hes happy they got to live out their childhood dream

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I didn't know you were on the mila/yuri friendship train too! it's quickly becoming one of my favorite things to write and read about. got any fave headcanons??

im at the vip car of the mila/yuri friendship train, i dream of being the conductor of the mila/yuri friendship train, mila and yuri are platonic soulmates amen

  • they were childhood friends!! when they found out they were both going to train under yakov they were ecstatic
  • (yuri of course is like EW I HAVE TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOU but nah hes very very happy)
  • yuris bowlcut when he was younger was bc of a bet with mila that he lost. she’ll never let him live it down
  • once mila’s boyfriend cheated on her and yuri got so angry he broke into the bf’s house and stole his laptop and game consoles and mila was horrified for exactly .5 seconds before yuri asked if she wanted to play mario kart with him with his new wiiu
  • THEY ARE IN GENERAL EACH OTHERS LOVE CONSULTANT ( “yura do u think he’s cute? // “ehh maybe like a 6/10 u could do better” // “damn ok” )
  • regular!! sleepovers!! with junk food and movies and nail polish!!!!
  • mila calls yuri ‘yura’ very often but yuri only refers to her as ‘milya’ in private
  • mila was honest to god jealous of otabek for sUCH a long time bc she felt like he stole yuri away from her
  • but then she found out yuri liked him and instantly changed her mindset, Wingwoman Mila Engage
  • once yuri pulled sara aside and gave her a long intimidating speech abt how if she ever hurts mila in any way, shape or form, he will end her

I totally believe that the only thing Balinor wanted in all the world while he was living in Ealdor was to marry Hunith and raise a family with her. And thanks to Uther he thought that dream was impossible. And then Merlin showed up. Even though Balinor missed out on his entire childhood he still got those few days with his son. I mean did you see the joy in his eyes when he was telling Merlin about the Dragonlords? The happiness he got from finally being able to pass his heritage on to his child? He was so at peace after Merlin told him he was his son. I just feel like all the bitterness of the past twenty or so years washed away because Balinor wasn’t the last of his kind anymore. He had a son to pass his legacy onto. 

I just have a lot of feelings about Balinor. 

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Request:  Could you do a little one shot thingy about being a promising Stark Industries tech who only meets Tony in person because he heard a rumor that the reason they even began science and engineering was a childhood dream of making a real life lightsaber

A/N: This was kinda hard since I don’t watch Star Wars so sorry for any disappointment! :)

“Morning Megan, Morning Chloe,” you greet everyone as you walk to your work space. No one said hello back but instead just smiled widely at you. Everyone’s eyes were trained on you, which was creepy, silence filled the air. Yet you still went about your usual business and sipped on your coffee that you held in your hand as you strutted to your desk.

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The Land We’ve Claimed

This is the pynch fic @manibusforyourhands and I promised you, enjoy Part 1!

[Ronan convinces his boyfriend to take a trip to the state fair with their daughter, Opal. Some things go wrong, and some things go very right. They get a bit distracted by each other and misplace their child.

Straight up fluff, but we all know Adam and Ronan can’t keep their hands off each other, Part 2 has guaranteed fluff and filth, so stick around.]

(Title inspired by Overture by Sleeping at Last. All pre-existing characters belong to the brilliant enchantress known as Maggie Stiefvater)

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