hes like checking himself out lol


It was the bitter cold nipping at his ears that caught Jungkook off guard as he made his way through the barren campus to class.

‘Ah, I definitely underdressed,’he quietly chided himself as the chilly winds tousled his hair around–  granted, that’s what he got for not checking the weather when he rolled out of bed a half an hour earlier. A cardigan was definitely not enough. It was surprisingly cold for what was supposed to be a spring morning– a steaming cup of hot coffee was the only thing to provide some sort of solace to his hands as he also forgot to wear gloves. Yet as much as he disliked the cold, he disliked morning classes even more. But alas, it was the only block of time he could fit in his schedule – the woes of being a double major.

And so, it was his rambling thoughts that accompanied him to class that morning. ‘I guess the only good thing about morning classes is how quiet it is, he mused as he opened the doors to the main building, finally reaching his destination. He always appreciated silence, as it was one of the rarer thing to come by these days. There was a strange sense of tranquility that the morning brought, only to be filled with the bustling chatter of college students as gradually filled up the streets to go to class as the day went on.

Upon entering the classroom, he took a preliminary scan of the seats. Much to his chagrin, a good chunk of the seats in the area that he usually sat had already been occupied by his fellow students.

Maybe getting coffee right before class was a mistake– especially considering that he woke up late.

Actually no, that was a silly thought. If he had to be honest to himself he hadn’t, he probably wouldn’t survive the morning without– the caffeinated drink was a necessity these days more than a want. Ah, but it was his own fault for staying up so late the prior night to begin with …

As he bantered back and forth with his conscience, his footsteps made way to the back row with fewer people where his eyes fell upon a young man clad in all black. But what Jungkook noticed was not the attire nor the presence of the other – rather, it was the drink sitting in front of the bespeckled young man.

It was from the very same cafe as the drink he had in his hand– one of his favorite spots. The cafe in question was one of the hidden gems he had found – not that many people knew about it as it was off campus. It was actually next to one of the dance studios he attended, but even that was a bit far from the college grounds. 

“Excuse me,” he addressed the raven haired male with an inquisitive smile, taking a small step forward as if to make his presence known in the least intrusive way possible. There was a brief pause as the eyes behind the pair of glasses met his own, “is this seat taken?” – First Meeting

// College!AU JK based off of @ask-architectyoongi‘s AU!  :D

Attempted some sort of character sheet and wrote a drabble based off of what could have been JK & Suga’s first time meeting????? I got a bit carried away with it sorry LOL/LOOKSAWAY >___>

An Owed Debt - Bucky x May(oc) Chapter 2

Author’s notes: Well enough of you seemed to like it that I guess this is a thing. lol  :) Thank you to those of you who sent me some encouragement on this!

Notes/Warnings: Mentions of death and dead parents, Use of knives and guns.

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”There’s no food in here!”

 May’s annoyed voice woke Bucky from his nap and he grumbled. Why? Why won’t anyone let him sleep? He checked the clock again. 9:46 am. Ugh. Bucky struggled to untangle himself from his sheet and he huffed as he finally got out of bed.

  He shuffled into the kitchen and leaned against the door frame with crossed arms. “There’s plenty of food here.” He grumbled. This had to be the worst idea Steve has ever had.

 “Ramen noodle and a few plums don’t exactly equivalent a healthy meal.” She sassed from her spot on the other side of the room.

 The tension between them matched that of the moment before the fight at the OK Corral.

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Gotta say, I really loved the culmination at the end of the latest chapter, Jack numbly agreeing with the sentence given out by Pitch bcus like yah, he WAS ready to kill Pitch and could've easily taken out the others. (Also Pitch being like whattheSHIT DID I SAY) and shaken by Jack, oh and the darkness being such a living and breathing entity, trying to check with Jack's vibes and Jack hearing and experiencing that. A FOR EXCELLENCE

Eeeee so glad you liked the chapter thank youuuuuu <3

Yeah chapter 21 looks at how Jack behaved with the Darkness in some depth. Pitch really has to talk to him about it, and this will be one of the first times Jack is willing to talk about it - because he scared the absolute shit out of himself. So a debrief is on the cards, there.

Jack would’ve sent himself to an isolation room like ‘time me out man I can’t deal with myself right now’ lol. One of the few times Pitch and Jack were in perfect agreement with one another without knowing it.

And the Darkness - it was really satisfying to start writing some proper encounters, to show Jack’s strengths (and obvious weaknesses), and also just what they’re dealing with. Pitch’s entire attitude being ‘haha we’re fighting an enemy we can’t beat in a totalitarian regime led by someone who is determined to oust me and my daughter’s life might be in danger and you want me to be nice to the new kid what the fuck do you know how tired I am they don’t even have Advil on Lune or I’d be chewing them like candy.’

Tbh Pitch’s endless ‘do you know how done I am. Look at my face. This is how done I am’ gives me so much amusement like I’m looking forward to him being nicer to Jack for sure but in the meantime it’s like oh Pitch. *pets him from a distance with a rake.* There there.

Okay, but imagine, a Punk!Marichat AU 

  •  Adrian leaves his house regularly to get away from being the “perfect person ever” and actually getting to express himself with out getting caught/insulted
  • Running into this small bakery because damn, does it smell amazing
  • Finding a girl and her family working there, saying that he was new and he was checking out all the sights in France 
  • Him saying that his name was Chat, and the family just going along with it. 
  • The girl introducing herself as Marinette, who Chat finds pretty cute. 
  • Her looking super badass but still being kind and kinda shy. 
  • Chat lowkey flirting with her in front of her parents 
  • Chat continuing to go the bakery every day. 
  • Getting to know Marinette and then bonding over being punkish dorks
  • Chat running into her in the middle of the street and highkey flirting
  • Marinette getting a bit annoyed and yet flustered by his flirting 
  • Chat asking her to lunch as a lowkey date because this girl was just so perfect and amazing and he just had to try 
  • Marinette says yes, mostly because she’s hungry, but also be why the hell not  
  • Both of them having a great time and start dating 
    • Chat leting Marinette wear his leather jackets 
    • Marinette being a little bit shorter then Chat and putting my her arm around his waist and putting her head into the crook of his neck 
    • Both of them being intimidating af but also cute dorks 
  • Marinette designing punkish cloths and all of them being badass and cute 
  • Marinette being basically fine with him leaving dates early, never removing his hood/sunglasses/whatever else 
  • Chat not wanting to reveal who he is because Marinette may start acting different/treating him different/ absolutely hating him if she knew that he was Adrian Agreste 
    • Chat being very protective of Marinette around everyone 
    • Chat getting jelaous easily 
    • Chat putting his head in Marinette’s laps as she plays with his hair 
    • Marinette being stylish af in dark red and blacks and in beanies and combat boots and leather jackets
    • Chat calling Marinette “Princess” in private 
    • Marinette referring to Chat as her “Little Kitty Chat” because it makes him so flustered and he’s so cute when he blushes 
    • Them straight up being the ultimate power couple 
  • Chat making friends with Nino who has great band recommendations and knows really cool places to hang out in 
  • Adrian actually being happy for once in his life with his beautiful girlfriend and her amazing family


I wanted to write some KaiShin today, so I threw this together in a few hours.  Hope you guys enjoy!

Kaito watched his reflection in the mirror, his eyes following the lines of the dress, trying to decide if it was a good fit.  If he gave himself breasts, it would probably look better.  The lines filled out, his curves made softer…  He mentally checked it off for use in disguises and began changing into the next outfit, a cute striped skirt and a loose blouse.

As he was adjusting them, he heard voices outside the door, one of them a familiar masculine one and the other a familiar (somewhat shrill) feminine one.  They seemed to be arguing about something.

He turned in place, watching the skirt swish around his legs.  This one was good for general use as well as disguise use, he decided.  He liked the way it caressed his legs, and the blouse’s coloring made his skin look amazing.  Not to mention it drew attention to the slender cut of his waist.

“Listen, Sonoko,” Kaito could hear from the walkway outside the changing rooms, “you should have brought Ran, I have no interest in watching you try on clothes.”

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Demons on a Date (AU)

Christian stood alone in a park as he looked at his watch. “Some devil of a butler you are.” he said to himself as he looked around. He fixed the jacket’s collar and then looked to an nearby lake to check out his reflection. Just where in the world would he take a demon like Michaelis to on a date?


Exception (Jungkook)

Sorry, Jungkook’s been raiding my inspiration. I wanted to like write for someone else lol, like Himchan or something AHAHA 

But I can’t help it when it comes to this darn maknae. 

*GIF NOT MINE, but dayum, he be checking you out like:

It was a known fact that Jeon Jungkook was individualistic about his clothes, washing them separately than with the rest of the dirty laundry and not allowing anyone to borrow his clothes. Well, of course except for Suga secretly wearing his underwear. And he himself wearing his hyung’s underwear, gifts from the teasing fans when they found out about the underwear theft.

But maybe just this once he could make an exception about people borrowing his clothes. Could he say no when perfection was just standing there right in the open for his eyes to wander towards areas a boy barely at the age of eighteen shouldn’t be wandering.

It was a sight for tired eyes when he abruptly stopped himself from venturing further into the kitchen when he noticed your back profile standing in front of the stove. Still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he stifled a yawn, happily sniffing the air to inhale the warm scent of frying bacon hitting his senses with the crackle of the the eggs and bacon echoing in his ears.

That’s when his eyes finally zoned in on your clothes, or probably the only thing on you to keep from revealing what’s underneath. Jungkook gaped as his wide eyes raked down your figure clad in only one of his white t-shirts that barely reached your thighs as his gaze traveled down your smooth legs.

Damn, he couldn’t help but think as he gulped down the forming lump in his throat and his face flushing brightly for staring at you so inappropriately. But could you get any more prettier?

He wasn’t sure if he was sighing in relief or disappointment when you shifted and he could make out the hem of your pajama shorts peeking from underneath his shirt. However, he wasn’t sure what to think when he clearly remembered informing you when you two first started dating that he wasn’t one to fancy people borrowing his clothes.

Finished admiring your appearance, Jungkook pushed the thought aside when he walked over and wrapped an arm around your torso with the other pushing your mussed up bed hair over to the other side so he could lean over your shoulder. Pressing a loving kiss to your cheek, he smiled and whispered, “I don’t think I’ve ever looked as good as you do in my shirt, but I don’t really like sharing my clothes.”

He laughed softly when he noticed your cheeks flush and movements stutter. 

Looking up, you smiled meekly and met him halfway to peck his lips, muttering a soft apology, “Sorry, and good morning to you too sleepy head.”

Blushing softly in turn, he shook his head and nuzzled your neck with a few shy kisses on your soft skin here and there.

“It’s alright, I can make just this one exception for you.”

Extended Ending~

Let’s just say that you managed to bribe Jungkook into lending you some of his clothes. He can’t say no to your aegyo now can he? Yes he can.


there aren’t many prince!junhui scenario posts (not that I’ve seen), so I’m making my own! Hopefully you guys like it! (not a request just something i wanted to post since i haven’t posted in so long;;)

  • claims he is the most handsome prince of all time
  • spends most of his mornings getting ready to go out into the public by checking himself out in the mirror 28397384 times
  • to which butler!hansol sighs every other second
  • “prince junhui you’ve been checking yourself out fOR the pAST thirty minutes yOU HAVE A MEETING TO GET TO”
  • “five more minutes!~”
  • but seriously beneath all his good-looks he’s actually a really smart and good prince
  • will make a great leader some day
  • likes to walk around the kingdom and teach kids some martial arts
  • spends his free time playing the piano or painting
  • or flirting with the maids
  • there is no inbetween
  • is good friends with prince!minghao and prince!hoshi
  • they wreak havoc together whenever they hang out in each others castles
  • besides flirting, jun likes to give compliments to the castle staff and lets them know he appreciates all their hard work
  • you probably met because you’re a maid that works at the castle
  • he’s never flirted with you though
  • but you don’t care because secretly you hate him
  • well you say you do but everyone knows that thats not true since you check him out 24/7
  • when cook!seungcheol notices you staring at jun he teases you for it a lot
  • “someone has a cruuush~!!”
  • “shUT up i dO NOT havE a cruSH on hiM!!”
  • the reason why jun has never flirted with you is because he thinks you’re cute and is actually too shy to say something to you
  • butler!hansol knows this and always says things like
  • “just go talk to them, how hard can it be?”
  • “nO i cAN’T!!”
  • “what happened to your confidence”
  • “nothing but have you seen them??? they’re too cute”
  • he ends up pretending to bump into you and helps you pick up the clothes that fell out of the laundry basket you were holding
  • “thanks”
  • “no problem! let me know if you ever need help with anything else!!”
  • he plays it cool but really he’s sweating buckets
  • after that you two start getting along and hang out often whenever you’re both free
  • one time you gave him handmade cookies for his birthday
  • which he never ate because!! it’s decorated so cutely!!
  • keeps the bag of cookies on the corner of his desk in his study
  • “prince junhui why haven’t you eaten those cookies yet”
  • “bECAUSE!!!!!”

I could totally see Z and Rumer becoming a tag team and just keeping val in check! Lol
I can imagine Z being at their rehearsal and val start checking himself out in the mirror and Rumer’s jus like, “Is this guy serious right now? ” & Z look up from her phone and says, “ I don’t know who he’s out here tryin’ to impress, cause it certainly ain’t us. ” & val’s just there, lifting up his shirt and is like, “Come on, you know this is impressive.” & both Rumer and Z give him the side eye & then point to Z’s screen and say, “ now this is impressive, ” & it’s a picture of Channing Tatum ! Lol