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Sorry ive been gone a while! University work has kept me busy but I’ve recently fell into Fire Emblem Hell so I hammered Birthright and Conquest and i am left wanting the last game but alas I must wait! and while I wait I came up with the Idea of Xander being a World of Warcraft Paladin, SO here he is, I super need to sketch up Ryoma soon but for now have my fave.


hippo campus pictures as ads (thank u @ the bippo cambus gc for making me laugh at the idea of nathan as a model. and then this happened.)

featuring Levi’s (Go Forth campaign), Converse (Shoes Are Boring Wear Sneakers campaign), Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie & Fitch

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I’m sure that when you know the way, you’ll want to stay

The Serpent Or Me - Part 1 (Bughead/Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader)

Jughead has never cared about fitting in, as long as he has Betty and the gang he knows he has his place in Riverdale. However, Southside High has brought him an odd comfort and new friends very easily. The serpents have taken him under their wing, one in particular y/n has started to show him how things work in the gang. Jughead starts to grow a fondness for y/n that feels uneasy, he’s stuck between two worlds. Where or who should he choose?

Characters/Pairings: Jughead x Betty, Serpent!Reader.

Warnings: Kissing.

Word Count: 2142

Notes: Firstly I’m sorry this is out later than planned, I’ve been teasing this piece for way too long. Secondly I stuggled a bit getting into Jughead’s POV style. I think this just gives me an excuse to rewatch the season again and pick up on his narration style. Finally if you have any suggestions on where you think this should go let me know, I have the next 2 parts planned but I am intrigued to see where you think it will go. Collabing is my fave! Anyway, enjoy.

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Jughead’s POV

Southside High was certainly rough around the edges. Riverdale was a beauty in comparison.

The metal detectors were new to me, I’d never been searched to go to class before. It was a sign of the times, I guess. Just another new thing to get used to. I headed to my locker, headphones on and eyes to the ground. I was still the new kid after all. I took out my math textbook and a copy of ‘Of Mice And Men’ for English, luckily I’d read it at Riverdale so I wouldn’t be unprepared. I checked my phone, killing time before first period. Betty had already text me twice, despite us being on the phone only twenty minutes before.

Betty: Riverdale feels weird without you Jug. I miss you :( xx

Betty: I can’t wait to see you again. Friday can’t come quick enough xx

Me: I miss you too Bets. Being the new kid is strange. Friday is going to get me through though. Can’t wait to see you x x

At Riverdale, I may have been the outcast but I had Betty Cooper by side. Betty was the strongest person I had ever known, I knew if anyone could handle this distance it was her. I had moved here to keep her safe, I just hoped she wouldn’t get herself into trouble. Considering the current state of affairs that was the town of Riverdale however, trouble could be anywhere we turned.

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@marami38: If you’re still taking prompts for this weekend I think it would be fun to see them in the future.  Maybe it’s their 20th or 25th wedding anniversary and they’re getting ready for a family gathering at the pub. Talking and reminiscing about some of their happiest moments and remembering some of their worst moments and how eventually it was the worse moments that helped make them even stronger.

On a side note, I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your work and A Different Kind of Love is one of my faves, as a matter of fact I think I might just re-read that this weekend :)

first of all, thank you so much for your lovely words about ‘a different kind of love’ and second of all i am so sorry that it’s taken so long for me to get to writing this for you. it’s by no means amazing but i enjoyed looking at robron this way and writing them in the future like this, hope you enjoy it <3

Robert’s tie is crooked and he’s trying to put it right, failing a little and then he feels his husband’s presence in the room almost immediately. 

He hears Aaron let out a little tut and then he’s walking towards him. 

“You and your flipping ties.” Aaron says, comes closer and then he’s fixing the tie that Robert’s knotted foolishly in his haste. 

Robert looks up at him and Aaron smirks at his husband. Robert’s heart flutters as he looks at the man he loves more than anyone in the world. 

After all this time. Still. Still I get butterflies when I look at you.‘ 

“What ya looking at?” Aaron urges, finishing with the tie and then looking up at Robert. He’s aged so well, his eyes are still so green and bright despite the wrinkles around them, around his mouth too. He’s paler too, slower in his movements but it’s understandable after they all realised that his lungs were acting up, an aftershock of the shooting all those years ago that caused lasting damage. 

Robert’s eyes flutter a little, freckles still scattered across his face as he ducks his head and looks at Aaron. His Aaron, that still remains, after everything. He’s shorter, wispy grey curls, lines on his forehead but God he’s so beautiful, he’s still so beautiful.

“You.” Robert shrugs before grabbing Aaron by the waist and kissing his neck. It still works. It still makes Aaron almost melt into his arms and roll his head back, laughter filling the room. 

“We need to go downstairs.” Aaron whispers, close and warm and right into Robert’s ear. “We’ve got a whole party waiting down there.” He says, feels the need to smile as he speaks, as he thinks about their family downstairs, balloons everywhere, catering courtesy of April and Marlon. 

“Let’s tell them to go home.” Robert moans, he’s such a kid and Aaron has to slap at his chest lightly. 

“It’s our anniversary.” Aaron says, pretending to be annoyed and then Robert winces a little at the slight pressure applied to his chest by Aaron. “Sorry, did I hurt ya?” Aaron’s voice is dangerously worried and Robert presses a kiss to Aaron’s lips. 

“Just getting on a bit aren’t I.” Robert’s reminded as Aaron strokes his arm playfully. 

“Good thing I’m still interested in ya then eh.” Aaron’s good at this now, so good at making Robert not feel like shit for getting older, for getting past it like Liv likes to tease him about.

Robert’s eyes are all watery suddenly and Aaron frowns. “What’s wrong?” He says softly. “Rob?” He adds, feels worry race through him.

Twenty five years.” Robert whispers, he can’t believe it. He can’t believe that their lives have flashed before his eyes and now he’s standing here, dressed in a suit and tie, with his family all downstairs ready to celebrate such a milestone. "I didn’t think we’d get here.“ He admits.

Aaron’s eyes go all soft. “I did.” He says. “I always knew you’d be the one for me, that you’d end up just being it for me.“ 

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headcanon that naruto used to have nightmares bcs hOLY SH I T  I ALMOST LOST HIM FUCKFUCKUFH U K and when he gets like that he likes to lie with his ear over sasuke’s heart; listening to his heartbeat to remind himself he’s alive alive alive alive - a finger tapping unconsciously to count the thought until he falls asleep.

During Phil’s latest live show on the 16th of March 2017, he spent a few minutes (30.30-35.20) just ranting about his degrees and his university experience. I loved that bit so much that I wrote down the first part of the “quote” and posted it here on Tumblr and the last couple of days, I’ve just been smiling so wide at all the tags people have added when reblogging. I think it’s safe to say we all loved that bit and it brought inspiration and smiles to so many.

I’ve compiled a list of all the tags on the quote post so far. It’s quite long so you can read them all below the cut. It took ages but it was so calming to read through all the love and appreciation written in the tags. If you don’t feel comfortable being part of this list, message me and I’ll remove you immediately! I don’t mean to make anyone uncomfortable.

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(sorry to all the ppl who dont follow produce 101 for the spam, but if you cant tell i am a sad sad sad person right now)

Everyone has their faves in the top 20 but i dont think anyone thought Jonghyun wouldnt make it. The fact that he just kept smiling through the entire annoucement hurts my heart. He takes all the burdens and puts himself through so much, he deserves the world and more. 

And then Minhyun breaking down and standing at the back whilst everyone else is celebrating. You can tell that the bond between the NU’EST members is strong and I hope he doesn’t beat himself up too much… It will hurt for a while and I hope the members of both NU’EST and Wanna One will help him. 

Apart from the stress and tears, Produce 101 has made me a NU’EST fan, and I’m ready for their comeback and individual activities whenever they may be.  I hope that everyone continues to support the eliminated trainees (and the top 11) and let them see their dreams come true. 

@dexsnursey tagged me for the fic writer’s self rec because like…i guess she wants me to choose between my children? which is just mean honestly? BUT WHATEVER OK Y’ALL ARE WOLVES I’LL JUST CRY

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)”

*note: these are in no particular order? just, like, five faves. so. 

1) chiaroscuro (pre-nursey/dex; nursey&dex&chowder friendship, t) (ao3

“Nu, habibi,” Derek’s mother says to him gently, as they leave the registration table. “Are you sure about this? Hockey is a rough sport. It’s going to hurt, sometimes.”

Derek, all of eight years old, squares his shoulders. “That’s okay, Ammi,” he says. “I’m not scared.”

(They warn him that hockey hurts. They don’t warn him that depression hurts worse.)

So like…anyone who follows my blog knows that I am Depressed as Fuq and also I love to project my shit onto fictional characters (Dear Derek Nurse: I’m So Sorry). This was written during a rough night, but also, like…I just have a lot of feelings about how mental health is portrayed in fic? So. (tw for depression, suicidality)

2) polyglot (nursey/dex, t) (ao3

Eric Bittle @omgcheckplease 10 September 2015
Apparently Nursey finished his language requirement freshman year. Good for him.

(Five languages Derek Nurse speaks, and one [thinks] he doesn’t.)

UMMMM this was basically just an excuse to a) write my multilingual Nursey headcanon, b) start to explore some of my Nursey backstory without flushing it out too much in case I wanted to change things later, and c) write Dex slowburn realizing that he is hella gay for Derek Nurse. 

3) one who can only find his way by moonlight (nursey/dex, t) (ao3) (tumblr)

The first time it happens, Derek is seven years old and having a nightmare, and in his dream, he thinks, with all of his might, I want my mom.

And then he’s not in his dream anymore.

He’s somewhere else.

This one was written for Nursey Week, and it was my first time writing magical realism in forever, and I just had, like, a shit ton of fun with it? IDK, it was great and I really liked it and I’m a huge nerd and whatever.

4) if we bite (the pain is sweet) (nursey/dex, e) (ao3)

After two and a half semesters at Samwell, Dex has gotten used to people handling their stress in weird ways. Bitty bakes up a storm, Lardo is constantly covered in what Dex really, really hopes is paint, Ransom turns into a curled-up ball of anxiety on the nearest flat surface. He gets it: people are just weird here.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t choke on his Red Bull when Nursey sighs, “God, I’m so tense right now. I just really need to suck a dick, y’know?”

(Or: five times Dex and Nursey really don’t quite know what they’re doing, and one time they’ve really, really figured it out.)

I mean how…can I not…? This was my hockey kink manifesto. I just, like. I mean. I have no idea how “haha wouldn’t it be funny if I wrote bro-jobs” turned into 55k of kink exploration that actually included, like, character development and Critical Race Discourse and like, Legitimate Feelings but. All of those things happened? I don’t know. I literally can’t tell if I’m proud or ashamed of this fic. But literally multiple people told me that there were sentences in this fic that were hotter than any sexual experience they ever had, so. That seems like a rec? 

5) streets a little kinder (when you’re home) (nursey-centric, implied pre-nursey/dex, t) (ao3) (tumblr)

Even as Derek hits the call button, he hears Dex’s voice in his head, telling him how privileged he is to be able to do this. All the same, he calls his mom, and when she picks up on the second ring, concern in her voice, he blurts out, “Can I come home for the weekend?”

If I had had the time, this fic would have been like, 20k words long, and it would have been a love letter to Derek Nurse and his relationship to NYC and his moms and his sister and his poetry and how he misses the hum of the city in his pulse when he’s at Samwell, but instead I had to cram it into just over 4k words, and I still love the shit out of this fic. I could write Nursey and his family all day, y’all. I LOVE THEM.

(honorable mentions go to: even something as pure as water, because i’m a thirsty bitch, and it drops with the gravity of rain, because it was my first fic in the fandom and i’m nostalgic.)

I tag @dizzy-redhead, @hoenursey, @ahausonfire, @omgcphee, and @sinbindos with the usual caveat that if this makes you anxious, or if you are just busy/tired/not into it you can always feel free to skip. 

sorrydontknowman replied to your postTheory: Jake English manipulated the English…

I would love to know how. I hate when people say that he is an idiot who just goes with whatever anyone tells him. I haven’t heard this perspective before

I am completely fucking roadblocked on my royalty AU I’m writing, so sure. LET’S TALK ABOUT JAKE ENGLISH, because my god I love Jake. I love all the Alphas (far more than the betas, sorry betas) but Jake is one of the mega faves, and it really makes me sad how few peeps get how Jake English’s brain ticks.

Blah blah this is my interpretation of Jake, if you have another that’s great, blah blah, DISCLAIMER OVER LETS TALK ABOUT TEH ENGLISH SPEEPSTAKES AND HOW JAKE WON IT HIMSELF.

Every Alpha has a huge fucking tragic flaw or five to their name, and one of Jake’s biggest flaws is his purposeful obfuscating stupidity. Because despite what Jane thinks of him, Jake is not actually stupid. He’s an incredibly resourceful kid who routinely works with robotics and nuclear materials and survivalism. He’s a rubber fucker, you cannot keep the boy down.

What he isn’t is good at being forthright about his desires. It’s really the central issue in Jake’s character arc, that he doesn’t know how to assert himself. On the Quest Slab, talking to Roxy, he outright says that all the things he believed about himself were wrong, that he had tied himself to this biographical list of personality traits only to… grow out of them or to realize they were never true.

To me, a central part of reading Jake is to notice the times he hides behind that persona. There are times when Jake talks about himself as in his personal feelings, the “I feel” emotions, and there are times when he doesn’t. When instead of talking about what he would do, he talks about what a Dashed Rugged Adventurer would do. And it’s pretty fair to say that a lot of the time, that’s a tactic to put a cipher between himself and what he’s saying, to make his real emotions more obscure.

For example: The Pesterlog Where Jane Could Not Spit It The Fuck Out.

When Jake brings up his apparent attraction to Jane, it’s not couched in what he feels about her. It’s about what this Hypothetical Guy should feel about her. Because cripes, of course anyone in Jake’s shoes should be thrilled to get with Jane, right?


When the cards are on the table, Jake’s regret with Dirk is that it wasn’t the way he wanted it to be. (And, Jake, don’t worry, Dirk feels the same, lol what a fucking MESS.) When Jane presses Jake it’s not about how a Gentlemanly Adventurer would feel about Dirk, it’s about the ideas he’s been percolating over, it’s about how he feels it’s unfair to write Dirk off for not being a girl. The barrier is gone, and Jake’s being at least more honest about his attraction to Dirk than he is to Jane.

Jake spent the entire day desperately trying to get a hold of Dirk to talk to him, and is genuinely upset he never got the chance to.

Jake absolutely knew what was going on with Jane when they had their big conversation about their feelings. Not only does he imply it on the Quest Slab, but Brain Ghost Dirk gives him shit for it during their huge conversation. Jake is not stupid. He repeatedly picks up on people’s flirtatious remarks to him, onto Roxy’s implications that Jane likes him, and does some flirting in return.

(mostly to dirk but nevermind that)

So when Jane shoves her foot in her mouth and tries to backpedal, Jake stops her, thanks her for speaking her mind, and almost instantly reassures her that he’s glad and relieved that she’s not interested in him while Jane scrambles to fix her blunder. But he doesn’t let her get a word in edgewise and launches into a conversation revealing that he’s been considering dating Dirk for a long time.

Ergo Jake takes the out Jane accidentally gives him, and then underhandedly informs her that he was more interested in Dirk the whole time. After all, any gent worth his salt would date Jane! But… what about Jake English?

The problem is that Jake can only set things up this way. He is terrified of disappointing people. Everything he did in the Trickster Arc, how his shortcut to “happiness” was cheerfully becoming a doormat for everyone’s desires, expounds on the idea.

I believe down to the bottom of my heart that if Jane hadn’t messed up and had successfully asked Jake out, he would have said yes. Because he doesn’t know how to say no. Because at this point in the narrative, he’s hitching his entire modus operandi to this nebulous idea of what he’s supposed to be, and it clashes with what he actually wants. Not just in regards to Dirk, but in the wider scope of his character.

Jake’s convinced he’s a cheerful extrovert when really he’s an intense introvert, and it puts him in this position where the only way he can get what he wants from people is in this quiet, underhanded way.

Jake wanted to date Dirk. So he let Jane stumble and mess up asking him out so Dirk would be the one to ask him out instead.  So he created a situation where he didn’t have to say no and could live in plausible deniability.

And from there obviously shit got Complicated, but Jake was not a shrinking violet with no agency in the situation. He’s a clever thing, which Jane never truly realizes.


A summary on Produce 101 Season 2 Episode 8 its ya boy back at it agian with another let’s play this time its evaluations and painful crying time

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i’m just gonna say that the whole “tony stark unwittingly screws over blue-collar workers” is not exactly a new thought and yes variations of that have happened in iron man comics – but if homecoming will indeed use my fave to go down that road then so help me god they have got to give me ALL the iron man stuff it entails (tony personally making amends, or tony revealing that he always had plans to address the workers’ concerns, or tony having bought out a smaller company to save it, etc etc etc) like oh i am SORRY but if tony’s gonna be anyone’s villain origin story then i’m going to demand, ah yes, THE SCREEN TIME ™ and a FULL CHARACTER ARC ™ for him

“You don’t think I understand what it’s like to be abandoned? Forgotten? To be the Robin nobody trusts?”

Happy Birthday to my favorite zombie murder birb Jason Todd (August 16)

Snape Appreciation Month Day 26: Favorite AU

Boiiii, let me tell you.
I am so HERE for Mentor!Snape to Harry (and give me Slytherin!Harry and I’ll straight up die) because:

- think of how prepared Harry would have been for the war if he had Snape as a mentor
- i know expelliramus is sorta his thing but it was also a dead giveaway during the flight of the seven potters
- i do believe he would learn to excel at wandless, silent incantations
- occlumency?? part of the reason i believe he didn’t succeed (apart from not wanting to close a connection that could save lives) was because he didn’t trust Snape and opening your mind like that is such a vulnerable thing (you’d think it’d make him learn occlumency faster but my boy hp is a special case) and if he trusted snape, it would go along swimmingly
- once Harry masters occlumency, Snape wouldn’t keep him *as* in the dark because Snape didn’t like being kept in the dark and if he likes the kid, he’ll look out for him more
- potter would legit be lethal in the war against Voldemort
- but enough about potter. i want to talk about my fave severus snape
- he literally gave himself up to the war and it’s cause with nothing but a vendetta to keep him going
- if he and Harry were close just think about the deeper emotional tie he has to winning the war
- harry is such a kind hearted soul and if anyone could get the mean potions master to soften even the littlest bit, it’s my boy hp
- emotional support
- from both sides. like it’s hard as fuck and they’re both stubborn as hell, but they’re also both stubborn AS HELL
- where am i even going with this. it’s six am
- im sorry, it’s just that I really need someone there for Snape but Snape isn’t about to let himself be the vulnerable one in a situation, so put him in the “i have to be strong for the both of us” spot and he’ll do his job wonderfully and learn along the way that Harry healed him too without ever realizing
- I love this trope so much and I am so bad at words and what even it English

some of my fave fanfic things:
- harry having evening tea and talking to Snape about his day under the pretense of it being detention
- head of house = in loco parentis, which means it makes more sense that snape has a bigger say in what happens to Harry
- im rather fond of snep being furious when he finds out the truth about the Dursleys because he knows what it’s like
- im also really fond of Snape’s really terrifying and cold anger when he sees the scars on Harry’s hand from umbridge’s blood quill and how he almost always threatens to flay her alive
- snape being rather protective of Harry and ALWAYS excusing it as “I’m his head of house, Minerva. You would do the same” and refusing to let himself believe he likes the boy. He’s just doing his job, obviously. Any dunderhead with half a brain would do the same.
- not realizing how close he’s become to Harry until he has to say goodbye because the kid might be brilliant at occlumency, but he can’t risk anyone else know of dumbledores plan to die
- snape’s death scene becomes that much more heartbreaking and traumatic for Harry
- or he somehow manages to save snape because the man means so much to him in this timeline and he’s also really good at potions/magic in general this time around
- severus tries so hard to continue the “be strong for the two of us” card post-war but he is quite literally a broken man who watched to many people die and honestly thought Harry Potter was dead, so Harry sort of ends up taking that role because his guilt of believing snape traitor is insurmountable which annoys the fuck out of snape and makes him repress his feelings
- everyone is sad and miserable but they’re alive and slowly but surely, they all heal together

anonymous asked:

Is Zayn' ring similar to the one that Liam used in Cardiff, the show Liam cried singing You and I while looking to the empty space where Zayn used to be? TM88, who is currently working with Liam, said he knows Zayn and deleted the tweet. Sorry, I'm gonna log off, cry in a corner listening You and I. TOOOOO much for just a day

How many times am I going to say “Good GOD!” today?!

*squints at the different versions of the same GD picture to see if I can tell if it’s the same ring*

I don’t fuckin know. It probably is the same kind or ring, if not THE same ring, knowing this shady ass band! You know what? There’s only one person in this goddamn band that I trust.