In a chat with Jumin he says something like “all women are the same” and if you answer that you’re sad he feels that way you get a white heart. He has a lot of nerve and, unlike a Slytherin who is usually more tactful and cunning, acts on impulse and feeling. This is why I believe he is a Gryffindor.



“The house is known for their wisdom, intelligence, creativity, cleverness and knowledge. Those who value brains over brawn can be found here. Ravenclaws often tend to be quite quirky as well. “Do what is wise” is the motto they strive to follow.”

◆Jaehee—What a shocker. Baehee is a Ravenclaw. Wisdom and cleverness, that’s our girl. Who is always the voice of reason in the chat? The one giving sage mom advice? Yup. She’s also extremely intelligent and creative. Who else could pull together all of the random ass projects Jumin would throw at them. And we know our girl is quirky. She’s an active member of a fanclub and collects DVDs and posters of a guy in black leather like come on.

Alrighty, so I’m taking it that this ask is like an AU where they’re all in school at Hogwarts? Sorry if that’s not what you meant…Also I think this turned more into what they would be like in Hogwarts I’m so sorry lol


  • Being a Hufflepuff himself, he loves that you both belong to the same house!
  • You two are sickeningly cute
  • Like
  • Feeding each other in the banquet hall cute
  • Fav thing is walking around the grounds just holding your hand so he can show you off to everyone
  • Loves your heart
  • Fav subject is herbology
  • Can you imagine Yoosung out in the garden planting omg so cute
  • When you’re sick he always has herbs to treat you and make you better
  • Really good at Wizards chess!
  • Though he has never beaten Saeyoung
  • His companion is a snowy owl named Marshmallow


  • You’re one of the only people who laugh at his sarcasm
  • And he admires your loyalty as well as your kind heart
  • Not many people in his life have been as pure in intention as you are
  • Super protective over you
  • Favorite subject is Arithmancy
  • also
  • Jumin buys that gold cauldron !!!!
  • And all of your supplies every year
  • Has house elves sorry Hermione
  • Elizabeth 3rd is his companion at Hogwarts
  • Will go to Quidditch games with you but really doesn’t care for them much


  • Plays Quidditch
  • He saw you watching them practice and that’s when he first approached you
  • Very handsy with you on school grounds omg
  • And he’s very popular
  • You guys are the ‘it’ couple
  • Some girls are super jealous and spread rumors that you used a love potion on him
  • But you both know your love is pure and beautiful so you ignore it
  • He says he plays matches better when he sees you in the stands so you always make a point to cheer super loud for him!
  • Fav subject is obviously flying
  • He’s so naturally good its crazy
  • But he has trouble in classes and you’re his #1 study buddy
  • Also had an owl companion.
  • A screech owl named Zeke


  • You’re her rock in school
  • She’s incredibly smart of course but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get stressed out!
  • You’re always warm and kind to her
  • You calm her down
  • Fav subject is History of Magic
  • Obsessed with Quidditch
  • You both get decked out in your colors to go watch together
  • Hates the staircases so much omg
  • Has yelled at paintings before
  • Always in the library
  • She ends up helping you study a lot
  • Has a northern spotted owl named Elwood


  • Has blown up a lot of cauldrons
  • Just for the fun of it tbh
  • Because he’s super smart and knows how to do it
  • “Hm, wonder what happens if I add..THIS” //BOOOM
    • “Get out of my class this instant, Saeyoung.”
  • Fav subject is Potions and Astronomy he can’t decide
  • Met you in charms class
    • “Wanna hold my elder wand?”
    • “…You’re an idiot.”
  • You’re so innocent and pure he loves it
  • Is constantly trying to make you blush
  • Carries Bertie’s Beans with him wherever he goes
  • Constantly pranking Yoosung into eating the gross flavors
    • “Yoosung it’s popcorn this time, I swear!”
    • It’s not.
  • Super good at Wizards Chess
  • Steals herbs from Yoosung so he can secretly experiment with potions he’s creating
  • Has a black cat named Felix as his companion


  • Guilty of hanging out in the Hufflepuff common room with you all night
  •  You guys stay up waaaay too late talking
  • And laughing
  • You’re a lighthearted and kind soul like him so you both get along so well
  • The quiet and mature couple in school that everyone looks up to
  • Fav subject is muggle studies
  • Says good morning to paintings
  • Fav thing is going to Hogsmeade with you
  • Has a long eared owl named Monet


  • You met him on the train in first year
  • You were cute and sweet
  • And bold to just waltz into the compartment and sit by him
  • So of course he fell in love with you right away!
  • Sneaks out of his dorms at night to come see you
  • Fav subject is Transfiguration
  • Gets lost on purpose sometimes and wanders around by himself
  • Fav thing is Autumn when the leaves change and you walk around together on the grounds
  • He likes to lay in the leaves with you
  • Very quick study with charms
  • Casting spells comes super easy for him
  • His companion is a siamese cat named Toast
Favorite Whouffaldi AU Fanfic reads

So, sometime ago I made a list of AU Fanfics for someone to read and I had coplete forgot about it until a kind person brought it up. I never really though anything of it but now I wonder if anyone would like a list of a few good fanfics to read. The original list was made a while ago so new fics are out- I have included some but I have not gotten all of them. Now, i didn’t put in any Colepaldi ones but there are tons out there- so look them up. This range stretches 3 different sites: Fanfiction.net , Ao3 , and wattpad. (This orginally occured on a comment thread on xXdreameaterXx’s “The Art of Loving”)   

Teachers AU’s: (These were first on the list) 

1. Teachers Pet by Incendia Glacies
Summary: Basically just a Professor!Twelve and Student!Clara AU…I’ll come up with a better summary later, but that really is the main premise of this…Enjoy! Rated strong T for a few scenes, but it’s nothing too graphic…
(This is my first Whouffaldi Teacher AU and it is amazing)

2. Down the Middle by mrboogie94
Summary: AU. “So students like myself are a lost cause?”
(Smaller but still will make you smile)

3. Anything Goes by phantomofgallifrey
Summary: AU Clara Oswald is still suffering from the death of her boyfriend [Eleven] when her roommate Rose convinces her to join the Universities musical to remove her from grieving. There, Clara meets the Doctor. Chapter Twelve is Rated M.
(An amazing idea, and i love musical, it is long, and it is well written (and there is smut(; ))

4. Gold & Silver Line My Heart by xXdreameaterXx
Summary: After the death of her boyfriend Clara Oswald decides that it is time for a change. However when she accidentally ends up in bed with her new professor Doctor John Smith, who has a reputation of sleeping with his students, she might find her life changing a lot more than she would have liked. Twelve/Clara. Professor/Student. AU. Rated M for later
(I had to put this here)

5. Mistletoe by perverted monk slayer
Summary: Clara gets caught under the mistletoe with a friend, but the ‘Doctor’ is having none of that. Teacher AU Clara/12 with abit of one sided 11/Clara
(Cute, little funny one)

6. Snowbound by Turn_of_the_Sonic_Screw
Summary: In which Eleven, Twelve, River, and Clara are road-tripping professors who make some new friends while stuck in the snow.
(Never read it but I know that author and If you read it you should tell me how it goes)

*** 7. Lay us down, we’re in love by mrscartoon ***
Summary: NOT a teacher AU BUT it is soooo good, you will love it! Sunday Mass had finished and the crowd settled in front of the church to chat. It was then that John Smith laid eyes on Clara Oswald for the first time.
(Twelve is a priest in a small town and Clara comes and teachers- I swear it is one of my favorites)

8. On The Concept of Good by demagogue12345
Summary: 'To secure one’s own happiness is a duty’ - Kant, Theories of Ethics. Clara can’t stop thinking about her dissertation supervisor because she hates him. Those butterflies in her tummy every time he smiles are wrong, and must be trampled.
(Cant remember this one to well but…)

9. Twelve Nights by lotuskasumi
Summary: Combined two prompts from Tumblr: “can you maybe do a college AU where Clara and the Doctor are the only ones who stayed on campus for Christmas break?” and Clara and the Doctor being professors with a casual relationship who want more. (Whouffle/Twelve x Clara)
(They are both teachers but unknown to each other)

10. Silent Night by lotuskasumi
Summary: Sequel to Twelve Nights. They’ve done the talking — several hours of it in fact, and through a wall no less. Now comes the real challenge: finding the same kind of comfort face to face. (Whouffle/Twelve x Clara)

Give It All by: dronspy
Though she’s still teaching at Coal Hill School, Clara Oswald returns to Eastminister College to complete her MFA degree. She meets her supervisor, John Basil Smith. He is considered a genius but often has trouble being comfortable around people. Yet, Clara feels challenged by him. Eventually, she realizes how similar they both are. So the question becomes, how far will their relationship go? Words:13632 INCOMPLETE BUT WAIT (it gets updated everyday, not sure if I showed you this but you might know it)

Love and Deceit by eicosanoids 

“Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.” Clara Oswald is teaching 19th Century British Literature. She thinks handling a bunch of undergraduates will be easy pickings compared to everything else she’s experienced in her life. She would’ve been right until the Doctor joins her class. (Professor Clara & Student 12 AU) Words: 24,439 (So good) 

They Don’t Teach you love by xXdreameaterXx

The Doctor thought that taking in his old college pal Joe, a professor who is teaching at the same university and who is unable to keep his hands off the female students, was the worst mistake of his life. But then Clara Oswald sets foot into his class and he is torn between his personal ethics and making an even bigger mistake when the race for Clara’s heart is on. Prof/Student AU Words: 38,953 COMPLETE (awesome- just go to xXdreameaterXX’s page please) 

Make this chaos count by: kissmeinnewyork
All Clara wants to do is pass her Russian Literature module so she can finally write her dissertation. Professor John Smith, however, is seemingly doing everything and anything in his power to stop that from happening. (just your average twelve/clara au.) Words:1751 INCOMPLETE (sorry, I missed this before but sadly its short and not done)

Okay, so there are many AU’s out there and I will try to put down as many as I can (I will miss a few). I will include compleated and incomplete fics.

Puncture Repair by: Azertyrobaz
AU story. The Doctor is a doctor in contemporary London and Clara Oswald is the au pair for his nine-year-old son. A son who was dropped on his doorstep by a dying River Song two months before the story starts. Words: 78,140 COMPLETE (One of my favorites but a slow burn) 

Paper Hearts by: Little Miss Insufferable
Whouffaldi AU. Whouffaldi AU. A chance advertisement in a newspaper leads to a phone call that brings two unlikely people together, but how does anyone cope when they start to fall in love with someone they might never set their eyes upon again? Words: 10,346 INCOMPLETE

The Nutcracker by: pieces-of-jade

The Nutcracker!AU Twelve/Clara with appearances by other characters later on. This story just wouldn’t leave my head, so here is my dramatic return to writing fanfiction with a Whouffaldi flavouring! Words: 10,430 INCOMPLETE

In Want of An Heir by: Nehszriah
The aging Marquis of Kasterborous and Gallifrey takes a second wife with a clever plan: in need of an heir, he plans to make his new Marchioness into his successor. What he doesn’t know is that even the cleverest plans don’t always run smoothly. [vague nobility/arranged marriage Whouffaldi AU] Words: 16,458 COMPLETE (Amazing!!! One of my Favorites and definitely a good read) 

Stars in A Sky of Blood and Blue by: Nehszriah
Sequel to In Want of An Heir: the lives of the Marquis Johan and Marchioness Clara, together the Twelfth Doctor of Gallifrey and Kasterborous, and their children throughout the years. [nobility/kids Whouffaldi AU; prior reading of IWoAH is recommended] Words: 56,707 (Sequal-ish to I want an heir)

The Time That We Love Best by: Nehszriah
Clydebank, Scotland, 1940. John Smith is just trying to get through the war while making himself useful, trading in his paintbrushes for a rivet gun. After a bad day at work, he meets a young English girl at the pub who reads him a bit too well and lingers on his mind a bit too much. [Lots of fluff, slice-of-life, currently post-war] Words: 223,523 COMPLETE (A must read, so so good) 

Who’s on First? by: Nehszriah
The Doctor is one of the best coaches in the game of baseball, but runs into something he never expected when his team hires a new GM. MLB baseball AU; M for swearing. Has nothing to do with the joke. Words: 16,110 COMPLETE (another one of my favs and has a equally good sequel) 

Who Came Out of Left Field? by: Nehszriah
Sequel to 'Who’s On First’; Clara Oswald, hot-shot GM of the first-year Quad City Gallifreyans, and John Smith, the oft-cantankerous manager, are now officially a couple. What will this unique relationship bring to the table and how long will it last? [MLB baseball Whouffaldi AU] Words: 18,414 COMPLETE (: 

Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer by: hotdadtwelve
After an agonizingly long moment of silence, he asks, in the witty manner she wishes she could have voiced, “What? What are you looking at? Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” Clara blurts out, all words and no thinking behind it, “Can I? That would actually be really great.” (twelveclara university au) Words: 3,882 INCOMPLETE (beautiful but not finished) 

Ocean of Memories by: hewasimpossible
Twelve/Clara Titanic AU Clara Oswald is forced to leave her family behind. The Doctor is running from his. Neither count on finding a new family in each other on board the Titanic. Words: 4,038 INCOMPLETE (oh, how I would love to see this done) 

All Moving Parts Stand Still by: TwelfthDoctvr
John Smith was expecting this festival to be like the other hundred he’s done throughout his career until he meets The Impossible Girl. Rockstar/Music Festival AU Words: 6,560 (Okay so this person wants to have another chapter but I can stand alone fine. I LOVE THIS ONE- it just fills be with happiness!) 

What If? by: xjustkeepwritingx
AU. Clara meet this mysterious man in a pub and starts a complicated relationship with him. But what will happen when she finds out he’s her father’s friend? Words: 16,689 COMPLETE (drooling over this right now, you will love it.) 

Mr And Mrs Smith by: Crazyfangirl23
Whouffaldi au Clara and Twelve are both spies, but neither of them know the other is I’m really bad at summaries. Basically it’s Mr and Mrs Smith done Whouffaldi style. Photo and insp. credited to rotanitsarcorp Words: 17,385 COMPLETE 

**Personal Favs: 

Everest by: frombluetored
AU. The Doctor, recently promoted to CEO after the early passing of John Smith, enters his new job with short-lived surety. And then he meets the COO, Clara Oswald, who’s just as determined to show the Doctor who’s really in cha rge as she is to show him he’ll never live up to his predecessor. Unfortunately for them, control doesn’t exist in matters of the heart. Words: 120,790 COMPLETE (I could write you paragraphs about this story PLEASE READ!) 

Banged Up by: frombluetored 

There were many things Clara Oswald expected when she entered prison. Catching the eye of the prison’s most notorious inmate was not one of them. [AU. Rating will change to M later on.] Words: 67,353 INCOMPLETE BUT WAIT! ( Please read this, it is soooo amazing, one of my favorites and you will love it!) 

Death and Flowers by: Steampunkmagic
When the young goddess Clara’s life is threatened the Doctor, God of Death, takes her to the Underworld. Who had the power to kill as goddess? And who stands to gain when the Doctor’s actions are called an abduction? Clara and the Doctor must find the answer to these questions and more if they ever have a hope of staying together. Hades/Persephone AU. Words: 8,499 INCOMPLETE (definitely a good read) 

The Man that Once Was by xXdreameaterXx

The Doctor has reigned Gallifrey as Lord President since the Time War. Driven mad by power he has one goal in mind: the utter and absolute extinction of the Daleks. Until one day a seemingly ordinary human girl attempts to steal his most precious possession just to bring a little hope to the entire universe. Words: 8121 COMPLETE (unfathomably good, just so amazing and made me cry) 


Falling Slowly by: Loki’s-Phantom-x
AU. Clara Oswald hesitantly signs up for online dating and is immediately infatuated with a man who calls himself 'the Doctor’. Whouffaldi, some scenes with Jack/Ianto. Warnings for eventual smut, rating may change. Words: 8,737 INCOMPLETE (but it will make you smile) 

James Dean Daydream by: katierosefun
[Modern day spy Whouffaldi AU.] Clara Oswald has one of the most interesting jobs in the world. She works for the government, goes on a few missions to get through to possible moles, et cetera. In other words, Clara had a somewhat stable environment built around herself. That all changes, however, when Clara finds herself with a new partner – a man who goes by 'the Doctor’. Words: 54,501 INCOMPLETE (A current fav. and just got very good) 

Dreams of Freedom by: Number 947
Number: Slave 947. Unable to speak, but works well in and outdoors. Bit of a temper to it. Its bidding price was 5,000- eventually worked up to 20,000,000. Sold to the Doctor. Name given to it: Clara Oswin Oswald. Words: 9,136 INCOMPLETE (Lovely read) 

like you never lost a war by: dorothymcshane
Clara works in a bookshop while she’s trying to figure out what she wants to do with her future. The Doctor is a miserable former punk rock singer who’s been trying to forget his past. The two of them hate each other, but maybe, just maybe, they’re also exactly what the other needs. Words:11,058 INCOMPLETE (Good, frustrating but good)

Tale As Old As Time by: playitagainsam
AU, where Clara is Beauty and Twelve is the Beast.
She stepped closer, and saw his face more clearly in the glow of the faint light. It was narrow and covered in silver fur, and his eyes were bluer than the sky on a spring day. She raised her hand as if to touch his face, but she put it down at once.“Have you always been a Beast?” she asked, and he looked at her sadly. “Perhaps.” he answered, and he said no more. Words:3181 COMPLETE (Good but I will also give you another one)

***Another PF 

The Devil Dances by: lucelafonde
Rock Star AU "On her 21st birthday, Clara goes back to the bar in Glasgow and makes a promise to herself. On her 22nd birthday, she is managing a few minor gigs for the label her father also works for. Before her 23rd birthday, she has seen The Doctor and the Time Lords live no less than eleven times. Her twelfth she spends backstage with the small warm-up band she is managing at the time.“
The Doctor is the frontman of a famous rock band, and Clara has been in love with him for years. Words:13863 COMPLETE (ahhh, this one gives me the feels, read please! I would love to talk to you about this one.) 

Say something like you love me by: owedbetter
Inspired and followed by the events of the fic "The Devil Dances” by lucelafonde (a rock star!au inspired by Peter Capaldi’s punk rocker days – 100% would recommend, 'tis a glorious piece), The Time Lords are on their last show of their current tour and, ever rightly so, things end with one hell of an announcement and a bang. Words:2297 COMPLETE (So good to, must read after The Devil Dances) 

Fate’s Game  by SirJoker

Professor John Smith had accepted his fate of leading a lonely life - that was, until Clara Oswald came into the equation. Words: 10,069 INCOMPLETE (I love this one so much, it is a new fic that gets updates daily- PLEASE READ!!) 

Six Years from now by PausedInTime

Clara Oswald is young and ready to live her life. On her travels around the world, she happens to bump into aspiring business owner John Smith. They spend the night together and six years later, they happen to cross paths again. Should be M rated …  INCOMPLETE BUT- (this is getting updates daily- It is an amazing read and REALLY GOOD SMUT) 


The Marriage Sentence by: sparksearcher
Con Artist AU. Clara and the Doctor are best friends and roommates who have a habit of getting engaged in public for free meals. When they take it too far, Clara’s family finds out and instead of coming clean, they decide to pull off the ultimate con. After all, how bad could it be to get married to your best friend, even if it means marrying into a crazy family? Words:35711 INCOMPLETE 

Mr and Mrs Smith by samchandler1986 

She’s a BBC production assistant with delusions of grandeur; he’s a photo-journalist with the same. Neither of them have time to moonlight as private investigators, but here they are. Words:7346 INCOMPLETE (getting updates regularly)

Over The Hedge by: marcasite
Clara finds the home of her dreams, but will the neighbor be as welcoming? Doesn’t seem to be off to a good start…
“What are you doing? I told you to leave the hedges alone.”
Clara took a step forward, “See, the thing is, this hedge is encroaching on my property line here.” She pointed down with her clippers at an invisible line. “So anything over on my side, has to go.” Words:6999 COMPLETE (quite good in a way) 

*******PLEASE READ***

The Game Keeper by: RebelDrFerguson
Upper Class well bred Clara lives in a huge mansion, she is bored with all the young sutors her father tries on her and fancies a 'bit of rough’, enter Mr Smith the new Game Keeper, a slightly grumpy and callous 48 year old , yet still a gentleman of the countryside, has Clara found the man she was looking for or is this just some silly crush. Words:8740 COMPLETE (I re-read this about every 3 months, IT IS SOOO GOOD) 

The Wall by: antennapedia
Art school AU: “they painted over that one wall in the main staircase again so i was going to paint some cool graffiti on it but you got there first”.
It’s his wall this time, darn it. Peter is going to paint it and nobody’s going to beat him to it. Words:7721 COMPLETE (more Colepaldi than Whoufaldi cause of the names but still!)

As You Wish by: Turn_of_the_Sonic_Screw
In which Clara is Buttercup, and Basil, aka the Doctor, is Westley, aka, the Dread Pirate Roberts. Words:118 COMPLETE (short but oh, so good!) 

Once by: oswhine
A whouffaldi Beauty and the Beast AU basically. Words:10772 COMPLETE (Really, really good and worth your time) 

Flybe Nights by: gingerjay (fhestia)
Clara’s holiday is waylaid by a sudden storm, a delayed flight, and an unexpected friendship with a cranky fellow passenger. Airport/Travel AU. Human Doctor AU. Words:5021 COMPLETE (Cute One Shot) 

We mus have met somewhere before by BlindedKnight

“Oh please call me John and I don’t know honestly it depends on how this conversations goes, could be for a night or could be till the end of time with you,” he paused giving her another grin before speaking her name once more. 

Clara smirked, “till death do us part huh?” 

“Don’t believe in death.”

She started to laugh, it was the first time she heard the weirdest kind of nonsense in her life, “kind of hard to not believe in death when we grow old and die.”

“Oh yes there’s that death but a soul doesn’t die, keeps living as something else. I could become a owl in my next life or a rose for a beautiful woman to smell, of course I could be another person as well.” He leaned in smiling, “it’s why I sat down here I feel we’ve met before Clara.” Words: 21,295 INCOMPLETE (I haven’t read this but I love this author) 

How far down the rabit hole are you willing to go? by BlindedKnight

Matrix AU “Ugh, why do you drones like to keep calling me that? I’m the Doctor and you know exactly where they are, gone from your little metal hands being picked up right now.” He smirked looking around at the group of heavily armed men before staring towards the camera a slight grin forming.

“We will find them Mr Smith. You’re breaking the peace —”

He frowned shaking his head to the agent, “To hell with that agreement, you know even my side dislikes me for what I do. They all need to be set free, including you. I bet to you it even gets boring in here, especially with dealing with people like me.” He sighed, “Anyway enough talk you’ve almost got my signal haven’t you?”“Yes.”“Time for running then.” Words: 37,665 COMPLETE (So good if you like The Matrix!) 

Spotless by DaisyofGalaxy 

John Smith has one aim when he decides to again enrol his alma mater. He wants to regain memories a tragic accident stole from him. Will however life among students young enough to be his children an easy task? And will it work at all? He has no clue but somehow company of Clara, a postgraduate student of History of Art makes everything better. Whouffaldi AU with hints of Doctor/River. Words: 7,708 INCOMPLETE (Never read it- actually waiting for it to finish or get more chapters until I get overemotionally attached )

Second and Third Chances by PausedInTime

John Smith finally goes to parents evening with his failing son, Ben. He immediately takes a liking to his young teacher, Clara Oswald. Clara returns his affections and soon they become a couple and neither of them are entirely sure how they are going to tell John’s teenage son. Words: 11,603 INCOMPLETE (I really like this story- it based of a edit too) 

Rainy Mood by avespika 

John Smith’s bad day gets worse when he trips over a young woman in the rain. Words: 1217 COMPLETE (Adorable little One Shot, I love it!) 

Unsatisfied by avespika 

Basil Smith promised his late sister that he’d raise his nephews and help them find spouses. When he throws a ball to attract suitors for Troy and John he encounters the first woman in decades to hold his attention. Unfortunately Troy is also smitten.

The story where Twelve forces himself to ship Eleven/Clara. BUT it does twist a bit- Words- 3403 INCOMPLETE (I love this one- ofcourse this is due to Jenna and Victoria but this is great and has some Whouffaldi but hopefully more Whouffaldi as it goes on- just read it!)


Preservation by avespika 

Alternate Universe- Clara is a small town lawyer. The Doctor owns an island full of rare species- and a great deal of natural gas the Nestene Corporation will do anything to get. Can Clara help him save his adopted home from destruction? Words: 14,876 COMPLETE ( I adore this fic, it has recently become one of my favs- it is just sooo good) 

The Thief and the President’s Daughter by infinite_regress 

‘Really?’ Jax spluttered, ‘You? You’re the thief who took a time ship, stole the President’s daughter and stopped the Time War?’
The Doctor blushed. ‘Well, not on the same day.’

In some sectors, the Time War has not been forgiven or forgotten and time technology is illegal. Of course stories of the Time Lords are still told, but people often get them wrong. When the Doctor and Clara make an emergency landing in Devonian space the Doctor is soon recognised as the legendary hero who stopped the Time War. Who else could Clara be, but his lovely wife, the President’s daughter?

To save their skins they have to pretend to be married. Will they also face up to how they really feel about one another? Words: 16,836 COMPLETE (AHH I LOVE THIS ONE- I mean, it ranks up there right beside Everest and it also won for xXdreameaterXx’s contest!!) 

Crescendo by xXdreameaterXx  

He has loved music once. He has loved life once. Now John Smith, the Doctor, a famous conductor only seems to be drifting through life, always on the verge of a mental breakdown in his shallow and pointless existence. Until he stumbles across a street musician, a young cellist named Clara, and suddenly it all makes sense again. Orchestra AU. Words: 6,748 COMPLETE (I adore this one too- I can’t even with this one) 


Heart Of Steel by xXdreameaterXx 

David Oswald is dead, killed by his enemies. The Doctor, his right hand man, sets out to find his daughter Clara to protect her but once she realizes what kind of business her father was in she is determined to have her revenge. The Doctor is torn between protecting her from her father’s enemies and giving her everything she wants. Mafia AU. Words: 44,542 COMPLETE (seriouly, just go to xXdreameaterXx’s acount and you will find Heaven) 

Just Roommates by ThatFuckerTucker 

John Smith is a college student with a major in Physics and a minor in History. He decided to go back to college to pursue a major in Arts. Needing a roommate, he chooses none other than Clara Oswald. Will they get on well or scratch each other’s eyes out? Words: 7,410 INCOMPLETE (I like it) 

Physicians and Phonographs by whouffaldigarbage 

A Victoran AU. Clara is a maid overseeing the children of a large estate. Struggling with her own desire for freedom and the suitors pursuing her, she feels a profound lack of something in her life. One day, circumstances out of her control lead her to require the services of the mysterious and ostracized Doctor, and a friendship grows between them that leads to something more. Demons from their past come back with a vengeance, society seeks to tear them apart, the supernatural rears its ugly head, and their future stands on the precipice of extinction. Together or alone they could face it all, but the choice is not a simple one.
Rated M for future chapters. Slow burn fic. Angst, humor, the supernatural, and stuffy Victorian romance, with a dash of the original tale of Beauty and the Beast. Words: 55,212 COMPLETE AND SECOND SERIES Wow- this fic will always have a special place in my heart. It is an absolute masterpiece) 

Petty Revenge by ThatFuckerTucker 

Basically Clara wants to spite her family and goes on Craiglist where she finds an add posted by someone called The Doctor. Words: 3484 COMPLETE (bad ass fic) 

The Class Trip by xXdreameaterXx 

Clara has been looking forward to this school trip for months – almost 2 weeks on the Isle of Skye. If only it wasn’t for the obnoxious, irresponsible father of one of her students who only wants to be referred to as the Doctor and unfortunately has volunteered to accompany them on the trip. While one part of her is still considering if she could just push him off a cliff, another can’t help but think that he looks quite attractive. Rated E for later. Words: 26,837 COMPLETE (Amazing as always- awesome) 

Whouffaldi Pride and Prejudice Prompt Fill by Breakingthestandards 

The Doctor, a wealthy older gent and best friend of the also (but less) wealthy Mr Smith, has clapped eyes upon young Miss Oswald. Her parents encourage her to marry; But not him. Words: 13,279 INCOMPLETE (Why can’t this be dooonnneeee *cries in a corner* This is so good though- sadly not updated) 

The Doctor and the Princess, or, A Duty of Care by TaleasOldasTimeandSpace 

Once upon a time, Clara traveled with a man named Basil, until he was murdered by pirates. Five years later, trying to escape her engagement to Prince Rupertpink, she falls in with four men who are trying to start a war between Florin and Guilder. But they are being followed by a mysterious Man in Black…PRINCESS BRIDE AU Words: 10653 INCOMPLETE (Why can’t this one be complete too *cries even harder*- an amzing movie now with an amazing ship) 


Maybe if i loved you less by owedbetter

He has been a best man too many times and the worst man just once. She’s a wedding photographer who doesn’t quite know where she’s going.

Neither of them believe in love, they’ll say - except they do. They do. Words: 29,997 INCOMPLETE (So f*cking good- I adore this fic) 

Pasion Play by CrazyFangirl23

Clara Oswald is an experienced ballet dancer transferring to a production theatre with much different styles of dancing, and she soon meets the enigmatic John Disco, a confident and daring dancer that might just sweep her off her feet. Words: 30,130 COMPLETE (breathtakingly gorgeous) 

Turning Pages by twelveisagoodone

Clara Oswald expects lots of things of her new life: enjoy her independence, be successful at her new job, make new friends and forget the pains of the past. What she doesn’t expect is to fall for the guy next door. Alternate Universe where Clara is basically Clara and the Doctor is a University professor who lives in the same building. Words: 42,606 INCOMPLETE (Absolutely Fantastic) 

Changing Tides by bgeiner (yours truly) 

The streets of Gallifrey were not meant for midnight strolls. You will not find any couples or children out past 12 o’clock on these streets, only shadows that creep in the night, filled with darkness and terror. Sadly, Clara Oswald didn’t know this…Alternate Universe - A Gang AU, boiled down to the Timelords vs. Daleks   Words: 13058 INCOMPLETE (By no means is this self promotion, I am simpluy stating an AU fic- it’s not the worst thing you will ever read but the other fics on here are better than this rubbish) 


While going through these- There are sooooo many, may I just give you the ones that are my favs-ish? There are so many out there, non-AU and Colepaldi- explore! So many beautiful people write these amazing works of art and need to be appreciated, so please, love your authors, comment, kudo- talk to them and say what you loved, hated, what you want more of or what drove you crazy! 

PS: If you want to know other Fics- please don’t be afriad to ask. Yes you can just go on these sites and look them up but If you need anything, you know where to find me!

Mihashi and 0 Self Esteem

So my sister brought up how Mihashi’s narrative is similar to an abuse narrative - it’s true that Mihashi is a giant negative person who cries a lot, but it’s not that simple.

Mihashi is incredibly negative and has 0 self esteem because of what happened to him on his middle school baseball team - he was severely bullied (members even threatened to break his arm so he’d stop pitching) and ignored by most of the team (except Kanou). Mihashi also doesn’t communicate in a common manner - he tends to leave phrases out of his sentences when he speaks and as Hanai commented, the way he fidgets etc. annoys people, or supposedly “provokes” people into wanting to bully him. Which is honestly a really shitty mentality (and ableist???). Basically it just means that Mihashi is a really easy target for bullying. [anger noises]

But Mihashi also feels that he deserves all of this, for not being good (how much do you want to bet that Mihashi begged Kanou to not do anything, that he’d handle it on his own or something like that, and Kanou never realized how bad the bullying it was - REMINDER: THEY WANTED TO BREAK MIHASHI’S ARM). This is a similar mentality to abuse (but regarding bullying instead), where the victim finds blame in themself and internalizes a bunch of shit. 

So like, when people say that Mihashi cries too much and is wimpy and stuff, I honestly wish they would shut up.

I mean Mihashi was crying when he told Kanou that he was going to quit baseball forever - he even studied to get out of Mihoshi, and Mihashi is terrible at studying. When Mihashi first comes to Nishiura and checks out the baseball club he doesn’t intend to enter but accidentally lets it slip that he’s a pitcher. But before he pitches anything at all, he immediately break down crying because he thinks that his pitching is worth nothing (but he loves pitching so much that he couldn’t help himself). Mihashi really has 0 self esteem.

And so the meeting with Abe is incredibly important. Because if Mihashi hadn’t met Abe, he might have fallen into depression.

(from my fav abemiha doujinshi, which points this out)

Mihashi only has baseball. Mihashi’s only way to really “communicate” with people in a way that they’d understand properly was baseball.

As Sakaeguchi notes:

Back then, he was treated as though he didn’t exist and felt like an invisible man. But on the mound you can’t start until the pitcher throws. While standing on the mound, you know that you truly matter.

If he gave up the mound, his essence would disappear.

Despite being bound by various contradictions and self doubt, and even while becoming a black sheep, Mihashi never let go of the mound during middle school.

And so if Mihashi had really quit baseball (and he was going to, honestly, if Abe hadn’t demanded to see him pitch), Mihashi probably wouldn’t have made any friends and would probably be alone. This is actually supported by canonical evidence:

It’s really depressing to think about, which is why this other doujinshi by Clap Your Hands is important.

What if Abe hadn’t gone to Nishiura? What if no one had really, decisively reached out to Mihashi, even going as far to tell him that they liked him?

The reason why Abe is so important to Mihashi, to the point where Mihashi places Abe on a pedestal and constantly repeats “I’ll just pitch as you say” is because Abe is the only person Mihashi really thinks likes him. Abe is the only person who actively reached out, when he knew nothing about Mihashi, and just straight up told Mihashi that he liked Mihashi

So Mihashi starts thinking of Abe as some magical thing - as long as he follows Abe, everything will be okay. People will like Mihashi because Mihashi can be useful when Abe’s in control. Everyone in the past hated Mihashi because he wasn’t useful, so the only way for anyone to like him is for him to be useful (brb crying). 

Which is why Mihashi fears losing Abe above all. Mihashi is afraid of Abe for the entire “bad communication arc” (from the start of the series until they lose at the bijou game) on some level because Mihashi has entrusted his entire mental wellbeing to Abe’s existence and acceptance of him. Which is a bad thing to do, but entirely understandable given Mihashi’s character and lack of self esteem. Mihashi always worries that Abe is mad, that Abe will want to leave them. If Abe isn’t there, Mihashi can’t be useful - if Abe isn’t there, then Mihashi will be utterly alone. 

And at the same time, Mihashi’s negative feedback loop is what actually infuriates Abe (not for very long lol, Abe is just prickly) and so Mihashi and Abe’s relationship for the entire bad communication arc, despite how many cute moments it has, is unbalanced. Mihashi needs constant reassurance, but Abe can’t provide that - no one can provide that. Abe also fundamentally doesn’t get Mihashi, which leads to other communication break downs. 

But all those cute moments from the bad communication arc also have a purpose - I’ve spammed character analysis tags about why Abe has control problems; but the main thing to remember is that Abe and Mihashi are both placing their worth / hopes in each other.

Abe: I’ll devote myself to you for the next three years.

Mihashi: As long as I follow Abe’s directions, everything will be okay.

Which is why Abe getting injured is so fundamentally important. It directly challenges the unbalanced dynamic they’ve set up (destroying their promise that “Abe won’t get injured for 3 years”), and it forces Mihashi to reevaluate how others see him. Tajima as the character who actually understands Mihashi’s speech patterns becomes the replacement catcher, and that’s the first time Mihashi ever shakes his head at his own volition (reminder: the catcher from Mihoshi hated Mihashi and refused to give signs). Mihashi then discovers that it’s okay to say no. It’s okay to disagree, it’s okay to work together to find a compromise. (Meanwhile in the dugout Abe finally comes to terms that his relationship with Mihashi is wrong and resolves to apologize, good for you). In healthy relationships, your “no” is respected.

At the same time Mihashi also learns that he was forcing all the responsibility onto Abe, and that he shouldn’t put all his worth in Abe’s hands. Tajima is there, Hanai is there, the rest of the team supports Mihashi (ONE OUT!). Mihashi is liked and valued, even when he slips up sometimes. They just need to have confidence.

Which is why I love oofuri so much, because it’s just so character driven. Mihashi and Abe are both amazing (and cute!!) characters, and they help each other grow so much. 

 If he still feels like he belongs here even if he gives up the mound, that’s great.

It Had to Be You (Part 1)

Summary: The Reader and Dean meet for a hunt and try to be friends, but can men and women be friends? That was awful but what are we going to do about it?

Characters: Dean, Reader, Bobby (mentioned), Amanda (OFC), Joe (OMC), Lisa (mentioned)

Warnings: talk about sex a little, slight canon level violence

A/N: This is a rewrite of my favorite movie - When Harry Met Sally. It’s a two parter so this first part is a little bit of a slow burn, but part two will be up tomorrow. For the most part all of the humor and stuff is thanks to the amazing Nora Ephron, but I put the Supernatural spin on it. I’m not sure how many people who might read this have seen When Harry Met Sally, but you can still follow along with the story if you haven’t. This was mainly just something fun for me to write since I got to rewatch my fav movie a bunch of times, but I hope you guys enjoy it too. Feed back, of course, is welcomed and encouraged. 

Part 2

(gif is from google)

12 years ago

Dean stood on the sidewalk, his arms wrapped around the tall blonde he had been getting to know during his short stay in town. They had been passionately kissing for the past ten minutes, unable to quell their need for one another.

“I love you,” the blonde sighed as she pulled her head away to stare in to Dean’s deep green eyes.

“I love you,” Dean replied back a little more slowly. He kissed the end of her nose lightly before she could realize the hesitation.

They had resumed their display of affection when a blue 1965 Mustang pulled up next to them and parked. The pair was too preoccupied to notice the y/h/c woman sitting in the driver’s seat watching them.

You didn’t quite know what to do in a situation like this. You stare off in the distance ahead for a moment to give them their privacy. Maybe they’ll notice me, you think to yourself. Another minute had passes and you realize that they probably weren’t going to notice you.

“Ahem?” you loudly clear your throat to catch their attention but there was no reaction. “Ahem,” you say a little louder this time and they finally separate lips.

“Are you Y/N Y/L/N?” Dean asks while keeping his arms wrapped around the blonde.

“I am,” you smile and nod. “You’re Dean Winchester?” the question was more of a formality – you recognized him from Bobby’s pictures.

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nekomimiarchives  asked:

*sighs longingly* Y'all remember when Azazel was a right asshole that deserved approximately half of the shit he had to deal with? I miss Azazel and his assholery but holy damn this is some serious character development from Genesis when he has gleefully fucking up people's lives

Hello there :D

Sorry this took me too long to answer. On one hand, I really want to rally behind azazel protection squad, but on the other hand… as you said, he was an asshole who deserved half the things he has to deal with. Then there’s also the part of me that likes to see my fav characters suffer and pushed to the limit bcs that’s usually where they shine, where they show their true colors, where they show what they’re really capable of. SORRY.

This is really a dilemma bcs while I really want Azazel to win (and see if he gonna go back to his old smug attitude), I kinda want to see him lose more bcs if he keeps losing like that, Lucifer would have no choice but to come save him again right? :D or maybe Mugaro would go berserk for Azazel’s sake, I’m not picky :p

Speaking of character development tho.

behold that mean and smug af smirk.

I see ppl commenting how he fastly improved from S1 bcs now he’s kinda a dark hero for the demon side, and how he’s more, er, empathetic toward others now?

I actually disagree on this.

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Haven *A Klaroline Fanfiction* NEW CHAPTER /CHAPTER UPDATE

A/N , HEYYYYYYY GUYS!!!!! I know its been ages since I last updated this, but so sorry and here I am…. THIS UPDATE IS THE LOVELY @caritobear , Carolina’s BELATED BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY , MAY YOU HAVE MANY MORE LOVELY BDAYS!!!

Thanks a lot for all the reviews, favs and follows. Please review if you like it.


He stood watching her from the balcony. Her golden hair spilling down her back. Her fingers lazily drawing shapes in the white sand, a vision, a picture of serenity soothing his inner turmoil. How did he feel this foreign sense of calm just by looking at her? What was about her that pulled at him, tore at him? Perhaps tore him, left him wide open and yet he felt strong.

He gripped the stone balustrade. His need to reach out and hold her overwhelming him. He knew he was attracted to her but lust had never before made him feel this commanding need to possess a woman. To claim her and protect her. Even with his superstitious mothers upbringing he had never been a big believer of fate or destiny. And now he was tempted to believe that this was fate’s design. Her being here, close to him, where he could witness her smile, her shy eyes and the stubborn tilt of her chin, was all fate.

He was meant to save her and she was meant to hold onto him, just him. She was his destiny. The one woman he didn’t know he was waiting for.

He saw Kol sit beside her and he wanted to fling his brother off into the ocean. Such visceral jealousy, such possessiveness he felt was new but would always be usual where she was concerned.

Vaguely aware of Aurora joining him on the balcony he stood tense still watching his cabron brother flirt with Caroline. Dammit she was his.

Caroline laughed and he felt a smile form on his face, surprisingly because he was unaware of why she was laughing.

Aurora held his arm, “Klaus?” he spared her a glance, annoyed that he had to look away from Caroline.

“Yes.” he responded looking back at Caroline.

“What is going on?”

“I fail to understand your meaning.” Klaus gripped the railing again this time jealousy running like acid through his veins when Kol kissed Caroline’s cheek, her very soft cheek.

“I mean with this girl. Who is she? Why are you so obsessed with her? I thought she was Kol’s gf”

In that moment Klaus realized fate wanted him to decide. Aurora’s question was fate’s way of making him confess what he had recognized the first moment, when he had clutched her close to his heart and she had asked him to “save her”.

So suffused with a new urgency and determination he answered, “She’s mine.”

Unaware that the same instant Caroline had decided to give up hope, watching him standing beside Aurora.

Seeing the formidable certainty in Klaus’s eyes Aurora backed away. She understood the desire and emotion swirling in Klaus’s eyes but it’s intensity was unique, hence her hands around his arms loosened.

It was beautiful the passion she witnessed in her best friends eyes. Perhaps she had wished to see the same potent response from Klaus directed at her, which at the moment had surfaced for Caroline.

Aurora saw how Klaus was mesmerized by Caroline. He kept watching her until Caroline got up and went inside the house.

Awkwardly Aurora squeezed his arm once, wondering was he even aware of it, and left.


Klaus was still seething and pacing. He had been for the last hour in his office since he had seen his brother kiss Caroline, on the cheek, on the cheek , it was just, a hopefully platonic kiss on the cheek and nothing more, he kept reminding himself.

His phone rang. He pressed the speaker button and Finn’s secretary Sage spoke, “Mr Mikaelson.”

“For the last time Sage. Call me Klaus. Mr Mikaelson was my father.”

“I’m sorry Sir. Mr Finn insisted on that title when he was here. It would take some time for me to get used to calling you Mr Klaus. ”

“Klaus. Just Klaus. And I’m sorry. You’re right it’s just been a few days that I’ve been handling padre’s company. Take your time.” he said reasonably but it grated on his nerves being called by his father’s title.

A father who had expected so much from a son so unworthy of his expectations. Someone like Klaus, who had always been a disappointment but his father had never voiced nor believed what his people gossiped about his favorite son.

“Ah Sir. There is a message from your mother. Mrs Esther wanted me to inform you that Bonnie and Ayana just arrived. And she expects you home an hour before dinner.”

“Gracias. Sage. Are there any other appointments i might have forgotten about?”

“An online meeting at four with our Asian suppliers.”

“Could you re-schedule it for tomorrow? I’ve had enough business for one day.” He halted his agitated pacing and sat in the office chair.

“Yes sir.”

“And inform Tony I wish to leave in ten minutes.”

“Okay. Sir.”


He leaned back and sighed before continuing, “Did you have the password for Finn’s log in?”

He felt her hesitate before she replied, “I did. But he changed it before he left.”

“Uh. Thanks.” and he hung up. Then he got up and packed his laptop in his briefcase. A moment later Tony showed up took his laptop and Klaus exited his office.


Bonnie Bennett was the bane of his existence, had always been. From the age of ten when she had moved next door in London to now when she sat stoic faced in the back seat of his car.

He had received Ayana, Bonnie’s grandmother and his mother’s one of very fast friends and Bonnie from the airport twenty minutes ago.

He had expected Bonnie to lash out, or demand answers for what had passed between them the last time they were in each other’s company, but her silent treatment of him and her refusal to acknowledge his presence was grating on him like sandpaper.

Ayana asked him about the weather in El Sagrario and he gave a courteous reply about humidity and hot air being abundant this time of the year. Whereas Bonnie never gave him an ounce of attention and continued to stare out of her the window.

He drove past another car and gritted his teeth when he saw her still engrossed with the view outside. What was so damn fascinating about a corn field? He fucking hated the corn right now. Was he really jealous of a field of vegetables?

Dear lord, it was her fault. She made him feel like this. From her unruly mass of brunette ringlets, her sexy smile, and those soft delicious lips, everything about her tugged at him, made him uncomfortable. He was privy to what he felt for her but she was betrothed to his brother and he couldn’t do anything about it. It was his mother’s wish, she had chosen Bonnie for Nik. And it hurt, it freaking eviscerated him everytime he thought about it. Perhaps if Bonnie had reciprocated his feelings he would have fought for her but she loathed him so he had no choice but to see the love of his life marry his brother.


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A Journey for Hugh: Part Two

So, as some of you know, on Tuesday Hugh went on Colbert in NYC and some of us Fannibals went out to meet him. I know a lot of people have wanted the details, so here’s the run down!

After the mixed success of the Fannibal Fallon excursion, I really wanted to make sure that this time some of the people who missed him last time got another chance, and that we fannibals showed up in force to remind Hugh that we are still around and still rooting for Hannibal to live again. I always think it’s important for him to see some flower crowns and to know that we haven’t gone anywhere. There were also a bunch of new folk on-board and everyone was very excited!

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anonymous asked:

could you pretty please suggest some of your fav yoonmin fics please 🙏 x

here are some of my ult faves (minus some super popular fics that most of us already know)

these fics are on-going but i really like them so far!!

  • maybe when we say love, we mean a safe place to fall apart: it starts with jimin wanting to find out who the bathroom smoker is to salvage his job; it starts with jimin walking in on him - caught in the act and giving zero shits about it; it starts with a strange proposition that jimin agrees to anyway; it starts with breaking all the rules in the proverbial fuck buddy handbook - 
    it starts with jimin meeting yoongi, and then it just doesn’t stop.
  • costly:  yoongi’s a ceo and a little shit. jimin is his new target.
  • an aperture in fine balance: fake marriage au in which yoongi is an up and coming rapper whose fame had blown up in korea, traveled throughout asia and has now landed him in the states. meanwhile, jimin is in america to study photography and find success in this land of freedom. except for one problem. his school’s policy for financial aid requires him to be either over the age of 24, have a child, or be married.
    considering the fact that he’s only 21 and can’t have a kid, jimin is left with the last option.
    that’s where yoongi comes in the picture.
  • the silence inside your aloof heart (please don’t fall)yoongi doesn’t think he deserves to love and jimin doesn’t think he can love anymore.
    (that is, until, they meet each other)
  • you spin me like a record, baby:  park jimin needed a part-time job. pronto.
  • beauty and the geek:  yoongi, being rich and awkward, decides that he might as well try to make a friend through a sugar daddy website.
    only, it ends up being park jimin.

anonymous asked:

Would you say peer wise, Damian's friendship with Jon is your favorite right now? Damian's (peer age) friendship with Maya is still my absolute favorite. She just gets him on such a level that few people ever do and he opens up to her in return in a rare way. I'd say Jon and Damian have a dynamic right now where Damian is the only one close to Jon's age that can be involved in his life in all areas. He also acts like a coach of sorts to Jon so even if Damian's constantly doing things that Jon-

2 hates. He eventually caves and let’s himself be pulled along half because he feels obligated to by their parents and also maybe he’s a little lonely for super friends his age. I don’t think he’s at the point where he really likes Damian too much. Jon definitely doesn’t understand him. Honestly I hope he takes a long time too. Poor Jon is so young and had such a loving upbringing just getting a glimpse of Damian’s background would horrify him. Damian for his part finds Jon a little useful -

3 potential to be a pretty awesome (though not as awesome as him) hero to encourage and ally himself with. As annoying as he can find his innocence Damian has shown he’s very drawn to people with Jon’s personality (Dick, Steph, Colin) and he’s obviously growing attached in a aloof big brother way (lol, toddler titan is my fav nickname). He’s just not close to the point he is with Dick or Maya or the TT about seeing Jon as a equal. He knows if he treats him as one would mean exposing him to the-

4 parts of him that Jon wouldn’t be ready to handle (he did try to be open w/his past and looked disappointed when Jon brushed it off). But yeah right now I’d say part of the way their relationship works is that they can compliment each other quite a bit. But there’s this huge gap that causes their clashes. Jon’s not as stunted but Damian is very much ahead of understanding what it means to him to be a hero and who/how to fight. They don’t have to be best friends but thet are interesting foils.

That Christmas special bugged me for a number of reasons actually and I didn’t like it much. Jon had plenty of school friends and his best friend (at the time) is Kathy so he can’t be friendless. In canon Damian is the one calling upon Jon and inviting him into his life while Jon trying to be nice but losing his temper over Damian’s antics a lot. I feel like that strip didn’t have a great idea of their friendship and that it’s a slow burn for both of them becoming closer. But that’s how it is.

Do you think Jon belongs on the Teen Titans? I know he complained about not being invited to join and in a future Super Sons issue Damian finally does invite him (with ulterior motives). A part of me wonders if Damian ends up inviting Jon with the purpose of discouraging Jon? I know quite the opposite of what he does but TT missions are quite different from their own duo missions and Damian is protective in his own way. Damian can’t look after Jon when he’s got his whole team to watch over too.

I’m assuming all six of these messages were from the same person. But if not, let me know! 

Time for some meta~

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