hes not a cat

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Headcannon: Bendy and Oswald like to freak people out by removing their heads/appendages.

That kind of thing sounds more like something Felix would do, though I don’t know if Oswald was a trickster in his old cartoons or not.

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My cats loves cheek rubs! Even if my little princess is mad at me, she let me rub her cheeks. I dunno why cats love this, but... Papyrus is a cat. Confirmed.

Lol, u guys really like Papyrus being an animal XD From what i can tell, he could be a parrot too! He’s so loud and fabolous. XD

Consider Kevin being allergic to cats, and he visits Neil and Andrew and of course Sir and King are all over this tall baby and hes like “pls get these jerks off me, you know I’m allergic” and Neil just going “dont say you’re allergic to my kids Kevin, that’s fucking rude” right before Kevin sneezes directly in his face