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08/28/2016: MIN @ TOR

I love this moment so much. When Feldman fell behind Plouffein  which was at that time a 1 run game Tulo went up to the mound and called Thole to discuss something. I have no clue what was said at that moment but Gibby seemed to really like what he saw from his veteran SS as you see him nodding along with the act. But whatever said must have been magic because Feldmen was able induce a double play ball at the very next pitch. 

Back in the dugout we can see Feldman thanking Tulo, but what even better was Pete Walker, the pitching coach coming over to Tulo to discuss what said in their little meeting. 

These little moments are why I love Tulo so much. Even when he wasn’t hitting well his leadership and knowledge of the game was valuable to this team. 

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I wanna hear it :) I love listening to love stories lol

my boyfriend and i’s story? well, we started dating like back in 8th grade and hell I didn’t even know we were a thing until he asked me to wear his baseball jersey to a game one spring. That was the end of freshman year in high school? Maybe a little earlier but we started officially dating in freshman year. We stayed together all three years of high school until senior year and this is where we broke up bc I was scared of the distance. At this time, I was going to my college and he was going to one out on the west coast. I didn’t want to hold him back so I called things off (and trust me it did not feel good). So after graduation, we both went off to our respected colleges. Then i found out that he was accepted to the same college I was accepted to and he went. Idk if it was to be near me or what, but I’m not going to ask. I distanced myself from him in fear of hurting him again but he kept coming back to me. Then I guess the rest is history…  :)