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When Chasing Love (NSFW 18+)

A/N: Hiii, this is like my first ever Stuart fic. I’ve technically done one with the Hoes a while back but this is my first individual one. The title of this was based off a poem by Michael Faudet that is the bases for this fic. I want to thank @writing-obrien as usual for being my biggest motivator and helper, but I’m also going to thank her for any future help she will undoubtly lend me. This is really different than I’ve written before, but it was the best way I could think to give a good perspective from all sides instead of one. I also wanted to try this style of writing out, because I do plan on writing a Styida fic at some point. I hope you guys like this and thank you all for being wonderfully beautiful people.

Warning: Public Fingering and Alcohol Abuse (Because again, they’re drunk.)

Word Count: 3847

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I never told you guys my petty revenge story.

So it’s ten till close at the pizza place I worked at. A man and his daughter walk in to order. I tell them it’ll take a bit longer since the oven has to reheat. He says it’s no problem, but people lie.

While waiting I am forced to listen to this asshole whine about how long it’s taking and about how unprofessional we are and his daughter just laughs it up. Whatever. One well done pizza later I ring him up. His daughter asks about the delivery driver opening, sneaking in a lovely comment about how we looked like we needed the help, earning her a beaming grin from the father. I tell her if she’s over 18 (company policy) I could give her an application, to which the father responds

“Ah shes only sixteen. What a shame she’d be perfect for the job. Pretty girls get all the tips”

He then takes a long look at me and writes a big fat zero under the tip line. His daughter is in hysterics. Now I was very self conscious about my appearance, and this was the first time in months I had the confidence to go out without makeup on. This absolute foot of a person decided he has the right to tear me down like that? I am furious, humiliated, and just want to go home so I usher him out. I am interrupted by a

“Wait, this pizza isn’t well done enough. You need to send it through the oven again” followed by a snide remark to the daughter about incompetence. I accept the offering the karma gods sent me. I inform him that sending it through again might burn it, and it can’t be voided if it happens. But he insists. So I take my sweet time, listen to them bitch, hum a little song, I enjoy this.

I give him his disaster of a pizza. Its blackened, hard, and completely inedible. He’s practically smoking out of his ears when he sees it and demands a refund. I politely inform them that I told them earlier the policies, and was unable to authorize it. Bewildered that he didn’t get what he wants he goes scarlet and demands to speak to a manager, practically screaming.

I put on my sweetest smile and say with a voice that is borderline psychotic I say

“I am the manager”

I assume it’s pretty hard to talk shit when you have to eat a near black pizza because that was the last time I saw him.

#3 I am flirting with you

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Word count: 11,277

Warnings: Blow jobs, fingering, rough sex, dirty talk

Requested: Yes

A/N: Fun fact! This is my first time writing smut so my apologies if this totally sucks. I also want to say i’m sorry that I didn’t upload a story on Saturday. I had Halloween parties all weekend and honestly I was just avoiding the smut. But, now i’m back and all is well. So yea,

Hope you enjoy :-)

The monitor illuminated his face with a faint blue light. The blinking cursor was almost taunting him. Calum watching the line flash on his screen with his tired eyes. He sat back in his squeaky office chair and stared up at the dim fluorescent lights. Calum decided the ceiling tiles weren’t much more interesting that the computer screen. He spun around in his chair taking in his cramped cubicle. He dreaded these four small walls. He had tried his best to personalize his area with pictures, posters, even a silly object here and there but it underneath it still remained dull and gray. The sound of typing keys filled the office, which Calum usually blocked out, was now deafening. He rubbed his hands over his face, trying to keep his sanity. A glance at the clock in the bottom of his desktop showed him that there was only one hour left. He could make it. Calum decided a little conversation might prevent him from going crazy. He stood up leaned over the small wall that separated him and his friend, Michael.

“Hey man, what’s up?” Calum inquired.

“Uh, not much,” Michael replied, glancing at Calum then right back to his desktop with his nose nearing touching the screen.

“What are you even doing?” Calum pondered, leaning over to glance at Michael’s computer.

“Check this out,” Michael turned the monitor toward his friend “It’s the new secretary, Blair. Damn, I’d like to take her out sometime, and by take her out I mean-”

Calum held his hand up to stop Michael from continuing his sentence. “Yea, I know what you mean.” He chuckled lightly. “She not really my type though.”

Michael looked at him astonishingly. “Not your type? Cal, since when is any girl not your type?”

Calum shrugged “I don’t know man, I’m just not into her like that”. Just as he said this Y/N, his boss, left her office and headed to the break room.

Michael followed his gaze towards the woman “Oh, I get it. You’ve got a thing for the boss!” he exclaimed

Calum quickly shushed Michael so that no one would over hear. “Dude shut up, I don’t. I just think shes really hot.”

“I mean you’re not wrong. I saw her in that tight skirt today and I swear, she’s not wearing any underwear” Michael winked

“I bet I can find out” Calum said cockily.

“No way” Michael said, turning his head back to his screen.

“Yes way, fifty bucks says i’ll even find out what color it is” He challenged.

Michael looked at him skeptically “How are you planning on doing that, exactly?”

Calum laughed “that’s for me to know and you to find out” then Calum grabbed some papers of his desk and walked out of his small working space.He walked towards Y/N’s office, beaming with confidence.

He knocked on her door and waited a few moments before a stunning Y/N appeared before him. Michael was right, her skirt was tight and from Calum’s height he could see perfectly down her white button up shirt. Her voice broke him out of his thoughts.

“Mr. Hood, do you need something?” Y/N asked, slightly impatient.

“Yes ma’am, I just wanted to give you this week’s report files” He said as he gestured towards the papers.

“Oh, yes, right. You can just put those on my desk please.” Y/N stood back and opened the door wider so that he could come into her office.

Calum walked in, placed the papers on Y/N’s desk, then turned around and leaned against it so that he was now facing her “Y/N, I think we both know why i’m here”

Y/N looked confused at him “I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean”

He sighed and pushed off of the wooden surface and began to walk towards her. Once he was right in front of her he reached behind her, shutting and locking the door. “I know you want me.”

Y/N looked at Calum as if he had two heads “excuse me, this is highly inappropriate”

He smirked “The way I think about you is highly inappropriate” he said as he reached around her waist and pull her so close that their chests were touching.

She furrowed her eyebrows at the tall man “Are flirting with me right now, Mr. Hood?”

“Maybe I am flirting with you, what are you gonna do about it?”

When Y/N did nothing, Calum grabbed the back of her head, bringing their lips together in a passionate yet messy kiss.

The two pulled away, both breathing heavily. Y/N’s eyes were wide with shock but also lust.

She always found Calum attractive but she knew that she could never act upon her feelings. If Calum and Y/N were to ever initiate a relationship or else they both would be immediately terminated and she really couldn’t afford that. She was after all the head of her division.

Calum couldn’t help himself at this point. His member was already beginning to harden in his trousers due to their close proximity and the effect her lips had on him. “You make me so hot Y/N. God, I need you now”

She bit her lip, pondering whether the risk was worth the reward. “Mr. Hood, I don’t think this is a good idea” she said trying to keep things professional.

“Y/N” Calum spoke while rubbing circles in her back “I see the way you look at me when you think i’m not paying attention. I know you want me as much as I want you. Don’t lie to yourself. Come on, I can treat you right”

That was all she needed. She closed the space between their lips. Calum heard her moan into the kiss and it drove him crazy. She drove him crazy.

He lightly pulled her with him to her desk. When they reached the wooden surface. Calum turned around swiped his hand across the top of the desk pushing all the materials onto the carpeted floor. He spun back to face Y/N, grabbing her waist and placed her onto the desk before returning back to the kiss. “Mr. Hood!” she exclaimed in anger “that stuff is expensive”

“No offense but, I honestly don’t give a fuck” Calum moved his lips to the corner of her mouth and began to trail kisses down to her neck, trying to find her sweet spot. He bit her skin softly then using his tongue to soothe the slight sting. When he heard her moan he felt his manhood twitch. Calum grabbed Y/N’s backside to pull her closer so he could grind into her clothed core. She gripped the back of his previously unwrinkled shirt so tight her knuckles were white.

He slipped his cool hands under her blouse making her shiver under his touch. She removed her hands from his back, ripping off his tie and making quick work of his shirt buttons. Once she had finished the task she hastily pushed the material off of his his shoulders. She then hopped off of her desk and started leaving kisses on Calum’s neck, leading down to the waistband of his pants. Y/N undid his belt and pulled down his slacks just enough enough to see him fully.

She licked her lips at the sight of him. Y/N took Calum’s girth in her hand and began to pump him slowly to tease him.

“Come on, Y/N” Calum groaned in frustration.

“Good things come to those who wait” she replied as she kissed the tip of his cock before she began to suck his head, teasing him a bit.

Calum moaned at the feeling of her lips wrapped around him “but the best things come to those who go and get them” he grunted. He tangled his finger in her hair and pushed all of himself into her mouth, causing her to choke slightly.

Y/N tried her best to suppress her gag reflex and steady her breathing. She began to bob her head as his member repeatedly hit the back of her throat, making her eyes tear up.

Suddenly, Calum pulled her off of him and roughly stood her up. He held a tight grip on her jaw as he brought their mouths together momentarily in a clash of teeth and tongues, before spinning her around and bending her over her own desk. He pulled up Y/N’s short pencil skirt to expose her barely there, pale pink, lace panties.

“Goddamn” Calum mumbled under his breath. He kneaded her ass with his large palms, squeezing the flesh which was beginning to redden. Y/N moaned softly when Calum trailed his hands from her ass to her moist core. He pushed the lace aside and and swiped his finger across her slit, collecting her juices onto the tips of his fingers. Y/N moaned at the feeling.

“You like that, princess?” he asks as he slid the thin fabric down her legs and casually shoved them into his pants pocket. He slowly pushed his digits into her glistening hole which made more soft moans leave her lips.

“You’re so tight baby. Can’t wait to fill you up with my hard cock” Calum spoke. He pumped himself a few times before pushing inside of her before beginning to move at an agonizingly slow pace.

“Calum, faster please” Y/N groaned.

“That’s Mr. Hood to you, sweetheart” with that he started pounding into her brutally. He gripped her hips so tight there would surely be bruises. Y/N moaned loudly but Calum quickly slapped his hand over her open mouth.

Calum leaned in, close to her face “Gotta be quiet princess. We wouldn’t anyone to hear, now would we?” he whispered into her ear.

Y/N shook her head, hardly able to comprehend what he was saying due to the movements of his hips. He removed his hand from her mouth and returned it to her hips. She whimpered softly and biting her lip, trying to make as little noise as possible.

He then pulled her up so her back was against his chest. He could now feel her glistening skin slide alongside his own. Calum wrapped one arm around her waist and the other playing with her nipples as he rammed into her mercilessly.

Y/N could now feel a knot in her stomach starting to form as Calum repeatedly her g-spot. Her hands soon found Calum’s and she gripped on as if she would float away.

Calum could feel Y/N tightening around him and knew she was close. He reached down and rubbed fast and sloppy circles onto her clit.

“I-I’m close” Y/N whimpered and leaned her head onto calum’s chest.

“I know, let go baby” Calum whispered to her.

With that que she felt the tightness in her gut finally snap. Her vision went white. Calum watched as her eyes fluttered and her mouth fell into a perfect ‘O’ shape.

Calum thrusted into her a few more times before releasing himself. The two milked their highs for as long as possible.

He pulled out of Y/N, which awoke her from her blissful state. She cleared her throat and started to pick up her clothes.

The tall, tan man chuckled at the woman. “Someone’s in a hurry”

Y/N looked at him astonishingly “Calum, what we did was wrong. Because of this slip up, we could lose our jobs. More importantly, I could lose my job!” She exclaimed as she smoothed her wrinkled top.

Calum rolled his eyes but still had a smirk planted on his face. He also picked up his clothes and began dressing himself. Once done, he walked towards the door. Before he twisted the knob he turned around to face Y/N who was busying herself by organizing her desk, which he had rudely ruined in the heat of the moment.

“Oh by the way” Y/N popped her head up to look at the talking man “nice ass” Calum chuckled before exiting the office.

He strode back to his small dull cubicle and sat down in his squeaky office chair. When he sat though he felt something in his pocket. Then he remembered.

“Hey, Michael” Calum said as he leaned onto the wall that separated the two work spaces.

“What” Michael replied as he looked up from his paperwork.

“Pink” Calum simply said.

When Michael gave him a confused look Calum threw the balled up lace panties from his fist, right onto his friend face.

Realization hit Michael as he groaned and pulled out his wallet.


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genre: slight supernatural au, smut, light bondage

BACKGROUND: Jin had the power to read everyone’s future, all except yours. You use this to your advantage and surprise him with a night you were sure he was never going to forget. Loving how you always had the element of surprise when it came to the boy who knew everything

AUTHORS NOTE: This was supposed to be a supernatural story with all my usual angst and shit but for some reason it got to sexual and teasing and I have no regrets. Hope you like it! ;) Will edit mistakes later! 

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DILF- Shawn Mendes

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first imagine on Tumblr. It is 2204 words. Not sure if that’s long or short. I really don’t know what to say 😂 Feel free to message me with any feedback and I hope you enjoy! 

“Daddy comes home today, baby,” I expressed to my almost year old daughter while I bounced her on my hip.

“Aren’t you so excited?” she only replied with cute giggles and two-teethed smiles.

One thing about Avery was she loved her dad more than anything in the world. Anything about him made her happy. She loved to FaceTime with him or just listen to one of his songs. There had been many occasions when she wouldn’t sleep, but I put on her father’s music and she was out like a light.

I looked at my baby, being captivated by her beauty. Sure she was still young, but I could see her looking like her father more and more every day. She had his curly brown hair, the kind that swooped across her forehead, and his beautiful light brown eyes. Avery had Shawn’s smile and his cute little nose. He always said she looked like me and “Thank God because you’re the cute one.” I didn’t agree with either of those statements. I was glad she looked like him. If I was missing him, I had a little mini him around to dull the longing I felt.

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“It’s unpatriotic,” Mycroft mused one day.

“I doubt very much the Queen cares about my dating habits.”

“Oh, brother mine, you have no idea how much every little move you make impacts our country.”

“As much as I’d love to continue this conversation, Y/N’s plane just landed.”


“Goodbye, Mycroft.”

John looked over at his friend. “Your brother really doesn’t like you dating her, does he?”

“He doesn’t like anything I do.”

“You’re not just dating her because it makes him mad, are you?”

Sherlock scoffed. “As much as you think I don’t care about people’s emotions, I do understand that I can’t use everyone as a pawn.”

“So you admit you use some people like that?”

Sherlock said nothing, simply stepped toward the terminal. A trickle of people headed toward him, soon turning into a flood. John and Sherlock waited and waited until finally, you rounded the corner. You beamed up at Sherlock, dropping your shoulder bag on the floor before reaching up to wrap your arms around his neck.

John was surprised to see Sherlock wrap his arms around you, but was more surprised when you wrapped your arms around him after pulling away from Sherlock.

“I told you you didn’t have to come to the airport,” you said, turning to grab your shoulder bag and finding Sherlock had already picked it up, slinging it casually over his shoulder.

“Nonsense,” Sherlock said. “I wouldn’t want you taking a cab alone this late at night. London cabbies can be… dangerous. And they tend to take advantage of foreigners.”

You laughed, slipping your hand into Sherlock’s as you made your way to the baggage carousel. “Well, you may think London cabbies are bad, but you’ve never met a New York cabbie.”

“Starting this already?” Sherlock asked. “Mycroft’s not even here.”

“Sorry, what?” John asked.

“Sherlock likes for me to mess with his brother,” you said with a smile. “The more American pride I can flaunt, the better.”

‘Of course,’ John thought.

“Oh, that reminds me.” You unzipped the outer pocket of the bag on Sherlock’s shoulder, never missing a stride. You pulled out a small round pin, handing it to Sherlock. “I brought you a present.”

Sherlock smiled and pinned the gift to his jacket. John saw that it was an American flag, the stars and stripes standing out against the black fabric.

“I have one for you, too, John, if you’d like it.”

“Sure,” John said, gratefully accepting the pin. “Mycroft can be a right tool sometimes.”

“You’ve never been more right,” Sherlock said.


Over the next few days, you proved to really be able to bring the heat. The show of American pride and boasting was tremendous, irritating Mycroft to no end. He kept his calm, but Sherlock could see he was cracking.

“You do raise some good points,” Mycroft finally said one day, standing to leave Sherlock’s flat. “But I feel I must point out one thing to you, Y/N.”

“What’s that?”

“It was your country that elected Donald Trump. He’s your responsibility.”

Your lip twitched. “I didn’t vote for him.”

“And I’m not the Queen. But we both represent our country and its leader.”

You watched Mycroft leave the flat, a silence falling over you.

“Don’t listen to him, Y/N,” Sherlock said. “When he’s not stuffing his mouth with cake, he’s blathering like an idiot.”

You nodded, still staring at the door. “What does it take to become a citizen of the UK?”

Huge Mistake ~ Part 1

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(that pout) (I swear he will be the death of me)

Leonard McCoy x reader

Summary: All it took was one look to realize she was in love with him.

Word Count: 1.787

Warnings: Mild swearing and blood

A/N: Heyyyy, I’m back! I know It Takes A Great Deal Of Bravery is still unfinished but I had a little fallback there so please let me know if you want more chapters! I’m in need of little inspiration here <3 Also, should I make a masterlist? I know what it’s like having to scroll endlessly for fics, so let me know if you want a shortcut! Thank you for all the love, you guys are the best!

Also I split this fic into two parts, ‘cause it got longer than I expected, so stay tuned for part 2. Let me know if you want to be tagged!

It started so subtly, she didn’t even notice until it was too late.

All it took was one look. One moment he is her friend grieving the loss of the person that changed his life, the next he looks up, his usual facade broken to pieces, and a bruised, beautiful man steps into the light. The eyes that bore into hers hold an indescribable power, millions of feelings and stories swimming in those brown orbs. She got lost in them, seconds turned into breathtaking moments exploring the world inside his mind, climbing mountains of memories and walking through forests of experience. It took one look, filled to the brim with unsaid words and tears threatening to spill, to realize she was in love with him.

But then he looked away and she realized; she had made a huge mistake.

“Leonard! It’s your favorite patient!” Her call was followed by an exasperated sigh and the screech of a chair. The Med-Bay was quiet that day, only a handful of people littered about and the only sound that could be heard was the air-conditioning whirring above them.

“What did you do this ti-“ Leonard abruptly stopped mid-sentence as soon as he rounded the corner and spotted her standing in the doorway clutching her bloody hand. “Dear god, what the hell did you do?!” He ran up to her and gently took her hand to examine it. She smiled at him sheepishly.

“Challenged Sulu to a duel… again… we got a little carried off.” She chuckled and he gave her a look. “I promise I’ll be more careful next time!” She winced, both at his stern expression and the pain that shot up her arm when he turned her hand.

“Why do I not believe you?” He asked with an eye roll as he led her to the nearest med-bed and started to clean the wound. A stray hair rebelled from his neatly combed hair and she couldn’t help but think how adorable he looked.

“’Cause I never stop making stupid decisions.” She winked at him with a grin, successfully drawing another eye roll from him.

“I cannot fathom how someone let you be the Chief Security Officer on this ship.” He said dramatically, only earning another smile from her.

“Obviously someone saw how awesome I am.”

Obviously!” He repeated sarcastically. She snorted and watched his hands work on the cut Sulu so graciously gave her. She had grown used to ignoring the tingles she got when Leonard touched her. It had been two years since she realized she loved him, and every day she buried more hidden feelings in the deepest parts of her mind. Lately she felt as if she was running out of space.

Their relationship was simple, really. They’d banter a lot, she’d playfully joke with him and he’d roll his eyes and occasionally, fail to fight a smile. That was why she started talking to him in the first place, she didn’t know why at the time but she wanted to see him smile. So she joked and annoyed him whenever she had the chance and her heart went aflutter with triumph at every smile and every laugh. She loved seeing him happy for a change.

Of course now she knows why; she was deeply, madly in love with the man.

But she never said a word.

“Did you remember to take your medicine this morning?” He suddenly asked, frowning at the report on his tricorder.

“Uh… yeah! Of course.” She lied. Crap. She totally forgot. He didn´t seem to believe her in the slightest.

“Oh, really?” He arched an eyebrow and stared her down. Usually she could stare back all day with the same stubborn attitude as him, but she got distracted by the feel of his hand still on hers and silently cursed when she felt her face redden. Looking away, she decided to just give in.

“Okay, I forgot.” She mumbled and he threw his hands in the air.

“I swear to god, do I need to physically come to your quarters and shove them down your throat so you’ll remember?” He shook his head at her and she would’ve thought he was furious if it wasn’t for the glint in his eyes. He was used to her by now. Crossing her arms, she looked at him pointedly. His eyebrows inched up as he mimicked her movements.

“I’d like to see you try.” She tried to sound intimidating but couldn‘t fight the smile off her face.

“Oh, I will.” He said, leaning forward, the corners of his mouth twitching. For a moment they simply stared at each other, competing in a wordless game when the sudden clearing of throat prompted them to look up at a grinning Jim.

“Okay, so whenever you guys are done flirting, I need you to go on a mission.” His grin grew wider as the two people in front of him blushed and Leonard took a step back, furrowing his brows and fiddling with his tricorder.

“A mission? I’m in.” She straightened and was about to jump off the bed when a hand stopped her.

“Oh ho no, you’re not, you’re hurt.” Leonard said, pointing at her arm. She rolled her eyes.

“I’m fine, see?” She flexed her bandaged hand for them to see, only feeling slight pain from the healing wound, but she wasn’t going to mention that.

“You’re not going.” Leonard‘s tone indicated there was no room for arguments but unluckily for him, she could always argue.

“I’m going.” She whacked his hand away and jumped off the bed.

“You’re not going.” He tried to push her back on her bed but she wouldn’t budge.

“I’m going!” She said with determination. They started staring each other down again, ignoring Jim‘s chuckles beside them.

“Aw look at you two; you’re like an old married couple!” He cooed and successfully made them stop to glare at him.

“Shut up, Jim!” They said simultaneously, making Jim double over with laughter.

“Captain, permission to go on this mission?” She turned to Jim fully, ignoring Leonard‘s attempts to get her to sit down.

“Mission granted.” He nodded as he tried to catch his breath and she turned to Leonard with a triumphant smile.

“See? Captains orders.”

“Jim!“ He yelled at the Captain. „Well I say she can‘t, Doctor‘s orders.“

„Which one‘s more important?“ She stage-whispered to Jim and he opened his mouth to reply when Leonard cut him off.

„Mine.“ He grumbled. Fine, he wants to be stubborn? She‘ll just have to resort to desperate measures. Sighing dramatically, she melted away the tension in her body and pouted at him.

„Len, please? I know you don‘t want me to push myself but I really want to get outside, you know how uncomfortable I can get in here….Please?“ She gave him her best puppy dog eyes, hoping to god he‘ll just let her go. He looked like he was about to argue, but stopped. Glaring at her for a moment longer, he pinched his nose and let his shoulders drop.

„Fine, but you have got to stay close.” He relented and pointed a finger at her. She jumped and beamed at him and he visibly softened for a moment. “Why do I even try?” He muttered.

“Don’t I always?” She gave his arm a squeeze as a thank you and waggled her eyebrows at his later statement. He shook his head, smiling.

„Wait, that worked?“ Jim suddenly piped up, confused as to what just happened.

„Shut up, Jim.“

“It’s mostly deserts, but there are some thick jungles we can’t really get a reading on, we’ll just try to stay clear of them for now, just in case.” Suited up and struggling with an armful of equipment, she listened to Jim drone on about the mission whilst the rest of the team gathered on the transportation pads.

“Just in case?” Leonard froze and she chuckled.

“It’ll be fine, Len, like Jim said, we’ll only be a few hours.” She shot him a grin and he muttered curses under his breath and something that sounded like ‘fine, my ass’ but she couldn’t be sure as the feeling of transportation took over and her feet sunk in sand.

Breathing in the sudden hot air, her eyes immediately strayed to the sky. It was a captivating mix of pink, purple and blue hues. A large, yellow moon hung low on the horizon and she was overwhelmingly glad she got Leonard to stop arguing and let her join. She turned around to comment on it when something made her freeze. Instead of her team, she only saw large cacti standing tall around her and spreading in all directions.

She was alone.

Eyebrows scrunching up, she fought the sudden surge of panic as she hastily searched for her comm, ready ask what the hell was going on, when a voice suddenly piped up from it.

“Landing party has successfully reached its destination.” Jim said and confusion spread through her.

“Uh, sorry to burst your bubble, Jim, but I think I’ve lost you.” She said into the comm, spinning around, trying to catch sight of her team.

“What?” A pause. “Wait, where the hell are you Y/N?!”

“Ah, Captain, something seems to have happened with the transporter that caused Y/L/N to be transported elsewhere.” The distorted voice of Scotty rushed in.

“What do you mean elsewhere? Where is she?” Jim was starting to sound as panicked as she felt. She had a bad feeling in her gut and she couldn’t shake it. She thought she saw movement out of the corner of her eye and swiveled only to be met with another blasted cactus.

“Jim, when you meant forest, where they possibly forests made of cacti?” She huffed and gripped the equipment in her arms tighter. Something was off…. besides the mishap.

“She’s in the forest?! The ‘let’s stay clear of those, just in case’ forests?” Leonard’s voice both soothed her and panicked her even further with its words. Yep, something was definitely off.

“Calm down, Len, I’m sure Scotty can beam me away…. Right, Scotty?” She tried to calm down enough to reassure them both. She would be fine, Scotty would sweep in any second and beam her up. She was met with silence. “Scotty?”

“Ah, eh, no, not exactly, there’s something in there that’s disturbing the process.” He sounded apologetic, but she stopped listening halfway through. She saw movement again, this time right in front of her. Did that… no, did it?

“…something?” Jim asked. At his words, the movement happened again, this time enough to confirm her suspicions. Before she could think, the cactus in front of her literally started slithering towards her.


(A/N/2: I am evil and I love cliffhangers.)

Breaking... Ch.2

A/N: Part two is finally done and it’s pretty long! I have no idea how to make links so if someone could message me and tell me how that would be apreciated ;-; Once I figure that out I’ll put one to part one on here so that no one has to go through my blog. Anyways I hope you enjoy! Here’s all the people who asked to be tagged, if you would also like to be tagged then just shoot me a message and I’ll add you in the next part! @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @renae-writes 

ok this is my attempt at trying to link this to part one

Part one

Word count: 3965 (oh)

Warnings: Anxiety/Panic attacks, allusions to sexual assault, more cursing(there will never not be curing)

Breaking Promises

             There was no way, this was literally physically impossible. No Y/N, what are you crazy?  Of course you didn’t travel back in time! There had to be some sort of explanation to this! Yet for some reason you couldn’t help your mind wander to that possibility. What if you had actually gone back in time? How would that even be possible? What are the consequences to you being here? How much have you changed by just breathing where you weren’t supposed to? More pressing, how would you get back if this was all real? This couldn’t be real, maybe you fell in some weird coma dream after that guy shot you. Hell maybe you were dead. You hadn’t even noticed how tight you were clutching your chest, how heavy and painful your breathing was.

             Everyone had their eyes glued to you, Eliza was holding onto your shoulders to help you stand. Angie and the two little boys looked scared about what was happening. Alexander looked like he was trying to keep his composure but his eyes were searching for answers. You could see their lips moving but it took a few moments before you could actually hear them. Eliza’s voice flooded over you first, it sounded diluted, almost washed out.

“Y/N! Dear, you’re safe, you have nothing to fear.” Her voice snapped you back slightly, only enough to the point where you could actually look at her. She was simply glad that you were finally being responsive.

“Yes, that’s it now. I am here, we are here. I’m going to count; focus on what I’m saying. Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf…” She kept going, your head bobbing ever so slightly to the numbers but every time you thought you were about to calm down another thought came to mind. What if I really am dead? If I’m not, then how do I get back home? Can I even get home? Am I stuck here for the rest of my life?! Eliza looked over at Alexander frantically, he looked you in the eyes as his voice replaced Eliza’s. His was more clear than Eliza’s was.

“Miss Y/N, if you can hear me I would like to ask you to please nod your head.” You were able to do so and nodded slowly, a small bit of relief could be seen in his eyes.

“Very good, now take a deep breath with me.” He breathed in and you were able to shakily follow along. Eliza joined in with her husband, her voice was no longer hushed like it was before. Her voice was soft and comforting, she was a mother after all. A good one too if we’re being historically accurate. She was able to guide you through breathing well enough as to where you no longer were shaking, that was good. You fixed your posture and Eliza loosened her grip on you, for the first time in who knows how long you were able to speak.

“I’m, I’m sorry…” Your voice was feeble and weak, everyone’s gazes softened.

“Do not worry dear, you have nothing to apologize for.” Eliza said reassuringly.

“I have not seen anyone react to anything like that since the war. I do not know exactly what I said that upset you, but you should not be sorry, if anything I am sorry.” Alexander stated, his eyes completely focused on you to ensure that you wouldn’t regress.  You nodded along, your head aching, not quite the same way it was earlier but still debilitating. You rubbed your forehead with the palm of your hand before taking one last deep breath. Okay, this is real, at least in some capacity it is. I really don’t want to think I’m dead so I should put that thought on hold for now. I’m standing in front of Alexander Hamilton, the very first Secretary of Treasury, the guy on the $10 bill. If I really have gone back in time, then I have to be careful. I could literally change all of history if I meddle around at all, hell even existing here is probably screwing everything up. Stupid Butterfly Effect. You made a silent promise to yourself to not break history; it was probably for the best anyway.

             Opening your eyes, you saw Alexander and Eliza standing in front of you with worried eyes and downturned lips. These people, they don’t know who you are or how bad is it that you’re there. They don’t know anything about you and yet they treat you like a dear friend. You at the very least needed to thank them.

“Mr. and Mrs.…Hamilton I, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me, you know, calm down. That hasn’t exactly happened in a while…” You weren’t lying, it’s been a long time since you had a freak out like that. Not since graduation if I’m remembering correctly.

“My dear, there is no need to thank us. But you seem to be under a lot of stress, perhaps you need to take a break?” Eliza asked. Are we running away for the summer to go upstate? Shit, Y/N this is not the time for musical references! Pull yourself together! You allow yourself a moment to scream internally before responding.

“That won’t be necessary, I’ll be fine in just a second. Maybe we could sit down or something?” Wow that sounded dumb. Nice job trying to deflect yourself from the situation!

“Yes, perhaps that’s-“ Alexander started to speak before he was interrupted by a familiar, female voice.

“My apologies Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton but I wanted to inform you of Philip’s arrival…” Rachel locked eyes with you. “Miss Y/N! What’s wrong, did something happen?” She asked worriedly. She was standing in front of the now open front door, you could hear the sound wheels and some odd clacking from outside.

“Yeah, I’m fine Rachel, don’t worry.” You smiled at her meekly. Just as you were finishing your sentence a figure stepped up behind Rachel. He slid past her in the door way and his eyes scanned the room, his gaze finally fell onto you.

“Ah, Philip! Back later than usual aren’t we my son?” Alexander interjected with slight suspicion. Eliza patted him lightly on the arm before smiling at the young man making his way towards us. Wait… Philip? As in Philip Hamilton, the ray of sunshine in the midst of darkness? The sweet sunshine boy!

“There he is! My drop of sunshine! How was class today, love?” Eliza beamed. Oh praise we were right! The name is canon! His eyes never left you as he made his way over.

“Fine, class went well as always, mother… More importantly however, who might this lovely lady be?” Oh, of course this is coming from Mr. Let’s-strip-down-to-our-socks. I may indeed look good in my frocks but it is not happening today sir! He stops in front of you, holding out his hand with his palm facing up. He bows lightly and introduces himself.

“As for myself, I am Philip Hamilton.” He spoke with a slight chuckle and a sly grin. It took a second for you to realize you were supposed to give him your hand. You placed your hand on his palm, raising your hand to his lips he pressed a ‘polite’ kiss to your knuckle. This cheeseball really thinks he’s being slick, huh? You did your best to keep a straight face.

“My name is Y/N, it’s a pleasure to meet you, um, Philip was it?” You tried to hint that you were not interested. He stood back up with that grin still plastered on his face. You could finally get a good look at him as he stood in front of you. His slightly curled hair paired with the freckles splattered on his face reminded you of a piece by Jackson Pollock. Autumn Rhythms. His clothes were similar to his father’s but with color and fit were slightly different. The color itself was interesting, from far away it seemed to be grey but up close it looked to be more of a dull cyan.

“Yes, it is Philip, and if I may be so forward I’d like to say that your name is quite possibly as lovely as you.” This little shit, sunshine my ass, more like fuckboy. Wait a second was he the original fuckboy? Oh God no The Founding Fuckboys. You decided to stop thinking about that and try to look as serious as possible for someone thinking of ‘The Founding Fuckboys’ as a phrase used for the fathers of our country. You pulled your hand away and folded your arms behind your back, giving a sardonic smile towards his general direction. Alexander cleared his throat.

“Philip, my son, we were discussing some rather pressing matters before you arrived.”

“Oh? What matters exactly?” Philip questioned.

“I believe it would be best for us to sit down at the table first, supper is ready after all.” Eliza touched your arm gently before turning her attention to Rachel, who had stayed surprisingly silent throughout the conversation. Both of them turned to head down a separate hall, Alexander and the children followed them and just as you were about to join them Philip tapped you on the shoulder.

“Miss Y/N, as the eldest son, it would be politest of me to escort you to the table.” He held out his arm for you to take. Seriously? Okay, at this point this is just getting ridiculous.

“Thank you Philip, I’m sure it would be polite of you to lead me down a hallway, but I can walk myself just fine thank you.” You started to walk away with a bit of annoyance, you stopped and turned to look back at Philip. He looked shocked, not upset or angry, just shocked. You decided to add something to even the playing field slightly.

“Also, Mr. Hamilton, calling me Miss seems a bit formal. Just call me Y/N, after all I’m probably around the same age as you.” Although you were still a bit annoyed by his previous attempts to flirt when you clearly weren’t interested, you couldn’t help feeling a little sorry about how dejected he looked. You gave him a friendly smile and you could literally see his shoulders relax. Wow, was he really that tensed up? His surprised expression was quickly changed to one of intrigue. He folded his arms behind his back and spoke up once more, even his voice sounded more relaxed.

“Very well then… Y/N, forgive me, my behavior was not very becoming of me. If you could find it in yourself to pardon me for my actions, then I would be greatly appreciative.” His voice was softer and genuinely apologetic.

“You’re forgiven, now we should probably follow the others. Don’t want to miss dinner right?” You chuckled and turned back around to walk down the short hallway. Philip jogged up to walk beside you, a soft laugh escaping him as he approached. The two of you walked toward the dining room, Philip making offhand jokes about his parents along the way. Everyone was already sitting and adjusting themselves to be more comfortable by the time you had gotten there. Angie’s head perked up when you stepped into the room and when she noticed Philip at your side a mischievous grin replaced her innocent smile.

“Ooooh! Philly’s found his beloved!” She teased happily. You couldn’t help but laugh at her antics. What did Alexander call her earlier? Sunshine girl? Yeah, she’s the real sunshine in this house.

“Angelica, please, it’s rude to insinuate such things.” He buried half his face in one of his hands, you could tell he was a little embarrassed.  Oh siblings, the only people who are allowed to ruin your day. You walked to an empty seat at the table, Philip was about to pull the seat out for you but he stopped himself.

“Sorry, force of habit.” He shrugged with a smile before making his way to the other side of the table to sit across from you. You shook your head and rolled your eyes. Well, at least his little shit levels are manageable. What a dork. On the table you saw some sort of bread? It looks like bread but it’s got a funny shape to it. A few older women came out of a set of doors, their clothes were similar to yours and they were carrying bowls in their hands. A bowl was set down in front of everyone, when yours came you could finally see what it was. Some kind of stew? Honestly why am I surprised, New York was prominently Dutch during the colonial era. Wow I really am majoring in history aren’t I?

“Y/N dear, I know you’ve been having…a rather trying day so you do not have to tell us what happened quite yet. But if you think that you are well enough then we will listen.” Eliza cooed. What happened? What is she… Oh shit this is bad. I showed up on their doorstep with blood pouring from my head and definitely not wearing the proper attire for the century. Not only that but I’ve been saying things willy-nilly, how the hell am I supposed to explain my situation? You looked up to see Philip staring at you, not so much at you actually but at the bruise on the side of your forehead. Did he not notice it until now? Okay, if I tell them I don’t want to talk about it I’ll just have to do it later. I need to think of something now while I remember everything I’ve said in the past few hours. Come on, four years of Drama Club don’t fail me now! You took a deep breath to ease your rapidly beating heart.

“It’s fine Eliza, it’s probably best to get this off my chest now rather than later.” You cleared your throat. Alright, keep it simple and easy to remember.

“I’m from upstate New York, although I haven’t lived there for some time. When sickness came through downtown, my father decided I was to move down to North Carolina. I’m the only child that survived to adulthood so it was rather important that I stay as far away from the illness as possible.” Yes! Off to a good start! Everyone at the table was fully invested in what you had to say. They know that I can read, that’s what Eliza meant when she said she was surprised that I was educated. Only wealthy people were well off in education. I’m going to have to explain that.

“Honestly, my father is the one to thank for my wellbeing. He insisted that I have the best education; my mother was educated as well. I learned to read and write. He also made sure I had an appreciation for art as well as music. Though I must confess, I always had an infinity for politics and history. And my father indulged those interests.” Alexander seemed to take the most interest in what you were saying. Shit, I’m running low on ideas… Okay, Okay, what’s left? How I got here and why… Grand Finale I guess? I don’t know what to say… Fuck, this is going to get personal, I have no other options here. You swallowed the lump in your throat.

“Unfortunately, my parents passed from the disease last year. Land and money can’t be passed down to unmarried women so once word of their deaths went around I had several…visitors.” Damn it all.

“There was…one in particular that was, uh, a bit more aggressive than the others. I came back to try and get away from him but he found me. I was lucky to escape before anything really serious could happen.” You couldn’t help but look away from the eyes staring at you.

Eliza was the first one to break the silence. She swiped at her eyes and, after clearing the lump that formed in her throat during your story, she pushed her chair back and rounded the table to get to you. Eliza enveloped you into a warm embrace.

“Oh, you dear, sweet child. How horrible! No lady should ever be put into that situation. And no gentleman should ever press his advantages. I cannot even imagine! No wonder you were in such a disarray when you arrived.” You were taken aback for a moment but you couldn’t help it when you hugged her back. She pulled away and smiled warmly, smoothing down your hair with one hand. Alexander slowly stood up and walked to stand beside his wife.

“I believe I speak for all of us when I say that we would be honored for you to stay here with us.” He said with a proud smile. How are they so nice? Eliza nodded in agreement.

“Yes, Alexander is right. We’ll have a room set up for you in no time.” You didn’t know what to say for a second. You felt guilty for lying to them, even if they weren’t total lies and you knew you couldn’t actually tell the complete truth. All you need is a place to stay until the threads of time shove you back to the time where you belong.  Until then you need to lie low and try not to destroy the space time continuum. Easy, no problem at all.

“You’re too kind to me Eliza, thank you both so much.” You smiled as wide as you could manage but you knew your eyes were still downcast.

“Now I’m sure none of us want to exhaust you anymore so if you need to talk to any of us we will gladly do so. For now, let us all relax and eat supper, you must be starving dear.” Eliza ran her thumb across your cheek before her and Alexander went back to take their seats. You sat down and looked at the seat across from yours. Philip sat silently for a second until your eyes met. He didn’t look at all like he did earlier, no cheeky grin, no playful shine in his eyes, it was all replaced with something that resembled being distraught. He mouthed a sentence to you so that no one could hear him.

“May I speak with you later?”

“Of course, Philly” You mouthed, giving him a weak smile. Eliza and Alexander sat back down in their seats, an oddly comfortable silence filled the room. You looked around to make sure there wasn’t some specific way to eat the food, you settled with just trying to eat it as quickly and quietly as possible. That was kind of hard though, once you took a bite you realized how right Eliza was. You felt like you hadn’t eaten in days. Eliza filled the silence.

“Alexander, love, how was work today?” She smiled at Alexander, he didn’t seem to be happy though.

“He doesn’t even have a real job… Washington should have done something about him.” Was all that you were able to comprehend through his angry mumbles. Eliza heaved a sigh.

“We talked about this Alexander, John Adams has a job. And while we’re at it you must remember that George is no longer in office, he is back in Virginia, Adams is our president now.” Eliza explained. Wait, didn’t he say earlier that he worked under Washington? How can he work under him when Adams is in office?

“Betsy, I refuse to accept that that man is the leader of the country I fought for! He’s arrogant, ignorant and anti-charismatic!” Wow, he really didn’t like Adams did he? I guess I can’t blame him too much, no one really liked him as a follow-up to Washington.

“If that scoundrel thinks that he has the right to call me “Creole Bastard” than he is utterly mistaken!” Alexander spat. That fat motherfucker. Eliza coughed, practically choking on the tea she was sipping, Angie was staring at you with wide eyes, Philip and Alexander had wide grins stretched across their faces. Philip actually looked like he was trying with every ounce of strength in his body to not laugh. Why are they all looking at me like that?

“What did you just say?” Alexander asked with a sort of twinkle in his eyes. Oh no, what did I… Shit did I say that out loud?

“Uh, what? Did I say something?” You shoved a piece of bread into your mouth so that you wouldn’t be able to say anything else. This isn’t good, not only did I just make a reference out loud but it was also something that you probably didn’t hear women say! Nice job with trying to keep a low profile Y/N! Alexander and Philip both started to laugh hysterically.

“A fat motherfucker? That is a rather astute way to describe him actually!” Alexander howled.

“That is quite the slur, I have never heard someone say something such as that so casually!” Philip snorted. Eliza slapped Alexander on the arm and stared menacingly at Philip.

“Alexander! Do not use that sort of language around the children!” I never knew that you could yell quietly until now, Eliza you truly are impressive! You haphazardly ate the bread that was in your mouth, everything was happening so fast, you didn’t even realize how red your face had gotten.

“I am so, so sorry Eliza! That was extremely improper of me!” Eliza shook her head, giving another sigh.

“It is alright Y/N, my husband and son are also at fault for reacting in such a way. Dear, would it be alright if I asked you to watch your speech, at least around the little ones.” Her voice wasn’t quite unpleasant in that moment, it just sounded like a mom who wanted to make sure her children didn’t say something wrong. Which is exactly what she was. How do mom’s sound so nice yet so threatening at the same time? You nodded in a rather exaggerated manner.

“Of course! No problem at all, I’m really sorry…” You ran a hand through your hair to shake it out slightly. Note to self, never cross Eliza. Mom skills too great.

Supper finished relatively quickly after that, Angie and the little boys from earlier plus one more you didn’t recognize were the first to scamper off. Eliza stood up after a little bit and excused herself, she said that she would be in the garden for a little while. Now that you think about it, even for the time period, her clothes were still a bit off. Her dress was almost flat in the front, not figure hugging like most of the clothes in the 18th century, in fact the cloth seemed to pull away from her body. Weird. Alexander coughed softly to get your attention.

“I apologize again Miss Y/N, I promised you talks of literature during supper. If you would like you may join my son and I in the study. Not only can we discuss Shakespeare, as my daughter has told me you enjoy, but we might also converse on our…mutual distaste for…President Adams” Alexander’s voice strained as he said the last two words. Philip looked at you expectantly, he gave you a comforting smile.

“That sounds wonderful, I’d love to join you.” You sat up from your seat and began to follow Alexander down the hall. You matched your pace with Philip’s so that you would walk side by side. He looked down at you and nudged your arm. Looking up at him to see what he wanted he turned his gaze away, pretending he hadn’t done a thing. You chuckled softly and repeated what he did, he gave you a similar response.

All I have to do is not change history, simple right?

The Rise of Justice - Requested

Requested by anon:  Could you do a Bruce Wayne x reader but the reader is Clark Kents little sister? She’s not kryptonion, just a normal human that Ma and Pa Kent had after Clark showed up. And Clark is super protective of her, and Bruce is head over overly priced shoes for her! And can this take place in BVS and the boys are still, all like, you need to be stopped, No YOU need to be stopped! Reader knows about their secret identities and is trying to hint that maybe they’re over reacting. Plus a little smut…Thx!

Pairing: Bruce x reader

Word count: 3,492

Warnings: Language, smut - unprotected - and I changed the whoooooole story line.

A/N: Wow, BvS was so much time ago…


Originally posted by kryptoniteclois

Sunday morning after spending time at home felt both sad and lazy. (Y/N) would visit her parents and brother at Metropolis every weekend, arriving there during Saturday mornings and leaving at Sunday’s afternoon.

She loved visiting her family, and she surely missed home, but her job at Gotham was better than anything her older brother Clark could get her on Metropolis. Therefore, she moved out and agreed to visit every weekend.

“I have a friend that is looking for a…”

“Clark.” (Y/N) interrupted his brother. “Enough, we’ve talked about this.”

“I don’t like you to live in a place where a psycho killer can’t be controlled.” Clark hissed.

“Don’t worry about Joker; I’m sure I don’t fit in the victim-profile.” She joked.

“You are dating Joker’s favourite millionaire. I’m sure you’re on top of the list.” Clark fumed, “Also, I was talking about Batman.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

If her older brother only knew what kind of relationship she held with Batman…

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FANFIC:  What’s Up Pussycat?

Summary: Graves gets hit by a spell potion that makes him sprout cat ears and a tail. There is no counter curse and he’s forced to bear with it for a week. 

Written for the lovely @fantastic-beasts-smut - should be more to come. Hope you like it man :) 

Percival was not having a good day.

It started when he woke up (which in itself was a rather depressing thought). The sound of one’s lover whooping for joy ought to have been a lovely thing to welcome the day with, and Percival, in his ignorance, had thought that it was. Then Newt had climbed out of his suitcase, dressed for travel, and proceeded to pack it up and move it from the corner of Percival’s bedroom that it had been calling home for almost a month now.

At this, he blinked.

“Good morning?”

“Good morning!” Newt replied with a wide smile, quickly stepping over to the bed and stooping down to press a kiss to Percival’s lips. He hummed against the other man’s mouth as a hand came up to cup the back of his head, tangling in his hair. The kiss deepened pleasingly into something that was making certain parts of his anatomy very happy indeed. Then Newt more of less ruined the moment by pulling away with a rather obscene ‘mwah’ noise and rocking back on the balls of his feet. “Percival, it is a wonderful morning!”

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Gonna post another werewolf blurb because my prompt is taking way longer than I’d expected. *laughs, cries*

“Oh,” Howard said, delighted, as Tony ran into his office. He stood up and walked around the desk, reaching out to scoop up the pup before he fell over the paws he still hadn’t grown into. “Oh,” he repeated, a little more pained, even as the werewolf licked up the side of his face in one long swipe. Tony was getting quite large, and he wasn’t getting any younger.

He heard Obadiah sigh and cheerfully ignored it. Obadiah was no fun at all.

“What are you doing here, pup?” Howard asked, playfully scolding. “You should be visiting your mother.”

Tony licked him again, paws flailing. Oof. He was getting way too big for this.

Howard set him down on the floor and patted his head. “You just got home from school. Your mother will be worried.”

He heard Obadiah scoff and cheerfully decided to kick his ass later.

Tony wagged his tail so hard that his entire back end wiggled with it, yapping happily, before galloping out of the room. They heard a high-pitched yelp, a loud crash, and then a very long pause before the rhythmic thump of paws started again.

“‘Your mother will be worried,’” Obadiah scoffed again. “You spent the first hour after he left for school fretting about him.”

“I’m going to fire you,” Howard decided.

“Dad!” Tony exclaimed, nearly vibrating. “Dad! Mom said she wasn’t worried about me at all! She said she thought I’d do great! She said that you were worried, though!”

Howard wondered why Maria never let him get away with anything. “Oh. I see.”

Maria smirked at him. “Yes, dear.”

Tony tugged at his sleeve, staring up at him with bright eyes. “Why were you worried, Dad? I thought I fit in.”

“It’s not that I worried about you fitting in,” Howard said, face falling. “I just… Well… I think we should keep homeschooling you!”

“Dear,” Maria sighed, scowling at him.

Howard tugged Tony up into a hug. Oof, too big in this form, too. “The mansion is too quiet without him here! What’s the point of having a child if he’s not going to be underfoot?!”

“I can be underfoot more when I’m home,” Tony offered innocently, because there was no possible way he could be anymore underfoot if he tried.

Maria just gave him a long, stern look until the ten-year-old deflated under it. “You’re finally able to control your shift. You need human friends. A pack is important, but being open to outside relationships is important, too.”

Howard sighed and sat down at the table, scowling petulantly. “I like having my boy here.”

“You child,” Maria said, trying to keep the fondness out of her voice and failing. “How did it come to be that I have to deal with two pups? Especially ones prone to explosions.”

“We haven’t blown anything up recently!” Howard squawked.

Tony crawled back up into his seat at the table. It was a shame his human form was not as big as his wolf one. Then again, European wolves were typically bigger than American ones anyway. “Mom, Janet wants to know if I can come over after school on Wednesday.”

Howard raised an eyebrow. “And who is Janet?”

“Janet Van Dyne, dear,” Maria said, as if that should mean something to him. “Her father is Dr. Vernon Van Dyne.”

“Alliteration! How unfortunate.”

“You are literally the worst, Howard.”

Tony reached out for the bowl of mashed potatoes, making a happy noise when Maria pushed it closer to him. “She said she wants to make me pretty.”

Howard scowled. His son was already very pretty. He was the prettiest, smartest pup anyone could ask for.

“Do you want to be made pretty?” Maria asked, honestly curious.

Tony shrugged. “She’s bossy but she always looks nice.”

“Well, I don’t see why you shouldn’t.”

Howard whipped around to glare at her. Okay, so he knew who Vernon Van Dyne was. He did not want Tony spending time with someone who didn’t know that Tony was already perfect.

Maria just gave him an amused look. “We can’t keep him in the house forever, Howard.”

“We could,” Howard insisted, as Tony happily ate his pork and mashed potatoes.

Howard was pacing in front of the doors when they burst open. He jumped, startled.

A brunette girl a few inches shorter than Tony burst in, turning and holding her arms out with a loud, happy, “TA-DA!”

Tony was dressed in a lovely white dress with red polka-dots. Howard gaped at him, speechless.

The girl beamed at him. “Isn’t he pretty?!”

“I—uh—yes-! Yes, quite pretty,” Howard stuttered. “Do you like it, Tony?”

“I liked the one with green polka-dots better, but Janet said this one made my eyes pop,” Tony said, holding the skirt up to examine it.

Howard took a moment to be immensely relieved that his son was still wearing the briefs they’d sent him to school in.

Janet squawked. “Tony, you can’t lift up your skirt like that! You’re gonna flash people!”

“It’s just my dad,” Tony said, frowning at her in confusion. “He doesn’t care.”

“Yes, well, you should still try not to flash people,” Howard hurried to explain. “Not everyone is as open as werewolves, son. Some people would be very upset.”

“Oh,” Tony replied, dropping the skirt. “Okay.”

Janet turned to wave at him. “It was nice seeing you, Mr. Stark! I gotta go. My dad’s waiting in the car outside.”

“Oh. Well, thank you for Tony’s safe return, Janet,” Howard told her, belatedly managing a smile.

She beamed at him. “Tony’s always safe with me, Mr. Stark!”

They watched her go, then Tony pushed the door shut. “She punched Justin Hammer in the face.”

“I like her,” Howard decided, because he’d never liked the Hammers. He looked down at his son’s dress again. “Do you… like wearing dresses, Tony?”

“They’re okay,” Tony told him. “I’m gonna go talk to Jarvis.”

“If he tells you not to eat the cookie dough he’s making, you’d best listen,” Howard ordered sternly, then went to go find his wife.

Maria yelped and covered herself with her towel when Howard burst into the room. “…Howard,” she snarled, scowling.

“Tony came home wearing a dress!”

She frowned at him, confused. “…Okay?”

Howard flailed. “Is this—should I be buying him dresses? Does he want high heels, too? Or no—He can’t wear high-heels until he’s sixteen.”

Oh. Maria suddenly understood. Sighing, she let her towel drop and went back to dressing herself. “We’re werewolves, Howard. Clothing doesn’t mean much to us.”

Howard frowned, still concerned. “So I don’t have to buy him dresses?”

“Unless he specifically asks for one? No. He’s naked most of the time anyway,” she added, smiling a little. “Clothes don’t matter when you can slip into fur with barely a thought.” She looked at her husband fondly, raising an eyebrow when she noticed him rubbing his back. “Little pup’s getting too big for you to carry anymore, isn’t he?”

“He just needs to stay small forever,” Howard told her seriously, making her snort.

bugheadjonesiii  asked:

I have a fic suggestion. Betty gets jughead a dog! If you think the idea is stupid just ignore me all together lol

Here it is, just for you, friend! I hope I destroy you with feels 😈

Betty sighed in relief as she slipped her heels off her tired feet, ankles slightly swollen with the pressure of the day. She rolled her neck back and forth, delighting in the satisfying pop her joints made, eyes falling closed in contentment. She peeked her head round the door to Jughead’s office, expecting to see him, head down, dark hair always falling over his eyes, as he typed away furiously at his laptop as he did every day, waiting to greet her with a blinding grin and a sweet kiss. Her brows furrowed as she cast her gaze over the empty room, the sound of fingers on keys not creating their usual music.

“Jug?” she called out apprehensively, turning her head as she made to go into the living room instead.

“In here,” a somewhat muffled response came from in front of her. She rounded the corner, uncontainable laugh bursting from her lips as she took in the position her husband had decided to place himself in. He was upside down, lanky legs thrown over the back of their cream couch, hair standing up on end, as he attempted to wrap his mouth around the straw in the glass of water placed before him on the floor.

“What are you doing?” Betty asked around a grin as he flailed, straw moving further away from his mouth with every breath he huffed out. He tipped his eyes to hers briefly, childlike smirk gracing his handsome face.

“Got hiccups, wanted to see if this upside-down drinking thing really worked,” he explained as his upper body jumped slightly, hiccup catching in his throat. Betty shook her head affectionately, teeth sinking into her lower lip as she watched him, so carefree and every bit the child he never got to be in his youth.

“Shouldn’t you be working?” she asked cheekily, quirking an accusing eyebrow at him. He sighed, giving up after his latest struggle and moving to sit up, cheeks adorably flushed from all the blood rushing to his head. Betty came to sit beside him, running a gentle hand over the colour, settling readily into his open arms.

“Writer’s block, again,” he lamented, pressing his face to her temple to inhale her soothing scent. He missed it from the moment she left their bed in the morning until the second she got home at night. She hummed happily as she felt Jughead drop a kiss against her skin, rubbing a reassuring hand against his denim-clad thigh.

“It’ll pass, love, it always does,” she consoled, looking up at him from where her head was resting against his shoulder. He grumbled incoherently beneath her, fingers tracing incomprehensible patterns against her arm.

“I just do the same thing every day, all day. It gets tired, and I don’t want to feel that way about writing; I love it, I do. I just need something else to break up the day, you know? Occupy my mind with something else for a while,” he vented. Betty pressed her lips together, wanting so desperately to tell him her news but deciding she needed to wait a little bit longer. She tucked her face into his shirt to hide her grin.

“I’m sure we’ll find you something,” she murmured into the fabric, all the tension leaving her shoulders as he pulled her closer against him.


“Juggie?” Betty called as she closed the door softly behind her, unable to keep the excitement out of her voice as she struggled with the tiny ball of fluff in her arms.

“Office,” Jughead shouted by way of reply. She followed the rhythmic tapping of keys until she was standing at the threshold, features glowing in anticipation. He eyed her cautiously, lips pinching together in a pout as he tried to suppress a grin, spreading infectiously from her own.

“Betts… what is it?” he asked, glinting eyes flitting over her frame, taking particular note of the way her arms were tucked securely behind her back. She squirmed slightly, wrestling with an invisible force. “What are you hiding?” he asked again, letting out a nervous laugh at her unwavering smile.

“You said you wanted something to occupy your time. Well…” she trailed off, finally bringing her arms around in front of her, revealing the scrabbling grey and white sheepdog puppy cradled in her grip. “Say hello to the newest member of our family!”

If someone had asked Betty to describe the look that lit Jughead up from within she didn’t think she would ever find the words to do it justice. He bounded from his seat, taking the puppy from her hands and brought it to his face with the wonder of a young boy, cooing sweet words into its warm fur. When he finally tore his eyes away from his present they were shining through a mixture of pure innocent joy and unshed tears.

“Betty, how did you…?” he trailed off, words getting stuck in his throat, expression filled with unadulterated awe.

“Your dad told me that you always wanted one when you were younger, before… you know. So I sourced out this little guy and I’ve just been waiting to pick him up,” she beamed, completely in love with the look that showed no sign of leaving Jughead’s face. “Couldn’t have you clawing at the wallpaper in boredom now, could we?” Betty spoke, half to Jughead, half to the dog, as she moved closer to scratch the panting ball of fluff behind the ears. Jughead’s free hand snaked round her waist, pulling her tight against his side.

“I love you, you know that?” he whispered, resting his forehead against hers. She smiled softly, tongue sneaking out to wet her lips delicately, his eyes following the movement.

“I had an idea, yeah,” she replied with a smirk, leaning in to capture his mouth with hers. They pulled away with a joint laugh, Betty letting out a disgusted shriek as a third, more unwelcome tongue joined their little make out session, the puppy choosing that time to lap at both of their cheeks. “What do you want to call this menace?” Betty laughed, swiping a hand at the slobber left on her cheek.

“Hot Dog,” Jughead said instantaneously, cheeks colouring a rosy pink. “In my head he was always called Hot Dog,” he sighed. Betty couldn’t wait any longer, practically bouncing on her toes with her need to tell him.

“There’s more,” she burst out eventually, clasping her hands together in glee. Jughead turned to her eyes wide.

“More than the best present ever?” he asked incredulously, tickling Hot Dog’s belly gently. She nodded, green eyes glistening.

“I know you said you needed something else to do, and in my defence I found out about this after I got Hot Dog so I didn’t mean for it to come all at once but…” she paused, taking a steadying breath. “Look at the back of his collar,” she whispered, tears shimmering along her waterline. Jughead’s brows pinched in confusion as he cupped Hot Dog closer to his chest, glancing down to notice something attached to the leather. He took the rolled up paper in trembling hands, unfurling it slowly. He read over the results, mouth dropping open.

“Betty, are you…?” he whispered, heart hammering in his chest, threatening to burst from an overload of emotions. She was nodding frantically, biting enticingly on her bottom lip as the tears over-spilled.

“Yes! The doctor sent over the results this morning. We’re gonna have a baby, Juggie,” she whispered, voice barely audible over the pounding in his ears. It was hardly a moment before his own eyes flooded, tears leaving wet trails down his cheeks as he wound his fingers into her golden hair, pulling her face to his in a searing kiss. He pulled back, breathless, head spinning, to look into her eyes.

“I love you, I love you so much,” he repeated frantically, voice shaking. She brought her hands up to cup his cheeks, a gesture he would never tire of.

“Think of it this way,” she began, pausing until he raised his eyebrows in question. “You’ll never be bored again,” she murmured cheekily, heart flipping as he threw his head back in carefree laughter.

“That I won’t.”

James+Lily Wedding
  • So James might’ve proposed on the last day of seventh year might not have
  • That was the fastest Lily had ever replied to anything and it was a breathless “Yes”
  • They have to wait a little, for more money to be scrounged up and the worst of the battles to die down, but that’s completely fine with them
  • James was tearing up a little and when Sirius pointed this out he pulled Lily in for a bear hug to hide his face in her hair
  • This all occurred at the front of the Great Hall with the teachers totally in on it and they had paused the meal just for James to propose
  • McGonagall was the first to congratulate them, she was beaming in such a bright fashion that so contrasted with her usual strict ways
  • Remus and Sirius and Peter were all hopping around and slapping James’ on the shoulder and whooping and arguing over who would be best man
  • Molly and Alice were absolutely ecstatic and gushing over the ring, which was a simple twisted band of silver that was beautiful in a quiet way
  • The war is raging and people are dying everywhere and these children are so, so, scared but at the same time they have never been more ready
  • And they know that a wedding would be a proper way to bring a little bit of light into all the darkness
  • The planning happens in an enlarged compartment on the Hogwarts Express, lined paper is sketched on, crude lists are made and tossed aside and redone
  • Unfortunately so much happens Order-wise that the wedding keeps on getting pushed back and back and back until it’s a two years later and James and Lily are both nineteen now
  • Alice has always had a fondness for sewing and Molly insists on helping her, they make it very clear that Lily may design it but cannot lift a single hand because she is the bride after all
  • James is a mixture of pure nerves and delight and pleasant anticipation and Sirius’ innuendos do not really help as they try to look for cheap tuxedos
  • In the end Remus ends up gathering some white button-ups and assorted bow ties with suspenders that needed a bit of patching
  • The wedding is to take place at a quaint little cottage in the countryside that would eventually become the Burrow, but for now it was just a stone building
  • McGonagall invites James to her home one night and he is mildly confused but quickly grows embarrassed when she gives him the firm talking to about what his new responsibilities would be
  • He assures her that he’s very aware and thanks her for the concern because he, too, would like to be the best husband possible
  • Lily invites Petunia and her parents, but Petunia’s invitation returns unopened, whereas her parents nervously RSVP
  • Snape’s invitation is the same, and although she cries a little, she remembers that they both chose their own paths long ago
  • On the big day the air is alive with excitement and happiness and love
  • Molly created an arch composed of wildflowers and twisting vines to stand over the place where James and Lily would exchange their vows
  • Peter has painstakingly lined up a random assortment of different kinds of stools and chairs that he spent days painting every single one the same shade of pale blue
  • Arthur, amusingly, is running around like a headless chicken, trying to organize everything although Molly’s doing most of the real work and eventually he ends up in the corner sipping tea
  • Lily’s dress is gorgeous, a lovely patchwork of ivory lace and satin that floats around her legs like mist and drips off of her arms
  • Stark against her crimson hair is a crown of white flowers, and in her hands is a bouquet of some more
  • It’s her choice to be barefoot
  • James won’t stop fiddling with his bow tie and Sirius threatens to make him walk out naked if he won’t stop
  • Music is provided by Professor Flitwick, who somehow has found a perfectly sized piano and is playing with such heartbreaking care and sincerity
  • The sun is out and it’s not too cold or too hot and the sky is completely blue, not a cloud in sight
  • Lily walks down the aisle with Molly and Alice behind her in matching dresses of robin egg’s blue
  • James is facing Dumbledore, who will officiate, and his foot keeps on tapping because he wants to turn around so badly but he cannot
  • When she steps up beside him, he finally gets to see her, and he lets out the most awe-fueled swear word that Lily begins laughing
  • That moment passes as important words and read and promises are said and then James produces two more rings that he so carefully looked for and retrieved from the dusty trunks in his family’s attic
  • Nothing too fancy, but certainly not plain, the thin gold bands have the most delicate filigree set in them that Lily wonders as to how they do not break
  • “They’re goblin made” James says proudly, and she rolls her eyes but is still grinning
  • Then they kiss, and there is cheers and applaud, and Sirius waves his wand and stars shower down on them
  • Dinner is served next and the cake is a five-layer monstrosity of icing that actually tastes very good
  • James allows Lily to smash some of it in his face, but she wipes most of it off laughing and kisses the rest away
  • Now it’s rather dark, so the chairs are cleared off to the side and fairy lights are magicked around the dance area and it’s all very fun
  • Sirius gets extremely drunk and Remus has to act as his human crutch, following him everywhere and ensuring he sips water every now and then
  • Lily’s parents were apprehensive but after meeting James and seeing the way he gazes down at their daughter every single worry disappears
  • James’ parents are completely taken with Lily and repeatedly remark over how James is quite lucky and he should be grateful
  • James assures them he is
  • It seems that they dance forever and ever to the merry piano and Arthur’s occasional whistling
  • Lily dances with at least every single person in attendance, James tries to do the same
  • He even convinces McGonagall to allow him a bit of a waltz and she’s slightly embarrassed about the whole thing but Lily is absolutely delighted and claps when they are done
  • Molly and Alice pull Lily over for just a bit of gal dancing and James is resting on a chair off the side, eyes incapable of leaving his wife
  • When the last of the guests leave and Sirius is being herded away by Remus and Peter, James and Lily remain laying on the grass, staring up at the star-speckled sky, hands entwined
  • They talk about their futures, about their pasts, about the wonderful day they just had
  • Just as the sun is starting to rise they get up and go to bed, falling asleep simultaneously in each others arms
  • It was the most vivid memory the two would ever replay in their last moments

joshs-left-earlobe  asked:

My birthday is March 19th and I would love a surprise drabble!!! I love Everlark in a funny situation, miscommunication, or interesting meet-cute. Can be any rating but I'm a sucker for a really steamy first kiss. Thank you! xoxo

Originally posted by gameraboy

Wishing you the happiest of days! To help you celebrate, the lovely @mega-aulover has crafted this darling bit of Everlark just for you!


Rated: G

A/N: (….Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day. Love Mega-Aulover…special thanks to @booksrockmyface for taking time to beta, thank you!)

The I-CON banner hung brightly over the entrance of the college building.

“Tell me again what you’ve dragged me to?” Katniss looked up at the blue banner with stars and some alien painted on it.

She wondered how Delly talked into going to this thing called I-CON.

Delly giggled, “Oh Katniss, I-CON or rather the Island Convention, is a smaller version of Comic-Con, on Long Island. Though it’s really a gathering of fan girls and boys, who are self-described geeks and nerds, like me.”

Katniss was none of these things but Delly was. Delly with her sweet disposition was heavily into Anime. A number of the authors she obsessed over were going to be present. Katniss didn’t get it. But Delly swooned over something called Tokyo Ghoul. “What’s this book about?”

“Take a look,” Delly handed her the book.

Katniss cracked open the book and flipped through the pages, a semi-scowl on her face. “You mean this is about zombies?”

“YES!” Delly squealed.

“You need to take it down a notch, Dells.” Katniss gave Delly the book back.

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Marichat Day 15: Sweets

“Chat!” Marinette threw her arms around her friend’s neck as soon as she was through the skylight. Chat Noir lifted her up and spun her around. “I didn’t think you were going to be back from Italy until tomorrow,” she said breathlessly when he sat her back on her feet.

“I haven’t even been back in the city an hour. I missed you too much to wait though.” Chat Noir gently bumped his forehead against hers.

“Oh,” she replied in wonder. “I missed you too.”

Chat Noir pulled with a grin. “Good to know, Princess.” He reached behind him to produce a small package. “I brought you something. Actually, I brought you three somethings.”

“You didn’t need to do that!”

He winked and offered her the package. “These are ciarduna. There was this little bakery down the street from the villa we were staying in. I thought about you every time I was able to sneak away and get one. There are a few different kinds but I knew you would appreciate the chocolate ones the best.”

Marinette opened the box and looked inside. “Oh, these look delicious! Thank you.”

Chat Noir picked up a duffle bag at his feet. “And I thought you might be able to make use of these.” He set the bag on the makeshift table and unzipped it to reveal yards of carefully bundled fabrics.

Marinette leaned over the bag, eyes wide. “Chat, where did you get all this?” She lifted out one of the bundles and ran her fingers over the expensive fabric gently. “This…this is too much.”

“There’s one more thing.”

Marinette shook her head, placing the fabric bundle back in the duffle. “No more. I can’t even take all this. The fabric alone must have cost–”

“Please,” Chat Noir interrupted her. “The last thing is the most important one.” He took both of her hands in his and studied them. “Being away from you the last two weeks…I didn’t realize just how much you mean to me.” He dared a glance at Marinette’s face. She blinked wide, blue eyes. 

“You were all I could think about,” he confessed. “I woke up wondering what you were doing. I went to sleep wishing I could see you. I was practically worthless the entire trip. The photographer didn’t know what to do with me.”

Marinette’s awed expression turned to confusion. “Photographer?” 

Chat Noir shook his head. “Nevermind that for now.” He took a deep breath. “Look. I have to say this or I’m going to loose my courage.” He held her eyes with his. “Marinette, I really like you. Seeing you, being with you, is the best part of every day for me.” He looked down at his feet bashfully. “I just needed you to know that.”

Marinette put a hand on his cheek. “You’re the best part of every day for me too, kitty. I thought I was going to loose my mind waiting on you to come home.”

“Really?” he asked hopefully.

She leaned up and kissed his lips softly. “Really,” she replied with a blush.

Chat Noir picked her up and spun her around again with a laugh. “This is the best night!” He sat her back on the ground, beaming. “So there may be one more thing I need to tell you.”

“What?” she giggled, still holding on to him.

“Remember when I said that thing about the photographer?”

calltomuster  asked:

Phil gets captured on a mission. Clint leads a group of Phil's junior agent protégées to get him back.

Mid-morning sunlight streamed through the large windows of Clint’s apartment. Clint was on his back on the old purple couch with his eyes buried under one arm. Lying across his chest was Lucky, his one-eyed golden mix. Lucky was more than content to indulge his human in a long lie-in, but hushed sounds from the hallway brought the dog’s ears up to a perk.


Mack and Daisy stood outside Clint’s apartment. Daisy held her laptop in one hand, clicking intermittently at the keys for a moment, a frown on her lips.

“You got it?” Mack whispered.

There was a brief pause. “There’s nothing to get.” She replied, perplexed

“You mean it’s too high tech?”

Daisy shook her head. “No, I mean there isn’t anything. There’s no system…it’s just a door.” Looking a bit frustrated Daisy grabbed the door handle and gave it a jiggle. “And it’s not locked.” They both watched the door slide quietly open in bewilderment.

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A Day of Firsts Part 2

So I wasn’t planning on doing a continuation of this, but since @feysand17 asked super nicely I decided to finish it. So here’s part 2!

Rating: NSFW-ish

It had been weeks since Rhys had tied me up and left me there. We of course had made up and had many fun nights since. He thought I had forgotten my vow to make him pay for his little ‘prank’.

He was wrong.


Feyre seemed to be in a rather frisky mood. All throughout my endless meetings of the day, she had been sending me notes detailing what she planning on doing to me that night. Some of the messages even left me blushing. What a wicked mouth that beautiful creature had. It took all of my willpower to stick through the droning of my Hewn City constituents. When my meetings finally came to an end, I winnowed to our townhouse as soon as I bid them goodbye.

The house was illuminated with hundreds of candles. The wonderful scent of pine filled my nostrils, and I closed my eyes to savor the scent. It reminded me of my days training with Cassian and Azriel. I felt a gentle nudge at the entrance of my metal shields, and I opened it a crack to allow Feyre in.

“You’re finally home” she purred with delight. A smile crept onto my face. She began sending me images of her laying in our bed, running her hand in slow circles on her belly. She was dressed in lacy white lingerie that barely covered her most sensative areas. My cock immediately reacted to the delicious sight of her.

“Come here” she commanded. I practically sprinted up the stairs, shedding my clothes as I bounded up the steps. I stopped right before the door, giving myself time to compose myself. Wouldn’t want to ruin the fun with becoming too excited too quickly. 

I pushed open the door and immediately stopped dead in my tracks. Standing there in only a leather undergarment, was Cassian. He held a whip in his hand, and he wagged his eyebrows up and down at me.

“Ohhhhhh Rhyyyyyyyysssssss. Have you been a baaaaaaaaaad boy?” He chuckled. To say I was horrified would be an understatement. I was close with my dear brother, but this was an image I could have gone my entire immortal life without seeing.

“Cassian…what in the rutting hell.” I choked out. He began howling with laughter. Feyre appeared next to him, doubling over with laughter herself. I just stood there, waiting for an explaination.

“I told you I’d get you back” she giggled, unable to contain her laughter.

“You sure did” Cassian beamed, giving Feyre a high five. “I don’t think Rhysie-weesie will be messing with you anytime soon.”

“Don’t call me Rhysie-weesie” I grumbled. It seemed tonight was very disappointing indeed.