hes jsut so cute

me, falling rapidly in love with adam kovic:

as the sunlight began to pour in through the blinds in nicolette’s tiny apartment, she found herself stirring awake, pulling a hand up to block the light that was invading her eyes. for a moment she nearly forgot where she was, rubbing her head as she sat up, last night’s events starting to come back to her. it was a night filled with passion, one she was sure she would never forget. glancing over at the sleeping male next to her, a small smile crossed her features as she shut her eyes, trying to savor the moment. laying back down on her side to face him, she moved closer, eyes studying his face for a few moments, not wanting to wake him just yet. she moved her hand to touch the side of his face, her thumb grazing lightly over his temple, fingers finding his hair. noticing a lone eyelash sticking to his cheek, she moved her thumb, directing it towards the eyelash as she lightly moved her thumb over it to brush it off. instead of blowing it off her finger, she had another idea. “hey,” she whispered quietly, pressing a chaste kiss to his nose in attempt to wake him up. “wake up, you have to make a wish,” she spoke, eyes wide, with a huge grin on her face as she awaited his response.