hes hella funny

i still can’t get over the fact that ks tried to show pcy silliness to ji (and cuz ji didnt pay attention to him, he patted ji arm to make ji look at him)…….. like he thought pcy was hella funny and he wanted ji to look at pcy too, cuz pcy made him laugh so unconsciously he wanted ji to laugh too like wow. damn. that’s just. so endearing ya know?  

funny thing is ji didnt look that impressed by pcy antics lmao. he was like “haha yeah he’s funny” then looked away/down before he played along w/ them (he pointed at pcy after that).


a while ago i saw a commercial for a soap we have here in Brazil called Francis, and it always made me laugh. i promised i would do this and now i finally finished.

it’s a masterpiece.


“But, it was definitely the wink.”

Les Mis Hogwarts AU because I love Hogwarts Aus. Who doesn’t love Hogwarts AUs?
This took me forever because I’ve been cowardly postponing the time of coloring the ties. It’s so difficult to sort these guys into houses! I’ve had doubts with everyone (except maybe Bossuet and Ferre?)
But hey, it’s completely okay if you have different HP headcanons! These are just mine, and they’re not even unchangeable. So if you want to know my reasons for, idk, Huffle Marius, you can always ask and I’ll gladly answer. And maybe, if you are interested in more things about this AU (like, what’s Joly favorite subject, or who is the DADA teacher) just say it and I’ll tell you more silly Hogwarts headcanons of mine.

(Don’t touch that cat, Bossuet! I’m sure you’re allergic!)

P.S: I’ve shamelessly copied the idea of Jehan with a carnivorous plant from another HP AU drawing I’m not able to find anymore? Because I can totally see him as a Herbology nerd

P.P.S: I still have the feeling that Slytherin R is going to be polemic. But I’ve actually seen him sorted into the four houses, so that’s a proof he’s pretty difficult to classify, I think. Congratulations on creating complex characters, monsieur Hugo.


story time

((lee ‘woozi’ jihoon has abs and a carat actually saw them. what a great time to be alive))


get to know me meme: favourite youtuber –> JACK HOWARD

i was in my room and i exclaimed “i was wondering what would break first your spirit or your body” and then just squished a mosquito 

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.