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when the yg maknae is an actual child

I performed a dark ritual and @destinyapostasy was compelled to bring forth the Under-appreciated, Under-represented Solas Concept Art Hair: Fen’Hairel McMulletBangs


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okay but WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT when harry touched liam's ear and louis went from cutie to moody real quick? and also he was so incontrollably jealous, he even had to say "do me a favour??" to them, like ???? 67 years later and i'm still trying to figure out what that damn favour was. (btw i can't send links but if you could hook people up with them visuals that would be good)

Harry, thinking it’d be fun to just play with Liam’s ear:

Louis, not laughing: 

Honestly one of my favourite headcanons is that the Rebel High Command are all vaguely disapproving of the princess Leia spending so much time around that smuggler, to say nothing of the way the smuggler talks to her, and looks at her, and yells at her, and generally treats her like a Corellian commoner has no business treating an Alderaanian princess, and they all scowl about it

all of them except Rieekan, who’s taken Han on as a sort of protegé (not that Han is aware of this), just quietly pushing him in the right direction and encouraging him to take on a leadership role and so on, Rieekan who only cares about Han’s abilities and maybe also the way he can make Leia smile and rage and feel, and who tells Mon Mothma and the others that Solo is a good man, okay, even if he doesn’t always show it

and the arguments, like, Mon Mothma being like “listen Carlist she’s all alone now, we need to look out for her” and Rieekan’s like “I AM looking out for her and so is Solo”

Like, we see exactly none of this in the movies but we all know that that’s totally how it went.

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If EraserMight meet Chuuaku??? Whats happening???? (Perdón por mi mal inglés, en realidad soy un cero a la izquierda en eso)

aizawa and all might would originally be set to fight them since being in the mafia would probably make chuuya and aku “villains” but aku starts coughing up blood during the fight so all mights like “I COUGH UP BLOOD TOO HES MY SON NOW” and aizawa begrudgingly goes along with it bc he knows he cant talk all might out of it and akus like “IM NOT YOUR SON FUCK OFF” but aizawas just like “respect ur parents u little shit”, meanwhile chuuya is having an existential crisis in the corner bc all might is nearly 2 feet taller than him 

every single time i watch the hunsford proposal scene in the 1995 bbc pride and prejudice miniseries i cackle the entire way through because darcy is just…………he’s so rubbish ,, he’s so bad at communicating,,,, he tries so hard but he just Can’t Do It at all bless his soul he tries So Hard but he Cannot get his words out…he spends literally five minutes just pacing a round a room,, stops at the fireplace,,, sits down,, stands up,,, paces some more,, takes a deep breath pulls himself together,,,, he’s visibly sweating,,,,, he’s internally screaming but he finally finally manages to open his mouth and

he delivers the Worst Proposal in the entire history of proposals and he probably panics the enT I R E way through it but once he starts he’s off and he can’t stop and he just rambles and my god someone take pity on this man

hello there i am here it was a strange day off & now i’m down to talk about kylo ren bc i have some emotions ? i need to get out ?