hes like a hot professor i never had

text starters from my phone

(most of these I dug into the archives of FB messages from college years)

[text] Have fun tonight!!!
[text] I’m about to get my hair dyed purple
[text] Impromptu tattoos anyone?
[text] I was thinking in person cause I don’t want to half ass apologize through text
[text] Oh my god. I’m so sorry.
[text] Are you there?
[text] I will never say no to pizza
[text] I have a big [lesbian/gay] crush on _______ and I have no idea why
[text] I am going to fill in my eyebrows and get the fuck out of here for a while. Fuck this
[text] I don’t know why you think you have to explain yourself when it’s pretty clear what went down.
[text] I made it worse, I’m so sorry
[text] I fucked up and wasn’t thinking of your feelings.
[text] I can’t wait to see you.
I am unbelievably angry at you right now
[text] I need coffee or weed or sleep, not sure which one
[text] I drunk texted _______ last night
[text] I get it. i’ve kind of been sort of cold, distant, and extremely ambiguous.
[text] No worries. I figured you were just crazy busy.
[text] So are we ever going to have sex again
[text] I guess I’ll fuck [hm/her/them].
[text] It wasn’t fair for me to get so mad.
[text] I’m so pissed off I could punch someone
[text] Don’t punch anyone, talk to me instead.
[text] If you kept kissing me like that I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself
[text] Are you and _______ official yet?
[text] I was just trying to do this right but not going to push anything.
[text] thinking of you makes me awake cause my heart beats more and other romantic stuff
[text] It’s clear I was interested in you much more than you were in me
[text] I hate being happy and having crushes
[text] i wanted to be with you for a while but we were separated by a lot of stuff
[text] If you’re going to tell me I’m awesome one day and then ignore me the next I really don’t need that
[text] I honestly want to know how many jars of peanut butter I singlehandedly ate this year
[text] I’m like half functional adult half total trainwreck
[text] My first engaged ex - “ex” used very loosely
[text] I love being your neo-feminist best friend
[text] A picture of us popped up in my Timehop a couple of days ago and it made me think of you and how you were doing.
[text] If i became homeless, I’d be totally cool with living on the beach
[text] We’ll probably have some quick drinks and then hit up a club
[text] I am drunk and feel like a purple moon fairy
[text] You’re just in total denial of your feelings and need to grow up
[text] I’m totes going to kick your ass.
[text] I got my period PRAISE THE LORD
[text] They have been talking about meatballs for 30 minutes #ItalianFamilyProblems
[text] I woke up in a relationship and I am going to sleep single tonight.
[text] I may or may not have done something really bad.
[text] I always drop everything for you and you never, ever do the same.
[text] Breathe. I’m sure it will be fine.
[text] Young adjunct professor just asked me out for drinks…do you think he means like, lattes-drinks or DRANKS?
[text] I used think [he/she] was creepy as hell but now [he/she] is hot AF.
[text] Last night I went on a date with a fireman and he took me to his firehouse and I sat in the firetruck.
[text] I had a long vivid dream last night that was literally just about holding a baby.

nakuravanner replied to your post “I wish you would write a fic where we get a human Mikleo and merboy…”

Don’t tease me like this I need more!

ALKJSDLFKJSDF I AM HELPLESS TO DENY AHHH here have some really hastily scribbled first-meeting convo

“Gosh, you’re pretty.”

Mikleo flushes a horrible, hot red that he can feel spreading to his collar. His eyes jerk away from where he had been staring at a very visible and tanned shoulder, and flitter up quickly to see two bright, emerald greens boring into his face. “U-um. Excuse me?”

“I said you’re pretty.” The merboy named Sorey flips his tail fins up at the surface of the water. “Wow…I’ve never seen a human up close like this before.”

“Well, that’s probably with good reason,” Mikleo murmurs under his breath and tries not to think about what some of his professors and classmates would say if they could see him now. If they could see who and what he was with.

He doesn’t like any of the outcomes his mind comes up with.

Sorey’s smile doesn’t dim. If anything, he pushes himself up more on the low dock’s wooden edge and leans up into Mikleo’s face, trying to peer at him better. Mikleo leans back.

“You sure you’re not secretly like….half-merfolk or something?”

The question brings up something soft and strange in Mikleo’s chest:  a candlelit hope that he doesn’t dare entertain. A reason, some sort of explanation, for that impossible feeling he gets everytime he’s near the water–for that calling and endless yearning that sings within his own bones when he sees the ocean, when he can feel the waves lapping at his ankles. 

He turns away, his eyes focused on the shoreline he can see just a few short paces away. The wood of the floating dock creaks quietly. 

“That’s impossible,” he mutters.

But he wishes the idea was as easy to forget.

Puppy Hybrid! Calum

Pairing: Y/N and Calum

Warning: Smut

Words: 2K

Summary: Flatmate Calum has always been a little awkward, but ever so hot! You’d never seen him without a hat on and when you bought a dog he absolutely adored it! You always thought it was because he just liked dogs you never thought it was because he was one.

Originally posted by kinkykalum

You sighed as you dropped your bag on the floor of your flat. You’d had the longest day ever. Firstly when I woke up, my alarm clock didn’t go off so I was late for college. Then the hot water wasn’t on so I had to have a freezing cold shower, and as its the middle of winter it was not ok. Then when I went to the local coffee shop they had ran out of Vanilla sauce for my vanilla latte. When I finally got to college my professor gave me a strike for being late and not handing in course work on time, when it was literally in my bag and the only reason I hadn’t handed it in was because I was late. He then went on and lectured the whole class about our performance as a class and was basically saying we were failing, which is great encouragement. 

Then when I had gotten to lunch I had forgot my lunch token back at my flat so I had to go starved, but survived on the breakfast bar my friend gave me. Then worst of all when I was walking home it started heavily raining and now standing at my flat door I was dripping wet. Luckily me and my flat mate had left a towel’s by the door just in case anything like this happened. I grabbed hold of a towel and wrapped it around my hair. I hung up my coat on the coat rack and took off my top, seen as I wore a white shirt and my bra was showing anyway. I took off my wet jeans with a struggle and threw them onto a pile.

“Well what a lovely site this is” I looked up and Calum was stood there. Calum was my flatmate, we both couldn’t afford a room on campus so I bought a flat outside. But I couldn’t pay the rent on my own so I put a ad in the newspaper and Calum replied. He’s been living with me for a good year, about 6 months through the year I adopted a puppy called Marty, Calum absolutely loved the dog and he’s so good to it and it really helped us bond more, we’re kind of like best friends who flirt a lot. But man did I want to be more than that. He was intelligent, handsome and had a love for hats. I wish I could be the one he takes on dates, I wish I was the one who got to cuddle him in bed, but thats out of the question because guys like him don’t go for girls like me.

I grabbed the towel and smirked at Calum. I wrapped it around my torso. Calum walked over to me and grabbed my clothes. 

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to put your clothes in the washing machine”

“Thank you” I sadly smiled, he picked up my wet clothes and winked at me. I laughed and walked to the bed room, I took off my underwear and made my way to the bathroom wrapping the towel back around me. Calum was already in there running a bath.

“Are you taking a bath?” I asked

“No I’m running one for you, you seem stressed, thought you’d need one” 

My heart fluttered as he poured bubble bath into it. He was such an amazing human, as he was bent over the bath I got a good view of what he was wearing today and his ass. He was wearing grey sweatpants with a white tee, a silver necklace around his golden skin. A grey beanie covering his fluffy hair. Even though I’ve never seen his full head of hair you can see the front of it. I don’t know why he wears hats..Once I asked and he got all moody with me for about a week. I didn’t like that side of him so I decided never to asked again. He turned around pulled the towel from my hair and ran his hands through it.

“Whats wrong Y/N?”

“Just my professor being a dick and everything has gone wrong today”

He sighed and kissed my forehead. I reached for my towel and let it go. I didn’t worry about Calum standing there, he’d seen me naked before, I mean we both practically walk around naked. I heard Calum swallow harshly and I looked up at him and raised a eyebrow.

“I-I’m going to make you some hot chocolate” 

“You’re the best”

He walked out the bathroom and I got into the bath. I sank into the bubbles and reached for the shampoo. Our flat wasn’t the biggest flat but it was average size, we had the basic things a kitchen/living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. It was the cutest little flat ever and having the best flat mate my home life was perfect. Especially when he brings me hot chocolate in the bath.

I reached for the plug and pulled out the bath. I wrapped a towel around myself and made my way to my room. After I had put on my panties I search around for a baggy top.  None were in my room, I walked over to Calum’s room and knocked on the door. I waited a few seconds before I heard  

“C-come in”

I walked into his room covering my breasts and strutted over to the dresser next to his bed. I bent over to find his white green day shirt, I removed some of his other shirts before finding the one I wanted.

“Jesus Y/N”

“What?” I asked innocently whilst placing his shirt over my head.

“You’re a tease you know that”

“But you love it” I whispered seductivly, he looked at me and I saw his eyes dramatically change colour.

“You should leave” he stated, I gave him a confused look and he stood up and pushed me out his door and slammed it.

“Calum what the fuck” I heard shuffling behind the door, almost like his clothes coming off. I heard silence for a while until I heard the sound of groans and the sound of something wet. I stood confused for a second before I realised something bad could be happening, does he have allergies? 

“Calum let me in”

“Piss off” he rasped

I pushed against the door and Calum was leant against the wall jacking off with incredible speed.

“Jesus Calum if you wanted to jack off so bad you could have said instead of pushing me out, I thought something bad was happening”

He stopped his movements and stood up. As he was standing up his beanie fell off. I looked at his hair and he seemed to have unusual ears on the top of his head, like puppy ears. His long tanned dick was semi hard and dripping with pre-cum.

“You know Y/N” I looked up at him and his eyes were black and clouded over with such an amount of lust that I’ve never seen in any human, that must be it, he has puppy ears and his eyes are a un human black, he can’t possibly be human.

“You’ve been teasing me for so fucking long” the harshness in his voice was turning me on so much and I was finding it hard to speak, I opened and closed my mouth a few times before whispering out 

“I-im sorry-y” 

“You’re sorry?” He questioned 

He pushed me up against the door and looked deeply into my eyes, almost like he was looking into my soul. He grabbed my neck and pushed onto it, chocking me. He leant down and started kissing over my face, he got to my lips and ran his thumb over them, he moved his head forward and his lips hovered over mine.

“So god damn sexy” He he whispered before crashing his lips on mine. The feeling was indescribable it was like a eruption of butterflies had gone off in my tummy but at the same time had traveled down south and made me soaking wet. His tongue swiped against my lips as he entered my mouth and I moved my tongue and sucked on his lips. He moaned and reached for my hands, he grabbed them and pinned them above my head and interlaced our fingers. I removed my lips from his as I was running out of air and I leant my head back giving Calum full advantage of sucking hickeys onto my neck.

“Fuck Calum”

He brought his body closer to mine and grinded into me, the sensation of his wet dick against my clothed core made me moan and lift my leg up wanting to feel more. He let go of my hands and took off his top off my body. 

“You look so sexy in my clothes”

“Cal do something else” He leant down and furrowed his eyebrows and looked at me

“What the fuck did you just say?”

“I-i please” He grabbed my hips and slammed the front of my body against the door as he kneaded my ass and pushed my face against the door. 

“Don’t you EVER fucking tell me what to do” he said huskily and spanked my ass, I moaned out and tilted my head back. He got down on his knees and ripped my panties off.

“They were my favourite pair!”

“Quit whining!”

He then sucked harshly on my clit and ran his finger up and down my folds. I could tell he was smirking because I know I was dripping wet, all for him. His finger prodded my entrance as he slid two of his fingers in. I let out a whine and pushed my ass onto his fingers and they moved in and out of me at a fast pace. I reached out my hand to find something tho grabbed hold of but it was a door so I ended up pulling on my own hair and letting out groans.

“You’re so needy baby”

“Fuck I need you” that must have snapped something inside him as he stood up, flipped me over and pushed me up against the door once more. He reconnected our lips and tapped my leg, I jumped and he edged his cock inside me. I arched my back and ran my fingers through his hair curving around the puppy ears. His cocked pumped in and out of me at a rapid pace and I felt his tip rub against my g-spot.

“Right there Cal” I mumbled against his lips

He lifted my legs up next to my shoulders and pounded into me faster than before. I started to see stars and I could feel my walls clench around him, I grabbed hold of his shoulders and came around him. I looked up and Calum had sweat running down his forehead, I reached up and grabbed hold of his puppy ears, he opened his eyes and looked wide eyed at me, his eyes flashed different colours from blue to colours I’ve never seen before. He shut his eyes and came inside me with a loud animalistic groan.

He let go of my legs and shook against me. He leant his forehead against mine and breathed in deeply catching his breath. I stroked his face and caressed his cheek. He opened his eyes and they were back to the normal shade of soft brown. He quickly stepped away from me and looked at me.

“I’m so sorry” he mumbled whilst biting his lip nervously as it trembled a bit

“For what?”

“I didn’t mean to do that, it was just..”

“Just what?”

He stood still and looked down at the floor. I walked over to wear he was standing and reached up to his puppy ears. I stroked over them and he looked at me. 

“Are you a hybrid?” He nodded and looked at me

“And what I just did was because hybrids get these things called rushes which gets them super horny” he laughed

I pulled his face down to mine and kissed him. 

“Do you regret it?”

“Not at all, I’ve wanted you too long” he answered and kissed me passionately 

Harry Potter, Next Gen Head-canon: Scorbus + Albus in glasses

- Albus doesn’t wear them all the time

- because while he may need them occasionally, he isn’t completely blind like his dad

- so that’s why Scorpius doesn’t realise it at first

- or that’s his reasoning, anyway

- but they’re these big, nerdy, hipster framed, things

- and Scorpius just can’t even

- they’re in potions one day and Albus is suddenly digging around in his bag for the damn things and shoving them on so he can read the board

- and cursing Professor Snape for not letting them read from their books

- “I mean seriously who the fuck makes us buy a book and then not let us use it in class?”

- and cursing his father for making him partially blind

- “Of course I had to be the one to get the damn genes.”

- and cursing the shop for having only the worst frames in the universe

- and on a side note Scorpius is finding all this cursing incredibly hot

- because Al never swears so when he does it’s like - whew

- Anyway Al is chewing at his lip as he thinks, and the flickering candle light is throwing sharp shadows across his angular face and hot damn

- literally because suddenly the dungeon is SWELTERING

- Scorpius is tugging at his collar, and shrugging out of his sweater and just avoiding looking at his best friend altogether

- but then Al is turning to ask him a question and somehow those emerald eyes look a million times better behind glass

- and it’s precisely then that Scorpius realises he’s hot for his best straight friend

- and cue the mandatory “Fuck My Life”

- of course it’s disguised under his choking fit

- and because the potions master isn’t a total asshole he manages to get excused from the rest of the lesson, while losing only five points for his house

- he scrambles out of the room, leaving poor Al looking confused behind him

- and once he’s outside he can lean against the cold bricks and finally say it out loud

- “I am so screwed.”

anonymous asked:

hi! You seem really nice and I just wanted affirmation or something (I can't talk about this with people irl because I'll be judged). Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? Because I have one on my Chem teacher and Idk what to do or how to deal. Even if you haven't been in this situation if you have any advice I'd appreciate it but even if not it's okay. I love your writing :)




I’ve never had a crush on a teacher that I’ve actually wanted to do something about


I’ve had teachers that I’ve been like ‘they’re hot’ but never like a full crush

if you’re at high school, pls don’t even try to act on this crush. even if he/she ‘returns’ the crush, that’s hella illegal and just thinking about it makes me feel sick pls pls pls stay safe

idk college professor!AUs are hot as fuck but i’m not sure that real life is a good idea

i’d try to get over it, kiddo. feels like it would lead to more drama than it’s worth

but STAY SAFE i worry about y’all stay safe omg

The Costume Party

Summary: Professor Winchester’s and the reader’s Halloween doesn’t quite go as planned. Part of my Professor Winchester series.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Professor Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 3113

Warnings: Language, smut, explicit sexual content, nsfw

Author’s Notes: Part of my Professor!Dean AU. The prompt for this was given to me by beauty-and-the-stitch. Happy early Halloween! Please see this post if you want an idea of what the costumes look like.

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kaluv888  asked:

hey! do you know any fics where no one belives stiles has a boyfriend then POW he brings derek somewhere public (or derek comes back go town for stiles) and everyone's like 😲

i found 

Derek the Cat by SterekGirl (Scribes23) (1/1 | 1,577 | PG13)

Whenever college drummer, Stiles Stilinski says he has a boyfriend, Derek Hale, no one believes him.
Because saying Derek Hale voted hottest man of the year 2015 and vocalist of the band of the year was too far fetch. Right? Right.

And probably because Stiles owns a cat named Derek Hale too.[Sterek Version]

The Tale of Stiles Stilinski and His (Non)Existent Boyfriend, Derek Hale by mackietommo (1/1 | 2,976 | G)

“But, Derek –”

“Stiles,” she sighs. “Look, I know we kind of supported you with your whole… Derek Hale, The Perfect Boyfriend Fairy Tale. But, you seriously need to date real people.”

“What,” Stiles says, with no question mark. “You think Derek is not real?”

She looks at him like he’s stupid. “Yes,”

Stiles slumps in his seat.

or in which none of Stiles’ college friends believe Derek Hale is fucking real. But, Erica has a plan. And this is just really about the whole pack loves Stiles.

this tumblr fic by goddammitstacey 

(Not so) Out of His League by har1ey_quinn (1/1 | 3,588 | G)

Sarah, however, knew better (or at least, now she did). It wasn’t until she was head TA (because it meant she had to go to all the lectures) that she actually got to meet the lucky person who managed to put a ring on Professor Hale’s finger. It was possibly one of the most embarrassing moment in her life (definitely in the top three), because she had pretty much insinuated that Professor Hale was so completely out of anyone’s league, she couldn’t believe a student, no less, was married to him.

I Swear They’re Real! by booksaremyreality (1/1 | 1583 | NR/G)

Stiles likes to talk about his incredibly hot friends. Unfortunately his college friends don’t believe him.

“You couldn’t have mentioned that he looks like Danny Zuko and Robert Pattinson’s lovechild?” by Survivah (1/1 |  1,659 | PG13)

In which Stiles goes to breakfast, and realizes that technically, Derek’s a pretty intimidating looking guy. He’d never noticed before.

Stiles and the Not-So-Fake Boyfriend by WyldeWombat (1/1 |  2,363 | NR)

Stiles does NOT have a boyfriend: of that, the pack, his dad, and the entire community of Beacon Hills are completely convinced. It’s just a fact that Stiles is single. Poor Stiles; he’s probably lonely. Maybe they can set him up with someone!
Unless you’re Stiles, that is. Seriously. He DOES have a boyfriend. Why won’t anyone believe him?

A love that does exist by bovineinteriors (1/1 |  3,497 | G)

During Stiles’ first year in college, his new friends have a hard time believing the amazing Derek Hale exists.
“Oh for the love of god!” Robby exclaimed, “You can’t get engaged to a fake boyfriend Stiles! This is taking it way too far.”
“Fake boyfriend? What are you talking about?” Stiles asked, the smile slipping off of his face.
“Stiles, you don’t have any pictures of him, we have never met him, he isn’t on any social media, and when we called him, you were the one speaking in his voice mail.”

Idk what this is but after last week’s episode with more confirmation that Oliver Queen is a reader, I got a spark of inspiration to write something including that little tidbit about him. And also baseball because, why not? Un-beta-ed so read at your own risk lol. 

Felicity held down the pages of her notebook as a warm spring breeze blew by and tickled her face.

“Do you want a ride home?”

She turned her head to see Iris joining her on the bleachers.

“No that’s okay. I think I’m just going to get some homework done and then walk home.”  

“You’ve been spending a lot of time out here lately.”

Shrugging, she replied, “It’s nice out. And mom’s been working weird hours again so I’d rather be here than alone at home.”

Iris tilted her head towards the baseball field where the team was starting their after school practice, “Are you sure it has nothing to do with that?”

“I don’t—“ She could feel a faint blush spreading across her cheeks at how high pitched her voice sounded and she coughed, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Mhmm,” Iris raised a skeptical eyebrow but let it go. “Well, I’ll see you in chem tomorrow.”

Felicity nodded, “Yep. Don’t forget that it’ll be the third Tuesday of the month which means, according to my algorithm, we’re going to have a pop quiz.”

Iris shook her head in amusement, “I am friends with all of the biggest nerds at this school.”

Felicity grinned, “Happy studying!”

She watched as Iris walked away from the field before sliding her eyes over to where the guys had lined up for throwing drills. Squinting in the sunlight, she paused for a fraction of a second on one of the players before ducking her head back down into her chemistry notes.

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This Isn’t Destiny

so there’s that ask i did where i made up a cute lil soulmates au and then a headcanon and i kind of combined them so here you go.

Summary: The name “Tina” is inscribed on Newt’s wrist. Supposedly, whatever Tina touches will be given color to Newt. The same goes for all wizards and witches – it’s their soulmate’s name. Who they are destined to be with. Newt, however, has never been a believer in fate or destiny. He’s convinced that the name will bear no meaning to him whatsoever. After all, he’s sixteen and he’s met several Tinas, none of them at all remarkable. However, when Leta leaves him for holiday break to go with her family on a trip to New York, he is left to hang around his sort-of friend in Hufflepuff and said sort-of friend’s girlfriend – both of whom have their names on each other’s wrists. This was not how Newt Scamander had been hoping to spend his Christmas.

“Come on, Newt, cheer up!” teased Atlanta, flicking some snow at him. Newt merely burrowed his face deeper into his scarf, shooting her a look. She pouted and turned to Conrad. “Make him cheer up, babe, he’s bringing the whole town down!”

The three were walking through Hogsmeade together. Newt had hoped to be curled up with Leta in the library right now, but she obviously had no control over her family’s plans. Conrad was the second-closest thing to a friend he had at school, and unfortunately he and Atlanta were a package deal.

“It’s almost Christmas, mate, it’s time to wipe that frown off your face!” Conrad attempted to lighten the mood. “Come on, name one thing you’d rather be doing.”

I can list ten, easy, Newt thought bitterly, but kept his words to himself. He forced a smile and said through gritted teeth, “True that, Con. Where next?”

“Ooooh, Madam Puddifoot’s!” Atlanta squealed, and that’s how Newt found himself crammed into a table by himself at the sappiest cafe he had ever had the misfortune to step into, across from his two half-friends that were eagerly glued by the lips.

He noticed Madam Puddifoot herself shooting him a few pitying glances, but he could hardly stand to look at anyone. He pulled his scarf up to his eyes, despite it being steamy-hot in the cafe, and tried to ignore the slurping coming from the adjacent seats.

He found himself examining his wrist in spite of himself. What Professor Blackburn had said had eerily clung to him like morning dew on the hems of his robes, something he had promised he would never allow to happen in Divination.

“You, boy,” he had called to Newt after class, before Newt could get out the door. Uncomfortable, Newt had turned, unwilling to hear what his professor was about to say.

“Today – why did you pick the wrong cup? I specifically said the purple ones, not the red ones.”

Newt felt himself go red around the collar. He strongly disliked this topic, having brushed it off as a rare case of wizarding color-blindness. People had told him that it was because he had yet to come in contact with anything his “soulmate” had, but he refused to believe that was true.

“I- I’m sorry, sir,” Newt stammered, jamming his hands into his pockets. “I – forgot, I suppose….”

Professor Blackburn studied him. The old man would not have seemed intimidating if you had just seen him walking down the street, but Newt had witnessed firsthand his passionate lectures on the art of divination, and how vehemently he had spoke of the horrors the “eye” could see.

“I think I know your problem, lad,” Professor Blackburn murmured. “Several other students suffer the same, though they have the wits to ask their fortunate friends for assistance. It is the fact that you are a non-believer that has singled you out.”

Lucky me, Newt thought, but kept his thoughts to himself, saying, “Yes, sir.”

“Let me see your wrist.”

Newt considered refusing and simply leaving the classroom, but then he found himself extending his arm to the decrepit man and pushing his sleeve up, almost against his will. Professor Blackburn took his forearm in his almost translucent hands and studied the name there. “Tina.”

“There is a Tina in this very class,” Professor Blackburn noted. “And yet you see… nothing? Just–”

“Black and white,” Newt said. It came out more bitter than he had first intended.

“Interesting,” mused Professor Blackburn, releasing Newt’s arm. “I can be of little help here, Mister Scamander. I do say this, however: you dream of being a magizoologist, correct? I hate to inform you, but if you are to continue to ignore truth in return for your own silly desires, there is not much fruit to come from your endeavors. Perhaps it is time to let your silly boyhood crush go, and learn to accept reality. You are dismissed.”

Newt’s mouth fell open as Professor Blackburn turned and left him, disappearing into his office. He stared once again at the name on his wrist and scowled. Professor Blackburn was wrong, he had to be. It just didn’t make sense.

“Can I get you anything, sugar?”

Newt was jolted back to freezing reality. That was the last day of classes before the holidays had begun, and now he would be returning to lessons the following day. Madam Puddifoot was standing in front of him, and Atlanta and Conrad were still intertwined at the table beside him.

“N- no, thank you,” murmured Newt, getting to his feet. “I was just heading out, anyway. Bye.”

Madam Puddifoot waved, and Newt walked out into the cold. Snow had begun to fall again, and not many students were still wandering the streets. He decided to head back to the castle, despite the earliness, and whittle away the remainder of the day in the Hufflepuff common room.

He was just entering the castle from the icy steps when a voice called from down the hall, “Newt!”

He looked and couldn’t help but grin hugely. Leta Lestrange herself was running towards him, her dark skin and hair looking uniquely beautiful as it always did.

Something threw him off, however. Leta looked – different. Her entire right side was… was… colored!

Newt held in a gasp so as not to alarm Leta. But sure enough, there were splotches of color on her as though she had been bumped into. She held a briefcase, and there were handprints on the case, as though someone and grabbed it so as to gently push it out of the way.

“Is everything alright?” Leta asked. “You look odd – I mean, more than usual.”

“Y- yes, I’m fine,” gasped Newt, his mind subconsciously flicking to the name on his wrist. Tina… is it possible… could it be real? Was Tina in New York – his Tina?

He shrugged these thoughts to the side. “Come on,” he told his best friend. “Let’s go to the library.”

When Newt entered New York, his mind could hardly believe what he was seeing. Colors – real colors, just like the ones that were on Leta and some of her belongings! He hadn’t seen colors in years.

Yet here they were. There were footprints all over the place, shapes on walls, even people showed signs of being nudged or bumped into, like Leta had. One man’s front was even completely colored, as though he had hugged her.

He had never seen someone completely colored before. That’s what drew him to the crowd outside the bank – a girl. She was wearing a grey coat, so it took him a moment to realize what was odd. It was a different kind of grey. It was vibrant and alive.

When she turned, he realized he could see her eye color. She had a bright splash of yellow mustard on her upper lip. Newt remembered the name on his wrist, and wondered if she saw what he was seeing. It was her. It had to be.

Professor Blackburn had been right.

i’ll show you in spring, it’s a treacherous thing

for muclbloods <3

word count: 721

pairing: tom riddle x minerva mcgonagall

“Professor Riddle,” she greeted, coldly. “May  I ask why you have put four of my most well-behaved students in detention this Saturday?”

“Well, Minerva, your well-behaved students were rather less than well behaved in my lesson. The damage to the classroom…” he tssked, shaking his head mournfully and she wanted to hit him. With a curse. 

“They were duelling,” she pointed out. “I believe that if you choose to teach such… violent magic to teenagers you ought to expect some damage.”

“They destroyed every single piece of furniture,” he said, amicably. “Would you like some firewhiskey? It must be, er, stressful to constantly maintain that stiff upper lip.”

She scowled at him. Firewhiskey sounded marvellous, really. 

“No, thank you. It is a week night, after all Professor Riddle.” 

“You weren’t always so uptight, Minerva.” 

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Yes Professor (Nerdy (kinda) Luke Smut)

So this is the other story that I was writing when I wrote “Tutor Me”…thats why it took me nearly a week…because I was writing two stories instead of one! So harryxoclifford…you got two…YAY! :) ENJOY!!!

You were his top student. Constantly asking you questions- easy ones might I ad. He wasn’t actually your Professor. He was the Teacher’s Aide, but you always ended up working with him. Luke. English Essay - Luke, Beaumont Oratory - Luke, Class Situation - Luke. It’s like the entire English Department at Vic U wants you to work with him. It doesn’t help that he’s two years your senior, graduating only last year and you had the biggest crush on him. Luckily Luke never found out about said crush, but you knew that you were being blatantly obvious each time he sat down next to you, because you would feel a hot blush creeping up onto your cheeks. It never helped when he brushed his fingers against your hand.

You would always catch yourself watching the way his fingers glided across the keyboard when helping you to type out a paragraph that you were “stuck” on. You always watched the way his lips would form words or the way his pink lips would turn up into a smile when you would ask for his help. You always watched the way his tongue would dart out of his mouth to wet his lips, or the way he would just stick out the very tip of his tongue in the corner of his mouth when he’s thinking really hard about something.

You couldn’t help but go home each night and think about what his fingers would feel like interlaced with yours, you couldn’t help but wonder what his lips would taste like pressed up against yours, but what you fantasized about the most, was what his tongue would feel like pressed up against your clit, flicking it quickly, drawing you closer and closer to the edge until you came over his tongue.

The next day in class, you couldn’t take it anymore. All week Luke -Professor Hemmings- had been doing things that were driving you crazy. Watching you from the front of the class whilst the Professor was talking, he would purposefully graze his fingers against yours when handing you the pen or notepad. He would look you up and down each new day of the week, nodding only slightly to himself, as if he’s almost approving of what you’re wearing. If you were being honest though, you did the same to him.

He would hardly ever be late, but when he was, you couldn’t stop your eyes from raking up and down his body. He was a lean figure that always wore long sleeved plaid shirts with a bow tie and black skinny leg trousers, but his look was always completed with thick black glasses. Usually, on a Friday, he would change up his look, and all the girls played “guess what he’s changed”, like last week he wore a sleek black tie instead of his usual black bow tie. This week though, no one called what he was going to wear.

Luke was late, very late. So late in fact that everyone thought that Luke wasn’t coming, until he burst through the door, his usual perfectly waxed hair was sticking up in different directions, making him look like he’s just rolled out of bed, his cheeks are flushed and his chest is rising and falling quickly like he’s just run a marathon. Everyone gaped at him, at his appearance. Fridays were his mix up day, but today was just-wow! He wasn’t wearing his normal shirt and bow tie. Luke was wearing a white cotton shirt with a black skinny tie and a black blazer with his black trousers. He didn’t wear his usual red or white vans, he wore black leather boots. He looked as if he was our Dean. I couldn’t stop smiling as his eyes met mine and he smiled and blushed further, he knew that I approved of his suit and he loved it.

“Glad you could join us Mr. Hemmings.” Professor Mickelson said, taking in his flushed appearance. “Alright, for today’s lesson we are going to pair up and partner A will be the teacher and partner B will be the student. In today’s situations, partner B, the student, has done something worthy of a detention. The cause of the detention is up to partner A, the teacher. What happens in detention is also up to partner A. Ok let’s begin. (Y/N) you’re with Hemmings again. You could learn something.”

Was that supposed to mean some- holy crap he looks hotter up close. “So, you’re the teacher, I’m guessing?” You ask, looking directly into his eyes, showing no sign of melting under his intense gaze.

“That’s right. You’re my student!” Luke flashes his toothy grin making you melt further into your chair. Did he have to say “my” like you were his toy that he was fighting over in the sandbox with another kid?

“Sure. So what have I done wrong, Professor?” Two could play at this game. You smirked at the blush that creeped up onto his cheeks and the tips of his ears.

“You will know at the end of the school day. I want you back here as soon as the last bell rings. If you are late, you’ll be punished further.” Luke sneers playfully, but he leans in to your ear. “Punished harder.”

You shiver and have to compose yourself as Professor Mickelson announces to the class that the exercise is over and that he will see us all tomorrow for our morning lecture. You were relieved that class was over as you weren’t sure how much longer you could take Luke being so close to you as he was so hot today. As you walk past Professor Mickelson you take the notes that he’s handing out and slip them into your folder before walking past Luke- Mr. Hemmings, you needed to stop being so comfortable around him, and before you could walk out the door, he grabs your wrist and says to you, very calmly to not cause suspicion. “I meant it. I wan’t to talk to you after school today. Don’t be late.” That’s all he said before walking back towards Professor Mickelson. You didn’t even have time to say no.


*After classes*
You walk into the dark lecture theatre. It was empty. Was he pranking you? Did he know how much he had affected you today in class, and he was making a point? You were just about to leave when you felt someone grab you from behind and pin you down onto the table. You screamed. You kicked. You tried your hardest to get away, but when a hand found its way up the back of your leg under your white flowing skirt and into your panties to rub hard little circles on your clit, you couldn’t help but moan into the mahogany desk.

“You’re such a dirty little slut aren’t you?” His hot breath fans over your neck and you know from the scent of his cologne that it was Luke who was pressed up against you. It was Luke’s cock that was quickly growing and pressed up against the back of your thighs. It was Luke’s fingers working over your clit, making you whimper and moan beneath him. “My dirty little slut.” At this, Luke thrusts two fingers into you making you moan out louder and buck back into him.

Luke pulls away from you making you whimper at the loss of contact, but before you can turn around and protest, Luke forcefully pulls down your skirt and panties. “Did you think that you could just wear this and think that I wouldn’t be affected? Did you think that I wouldn’t notice this short skirt and top that shows off your boobs. All the boys were looking at you today. They thought that they had a chance with you. You’re mine. Not theirs.” The whole time Luke was talking he was pulling off a piece of yours or his clothing. When he wasn’t doing that, he was slapping your arse on a particular word to make his point. Luke ended up kneeling on the floor behind you, you bent over the Professor’s desk, legs wide.

Luke licks along your slit, his tongue flicking into your entrance to taste you, making your legs weak. You were thankful for the desk underneath you, as you were positive that you would be on the floor from Luke’s ministrations. Luke sucks your clit into his mouth and slides two fingers into you, making you scream beneath his tongue. Luke pulls away quickly, slapping you hard on your left arse cheek. “Shut up! We have to make this quick and quiet.” Luke says going back to fingering you and sucking on your clit.

He pulls away, just before you’re about to cum. You slide off the desk boneless, before composing yourself and turning the tables on Luke. You shove Luke against the desk, facing you and grasp his cock in your hand, making him hiss at the intense pleasure. You start to stroke him quickly, sucking and nipping at his neck. “Did you think you could just walk in, hot and flustered, with your hair disheveled, breathless, like you had just fucked someone? Did you think you could just run in and let the girls undress you with their eyes? You wore that suit just to make me wet. Well good job Mr. Hemmings, I was wet all day long, waiting for your fingers and mouth and cock to push me over the edge.”

Luke groaned, a raw, thick groan that was ripped from the back of his throat. You kissed your way down his chest, nipping and sucking red marks into his skin, whilst never letting go of his hard cock that was starting to leak precome. You eventually knelt in front of him and licked the beads of precome from the slit on the top of his cock, earning a low moan from Luke, before taking all of him into your mouth. Luke involuntarily bucked into mouth making you gag slightly, but to Luke’s surprise, you kept going, relaxing your throat so you could deep throat him again. This took Luke by surprise and he couldn’t help but grab your hair and pull you off of him in fear of finishing before he started.

“Get on the desk.” Luke growled at you, making more heat pool between your legs. “Yes Professor.” You could hear how Luke’s breath hitched when he heard you say that. You complied quickly by sitting up on Professor Mickelson’s desk and spreading your legs wide. Luke groaned when he turned back around to see you spread out for him.

Luke captures your lips with his as he slowly pushes into you. You gasp into the kiss, giving Luke access to lick into your mouth as he starts a steady rhythm, pumping in and out of you. You dig your nails into Luke’s back from the intense pleasure as he starts to pump faster, pushing you back further onto the desk as you push back onto him. Luke kisses down your neck, licking and sucking a bruise onto your pulse point making you whimper and moan breathily. “(Y/N), I’m close.” Luke moans into your ear.

“You’re so fucking big Luke!” You moan, biting your lip as Luke starts to thrust roughly into you, angling his hips to hit your g-spot.

“No, you’re just fucking tight.” Luke grunts out between breaths and thrusts. “Cum for me baby.” He says, licking a stripe up your neck whilst his hand sneaks down between your bodies to rub furiously at your clit making you shiver and arch your back into him. You cum hard on his cock that is still pounding in and out of you, screaming Luke’s name loudly that echoes around the room of the lecture theatre.

It only takes another couple of thrusts for Luke to empty himself into you and then collapse, his head leaning down on your shoulder as you both try and catch your breaths. The only sound in the lecture theatre is the deep gasps and pants of you trying to catch your breath whilst the ticking of the clock slowly drones on in the background.

“I’m so glad you’re a teaching major otherwise our plan might have not worked.” You giggle into Luke’s ear as he slowly leaves kisses along your neck. “I choose the next fantasy.” You wink at Luke’s pout.

“I have always wanted to do you on your Professor’s desk.” Luke chuckles into your skin before helping you up and into your clothes before walking out, hand in hand, huge smiles on both of your faces.

Hope you liked it…please send in requests…they are always welcome…via messaging, posts or reblogging one of my many “requests” posts. I do dirty (obviously) and clean whilst also doing One Direction and 5SOS (obviously). haha Until then. xoxo

relicsofouryouth  asked:

"a violinist who only plays classical music and a metal guitarist dislike each other’s preferred genre but have to perform a duet au" pretty please! C: thank you for opening requests to us!!

@fenrisalderson asked:  How about ‘a violinist who only plays classical music and a metal guitarist dislike each other’s preferred genre but have to perform a duet au’ for the prompt requests? :>

Thank you two for the request!! Since I have like zero knowledge on what a metal guitarist and a violinist could perform together, accept this v vague piece ^^;

Check out the list of prompts here! Yullen only!

I’m also currently streaming the requests here

“Okay, okay, stop stop stop,” Allen said, dropping the violin from his shoulder and waving his hand holding the bow haphazardly. “This sounds like shit.”

“No,” Kanda corrected, setting his guitar in its stand. “You sound like shit. I sound awesome.”

Allen groaned and mumbled under his breath, “Punk rockers and their shitty music-”

“Excuse me?” Kanda hissed, stalking from his side of the studio to confront Allen, who scrambled away and back onto his high stool to make space. Kanda grinned when even on his stool Allen still sat shorter than Kanda. Allen scowled back. “Mind repeating that a bit louder?”

“What?” Allen asked defensively. “All that shite music ruin your hearing? Need a hearing aid?”

“Why? You gonna share yours old man?” Kanda snapped back and Allen laughed derisively.

“Is that the best you got?” Allen asked, leaning forward in his seat until Kanda became uncomfortably aware that with their positions it left Allen only inches away from him. He almost leaned back, but the gleam in Allen’s eyes told him he knew what he was doing, and fuck if Kanda was going to let him win at anything.

“Don’t test me,” Kanda warned, nerves high strung and shoulders tense. They were so close that Allen’s eyes suddenly flicked from side to side, focusing on Kanda’s. When Allen didn’t respond fast enough, he stared into his eyes - so light, so gray, and in the warm studio lighting it almost looked like the look Allen always gave others but never Kanda was actually aimed at him for once.

Allen took a shuddering breath and abruptly leaned away, scowling. “This is all your fault,” he announced.

Startled, Kanda leaned away - shit, since when had he practically been bending the kid backwards? Rolling his shoulders, Kanda sent Allen a glare. “How the fuck do you think that?”

Allen waved in frustration towards Kanda. “Well! You - Mr. Belligerent and Scowling and Always Angry -”


“Got in hot water with your professor, who’s friends with mine, and who won a bet against m- who won a bet. And I have to pay for it and they decided to punish you and me by sticking us here!”

Kanda crossed his arms and leaned on one leg, fingers tapping his pick against his forearm. “That explains nothing.”

Allen huffed. “If you hadn’t pissed off your professor I wouldn’t be here! Then I would just pay off the debt like I normally do-”

“Normally?” Kanda asked, brows drawing down sharply. “How do you ‘normally’ pay off these debts?”

Allen shifted defensively, eyes darting away to the sheet music on his stand. The uneasy response immediately set Kanda on edge, and he felt so suddenly angry his head went woozy with the blood rush. “Fuck!” Kanda snapped, whirling around to focus his glare but Allen.

“Hey!” Allen demanded, and Kanda could hear the stool slide back as he stepped off it. “What are you thinking? Are you - you’re no - oh my God no! I’m not selling myself!”

That had been exactly what Kanda was thinking. Despite all of Allen’s very odd traits - white hair, scarred face, wine-red arm and scarred body, he was still very very pretty. It was in the set of his and the slope of his nose, how thick his eyelashes were and the way he smiled, dimpling one cheek and eyes glittering like they knew a secret about you. Allen was alluring - Kanda wasn’t a fool and he wasn’t blind. In fact, he thought all of Allen’s differences made him all the more appealing.

His professor laughed lightly at Kanda’s expression. “Oh, don’t worry so much Kanda! Allen is a good worker - very friendly. And he’s easy on the eyes, too.” The shiver of disgust that danced down Kanda’s spine as his old professor said this almost made Kanda snap out the very words he thought. Instead he clamped his mouth down. He’d already pissed the professor off once, no need to do it twice.

“I wasn’t thinking a damn thing,” Kanda finally snapped.

“You never are,” Allen said without missing a beat, and Kanda’s hands curled into fists.

“Fuck you!”

“Maybe next time darling,” Allen drawled sarcastically, and still Kanda felt flushed. Angry, tense, and way too wound up, Kanda focused on his own sheet music instead. It was some Mozart piece chosen specifically for Kanda’s benefit, which was fucking offensive. He could read music for shit’s sake, why the hell were they trying to choose shit to make things 'easier’?

“You know,” Allen began thoughtfully, staring at the ceiling and tapping his bow against his thigh. “They didn’t really say we had to do this piece - they just said do a duet.” Kanda snapped his head towards Allen’s, and received a curling grin. “Since this one is clearly going to shit - which is your fault - I say we just decide on another.”

“First of all,” Kanda began, sitting in the straight backed chair and crossing his legs at the ankles. “You’re the one whose playing is shit - not shite you English motherfucker. Second of all - if we can’t even play this piece together, what makes you think we could play another?”

Allen shrugged, not taking any offense. “Do you have any better ideas?”

Kanda’s mouth snapped closed, and he regarded the sheet music again, and then consulted his watch. They had this room for another ten minutes, which wasn’t enough time to do anything. He tapped his pick against his thigh in thought.

Suddenly, he felt Allen staring at him and looked up to meet his gaze. He frowned, realizing Allen wasn’t actually looking at him, and found him staring at his hips. Scowling, Kanda followed his gaze and realized - oh, okay. Allen was looking at his watch. “It’s ten minutes till,” Kanda said, annoyed, and Allen had the decency to at least blush. Or fake it.

“Uh, right,” Allen cleared his throat. “So- do you want to go out?”

“What?” Kanda asked, wondering if he really had gone hard of hearing.

“No! No, no, no! Not that way - oh my God.” Allen covered his face with his hands for a moment, and Kanda took that time to watch how the studio lights played on Allen’s white hair. “Okay. Look,” he dropped his hands and faced Kanda calmly, no evidence of his embarrassment remaining. “We need to figure out the sheet music or at least how to play this damn piece - obviously, we’re running out of time. So… do you want to go out to dinner and talk it over then? Because I’m ravenous.”

“Ravenous?” Kanda mocked, huffing a short laugh. He thought about it. He didn’t really have plans for his Friday night - what a big surprise. And putting off the assignment would just make him unnerved as the due date drew near, not to mention his professor was riding his ass on this assignment. Disgusting old pervert. “Fine.”

“Fine?” Allen asked too hopefully, and so Kanda made sure to level his best glare at him.

“Fine, we go out to talk about the sheet music.” Not a date beansprout, he wanted to say, but felt like that sounded too much like denial. No need giving the idiot any ideas.

“Okay. Okay!” Allen said excitedly, clapping his hands twice together as if settling a deal. “Okay uh- I guess we should get going?”

Kanda snorted, standing from his chair and storing his guitar into its case. “So damn awkward. Yes, yes we should get going.”

Then Allen smiled, bright and big and full of warmth, like all those other smiles Allen never aimed at Kanda. Kanda felt like he finally won their stupid competitive, whatever it had been. Getting Allen to break and bend and soften first - something like that.

And then Allen’s grin turned sly, eyes twinkling as he stored his violin and shoved sheets of music haphazardly into his bag, surely wrinkling pages as they went. Suddenly, Kanda wondered if maybe, somehow, he hadn’t won after all. If maybe the whole thing had been a ploy to get Kanda to accept this dinner offer because, really, when was the last time he’d gone out to eat with someone other than Lavi or Lenalee? Or, God forbid, his horrid father?

Too long, his mind whispered, and Kanda sternly demanded it shut up. It was just a dinner to talk about assignments, that’s all. Just a dinner, nothing special.

“Come on Kanda!” Allen called, and Kanda swung his guitar case over his shoulder along with his messenger bag, following Allen, and then shoving past him to lead, ignoring Allen’s soft chuckles behind him.

anonymous asked:

You know that picture of Tupperware that says "ever top is a bottom" just picture Derek buying that for Stiles as a way to bring up how he want to bottom when so far all Derek's been doing is topping.

You mean this one?

I have seen it floating around the Tumblrs… (Funny side note: when I first saw it, I sent it to my gay friend and was like “please find this as hilarious as I do.” and he was like “Yes. It’s perfect.”)

Buuuuuuuut, I gotta be real with you anon. As much as I’m a fan of bottom!Derek (because believe me I am, like you guys know this, hello), I kind of don’t see this as something Derek would do to hint to Stiles he wants to bottom? Like I DEFINITELY see Stiles doing it, and Derek looking at him like he’s an idiot and being like… “Really? You know you could have just told me instead of buying these stupid containers we don’t need.” But, I don’t see Derek needing to be subtle in this way about it? At least not canon!Derek?

Like canon!Derek to me would top like nobody’s business and then would sit Stiles down and say, “Okay. I like it, it’s fun. But it’s my turn.” And Stiles would just nod with his mouth hanging open and going “God yes, why didn’t you tell me. We could have been doing this forever ago,” when they do get down to business.

I don’t know I just see him being more upfront and direct about it and Stiles being like um yes okay.

NOOOOW if you mean an AU!Derek where maybe he’s this shy, quiet type who wears sweaters and enjoys things like hot chocolate and reading by the fire, who maybe is a writer or a professor and has never had or experienced the joys of bottoming because he doesn’t look the type (or maybe is afraid), and when he sees Stiles and how much Stiles loves and enjoys bottoming, he kind of wants to try? And so he tries it himself first, like rubbing his rim in the shower, or dipping in a finger while he masturbates, but he’s pretty sure he’s not doing it right, but he doesn’t quite know how to tell Stiles he wants to try this. And he’s been trying to figure out some way when he’s at the store and he sees these and it’s like a lightbulb goes off, so he buys them. 

He sets them on the counter still in the box when Stiles comes over, but Stiles pays no attention to them as he’s getting a glass of water and telling Derek about his day. So he kind of clears his throat and scoots the boxer closer to Stiles, and when Stiles gives him a questioning look, Derek’s eyes flick down to the box. And Stiles stares at the box and then back up at Derek, so confused because okay he bought new containers that’s great? What does he care? And then Derek rolls his eyes, and points at the motto on the package, and Stiles stares at it some more and then his eyes widen and his eyes flick back up to Derek, and he jumps on him, kissing him and saying things like, “You are such a dork, oh my god,” and “You are so adorable,” and “I can’t believe I like you so much.”

And they go to bed and Stiles takes his time stretching Derek out because he wants Derek’s first time bottoming to be really good, and by the end of it, Derek is a changed man and basically wants to bottom all the time. And they keep the box the containers came in and put it up on the shelf in their closet as a memento.

fratboy luke hemmings smut (Part One)

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of frat boy luke hemmings because he’s so hot and yeah I love him. Wattpad blocked it for being rated r and mature content. Send me asks about what you think. This is my first smut. I hope it doesn’t suck. Oh and btw, Happy New Year! :)

Part 2: http://gnarleygal.tumblr.com/post/106915243621/frat-boy-luke-hemmings-smut-part-two 

I sat in my seat in the back of the lecture hall in my psychology class, waiting for the professor to walk in with a big smile on our face and tell us to lighten up when we really didn’t want too. God I hated psych. It was torture. I wasn’t interested in the topic considering I wasn’t in that field and it didn’t have anything to do of where I was going in life. The main reason I really hated coming to this class was this frat boy who’d sit next to me and complain about his hangovers and ask me if I had any adderall or asprin on me. He’d constantly flirt with me and get with me to come to a party with him, but i’d refuse because parties weren’t really my scene. His name was Luke Hemmings. I mean, he was quite attractive, with his blonde quiff mostly hidden by a backwards snapback and he had piercing blue eyes that you could get lost in. He just was just a typical college frat boy who parties, sleeps around with tons of girls, and can’t settle down at all because he doesn’t know how to be in a real relationship.

The professor walked in and set down his stuff and began to get ready for the lecture.

“We will start today’s lecture in just a few minutes as soon as I get ready,” The professor tells us.

I hear footsteps behind me and a grunt as the chair next to me is pulled out by some familar face and I rolled my eyes knowing exactly who he is and I wasn’t looking forward to this at all. To be honest, I never am. I look over at him and he has the biggest grin on like he wants to get in my pants or something. He had on his snapback on backwards as usual and i couldn’t help but get chills. He looked really fucking hot.

“Hey pysch buddy,” He says, smirking at me.

“No hangover today?” I asked, sarcasticly.

“Alittle, but I skipped my 8am to catch up on sleep,” He says, flexing his arms while yawning.

“Wow, you must be so proud.”

“Any parties for you this weekend? or did you study like a good girl?” He smirked.

“I have better things to do than partying,” I say.

“I highly believe that, Y/N. Why don’t you let me take you to a party tonight? I’ll show you a good time,” He offered, putting his arm around me.

“No thanks,” I shook my head in disgust, shrugging him off.

He was so cute though, but I couldn’t fall for his game. I’d just look like a fool who fell for the typical frat and then he doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore.

“Come on. It’ll be fun. I’ll be with you the whole night, so you don’t have to feel left out and alone,” He said.

“Fine. But if i’m having a bad time, I’m leaving,” I assure him.

“Trust me. I’ll make sure you’ll have an excellent time. I’ll wait for you at your room at 7?” He grins, with is blue eyes staring into my hazel ones.

“Sure,” I sighed.

“Don’t sigh, babe. It’s gonna be great," 

Ugh. Why do the bad boys always have to be so possessive? It’s so hot. I hated that I loved it.


After class has ended, I tried to get out of class as fast I can and to avoid talking to Luke once more because everytime I’m around him, I can’t help but wanna fuck him because he does make me feel some type of way.

"Hey Y/N. Wait up!” Luke called out, running after me. “Why you in such a hurry babe?” He asked.

“Oh, it’s just I have to meet someone somewhere and yeah,” I lied. I really didn’t want to talk to him. I do not want him to see I’m interested in him and that I can easily fall for his little game. I’m much smarter than that.

“You’re lying. You’re not meeting anyone,” He smirked, grabbing my hand, and intertwining his fingers into mine.

I flinched and pulled away from his grasp.

“How do you know? You don’t know my daily life,” I said back to him.

“Come on, let’s go back to my dorm,” He grinned.

“No thanks,” I said, trying to walk away, as I heard him follow behind again.

I continued to walk as he tried to talk to me, but he still wouldn’t get the hint that I didn’t want to bother with him.

When we reached the dorm building, he still was attached to me, literally breathing down my neck.

“What floor are you sweetie?” He asked, before pressing the button in the elevator. Of course it was only us two in the elevator.

“7th,” I say.

“No shit, me too,” He said, smiling.

“Wow. I don’t care,” I said, sarcasticly.

“You know, your use of sarcasm really turns me on,” He said, walking closer towards me, grabbing my hands into his and pinning me againest the wall. His face being literally two inches away from mine.

“God, you’re so attractive,” He whispered, in a husky tone. I could feel his hot breath on my face.

I saw him look as my lips and then into my eyes and then back at my lips. I noticed his hot lip rings and imagined what it’d be like to kiss him and feel that cold, metal ring against my mouth. I could play with it and it’d be so fucking hot. I got chills down my spine just thinking about it. He caught me staring at him, considering I was in a daze. Once I saw him lean in to kiss me, I had the biggest urge too, so I leaned in as well and just about when his lips were gonna touch mine, the elevator door opened to the 7th floor. Fuck. So close.

“Uhh ummm, we should go,” I pointed to the door, stepping away from him, shrugging off the fact that he was just about to kiss me.

We walked down the hallway to our rooms.

“I guess I’ll see you later tonight,” He said, looking bummed he couldn’t kiss me.

“Yeah. Meet right here at 7?” I said, pointing to where we were standing now.

“Sounds good,” He said, smiling and giving me a hug. God he smelled nice.

“See you,” I waved, putting my key into my door and opening it. He did the same.

I walked into the room to see my roomate making food and she smiled as I she noticed me walk in.

“Hey girl. How was class?” She asked.

“It was fine,” I lied. It was great. I can’t help it. I gotta be honest Luke makes that class so much better.

“Did you hear about the huge party that Sigma Phi is hosting tonight?

"Yeah, um, about that, I kind of got invited to go,” I said.

“No way! By who?” She sounded so eager to know.

“Uh, Luke Hemmings,”

“Oh yeah. I remember you said he was in your psych class. But dang girl. He’s so fucking hot. Probably the hottest one in that frat. Get it on!” She said, gesturing to her area down there telling me to get it on.

“Yeah. We kind of just had a moment in the elevator,” I said, scratching my neck.

“Oh really?” She asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Yeah. He almost fucking kissed me and I fucking loved it. God dammnit. He’s so controling that it makes me go crazy. The stupid elevator door had to open and it killed our almost makeout session,” I said.

“Damn. You get it girl and that sucks. Hate when that happens,” She said.

“Yeah. We’re meeting out in the hallway at 7. Little did I know, he’s on this floor,” I rolled my eyes.

“Oooh easy access to sex,” She cooed.

“Leah!” I hissed at her.

“Hey, it’s true though. If you hook up at the party, it’s easier for you to come back here and have fuck the shit out of each other,” She explains.

“Good to know Leah. Good to know,” I shook my head.


It was about 6:20 and I just got back from my Science class. I realized I needed to get ready if I needed to look my personal best for Luke. I want to hook up with him, so bad, yet I’m scared of the consquences and how it will affect us in the end. I don’t want to be another girl he’d fucked or played with. I want to be something more, but I doubt that frat head of his wouldn’t ever think that.

I put on tight black leggings and a tight black crop top to fit my slim figure. I straighted my hair to make it look pin straight. I blended in eyeshadow and applied liquid eye liner and winged it and then put on some red lipstick and blotting it after. I looked in the mirror and was really impressed by myself. I looked hot. I hope Luke thinks the same.

It was almost 7 and I was about ready to go. I got a text from Luke. It read, Be out in 5. Can’t wait to see you!

I replied, Alright. See you then.

I grabbed my small over the shoulder black purse and put some important necessities in it, such as, my phone, lipstick, contact drops, and that’s pretty much it.

I looked at my phone and it’s been 5 minutes, so I assumed he was waiting out in the hall.

I opened the door and there he was. Fuck. He looked so good. He had a black sleeve cut shirt on that read “You Complete Mess”, with black skinny jeans and black vans. His lip piercing was in and I noticed him bite his lip and his ring when he saw me.

“Wow,” He said, gazing at me. “You look hot,” He licked his lips.

“Thanks. It’s not too much?” I asked him.

“No, it’s perfect,” He smiled.

“Thanks. You don’t look so bad yourself,” I nodded my head, grinning.

We walked down the hallway and towards the elevator.

“I honestly don’t know how I’m gonna control myself tonight when you’re looking like that,” He said, looking down at his pants to see if he had a bulge.

“You’re good boy. For now,” I laughed as I saw him notice to see if he had a boner.

“I don’t know. I’m so turned on right now,” He smirked.

The elevator opened and there was a couple of other people in their too. I was relieved. He couldn’t pull anything on me yet.


When we got to the frat house, Luke introduced to some of his bros. I literally felt like I was being drooled over by the open mouth expressions they were giving me. It looked like he got a bit of jealously because I felt him pull me closer to him to know that I was there with him and that he didn’t want no guy going after me.

“I’m gonna go get a beer. You want one?” Luke asked. I nodded.

He came back with two beers and I opened mine. I don’t normally like beer, but it’s a party so why not. I gotta live alittle.

We were chatting with his bros some more when they girls walked up to us, grabbing onto to Luke and holding onto to him like they were his side hoes. I felt uncomfortabe, thinking when they came over, he’d forget I was even here, but he pushed them off and introduced me to them.

“This is Y/N,” He said, with his arm still snug around me, showing me off as his date.

The girls got jealously and bitchyness in their eyes and they shrugged it off and continued talking to Luke.

“So Luke, you wanna go upstairs and I could give you something good?” One of the girls asked.

“No thanks, but I’m sure Michael won’t mind,” He said, giving Michael his opportunity to bang her.

“Thanks dude,” Michael fist pumped Luke and took the girl upstairs.

“What about me Luke?” The other girl said. “We really had fun last night,” She said kissing his neck. Okay. Now I was really uncomfortable.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back,” I said to Luke, feeling awkward about the girl hitting on Luke right in front of me.

“Okay. I’ll show you where it is,” Luke asked, wanting to leave the girl to, but I refused.

“No, it’s fine. I can find it,” I said, walking away and I saw the bathroom in the back. He noticed me walk away by myself, hoping I didn’t feel left out.

I walked out of the bathroom and went to find Luke, considering he probably moved spots. I finally spot a blue eyed, blonde familar figure in the distant. Found him. I started to walk over, but then I saw the girl who he was talking to before. She saw me walking over in the distant and made sure Luke didn’t see me. She kissed him right in front of me trying to make me jealous. My heart fell inside my chest. Why wasn’t he pulling away like what the hell? My eyes started to water, but I tried to stop them.

The girl finally pulled away from kissing him and smiled evily.

“Ooops,” She said, which made Luke turn around and he saw me standing there, with guilt in his eyes.

I ran out to the backyard. Luke ran after trying to get to me. I went around the side of the house and leaned my back on it. I thought to myself, How could I be so stupid? I wiped my eyes and tried to dry my tears. I heard footsteps around the corner of the house.

“Y/N!” Luke yelled, waiting for a response.

I tried to move quietly the other way to get away from him, but then I stepped on a stick, which made a snapped noise. I heard footsteps come around to the side of the house and Luke saw me and ran over to me, trying to expain what I saw.

“Y/N, That was not what it looked like. I swear,” He said, standing close to me, looking into my eyes.

“Really? Because it looked like something to me,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“It meant nothing. She kissed me. I didn’t want anything to do with her. I was just waiting for you to come back and I didn’t know you were there,” He assured me.

“If it meant nothing, then why did you keep kissing her? Why didn’t you pull away?” I asked.

“I tried to! She forced her tongue down my throat,” He said.

“I hardly believe that. Frat Boy Luke Hemmings can’t get another girl to stop kissing him. Like come on,”

“Maybe because I wished it was you,” He said, looking down.

“She tried to make me jealous,” I said.

“Don’t be though. I only have eyes for you,” He smiled.

I rolled my eyes, walking away. I can’t trust him right now. He’s Luke Hemmings. The biggest player ever. I bet he doesn’t mean half the things he just told me right now.

He grabbed my arm and pinned me against the side of the house.

“Why don’t you believe me?” He asked, staring into my eyes, waiting for an answer.

“I just can’t trust someone like you right now,” I said.

“Oh honey, you should,” He said, licking his lips and I noticed the lip ring and my fantasies about him started to come back.

“Why?” I asked, curiously.

“Because I’m fucking crazy about you,” He said, crashing his lips onto mine while his hands in mine.

The urge to kiss him was finally over. Our lips were in sync. I felt his cold, lip ring against my lip. I got chills up my spine, just like my fantasy. I felt his tongue meet with mine. It was so rough. I fucking loved it. I felt him smile as I played with his lip ring with my mouth. I felt his bulge against my legs because he was pressed up against my body.

“Calm down there,” I pulled away, smirking.

“See what you do to me,” He said.

“What are you gonna do about it?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Let’s get outta here,” He said, grabbing my hand and walking us back to the dorm buildings.

Once we got to the floor, he pinned me against his door to his room, his lips on mine, sliding his key in to unlock, pushing me in with his body against mine. He closes the door behind him and he takes off my shirt. I take off his, admiring his broad shoulders. Damn. He pulls down my leggings and I unbuckle his jeans and slide them down his lanky legs. He notices my panties are wet and smirks.

“You just couldn’t wait, could you?” He smirked, looking down.

“Just fuck me, please,” I said, eager.

He pushed me on the bed, sliding my panties off slowly, licking and biting his lips, admiring my naked body.

I slid his boxers off and I saw his hard bulge and I got even more wet. He slide a condom over his penis. Nice one ;)

He got on top of me, inserting his dick into my vagina and thrusting faster and faster. We both were heavy breathing. I moaned as he went faster and farther in and he begged me to say his name.

“Say my name, babygirl,” His heavy breathing was so hot with his husky tone.

“Uhhh Luke,” I moaned.

“That’s right,” He thrusted more.

“You feel so good,” He said, kissing my neck and leaving hickeys on my body.  

He was getting ready to erect and as soon as he did, I grabbed his dick and started playing with it, giving him such pleasure. I played with tip and started jerking him off as he moaned.

“Ughh Y/N,”

“You like that?” I said, playing with his lip ring again.

“Uh hmmmm,” He just moaned.

His heavy breathing increased and the moaning got louder. He reached his climax and fell on top of me, deepening the kiss and grabbing my boobs and playing with them.

We both pulled away, lying side by side next to each other.


He tried to say, catching his breath.


He continued to suck my neck.


He moved to the other side of my neck.


As we both returned to normal breathing, we looked at each other and he kissed me once more. We spooned. Him being the big spoon and me being the smaller spoon. We were laying under the covers.

“I can’t wait for round 2,” He whispered in my ear, sending more chills up my spine.

“We’ll see, hemmings,” I laughed as he turned me around to face him, kissing me harder than before.