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Cosa Nostra - A Preview for A Candle for the Caribbean

As many of you know, @loveinpanem is holding a charity event to raise money for those impacted by the hurricanes in Caribbean. If you donate money to any charity that’s helping victims, you will receive a copy of a fanfic anthology put together by many talented writers and artists.

For my contribution, I’ve decided to finish a fic that I’ve been working on behind the scenes for over three(!) years now. Conceived one night while @beanfromdistrict7 were dining at an old Italian restaurant on the Strip, Cosa Nostra is an Everlark historical AU taking place in 1950′s mob-run Las Vegas. Katniss Everdeen is a performer for The Mockingjay, which is run by mob boss Coriolanus Snow. Peeta Mellark is a forensic accountant who is a plant for the FBI in The Mockingjay’s business office. The two meet and are instantly drawn to each other, but how can anything possibly end well when they are on two opposing sides? Especially since Katniss knows that the mob will have no problem harming her sister if she betrays them.

Since I’m a Vegas local, this story is also a bit of a nod to our own recent disaster, the shooting at Mandalay Bay. Such a sad world we live in. But it’s the people rush to help those who have been harmed by these events that make our world worth living in. 

At any rate, enjoy the preview!

“Good evening, Miss Everdeen,” he says to me in a voice that is a little too upbeat. “It’s wonderful to finally get to meet you.”

“Good evening,” I say to him, my voice far more stilted.

“I’ve heard so many things about you,” he continues.

“And I, you,” I say, then kick myself mentally because that is about as dangerous comment as I could possibly make. I may as well just openly challenge him. I don’t dare betray the fear I’m actually feeling, though, and do the best I can to arrange my facial features into one of stone. I hope against hope I have a better poker face now than I did when gambling with Peeta and Haymitch the other night.

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Happy Birthday winterwinddancer!

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We wish @winterwinddancer a very Happy Birthday! To help you celebrate the lovely @historywriter2007 has written you a special Everlark Fic!

A/N: The prompt was: Anything is wonderful, but I do love Everlark as work friends who like each other. Thank you to Everlarkingjoshifer for pre-reading for me!  Happy Birthday winterwinddancer! Rated G,

The staff gathered in the ballroom, there were only two days before the summer rush would begin. The pools, tennis courts and golf courses would open and the events would triple.  Panem Country Club was the biggest and best in the county, a distinction that also made them the busiest.  The Mellark’s knew they owed all their success to their staff and they made sure they were taken care of.  It started with the before summer party where they spared no expense to make sure the staff felt appreciated as well as getting them some key information for the summer. Katniss also couldn’t complain about the pay, it was higher than all the other clubs, the Mellark’s were willing to pay the best to keep the best, but they did expect a lot from the staff in return.  

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I am going to physically punch the next person who says that Peeta Mellark is a weak love-sick boy.

So let’s see here, in the first book he tells everyone publicly how he feels about Katniss.  He puts his personal feelings out there for the whole of Panem.  He knows she doesn’t care about him but he still protects her in the Games, and he’s honest with her about how he feels, or about when he fell in love with her.  He takes heartbreak like a champ.  He took on the Careers knowing how risky it was just so that he could keep an eye on them and hopefully keep them away from Katniss.  He doesn’t even think she’ll let him live, “come to finish me off then sweetheart?” He’s surprised when she takes care of him.  He does get glimpses of her actually feeling something for him, and yes, maybe he does get his hopes up, but he still does what needs to be done.  When she’s sleeping he’s looking after her.  He doesn’t even care if he lives or dies in the Games as long as Katniss makes it home.  The only time he acts wounded is at the end of the book when he discovers that it was an act…

“It was all for the Games,” Peeta says.  “How you acted?”

“Not all of it,” I say, tightly holding on to my flowers.

~The Hunger Games pg. 372~

And I mean come on, how would that make you feel?  Don’t base his weakness for Katniss as a weakness over all.

So then we have Catching Fire, yes he acts wounded for quite a bit of the story, well the beginning, but he never once rats her out.  He knows how she feels and that it’s different than what he feels for her, but he still does everything he can.  One of my favorite parts of the book – that sadly didn’t make it into the movie – is when Katniss was out hunting, gets stuck behind the now active fence and has to use a tree to drop to the other side, significantly hurting herself.  When she gets back to her house there are Peacekeepers there waiting for her, but Peeta and everyone else plays it up until they leave.  And then, while she’s recovering he comes over everyday just to spend time with her.  Talk about “weak,” bitch please.

Then comes the ill-fated return to the arena.  He immediately goes to Haymitch to plead for her life.  To beg him to keep Katniss alive, knowing, that he would be giving up his own life to accomplish this.  And then he is there for her when she has nightmares, he’s always, always, always there for Katniss.  Even when he knows she doesn’t love him back.  But he never fails to be everything she needs him to be, because he loves her.  He tries–unsuccessfully–to tell her that his life isn’t important that her family needs her and…

“No one really needs me,” he says, and there’s no self-pity in his voice.

“I do,” I say, “I need you."  He looks upset, takes a deep breath as it to begin a long argument, and that’s no good, not good at all.

~Catching Fire pg. 352~

He truly believes this.  But when Katniss says she needs him, things change.  He realizes that she does care about him, and that does not make him weak it empowers him.  It gives him a new kind of strength, but it also means that now he will be separated from her forever because he’s made the decision to keep her alive.  But he knows that she has the exact same plan, but he can’t even think of going back to Twelve without her.  Not because he’s weak, but because she gives him a strength that without her he wouldn’t have.  In his mind if he goes home alone…that’s when he becomes weak.

And now for Mockingjay, this book made me cry so much, its unreal.  Peeta is first seen defending Katniss in front of the whole of Panem.  Who knows what kind of deal he made with Snow to ensure that Katniss was unharmed.  He wouldn’t care what happened to him as long as she was safe.  Now there’s a lot that we can’t see from his side of things because the book is in Katniss’ pov, but that doesn’t mean anything.  When he comes back he’s confused as hell.  He doesn’t know anything about her anymore.  But think about it for a minute, he has two voices raging inside him, the one that thinks she’s a mutt and the one that loves her.  Hell yes I believe that Peeta is still in there too.  If this Peeta can remember the bread and the dandelion, the train, after she fell from the tree, and – more than likely – the day on the roof then his love for her isn’t comepletely gone.  It’s just confused.  He still loves her, but he hates her.  Just think about what that must be like for him.  He is starting to lose it when she kisses him, and he says "always” dammit.  That’s a memory the Capitol couldn’t take from him.  He also makes the comment about knowing what blood poisoning is, referring to the first Games.  And he knows it was said.  We also know for a fact that he loves her still when him and Gale talk in that cellar.

“She loves you, you know,” Peeta says.  “She as good as told me after they whipped you.”

“Don’t believe it,” Gale answers.  “The way she kissed you in the Quarter Quell…well, she never kissed me like that.”

“It was just part of the show,” Peeta tells him, although there’s an edge of doubt in his voice.

“No, you won her over.  Gave up everything for her.  Maybe that’s the only way to convince her you love her.”

“I wonder how she’ll make up her mind.”

“Oh that I do know.” I can catch Gale’s last words through the layer of fur.  “Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can’t survive without.”

~Mockingjay pg. 369~

Guys, he still cares and that says a lot about his character.  That means he’s fighting off the mutt side of him to come back to her.  Because, get this, he still loves her.

And let’s just take a second to point out that, he goes back at the end and doesn’t force himself at her.  He plants primroses and waits for her to welcome him back into her life, fully prepared that she might not.  If that’s not love, and doesn’t say a lot about his love for her then I don’t know what does.

Katniss herself thinks…

What I need to survive is not Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hatred.  What I need, is the dandelion in the spring.  The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction.  The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses.  That it can be good again.  And only Peeta can give me that.

So the next time that you think that Peeta is weak, just you remember all the shit he went through to choose her a second time, to fight the beast within.  To be every much the man that he was before the war.

Peeta Mellark is not weak.  Don’t mistake the hell he went through as a weakness, because if you’d gone through all that…how strong do you think you would be??

Cookie Monster

A/N: Written for @yuletideinpanem, prompt from @winterinpanem.

Thank you to @papofglencoe for proofreading!

I do not own THG or any of it’s characters.

“Who the fuck ate the last of the gingerbread cookies?!” AU


“Who the fuck ate the last of the gingerbread cookies?!”

Katniss cringed at the resounding shout as it echoed off what felt like every surface in the house. You’d think the tree might dampen some of the reverb, but the ornaments just seemed to shake with the vibrations. The stockings on the mantle swayed with the gust of air carrying the sound. She almost found herself snorting at the very delayed slipping of a small piece of tinsel draped perfectly over the-

The kitchen door swung open with a clang, Katniss cringing further at the sound. She just knew if she looked up, she would see the silhouette, horror story music playing somewhere in the background.

Oddly enough, the Christmas music playing softly in the background was eerily off-putting. The twinkling lights all around seeming to set the mood for an instant thriller as she made her escape from the angry, cookie-deprived human.

She could see her avenue of escape in her mind, the hallways flashing like a cutaway, blueprints rolling behind her eyes like dollar signs on a slot machine, lining up with her plan perfectly, about to hit the jackpot.

The slow, calculated footsteps drew closer, too close for comfort, and Katniss glanced up feebly at the approaching face from her position on the floor, mid-wrap of a present, tape on the tips of several fingers, and for some reason, one on the tip of her nose.

Finnick looked down at her accusingly, flitting his eyes toward Haymitch, who held his hands up in innocence, flask in hand, feet propped up on the coffee table in front of his perch on the couch. “Don’t look at me. If I can’t drink it, I don’t touch it.”

“So you drank the last of the eggnog?”

Haymitch looked like he was sucking on a lemon. “That I did do.”

Finnick’s accusatory glance returned to Katniss before all eyes flicked toward a set of heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. A slight stumble and muttered swearing before Peeta came into view, hands held over his eyes, tilted just slightly to look down at the steps.

“I know, I know. I’m not supposed to be in here. I might see my presents. Blah, blah, blah. Haymitch, get your feet off my table.”

“How did he…” Haymitch asked as he quickly obliged, staring after Peeta as he disappeared into the kitchen.

Walking back out with one hand covering both eyes, the other carrying a plate of Russian tea cookies, Peeta spoke with a sigh. “Here, Finnick. Eat these.”

“They look like little snowballs.”

“You are so observant,” he said sarcastically, grinning at the eye roll he knew Finnick was sending his way. “So much less morbid than eating little cookies decorated like children.”

“Thank you,” Finnick deadpanned after a moment. “Thank you for ruining my favorite cookie, Mellark.”

“No problem,” he grinned, hand still over his eyes as Finnick took the plate.

Opening his fingers to peer at Katniss, she grinned at him, mouthing a ‘thank you’, and earning a wink in return before his fingers snapped back shut, and he went to go back up the stairs.

Haymitch had slowly set each foot back on the table when his back was to them, silent as a mouse.


He jumped at the sound of Peeta’s voice behind him, climbing the stairs. Turning in the couch to watch Peeta’s retreating form, Haymitch’s eyes were wide, his voice almost monotone. “Okay, how the hell did he do that?”

Meadow Grows Green, Chapter 3

by @shesasurvivor

When I saw that @loveinpanem‘s April challenge was focusing on spring, hope, and renewal, I couldn’t resist using the opportunity to post the next chapter to my post-Mockingjay fanfic, Meadow Grows Green. It focuses on those same themes, and I’ve drawn upon my own real-life experiences recovering from grief, trauma, and PTSD to write this. If you’d like to read the first two chapters, they are available on FFN and AO3.

HUGE thanks to @deinde-prandium for cleaning up my mess, and to @bigbigbigday006 for pre-reading and providing advice and insight.

Summary: Putting yourself back together after falling apart is the hardest thing to do. But Katniss has always been a survivor… And maybe now she can even learn how to thrive. Post-Mockingjay, canon compliant, Katniss and Peeta healing and growing back together.

Rating: T

It makes no difference to me that it’s my birthday. As far as I’m concerned, I shouldn’t ever have had one again. I’m not entirely sure I should have had one to begin with. If I hadn’t been born on this day eighteen years ago, how different would things be? I can’t help thinking of all the lives that would still be preserved today. Would Prim still be around? Would she even have been born if I hadn’t, triggering that sequence of events?

Maybe it would have been just as well. Then she never would have had a life to lose in the first place.

The others insist on celebrating my birthday. Well, by that, I mostly mean Greasy Sae. No doubt, she’s acting on orders given to her by Plutarch himself, who probably would have made a nation-wide event of the whole thing if I weren’t so unpopular for ratings right now. No, the Mockingjay who murdered the wrong president is not the right person to be making a fuss over at this point. That’s fine by me. The last thing I want is any more attention.

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Mockingjay Part 1 

Directed by  Francis Lawrence
Written by Peter Craig & Danny Strong
Stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson and Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Based on the book by Suzanne Collins

4 stars

Official Synopsis: When Katniss destroys the games, she goes to District 13 after District 12 is destroyed. She meets President Coin who convinces her to be the symbol of rebellion, while trying to save Peeta from the Capitol.

When I read Catching Fire, I honestly believed it to be one of the best books I’d ever read. Or certainly one of my favorite reading experiences. I remember the rage, the injustice and the feeling of wanting to crawl through the book and join the rebellion. From there, I found Mockingjay to be lacking. I didn’t like Katniss’ role as the Mockingjay or a “puppet,” as I have called it for the last few years. I also hated a lot of the twists and turns in the end.

That being said, I say with confidence that this book was supposed to be a film. It was meant to be adapted as a companion to the book. It’s explosive and shows in living color an intense journey that I somehow missed in the book. The story of Katniss Everdeen in Mockingjay is complex, emotionally and mentally.

Mockingjay- Part 1 starts where Catching Fire left off with the aftermath of the Quarter Quell. Katniss has survived two hunger games, but survival does not mean that she is without emotional scars and worse her saviors did not get Peeta out of the arena. So, she is at the forefront of a fight without her partner in crime, her biggest supporter, part of her strength and she doesn’t know if he’s alive or dead. On top of that district 13 and the rest of Panem expects her to be the face of the rebellion. She didn’t set out for the power to inspire people, she just wanted to live and get her and Peeta out of the arena.

So, she makes a deal: if she becomes the Mockingjay they will find and save Peeta.

This agreement starts a film that is fun, funny, thrilling, heartbreaking, tense and entertaining as a hell. 

The reason Mockingjay- Part 1 makes such a great film is because we get to be outside of Katniss’ head. Katniss’ POV in the first two films is important, because the arena is a kind of isolation. You are in your head, not knowing who to trust, with your mind on survival. You and perhaps an alliance are your only focus. Mockingjay-Part 1 is about a revolution and Katniss may be the face but she is not fighting it alone. 

In Mockingjay you get to see her actions and her influence catch fire, literally. There are beautiful sequences of rebellion that made me gasp, my jaw dropped open and I was just in awe of these people and how the districts use the skills that they were forced into, against the capital. The direction of Francis Lawrence is truly magical. He has this way of directing his camera and transitioning his scenes in ways that push the highest emotional resonance possible. And more importantly, even when Katniss isn’t in the scene, it is still somehow all about her, because she is the Mockingjay.

Katniss’ journey is also stronger in the movie than in the book. You see her physically struggle with the aftermath of the games, and you see how much she loves Peeta and how much she is willing to endure for those she loves. Also President Snow’s villainy is stronger. It’s one thing to hear that the capital blew up a bunch of kids and injured people, it’s another thing entirely to see this man callously order the death of innocents just to punish one girl. More, you see the evolution of Coin from a cold straight forward leader to the focused leader who will lead the revolution with the help of Plutarch’s brains and words.

The filmmakers made such a true adaptation. There are things that are not in the books, like Effie in district 13, but it works for me. Instead of introducing a new character, who we won’t care about they gave Effie to Katniss so that she could continue to guide and advise Katniss as she wears one last costume and puts on one last show for Panem.

Besides great storytelling and amazing sets, Mockingjay has one of the best casts you will see this year. Jennifer Lawrence is joined by the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman, and critically acclaimed actors such as Jullianne Moore, Jeffrey Wright and Woody Harrelson. And they are all fantastic. As a huge fan of Philip Seymour Hoffman I can’t say that Mockingjay-part 1 being his last film was a bad way to end his career. Also there are fan favorites like Natalie Dormer and Sam Claflin as the ever interesting to watch Finnick Odair.

That being said, I want to focus on Liam Hemsworth who I was finally impressed with and Josh Hutcherson who gives a truly remarkable performance. I want to talk about them, not because of Peeta vs. Gale, but because I honestly believe that no one else will mention them and their performance and the evolutions of their characters, in light of Jennifer Lawrence. And yes, Jennifer Lawrence deserves the praise. Mockingjay- Part 1 rests on her and she is magnificent to watch. I believe her as Katniss and I believed every moment of Katniss’ struggle. Every moment. I am discussing the guys, because while Katniss goes from an unwilling pawn to a focused warrior, the two young men in her life go on their own journey.

Gale has always been my least favorite character in the film’s and the books (sorry, not sorry). He’s not that important in the first 2 books, so in the film’s Liam H just kind of mopes around and makes moves on Katniss in completely inappropriate times. That being said, I enjoyed watching him go from hunter to soldier, which makes no technical sense, but somehow fits the story and shows how the games has had an effect on everyone in Katniss’ life. He becomes a man who is willing to do what it takes to win even if it hurts him, even if it breaks his heart. There’s a moment where Gale explains what happened the day district 12 was destroyed and I believed it. I was pulled into that day, into that memory and my heart broke for the district even as my heart raged at the capital. Also, those of you who know the big twisty ending will hate it even more after watching Gale in this film. It’s just a slap in the face. 

Then there is Peeta. I don’t care what anyone says about the character Peeta or Josh Hutcherson, he is my favorite. I loved Peeta in the books and I think that Josh is more his character than any other actor in the film. He is exactly as I imagined Peeta, if less stocky. The thing about Josh H’s performance in this film is that he has one of the hardest jobs an actor can have, he must give a  subtle and yet powerful performances. 

Peeta is in the capital, but we are not, and so his performance is simply him sitting in a chair looking at a TV camera. There is nothing to play off of, there is not an actor there fighting with him or yelling at him or even abusing him. And yet you feel Peeta’s anguish. Even as he stares at the camera and speaks out against the rebellion, even as he betrays all that he believes in, you can see the trauma that is happening behind the scenes. With every scene as the make up makes him look more gaunt, and he loses more weight, you see the real truth in his eyes. He is broken, he is lost, he is a lie. A walking falsehood. It’s so beautifully done, because make up can’t simply do that job, it’s Josh H. He simply makes you believe.

More than that, Peeta goes on a mental journey, he is losing himself, he is losing his love and you can just see it, with medium shots and just a focus on his face. And when that moment that we all know from the books comes, when we finally learn what the capital did to him, Peeta is completely different. Josh H gives us a completely new character, he’s not the same Peeta from the first two films and Josh H gives it to us seamlessly it is so honest and authentic.

I can gush forever. I can scream from the rooftops this is great, but you’ll just have to see it for yourself. My anticipation for this next film is through the roof. 

This is one of those rare times that the movie surpasses the book.

Recommended for fanS of The Hunger Games(books & movies) and if you have not experienced The Hunger Games in any form yet you are ridiculous and I judge you.

For more info: Imdb page and goodreads page.