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i just want to slip my arms around luke’s waist when we’re both tired and waiting in line for our coffee and have to get on my toes to nuzzle my nose into his beard right along his jaw and feel his hands rub my back when he tilts his chin down to kiss me and push his fluffy hair off his forehead and kiss his nose and just stand cuddled with him with the smell of fresh coffee surrounding us and feel his chest rumble when he orders our drinks not even caring if i untangle myself from him because his favorite thing is when we’re cuddled so close it’s hard to tell where one of us begins and the other ends and fuck why did i do this

off anon

‘whoops that was supposed to be on anon’ AU

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niazkilam said: i realise this could come off as creepy but i saw the selfie you posted yesterday and i recognised you from my uni and since i can never muster up the courage to talk to you there im just gonna tell you how hot i think you are on here

Niall stared at the message for a whole minute, torn between shock that someone from his real life knew his tumblr (a little panicky, he thought about all the times he’d overshared) and curiosity about this person who was too shy to talk to him in person but sent this message from their probably equally as personal blog.

One click on the URL led him onto the blog, one with a simple theme with clear lines. “Zayn, 22, student. art hoe?” the bio said, and Niall snorted. The posts Zayn reblogged were mostly about art and comics, and Niall wondered why he’d been following him in the first place. His bio had stated “niall (yes that’s my name - it’s irish like me). i like music, sports and space” for ages and it was all he really blogged about, apart from the obligatory humour posts.

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