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Thiam Week Day 6: Clothes Sharing

Scott jogged up the steps to the Greyer household and knocked on the door. He was going to take Liam and Theo out to the woods with the rest of the pack since it was the first full moon where they were all together since the older members left for college. The Alpha was looking forward to spending time with his pack members and reestablishing their bonds. He missed being able to run with them so freely.

The door opened and Liam appeared, bleary-eyed and reeking of sex and sleep. He rubbed his eyes and looked at Scott. A smile broke out on his face and he lunged forward, wrapping his arms around his Alpha in a tight hug. “Scott, you’re here!”

Scott laughed and hugged Liam back, trying not to breathe in his scent too much. The sex part of his was stale and faded, meaning it had probably happened the night before or early that morning, hence the smell of sleep. Still, Scott didn’t like thinking of his beta going at it with someone who used to be their enemy. “Good to see you, too, Liam. I missed you guys.”

“We missed you too.” Liam pulled away, still beaming, and it was then that Scott noticed what he was wearing.

“Isn’t that Theo’s sweater?”

Sure enough, the dark blue knitted sweater hung awkwardly off one of Liam’s shoulders and the sleeves came down to his fingertips. Liam blushed and tugged at hem of the sweater self-consciously. “Maybe,” he said slowly, and Scott couldn’t help but chuckle. “It was the first thing I grabbed, okay!” Liam defended himself, blush deepening.

“Babe, who’s at the door?”

Both Liam and Scott turned to see Theo coming down the stairs, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and smoothing his hair down. He paused when he saw Scott, and nervousness flashed in his eyes. “Scott, hey. Liam didn’t say you were coming for a visit.”

“I decided to surprise everyone,” Scott said with an easy smile. Theo didn’t look anything like the villain he once knew, not like this. He was wearing a pair of black pajama pants with little jack-o-lanterns printed on them, and one of Liam’s larger lacrosse hoodies. His eyes were still lidded with sleep, and he looked almost vulnerable like this. It was hard to imagine that this was the same man who tried to kill them all just over a year ago.

“Are we going running tonight?” Liam asked, practically bouncing in excitement.

Scott chuckled and scruffed Liam’s hair. “Absolutely! I thought you guys would want to hang out a little before that, though.”

“Sure!” Liam chirped, grinning widely. “We have to go get ready first, though. Do you mind waiting?”

“Not at all,” Scott said, and Liam let him into the house.

“Okay, we’ll be back in a second.” Liam grabbed Theo’s hand and hauled the chimera back up the stairs, with Scott laughing in amusement after them.

He may not trust Theo with their lives, but he did trust him with Liam’s heart. And for now, that was enough.


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I still have a few pallette memes to get to but I took a break to finish this sketch that has been sitting in my WIP folder for a bit.

So basically I have my dragon shifter Hiccup and my RP partner has her little werewolf pup Jack and I figured why not have them meet? They’d be so cuddly and cute together but were!puppy Jack has a habit of nipping at Hiccup’s tail and wrecking the furniture.

So here it is. The irritable scale!kitten and his stray. My monster boys.

We Got This *Jack Gilinsky Imagine*

Requested by Anon

“Y/n, where are my grey pants?” You heard your boyfriend ask you from the next room.

“You mean the ones you wear every other day?” You yelled back from the bathroom where you were doing your hair “Yes those!” You laughed “I don’t know check the laundry!”

You were both off today so since you had nothing to do you figured you would do something together, you’d probably go eat or something.

“Y/n! I can’t find them help me!” Jack yelled from farther away meaning he was already downstairs. You groaned “I’m coming!”

“You wear these pants so much Jack they’re gonna be white soon” you told him and then threw his pants at him because you had found them.

“Shh no one…what’s this?”

“What’s what?” You asked him while putting the clothes back in the basket they were in before he made a mess out of them.

“Look” he told you; so you looked up, heart stopping the minute you saw what he was holding in his hand.

“That’s um…um…” You stuttered not sure what to say. “Is this your pregnancy test?” He questioned but you just stare because you wanted to figure out if he was mad or not.

Yes, you’re pregnant you’ve known for awhile but couldn’t find the courage to tell Jack. When you took the pregnancy test you did it alone not expecting it to come back positive and when it did you panicked, you hid it from Jack and everyone else. 

You were almost 3 months along already.

“Y/n it’s a simple yes or no, is this yours?” He asked you again. “Yes it’s mine” you finally confessed and it felt as if the world was lifted off your shoulders.

“You’re pregnant?” “Yeah” you said nodding.

“…and you were gonna tell me this when?” “I-I, I don’t know” you said honestly.

“It’s mine?” You gave him a dirty look. “Seriously?”

“What? You kept it from me and the way you’re acting now seems a little suspicious” he said shrugging “Of course it’s your baby” you said and it was very clear that Jack had offended you with that question.

“Okay I’m sorry I even said it but really when were you planning to tell me about this?”

You couldn’t really answer that because you really didn’t know when or how you wanted to tell him but you did know it wasn’t like this.

“I really don’t know; I just didn’t know how to go about it” “Why didn’t you tell me the minute you thought you were pregnant?” “I was scared, I didn’t want to be, not now” you said feeling slightly guilty that part of you didn’t really want your own baby.

“Are you saying you don’t want it? Because I won’t-” he began but you cut him off “No that’s not what I’m saying I mean I wanna keep it I just wish I wasn’t pregnant right now” he looked relieved with a slight smile after you said that “Oh, well really can you tell me why you didn’t tell me?”

It was obvious you had hurt Jack’s feelings by keeping this from him, you could only imagine how he was gonna feel when you told him how far along you were and that you had already went to your first doctor’s appointment.

“I was afraid of how you would react, we never talked about this before I just didn’t know what to do” “Y/n you should know you can come to me with anything” “I’m sorry, I didn’t do this to hurt you or anything” “…so how far are you?”


“Um…well when I went to the doctors last week…they said I was almost 3 months” you said carefully.

“Wait, so you did all this without me?” “Yes, but like I said I didn’t know what to do, I mean I guess that really isn’t an excuse but…” Jack shrugged “Whatever, I guess there’s not much point in dwelling on it” “You’re mad…?” “Not really but we have to talk about this” “I know”

“So anything else you wanna tell me first?” You shook your head “No”

“So…we’re having a baby, we’re gonna be parents?” He said to you and you couldn’t help but laugh a little to yourself “Yeah, we are” “Shit…” “Exactly”“But I kind of meant it in like a good way” “I know”

You stood there for a few minutes in silence before you decided to break it “So now what?” “Now…we celebrate because regardless of what everyone else may think when they find out we’ve got to make the best of this” “…My dad is going to kill you” you teased making him laugh “You joke but that is all too true actually” he walked over to you.

“Come here” Jack hugged you and you immediately returned the hug.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you” you said for like the millionth time “It’s okay you don’t have to keep apologizing” “I love you” “Love you” he let go of you and kissed you.

“And I love our future child” you smiled “I would hope so” he kissed you again “Oh my god this is actually kind of exciting, I can’t wait to tell Johnson” “Okay calm down, you just found out let’s just wait a few days before we start telling everyone else because I’m not really in the mood for the whole world to know yet if you know what I mean”

You weren’t ready for all the judgmental people or even fans of his to start sending you more hate then you already got, normally it didn’t bother you but you knew it would just get worse now.

“I know but come on Johnson won’t tell anyone you know that” you sighed “I know but…look we’ll worry about who to tell tomorrow” “Fine but I will tell him” “I know you will and I want you too…eventually” he smiled “I can’t wait”

“My actual child will call me daddy, not a 14 year old girl” “Oh my god, ew Jack” “What? It’s true” “I know but still…ew” he laughed before kissing you again.

“I don’t know whether I’m more excited or scared” “That makes two of us” you tell him “But I know we got this” you smiled “Of course”

Imagine the boys being the father of your child: The Original Nine


“Cam stop tickling me!” You squealed. Your boyfriend Cameron didn’t listen, instead just kept tickling you. “Shh, you’ll wake her up” He said with a giggle. ‘Her’ was your one and a half year old daughter, Jayde Dallas. Cameron stopped tickling you and began to cuddle ith you instead. Then you heard it. A small voice said “Daddy?” You both turned to see Jayde standing in her t-shirt and diaper, rubbing her eyes tiredly. “Aww did momma wake you baby? Here lets get you back to bed” Cameron said, picking her up. Ten minutes later, Cameron was still not out in the lounge. You got up and went looking for him. When you walked into the room you two shared, he was there with Jayde. He had gotten her to sleep, but she wasn’t the only one…


“Noah baby! Come back here!” You called out to your 2 and a half year old son. Currently, you, your boyfriend and baby daddy, Nash and your son were out on a walk. Nash laughed as he ran after the energetic toddler. “Here buddy, grab my hand” Nash said as he grabbed Noah’s tiny hand. “No daddy! We have to explore!” He exclaimed as he bent down to examine a leaf. “Yeah well we can’t run too far, it scares mommy” Nash muttered. “Hey I heard that!” You called out. “Daddy, I’m tired.” Noah complained. Nash picked Noah up and continued to walk forward. As you hurried to catch up, Noah looked at you and flashed a smile the same as Nash’s one you fell in love with all those years ago. 'Those are my boys’ You thought to yourself as you continued on your walk…


You woke up and checked the time. 9 am? Why didn’t your daughter Lilly wake you up? She’s 5. She usually wakes you up early. When you rolled over, you realised your boyfriend Aaron wasn’t next to you. Before you could give it a second thought, you heard noise coming from the kitchen. “Shh daddy! You’ll wake mom up!” Lilly whisper yelled. “Sorry princess. Woah watch out!” He said. You heard Lilly giggle. “Oops sorry daddy” She said, still giggling. She had a giggle like her dad, most definitely. “Alright what’s going on out here?” You asked stepping into the kitchen. Aaron was cleaning Lilly off as she was covered in flour. Lilly ran to you and you picked her up. Aaron came over and kissed your cheek. “We were making you breakfast in bed. But daddy can’t cook” Lilly said. You laughed. She was sassy. “Alright then, lets go finish the pancakes and daddy can go shower” You offered, walking into the kitchen. 'My family is the absolute sweetest’ you thought to yourself as you and Lilly finished making your 'breakfast in bed’…


“Abby! Stay out of daddy’s studio while he’s working baby!” You said to your daughter, Abby Reynolds. “NO!” She said, trying to walk back in. You picked her up and threw her over your shoulder. “Daddy’s trying to work baby” You said. But Abby was 3 and going through her 'terrible twos’ phase still. “No! Mama! I want papa!” She said, struggling against you. Your boyfriend, Carter was a dancer. He had his own dance studio in a room in your house. And he was rehearsing for a competition he had soon. Carter walked out of the studio. “Papa!” Abby called, running to him. “Hey pumpkin. You need to listen to your mama and stay out for now, okay?” He said. Abby burst into tears. “No papa! I want to dance!” She sobbed. “I’m gonna take a break if you want to go finish dinner” Carter offered. You nodded and walked into the kitchen. Ten minutes later, dinner was ready. You called out twice but no one came out. You walked into the studio and the sight you saw melted your heart. Carter had Abby standing on his feet, dancing with her, making everyone in the room happy…


“C'mon baby lets just go to the beach! We haven’t been since you were pregnant with Jojo!” Your boyfriend, Jack Gilinsky begged you. Jojo was Joseph Gilinsky, yours and Jack’s one and a half year old son. You eventually gave up and took Jojo and Jack to the beach. “You gonna go for a surf?” You asked Jack as he grabbed his board. “If you don’t mind” He said. You nodded. “Go ahead” You said and he ran off. “Dadda” Jojo said. “Yeah, Dadda’s going to surf” You said. “Suf” Jojo said. You smiled. “Yeah surf” You said. When Jack was coming out of the water, Jojo noticed before you did. “Dadda!” He called, running towards Jack. “Shit. Jojo!” You called, running after your kid. Before you got there, Jack put his board down where the water meets the sand and grabbed Jojo, who was in his cute little speedo’s. You stopped and watched as Jack sat down and placed Jojo on his board, Jojo excitedly yelling “Suf! Suf!” Jack smiled and looked up at you, smiling harder. You smiled back at that crazy lovable surfer dude you fell in love with all those summers ago…


“Jack! I’m running late! Can you please get Sawyer ready for Louie’s party?” You asked frantically. Your boyfriend, Jack Johnson laughed calmly. “Relax, I’ve got his outfit sorted already.” Jack said reassuringly. You groan internally. Sawyer was your 6 year old son and knowing Jack, the kid is going to look 'cool’ for your cousin Louie’s 21st birthday tonight. As soon as you get home, you run straight up the stairs and get ready. As soon as you’re ready, you’re leaving. You walk down stairs and into the lounge. “Hot damn.” Jack says as you walk in. “Wow, mommy looks hot!” Sawyer says, making you laugh. “Thanks baby” You said. You then take in Sawyers outfit. He is wearing boots, baby drop crotch pants, a leather jacket and aviators. Jack is wearing the exact same, minus the jacket. “He said he wanted to look cool like dad” Jack said with a shrug. You rolled your eyes. “HE looks cool, YOU look like a loser douche bag” You whisper into Jack’s ear. He laughed and grabbed your hand. Sawyer came and grabbed your other hand and you set off with your 'cool’ boys…


“C'mon baby, we’re going for a walk to see daddy at work” You say to your 2 year old son, Tobias. Tobias runs straight for your wardrobe and sees what shoes of his daddy’s are missing. Matt, your boyfriend and Tobi’s dad, works with youth and helping them out. You were currently getting Tobi ready to walk down and go see Matt at work. Tobi adores Matt and is always looking to copy him. Most kids try to copy older siblings, much like your second daughter Rose did with your first daughter Sophia. But not Tobi. He wanted to be exactly like his dad. As you rounded the corner, you could see Matt standing and waiting for you. You were going to try sneak up on him but Tobi screamed “DADDY!” at the top of his lungs before you could stop him. Matt spun him around as soon as Tobi was an arms length apart. As Matt put Tobi down, he glanced down at their feet and laughed. Tobi had established what shoes Matt was wearing and had worn his own mini replica. “Aww I love ya kid” Matt said ruffling Tobi’s hair. You took this moment to capture a picture of their feet together. A picture that would later show Tobi was always aspiring to be just like his dad…


You groaned in frustration as you frantically looked for your 18 month old son Benji. You put him down for a nap only half an hour ago and came up to check on him, only to find him missing. “Where the hell could a one and a half year old get to?” You asked yourself as you searched in every nook and cranny, trying to find him. You didn’t want to disturb your boyfriend Shawn, who was Benji’s dad, as he was in the middle of trying to write a song and hated to be disturbed. You smiled slightly as you heard Shawn’s faint melodic voice coming from your bedroom. Benji wouldn’t be in there, Shawn would have noticed and brought him straight out. Right? You sighed and walked to the door. “Papi sing” You heard Benji’s voice say. “Yeah buddy, papi sing. That’s how he got mama” Shawn said. You smiled and shook your head. “I was wondering where the little one got to” You said, walking into the room. Shawn smiled. “Mama sing” Benji said. You pick him up and rock him back and forth. Shawn began to play a song and you both sing it, the same way you did the first night you met…


“Charlie, dadda’s gotta go to work now” You said, trying to grab your three year old son, Charlie Caniff. Taylor was trying his best to get ready to go to work but Charlie had a habit of getting under peoples feet. “No!” He fought, trying to break out of your grip. Taylor walked out.“Charlie. If momma says stop, you stop. Okay?” He said, getting down to Charlie’s level. Charlie said a big “Na!” And ran away. You looked at Taylor with a tired look. Taylor shrugged. “He’s just like his old man” He said with a grin. “It’s not funny Taylor” You pouted. “Okay he can sit in the bathroom with me while I get ready” Taylor said. At this news, Charlie came bounding into the hallway where you and Taylor were standing. “C'mon bud” Taylor said, picking Charlie up and running him down to the bathroom. Ten minutes later, both of them were cracking up laughing. You went to investigate and found Charlie covering his face with Taylor’s shaving cream. You grabbed Charlie and laughed too. “I’m tryna be like dadda” Charlie said. You laughed. “Well you look silly, just like he does” You said, tickling Charlie’s exposed stomach. “What can I say? He’s a Caniff.” Taylor said. “Yeah yeah, just like his old man” You joked, laughing with your son and boyfriend as you tried to clean up the shaving foam mess…

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Jack Gilinsky Imagine.

You have been in Magcon for awhile now. You have made friends with everyone, but Jack Gilinsky is your best friend out of the group. You guys just clicked. Since you and Jack have know each other since you came to Magcon (which was about 5 months ago) you had the biggest crush on Jack, your best friend. You never told him because you didn’t think he felt the same and you didn’t want to ruin a perfect friendship. “HEY Y/N!” Jack said barging into your hotel room. Which snapped you out of your thoughts. He was wearing a black shirt with the word Vans on it, the shirt was tight around the arms and dang did his biceps look GREAT. Then below the waist he was wearing tan khaki pants with black Vans. “Hi Jack.” You smiled at him. “Y/N why are you still in your Pj’s Magcon is gonna start in 4 hours!” Jack said looking you up and down. “Yeah. You see today has been very slow for me and I’ve been thinking about stuff and..” You were saying until Jack cut you off. He walked over to the bed where you were sitting and sat next to you. “What are you thinking about? Maybe I can help you or put in some input that’s what friends are for.” Jack said casually. Yeah friends..I don’t wanna be friends. You thought to yourself. “No it’s ok Jack but you should probably leave so I can get changed you said punching his arm softly.”

*At the event*

It was pouring out. The fans that were outside were drenched. You stood there next to Jack taking a couple picture with the fans you could actually get to. Then you got called back by the manager. “I’m sorry everyone Magcon has been canceled for today. We will have to do this next weekend. All the fans that have paid get either to come free next weekend or there money back. There choice. You all may go back home. Stay safe and try and keep dry!” He said then walked out so he could go tell the fans. On the way back to the hotel room you were in the car with Cameron, Nash, Matt, Jack J, Jack G, Aaron and Mahogany. You were put in the very very back between Jack G and Matt. “I feel so bad for every single one of them. But I’m glad they get to choose what they wanna do with there money.” Matt said. Everyone shook there head in agreement. The rest of the way there people had fallen asleep and others were either coming them sleeping or snapchatting them. You laughed at the site and leaned your head on Jack G shoulder and drifted asleep knowing you could be the next victim to be teased.

*Back at the hotel*

You were changing into sweatpants and a t-shirt and put your hair in a bun. You laid down on your bed and stare at the ceiling. There was a knock on the door. You got up to go answer it, it was Jack. He came in and you sit back down on the bed. “Hi Jack shouldn’t you be with the guys.” You stated. “Well yeah but I need to talk to you Y/N..” Jack said while walking over to the bed and sat right in front of me. “Yeah what do you need Jack?” You sounded concerned. “Well when I say this I don’t want our friendship to end or be awkward after. Okay?” He said sounding worried. “I promise.” You said confused. He took a deep breath “Okay well we have been friends for over 5 months. We hangout a lot and we are attached by the hip some would say. The first day I met you I instantly started to like you we just clicked it was perfect I knew we would become friends but I just don’t know why I’m just now doing something about it. I like you a lot Y/N. You are so perfect.You have beautiful hair and gorgeous eyes I could get lost in. You are funny, nice, outgoing, spontaneous, and very smart…” He kept going but then you just kissed him stopping him. He kissed back. It felt so good because you have been waiting for 5 stupid months to do this, and finally you are here right now with the only boy you like kissing him. You didn’t want to pull away but you had to get some air. “Jack I’m so sorry I don’t know where that came from” you said. “No. Don’t be sorry it was perfect just like you. I’ve been waiting way to long for that to happen.” He said. “Me to.” You shook your head in agreement. “Y/N will you do the honor of being my beautiful girlfriend?” He said smiling that bright smile.