hes never done this before omg

Okay okay I really want a fic where like… (and I know this set-up has been done like…a thousand times but…) Bitty works for the Falconers in like social media or something…and part of his job is handling the official Falconers’ Twitter.

And Jack has never paid attention to twitter or any of that before, right?  But he keeps hearing the guys in the locker room laughing their asses off, because Bitty is savage.  His dry humour and snark is just on point and he’s developing this amazing reputation.  Like they go on a roadie and Jack overhears some of the other team actually complimenting his teammates on their PR guy’s skills??

So he shows up at Ransom’s door when they get back and hands over his phone and he’s like…Show me how to twitter.

So Ransom and Holster set Jack up with a twitter, and post something absurd like, ‘Finally joining the rest of humanity, only a decade behind’ or something.

And Bitty responds–not by tweet, like everyone expects, but by leaving Jack a pie in his stall.  And it’s amazing.  And Jack is just like who IS this guy?  So he finds Bitty to thank him and wow he’s so cute and funny and that accent…

Anyway Jack doesn’t have time to have ridiculous crushes on little Georgia rays of sunshine (the most he allows is peeking at Twitter–and wow yeah it’s pretty funny.  When Bitty destroyed Parse in the last tweet war, Jack was laughing so hard he was crying and even had to call Parse like, “wow Kent.  Wow.”  “shut up, Zimms.  I was off my game.”)

So during this time, people start to take notice of Jack.  And most of the fans are excited he’s on social media, but there are some Terrible ™ people who say bad things and at first Jack has a hard time because part of his coping had been to stay away from all this.  But he wants to try.  So he ends up in Bitty’s office like, “Can you teach me your ways.”

And Bitty is like, “come, young padawan…” Jack doesn’t get the reference and Bitty sighs for like a million years and adds on pop culture from 2001+ to his list of things he has to teach Jack.

Jack and Bitty meet up whenever he’s got spare time after practise, and sometimes for dinner after home games…and okay maybe Jack’s crush is getting worse, and the guys are relentless in their chirping because Jack “Heart Eyes” Zimmermann thinks he’s not obvious but He Is ™.  But it’s all in good fun.

He realises his crush isn’t going away any time soon, but he’s not sure he can do anything about it.  One day though some a-hole on twitter who thinks he’s a Jack Zimmermann expert because he has google access to his wiki, starts coming at him.

And before this, Jack would usually shut down or defer to Bitty.  But he’s just so tired.  So he starts giving the most dry, most sarcastic, Dead Sea Salty responses.  And by the end of the night the guy has talked himself into a corner and Twitter is losing their minds because is this seriously Jack Zimmermann?

And Jack is just like, I had a great Twitter Master.

Bitty sees it, of course, and bursts into the locker room and throws himself at Jack and they make out because well, how can they help it?  The guys all yell and chirp and Bitty promises to bake them all many pies if they leave Jack alone about it.

They don’t, of course.  But they get pies anyway.

SMH as things my mother has said/done

lardo: was a big fake straight beard for her gay friends

jack: “huh, I’ve never heard Justin Bieber before”

bitty: “it’s just not the same with jam, but I can’t find any good preserves”

ransom: refuses to give up foreign citizenship because (s)he is Not American and refuses to associate with that whole mess

holster: has watched 90% of the tv shows on netflix twice, even the ones she hates

dex: “I’m not sure what it was about her, but every time I saw her face, I just wanted to punch it”

nursey: casually called to say “don’t freak out but i’m in the hospital”. twice.

shitty: constantly says “fucking white people”- is white

Bonus Kent, since there’s no Chowder (that sunshine boy is literally the opposite of my mom):
“I had a boyfriend once who had a jaguar. The animal, not the car.”

SVT react to Filthy Frank’s STFU

A/N: Rip my headphones because I watched that video so many times

-admin b


*Only listens to it to be “hip” with todays jams.*

“I’m what the kids call ‘lit’.”


*makes sure no one (most importantly Dino) isn’t around to hear the vulgarity before jamming out alone*




*adds the video to his watch later playlist but never actually watches it*


*makes up a dance for it*


*makes it his ringtone, sets it as an alarm, buys it on iTunes*


*learns how to play it for when he’s absolutely done with everyone’s (mainly Mingyu’s) shit*


*non stop laughter for no reason*


*adds his own lyrics to the rap verse*


*purposly messes up Hoshi’s choreo for the song*


“Are you kidding me?”


*uses the song as his ringtone*


*doesn’t even get a chance to listen to it because Jeonghan won’t let him/ has his phone set so restricted content can’t be viewed*


Omg if the only shit you have done is read shitty headlines and have never seen him then please stfu he did accept he fucked it up but the media is absolutely shit, they’ve taken shit out of context and even mentioned stuff that isn’t true at all and like i said before, for the mistakes he did, he apologized, he owned that shit up and admitted he fucked it up, what the media is doing is character assassination, plain and obvious hunger for clicks, headlines are insane, this whole shit is ridiculous, its only a hateful parade #IstandWithPewdiepie

EXO Reaction when their gf bakes them their favorite sweet

Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *Starts eating before it’s done* “Even if it’s raw.. it tastes good!”

Kris: “I don’t like this Y/N… This is not my style…” *Eats everything before he finishes the sentence*

Sehun: “You did what? For me? You cooked?! omg” *Can’t believe it*

Tao: *He is getting moody because he has been waiting for it since the morning*

Kai: *The happiest of them all* “Never stop cooking, Y/N!”

Xiumin: *Invites Luhan to celebrate this moment* “Oh gawd! She can cook!  Whoa girl!”

Baekhyun:  “We have strawberries… chocolate and cream.. Someone is being naughty!” *He is the naughty one*

Luhan: *Waits outside the kitchen almost eating the door* “It smells delicious! I want it now Y/N!!”

Chen: “I want more of sweets baby… If you know what I mean..”

Kyungsoo: *Happiness overflows* 

Lay: *GIF*

Suho: *More than grateful* “I think I should reward you later babe..” *smirks*



Those marks above Alan’s head always seemed to shadow him. No matter what he did, there would always be four others who had been marked against before, four brothers who had been that age, been that height, been there, done that. He would never exactly equal any of them, but he set his aspirations high.

The day he measured himself up against the kitchen wall and realised he was a whole inch taller than Gordon, he was satisfied. He might never match the others in height, but at least he wasn’t the shortest.

Gordon didn’t find it as satisfying, strangely.

laylaanne I’m filling that prompt, kinda, with a drabble and companion art pieces! It’s not all the boys, but I was having a connection with Alan today. 

Seeing You Do This // Anakin x Obi Wan

Anon Requested: Could you maybe do one where like anakin and obi wan are force ghosts and they are commenting on the stuff that happens in the force awakens and like anakin is disappointed in Kylo ren and obi wan is just like “ you honestly have no idea of what you were like do you” ? Thanks! Love ya!

this is so short omg im so sorry

Anakin and Obi Wan just witnessed the murder of Han Solo. The murder being done by his own son.

Anakin stood, watching, feeling shameful and guilty. He was disappointed in his grandson and what he was doing.

“It’s painful to see him take this path. I never wanted him to follow in my footsteps. I never meant for any of this to happen.” Anakin sighs, watching as the terror unfolds before his eyes.

Anakin and Obi Wan watch as the girl from Jakku and the storm trooper turned heroine run from the sight of the murder.

Obi Wan speaks, “You have no idea how painful it was to see you do the same.”

Anakin turns to his master. “Excuse me?”

“You turning to the dark side was the most painful experience of my life. Not because I felt bad for you or the danger you were putting yourself into. But to see how Padame was losing her husband, your children losing their father, and me losing my brother,” he stops to look at Anakin. “I loved you and I wanted to stop you before you could do anything you would regret. That’s why I disabled you. In an attempt to save you. I had to return Padame to Coruscant to deliver the children. The children who became fatherless moments before.”

Anakin starts to tear up at his words. “I had no idea you felt that way. I was to blinded too see the truth.”

Obi Wan smiles at him. “I know. But all we can do is hope that the man below us doesn’t make the same mistakes and repeats history.”

rainusia  asked:

I understand everyone has their own opinion, but... you complain about everything. Bill drinks in a car? okay, it happens sometimes. I can't say I've never done anything like that before. He's happy with his friends? omg, terrible! he wants to spend his life the way he likes and that's okay. I'm happy he feels so free, because he was so paranoid before. Bill doesn't post any pic on IG? oh no. Bill post smth? double no. I don't get you...


Inexperienced (Luke)*


Anonymous said: “Can you please make a luke imagine were he is inexperienced and you are and you tie him up and tease him and give him a really good blow job without him being able to use his hands? thanks love. xx p.s. if you could make it really smutty that’d be great. XD”

yes, omg

(smut warning, also it is pretty descriptive)


You flip over to change positions so that you are straddling his waist instead, resting your hands on his chest. You and your boyfriend, Luke, are currently in your bed, having quite a heavy make out session. 

Luke’s lips are hungrily attacking yours while his hands are gripping your sides. You grind your hips down to his, creating friction. He lets out a moan, throwing his head back as he pants heavily. 

“I- I’ve never done this before…” He suddenly confesses, meeting your eyes. You already knew that Luke was a virign though so you just smile and lean down to give him a gentle kiss. 

“It’s okay, we’ll start slowly." 

He nods, trusting you without any doubts at all. Maybe you would have said that you could do it another time if it weren’t for the obvious excitement Luke had going on in his pants. You can feel his bulge poking your bum so you grind down one last time before you climb off of him. 

His hands fall to rest beside him on the bed as he looks expectantly on you. You walk over to your closet where you find a couple of scarfs that you bring back to bed. 

"Babe, what are you-” Luke cuts himself off as you start to tie his hands to each corner of the headboard so that he can’t move them.

You look at him and smile before you move to unbutton his skinny jeans. He watches you with wide eyes filled with lust as you puch his pants down to mid thigh along with his boxers.

“Ever had a proper blow job, Luke?” You ask, looking up to him from where you are situated between his legs.

“Uh, n-no.” He stutters, cheeks flushed. 

“Well, you’re about to.” You say and give him one last look before you wrap your hand around his rock hard length. He breathes in and you can feel his legs going tense. 

You use some of the precum that had gathered at the top before you start to move your hand up and down. 

Shit…” He groans, screwing his eyes shut. You pump him a few more times before you pull your hand away, letting his cock fall onto his bare stomach. 

You then lean in, this time taking him into your mouth. He lets out a loud groan when you wrap your slick lips around him and you are very glad that your family isn’t home, or else they would definitely have heard you by now. 

You lick from the bottom to the top of his erection before paying a little extra attention to the head, giving it small kitten licks. 

“Babe…” Luke whines, pulling at his tied up hands as you continue to tease him. “Please.”

“Please, what?” You smirk, wrapping your hand around the base as you place small kisses along his shaft.

“Just- just do something!” He moans, bucking his hips up and pulling at his hands to get free. “Please, princess…”

“Since you asked so nicely…” You smirk before you once again wrap your lips around him, taking him into your mouth. 

“Fuck.” You chokes out, trying not to push further into your mouth. He pants heavily, whole body tense beneath your hands. “’m gonna come.”

You try to relax your throat even more to puch down even more, his tip touching the back of your throat as you pump the rest of him with your hand. You hollow your cheeks and bob your head up and down when you feel him getting closer to the edge, his hips and legs twitching uncontrollably, abs tensing and untensing.

Fuck, fuck, fuck…” He moans after one glance down at you before he throws his head back, screws his eyes shut and let out the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard when he comes, shooting down your throat. His hips buck up and he pulls furiously at his ‘hand cuffs’. 

He eventually relaxes, letting out a breath he’d been holding in. You pull away, wiping your mouth using the back of your hand. Luke is still lying with closed eyes, panting heavily. 

“Wow.” He breathes. 

“I take it as you liked it.” You say, smirking up at your boyfriend. 

“Oh, I loved it. Thank you babe." 

You move to untie his hands, letting him free and he immediately wraps his arms around your waist to pull you to him, letting out a content sigh. 

You lean up to peck his lips before you rest your head on his chest, hugging him tightly. "It was my pleasure.” You smile.

Up10Tion Ditching School

Jinhoo: would feel too guilty and just go to school anyway. 

Kuhn: called in and tried to fake being sick by making gross barf sounds on the phone (and even dumped water into the toilet) but got caught later at the mall. 

Kogyeol: the reason Kuhn ditched and got caught bc he posted pictures of them at the mall drinking coffee *dateu* 

Wei: he wasnt invited to the ditch day. Jinhoo was so proud but Wei had no idea what he was talking about… 

Bitto: ended up just sleeping the whole day. 

Wooshin: most likely go shopping 

Sunyoul: the same reaction that rapunzel (tangled) had when she left the tower for the first time “weeeee this is so much fuuuuun!!! omg, what if they find out… IM NEVER GOING BACK!!!! what if i get…EXPELLED…. why havent i ever done tis before!”

Gyujin: was in charge of telling everyone to ditch school (but forgot to tell wei). 

Hwanhee: planned to ditch already to hang out with xiao

Xiao: but since everyone else decided to it they had to play along anyway.

MAGI RANT because yeah im pissed

yeah lmao imma be real here and say that the development of alimor as a romantic ship was bullshit.  morgiana’s good qualities literally had to be pointed out by olba before alibaba went “OMG she might be girlfriend material!!!”  it was never on his own that he came to that conclusion, and tbh all i saw was a one-sided crush on morgiana’s part.  idk if this looks like im bashing the ship because all I’m saying is that this could’ve been done SO MUCH BETTER and im actually angry with how its turned out between the two of them, especially because alibaba was never serious like Morgiana was about it and it was more of an in-the-moment kind of thing.  it sucks because hakuryuu has ALWAYS admired morgiana and saw her strength and kindness and loved her for her.  with alibaba it was just “oh dude man she’s COMPASSIONATE???  STRONG??? yo that’s gf material right there i never knew this wow this is all news to me”.  that just really, really puts a bad taste in my mouth.  I adore them as friends and maybe could’ve loved them if they were developed better in the romance department, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Before Bakura is fully destroyed he appears before Marik to say goodbye. He finally realises that love is more important then revenge and regrets making the wrong decision. However it’s too late and he is fading into the shadows. 

Omg this was so sad to draw, I almost cried several time :,( I’ve never done anything fading away in photoshop before so it was fun experimenting. I hope I’ve done it justice :)

Exo reaction to you having really warm and soft hands

sup girl! could you do an exo reaction to you having really warm and soft hands? sry if you have done this before or it’s too stupid ;-;

Xiumin: Can I hold your hands more often? They’re so small and soft :)

Luhan: These are softer than Xiumin’s hands… *I like*

Kris: I’m never letting go of these precious hands

Suho: It was the hand softener wasn’t it? You better be sharing with me

Lay: *before going to sleep, he entwined his hands into yours* Goodnight sweetheart <3

Baekhyun: *gif*

Baek: But you shouldn’t stop because your hands feel really nice :)

Chen: OMG that’s so adorable and perfect! I’m gonna hold your hands even more often now

Chanyeol: He would take your hands and place them on his cheek *wow, your hands are so smooth and warm*

D.O: I didn’t realize how beautiful and soft your hands were :)

Tao: Your hands are cute and warm but not as warm as mine :D

Kai: *starts chuckling* Don’t get annoyed if I constantly ask to hold your hand

Sehun: Oh my goodness… why are your hands that soft? It’s literally like a baby’s hand… You’re too cute babe  


Da Vinci’s The Last Supper vs. the Théâtre des Vampires (Interview with the Vampire)

vampchronfic (V) and I (Mater Fabuloso) were having a serious discussion about ^this brief moment:

V: Look at the vampire at the end in the back row (left). I can’t stop laughing! Have we ever identified all of them? 

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Kingsman and their American counterparts

Not sure if this has been done before, as I just got into Kingsman fandom, but omg, could you imagine if the Kingsman had an American counterpart called the Minutemen? And they were all named after historical figures from the Revolution, like the founding fathers?

  • Washington is their leader, of course, but 150% done, because Arthur, that ass, left her a shit ton of paperwork in the aftermath of his various betrayals and in having one of his agents injured and almost killed on American soil. If he hadn’t been killed by that hot young thang, she would have gouged out his eyes with a nail file
  • Franklin is their Merlin, but Jesus Christ, the other agents do not need to know what that omnisexual egoist gets up to in the lab with his inventions.
  • The Adams’es are often either referred to as Thing 1 and Thing 2 or Jadams and Sadams, much to their annoyance.
  • Their base of operations is beneath the Boston harbor because someone thought they were hilarious.
  • Arnold is their tactical genius that no one ever listens to, and some asshole thought it would be funny to make him the liaison to the Kingsman.
    • He’s also the one who protected Galahad during his time in the hospital in Kentucky, because he realized that noise cancelling earplugs were the way to go, bUT THOSE IDIOTS NEVER LISTEN TO HIM.
    • He also took great pleasure in shooting Jefferson’s fucking face in when he tried to take out Galahad for Valentine      
    • (Yes, Tyler Hoechlin is my Arnold.)
  • Ross is their tailor/quartermaster/researcher/Franklin’s long suffering underling. Better watch yourself, Eggsy, Ross would jump Harry in half a heartbeat because daaaaamn.      
    • Ross was the one who fixed Galahad’s suit after the Kentucky fiasco, and he when he dropped it off, there were literal hearts in his eyes. Harry was a complete and perfect gentleman (but couldn’t resist the amusement at asking Ross’ help in getting dressed, because Arnold was two seconds away from shanking him. Luckily for them all, Eggsy put a stop to that shit, stepped in with a proprietary hand sliding along Harry’s back with Arnold dragging Ross out by the scruff of his neck).
    • ( Yes, Dylan O’Brien is my Ross)
  • And sometimes, Arnold and Harry (who is the new Arthur), will get together to gossip chat about their boys.

(Did I do this whole thing to Sterek the Kingsman fandom? Yes, yes I did.)

Imagine Anders switching places with himself from alternatetive universe where everything is the same, but he’s involved with Fenris

And he doesn’t realize that something is wrong until Fenris confronts him, and even then he doesn’t believe him at first

Imagine all the angst and hurt and misunderstanding

Or better yet, imagine the other Anders in a world where Fenris still hates him

Is that a thing? I haven’t seen it but it should be right? No way this have never been done before omg I want it


Oh wow guys. This show was just wowowo there are seriously no words this is one of my new favorite shows and stage door experiences.

I don’t even know where to begin like WOOOOW

ok so the show. THE SHOOOOOW.

For those of you who have yet to see A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, I highly recommend that you do. The cast is stellar, the show i soo well done. AND THE MUSIC!? I WANT TO SING ALL OF IT OMG.



Ok. I’ll save everything that has to do with Lisa for last. So stay tuned!

Jeff Kready is the greatest just wow. Vocally he was just SO on point tonight, and I have never heard man with such a strong falsetto before in my life. He’s just so perfect, and the subtlety of his humor realllyyyyy added to Monty’s character - it made him less of an over the top character, and far more relatable. Also, I found myself buying into Monty’s shenanigans and sympithizing with him, which like wow if you can make a character like that lovable kudos to you Jeff Kready! (I HAVE A LOT OF STAGE DOOR STUFF ABOUT HIM TOO SO STAY TUNED FOR THAT LATER)

CATHERINE WALKER WOWOWOWOW. To be honest I hadn’t heard much about her, so I wasn’t totally sure what to expect from her performance walking in. But lemme tell you. That girl can SING. Like wwoooooow I was so blown away. Her sound was very clean and clear and just wowowo she was so incredible. Seriously spot on.


Ok. Lisa. Lisa perfect person O'Hare.



She was just. There are no words for how incredible she was tonight. During “I Don’t Know What I’d Do” she held it together so well until the very end where she is hugging Monty from behind, and a single tear fell down her cheek. My heart actually broke omg.



She literally had to bite her lip at one point to keep from crying and I just omg bb I was so sad for her because you could see how hard she was trying to keep it together throughout the entire show, but especially in that moment.


When Lisa came out (first of all she was a wreck. Like she was crying so hard it was so sad) the entire cast just starts screaming and clapping, and at one point Catherine grabbed her hand and squeezed it and mouthed “I love you” to her.

Jefferson Mays blew her a kiss, and Jeff basically dedicated his bow to staring at her and making everyone give her another round of applause.

She was so appreciative.


Jeff Kready was the first to come out and lo OO kAT ALL THE CUTE PICS I GOT WITH HIM

So basically I had taken pics with him on my phone, and then my dad was like “Wait I want some too!” And I go “ugh dad!” And the first two pics of us are him imitating me and being like “yeah, come on dad hurry up!” And I was just laughing so hard. I have a very special place for Jeff Kready and his adorable smile in my heart lemme tell you like wow he’s the nicest.

Ok. Catherine Walker was next. and She was just the absolute cutest like wow. She was so nice and I told her how incredible she was and she was just like “thank you so much! I’m so glad you came” And I just love her a lot wow

JEFFERSON MAYS WAS SO INCREIDBLE AND A GENTLEMAND AND WOWOWOWOW. We talked for a good five minutes and he just asked me a bout myself and what I thought of the show, and I told him how incredible he was and he goes “aren’t you the sweetest, thank you! It is such a joy to do every night”

I love him so much and I got to hug him it was great.



Ok. Lisa. LISA. When she came out she got a HUGE round of applause and everyone was so excited and she just put her hand on her cheek and teared up and just omg she’s the sweetest person on the planet.

Wow she is SUCH a sweetheart. I was kinda a wreck when she came out … like I wasn’t crying but I just kinda rambled and I told her what an inspiration she was to me and how incredible I thought she was and I was look “sorry Im totally embarrassing myself”. And she just put her arm on my shoulder and goes “no you aren’t, you’re being so kind!” She was so gracious and lovely and SHE HAD THE CUTEST HAT ON. 

(You can see the tears in her eyes in that last pic oops)

At the end I wished her happy trails and she pulled me into a hug. I wanted to cry and she was crying and just wow I can’t even deal with how incredible tonight was.

All in all, tonight was incredible and I cried a lot.

Lisa O'Hare gave the performance of a lifetime. She’s just a perfect human being and I don’t even know what else to say because IM SO IN SHOCK WOW

Sympathy for the Devil

The first time Steve lays eyes on Tony he’s only a small thing tucked into his bed as deeply as he can burrow in, shivering with fever. A soft touch pushes through his sweat dampened hair and a sympathetic smile greets Steve she nye forces his eyes open. It’s a man he’s never seen before with a mustache and blue, blue eyes in pieces of a suit. HIs jacket is missing for some reason leaving his suspenders visible and his tie hangs loose around his neck like he was on his way off to bed for rest when he found Steve.

The touch to his forehead is gentle and blissfully cool. It coaxes Steve to shut his eyes again. The stranger hums, a low, rich sound that makes Steve shiver in a way that has nothing to do with his fever. Something tells him he should be afraid but Steve also finds himself very much wanting this stranger to stay.

“Who’re you?” Steve croaks out. His throat is sore and his head hurt. The hand smoothing his hair is pushing the pain in his head a little further away with each pass. 

The man’s smile quirks on one side and he shrugs. “You wouldn’t believe me kid.” 

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