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I'm a "sensitive" so I've expericienced weird shit my whole life, I mostly tone it all out now unless a living person carries the energy/sprt but when I was a kid the ghost of another sensitive girl would visit me and told me I had to leave my house,so I told my mom. The next day an ice cream man passed by & started talk to my mom. Turns out he was a curandero (healer type of shaman frm Mex) he told my mom he meant no offense but we had to move out asap bc the house had so much neg enrgy

he showed up to tell your mom that your house was too negative to live in, but in an ice cream truck as well.. life is wild

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Marco anon again. I live in a really REALLY white area and i didn't meet a mexican american until i was 17 working my first job in a authentic mexican restaurant (only white person working there) so i think maybe that has a part to do in my dislike of how marco is written, he's nothing like my coworkers who were so proud of their heritage and were excited to help me learn about it, the only Spanish i know is what they taught me they had a chance to do this with marco but they didn't and its sad

BFT YEAH LIKE EVERY MEX I KNOW IS RLLY PROUD OF WHERE WE COME FROM!! I think just being prideful of being Mexican is a relatively universal,yeah??

Plus I don’t know a lot of FORMAL spanish but i know a lotta slang so it suprises me a lot that Marco literally just knows none of it?? Like he’s never called anyone a chismosa or greñuda or something?? I know theyre both insults bUT ITS A START! He speaks in none of that! Irrelevant too,but his dad calling him mi hijo instead of the more common and less formal mijo or mijito,like he’d probably do if Marcos so itty bitty is also weird and just shows?? They did no real research,yknow?

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

This takes place after Shenanigans. @pickyourpoisonflorist

By then, it had been about 50 hours that Killian had been a guest at Casa de Jefferson.

Jefferson was stir-frying Mexi-rice, had already set the enchiladas on the thick paper plate upon a trivet, and finished making fresh squeezed jugos. He’d found the recipe in a cookbook in the vast library that had been placed in the mansion to keep him busy, occupied, and sane during the Dark Curse years. He’d never ever be able to read everything in that library, but every now and then, he’d venture in and find something he’d never seen before.

And with a house guest, it left Jefferson with less opportunity to leave, much alike during the Dark Curse. He doubted Killian had even touched the Maine specialty of lobster corn chowder Jefferson had left in the storage slash guest room the day before, so he’d give Tex-Mex a try. Eat it or not, it didn’t matter much to Jefferson. At least he’d get a good meal out of it.

And cooking was something Jefferson had discovered he was really good at. The house had a grand piano and a cello. Did he know how to play those instruments? Hell no! Regina hadn’t gifted him with that talent during the Dark Curse and neither had the flying-bitch-fairy Fiona either. So, cooking it would be!

Killian was certainly minding his p’s and q’s in the basement. Jefferson hadn’t heard a peep out of him. He could throw a party and no one would be the wiser. Not that Jefferson would, but he could. So, he had decided to reward his compliant guest with some damn good, sedative-free, home cooked meals.

Balancing the trivet on one hand, a plastic cup with a lid in the other hand, and a book on nautical vessels held between arm and ribs (because certainly, the man had to be bored in the storage/guest room), Jefferson headed for the basement. He set the cup of jugos on a table by the door, unlocked the door, and turned the knob.

In the end, the least important [thing] for me today is the result, because what we managed to achieve today is more than the results. I could feel it, I could really feel their energy, cheering for me. It was a very hard race, the strategy was not ideal, so many factors went in the wrong direction - but other than that it’s been a fantastic weekend. It’s a weekend that I will remember forever. When I have my kids I will show the video from my lap, the most special lap that I did in Formula One was today with the whole crowd. I’m a very lucky driver to have this kind of support from my country.

Sergio Pérez, Sky Sports F1, 2015 Mexican Grand Prix.

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Dear Gabi! So it's Tuesday and we got another Lounielle pic. (No, I won't call it *ouis, 'cos the only D I can accept in Louis' life is Harry's dick.) I truly dislike the fact they are still together in MEX, but I'm glad he is away from LA. It's been 2 weeks without Elliott starring in this Truman-show. (No papwalk, no Freddie-impersonating. Banana deleting proof. Daisy deleting pics 'cos of "pinksta" project. Silent Jay. Silent reps/lawyers. So called hacker still free.) Maybe the end is near.

LMAO at the D part. :D

OK, back to business: the lack of F with Louis is wonderful, but even more wonderful that the media does mention it. 

I would not bet that he stayed in MEX this whole time OR that the pic is from today/yesterday. We all know how easy it is to post pics later just to make it seem the boys are still in whichever place (think of how many times the boys specifically asked for that).

I would not pay much attention on B’s SM because I don’t think she will be getting a memo. Good one from Daisy, but the SM actions of the Tomlinson-Deakins is going to be following the narrative as long as they are closeted.

What does make the real difference to me:

Louis’ lasts:
The last time he was seen with F: May 4th
The last time he posted an IG pic of F was Apr 14th: 1 month 3 days ago.

TMZ reports:
May 12:  “…Louis took a break from dad duties with 4-month-old Freddie…”
This is the first Louis article since *the baby is the real deal (blue-green Nirvana top) papping. (which article was posted FORTY days ago).

We are getting there.

Photographer on Tumblr

Roque Nuevo/Street Photography/Querétaro, México

Roque Nuevo has posted almost six thousand photos of the place where he lives in C. Mex. since July, 2011. He posts around eight photos/day in color & B/W using German cameras from the 1950s & film. He loves to imitate the great photographers of the past—for example, Juan Rulfo & M. Álvarez Bravo. The above photo is an attempt at juanrulfismo—the union of beauty and desolation. You tell me if it was successful. Roque Nuevo is no artist, like Juan Rulfo was. He resents being called one because artists are very special people who do not “try” to make art. They have to make art. They can’t do anything else. Roque Nuevo “tries” to imitate artists. All he intends is to document the customs & manners of his city in his time because he loves his place and his time & has too much free time on his hands.

Thank you for considering his submission.


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