hes on my pillow now

Heard around the house
  • Daddy: What kind of fish are you?
  • Little: A shark hanger on-er
  • Daddy: A lamprey?
  • Little: I'm a lamprey!
  • ====
  • Daddy: You can't eat wiggles for dinner.
  • ====
  • Daddy: I was expecting a kiss, and you licked me instead
  • Little: It's kind of like a puppy kiss
  • Daddy: Don't lick Daddy
  • ====
  • Daddy: I think your chores have gotten so easy, you keep finishing them all.
  • Little: It's because I'm a good girl
  • Daddy: That's true, you are a good girl.
  • ====
  • Daddy: What are you doing to that cat?
  • Little: He's a pillow now.
  • Daddy: A grumbly pillow.
  • ====
  • Daddy: Where is my little kitchen helper?
  • ====
  • Daddy: Shh baby, it's only a dream.
  • ====
  • Daddy: I love you, princess.
Sugar, I’m Goin’ Down// Bad Boy Shawn // Chapter Seven

TW:sex TW:nsfw

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five |

Chapter Six

Chapter Six Recap:

“What am I supposed to do with you?” you ask with a little laugh.

Shawn smiles a little and looks up at you. “I dunno…make me a better person?”

“You’re already doing that by yourself,” you fluff his hair and he slumps over on the couch, face pressed into the armrest.

“I’m doin’ it for you,” he slurs before passing out. You stare down at him and put a blanket over him from the back of the sofa. You clean up your drink cups and then come back to put a pillow under his head and he grabs your arm. “I mean it. Wanna be better so you don’t hate me.”

“I don’t hate you, Shawn…don’t think I ever really did.”

Waking up with Shawn in bed with you was both pleasant and very surprising considering you had left him to sleep on the sofa. You didn’t remember him crawling in with you. But sure enough here he is, arm around your middle, holding you tight against him. You roll over and look at him and he opens his eyes slowly, blinking a few times to focus.

“Good morning, I see you found your way to a bed,” you smile teasingly.

“Mmhmm,” he hums and tucks a piece of your hair back. “I woke up and didn’t know where you were. I found you all curled up in bed shivering so I got in.”

“I see,” you look down over him and he rolls onto his back and groans. “How’s those drinks treating you?”

Shawn pinches the bridge of his nose and lets out a loud groan. “My head is pounding and the sun is too bright.” He pulls your pillow out from under your head and covers his face. “Make it stop, babe.”

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Prompt: You all get trapped as the Quin Jet breaks and have to stay the night in the wilderness.
Warnings: CUDDLES!!!
Pairing: Bucky X Reader


“So, we’re screwed” you said looking at everyone.

“It’s not my fault Thor decided to play with his damn hammer” Said Tony

“It’s not my fault either, you said my hammer couldn’t break the new Quin Jet” Thor spoke.

“So the engine’s screwed and due to the missing part there is absolutely no way either of you geniuses can fix it” you said pointing at Tony and Banner who both denied with their heads. “Fantastic. So what now?”

“We’ll have to wait for the other Quin Jet to arrive from the base” answered Tony.

“Isn’t that like a twelve hour flight?” Asked Natasha.

“Those are the bad news” Bruce said.

“Then what are the worst?” Said Wanda

“We… the AC was also damaged and it’s going to be as hot as it hell in here in less than an hour”

“So we’re going to have to sleep outside” Steve concluded to what Tony nodded.

“And I told you we should packed the Jet with blankets and pillows” Bruce scolded Tony.

You rolled your eyes “I call dibs on Steve’s arm” everybody gave you a confused look “What? Muscles are soft when they’re not flexed and he’s the most muscly” Thor gave you an offended look “He has a shirt beneath the Jacket, I don’t know if you brought anything besides your… your… suit” he seem to accept the excuse and shrugged.

“Cool, vis, you’re doing the first round and…”

“I’ll do the other one as along as I can sleep on the Jet when it arrives” Clint interrupted.

“It’s settled”

You all walked outside and Tony threw a device on the ground that made a hologram fire. That seemed to actually work as a fire.

“Told you it wasn’t a stupid idea” he said to Bruce who just rolled his eyes.

You took of your jacket and stayed with the tank top beneath.

“You’re going to be cold” Bucky pointed out.

“Believe me, I won’t” you replied and sat next to Steve who was also taking his jacket off. “Here, use it as a pillow” you motioned giving him your jacket.

“But I have mine” He replied.

“Yeah, not for long” you grabbed it from the side and put it on “Yours is thicker” you shrugged.

No one saw your actions as weird and you and Steve had become best friends a while back and your personality was just like that.

“Is there any food?” Bucky asked.

Nat threw at him a protein bar “No more that a few of those”

Thor wrapped his cape in a ball shape and used it as a pillow before drifting to sleep.

“Someone was tired” you motioned at him.

“Don’t blame him” Nat responded “I think I’m sleeping too” she said and left to the side to cuddle with Bruce.

Clint said he’d do the first round and climbed on some tree.

Tony just laid on the floor looking at the stars.

Meanwhile Vis gave Wanda his cape to use as a pillow and/or blanket, sitting beside her.

“So is just us” you said.

“I think I might be sleeping too” Steve said before getting comfortable on the floor.

“Just leave your arm to the side” you answered and he nodded.

“You really are going to use his arm aren’t you?” Asked the longed haired man that was still awake.

You nodded “can’t sleep pillow less, it’s a flaw that comes with the packet” you answered

You stayed talking with Bucky for around one more hour, you talked about anything that would come up but after a while you both started feeling tired.

“We should go sleep” he said to which you nodded. You then accommodated Steve’s arm and closed your eyes to sleep on your side.

It wasn’t only until you heard the creaking of the leaves that you turned to Buck still fighting to sleep.

“You cannot sleep without a pillow, can you?” You asked to which he turned toward you and nodded.

“Here”, you pointed extending one of your legs as you kept the other curled, using Steve’s Jacket as a blanket “Use it as a pillow” he seemed rather insecure at first but ended up moving towards you and laying his head near you knee looking too the opposite direction of you.

Both of you found sleep then. A few hours later something woke you up. When you opened your eyes you realized what it was, Buck was clinging onto your leg, with his metal arm, as if his life depende on it. You though of kicking him until you realized, by his frown and scrunched face that he was having a nightmare.

You sat and placed your hand in the small space between his neck and the starter of the metal arm to try and wake him up gently, which didn’t seem to work so you moved his hair behind his ear to whisper without waking up everyone else. “Hey Buck, Bucky, James… Bucky sweetheart it’s just a dream… Buck… I need you to open those pretty blue eyes of yours… come on James” he opens his eyes quickly and he seemed to be lost and scared, to which you responded to gently caressing his face “it’s me… no need to be sacred” he seemed to calm then but his grip was not softening itself at all.

“How’d ya know I was having a nightmare?” He asked.

“Your face gave you away”

“Why were you even awake then?”

You motioned towards his still gripping hand, when he realized he quickly took it off and sat.

“Shit… I’m so sorry. Did I hurt you doll?” He asked.

“Nah, its fine, I’m glad you stopped tho” you said before sliding your leggings to your mid tight to take a look at your possible injuries. You didn’t even notice that you had exposed your lacy underwear like no big deal but Buck did and he quickly looked somewhere else hiding the redness of his cheeks “See?” You asked then.

He rather insecurely turned to look and he just got even more worried.

“It’s purple, I’ve bruised you”

“What? You serious? I’ve been way worse due to falling, anyway we should go back to sleep”

He nodded and started accommodating himself in the ground a few steps form you.

“What are you doing”

“I don’t want to hurt you again”

“Don’t be silly”, you turned now flat on your back, “here use my stomach instead”

He gave you a worried look.

“James, even if you wanted you wouldn’t be able to clutch my stomach like you did with my leg, the suffice area is quite different”

He was rather unconvinced but you pulled him towards you and he ended up with his head on your belly.

“Good, Now sleep”

You both drifted asleep again and at some point during the night Buck ended up on the crotch of your arm and held you as a hug pillow, with both his arm and his leg over you.

You woke up to the sound of giggles and someone punching someone. You tried to move and opened your eyes to figure out why you were so restrained. Steve was hugging both of you on a very protective manner, with his hand on Buck’s shoulder and his leg over you and crossing all the way into Buck’s.

“You look so cute” you heard Nat say and you just lifted the finger towards her, as you couldn’t move much both your hand.

“Did you get the picture” asked Wanda to Tony who nodded. I’m printing this one"

You rolled your eyes but then Steve awoke too. Quickly un wrapping the two of you and then gently lifting his arm from you to stand up.

“What time is it” he said in his all so serious tone.

“8:30” Nat answered

“You’re telling me I still have to wait a whole hour for the damn Jet to arrive? Fuck off!”

You said and moved Buck from where he was to use him as a pillow now. “My turn now” you stated, giving him the jacket you had as a pillow and sleeping on his arm.

Everyone let you sleep until you felt a spank.

“The fuck Nat” you said still angry at being woken up. Again.

“It’s here, wake up your boyfriend we’re leaving”

“He’s not my boyfriend” you said starting to gently move him around to wake him up.

“Five more minutes doll” he mumbled half asleep.

To which Nat coked an eyebrow. “Shut up Nat, he calls everyone doll”

“No, he doesn’t call me doll” she said “Hey Wanda! Does Bucky call you doll?” She asked Wanda who was already entering the other Jet.

“No he doesn’t Nat!”

“Hey Tony! Does Bucky ever call you doll?”

“Nope, not that I remember”

You just rolled your eyes “That doesn’t mean anything” you said still trying to wake him up. You leaned into him and whispered. “Come on James, their making fun of us, the jet is here, time to go”.

He slowly opened his eyes then and started waking up, you both then walked towards the Jet.

Tom = Pillow

Summary: You lost your favourite pillow and Tom offered to be it for you

Word count: 1018

A/n: Sorry for mistakes and I hope you’ll like it:)

Tom, Harrison, Jacob Harry and I were  in the privat plane. We’re going to Singapore for Spider-man premiere. I have never be on plane until Tom’s world premiere tour.

This is my 4th time on air. I’m not as afraid as at the first time, but I still need my pillow. It makes me feel calmer and I can fall asleep faster with it. Of course, I use my pillow not only on flights. I like hug it during my sleep and I’m so happy that I took it with me. 

Now it’s 11pm and I’m too tired, that’s why I prepare for sleep. Pijama already on me, Tom always laughs when I wear it on a airplane, because nobody here do it. I can’t find my pillow and I feel nervous. Boys playing cards. I don’t want to bother them, but If I don’t find it, I will ask them to help me. 

So, I’m trying to find my pillow is about 30 minutes. Where could I left it? It always was with me. I’m going to ask Tom about my thing. They are sitting on the chair and talking. I stopped in the doorway and just looked at them.

“Hey, love. Something happened?” Tom noticed me first. 

 "Yeah, I think, I lost my pillow. You know that I can’t sleep without it" I’m sure, now I look like a child. 

“Y/n, look” Boys looked at us “You can try to sleep without your pillow? Maybe, you can do it” I made a deep breath and understood, that Tom can’t help me. Shit. Were I could left my pillow?! "If you want, I can go sleep with you" said Tom with a little smile on his face. I like this idea. 

 "You’ll be my pillow" after this, boys started laughing and Tom kissed me. 

“So, can we go guys?” He looked at Haz and Jacob. They pretended as though they discussed this issue and after a couple seconds said yes.

“Good night sweet couple” Harrison dicided to laugh at us. 

“Shut up Haz” Tom turned around to him and showed the middle finger.

“Don’t forget to use condoms!” I blushed and tried not to look at my boyfriend. Of course, we had sex, but for me it’s still embarrassingly. 

“Oh, guys! Can you just be quiet?” Tom looked at them and without letingt them tell anything, closed the door of our little room.  

“Stupid guys” Tom laughed, turned his arms around my waist and his lips met mine. 

“I think, we shouldn’t even try to do that” I looked at my boyfriend. I’m sure, that’s impossible to sleep without my pillow. I use it scince I was 9.  

“Nothing wrong will happen, If you just try to fall asleep. Y/n, I’ll be with you, as you said, I’ll be your pillow” He looked at me with tenderness. 

“Okay, let’s try. But I don’t promise” I looked  at Tom, who already fell down on the bed. 

“Just  come to me” He rolled his eyes and pulled me to him. “Don’t tell anything, relax" 

We crossed our legs and I layed on his chest. I could hear his heartbeat and breath. That made me to relax and close eyes. 

“Are you sleeping?” Whispered Tom.

“I just relaxed… maybe, you are a good pillow” I heard how he gave a chuckle. My eyes were still closed.

“I’m better than your pillow” Now that was my turn to chuckle “I love your pijama. This monkeys are funny” My face became red, I forgot about my pijama. This one is my new. I bout it before our flight and this is the first time I wear it. 

“I like my pijama too” I made a deep breath and tried to fall asleep. Surpricely, I was already sleeping after five minutes. I felt more comfortable with Tom. Of course, he is warm, soft and… he’s Tom. That’s enough. 

When I woke up, Holland still slept and I decided not to bother him. Where is my toothbrush? As I remember, it should be in my bag, which in the top-drawer. I tried to go as quiet as possible, because everyone is still sleeping.

So, when I came to top-drawer and opened it, I found… my pillow! I would never put it here. Wait… Did Tom do that?! I’m not sure, but the one who could do this is Tom. Guys wouldn’t risk, because they know that with me, jokes are bad. 

“Tom fucking Holland. You are dead.” I whispered and came back to our place. 

I’m not mad at him, but the fact, that he did it… I decided to take a revenge and beat him by my pillow, then jump on him. Of course, I’m not an elephant, but also not a feather. 

So, when I did this, Tom groaned with pain and tried to throw me off. I laughed and kissed him.  

“You are a little asshole Tomas, you know?"  

"Okay, okay, I give up. Just stand up from me” His voice was hoarse. 

“Why did you do that?” I asked and rolled onto the bed. 

“I… fuck,” he closed his eyes “I was jealous” I started laughing loudly. 

“You were jealous about my pillow? Tomas Stanley Holland, you are my boyfriend and I even couldn’t imagine that you, hot and cute guy will be jealous about my pillow!” I couldn’t stop laughing. 

“You sleep with it every night and I can’t even hug you, because you hug this shitty pillow. I hate it” He looks so cute when he’s angry. I completly stopped laughind and just stared at him with love. “I love you” He looked at you surprisly. 

“If you want it, I’ll try to get used to sleep without my favourite pillow. But instead of it, you’ll be my pilliow and… I think you’ll be better" 

Now was Tom’s turn to smile and laugh. He pulled you to him and kissed tenderly.

"Oh-h, I’m sure, I’ll be more than better” He kissed me again. 

  Can’t wait him to be my favourite pillow

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Because I’m sure you all wanted to know, here’s Catfish McLargeHuge’s final form after consuming almost 40 oz of poly-fil. Yep, he biiiiig fish. Also my god look at all those clashing patterns. Or don’t, I’m sure this is eye-searingly hideous to normal people.

The other Blossom

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Summary: You, Cheryl, and Jason are the Blossom triplets. You are currently working at POP’s and have developed a crush on your best friend’s dad, but one night at a night shift work it starts to rain and your only option is to walk in the rain but your savior comes and saves you from the rain and offers you a ride but not to your home but to a trailer.

Warning: SMUTTY SMUTT SMUTT, Kinks, role play, Daddy Jones, language, AGE FREAKING GAP.

*The reader is 18 so she’s legal for the Jones D*ckkkkkk*


I quickly headed home to get ready for work at POP’s today I was excited for some reason today. As I got home I went to my room to get change into my POP’s yellow shirt I threw on my burgundy checkered skirt put on my white yellow striped socks and my burgundy vans I then moved on to my firey red hair and quickly did a messy French braid my loose curly ringlets cascading and caressing my checks that were now a red tint color I then put on a red glossy lip gloss last I just curled my eyelashes. I looked myself quickly at the full body mirror my outfit outlining my petite figure and my skirt showing my pale skinny yep muscly thighs.

As I headed down stairs I said my goodbyes to my sister and mom. “Leaving so soon sister, why the rush. But anyways have a great day at work today and remember show them what a blossom is made of” she said patting my butt. She’s too much sometimes but that’s how she is while myself I consider myself as the plane blossom of the family but it’s okay. As I got to Pop’s I quickly got to work and took orders and served them.

As I was taking an order I could feel eyes burning through my head so I turned around to see who eyes belong to and I was shock not really but I was surprised my best friend’s dad was sitting at the bar table drinking a milkshake I quickly turned around proceeding taking the order avoiding his eyes. As I finish I went back to deliver the order to the people who made the food and shakes. As it got night I heard thunder indicating that it was about to rain which was bad for me because I had to walk home since it was too late to call my friends to give me a ride to my house. But there was someone who I couldn’t forget about my friend’s dad, Jughead’s dad my crush ever since Jughead took me to meet him I know he could be my father but he just gives me this vibe that I cant handle his intense stares make me wet my panties his huge stature intimidated me making me feel so small but I like feeling like that just a hug from him or even if I’m close to him makes me feel secure.

As I was closing POP’s the rain got harder so I quickly started to walk faster home but then I saw car lights flash on I looked back and I saw none other then FP Jones rolling down the window next to where I was walking “get in” he said in his deep sexy voice. I didn’t have to get asked twice and got in somewhat soaked from the rain. I put on my seatbelt and started playing with my fingers and my skirt that was almost showing my dark green lacy underwear so I pulled it down a bit once again feeling the older jones state again making me once again squirm in the sit. “I would have thought you wanted a ride since it’s pouring out right now” he said. “Oh yes thank you Mr. Jones” I said shyly looking at his now dark eyes. “So how are you and Jughead doing he’s been telling me a lot about you guys and your adventures” he started a conversation while driving a different way then my neighborhood would be… “oh um we’ve been good specially in English. He loves that subject he basically my tutor now for English when I need help” I said looking at the rainy covered window. I then felt chills running down my body feeling goosebumps on my thighs as Mr. Jones asked me “Do I intimidate you?” He said stopping the car looking me. “N-o of course not sir you don’t I mean you are my best friend’s father why would you” I kind of said stuttering. “I know you like me y/n and you know what I know this is wrong the fact that you can be my daughter and you’re my son’s friend but I really like you too and seeing you in that tiny checkered skirt of yours drives me nuts” he said grabbing my chin with his huge hand making me look at his dark eyes and I just wimper moving around trying to find friction in now my wet pussy. I didnt noticed we were now outside his trailer. “Jughead is not here he’s with Archie” he told me his voice sounding more darker than it was as he got out I followed him quickly to the trailer. As we got in I was slammed to the wall by his lips pressing on my lips I was shocked but I totally lived for this wanting it as bad as he did. He then moved us to his small bedroom that had a small bed setting us down on it not caring from our wet clothes him on top of me kissing me while caressing my now exposed thighs, he let go of my lips and looked at me with completely black eyes as he removed my skirt seeing my dark green lace underwear he groan as I saw his jeans get tighter by the minute I felt so small with him on top of me like how I like it. I then went to take his jeans off which helped me grabbing my small hands with one hand and putting them on top of my head. “ you’re so fine babygirl you don’t know what you have been doing to me. But I’m going to show you who you really belong to” he said removing his jeans butt also his boxers seeing his long length slapping his belly button scaring me a bit from the size of it. “It’s not going to fit” I whimper trying to get away from him not wanting to feel the pain of him tearing my pussy but at the same time I did. “Don’t be afraid of daddy babygirl don’t worry I’ll go slow”.

Now that we were all naked he got a condom and put it on he grabbed onto my legs and pushed them almost to the side of my head feeling so small I felt his tip push in into my socked pussy feeling myself tremble from the excitement as he was pushing not even half of his length in I started to cry out from the size of it but as he finally finished shoving it in and waiting for me to get used to it he laid my legs on his shoulders “You good babygirl” I just nodded. “Say it to daddy come on say it” “yes.. daddy….. I’m good… I want you to fuck me please” I said desperately. Then all of the sudden he thrusted his length in so hard that made myself scream out so hard from the shocking pleasure I felt from his thick and long length as he started to go harder I couldn’t handle it no more I was crying out loud from the intense pleasure I was receiving from my friends dad. He then removed himself from my torture wet pussy and switch my tiny self to my knees while my face was now in the pillow he then plunge himself back in hearing my wet pussy take him in made me go nuts making myself back into him as he thrusted, both of us now sweating and wet not from the rain but from the sweat and the pleasure sorounding us. “Fuuuck daddy Yes fuck me harder” I scream holding onto the bed sheets as he drilled himself to me more almost feeling him to my cervix. He then planted a foot on the bed getting a better side hitting my g spot which made myself go crazy and started to tremble from the pleasure I saw stars and white as he got slow but rough he then started to play with my swollen clit which finally did it and made me cum and squirt all over the sheets moaning his name and him groaning as he caress my ass and back. He then grabbed my hair and pulled me to his chest “fuck babygirl you’re so good for daddy come on make daddy cum” as he still thrusted into me even though I was done it felt so good hearing my wet pussy as he hit me from the back. I then felt warm inside and which me me cum now twice he then let me go which I landed on the bed out of breath him pulling out and taking the condom away from his now pleasured length laying down next to me pulling me to his chest and caressing my red hair while I was out of breath all I felt was a kiss on my forehead as I was out while him holding me in his arms.

Welp there it is sorry if it’s too ya know p0rny… or too much…

You thirsty hos: Yukine is so cute!! Just give him a couple of years, and damn! Look at this body pillow I got of him lol isn’t it hawt uwu


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if you're taking requests; gallya and 38 please :)

“That dress is all wrong,” Illya said sullenly sitting back in his chair and folding his arms over his chest.

Beside him, Napoleon flicked a look at him from the corner of his eye then tilted his head as he looked back at their partner who was flitting about the room acting like a blushing bride to be, along with the daughter of a particularly important mark. They were at some sort of wedding expo, something from personal nightmares, but he was enduring.

“I think she looks quite pretty.”

“That dress is far too… fluffy,” Illya said. “She would not want to wear anything that would get in her way such as this.”

“But, in theory, it is her wedding day,” Napoleon said. “Surely her focus isn’t going to be how fast she can run.”

“It doesn’t matter, she is far too practical and she prefers comfort.” There was a moment of silence from the man beside him as they watched Gaby huff a stray bit of hair out of her face, managing to plaster a smile back on just as the mark ‘s attention returned to her. “Besides she is lost in all that tulle. She needs to be framed in silk – something in an a-line. And not white either, cream, with a slit on the side for a peek of leg. It is a crime to hide her legs.”

“Wow,” Napoleon said, biting back on a wide grin. “You’ve thought about this, haven’t you?”

Illya went very still for a moment and then shifted in his seat before mumbling something about these things being obvious to anyone who knew fashion.

Across the room, Gaby shoves at her full skirt with annoyance.

the others are here if you know, you want…


What even is he trying to convince me to buy with that model face in the first picture?

Sirius Black, the Spider Charmer

Hiya! I just saw the prompt list you reblogged and was wondering if you could do this one with either Remus or Sirius please :) “i am sorry i accidentally transfigured your goblet into a gigantic, venomous spider, at least madam pomfrey was able to bring down the swelling, and look, i brought you some chocolate frogs”

I love this request! And let’s face it, this has Sirius written all over it!


Transfiguration was one of your best subjects so it wasn’t a surprised when you were paired up with one of the worst students, Sirius Black. It’s not that he wasn’t smart, he just didn’t try, there was only 3/4s of the marauders in your class and between him and James, it was Remus who basically did all the work so they didn’t fail but your McGonagall had enough and divided the group.

“Listen up everybody! The task for today is to change these ordinary snails into water goblets and vice versa. Remember to practice the wand movement before doing the incantation, now get to work!” McGonagall said and the class drew out the wands.

You managed the task within five minutes, earning five points for Gryffindor.

“Oi, Y/N, can you help me out? Remus usually does it for me but I guess that won’t be happening anymore.” He said as eyed the snail wearily. You chuckled, but nodded.

“Repeat after me, vera verto.”

“Veera verti.”

“No, it’s vEra vertO.” You enunciated, after practicing three more times you had enough confidence in him and you let him draw out his own wand. He moved the snail a bit farther away from him,

“I don’t like the way he’s looking at me…it’s like he’s planning something.”

“You do know he’s a snail, right? If anything, it’s him who should be weary of you.” you laughed as his face scrunched up in concentration. He looks so cute right now, none of the that arrogant persona…you quickly composed yourself as you supervised.

“LOOK! I DID IT! TEN POINTS TO SIRIUS!” he exclaimed, you clapped your hands, a bubbly laugh escaping your lips.

“Okay now turn it back into a snail.”

“Easy peasy, I practically don’t have to think about it.” He drew his wand out, did a completely different wand motion and said the incantation half heartily.

Instead of the goblet turning back into a harmless snail, it turned into the biggest spider you had ever seen.

“Y/N…whatever you do, don’t move.” He whispered, you merely whimpered out a response but your efforts were in vain, next thing you know the spider hurls itself towards your face. James screamed as soon as he saw the spider, Remus drew out his hand but the spider was in midair before he could call out a spell. You cried out in pain as the spider kept stinging you.

You heard everyone around you shouting, you could briefly make out McGonagall reversing the spell and ordering Sirius and Remus to take you to the hospital wing. You blacked out before you even made it there.

“What if she’s allergic to flowers? I know you don’t like transfiguration but that doesn’t mean you have to kill your classmates…” James said.
“Prongs, just shut up.” Sirius answered as he set down the flowers he got you along with the many boxes of chocolate frogs.

“Come on, James, Y/N is bound to wake up any minute now and I’m sure she’ll be overwhelmed if we’re all here.” Remus said as he threw Sirius a knowing smirk.

And Remus was right, ten minutes after the rest of the marauders sans Sirius left, you began stirring.

“Ugh…” you moaned as your eyes adjusted to the brightness of the room, trying to sit up.

“Woah, woah, easy there love.” A voice whispered soothingly next to you. Your body sank back down to the plush pillows of the hospital bed and your eyes finally adjusted to the brightness. They soon widened once you realized who was next to you.

“Sirius?” you mumbled out.

“The one and only.” He said sheepishly, rubbing his neck as he avoided your gaze.

“What happened? The last thing I remembered was Potter screaming…”

“IAMSOSORRYIACCIDENTALLYTRANSFIGUREDTHEGOBLETINTOAGIGANTICVENOMOUSSPIDERATLEASTMADAMPOMFREYWASABLETOBRINGDOWNTHESWELLINGANDLOOKIBROUGHTYOUSOMECHOCOLATEFROGS.” He confessed, talking a mile a minute. You just sat there, blinking at him as your processed his word vomit, he looked on the verge of tears. You couldn’t help but laugh because never in your wildest dreams would you had thought that you would be in the hospital wing thanks the mischievous marauder, especially because he was actually trying to do his schoolwork for once.

“Sirius, SIRIUS! It’s okay, I’m fine.” You said, tugging his arm back down since he was fluffing your pillows.

“I am so so sorry Y/N, I was cocky and clueless on what to do but I didn’t want to look stupid in front of you.” he confessed.

“I know. As soon as you did the wand movement I knew something was going to go wrong, it’s okay, we live and we learn.”

“I got you some flowers but then James pointed out that you might be allergic and I already almost killed you today so I’ll go throw them out.”

“NO! Don’t, I love them, thank you.” you exclaimed. A smile appeared on his face and you could see how he visibly relaxed at your words.

“Listen let me make this up for you, next weekend we have a Hogsmeade trip, how about you and I go to Honeydukes and Zonkos, you can get anything you want, my treat.” He bargained.

“Sounds like a date.” You said, grabbing one of the three boxes of chocolate frogs.

“Man, if I knew all it took for you to agree to go on a date with me, I would’ve sent you to the hospital wing a long time ago.”

“Why do you have to ruin the moment…”

“It’s part of my charm.”

“Can I take back what I just agreed to? I don’t think I have the patience…” you joked, handing him a chocolate frog.

“Sorry no take backs, if you don’t believe me ask my mother, she’s been trying to get rid of me since birth but it’s a strict no return policy.” You snorted which caused him to laugh. The door opened and you both stopped laughing, not wanting to get in trouble for laughing in the hospital wing,

“Miss L/N, you’ll be free to go back to your dorm tomorrow morning, I want to keep you in here overnight to make sure you healed properly.” Madam Pomfrey said as she came into the room with an extra blanket and pillow.

“Mr. Black, I already spoke with your head of the house and she has allowed you to stay here with Miss L/N, as you requested, if anything happens let me know.” She said before walking back to her own quarters in the hospital wing.

“Oh Sirius, you don’t have to stay with me overnight, I’m okay, siriusly.”

“Ha ha ha, funny. And no, my mind’s already made up, we’re having a sleepover, I know, I know I should’ve brought you dinner first before trying to sleep with you.” he said wiggling his eyebrows, you snorted in response which prompted him to laugh.

“You’re the worst.” You joked back.

“And you have the weirdest laugh ever. Cute, but weird.” He shrugged, kicking his feet up at the edge of your bed as he laid the blanket over him. Before you could come up with a witty retort, he threw a pillow at you.

“Now shush, I need my full 8 hours of beauty sleep.”

“Honestly, who do I talk to about your return policy…”

“Goodnight, love.”
“Night, Sirius.”

You definitely had to thank McGonagall for pairing you up with Sirius…

A Dangerous Game (Suho Mafia!au fic) Chapter 9 - Smitten

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Warnings: None

Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7Ch. 8, Ch. 9, Ch. 10Ch. 11Ch. 12Ch. 13Ch. 14Ch. 15(M)Ch. 16Ch. 17(M)Ch. 18Ch. 19, Ch. 20, Ch. 21 Ch. 22, Bonus Chapter

“Y/N….Y/N get up!” someone called before pulling my blankets off of me. 

Slowly opening my eyes, I looked at the intruder before turning over. “Go away, Junmyeon…I’m sleepy and my head hurts.”

“Four glasses of wine will do that,” he remarked, “It’s one o’clock in the afternoon, get up.”

“Can’t you be a jerk to someone else?” I groaned, pulling a pillow over my head.

I heard him give an aggrivated sigh. “Y/N…can you please get up, there is something that I would like to discuss with you.”

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Fluffy prompts (001,005,007)

The door closed with a soft click as he entered her apartment that was the perfect mix of comfy and cool and he put his guitar case down.

His hair messy from the wind outside he ran his fingers through it, taking off his coat and scarf.

“Baby?” he asked, “where are you?”

“Shawn?” he heard her say, a muffled sound, like she was somewhere far away.

He stepped into the living room and looked around, frowning as he didn’t see her.

“I’m in bed,” she giggled, peeking out from under the covers.

He smiled, leaning against the doorframe, crossing his arms in front of his chest. “Hi,” he chuckled.

“Hi,” she smiled, stretching her arms out for him. “Come cuddle!”

He laughed. “What are you doing in bed, baby? It’s 1 p.m.”

“But it’s Sunday! And I don’t wanna get up, you are so comfy but you left,” she pouted at him and he smiled, sitting on the bed, shuffling over to her. “You are my favorite pillow!”

“I’m here now,” he tipped her chin up and kissed her gently, slowly and she smiled into the kiss, her hands sliding underneath his shirt.

He raised his eyebrows. “But, baby, I thought you were sore?”

“I am but… I want you,” she breathed against his lips, giving him heart palpitations.

He gently kissed her neck, cupping her face with his cold hands and she pulled him closer, underneath the sheets. She rested her head on his shoulder as it started to pour outside, softly tracing his cheek and jawline.

“You are so soft, Shawn… I love that about you,” she whispered and he kissed her cheeks and temple.

“You are so sweet. I think I like you”

“You like me?” she gasped. “Sounded a bit more passionate last night!”

He huffed a laugh and she loved how white and straight his teeth were.

“Okay, okay! I adore you, actually!”

She snuggled up to him, interlacing his fingers with hers. “Your hands are so cold”

He nodded. “It’s freaking cold outside. Seems like summer is coming to an end.”

She sighed, resting her head on his chest so that he could play with her hair.

“I’m cold,” he breathed into her hair. “Come closer, darling”

She giggled. “I’m close”

“Nah, want you closer,” he mumbled, pressing her against his chest, spreading his long legs so that she could lay between him.

“How close?” she breathed huskily and he pressed her against him, so that she could feel his erection.

“This close,” he rasped and slid his hands underneath the old merch t-shirt she was wearing.

“You will stop feeling cold soon, baby,” she smiled, kissing him softly and he grinned, caressing her sides, gently cupping her breasts with his hands and she smiled, a broken moan leaving her lips.

“I bet, I will!” he said, biting his lip, turning them around, snuggling up to her, wanting to be as close to her as possible.

I had a dream that I worked for Brendon Urie lmao god I wish that were true

Sugar and Spice- Jin(Smut)

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One Happy Halloween celebration you’ll definitely remember… 

Req: Hi! Omg its my first time here, um, can you make a smut between me and Jin oppa? XD Or whatever you may like. :) Just between me and Jin. *pouts* Thank you! Kansaa~

//I wanted some cute smut in my life so here it is(but I had to make it halloween themed to fit the request requirements so boop;) enjoy~//

“Yah! Seokjin!” I bury my face into the pillow, trying to drown out the screaming coming from the TV. “Why did we have to watch a scary movie?”  

“Because it’s Halloween!” He exclaims, laughing at my horrified expression as I peek up from my cover. “And we aren’t going out so we at least need to celebrate a little.”

“We could’ve just- AH!” I shriek as a character’s head gets cut off, blood spraying across the screen in glorified splatters. “Made a cake or something.”

“You’re so cute when you’re scared.” He says.

I stuff my now pink face into the pillow once more, involuntarily shaking like a leaf. I can’t believe I’m so shaken over a movie. A few years ago I would’ve loved this kind of stuff, would’ve found it childish and funny that someone got scared. But now I’m that person, terrified at a fake film.

“Alright come to oppa.” Jin relents, opening his arms and I immediately look up, crawling into them. I sigh contently as the world falls away, letting his sweet scent and smooth caress sooth me into a state of tranquility.  

“You want oppa to distract you?” He suddenly asks, a mischievous tilt to his voice.

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a/n: so so so sorry it took so long to get up. College blows already and it’s only the second week. But here’s the one requested for Johnson. Hope you like it.

And my girl @gabyxsjohnson here’s a little Johnson smut for ya, since we all need a little JJ smut in our lives


 I threw my pen down, letting out a small groan. I’ve been studying for finals for the past hour and a half. I went to UCLA, living with my brother Jack and my boyfriend Johnson, who also happened to be my brother’s best friend.

Johnson and I have been together since like the summer before 9th grade. Him and my brother practically living in our basement and J often just coming over before G was home, or even out of bed, so Johnson and I spent a lot of time together and one summer night when everyone was over and in a stupid game of truth or dare we kissed, and well here we are 5 years later.

But here I was, in my room at my desk studying for these stupid finals. I was so stressed because this is my first year in college. And I wasn’t going for anything like law, or med school, just photography and art. And I wanted to do really good, I wanted to excel actually. I had like a 93% in all my classes, but I wanted to get them up to at least a 95%, so I was determined to ace the two finals.

But I’ve been here nearly two hours and it seems anymore, anything I read just doesn’t stick. Like in one ear out the other type deal. I couldn’t focus or grasp any other concepts, and it was so frustrating.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed just a small break. I closed my books and crawled into my bed. I laid there staring at the ceiling for about 15 minutes, not being able to fall asleep, just lying here and thinking about finals. I couldn’t fucking take it.

I covered my head with a pillow and screamed into it. This was stupid. Finals were stupid. School is stupid. I’m dropping out. I can’t do it. It’s not worth the stress. I quit.

I heard my bedroom door open and looked from under my pillow to see my boyfriend Jack standing there. His face softened as he looked at me, stepping in and closing door, looking at me from across the room.

“babe” he sighed, which only caused me to cover my face back up with the pillow. I felt my bed dip down beside me, and Jack rubbing my arm. “is everything okay?” he asked, his voice sweet and sympathetic. I moved the pillow off my face and looked at him and gave a weak smile.

“yeah” I sighed.

But being with Jack 5 years now, he knew me better. He knew me better than I knew myself. He moved some hair out of my face and then stroked my cheek with his thumb, looking down at me.

“(y/n) come on, you know you can’t lie to me. What’s up babe?” he smiled.

“I’m just stressing over these two finals.”

“you’re kidding right?” Jack asked in disbelief. “babe, you’ll do fine. You had a killer portfolio for your art class, your sketches could be worth hundreds. And your photography, baby you’re already so good at it. You know all this stuff babe, no need to stress it.” He spoke, smiling at me.

I love how much he believes in me. In everything. Whether it’s with school, making dinner, anything he believed I would excel, and his constant encouragement helped so much.

“I just don’t wanna fail” I whined.

“and you won’t. You just have to relax. And regardless of what happens you’ll always be my little brainiac.” He smiled, quickly pecking my lips “and I’ll always love you” he smiled.

“I’ll always love you too.” I smiled.

“here baby, turn over, lemme give you a massage. You really need to relax.” Jack’s smooth voice spoke. And I mean, who was I to turn down a free massage?

I rolled over and laid on my stomach, my arms folded by my head, and my face in the pillows. I felt Jack straddle my ass basically, and his hands started working on my back. He started at my shoulders, and would work his way down and rub my arms, and then back up to my shoulders and then down my back a bit.

“hey babe.” I heard Jack mumble.

“hmm.” I groaned.

“I need you to get naked.” He said, taking his hands off me. I sat up and turned to look at him.

“you’re clothes are just messing it up. Please baby.” He pouted, which was actually adorable.

I pulled off my shirt, and removed my bra, and then took off my shorts, and thong, laying back down on my stomach again.

Jack straddled my ass again and started to massage my shoulders. Getting lower and lower. It felt so good, and I kept letting out little moans out. Then he got right to my lower back, right above my butt and started massaging there.

Then, Johnson being the cheeky little bastard he was, he started massaging my butt. And I’m not gonna lie, it felt good. And then Jack leaned down and kissed my shoulder, which caused me to smile. I had the sweetest boyfriend, I was so lucky. And then I felt Jacks fingers lightly on my inner thigh.

And then I felt his fingers graze over my folds. I let out a little moan, arching up a bit to let Jack have more access. Jack let out a little laugh and began toying with my clit. My little moans were muffled by my pillows, and I could feel myself getting wet with anticipation.

Jack grabbed my hips, lifting me up, so that my ass was completely up in the air. Literally face down, ass up. He lowered down and licked from my clit to my opening, lapping up my juices. He hummed against my core, making me moan out. He pushed his tongue into me, causing me to jolt forward, not expecting that. Jack continued to eat me out, his tongue doing wonders making me moan out.

“Jack. I’m gonna-“ I cut myself off by a long moan “mmmmmmm, fuck”

Jack started playing with my clit too, which sent me over the edge. I released, only to have Jack lick it all up. I looked behind me to see Jack’s face glistening, as he stood up and removed his shirt, jeans and boxers. He grabbed a condom from my bedside table, sliding it on his member. I gawked at the sight.

Jack positioned himself behind me again, his hands on my hips and he lined himself up.

“you ready baby?” he asked. His voice low and raspy.

“mhmm.” I moaned out, dripping as I felt his tip teasing me. I pushed my butt back, signaling I wanted him. I actually needed him.

“someone’s eager.” Jack laughed, finally pushing into me, causing both of us to moan at the feeling of him filling me up.

Jack grabbed my hips, pushing me forward and then pulling me back to him. He also thrusted, to meet me as he pulled me back. Our skin slapped together, and our moans filled the room. Normally, when we had sex, it was slower and passionate, but sometimes he would get rough.

And tonight was one of those nights. Jack’s grip was hard on my hips, and I was positive I’d be bruised there tomorrow. And how hard he was pounding into me I’m sure I’d be sore for at least a few days.

“FUCK” I screamed out as Jack hit my g-spot, encouraging him to thrust into me harder and faster.

Jack pulled out, causing me to whine, but he simply moved, so I was laying down now on my stomach, a pillow under me to prop my butt up a bit. He pushed back into me, the new position making it tighter, but it felt so good. Him stretching me at this new angle.

He started thrusting into me relentlessly, hitting me deep. I screamed out as Jack thrusted into me, my headboard banging against the wall.

“JACK” I screamed as he hit my spot again. I clenched around him. I was close and he knew. And I knew he was close as he started to get faster and sloppier.

“Jack” I moaned. “I-I’m gonn-“

“fuck babe so am I.” He grunted. He moaned out as he thrusted into me, causing me to reach my climax. I moaned out and felt Jack release into the condom. Riding out our highs before pulling out. He climbed off me, and went to the bathroom to clean up, walking back and climbing into bed with me, pulling me into his chest and kissing my forehead.

“god babe.” Jack breathed.

“I love you.” I breathed out shakily. Still shaken from my orgasm.

“I love you too baby.” Jack said, squeezing me tighter. “now get some sleep, you’re gonna need it to do good on your finals.”

I cuddled up next to him, our naked bodies flush against each other, falling asleep, next to the love of my life.

The One Where You’re A Mother Part 2 - Scott McCall

“Mama Mama!” You looked up to where your four year old was yelling for you.  She’d been playing in the play area at the mall, while you read at a table near by.  You smiled widely at her when she caught your eye, and you slipped your book back into your bag.  She was standing on the top of a large platform, holding her hands up high in victory.  You giggled, slinging your bag onto your shoulder as you walked over to her.  Compared to your height, your direct eye line met her stomach.  She laughed, reaching her hands out to hold yours.  “Mommy see? Mommy see I’m at the top!” She said happily, and you smiled bigger just for her.

“I’m so proud of you baby girl” You said, wrapping your arms around her middle, and lifting her off off the play place.  “Ready to go get some lunch? I hear there’s a Burger King here” You said happily, and Callie instantly squealed.

“Yes yes!” She said, and you walked with her resting on her hip, she was laughing and telling you how she climbed all over the play area.  You laughed with her, congratulating her and peppering playful kisses on her nose and cheeks.  “Mommy do you have your phone? Can I play a game?” You nodded, fishing your hand in your pocket for your cellphone, then pulled it out and gave it to her.  “Mommy look at this picture” She held out your phone to your face, sowing you a picture of you and Scott.  He’d taken a selfie of you two, him pressing a kiss to your cheek while you  were giggling.  Your eyes were closed, lips pulled open in a big smile as his pursed lips pushed against your cheek.  “Mommy, are you and Scoot married?” You laughed at how she called him Scoot, and how she thought a kiss meant marriage.

“No sweetie, Scoot and I are just… friends” You said.

No, after the day of Callie’s birth, you and Scott never defined yourselves.  For four years.  You told each other ‘i love you’s’, hugged, and kissed on the cheek, every once in a while he’d crash on your living room couch.  But nothing ever happened.  You weren’t dating, you didn’t go on dates, you didn’t kiss on the lips, you were just friends.  Just.  Friends.  And you’re okay with that… 

No you aren’t.


You were sitting at home, on the couch, feet propped up onto the coffee table.  There was a bowl of ice cream in your lap, and you were in pajama shorts and a tank top.  Frozen was playing on the television in front of you.

“Mommy this is the best part!” Callie giggled next to you, just as Olaf walked onto the screen.  You laughed, shaking your head and eating another spoonful of chocolate sundae.  You laughed as your daughter burst out in a fit of giggles when Olaf stared at the puddle in front of him.

“Happy snow man!” You both said aloud, smiling big and laughing.  You smiled at your little girl as she looked back to the movie.  She watched contently, messily eating her ice cream.

Your features grew soft as you thought about her, about all the great things she’ll achieve.  She’ll surely go to an amazing college, she’s already reading and beginning to write.  And you were also sure she was going to attract many boys to your doorstep, which you weren’t ready for, but slowly prepping.  You could never start too soon.

Knocks on the door brought you from your thoughts.  “I’ll get it” You said, setting your ice cream on the table and ruffling Callie’s hair (much to her protests), then walking over to the front door.  You opened it to reveal Scott, smiling big at you.

“Hey y/n” He said, and you stepped aside, inviting him in.  Scott took off his shoes before walking in.  “What’re you guys doing?” He asked.

“Watching Disney and eating ice cream” You said smiling and pulling him in by his arm.  “Come join us, I’ve got a whole other carton of strawberry-”

“I love strawberry!” Scott exclaimed, and you giggled.  He went into your kitchen, helping himself.  You went back to the living room to get your bowl of ice cream.

“Who’s here?” Callie asked.

“Only your favorite!” Scott called, coming in with a bowl full of pink scoops.  Callie yelled excitedly.

“Scoot!” She jumped onto him, and luckily his werewolf reflexes kicked in and he caught her with one arm.

“Hey kiddo!” He said, setting down his bowl, and holding her up above him with both arms.  “How are you ya little demon?” He said, shaking her around, and tipping her upside down by her ankles.  Callie squealed and threw her arms around as her body wiggled around.

“Alright alright sit down you fools” You said, coming over and scooping Callie into your arms.  Scott stuck his tongue out at you.

“Boo, you’re no fun” He said to you, and you playfully sneered back.

“Boo mommy” Callie repeated, making both you and Scott laugh.  You plopped her onto the couch, and she got back under her blanket to watch Frozen.

“Come with me, I’m making dinner” You said to Scott, and he followed you into the kitchen.

“So how was your day?” Scott asked, stealing an apple and sitting at the table.  You were already moving around the kitchen, getting a pot down to make some pasta.

“Long, woke up too early, then went to the mall the whole day with Cal” You said.  “She was having so much fun in that play place” You laughed as you remembered it.  “It’s cute when she gets so proud of herself over things like climbing on the playground”

“Yeah she gets that from you” Scott chuckled, taking a bite of his fruit.  You turned your back to him so he wouldn’t see you blush.

“Hopefully she doesn’t get the anxiety” You joked, and Scott rolled his eyes.

“So what were you doing at the mall?”

“Applying for a job in this little pretzel place” You said.  “But I don’t know.. it didn’t seem to go great”

“Well I’m sure you did wonderful” He said with a crooked smile that made you giggle.

“Yeah, they can do the math.  I had Callie with me again so… odds aren’t exactly in my favor for ‘good citizenship in the workplace ‘ or some crap like that” You said shaking your head.  Scott smiled sadly at you.

“I’m still sure you did great” He assured as you poured the spaghetti noodles into the pot of boiling water.

“Friggin’ optimist” You grumbled, although he heard you find.

“Is that supposed to be an insult?” He asked, feigning pain.  You looked at him blankly, and he held a hand over his hear like you’d broken it.  “y/n I am wounded, how could you?” You giggled, and he dramatically fell to the ground.  “I’m dying! I’m dying!” You hurried around the table, kneeling down onto the floor before him, you grabbed his ace in your hands.

“Scott! Scott can you hear me!?” In all the commotion, Callie had come in to ‘play pretend’ with you.

“Mommy mommy we’re losing him!” She cried dramatically dropping to her knees.

“I leave… the kingdom… to you…” He gasped out to Callie.

“Mommy save him!”

“I don’t know how!” You exclaimed, still holding Scott’s jaw in your hands.

“Duh Mama! You gotta give him true love’s kiss!” Scott peeked open his eyes and smirked at you.

“Yeah, pucker up princess” He made a kissing sound and Callie giggled uncontrollably.  You rolled your eyes and leaned over, then last minute kissed him on the nose instead.  Scott smiled big, then dropped his head back and pretended to be dead.


Towards the end of the night, you’d all eaten a spaghetti dinner, and finished watching Frozen.  You sat next to Scott on the couch, Callie on your lap.  Your head had fallen onto his shoulder, and you passed out.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and get ready for bed” You heard Scott mumble.  A few seconds later you felt Callie slip off of your lap, and heard her pad up the steps.  “y/n” Scott said quietly, and you groaned quietly, leaning in closer to him.  “I gotta go home soon” He said, putting his chin on your head.

“No… stay” You mumbled back.  He smiled secretively.  “You’re my pillow” Scott chuckled now, and you swung your legs over his lap. laying the side of your body against his chest, head still on his shoulder, but closer to his collarbone.  Scott wrapped an arm around your back, his other one around your wait from the front.  He was cradling you.

“I have an early shift at Deaton’s tomorrow” He said.

“I have another interview at six in the morning” You responded.  But neither of you moved.  “Scott” You whispered after a few seconds of silence.

“Hm?” He ducked his head down, temple to your forehead.

“Do you think I’m doing an okay job? At the mom thing?” You asked, opening your eyes, and looking to your lap.  He smiled at you.

“I think you’re doing a spectacular job” He told you genuinely, and your eyes met his, seeing he truly meant it.

“Thanks” He nodded, and you leaned your head on his shoulder again.  It was quiet again, neither of you knowing what to say.  But you also didn’t want to move away from each other.  “Do you remember the night after Callie was born” You said, biting your cheek.  Scott nodded.

“Yeah, yeah of course, why?” He asked, looking down at you.

“All of it?” He nodded again.  “Even the part where… the part where…”

“The part where you kissed me?” He asked, and you smiled sheepishly down at your lap.  Scott hooked a finger under your chin, hesitantly bringing your gaze back to his.  “I remember” He whispered to you.  “And I do remember kissing you back” He added.  “Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know… I guess I just wondered cause.. I don’t know… nothing happened?” You shrugged, brows knitting together.

“Yeah… yeah I think about that too” Scott admitted.

“Why’d nothing happen?” You asked, and his thumb stroked along your jaw.

“Well I guess… I guess I wanted you to tell me when you were ready to… I don’t know, date? You giggled softly at his awkwardness.

“Four years? You should’ve said something” You said.  Scott looked away for a moment, and you wondered what he was thinking about.

“I’d already waited for a while, I’m used to it” You gave him a frown, and his fingers caressed your cheeks again.  “But I’d wait as long as it takes” You took in a deep breath.

“Sorry but I can’t do that” You said, and quickly closed the space between your lips, crashing your lips to his.  Scott grinned into your kiss, dropping his hands to encircle your waist tightly.  You parted after a few seconds, your chests heaving as you caught your breath.

“I still love you” Scott told you, pushing your hair behind your ear.  “So much” You smiled at him, kissing him again, slowly and passionately.

“I love you too” You murmured against his lips.  “Next time, don’t wait four years to tell me so” You said, and he nodded, not of you smiling the fools in love that you were.  You sat there for a few moments, whispering soft things and kissing slowly, holding onto each other like the world was trying to rip you apart.

“Your daughter’s upstairs waiting for you to tuck her in” Scott murmured.  You nodded, moving to slide off of his lap and stand, but he held you tighter.

“Scott” You giggled and he kissed you sweetly.

“Okay, you may go now” He said, and you stood up, walking over to the steps.

“Wait” You spun round, seeing him standing by the sofa still.  “Will you stay tonight?” Scott smiled, showing off his crooked jaw.

“I’d love to’ he responded, and you smiled back, looking at your feet before turning back and going up the steps.

As you’d suspected, Callie was just sitting on top of her covers.  Her blue polka dot pajamas were on at least, you thought.“Mama” She smiled upon seeing you, as you did for her.

“Ready to be tucked in?” You asked, and she nodded, standing up so you could pull the sheets back.  Then she crawled back in as you fluffed up her pillow.  “I gave Scoot true love’s kiss” You said with a smile, and her face lit up.

“So now you’re like… like prince and princess” You laughed at her as she waved her hands around in a magical motion.

“It sure feels like it… but you’re the only princess around here” You said, smoothing her hair back from her forehead.  You placed a light kiss there.  “Goodnight princess” You whispered.

“Goodnight mommy” She responded, closing her eyes.  You flicked off the lights.  “Tell daddy I say goodnight” She added, making you stop at the doorway.  You looked back at her, she was already asleep, and you slowly smiled.

“I will” 

Scott smiled downstairs, having been able to hear the entire encounter.

xoxo ~ jordie

Love Can Heal (Part 9)

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 Pairing:  Paul Lahote X Reader / Emmett Cullen X Ex!Reader

 Word count: 1.303

  Warnings: Depression; self-harm; pretty much stuff like that.


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 Part 14

 Part 15 (FINALE)

 Paul gladly helps me with my baggage, leaving them in his room. I took a very abrupt decision, without even asking permission to invade his space. I sit on the couch, looking at my hands and trying to forget the pain on my back. How could it hurt so bad? I was pretending to walk straight before the Cullen’s. Before Emmett. But now I just want to lay down and sleep for a year.

 “Ivy?” Paul’s voice scares me, and I slowly get up. “The bed is ready. Take your shower first so I won’t end with the hot water.”

 “I’m sorry, Paul. I shouldn’t decide to stay here without talking to you first. I will sleep on the couch.” My throat is so dry it’s hard to speak.

 “It’s a privilege to have you here. And no, you will take the bed.”

 “I feel like I invaded your house, your life, now I’m stealing your bed.”

 “Just go take a hot shower. Let me know if you need anything. We’ll talk later.” Paul takes my hand and helps me upstairs, leaving me in his bathroom.

 I’m finishing the sandwich he made me when he comes to the kitchen. I can’t understand why the vampires complain about his sent. He smells good to me. I drink what’s left of my water and look up at him.

 “Want to get some sleep?”

 “Why are you shirtless?” I raise my eyebrows. I know they don’t feel cold and stuff, but it’s creepy. I’m freezing to death and there he is, protected by his… kind? Race. I don’t even know.

 “Give me a minute. Old habits are hard to break.” He leaves the kitchen and I wait patiently. I don’t have many options anyway. Soon enough he’s back, wearing a dark green T-shirt. “Better now?”


 “Now, want to get some sleep?”

 “I’m not… I don’t know.” I stand up from the chair and walk past him, taking a deep breath to get upstairs.

 “I’m sorry if you don’t feel comfortable here.”

 “I do feel comfortable. I just feel… Lost?” I lay on his bed, facing the ceiling. I feel his weigh on the mattress.

 “Tell me.” Paul’s voice is so kind that I want to hug him, let him keep away all my sorrows.

 “Tell you what?”

 “What happened. You already told me and the wolves, but I want to hear the truth.”

 “The truth.” I repeat, breathing slowly as my heart sinks. “I was an idiot. I grew up to be an idiot and they had this party. It was my friend’s birthday. My parents allowed me to go but someone called them to say that the party was planned to be overnight. Full of alcohol and drugs and even strips. Then they forbid me to go. But it was my friend’s birthday and I wouldn’t miss that. I sneak out the house. I got to the party, and moments later the police called me. Your parents had a car accident, they said.” I try to keep my voice down, as my tears roll down my face. My hands are shaking as the memory crushes my heart again. “I just wanted to dance. I never liked to drink or these things. But all my friends were there. I didn’t care about drugs or whatever the hell, I just wanted to dance! But I… Shit, I killed them. Both got stuck in the car and a fire started. They burned to death! They burned! They suffered to the very last moment!” I scream, pressing my nails against the skin of thighs, it hurts even through my jeans. Paul takes my trembling hands on his, looking in my eyes. “It was my fault and I can’t live with this.”

 My thighs are burning where my nails touched, but I don’t care. Paul silently pulls me to him, hugging me, his hand caressing my hair.

 “They were trying to protect me. They were only trying to protect me.”

 “Just try to sleep, we’ll talk tomorrow.” He pulls the blankets over me, fixing my pillow. “Just rest now. I’ll be here to keep you warm.”

 “I can’t. How can you stay so near me when you know that I…”

 “Ivy, sleep, please.”

 My eyes are heavy and I give up. I’m glad that I’m not cold since Paul is here. My sleep is restless, and I wake up over and over again, tossing around.

 The next morning the sun is struggling to appear among the clouds. I stand at the window, looking at the top of the trees with tiny ice crystals. I feel tired like I haven’t slept all night. Paul breaks something downstairs, a glass or something, but I’m smiling.  Not because I feel happy, but because of him.

 “You’re hungry?” His voice is low so he won’t scare me. I turn around, nodding.

 “What did you break?”

 “Just a…”

 Then my phone starts ringing, too loud, and I run to answer it.

 “Is that him?” Paul comes to my side quickly, and that sudden move makes me accidentally answer the call.

 “Great, Paul. Now you’ll talk to him.” I throw my phone at him because I just can’t deal with Emmett right now.

 I run downstairs, tripping on the last steps. Paul is screaming and my hands are shaking again. Why Emmett can’t just leave me alone? All my love is being replaced by fury. If he wasn’t a vampire, I would beat the shit out of him. Then a feel something wet on my forearm, and a sting. I take off my coat to see a line of blood staining the fabric. I get up, not sure of what to do now.

 “It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s just a… very tiny wound.” I whisper to myself, throwing my coat away. “It’s okay. It’s not bleeding anymore. It’s not bleeding anymore. ”

 “Ivy?” Paul reaches me, and I can’t help but cry.

 “I tripped and hurt my arm. It’s-it’s bleeding, Paul.” He takes a look on my left arm, carefully.

 “It’s just a scratch.”

 “But it’s bleeding.”

 “No, it isn’t bleeding anymore. Come here.” Paul hugs me, and I melt in his arms. I’m crying, shaking, feeling like I can’t breathe.

 “I’m out of control.”

 “No, you’re not. You’ll be fine, I promise. ”

 “Please, please just don’t let me go now.” I beg him, my voice scruffy against his chest. I don’t want to be a bother, but he makes me feel safe.

 “I’m right here. I’m with you. ”

 It’s midday when the movie Paul convinced me to watch ends. Evil Dead, the worst horror movie I ever watched.

 “This was the worst movie I ever watched.”

 “What? It wasn’t so bad.”

 “It wasn’t so bad? It was cliché, the plot is awful, and the end almost made me slap you. ” I turn the TV off, crossing my legs on the couch. “I’m not immortal, I can’t lose two hours of my life with a movie like that.”

 “You’re overreacting. The movie was just fine.”  Paul gets up, heading to the kitchen.

 “No way. You owe me a good movie.”

 “Is there any movie you want to watch?”

 “I would give it a try. I can’t even remember the last time I went to a movie theater. ” I lay back on the couch, exactly when Paul comes back. He stares at me and I sit again, giving him space to sit.

 “Movie theater then.”


 “Tonight.” He gives me a glass of water. I’m always thirsty, and Paul is aware of that. “But I’ll be a date, do you agree?”

 “A date?” I choke, coughing violently. “I don’t know, Paul, I…”

 “Just give it a try.”

 “Why everybody is telling me that?”

 “Just say yes. ”

 “Fine, fine. Yes.”









Chapter 11


When we got home we found the family doing different activities on their rainy day in.

“Hey, Sis! Can you take a look at this for me?” Harry skips toward me as Tom let’s Tessa free from her leash and continues walking toward our room.

“What’s this?” I smile as I take a small stack of papers.

I’ve become a part of Harry’s creative team; mostly a proof reader and idea consultant.

“I’m trying to go for something more…”

“Wow, Harry.”

“That bad?” He drops his head.

“No! No, it’s good! I smile as I start walking toward my room. It’s just-“

“Just what?” Tom smiles from his bed where he sits as he takes off his shoes.

“It’s just, really sexy.”

“What?” Tom stands and Harry tugs the papers from my hands.

“Is it too much?” He looks worried as he quickly flips through the pages of his script.

“I mean… do you know who you’re casting?” I sit at the end of my bed and take my shoes off as well.

Harry steps forward, no longer shuffling his papers and somehow looking even more embarrassed than before.

“I was thinking maybe you… could be in front of the camera this time…” Harry smiles and shrugs making his curls bounce.

“Me?” I freeze with my laces still in my hands.

Tom smiles before unzipping his jacket and tossing it onto his bed. “That would be awesome, Bubs! What if that’s how we introduce you?” Tom takes the top paper and Harry continues to look over the others he is holding.

“Why me?” I kick out of my shoes and stand.

“Your accent. I don’t know any other pretty American girls.”

Tom’s eyes immediately meet Harry’s after reading just two lines of dialogue.

“Look. This is where she talks about her home in…”

I’m happy that Tom is looking through the papers as Harry points to different lines on the paper. Otherwise he would he my glowing pink cheeks.


Because the script that Harry handed me is of a pretty steamy make out scene that he wants me to act in.

“Who will play the male role?” Tom grips the paper, wrinkling the edges slightly.

“I was thinking you could.” Harry smiles and slips the other papers into his hands.

Then I leave to the bathroom. As soon as the door is closed I turn the faucet on and plash my face that feels like it is on fire.

Kissing Tom.

Not even kissing.

Making out.

With Tom.

“Just let me know. We are still drafting everything… Hey Sis!” Harry leaves our room and knocks on the bathroom door.

“Just think about it! I think it would be a really cool way to introduce you to the world!” His voice fades as he leaves the hallway.

And then it is quiet.

I slowly open the door and enter our room and he’s sitting back on the edge of his bed where his shoes are still on the floor.

“Harry sure is growing up! I move here and he’s writing about vampires and ghouls and a year later he’s writing smut.”

Tom chuckles, but his face doesn’t show any smile.

“And… us?”

Tom turns to me saying nothing.

“Say something!” I shout as I throw my pillow square in his face.

He laughs and now is actually smiling. He tosses my pillow back to its place and sighs. “I just don’t know if kissing me is the best way to tell my fans about you.”

“So you’re concerned about your fans reaction to us kissing, not us kissing in the first place…”

“Well… it’s just acting.” He looks away.

And then my stomach turns. Just acting? Does he not want to kiss me?

“I’d really love to help Harry out.” I say solely to see how Tom would react.

He nods to himself and smiles. “Then let’s do it.” He stands up.

“N-not right now.” I put my hands on my bed next to me.

Then a jingle rings from his pocket. He slips his phone out and immediately answers.

“Hello? Ah! Hello! … Yes… Yes I’ve got it with me…” He paces slightly as he talks on the phone.

I’m trying to decipher the conversation with the one side I’m hearing, but the thought of acting out the words on those papers with Tom has my heart beating in my throat.

Lips were places. Hands were other places.

Clothes were being removed.

There were… moans…

“Bubbles!” Tom bursts back into the room causing me to jump after I hadn’t even noticed he left. “Want to go to a script reading with me? It’s pretty impromptu, but Daisy is in town for some planning and I asked if you could come!”

“Script? Daisy?”

He comes into the room and begins to put his shoes on again.

“Remember that book I told you about? Chaos Walking? Well there’s some of the early script done and Daisy Ridley, ya know, Rey from Star Wars? She’s landed for some meetings about it and they want us to read some things they’ve put together!”

He’s talking very fast and his shoes are on and his jacket is zipped before I could even get one shoe on.

The trip there was fast and I was almost pushed away from the building before Tom said I was with him. He actually almost got in a fight with the guard, but I seem to be able to snap him out of his random anger pretty easy.

Soon we were sat in a cozy room with a few curved couches facing each other to make a circle.

Others came into the room, a few men and more women.

Then I saw Daisy enter.

“Thomas!” She smiles and extended her arms.

“Daisy, Darling!” Tom smiles and greets her in a hug. “Daisy, this is Bu-Angela. She’s been living with my family for just over a year helping out with the house while we are traveling.”

“It’s lovely to meet you, Angela.” He extends her hand.

“Right back at you.” I smile as I shake her hand, mentally kicking myself for saying ‘right back at you’.

“Alrighty everyone. Take a seat. We’d like to run through a few scenes we are writing to see how it sounds and see what direction we want to take them.”

Everyone takes a spot on the couches and I feel incredibly out of place. Everyone has a stack of paper in hand. One man begins narrating the scene and Tom and Daisy begin to read. Sometimes they would be asked to stop and given direction for certain lines or gestures.

It was all pretty fascinating actually. I was already in awe of being in the same room as Daisy, but now I was seeing her and Tom reading and sometimes saying the same lines over and over again in different ways.

It was them I noticed a couple cameras were set and were recording both Tom and Daisy.

“Alright! Break time. Meet back in 10.”

And suddenly the room is nearly empty.

“Do you want anything?” Tom asks.

“I’m good, thank you.” He smiles and nods before jogging to the closing door and leaving for a few of the vending machines outside of the room.

Then it’s silence before Daisy speaks.

“So, Angela, how do you like it here?” Daisy leans back and crosses her legs.

We are the only ones left in the room.

“Oh, I love it. It was pretty hard at first with missing home, but the Hollands have made me one of their own and I couldn’t imagine a life without them.”

“So how long have you and Tom been dating?”

I start to cough and Daisy laughs. “We-we aren’t dating.”

“That’s a shame. You two would be so cute together.” She smiles and drags her finger over the corner of the papers causing them to make a thwap sound.

“He’s like- my best friend.” I shrug as I remember Zendaya and Marnie’s voices, telling me that Tom likes me. And then I’m thinking about the times Tom and I have been close.

On the park bench.

Holding hands on the walk home.

In bed.

“That’s so great that you two are close. Tom is such a great guy.”

Just then Tom comes through the door with a soda and bag of chips. “Of course I’m a great guy.”

“Oh god.” Daisy laughs.

The team eventually filters back into the room and there’s about 2 more hours of reading and discussing.

I drink some of Tom’s soda and when they start wrapping up Daisy is actually the first to leave.

“See you next time!” She waves as she leaves the room followed by half of the staff that was sitting with us.

Another group leaves and after speaking with Tom about their next meeting the rest leave and Tom and I are left on the curved couches.


“So?” I smack my thighs.

“What did you think?” Tom smiles and slips his script into his backpack.

“It sounds pretty interesting. It was kind of strange seeing you act in person though.”

“Strange?” He stands and slips his backpack on.

“Yeah.” I stand. “Like, you were a different person.”

“Well, that is the point, Love.” He smiles and I can feel his hand gently at my lower back and he guides me out of the room and down the hall.

“Hey, Tom.”

He immediately stops and whips his head around. “What’s wrong. You never call me Tom anymore.”

He’s facing me now and he looks so worried.

“Nothing is wrong. I just- wanted to talk about something before we get home.”

Tom glances to his left. “Here.” He opens the door which leads to an empty conference room with a simple desk and a chair at either side.

We both take our seats and I don’t know how to say what I’m thinking.

I want to talk about us. I want to talk about what Zendaya told me. I want to talk about what Marnie said at the park. I want to talk about how… excited I am for Harry’s film. I want to tell him how I feel about him.

“Are you sure nothing is wrong? I can kick somebody’s ass if I need to.”

“No no no. It’s not that.”

“Then what is it? We’ve known each other for such a long time. You don’t feel like you can share anything with me?”


“Come on. If it was important to tell me now, then tell me.”

“I just, don’t want it to be weird.”

“Want what to be weird. Come on, Bubs. You gotta be more specific.”

“Zendaya is going to kill me.”

“Zendaya? What?”

“So remember when Zendaya visited and you and the boys were mucking around out back and we were on your bench?”


“Well… she told me something.”

He doesn’t respond, but I can almost hear his swallow.

“Do you know what she told me?”

Tom clears his throat and looks down at the desk between us. “Well. There could be a few things.”

“Do I have to say it?” I wince and can feel my cheeks burning again.

This isn’t how I wanted it to happen. I wanted to be in the snow, at some romantic place, holding his hand.

“Is it something I told her in confidence and told her I kick her ass if she told anybody.”

I laugh and nod.

“Fucking Zendaya.”

Then we are both quiet and looking at the desk.

After what seemed like 5 minutes in silence I couldn’t handle it anymore.

“Well. Looks like I’m not telling Zendaya anymore secrets.” He laughs and stands, extending his hand.

I look at it and back up to him.

“If you’ve known this whole time and our friendship didn’t change, just because I know you know doesn’t mean that is going to change it now.” He smiles, still holding out his hand.

I take it and he helps me to stand.

“Is this going to… change anything? Between us?” I ask as I follow him out of the door and toward the main entrance to our ride.

I see him shrug from the corner of my eye.

It’s still pretty cloudy out as we get into the car.

“Only if you want it to.” He smiles. 

I want to scream at how cryptic he is being. I want to scream that I like him too. I want to scream that I do want things to change. I want so much to change. But I stay quiet and our ride home is awkward because of it.

“Just in time for meal time!” I hear from the dining room.

We join the dinner table as Harry is telling the family about his new film plans. Eyes shift between Tom and I and there aren’t any shocked reactions. They know it’s just acting, but they don’t know that I know that Tom likes me. And they don’t know that Tom knows that I know that he likes me.

After dinner the family splits to our normal night routines and Tom and I fall into our routine of taking turns with the bathroom and them we are both on our phones in our beds.

I’m scrolling through my phone, but not reading anything. I’m trying to see what Tom is doing out of the corner of my eye. He’s just resting there, slowly moving through what is probably Instagram.

Thumb scroll.

Thumb scroll.

Thumb scroll.

Thumb scroll.

Thumb scroll.

“FUCK!” I shout.

He stops scrolling and almost drops his phone. “Angie?” he sits up.

I sit up and take a deep breath. “Okay Tom. We gotta talk.”

He nods and moves to the edge of his bed now mirroring how I’m sitting.

“I don’t like how this feels. We used to just talk and it was honest, but now I feel like there’s a wall between us.”

“I feel it too.” He sighs. “I’m sorry. It’s my fault.”

“It’s not though! I’ve suspected you liked me for a while.”

“Shhhh!!!” Tom holds his hands out to gesture for me to be quiet as he looks toward our open door.

“Even before Zendaya told me.”

“Then why is there a wall now?”

And then I was quiet. Because I knew the answer, but I didn’t know if I was ready to share it.

“We can make you your own room? I can room with Sam or Harry and you can have their room?”

“No that’s-“

“Or maybe I can swap with Harry? He’d love to bunk with you.”


“Or we can just sleep in our own beds now-“


He stops.

“Can I talk?”

He nods.

“There’s a wall now because…” I take a breath, “because I’ve had time to think about it and I… I like you too.”

The room could’ve glowed pink with the shade of rose coming from Tom’s cheeks.

He stares at me as his skin simultaneous blushes and drains of all blood all together.

I laugh and stand to then sit next to him.

“You’re my best friend, Tommy. I just don’t want stuff to be weird.”

He nods.

“Like, just be your weird self. Dance in your boxers. Snap me videos of you picking your nose. Just be you! That’s who I like.

His cheeks flare again as he smiles.

“All honesty. Okay? Can you promise me that?” I sit back on my bed.

He nods.

“Cool.” I sigh. “Well. It’s late and tomorrow is extra long walk day for Tess.” I pull my blanket loose and get under the covers. “Could you turn off of the lights?”

He turns off the lights without a word. Our beds are still a few feet apart from the fort we made last night; which is probably best for now.

I get cozy in the blankets and replay my words over and over in my head, not believing they actually came out of my mouth.

“Bubs… full transparency…”


“I’m nervous as fuck about Harry’s film.”

I laugh so much I snort.

“Let’s talk more about it tomorrow, yeah?”

“Yeah, okay.”

“Goodnight, Tommy.”

“Night, Bubbles.”