hes not my favorite monster either

John had his ups and downs. He was definitely not a saint, but he was not a monster either. He was a complex person with many sides and layers and as many defects as qualities. That is why he was always my favorite Beatle. I am not saying that he was perfect or that some of the things he did - his violent behavior, his outbursts and mood swings, his jealousy, etc. - were okay in any way or that they did not exist. I know they did and I am 100% sure that any true Beatles fan does. But reducing Jonn to just that is fucking ridiculous. He was a lot more than that. His good parts don’t cancel the bad ones, but the bad ones don’t erase the good either. Do not try to stuff him in a fucking box or paste a label on his head. If you try to do that, you don’t understand shit about who John was. That’s all I’m gonna say about this. 

man begets monsters.

It may not be quite yet August 20th, but either way, I just wanted to finally post this artwork I did for H.P. Lovecraft’s birthday! The version of the author in Bungou Stray Dogs has captured my heart in so many ways, and no matter how you feel about the author he is based off of, the character himself is such a wonderful mixture of the horrifyingly bizarre and the strangely mundane. 

And now we can safely say why Lovecraft’s hair is so big. It’s full of secrets. ;)

((Music: Sean Lennon (or -M-) - A Monster in Paris))

Monster Boy Challenge: Day 26 - Francoeur - Favorite Monster Boy Character

I think this is suppose to mean ‘favorite monster boy from a movie/video game/tv show.’  I hope that’s right.  Either way, I don’t really have a set answer for this.  So many of my favorite characters are monsters and freaks.  I saw this movie again recently, though and Francoeur is still pretty great :D  I didn’t bother with a full body portrait, since he isn’t my character.

- A Monster in Paris
(Done with mechanical pencils and Gimp)