hes not just furniture

Harry and Draco grocery shopping. I wanna read about them doing the most mundane things. I wanna hear Draco nagging at Harry about not picking up the milk. I wanna hear Draco talk shit about their neighbors. I want to see Harry comforting Draco about having to deal with his parents during the holidays. Draco comforting Harry when he has nightmares. Furniture shopping. Basically I just need to get back to writing my DRARRY Britcom.

  • Burr: Alexander? Well it's the middle of the night?
  • Hamilton: hello! My name is colonel hamilton! And I would like to share with you the most amazing constitution! It has, so many awesome parts, you simply won't believe how much the U.S. Constitution will change your life!

Some perfect things about this picture:

- All of the glasses are mismatched
- He has giant holes missing from his couch that implies he possibly just got angry one day and decided to rip up his furniture
- Only one person gets a napkin apparently and that’s the Person of Indeterminate Gender
- The fruit looks fake (and probably is)
- There are inexplicable jars on the table
- The couch also looks kinda like it’s built into the wall

how…. how did the magic furniture people in the castle feed beast……. did he just eat woodland creatures……? was there a magic furniture item skulking into town to buy food……..? is there a magic furniture item tending to an elaborate garden somewhere on the castle grounds…….?

if anybody touches percy, he tends to get uncomfortable and wiggle out of it as fast as possible

meanwhile vex and keyleth can practically drape themselves over him like he’s furniture and he’s just like “acceptable”

Too late (Jason Todd imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Imagine request of Jason where his s/o gets kidnapped by the Joker on the same exact day Jason originally died. You can end it angst or happy! <3
Summary: Being kidnaped years after Jason’s death, on the same day.
Word count: 620
Warning(s): death

He knew it was the dreadful day he died on years ago and it was on his mind all day. He just wanted to finish patrol early and come home to you. You always made him feel so much better. You had even tried to convince him not to go on patrol tonight, fearing that he’ll do something reckless. 

Coming home he felt this weird gut feeling warning him of something bad that might have happened to you, or so he thought. He got home as quick as he could, where he’s worst fear was confirmed.

The apartment was trashed, bloody footprints trampled all over the floor. He was just hoping it wasn’t your blood littering the floor and furniture, but the likelihood was small. His blood was running cold, he was starting to panic more and more with every second passing. 

In the bedroom he loses it, a mix of anger and fear starting to boil in to willpower. The bedroom wall had a large crowbar drawn on it ,”Miss me?” written right above it. 

He quickly called the batcave, recruiting all of the free boys to finding you. Jason informed that time was most likely very limited considering the amount of blood on the floors. Jason estimates that with the temperature in the room, and the blood being nearly dry, whatever went down in there, happened about 24-27 minutes ago

A rushed yet thurow search was started, Dick, Jason, Bruce and Damian combing the city while  Tim and Alfred try to gather data about your possible where abouts. “Joker’s Purple Lamborghini was spotted near one of the warehouses around the area where you died Red.” Tim informes. Even though Jason was the closest by, he was still around 10 minutes away at best, slimming your chance of survival without proper care.

He was nearly there, when he first heard and then saw the tail lights of Jokes car quickly becoming further and further and further away. “Joker is on the run, everyone after him, I’ll check for y/n” Jason instructs carefully opening the large metal doors. 

The old building was full of dust, stored things with white coverings on them. As he got deeper into the place, he started seeing more blood on the floor, and soon enough he heard labored breathing. He ran towards the sound, seeing a blood covered chair with a equally bloody crowbar next to it. There’s a single lightbulb hanging from the ceiling and bloody drag marks on the ground,”Y/n” Jason cries out for you. 

Jason,” You weakly say, giving up trying to put pressure on your wounds because there’s simply too many. Jason finds you hunched into a ball in one of the corners behind some barrels where you were hiding. “This is all my fault,” Jason cries taking off his mask, tears sliding down his rough, scar-littered cheeks. He lays you out, trying to do something about the excessive blood flow to no avail. “Jason- Jason stop please,” You cough up some blood. “I should have stayed home,” He says laying your head in his lap.

Should have, could have, it’s too late for that Jason. You couldn’t have known, it’s not your fault.” You chuckle, raising your weak hand to his cheek, him leaning into it. “All that matters now is that I love you and I want you to remember that.”   

I love you too y/n,” He sobs, trying to stay strong for you with no success. You’re breathing becomes even more difficult, your vision blurring, eyelids becoming too heavy to lift any longer. “Good bye Jason.” You say, before your body becomes limp. “Y/n, Y/n….NO!” Jason screams shaking you.

But you were far gone, it was too late.


With love,


imagine walking into a house and you see all this furniture….he says “haha yeah, I just…love postmodernism” and you realize you have 15 minutes to get out of the house before he starts analyzing South Park at you

What would Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Prussia and Kugelmugel’s rooms look like?


It would be no surprise that his room is very colorful and have a lot of paintings and tons of mascots. He likes having so many colors in one place. His bed is also extremally comfortable.


He enjoys cozy bedrooms that have this calming vibe. He has a picture of him and Liechtenstein on the night table and lots of brown things.


Lots of flowers! Her room is filled with them! She just likes how gentle and stunning they are. She also prefers bright colors.


Surprisingly, he has some musical instruments in his room. He likes playing on them when he feels alone. Also, his bedroom is in darker colors and has a lot of curtains.


Do I really have to explain this picture? Let’s just say that he has lots of piano-like furniture. He also has musical instruments in his bedroom, because he likes playing in the morning calming notes.


His bedroom is the most normal bedroom you’d see. It has nothing special with it but he enjoys the tidyness of it and big space. He also have some books in his room. His bedroom may not be the most original but he surely loves it.
What I Love About - Dimple

As far as I’m concerned he’s alive until proven (double) dead. So here’s what I love about him. Definite spoilers for anyone who hasn’t gotten up-to-date with the manga.

  • He’s seriously had a bunch of character development.
    • Okay, so he never really gave up his ambition of being God.
    • But he used to throw people around and take total control of them to get his way.
    • Lately with his mind power he only took control of one specific aspect of people to get his way.
    • Somehow that was even creepier.
  • He’s a little troublemaker (I have a different word in mind, but it’s Polish and I don’t know how to spell it).
    • A true sassmaster like a lot of MP100′s characters.
    • Loves messing with people.
    • If it was revealed that he purposely moved furniture in the office like a few millimeters over just so Reigen would trip or stumble into it I would believe it
  • His design is pretty cool. It’s unique to say the least.
  • Totally called Reigen out upon first seeing him (despite Reigen not being able to hear/see him) but was still insulted when Reigen called him a lower level spirit
  • He’s like one of those guys in anime that sees someone stronger and says, “Yeah, well, if I was at full power I could totally do that.” (Doesn’t mean he actually could because even with the Diving Tree arc we don’t get to see him at his height of power)
  • Dimple’s a good friend
    • *Cries forever*
  • Despite acting cowardly and wanting to save his own skin he still sticks by Mob and Reigen
    • In the Mogami arc, he was scared almost senseless but he didn’t try to leave when Mob and Reigen got trapped with the other psychics
    • He’s a spirit he could have easily left
    • Stayed with them, kept Mob’s body safe, and then went after him
    • Protected Mob’s body by possessing it and then possessing Gouda in the World Domination arc
    • Stayed with Mob until he got his butt kicked by Suzuki Touichirou
  • Still has not possessed Reigen
    • Reigen is like the easiest target, he’s not psychic and he’s always right there
    • Probably hasn’t done it because he knows Mob will slapped him right out but still
  • He keeps on possessing different people (except Reigen)
    • I don’t know, I kinda find it funny
    • What is he up to now, like 6-7 people that he’s possessed if you include the Kageyama bros
  • He did help Ritsu, kinda, with developing his powers
    • And he went to get help when he saw things were going too far
  • The way he keeps trying to shake psychic’s hands only to get kicked or slammed around
    • I’m looking at you, Mob and Ritsu
    • No wonder he avoided Reigen’s hand when he went to touch him after he gained the ability to see spirits
  • Dimple does actually help Reigen when Mob’s not available
    • Not during the Separation arc obviously, but otherwise yes
    • Actually during the Separation arc, way to rub salt in the wound, you jerk
    • Hey, it’s free food when he helps Reigen
  • He is totally Mob’s parent along with Reigen
    • Only other person besides Reigen who went up to an esper and asked them to stop fighting Mob because they both know he doesn’t want to fight anyone
    • During the World Domination arc he calmed Mob down enough so he didn’t completely explode in a way that would kill everyone
    • Then he and Reigen had multiple powwows during the arc on how to help Mob (like when he and Mob first got to the hide-out and when they were tracked down by the Claw espers)
    • He and Reigen looked after Mob together
  • He realized that it wasn’t necessarily that he wanted to be God
    • The real thing he wanted was friends
  • He always comes back
    • Every time he’s gotten trounced and/or it looks like he was finally killed, he pops back up

Three things happen in Providence one Saturday night at ten o’clock.

One: The lights go out.

Two: The city goes dark.

Three: Eric Bittle goes weak at the knees.

Deep down he knows he is safe in Jack’s apartment—the furniture is just furniture, there is no one under the bed, and the clothes in Jack’s closet have not magically turned into scary monsters with sharp fangs and claws—but believing such things is easier when you are holding some kind of light or someone else is holding your hand.

Jack went out with his teammates tonight for a change, and Eric left his phone charging in the bedroom to restrain himself from checking his notifications every five minutes while he was studying for a test, which means he is currently all alone in the living room, surrounded by darkness and too frightened to think straight. Damn it, if he could just muster up some courage, he would grope his way to the bedroom and grab his phone at least. Easier said than done, though.

Eric sets his notebook aside, curls up on the couch and closes his eyes, drawing a shaky breath. He is not tired yet, not really, but sleeping seems like a good idea right now, the easiest way to deal with this fear of his. He clutches a pillow to his chest—Señor Bunny is on the nightstand—and thinks of soft blue eyes, gentle hands and the morning sun.

He falls asleep twenty-nine minutes later.


Eric wakes up at midnight to find himself under the covers of Jack’s bed. It is still dark, the pillow he had been holding earlier is nowhere to be found, and Jack is right beside him, propped up on his elbow and gently running his fingers through Eric’s hair. It is soothing, so very soothing, and so Eric’s first instinct is not to start looking for the nearest source of light this time. Instead, he scoots closer to Jack and wraps his arms around him, a sleepy smile crossing his lips.

“Sorry,” Jack whispers, pressing a kiss to the top of his head. “Didn’t mean to wake you.”

“S’okay. I didn’t really mean to go to sleep that early. But suddenly the lights went out, and for once in my life I didn’t have my phone with me, and I didn’t know what to do, because apparently I never got over this silly fear of the dark and—”

“Hey,” Jack cuts in; he is brushing his knuckles lightly across Eric’s cheek now. “It’s not silly. You know you can talk to me about that kind of stuff, right?”

Eric is feeling a bit drowsy, and he knows he would stumble over his words if he tried to tell Jack how much that means to him—how much Jack himself means to him—so he just nods and mumbles a clumsy merci.

It may be dark, but Eric swears the proud grin Jack flashes at him in that moment could light up the entire room.


Submitted by gentlemanbones

Headcanon of the Day

All of the furniture in Byron’s house is made of metal. There are cushions, of course, but all of the supports are metal.   

It’s not an aesthetic decision. When someone asks why, he simply opens his wallet and hands them an old photograph. It features Roark (who couldn’t have been more than 4 at the time), his newly hatched Cranidos, and piles and piles of broken wooden furniture. Turns out Cranidoses don’t see any difference between the trees they headbutt to train and the wood that makes up a dining room table, for example. The pair got through two whole rooms before the destruction was halted. 


– from the Batman v Superman: The Art of the Film book

still not over the fact that Lex installed cute rock furniture @ Lexcorp for his employees to chill on tbh

My blog has been depressingly spuk-less lately so I had to remedy that. 

Sort of an AU where Antonio is a professional, working in a shady “exotic-themed” escort house (with the ugliest furniture ever, my bad) and he thinks he’s just gotten a new favorite regular. 

If you are wondering why Arthur looks like he’s seen the face of God, it’s because he’s feelin’ the booty x’D

Happily Pregnant #10 - Protective Harry

Your belly was getting bigger now and you needed to go shopping for some maternity fitting clothes. You put on some yoga leggings and one of Harry’s button up shirts. You smile putting on your makeup and putting your hair into a braid. 

“How’s my beautiful wife?” Harry smiles wrapping his arms around you. 

“I’m doing well.” You smile. “How’s my husband?” 

“Great. I’ve finished painting the nursery.” He smiles. 

“Ooh wonderful! Now, we just have to get the furniture.” You say. 

“Which we will.” he smiles. “I’ve set up a meeting with one of the stores designers. We’ll be able to get exactly want we want for the baby.” 

“Do you think I’m being high maintenance?” You sigh. “Its just people don’t normally have their baby furniture designed for them.” 

“Baby you’re not high maintenance and I know plenty of people who want to get stuffed designed.” He says. 

“And how many of those people are celebrities?” You sigh. “Or very wealthy people.” 

“Okay, all of them, but what about those who are crafty and can make their own with their own bare hands? That’s not any different to me.” He says. 

“That’s true.” You nod. 

“See now, let’s go shopping for you so new clothes.” He smiles. “Although, I do have to say you look pretty hot in my clothes.” He says. 

You smirk. “I know. You say. 

He laughs giving you a quick kiss and the two of you head out for your day of shopping. 


You get to the first store and start looking around. “Ooh look at this dress! That would perfect to wear if you ever took me on date.” You smirk. 

“Hey! I take you out on dates!” He laughs. “It’s just it’s been kinda hard with tour and now we’re getting ready for our little one, but I promise soon that I’ll take you on the most romantic date you’ve ever been on.” He says. “And yes, that dress would look amazing on you.” 

You giggle kissing his cheek before getting a few sizes to try and handing them to Harry to hold. You find a few more clothing items to try on before heading over to the fitting room. You grab your clothes from Harry and go towards the room, when you notice him following you. 

“What are you doing?” You giggle. 

“What? I just thought you might need help or something. You know zipping something or…” He says. 

“That’s very thoughtful, but you can’t go in there with me.” You laugh. “There are rules.” You giggle. 

“Oh, fine, but if you need my help I’ll be right here.” He says sitting down in one of the chairs outside of the fitting rooms. 

You head into the room and close the door. You put the clothes on the little hook and start undressing. You try on all the jeans, t-shirts, nicer tops, and a few simple dresses first before trying on the gorgeous red dress that you first saw in the store. You were able to zip up halfway, so you new that you would need help. What sort of designer puts a zipper on a maternity dress anyway, you think to yourself. 

“Harry.” You say. “I need your assistance.” 

“Coming, love.” He says putting his phone in his pocket and heading over to your room. You open the door and he zips up the remainder of the zipper. 

You turn around to face him. “So, what do you think?” You say. 

“You look amazing.” He smiles. “As always.” 

“You don’t think it’s too tight?” you say. “or that I look fat?” 

“You’re not fat, love and this dress shows off your amazing belly that our child is growing in, so it’s not too tight, unless you find it uncomfortable.” He says. 

“No, it’s actually quite comfortable, I just didn’t know if it was too much for me to wear.” you say. 

“Baby, you look beautiful and that dress is perfect on you.” He smiles. “If you want to get it, then get it.” 

“Hm. Let me take this off and I’ll look through all of the other clothes and then I’ll decide.” You smile. 

“Okay, need my help with anything?” He asks. 

“Just to unzip this dress.” You say. 

He smirks and moves your hair over to unzip the dress. He gives your cheek a quick kiss before stepping out of the dressing room to let you change. 


Later that night, Harry kept to his word and was taking you out for a date. You did your hair and makeup and wore the red dress. You put on some of your favorite heels, that weren’t too tall or uncomfortable for your swelling feet. 

Harry was driving and holding your hand. 

“I do have to say that I’m the luckiest man in the world. I have to most amazing and beautiful wife.” He says kissing your hand. “i just know that you’re going to be the best Mum ever.” 

“I hope so.” you smile  running your hand over your belly. “You know I just thought of something… This is the first time I’ve worn something that shows my belly since I’ve gotten pregnant. I’m sure everyone will find out now.” you say. 

“Well, it was going to happen sometime.” He says. “Unless you don’t want anyone to know yet.” 

“No, no, it’s fine. You’re right, people are going to know eventually. I was just saying that we might start to get more attention now.” You say. 

“True, but don’t worry. I won’t let anyone bother us.” He says. “Especially you. No one is going to get near you.” 

“I know. I’m not worried.” You smile. 

You get to the restaurant and Harry helps you out of the car. He takes your hand as you both walk inside and get seated at your table. Harry pulls out your chair and you sit down smiling. 

“Thank you.” You smile. 

He smiles and sits down in the chair across from you. You look at the menu and quickly order when the waitress comes over. You smile and take a sip of your water. 

“I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I got here.” You giggle. 

“Well, you are eating for two now.” He smiles. 

“That I am. Speaking of, don’t forget we have another appointment in two days. It’s going to be a big one. We’re going to find out the sex.” you smile. 

“I can’t wait.” He smiles. 

“Me either, would you prefer a daughter or son?” You smile. 

“Honestly, I don’t care. I just want a healthy baby.” He says grabbing your hand. 

“I know. I would love to have at least one daughter and one son at some point in our lives. I do hope that we can have more children after this, but I’m only going to focus on the one we’re about to have.” You giggle.

“Yes. I can’t believe we’ll be holding our little one in just a few short months.” He smiles. 

You nod. “I can’t wait.” You say. “Although, I am nervous about the whole labor process.” You sigh. 

“I bet, but you’re going to do a fantastic job.” He smiles.

“I hope so.” you sigh. 

He smiles rubbing your hand and soon your food arrives. After you two have dinner and get a dessert, Harry pays for the check and the two of you make your way out of the restaurant. When you approach the door, you see a huge crowd of paps and fans. 

Harry sighs. “I’ll get the car and meet you here. Do not go outside, until I get back.” He says. 

You nod and Harry leaves to get the car. A few moments later, Harry pulls the car up to entrance of the restaurant as much as he can. He gets out of the car and rushes over to your side. He helps you walk to the car and everyone swarms in to take pictures. 

“Y/N! Harry! Are far along are you?” 

“Harry are you sure the baby is yours?” 

“Is it a boy or girl?” 

“Why have you kept this a secret?!”

Between the shouting and the flashing camera lights you were starting to feel a bit dizzy. Harry was trying his best to help you over to the car, when you feel someone grabbing your arm. You think it’s Harry, but then you realize that the grip is way too hard to be his and that you’re being pulled in the opposite direction. 

“Don’t touch me!” You shout and trying to get your arm free. You end up hitting the guy in the face, when Harry realizes what’s going on. 

“What the fuck are you doing?” He shouts over at the guy. “How dare you put your fucking hands on my pregnant wife!” 

Harry glares over at the guy and attempts to make his way over, but the guy runs away. 

“Harry let’s just get in the car.” You say quietly. 

Harry nods and gets you in the car. He shuts the door and rushes over to the driver’s side. As soon as he gets in, he speeds away. You rub your belly as you look over at Harry, seeing him gripping the steering wheel. 

“Are you alright?” He says. 

“I’m fine. We’re both fine.” you say. “I’m just a little shook up.”

“I can’t believe that just happened. I’m so sorry.” He says shaking his head.

“It’s not your fault. Please, don’t blame yourself.” You say. 

“Yes it is! I should have been more prepared. I should have had us go out the back or something. Especially when I saw the crowd out there.” He says. 

“Harry, I’m fine. I told you that. You didn’t grab me, that jerk did.” You say. “It was just one guy in the crowd, you couldn’t have known that would have happened.” 

He sighs reaching over for your hand and he sees the brushing of the man’s grip on your arm.. You see tears forming in his eyes and you sigh pulling your hand away. 

“It’s nothing.” You say. 

“It’s something.” He says. “When I find him…” 

“We’ll go to the police. You’ll do nothing.” You say. 

“He hurt you! He could have hurt our baby.” He says. 

“I know, but he didn’t. And going after the guy is not worth it.” You whisper. 

Harry pulls into the driveway and sighs looking over at you. “I know that.” He whispers. “I’m just so angry after what happened.” He sighs. 

You sigh looking over at him. “And you have every right to be. Come on, let’s go inside and have a nice cup of tea and settle down.” You say. 

“I’m sorry our date night was ruined. That was definitely not what I had in mind.” He sighs. 

“It’s okay. It’s not about the plans or what restaurant  we eat at. All that matters is that we spend time together.” You smile. “And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Now, come on.” You say getting out of the car. 

Harry sighs turning off the car and getting out himself. He shuts the car door and follows you inside the house, where you two try to make the best of the rest of the night. 

anonymous asked:

What is the weirdest thing Yuuki has done to you?

Yuuki huh? He’s done some pretty weird things!

One time he set up a controversial debate and set up Miyoshi and Hatano as the captains of opposing teams. We had one hell of a debate. The longest we ever had. Pretty sure Yuuki just wanted to see a catfight.

The other time he said we’re testing ergonomics or something and made us rearrange class furniture. I think he just wanted to use the loud noises to hide his fart. Fukumoto served sweet potatoes and beans that day.

Oh! Oh you meant to me!? Let’s see…

Yes, I went to his office one time because I needed money to get a suit made for a mission and had to get his approval. So he told me, “White looks good on you. It makes you look like a jolly rich man.” And I wasn’t sure whether he was joking.

And when I came back with Emma and Frate in tow, Yuuki said, “They are cute because they make you look like your actual age” and I just


Catching Feelings (2) (Jackson)

Request: part 2 of Catching Feelings—you and Jackson have a friendly, joking relationship but you catch feelings when someone says you look good together

Length: 1,739 words

Genre: Fluff/Angst

*A/N: Part one can be found here. I did not intend to write a sequel for Catching Feelings to begin with, however, my laziness is to blame when I decided to end the original scenario where I did. I totally could’ve concluded it… but I didn’t, so here it is :-)

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