hes not giving the finger in the 1st one

Sunshine Melted Into Sound.

Individuals may often discover that the most unique and memorable quality of a person is their voice. Listening to someone enlighten you with their thoughts - or even something as simple as deciphering a story out loud - can bring a feeling of tranquility, unlike anything else. The sound of one’s words just might make you close your eyes and hold on to each and every one.

The evenings in California were so beautiful at this time of year. The sun was setting over the horizon, painting the sky a faded shade of pink with swirls of yellow and orange. The early spring wind was cool and breezy, which felt rather refreshing after having the sun’s hot rays beaming down during the day. The dusk was perfect for sitting outside and under the Golden State sky just to unwind.

For (Your Name), a night like this meant getting a little peace and quiet and there was no better way to do so than to spend some time out on the back patio with the nightfall breeze fluttering through her wavy curls while getting wrapped up into a good book.

While she sat in the terra sol patio chair with her legs curled up and tucked underneath her, perusing page after page of Marc Alain’s Happiness—One Day At a Time, Justin was sitting on the opposite side with his right arm stretched out across the top of the seat and his legs crossing over one another. He was scrolling through his phone but really had no interest in what he was looking at. Occasionally, he would glance up and nonchalantly admire (Your Name) as she continued to read. He loved how focused she appeared to be on whatever she was reading; every time she turned a page, she would tuck a loose curl that seemed to always fall in front of her eyes behind her ear.

Seeing her deep in her thoughts and so attentive to every word she read brought a smile to Justin’s face.

After (Your Name) had completed another chapter, she looked up from the book for a quick second, only to see Justin’s eyes studying her as he smiled. She felt the heat in her cheeks growing, she figured that they had also turned a bright shade of red. This was the kind of effect which Justin had on her, even just looking at her was enough to make her blush.

“What?” She asked while smiling curiously. Her expression only made Justin’s smile grow wider. He found her innocence to be one of her most attractive qualities and one that he loved greatly.

“I just love watching you read, you look so cute,” he chuckled softly and gave her a flirtatious wink. He then opened his arms out wide; his way of inquiring (Your Name) to move closer to him.

She consented and scooted over to the end of the outdoor sofa where Justin was sitting and settled herself against his chest. With his right arm wrapped around her shoulders, Justin’s left arm embraced (Your Name) from around her waist.

Their body heat penetrated against one another, keeping each other warm. By now, the wind had begun to cool down; (Your Name) was dressed in the periwinkle satin and lace summer dress that she loved to wear around the house for its extreme comfort. Justin was wearing his signature gray sweat pants and black hoodie, which helped to shield out the cold. He held (Your Name) closer to his chest, tenderly squeezing her in an attempt to give her more warmth. A comfortable silence fell between them; the only sounds to be heard were that of the wind and the busy city life off in the distance. Justin noticed Alain’s book still in (Your Name)’s hands.

“Why don’t you read your book out loud?” Justin asked. (Your Name) was surprised by his request. She turned her head around and looked at him with a confused expression. She asked, “what?” thinking she may have misheard him the first time.

“I want to listen to you read… just to hear your voice, please,” he began twirling her loose ringlets around with his fingers. Justin was never the type of person to become so deeply interested in books but he could listen to (Your Name)’s beautiful voice as she deciphered one — word for word — for hours.

(Your Name) smiled and acknowledged his request. She settled comfortably in Justin’s embrace with her back against his chest and opened up the book to the page where she had left off before. She began to read aloud as Justin brushed his fingers through her hair while his chin rested on the top of her head.

July 1st — The Power of Love.

(Your Name) glanced up at Justin, giving him a warm smile. Justin kissed the center of her forehead and gave her a look that said, “Please, continue.

And so she did.

…Love is not a feeling as such, although we may feel tenderness and an affinity towards another person. Love is something else. Love sterns from our own will to love, from a fundamental choice that defines our relationship with human beings and with life…

…I choose love. I choose to be a loving person. And by choosing love, I transform my life, I transform the way I see the world, I transform my every action…

Justin closed his eyes as a sudden shiver rushed up his spine. With every little word that escaped through (Your Name)’s lips, he felt his pulse become more rapid. The sound of her voice was so pleasant; it was pure and bright; she could speak in a way that it could make anyone feel warm inside, like a ray of sunshine had been melted into sound.

Listening to (Your Name)’s voice was like listening to the wind. It was enticing and alluring; the flow of her tone when her voice would rise and fall was so sweet and mellow, it was calming and full of tranquility. It was an addiction which Justin could never shake.

July 5th — Romance.

…Romance is the champagne of life. It is the magic that has you want to dance the tango, it gives you wings and makes you happy to simply be alive…


…In reality, there is only one moment, the present moment. If we waste this moment on thinking about tomorrow or yesterday, it fades away quickly and disappears forever. Here and now, why not resolve to live the present moment to its fullest… The greatest pleasures in life are brought to us by the present moment. So I resolve to live in the present moment, here and now…

(Your Name) felt a gentle kiss on the top of her head. She glanced up to see Justin’s eyes that were pools of dark brown. For what felt like an eternity, the two gazed at one another with smiles imprinted across both of their lips, neither speaking a single word.

“Shall I keep reading?” (Your Name) broke the silence. Justin quickly nodded his head in response.

“Of course,” he said in a hushed voice. His face was now only inches away from (Your Name)’s, his lips brushing ever so gently along her hair and across the side of her cheek. “I could listen to you all night.”

(Your Name) chuckled at his comment. Why he was being so affectionate in a way he had never been before and why he suddenly had an interest in listening to her read to him aloud — something he also had never done before — was unknown to her.

She continued to read.

July 31st  — True Love.

A quote from Daphne Rose Kingma…

True love is much more than a feeling, a sensation, much more than a magical interlude of emotional inebriation that overwhelms us when the full moon is only a tiny sliver. Love is a range of behaviors, attitudes, and abilities whose practice creates and maintains a state that we call love. It is a dimension in the form of a relationship that satisfies, vivifies and heals, but it is also the product of a complex effort. In truth, love is ‘the work of love’ that is apparent only when we realize that in addition to being a gift, it is quite an undertaking…

(Your Name) had been reading for almost an hour but to Justin, it had felt like only a few short minutes. He smiled and watched her intensely. She was so oblivious of how therapeutic her voice was to him. Feeling the goosebumps rise all over her arms from the coldness, his hands began rubbing her skin up and down in a nonchalant and soothing matter.

“Are you tired of listening to me yet?” she asked in a joking matter but also with a sense of curiosity. Justin was quick to shake his head before gently nipping her chin with his thumb and index finger. “I could never get tired of listening to that incredibly beautiful voice of yours,” he whispered.

“You, sweetheart, have the voice of an angel.”

(Your Name) noticed that his face was slowly moving in towards hers. She closed her eyes just before she felt his lips softly overlap hers, swallowing her breath she molded her lips to fit perfectly with his. She smiled against the kiss and slowly her eyes fluttered back open as she felt Justin pull away.

The sun had now almost completely descended and there was now a surreal blend of sunset and a starry night sky left in its wake. Turning to another page, (Your Name) once again began perusaling out loud while Justin continued to listen, letting her angelic voice and soothing words free his mind.

The End

PS - Hope you enjoyed it. The book which I’ve quoted from is one that I’m currently reading and that is Happiness—One Day At a Time by Marc Alain. It’s written in a page-a-day format and it’s sort of a guideline on how to live a healthy life: physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s rather very calming and peaceful to read and I highly recommend it if you’re into such type of books. Thanks for reading 💗

PPS - I’m always open to more ideas. Send requests anytime ❤️😘

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(Your writing is fricken amazing! I hope you keep doing more of them! I think some of them made me cri a lil ;-; ) How would the RFA + V and Saeran react and act to there kids? How would they act as a parent?

If you guys wanted to know, I’m picking the same gender children and amount of kids as myetie’s family portraits that they put up a while back. Just because that’s how I picture the families. So if you want to see my reference go to their blog. Their art is amazing so I‘m sure you already follow them.


  • When he finds out you’re pregnant he almost faints
  • Do you guys even have the money for a baby?
  • You have enough, according to a financial counselor Jumin called for the two of you
  • When you have the baby Yoosung melts
  • You had a little baby boy and honestly he’s the most precious thing Yoosung has ever seen
  • Other than you
  • Whatever your son wants Yoosung tries to get him
  • But of course you guys are tight on money so he just showers all of his love and affection over the two of you
  • He takes your guys’ son to work sometimes and he teaches him all about animals
  • More people come in when baby is there. Good for the office.
  • When they’re older he teaches them LOLOL and they make an unstoppable team
  • He never yells at his kids over school work because they know that he didn’t quite do it during college and use it against him


  • You tell him you’re pregnant and he picks you up and spins you in a circle
  • He then immediately frets over the fact that he maybe just hurt the baby??!!!!
  • You did not hurt the baby, Zen. She’s okay.
  • Zen now has two princesses and he treats them as such
  • He takes your daughter to all of his practices and she becomes a fan favorite with everyone he works with because she is so precious
  • She loves playing with hair as most little girls do so the both of you let her do your hair. You tend to get the crazy inventions while he gets braids.
  • As soon as he finds out that she is allergic to cats she doesn’t even get to step ten feet away from Jumin’s kids because they have like fifty cats now. He must protect her.
  • Jumin has one cat
  • When she’s older and bringing guys/girls home Zen is the most intimidating parent ever.
  • If you so much as look at his princess the wrong way he’s gonna fuck you right up
  • He puts her into dance classes and theater and band as soon as she’s big enough
  • He’s genuinely so upset when she quits theater and dance. But at least she’s rocking the flute still
  • BTW she has his white hair and red eyes and he was so hype


  • The two of you adopt a beautiful little girl and honestly Jaehee feels so blessed.
  • The two of you work together at the coffee shop so your daughter goes with you everyday
  • She helps prepare in the morning and then hangs out on one of the bar stools where either you or Jaehee watch her
  • She brings in a lot of customers, mostly female college students who can’t wait to have kids of their own
  • Jaehee is the carrier. If your daughter can be carried she is being carried. Piggy back rides ftw
  • When she’s not helping you two at the coffee shop Jaehee is teaching her some new skill, when she was smaller it was cooking and cleaning efficiently
  • When she got older though Jaehee is teaching her all about how to get school and work best.
    Make it into a good college and get a good job
  • But Jaehee always makes sure she knows that good pay isn’t always worth it. She doesn’t want her baby to go through what she did when she worked under Jumin.
  • Jaehee is actually the most supportive mother ever. Whatever her child wants to do she helps her, even though sometimes it may not be the best decision. She needs to learn through experience and Jaehee understands that
  • She is the mild PTA mom. She follows the extreme PTA moms basically


  • Jumin needs a child, to be an heir to his company
  • So when he finds out your pregnant he’s ecstatic because he’s not only having a child with the love of his life plus he’s also got his heir now
  • The two of you have a baby boy that looks almost identical to Jumin, the only difference being he got your hair color
  • Whenever the two of you come to visit him at work he sits Jumin jr (he’s not actually named Jumin jr. Because someone is going to think I’ve named him that) in his lap and tries to teach him but it all flies over this toddlers head
  • Not once though, does Jumin ever speak to your kid like a baby. The first time he holds him he starts talking and said words to the baby that you didn’t even know the meaning of
  • He can’t necessarily take the baby to work but when he comes home from work this child is always on his hip
  • He honestly feels so guilty about not being able to spend too much time with his son because his work hours are so long
  • This boy is more spoiled than you are tbh
  • When Jumin jr gets older Jumin begins training him to be the heir of C&R. He doesn’t pull him out of school though because he needs his son to learn how to work with emotions because he didn’t until he had met you
  • Any issues relating girls/boys or relationships in general he automatically hands off to you
  • He’s lowkey pissed that your son is a mama’s boy


  • This boy is fucking hype, because y’all are having twins
  • He’s even more hype when the twins are actually mini hims
  • He works from home so he lets the twins hang all over him and feeds them garbage and shows them memes
  • He then makes them memes
  • He non stop messes around with them, you can come home to an intense game of freeze tag or hide n seek.
  • Even though he says he’s letting them win you know he is actually trying really hard and just sucks really bad compared to the boys
  • Whenever he goes out on field missions for the agency he always brings home presents
  • He acts more like an older sibling than a dad most of the time
  • His children are so insanely spoiled but if they act like brats Seven automatically puts his foot down
  • When they start going to school Seven becomes the extreme PTA mom.
  • Jaehee’s daughter goes to school with them she tends to follow what Seven says
  • He has called out a woman’s shitty brownies every bake sale
  • “No Sharon no one likes your vegan brownies stop bringing them!”
  • He’s taught the kids hacking and code and every tip and trick he can think of
  • He is also the best shoulder to cry on ever so the kids always come to him for emotional support
  • Seven also needs emotional support so it’s just a hot mess when he tries to give advice. Half the time the boys help him and then go to you
  • He’s a little too excited to give them the Talk


  • V is actually crying tears of joy when you tell him you’re having a baby
  • He’s constantly kissing your belly because the baby must know he loves them
  • You two have a gorgeous baby girl and he loves her so much
  • You and your daughter are the focus of more than 2/3 of his photos now
  • He just thinks you’re so perfect and you are
  • He will cradle her in one arm and then let her wrap an entire hand around his finger because that is his weakness
  • V is constantly pressing kisses to her because she needs to know the love still!
  • She’s taking 1st class photos before she can read
  • This girl is so much like her dad, like they’re both such cinnamon rolls your heart can hardly take it
  • When V tells her he can’t see he expects her to question it but instead she just explains to him what you and herself look like and then V himself and he breaks for a second because she’s so sweet
  • He ends up getting the surgery because he needs to be able to see his family properly.
  • V has always been the friend you went to for emotional support so when his daughter begins to grow up and needs more help in finding her path and figuring out life V is stood like
  • ‘My time has come’
  • He’s just got this amazing bond with his daughter


  • He is so protective of his daughter
  • Even before she’s born. If someone so much as looks at you wrong he’s ready to beat them tf up
  • As soon as she’s born he becomes the most worried person alive
  • He’s constantly questioning whether or not he’ll be a good enough dad but when his daughter falls asleep in his arms every night he slowly realizes maybe he’s doing this whole dad thing right?
  • He has you teach him how to do her hair. He also has you help him figure out outfits to put her in
  • Whenever you guys go out he carries her on his shoulders because she likes being tall
  • He lets her draw on his arms because she’s convinced black marker is how he got his tattoos
  • You never thought you’d see the day where your husband would get himself down in one of the little kid chairs with a plastic cup of pretend tea talking about how your daughter was going to run her country.
  • He was seriously talking about taxes and jobs and resources, all in a sparkly crown
  • When she gets older he keeps her from doing stupid shit and keeps her from being around the wrong people
  • When her first boyfriend/girlfriend dumps her he buys her ice cream and holds her
  • He’s insanely supportive of her and is constantly doing his best to make sure she gets as many opportunities as she can and always helps her pursue them
  • Don’t tell MC, but he taught her how to shoot and she’s really good at in. Like worryingly good at it.

~Love Peony

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Two things regarding the rings! 1st, in the pic out today, Lance is taking Tom's ring off his finger to give it back to Tom. He'd had both his and Tom's rings on his finger for safekeeping while Tom trained. 2nd, a lady on twitter found out today from talking to them that they had their engagement rings and their wedding bands fused together to make one ring. All in all, pretty freakin' romantic!

Yep! Very romantic ☺️

When You Try To Distract Them With Tickling (MONSTA X)


After hours of waiting alone in your room, waiting for your hardworking boyfriend to finish practicing, you finally decided to do something about it. As you set your fingers on his side, almost instantly, he’d break out into the sweetest grin, one that spread from ear to ear; Hyunwoo could recognize the feeling of your embrace anywhere. He would reciprocate by restraining you with his famously huge biceps, wrapping them around you in a suffocating bear hug. He’d nuzzle his face into your neck, causing a chuckle to erupt from your throat, “If you wanted me to take a break you could’ve just asked.”

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He’d probably be annoyed at first because you were causing him to lose his spot in 1st place, but after awhile of trying to regain his focus, he knew it was pointless. He’d put down the controller and give in to your attempt at a distraction, tickling you back ferociously, soon turning the tables and becoming the one attacking YOU with his fingers. Both of you would eventually end up sprawled across the floor, gasping for breath, trying to recover from the intense war that just went down. He’d pull you into his arms and brush away the hair that was on your face, “let’s cuddle, I’m tired.”

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After hearing, “5 more minutes” for the fourth time that night from Minhyuk, inevitably, you got impatient, so following your gut instinct you went to go check on him. Peeking through the door, you saw a clearly frustrated and tired version of your usually happy, ball of sunshine. He would drop whatever he was doing the moment you got close to him; I’m sure he didn’t want to not spend time with you, but work is work. He’d probably be happy that you gave him an excuse to take a break, but the second you lay your hands on him, get ready for his retaliation and the biggest tickle war of the century.

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After getting home from a long day of work, you expected your boyfriend to be avidly cooking, or simply waiting for you to come home and smother you in his love-but no-you were greeted with a, “Hey, you’re home!” and a nod in your direction. There he was, sitting with a controller in his lap, so devoted to the game, you let him be, hoping when you got finished changing he’d be done. Soon you realized that wasn’t going to be the case at all, so you quickly established a plan and attacked his sides with your fingers. “Y/N! You made me lose the game!” He’d say in a joking, lighthearted manner, but he’d catch on and turn off the game, ready to spend quality time together.

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I have a strong feeling you wouldn’t be the one saying, “let’s take a cuddle break”, he would. Hyungwon wanted nothing more than to hop into bed with you after practicing his choreography for the 15+ time that night, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep without knowing he nailed each and every step of that dance. You knew that just as much as he did. So, you decided to have a little fun with him, loosen up his tense muscles; he’d be grateful that you allowed him to take a break, and wouldn’t stop tickling you until you both declared a rightful winner, “I obviously won that, no doubt.” “In your dreams, loser.”

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There he was, sitting with a pencil in hand and his headphones on, “Really, ANOTHER song? You just had a comeback for crying out loud!” You thought to yourself. Although he was just being his regular hardworking self, you couldn’t help but be a little annoyed that he wasn’t spending any time with you. So you decided to intervene, in an attempt to get his attention, you pounced, and began to bombard him with tickles. Oh, how vicious it was. He’d pull you into his lap after figuring out your true intentions and begin to shut down his computer, “I’m all yours.”

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He’d be sitting on the floor with his headset on, and a bag of chips as his companion, his eyes so focused on the screen you thought they were going to combust. It was his day off, and you understood that he was tired but, goddammit why wasn’t he paying any attention to you?! So you proceeded to unplug the console, mid game, and before he could get too upset, you jumped onto his lap, beginning to push and prod your fingers into his vulnerable sides. He’d be struggling for air when you finally gave up, and whilst still recovering from the loss of oxygen, he’d look you in the eye and say, “My turn”.

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~Admin F

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see, I'm in 11th grade and my geography teacher is like the hottest teacher i've had in my 11 years of school. So from our 1st lesson on i threw an eye on him. I never manage to stop looking at him. Whenever I'm in class i give him these dirty and kinks looks & he always starts smiling pretty dirty & I'm like losing my shit. Whenever he gives us some worksheets he always manages to touch my fingers. that one day he even stopped talking while looking at me. Finally, i just want him to fuck me.

A short little dabble in honor of mother’s day. Short, not beta-ed, and a little silly considering it involves cinnamon rolls… :)
Cullen x Aurelie Trevelyan (and little princess Eirlys) 

“Remember what I said?” Cullen asked, his voice low as he stood at the foot of the stairs that led to the bedroom he shared with his wife, Aurelie. In his arms was their daughter Eirlys, a bright smile on her face as she nodded in response. Already passed her 1st birthday, his little princess was growing up so fast.

Shhh.” She pressed her finger to her lips but still laughed as he slowly began the climb up the tower.

Eirlys continued to giggle as he carried her in one arm, her little legs wrapped tight around his torso and arms clutched into the sleeve of his tunic. Cullen turned his head to give his daughter a knowing glance and she dug her face into his shoulder, her laughter growing. In his other hand was the probable reason for his daughter’s behavior—early that morning he had pulled himself out of bed, set on creating a surprise for his wife.

Aurelie had been away for weeks on a diplomatic meeting in Denerim and when she arrived the night before, she was too exhausted to even properly greet him. Cullen only brought Eirlys with him when she noticed him sneaking out of room. The girl was young but clever like her mother—smart enough to realize that her father was up to something.

So he took her with him to the kitchens where the two baked past sunrise, Cullen messing up the recipe more than once. It was something he was a little embarrassed about, considering Aurelie had given to him years ago now and he had prepared the treat for her before. Cinnamon rolls; it had become somewhat of a standard in their relationship.

As Cullen rounded the landing Eirlys wiggled from his grasp and he placed her on the ground, still amazed that his daughter was already mastering walking. She reached back up and Cullen laughed before handing her the small bundle of parchment, the smell of cinnamon starting to fill the room.

Eirlys scampered across the floor of their room as fast as her legs could take her, Cullen following closely behind. When his daughter reached the bed she looked back up at him, and he smiled as he scooped her back up in the air. Aurelie was already shifting beneath the sheets, her eyes fluttering open to look up at Cullen and Eirlys.

“Hmm?” Aurelie pushed herself up on her elbows as Cullen placed Eirlys on the bed, the toddler shifting quickly to wrap her arms around her mother’s shoulders.

“Ma!” She smiled, and Aurelie smiled, yawning once before fully sitting up as she hugged Eirlys tight to her chest. She turned her gaze to Cullen before her nose twitched. Quickly she dropped her gaze, instantly finding the bundle next to her.

“Oh, what’s this?” There were still traces of sleep in her voice, but she was already beaming in excitement as Eirlys clamored to bring the package into Aurelie’s lap. Finally Cullen sat on the bed next to them, and watched as Aurelie unwrapped the parchment to reveal the sweet treat.

“I helped da!” Eirlys exclaimed. Aurelie raised a curious brow and Cullen softly chuckled.

“We got up early and made them in the kitchen.” He explained. Aurelie’s expression shifted to one of affection, her smile soft as she leaned down to press a kiss to Eirlys’ brow.  

“Thank you.” She cooed, their daughter giggling as Aurelie finally plucked at a roll, pulling it apart before pressing it to her mouth. After she had eaten half of one she turned her attention to Cullen, shifting a little to press her lips to his cheek before catching his lips in a chaste kiss. “And thank you.”

“Eww.” Eirlys covered her face with her hands as Cullen pulled away from his wife, staying close as their daughter crawled between them to grab a roll for herself.

“One of these days you’ll have to get used to ma and da kissing, Eirlys.” Aurelie spoke before smiling back at Cullen. With their daughter momentarily distracted he stole another kiss, sighing when he noticed a playful glint in her eyes. “Does da have any other presents for ma?”

Cullen instantly knew what she was hinting at and only offered his wife a wink. “I’m sure something can be arranged.”