hes just so perf ;;

The most underrated moment in Percy Jackson is when Percy comes out of the river Styx and literally beats Hades undead army, and then beats Hades in a fight, almost stabbing him in the face for the hell of it 


Aaaaaa thanks so much @taoshay !!!  I don’t think I ever could x-x especially with sweet people like you reminding me of my Mac love! I hope you have a lovely day as well (and Deacon too ;D) ♥


as your resident seyoon stan, i felt it my responsibility to make a compilation video of him singing because his voice is heaven and because i like suffering

so here you go, 9 minutes of kim seyoon’s singing parts


DAY TWOFavourite Male Starkid.
→ Jim Povolo

so i went shopping today…


Kai // Love Me Right → daenso

you said something in the tags about propaganda posters and YES. androids should never handle pr and dave is so, so done.

Gdi this is so in-character it hurts, + I can’t believe someone actually drew this!! You are too perfect. o3o

do u know that face jihoon has when he’s trying not to laugh?? i think it’s the cutest thing


“You’ve gotta seize life. Do something man, just do something that matters. Squeeze the fuck out of every day. Life’s always sewn up. Everything’s in this right place, charged, ready. Whatever happened to all the heroes, man? I’m the last one. You hear me? The last one.”