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9. things you said when i was crying, narry

a whopping 4.8k of ever-so-slightly future fic where the boys assemble to meet liam’s baby, and harry grapples with how things change

Harry slides into the backseat, buckles his seat belt, and pops his earbuds in to listen to the mix Jeff (Bhasker, not Azoff) emailed him this morning. He waves to his driver and offers him a smile, as well as an apologetic little gesture to the glinting pink phone in his hand. He nods at him in the rearview mirror, smiles back, and reverses them out of the pilates studio parking lot.

Sweat sticks Harry’s shirt to the small of his back and his underarms and the inner curve of his knees, his back positively singing in relief. He’d been feeling sore and rundown, and he couldn’t tell whether his back aches from the strain of a good workout or whether he’s been sleeping curled up in a tight little ball again, his joints locked up by the end of the night. Maybe he’s coming down with a cold. He jots down a little note in his notes app to pick up some more cold medicine and herbal tea.

His notes are absolutely bursting with things he has to do. Really he’d be better off asking his personal assistant, Eloise, to pick up the tea for him, but last time he saw her, she was juggling three phones and the fattest appointment book he’s ever seen. The circles under her eyes were so dark they didn’t even look real; Harry’d been halfway to asking if they weren’t, if there was a new trend afoot in the fashion world?

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First of all, shoutout to bioware for making Jaal the biggest sap so that I could write this fluffy-as-all-hell fic and have it still be in-character. :,)

Secondly, round of applause for @xwynn for supporting me in my alien fucking conquests. 

Oh! And did I mention this is 100% spoiler-free? Enjoy! 

“You, my dear, are absolutely ridiculous. As is that troublesome brother of yours.” The two of them are sprawled out on her massive bed, fully enjoying a little downtime in between missions and meetings; Ryder near comatose and down to nothing but her civvies, Jaal lounging comfortably atop her pillows and void only of his rofjinn and gloves.

Their combined laughter mixes in the air, floating above them to hang like a cosmic cloud, a clashing of galaxies in the most gentle way possible. “Hey, you leave Tobias out of this,” she says, eyes still closed and her arms folded beneath her head as Jaal traces nonsense patterns into the skin of her back. “He was innocent. Mostly.”

Jaal lets out another laugh, this one in exaggerated disbelief, “I can hardly believe that he would miss out on the chance to let a pyjak loose in your father’s workspace.”

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In universe reference for anyone questioning about what’s happening in my videos/headcanons.
Created by myself and spectregeneral66

Ticci Toby (The Berserk) -
I strongly believe his full name to be Tobias Erin Rogers. However, there is no relevance in that/won’t come up in the videos. Just wanted to mention it. I take almost everything Kastoway has said about Toby to heart. He’s already laid out the groundwork. Suffering from Tourette’s, a stutter, voices in his head and CIP. Currently he’s 22 (Kastoway said he was 19/20 in 2013), however I don’t believe age matters or that he knows how old he is. Since he is dead (See Kastoway’s original story), he may not show physical indications of aging. Basically, he is a zombie. This is a big part of how he holds himself now. Before his death he couldn’t feel pain, now he can’t feel pain, and can’t die, most likely he can also heal at exceptional rates. Theoretically, Toby is an unstoppable force, and he likes it. He has no recollection of his past (Minus a few blurs and such) and so he has nothing to weigh him down. He is a paranormal entity who doesn’t abide by our realms rules, therefore there would be no legal ramifications. He somehow gets caught, he can teleport out, or The Boss (slenderman), can most likely call him back. I like to think of Toby having very limited control over whatever powers he was granted as a result of the enslavement. I’d imagine he cannot use them against Slender in anyway. Also, if Toby(or any of the others) were to defy Slender, the consequences are unthinkable. The methods to keep them in line can range from loud, painful noises in their heads, to forcing them into stasis(coma-like sleep). They enter this stasis in between missions anyway. Stasis is full of nightmares and visions of Slender’s realm, they are kept in check through fear. Toby, however, is very loyal. Due to accepting that this was his future and there was no escape, he continued to do whatever it takes to complete his missions. This backfires a lot of the time because he over estimates the situation.

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Changed Series - Part Five

Part 5: “Come Home”

Summary: A/U in which the Reader is married to and has a child with Soldier!Steve.

Characters: Reader, Steve Rogers, Bucky, Sam Wilson, Natasha, Peggy

Warnings:  Angst. Funerals. Death. Language. General Sadness. Depression. Mentions of Suicide. PTSD. Blood. Violence. Torture.Smut. Bad writing. Unbeta’d. IDK READER BEWARE. 

Author’s Note: Enjoy! Send me an ask if you’d like to be tagged. Parts will be out at 10pm EST for the next few nights. Thank you for all the support and love! 

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“Tony, this is real? Tell me I’m not dreaming. Steve is here? Like, in the flesh, here?” You don’t take your eyes off of Steve for a word of the question.

“He’s here, Y/N.” Tony takes Emma and walks out of the room, “I’ll give you two some time to talk.” You hear him baby talking to your daughter in the playroom, he was an excellent Godfather after all.

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Last Night - Bucky x Reader One-Shot

Summary: Bucky is about to be shipped out, so he takes out his best girl and when he walks her home, things get passionate

Characters: Reader Y/N, Pre-serum Bucky, Pre-serum Steve, Original Character

Notes: This one is a little bit sad at the end, but I’m planning on making a part two, so maybe? I dunno. WEAR A CONDOM WHEN HAVING SEX WITH A PENIS


~1943, New York City~

“Hey, Sarge! Are we going dancing?” I yelled at Bucky, who was standing across the way, talking to his friend, Steve. Dating Bucky for the past year and a half, I had gotten to know Steve and knew that Steve, too, was a good man. Bucky treated him like a younger brother and their friendship was something I knew was really important.

Bucky turned and held his arms out and spoke confidently, followed by a grin, “Yes, we are!”

Tonight had been wonderful so far. I didn’t know why Bucky was making such a big deal about tonight, but I figured he’d tell me if it was important. He had asked me out tonight and then he had spoken to my friend Violet if she would be Steve’s blind date. After Bucky told her about what a kind-hearted soul he was, she absolutely agreed.

Bucky gave Steve a hug and saluted him on his way back to where my friend and I were standing.

“C'mon, girls, they’re playing our song,” Bucky said and went to place his arms around both of us.

“Actually, I’m gonna turn in… I’ve got a family thing tomorrow, so, I’ll catch you later, Y/N!” Violet said and waved goodbye.

“Well, I guess that just leaves you and me… Shall we dance?” Bucky asked, taking his hat off and bowing to me, causing me to giggle and nod.

He escorted me to our favorite night club and led me inside, promptly finding a table that was secluded enough for us to talk. The club was hopping tonight. He ordered a drink for the both of us and we chatted and drank them down before joining the crowd on the dance floor.

“Shall we?” Bucky asked as the band shifted to play a slower song. He had his hand extended to me and once I took it, he pulled me to the dance floor. He placed his hands on my hips and I put mine around his neck. He twirled me around a few times, making my skirt spin–he loved seeing it do that.

“So what’s all this fuss for, Sergeant Barnes?” I asked, smiling at him.

“I wanted to take my doll out on the town…” Bucky said, placing a hand on my cheek breifly before putting it on back my hip and swaying us slowly to the music.

“Ah…” I said, not pushing the issue, but trusting that he’d tell me if it were important.

It was around 8pm that my feet had started to hurt, so I sat back down in the chair I had abandoned a little bit ago

“So, shall we go back to mine?” I asked him lowly. It wasn’t widely accepted for a lady to ask a gentleman, especially a soldier, back to her place. He nodded and escorted me out of the club after tipping the bartender. We walked down the lit streets and back to my apartment. I was lucky enough to have worked up enough money to afford a place to stay in Brooklyn, just a floor above Bucky. We had met a couple years ago when I bumped into him in the laundromat. He had courted me ever since, getting dressed up, hair slicked back and leaving flowers at my door until I said ‘yes’ to going on a date with him. When he went off to boot camp a few months into us going steady, he wrote to me every day; I still have the letters. After he got back, I felt myself start to fall in love with him. The first time I told him was about three weeks ago, and he immediately said it back.

“Y/N, I… I need to tell you something…” he said once we had reached my door. He held my hands in his and rubbed the backs with his thumbs.

My heart started to beat loudly. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew it was serious and that made me anxious.

“What is it, Bucky?” I asked him, squeezing his hand lightly.

He looked into my eyes and spoke seriously, “Tonight is my last night in the US… In about 12 hours, my division is shipping out for England. I didn’t want to tell you until now because I didn’t want you worrying all night…”

His words crashed over me and I physically felt the weight of them. He was leaving for real. He was going off to war. My Bucky, my soldier, my love, was leaving tomorrow to fight in a war over seas.

“Bucky…” I gasped out, trying to hold back my tears.

He looked up at me, a trickle of fear dripping in his eyes. He let go of one of my hands and reached into his back pocket, pulling out a small silver ring. “I don’t have much money, but with what littke I had, I managed to get this for you. I know it’s not fancy, but.. I hope you’ll wear it as proudly as I would wear my love for you. Y/N, when I get back, will you marry me?”

I gasped as he got on one knee and presented me with the simple, single stone silver band. I felt tears well up and fall as I nodded, unable to speak.

He smiled brightly, his own tears beginning to fall, as he stood up and placed the ring on my finger. His hand cupped my cheek and his lips fell on mine in so much passion that if it weren’t for his strong hold on me, I would have fallen over.

“You should rest, doll…” he said, his face close after our kiss broke. I snickered at him.

“You honestly think I’m not going to invite you in?” I asked him, letting him make his own conclusion about what that entailed.

His cheeks reddened. “Baby, we aren’t married yet…”

He and I chuckled, both knowing that I was the only virgin between the two of us.

“We will be, though… I.. Bucky, I want you to come inside…” I told him and opened my door. He nodded and I pulled him through the threshold.

I closed the door and Bucky stood, facing me, looking slightly uncomfortable.

“You want a drink?” I asked him and took my heels off, Bucky seeing and doing the same after his hat was removed.

“No, I’m fine thank you…” he said. He got close to me and backed me against the door, his eyes darkened and his hand resting on the side of my head. Withput much warning, his lips crashed down on my own and I felt his hand snake down the wall and grip my hip lightly, pulling me against the tent in his pants.

“Are you sure you want this…? I mean, you’ve never done it before and that’s an important thing to give away, your virginity, and as much as I–” he started to ramble, but I cut him off with a firm kiss to his lips.

“Yes, I want you, Bucky… C'mon, my bedroom is this way,” I gripped his hand and pulled him toward my corner bedroom.

I pulled him inside and I locked the door, then turned to see him already sat on my bed. I smiled and walked towards him and straddled his legs, sitting on his thighs. The wetness between my legs began to be more prominent as he started to unbutton my blouse. His fingers moved delicately as he unbuttoned my shirt and his eyes gazed over my bra laiden chest. He smoothed his hands around my bare middle and I felt his ragged breathing on my neck as he unhooked the straps and pulled the garment down my arms and then cast it to the floor. His hot breath on my neck sent chills down my spine and I grew even more aroused. He planted one kiss to each of my nipples and then one at the valley of my breasts.

“Think these are the best I’ve ever seen,” he mumbled against the supple flesh, causing me to blush.

I went to work on undoing his uniform, casting aside the belt and tie, then the jacket and finally his shirt. I ran my hands across his toned chest that had a slight covering of hair. I felt him hiss at the contact, and I dragged my fingers down to run over his sculpted abdominals.

“You’re.. You must be an angel…” I said and began to undo his pants, sliding off of his thighs and down to the floor so I could have better reach.

He chuckled. “Darling, you are the angel here.”

I blushed and pulled down his pants, his underwear coming down as well, giving me an excellent view of his stiffened cock. I had never seen manhood up close like this, but it looked so deliciously pleasing I couldn’t help but lick my lips.

“Go ahead and touch it, doll,” Bucky urged.

Unsure of my movements, I gently gripped the shaft and rolled it in my palm and fingers as if it were made of glass.

“Oh….” his voice was just a crack, a moan that was barely audible.

I smiled confidently and looped my thumb and fingers around him, encircling his girth and I began to move my hand along his length.

“Oh…!” he moaned a little louder.

I went faster and gave squeezes here and there and it made him start to squirm in my grasp.

“Doll, I’m not gonna last much longer…. I want to be inside you,” he said and halted my movements with his hand on mine. He kissed my lips and stood me back up. He unzipped my skirt and pulled it and the cotton undergarment down, completely exposing me to him.

I blushed and he smiled kindly and kissed my lips with need. He guided our bodies so that I was on my bed, facing up, and he was over me. When our kiss broke, he rested his forehead on mine and looked me in the eyes.

“Are you sure?” he asked. I nodded in response and gave him a kiss full of passion and love.

“Just focus on kissing me until you’re comfortable, ok?” he said and began to kiss me again. I felt his tip press into and easily slide past my opening, starting to stretch me around his massive girth. I felt a sharp sting that didn’t subside until his movement halted and I felt his pubic bone against my increasingly sensitive clit. He let out a low groan from his throat and I whimpered into the kiss, the pain turning into a feeling of fullness.

“Are you okay?” he said in a strained voice.

“Yes…” I said and stroked his face. “Go ahead and move.”

Bucky’s mouth hung agape as he moved his hips away from you, withdrawing himself almost completely before easing back in. After a few of these motions, I started to feel a pleasure I’d never experienced before.

I let out a small moan after a few more of his movements and he started to go faster.

“Baby girl, you moan like that again and I’m going to come,” he growled and nipped my neck.

I giggled and held onto his biceps as he moved deeper and faster into me. His hands roamed all over my body and his eyes bored into mine. When he looked at me with such feeling in his eyes, his hands touched me like I was a work of art and he thrust deep inside of me, I understood the meaning of ‘making love’. I felt a connection with Bucky that was being ingrained into me and I couldn’t help but smile at him.

“I wanna try something… It should feel good,” he told me and waited for me to nod before lifting my legs around his arms which he then planted firmly on either side of me.

“Oohh, Bucky,” I moaned as he went even further inside of me than before.

“God, Y/N, you’re so tight…” he moaned. He began to pick up the pace and then reached between our bodies, unhooking one of my legs, and rubbed my clit between his fingers.

I jolted involuntarily and a smirk grew on his face.

“I see someone wants to cum,” he said darkly and rubbed faster, thrusting quickly.

I couldn’t speak and I could barely breathe. A tight coil built up in my belly that dropped further down with every thrust he gave me. Before I had any warning, the most intense pleasure washed through me. I felt like I couldn’t control my own body as I arched my back and released.

“James! James, oh, God…!” I howled and gripped the sheets below me like a lifeline. Before I could come down too far from the high I was riding, Bucky spoke.

“God, I thought you looked beautiful in that pretty pink dress you wore to the club on our first date… You look even more stunning getting off on my fingers and cock…” he said and his thrusts became more shallow and sloppy. “God, doll, I’m getting off to you getting off…”

He pulled out of me and unloaded onto my stomach, white stripes painting my skin and signaling that I was, in fact, his future wife.

After we had caught our breath, he spoke lowly, “Don’t move, I’ll be right back, my love.”

Bucky left the room and then returned with a damp towel. He cleaned my stomach and placed the soiled rag into my hamper, then joined me on the bed.

“I love you,” he said, wrapping his arms around me.

“I love you, too, James…“ I said and kissed his lips.



I heard a knock at my door. Upon opening it, I saw two soldiers with their hats off, one carrying a letter. My heart sank, my mind already knowing what this meant.

“Are you Miss Y/L/N?” one soldier said.

“Yes, yes I am,” I said, holding back the tears.

“I’m sorry,” he said and handed me the piece of paper.

I opened it and didn’t read it in much detail, merely skimming it until I saw his name–James Buchanan Barnes.

“No…” I gasped out and blinked back tears. I looked at the soldiers, both having solemn faces. Putting on a brave face, I spoke more clearly, “Where is his body?”

“We don’t know, miss… He… He fell off of a train,” he said and I nodded, understanding.

“Thank you,” I said and bid them goodbye.

I closed the door and went to my room, sobbing uncontrollably and in hysterics, clutching the hand with his ring on it. I went back to all of the letters he had written me while he was away. He had told me all about how ‘little Stevie’ had become Captain America and how he was a little bit upset that no one would know of the real Steve. He had sent me various pieces of clothing he had, saying he’d love to see me in them when he got home. He had said how he wanted me to be here in France because it was almost as beautiful as me. He had promised to come home.

“Bucky, you promised…” I said to myself and held one of his shirts in my arms, sobbing into it.

A few days later, I was approached by a man with a peculiar accent in the store. I was grieving, but I still needed food.

“Excuse me, Y/N? Don’t be alarmed, I’m with the government… I have a way for you to see your beloved again,” he said.


The Amazing Adventures of Bitty!Steve and Friends

Later on, they’ll tell him the explanation is magic. 

Apparently, the Super Evil Actual Nazi Group that they’ve been fighting against has been around since antiquity and it was only during World War II that they decided to hook up with Hitler.  Because Hitler, of course, absolutely loved all this occult shit and any supposedly mystical advantage that he could use to justify the existence of his “Third Reich” and win the war. 

For the moment, Steve Rogers wakes up in a New York that vaguely resembles the city he’s been born and grown up in and the first thought that hits him is “Oh my God, we’re being invaded.”

It’s explosions and debris and people screaming and what looks like to be some sort of weaponized machines - it’s a scene straight out of Bucky’s pulp magazines.  Or what War of the Worlds must’ve been like, if Welles hadn’t been pulling everyone’s legs. And that thing is about to target what looks like to be a bus full of people. 

Steve pretty much knows that he can’t chase that god damn thing away with a trash can lid and he looks down on the ground and the first thing he sees is some kind of hammer.  It shouldn’t be too heavy to lift, even for him, right?

He’s thinking fast - best option would be to draw that machine thing away from the people - he can run pretty quickly, as long as his asthma doesn’t catch up on him - but the point is, he can draw it away from those people, maybe long enough for them to get out and run for it themselves. 

So he lifts the hammer.

It’s amazingly light.

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Come Home: Episode 5


Summary: A/U in which the Reader is married to and has a child with Soldier!Sam.

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean, John, Ellen, Jo, Jimmy Novak, OC’s

Warnings:  Angst. Funerals. Death. Language. General Sadness. Depression. Mentions of Suicide. PTSD. Blood. Violence. Torture. READER BEWARE.

Author’s Note: Thank you to @oriona75,@ohfora67impala, and@abaddonwithyall for helping me out this. This project is VERY personal to me and I really appreciate the input. As always, let me know what you think!

KAME SQUAD: @leviathanslovedick, @pada-ackles, and thank you for betaing me @mrswhozeewhatsis, you’re amazing. 

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Catch up with the Leather and Lace Series!

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Happy holidays to @kyngbellamy

Main Pairing: Bellamy/Clarke

Summary: Bellamy really wanted to hang some mistletoe in the camp, he might have had an ulterior motive but there isn’t any proof of that yet.

Warning(s): Includes smut.

A/N: I hope you enjoy it love!

mistletoe can be deadly, but a kiss can be even deadlier 

Bellamy always loved the stories he heard about old Earth when he was young, the history of it, he’d soak up any of the tales that he could get. His favourites were about the Roman empire, but there were so many stories about the early twenty first century. Christmas especially, he enjoyed some of the stories about it, well not the original story, but the whole concept of gift giving and mistletoe, he’d always found that the most interesting concept.

He really wanted to find some, so he could hang it in the camp, he told himself it was to make people smile, to bring a little joy, a little merriment to their lives. (It had nothing to do with him wanting an excuse to kiss Clarke…)

Thankfully Raven had managed to salvage a small section of the Ark’s database, she’d gotten a small section of the medical part, and the history, but most importantly for Bellamy’s plan was the plant section. It was helpful to know what the mistletoe looked like before he set off. He had also found the small section about where the plant was likely to grow (on other trees and shrubs). He told Miller and Raven that he was going out hunting, and he actually was hoping to catch a rabbit, or just anything that he could get his hands on. He still wanted to find the mistletoe the most.

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