hes got flow

Don’t do that. Don’t stop appreciating her. You thought that it was the thought that counted? You thought that it was enough that deep down you know you love her? Well, it’s not. Words are meaningless without execution. She is not some prize you fight hard to win then leave on the top shelf, always expecting her to be there. Her love is not conditional, her love is not your right, it is not yours to keep with greedy hands and selfish eyes. Wake up and start fighting for her, or she’ll find someone who ultimately will.
—  To The Men Who Take Their Girlfriends For Granted // Excerpt #62

I think someone’s talked about this but anyway: The Fab Four and how they handle bets/dares.

Ghoul: Automatically takes any bet or dare. Anything. Doesn’t matter the stakes, doesn’t matter what the challenge is. Will most likely scream “GET WRECKED” either upon starting the challenge or finishing it victoriously. The guys have tried hard and somewhat succeeded in helping Ghoul break this bad habit.

Party: If he’s got adrenaline flowing, anything seems possible. He won’t do ANYTHING, but he’ll consider it. More likely to take a dare/bet if it involves driving a car at dangerous speeds because he’s an adrenaline junky.

Kobra: If he knows he can win, he’ll do it. Otherwise, don’t press your luck. He’ll most likely just ignore you if you keep badgering him about it.

Jet: Nope. Don’t even ask. Jet plays it safe. Gets embarrassed when people badger him about not taking a dare/bet (you know, people calling him chicken [and worse]). But Kobra always has his back and intimidates anyone who bugs Jet.


Jay Park at The Eleven Dance Studios with talented dancers and choreographers Lando Wilkins and Devin Solomon! Oh dang, wonder if he’s getting them to choreo for his MVs or something. (secretly hoping he gets to  collab with Matt Steffanina too.) He’s been in Seattle for a month and now LA…..always lowkey networking without saying a peep about his collabs until the stuff gets released. 


* Mino - The 2nd round was impressive and was a slap in the face to those who understimated him. P.s the beat was sick!!
* Andup - Ya’ll can hate him as much as you want to, but he’s a killer. He’s a great rapper and I can’t wait to see how he’s going to do next week, when he’s up against his target - Vernon. And thank u mnet for giving him so much screentime!! *happy face*
* lilboy - His laugh!!!! Adorable omg. He did a great job and i can’t wait to see whats up next!
* superb - What a cutie!! He was so interesting to watch! But his hair though lol. But how come he got eliminated during the first round during season 1, 2 and 3 though??
* Blacknut - BLACKNUT!! HE’S SO CRAY! Daaamn this boy knows how to rap, He better make it far. He got the sickes flow out of all the contestants. Diss them even more baby
* Microdot - Am i the ony who finds him cute?? haha. Man, it would be so much fun if team illionaire was there. Anyway cool 2nd round!
* Hanhae - interesting flow - exicted to see how he’s gonna slay next week! and i swear he looks like new champ hahhaha
* 17 year old high school kid - Loved how everybody was like “meeeh”, but then he started rapping and they were like “oh shit”. This kid got loads of potentional
* One - Didn’t know he could rap that well, looking forward to the next episode!
* Jooheon - def in the top 5 over idols rapper, such a nice flow. How come he didn’t get an all pass?!! Ya better kill it during the 1-1 battle!

(no particular order)

It’s only the second episode and i’m already blown away, shiiiiet

Btw i wanna know who Basick is up against next week!!


Spoilers throughout this entire post. Please be warned because I don’t want to ruin it for anybody who hasn’t seen it yet. 

1. Gray and Simon’s reactions to getting BeWhy was completely understandable and relatable. I’d be massively excited to get him too. That said, he didn’t shine as much as I thought he should have in the group performances. Ah well, there will be future opportunities. 

2. Jaewon. This baby turtle with nine cat-sized lives. What a comeback. I feel like every Jaewon fan out there is sitting back and feeling vindicated right now. Haha. All our suffering has been worth it. I’ve said it for years: he’s got flow and talent but he just needs guidance, development and experience. He better put on his boy boy pants for the Diss Round though. 

3. Team outings. ZT and Kush took their boys horseriding and on a yatch. Way to flaunt that money YG. Illionaire gave someone a macbook but he deserved it for winning That Amazing Race. MC and Gill had a BBQ and tbh, that’s the one I’d want to go to because I’m always hungry. AOMG had Loco appear. So really, every team had something fun to do. 

4. My MVPs from the group performances: Jaewon (for AOMG), Flowsik (for Illionaire), Donutman (for MCG) and Reddy (for ZTK). I think AOMG and MCG had the best group dynamics and team work. I like the rappers who contribute to and elevate the group’s performance without compromising themselves. I kinda wish we got something as memorable as last year’s ‘Turtle Ship’ and ‘Respect’ though.

5. Sanchez. Woe. The way he left wasn’t horrible though. It reminds me of that famous saying; the true reflection of a man is not his behaviour during times of success but when he is faced with rejection and failure. And on a side note, it warms my heart to see the producers and rappers disappointed but supportive whenever someone leaves. It creates a more positive vibe when people are nice and pleasant. 

6. I think Mad Clown got actual chills when Flowsik performed. 

7. Chulgu is still on the show. Praise the Universe. He did ok but really needs to believe in himself and lift his game. He seemed uncomfortable (as usual). His private conversations with Zion T were nice and necessary but come on Choo-choo, you’re better than this! Show the world what you got. 

8. I wanted to end on a positive note but I can’t. I want to know what the point of getting rid of Junoflo was when they were just going to let Hash Swan go in the next episode. What a fucking waste of two great talents. The year will be 2050 and I will still be bitter about this. 

You guys remember that one time Block b went to Show Champion with a bunch of bands and the mcs thought it would be fun to make the rappers from each band have a “battle” live (one if them was Yongguk!) 

And they were just having fun, making small raps about the show and the mc´s and how fun this was and then Zico came in and fucking WRECKED THEM like he swept the fucking floor with them, rhyming long, complex, meaningful lyrics that swallowed them like a fucking tsunami and he kept going and going and they had to actually stop him cause hes got flow for days?

And all the people there were kinda confused and jawdropped Yongguk was just smiling wide like “You go Z” and block b was just laughing like they KNEW this is exactly why you dont joke-battle with Zico

It was fucking priceless