hes my fav pretty much

i’ll never understand why midoriya is described as “plain” or “average-looking” or “unattractive”

it’s like

are we even looking at the same person?

his eyes are so passionate

look at him!

he’s so cute like c’mon

he’s so expressive and beautiful and i’m so confused

how anyone can possible think of him as unattractive?

he’s so frigging cool

and this is only a small fraction of all the amazing moments he has

i’m just in awe at how amazing and attractive and enjoyable he is

he’s encouraging and amazingly strong both mentally and physically

how on earth can anyone call him “plain-looking” when he’s so beautiful?


Prequel Star Wars baes<3 <3 <3

Quick WIP test run sketches. I struggle so much with bearded men, i’m so sorry Obi and Qui ;A; But at the same time, this feels oddly surreal, I absolutely COULD NOT draw people when last time I was in the SW fandom…

big boy tiny hat

guess who got a laptop that’s drawing tablet compatible (it was me)

its been a v long time and im still relearning but after that caezlo pic today ahgfsjsjfh you deserve a present


This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and commissioning @marcusto at C2E2 in Chicago. He was such a delight to chat with and totally delivered on my request to draw “Tim Drake with a dog, happy– for once. (Oh, and in a Superboy hoodie if that would be okay? >_>)" 

After my headcanon about Tim wanting a dog, I was really glad I could get the artist of Red Robin himself to give him one :) Marcus, if you see this, thank you again- it was so nice to get to meet you and I love the picture! 


‘You should get to know me.’


I don’t want a nice lady, I want you.

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if you already did a Shuuichi, but could you draw him in Cool Sunsets? He's just my favorite character so far but if you don't want to draw him again, you can do whoever your favorite character is in that palette!!!

I actually have drawn this kid, but I’ll never turn up an opportunity to draw him again, Thanks for the ask!

This is my brother. He wanted to be a princess fairy.

He really liked the tinsel things, he wanted some in his hair. (It’s a flower he drew on his cheek. Not a dick)

He told me he needed a cape that was black so he could blend in with the night. This was the best I had

The wings came sewn to the dress. He told me they were ‘sucky’ and he would like better ones next time. He was happy with the belt though.

He told me ‘it’s easier too see with my hair out the way. It’s in a pineapple thingy’

I told him he made a very good princess.

‘Fairy princess’ he corrects me, pausing before adding ‘Can I be a blue one next?’

I love him so much <3