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Patater Week - Day 1

Feb. 6- Get Together – (Coraline-inspired AU, magical realism, 6.4K)
Soundtrack: [Exploration] + [Dreaming]

There’s a low, paint-chipped door in the corner of Alexei Mashkov’s living room in Providence.

His agent tells him that the door used to connect to the apartment next to his, a long time ago, when the structure had been one. The door leads to nowhere now, only a wall of bricks. Alexei has even seen the wall of bricks in person, when he requested the landlord open the door for fun. He’s always been curious, after all, and the old, rusted key that the agent picks out from the cabinets only added to that curiosity.

“You’ll get yourself into trouble one day, Lyosha,” his grandmother used to tell him. Alexei had been young, perhaps seven or eight, when she warned him. “Don’t ask so many questions, and try to be happy, or the spirits will see, and take you.” She had said, “Don’t go through strange doors, and don’t follow voices, especially if they sing to you.”

“What’s so bad about singing?” Alexei had demanded, in a petulant way only a seven-year-old can manage. “I sing.”

“Yes, love, but they sing to confuse you,” his grandmother had responded. “They sing of a life better than the one you have, so you want to come to them. You see? They want to trick you and steal you away.”

Of course, Alexei had thought her warning had been metaphorical, if not slightly cryptic. She’d been old then, and easily confused. If you take out the spirits part, the rest sound more or less logical. He figured that she doesn’t want him talking to strangers and end up kidnapped, so Alexei had merely nodded and promised her. No going in strange doors, no following the singing voice, not that there’d been any in his life. Until now.

The bricks are nothing special: the seams filled with cement, the corners dusty with cobwebs. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but there’s a draft that only Alexei can feel because when he mentions it to the agent, she only blinks in confusion.

“Why not lock it?” Alexei asks, when the agent pockets the old key and closes the old, wooden door.

“Why should I?” the agent says, smiling. “The wall is bricked up. Not like there’s anything that can come out. Now, let’s go to the kitchen. The structure itself is a little old, almost 150 years, but it’s been recently remodeled. It’s got a beautiful granite counter top—”

Alexei loves the house. But doesn’t know why he feels uneasy about the door. When he gets the keys to the house, he finds the rusted key again and locks the door. 

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Sweet As Pie (Ethan)

Summary: Requested by a few. Ethan is a barista at your local coffee shop and he writes stupid puns on your cup every time you drop by.
Word Count: 2,326
Warnings: None.
A/N: I’m still reeling from 1k followers ughhh, you guys are everything. Hope you enjoy this! Let me know if you want a part two, might make it smutty. xx

It had started last semester. You had been sleep deprived during finals and had studied all night, eventually feeling like you had to go and take a walk outside for some fresh air. It was nearing 6AM by the time you had found  yourself outside the deserted coffee shop, so you had shrugged and walked in to grab something to drink. Maybe sugar and caffeine would keep you awake.

The barista that was standing behind the counter was utterly gorgeous and you had lost your voice for a second as you saw him walk around, wiping down the counter and pushing his long curls from his forehead with a rough hand, humming. His nametag had said Ethan and he looked gorgeous in the obligatory white shirt that clung to him in all the right places. You had marveled at the stripe of red at the front of his hair, stuttering out your order when he had smiled gently, greeting you.

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Extra Credit - Part 3 Jaebum Fic

Next thing you know, you’re at Mr. Im’s house after school. You kind of wish you didn’t agree to babysit his child but you couldn’t say no. He was really desperate for someone to baby sit him and you were his last resort.

You went to the little boy’s school to pick him up and you explained his father asked you to pick him up. He asked “what’s the code” and you replied “bart simpson” because Mr. Im told you prior that was the code. The boy giggled. Mr. Im taught his child well. That was very clever of him. By having a code, it would prevent the child from being stolen. You also learned Mr. Im had an obsession with Bart. Everyone has their weird obsessions right? 

His child’s name is Jaehyun. He is 4 years old but acts more mature. You were walking toward your car with him and he ran toward your door with his little legs and attempted to open it for you.

“Dad told me to be nice to all women no matter what” he said.
He spoke softly and cutely. He has straight black hair with sparkling dark brown eyes just like his fathers. He didn’t have the two eye moles like Jaebum but he had a mole underneath his eye.

“Thank you Jaehyun” you said staring back at him because you couldn’t believe how cute he was. The way he spoke was very adorable and sweet. It might sound mean but you really didn’t like kids. Their whining and screeching and how they always picked their nose irritated you. But Jaehyun hasn’t annoyed  you. He hasn’t whined or complained yet and he seemed very calm. Maybe you weren’t annoyed because he was Mr. Im’s child and you were infatuated with Mr. Im. You felt so creepy and weird for thinking your teacher is attractive. It is December and you are still fascinated by him. You really needed to stop being so in love with Mr. Im though. Why couldn’t you just look at him like a regular man? Oh right… It’s because he’s about 23, which is young, and he is single and good looking. His voice was smooth, even when teaching, and he always dressed in gorgeous dress shirts. Who knew simple dress shirts could turn you on. You could smell his cologne when you asked him questions about assignments at his desk and you wanted to just stuff your face in his chest.

You played hide and seek with Jaehyun for an hour and then he wanted to play with some of his Legos so you agreed. You really sacrificed that afternoon because you hate Legos a lot. No particular reason. You just disliked them. Wow, you just realized you’re very negative: dislikes certain kids, hates Legos, what’s next?

Another hour or so passed and Jaehyun said he was hungry. This child is perfect. Most kids would start whining and saying “WHERE IS MY FOOD” but Jaehyun said in a sweet voice, “I am hungry Ms. Y/N do you think we can have a snack?” He is so mature you thought. Before you could answer, the door swung open and you saw Mr. Im holding takeout from Bambam’s family Thai restaurant, also your favorite restaurant. But you knew you shouldn’t stay.

“Oh perfect, Jaehyun said he was hungry just now” you said grabbing your coat and walking toward your teacher.

“Dad!! Y/N and me played a lot I was having so much fun. I missed you” Jaehyun screamed.

Mr. Im hugged his son quickly and looked at you confusedly.

“Why are you grabbing your coat Y/N? I brought this food for all of us. Thank you so much for babysitting Jaehyun”

Oh no. He wants to eat dinner with all of you? You wanted to get out of the house as quickly as possible now that Mr. Im arrived. You can’t even look at him in the eye without blushing.

You turned around slowly with a fakeish smile and said “Oh I have to finish homework! I wish I could stay but thanks for the offer. Sorry!”
Your voice was abrupt.

“Nonsense! How can you have homework? If I remember correctly, Mrs. Foster gave a math test today and she never gives homework on the days she gives out tests. And the language arts teachers all had a conference so you had a free period right? I don’t know about your other classes but I certainly didn’t give homework. You can spare some time with us right?”

Wow. He really put you in your place. That was a long justification he just gave you to make you stay. You felt your cheeks reddening because of embarrassment and because you looked at him and he smiled at you with his teeth showing. Was this your first time seeing his toothy grin? It was gorgeous.

“Please stay Y/N.” he said again with a smile.

You ended up having dinner with them and you were glad considering they were having your favorite. But you weren’t glad at the same time. Awkward moments and hand brushings happened between you and Mr. Im as you helped him set up the table. You and Mr. Im discussed fundraiser ideas for your class and the new principal of the school. What fascinating topics… Sarcasm. Jaehyun was busy playing with his food instead of eating it while you guys chatted. But, if any of your friends found out about this scenario… they would bombard you with questions and suspicions. It was such a harmless event. You only baby sat his child and ate dinner. You’re telling yourself its harmless and it really is, but what would happen if people made up a rumor about it all. A couple years back, that story your friend told you of a girl kissing Mr. Im’s cheek was the story of the entire school for a week. You had nothing to worry about though because no one knows of this current situation or teachers lounge one from September. And you certainly won’t mention.

As your saying your farewells to Jaehyun and grabbing your coat, Mr. Im stops you.

“Don’t leave just yet. Let me thank you for helping me so much today” he says happily while handing you a hundred dollar bill.

One baby sitting job and he’s giving you a hundred dollar bill? It was literally for only two hours? What the hell?

“Oh there’s really no need to thank me and please keep your money. I cant accept money from my teacher It was not a problem baby sitting him. He is very cute.” you said with a laugh.

“How about I add extra credit to your grade then?”

There he goes again with the stupid extra credit. The thing that got your thoughts running wild the first time he emailed you. Then you went off and kissed him the next day.

“Sure that’ll be fine.” you said. What else could you do but to agree?

He began asking you on the days you would be free because he wanted to make you a permanent babysitter on some days when he couldn’t pick Jaehyun up from school on time due to grading papers and other meetings. Great… Would it be a bad decision to accept?

“I can pick him up any time after school and I can be with him until you return from work. Just tell me the days you’ll be working late” you said with some hesitation. You thought you sounded like a loser. You wanted to smack your head because you couldn’t bare babysitting Jaehyun if it meant seeing Mr. Im’s face a little more often. You would faint.

“Thank you so much it really means a lot Y/N. Can I have your number so I can text you during school on when I would be working a bit late? I hope your okay with late notice. I am sorry; sometimes things come up during the school hours. I won’t be working late everyday, but sometimes I get a little busy.”

“It’s really not a problem” you said. He asked for your number and you didn’t answer because you were nervous and unsure.

“Okay! Lets exchange numbers!” Mr. Im said again.

Oh no. You had no choice. You exchanged numbers and then you realized you were acting super childish. Your hand was trembling when you were putting your number in his phone. You took back your phone and noticed the way he named himself on your phone.

“JB? With a smiley face?”

“You can call me that. Wouldn’t it be awkward to call me Mr. Im all the time?”

It would be more awkward to call your teacher by a nickname you thought to yourself.

“I will pay you 100 dollars each time you babysit.”

“Please Mr. Im, that would be unnecessary!” you said quickly.

It would be weird to have your teacher pay you.

“I’m sorry. I forgot that you only settle for extra credit you little nerd.” he said laughing.

“Extra Credit doesn’t cut it. I don’t want anything Mr.Im.”

“What can I do to repay you then? Kiss you?” he says with a bit of sass and a smirk.

Your cheeks turn a bright red and you stare down at the ground. This is the most embarrassing moment of your entire life.

“I was only kidding. We can discuss this later. Good night dear.”

So now he called you dear? What the hell?

You pretended like you weren’t affected by his comment and said goodbye.

Winter was coming to an end and spring arrived. You and Mr. Im grew a bit closer in the student teacher relationship. It was normal and things didn’t get creepy or weird. You called him JB at his house but Mr. Im at school. He did continue to tease you in front of your classmates and you actually liked it sometimes because you liked when he spoke to you or gave you attention. Even if he was making fun of you. You had a hopeless crush and there was no harm in having one. You regret kissing him but you were happy he wasn’t awkward about it.

“Oh you’re so short Y/N.”

“When will you stop roasting me Mr. Im? You never ever roast Irene or Wendy.”

“I don’t want to roast them. I only roast the people I like which is you.” he said looking into your eyes sternly. He laughed jokingly.

That was a conversation one afternoon and it made you happy even if you knew that wasn’t meant to be flirty. You were blind. You wanted to think it was flirty. He was your crush after all. He told you often that Jaehyun complained when you weren’t there and missed you constantly. He rarely complained about anything but he complained if you weren’t present. Sometimes Mr. Im would buy you guys take out and eat at the dinner table like a regular family. He never cooked but you didn’t mind. Who knows what the hell he would make. Sometimes you guys went out to dinner. People from school could see you if you went out with Jaehyun and Mr. Im so you constantly protested when Mr. Im suggested going out. He would tell you it wasn’t a big deal but you would sit in fear. You insisted on paying him back but he said that this was his gift for you for babysitting Jaehyun.

“Stop being so paranoid shorty. What’s wrong with having dinner with a student?” he would say.

EVERYTHING! you thought to yourself.

You started getting use to the routine and you would ask JB about his day and all the teacher gossip.

“I shouldn’t be telling you this but did you know Mrs. Raven has a glass eye?” JB would tell you.

You used to always hang out with Jackson after school and you would ask about your classmates gossip but now your more interested about the teachers gossip. Your best friend was basically replaced by a teacher. Jackson would ask to hang out after school but you told him you had to tutor some children. He thought you were bullshitting him because he knew you didn’t like kids but you told him you were being truthful. You felt bad for lieing but if you ever told Jackson about JB he would take it the wrong way. Considering JB is a good looking fellow, everyone would think your sleeping with him but he really is a gentleman. Everyone in your school thinks JB is a bit of a player considering the girl from a couple years back kissed him and he didn’t react. WELL WOULD YOU WANT A REACTION OR SOMETHING?! JB HANDLED THE SITUATION LIKE A MAN you always said that in your head when you heard people talking about the situation. The girl shouldn’t have done it. You hung out with Jackson when you could but Jackson could feel the friendship deteriorating and it made him very curious on what you were always up to.

One day Mr. Im texted you and said, “I have a date tomorrow night and I’m sorry to have you do a late shift but are you able to? Can you come by tomorrow at 6:45? My date is at 7.”

He’s having a date.. This must be his first in a while. Or maybe before you became the babysitter he went on dates. All these thoughts went on in your mind and you grew increasingly jealous. Why are you jealous? You’re supposed to have a crush on him but you’re only supposed to admire his looks from a far. But no. You’re very jealous and you feel immature.

“Hey Y/N! I’m glad you could babysit Jaehyun. I haven’t been on a date in like two years so you can tell I’m a big excited!”

Oh two years…

“It’s no problem I hope you have fun!”

Suddenly Mr.Im hugs you and whispers in your ear “I am so nervous.”

This is what you hated/loved. When he made these sudden movements: hugging, teasing your height and made you blush, points on history essays that you didn’t even turn in but he gave you an A+ because you babysat Jaehyun. This was his idea of extra credit and you loved it kind of.. You weren’t as jealous as you were the night before because you realized that his girlfriend left him with this child. Imagine the pain he must’ve gone through. She abandoned Jaehyun but you didn’t know for sure because he never told you the details. And this is his first date since she left. No wonder he’s nervous. You are happy for him that he is finally entering the dating scene. You can live with the pain in your heart of your hopeless history teacher crush because you’re still young but this man is an adult and he deserves love at the age of 23. Your 18 year old mind needs to mature you thought to yourself.

You pat his back and his fluffy hair and tell him good luck and that it’ll be great. If anyone from school saw this they would conclude things but it was innocent. You say goodbye and you go to hang out with Jaehyun. Your favorite show was Scooby Doo as a child and you recently caught Jaehyun watching the new version of it. That made you so happy because you’re never to old to watch Scooby Doo. Jaehyun even laughed at the jokes and you can’t believe how cute and sweet the boy is. His cute giggle made you smile and wish you could be with him forever. Over the past few months you have gotten closer to him and you even made him interested in K-pop. His favorite song was G-Dragon’s Crayon. The fact that Jaehyun listened to you harping about all your favorite boy groups and girl groups made you adore him more. Finally someone who listened to your obsession. Sometimes kids only want to talk about themselves but Jaehyun payed attention to you. A four year old is paying attention to you and you are so happy.

Jaehyun fell asleep at 9 while you guys were watching Beauty and the Beast because you told him it would be fun since all Disney movies were fun but it ended up making him fall asleep. And you went to tuck him in his bed and gave him a little kiss on his forehead. He was too precious and had such good manners. You wished you babysat at night more often because you had fun watching TV with him.

You were walking back to the living room and then you realized JB’s ex-girlfriend left him when Jaehyun was 2. The last time JB went on a date was two years ago, so that means two years ago he was taken by his ex? Right? You dismissed the thoughts and just scrolled through Instagram, snapchat, and twitter mindlessly and ended up falling asleep on the couch.

You awoke to the sound of the door opening and shutting harshly and you jumped from the sudden sound. JB walked in and he has a fixed look of despair on his face.

“What’s wrong? Did it not go well?” you said in a worried tone. You were genuinely concerned and sad for JB. It didn’t go well? You wanted the best for him.

“I wouldn’t say it didn’t go well but I’m just sad and I don’t even know why I went out.” JB said in a shaky voice. He sat down next to your legs which were across the couch.

“I don’t know what happened between you and your ex in the past but I’m sure the more dates you go on, the more comfortable you will get and the more you’ll forget the past and go back to normal.”

You weren’t sure if your statement was too personal considering you assumed things about his emotions. You weren’t sure if he was sad because of his ex or not and you accidentally brought up his ex even though he didn’t mention her.

He tapped on your smooth legs and drew circles on them just so his hands could concentrate on something.. “She left me two years ago and this is the first time I went out with a girl since then. She… She was beautiful. But she didn’t want to care for Jaehyun. She said she was too busy but I was too. But I always made time. We were young and didn’t have much money. I’m surprised we even made it two years without getting broke. She said that it was too much for her and she couldn’t handle it anymore. She said she would leave me with Jaehyun and concentrate on herself. She said she lost feelings for me too. She said she was sorry. She said even though we had a kid that didn’t entitle her to love me forever. I understand she stopped loving me. We were high school sweethearts…those never last. We were too young for Jaehyun anyway. But she left him. She actually left him. That is what made her very unappealing to me. To leave your child? That is not beautiful or praise worthy. I will forever keep Jaehyun. I love him. He is so kind… and… I wanna raise him to be a good man…and I will forever cherish him. I will never abandon him. He is a responsibility and I am happy to carry that responsibility.”

Those were the sweetest things you have ever heard someone say. He really loves Jaehyun. Fatherly love is just too beautiful and enchanting. Your hopeless crush on JB made you love him more and you couldn’t bare to see him so depressed.

“I am just your student and babysitter but I hope you can find comfort in my words. Every child deserves a mother. Sometimes circumstances prevent the child from his mother. In this case, his mother left. But I know you are doing such an amazing job taking care of Jaehyun. He is the most well-mannered boy in this entire world. I have seen so many rude kids that made me dislike children as a whole but after being with Jaehyun, I realize he deserves the world. It is a pity he can’t be with his mom and I’m sorry that you had to go through that pain. Be strong. I know you can. I have faith in you. One day you can go out freely and meet women and then you’ll find a woman who will jus click with you and even if she isn’t Jaehyun’s real mother, her love for you will bring joy to Jaehyun and she’ll love him dearly when she loves you too. I don’t know if this makes sense because I’m only 18 but I hope everything works out.”

His hands had stopped making circles on your legs and instead just lay softly on your legs. You attempted to withdraw your legs from his hands to give him a little hug but he grabbed your left leg firmly.

“I… I.. I’m sorry. Don’t leave my grasp.” JB said.

You awkwardly sat there. This is the most in depth conversation the entire year and to be honest, it wasn’t THAT awkward. Until he grabbed your leg of course.

A few minutes pass and then he suddenly darts his eyes to yours.
He moves closer to you and grabs your head and places it at the crook of his neck and he whispers in your ear with a tone of sadness and desperation… “Please. Please don’t leave me. I’m scared.. I.. I just.. you are so mature.. and sweet… And Jaehyun has been so happy since you entered his life. I am so thankful you are his babysitter” he said while stroking you leg now.
“He has always been a happy boy even when his mom left; he was too young to realize but he still smiled and even more when you came. He knows his mom left him because I had to tell him and I was so sad that he remembers her somewhat and has to go through the pain of his mom not wanting him. I had to tell him because all his friends at school had mothers. But he comforted me and told me I was the best dad ever. He is caring and i love him but.. I wish he had a motherly figure. You’re so motherly to him. Ever since I met you in September… I have to admit that I.. I think you are the most mature woman I have ever met. You handle every situation delicately and carefully. I admire that. I can’t just ask you to be his mother but I just want to admit this now. After tonight I realized how much I enjoy your company and how grateful I am to have you in our lives.”
You hesitated and were surprised by his ramblings.
“I have grown to admire and adore Jaehyun and I have always admired you as my boss and teacher.” you said to JB.

You both sat in silence and JB suddenly spoke with a quiver in his tone.

“I know I can’t say this but I think you’re… charming and such a great supporter and I.. I think you… I really like…I.”

He kept stuttering trying to think of what to say exactly.

“Thank you Mr. Im I like you as a teacher and a boss too. I really want to care for Jaehyun because he deserves the world” you said quickly. You only thought that’s what he meant. But he really meant he had grown to like you.

“No… I don’t think you understand. I like your personality. I like the way you ask about my shitty day. I want to… get to know you. You’re funny and you are always interested about my boring life shorty… it makes me feel important. I love teasing you too. I must sound like a loser but I haven’t had such affection in a long time. You’re petite and so cute. I call you shorty but I really like your face when I tease you. I shouldn’t be telling you this but I have been feeling this for quite some time.”

Was he drunk? He has been rambling for a long time since he came back and now he’s saying he liked you? What has gotten into him? This is your dream -for him to like you- but it was not a reality you felt. You looked into his eyes to see if you could tell if he had any signs that he was intoxicated. He looked normal and then you inched closer to his mouth to see if you could smell any alcohol and you thought maybe you would kiss him again in this silence. JB looked into your eyes to see if you had any approval but you had a questionable look. He grabs your small hand and puts his left arm around your back and harshly but urgently kisses you. But it was gentle. You are a bit late to respond. He’s kissing you now? How? He likes you? You kiss him back at this point and press yourself closer, wanting to feel more of his heavenly lips. His hand moves back and forth against your back and he dips his tongue inside your mouth and your tongues dance with each other. He explores your cavern for the first time and grabs your waist.. He kisses the side of your lips and then begins to move down your jaw and starts kissing the nape of your neck. It sends a shiver down your spine. No one has ever kissed you there before. He lightly bites the area and you were afraid it would leave a mark.

“I… I can’t do this. It’s wrong. I am your student” you said in a hushed whisper.

“I have been controlling myself since the beginning of the school year… I can’t control myself” He said while sliding his hands up your shirt. He pulled away from you and just stared at your eyes.

“I want to be with you… But wouldn’t that affect our relationship?” you said. You finally got what you wanted: your teacher returning his crush for you. But it felt wrong. You were scared.

He twirls your hair in his fingers and leans closer to you lips and whispers right above them “I want you.”

You realized that he was being serious. Your teacher actually likes you back. You completely gave in.
“So take me Mr. Im. I’m all yours.” you said as you captured his Iips.

Morning Coffee (Steve Rogers x reader)

HeroesOfOlympus: Heyyy y'all! So, here’s the Steve Rogers x reader fic like I promised. It’s short and crappy (as usual) so, yeah. The first part’s kinda boring since it’s about cooking bUT I WAS HUNGRY while writing this, so don’t judge me. Now I’m hungry. Fantastic.

Description: You and the Avengers are eating breakfast when Tony comes into the dining room, scaring the shit out of you and making you spill coffee all over yourself. Steve is his usual charming self and gives you his shirt to change into. Why am I such a weirdo. There’s seriously something wrong with me and shirtless Steve.

Reader Gender: Female

Reader Powers: Ability to control water and water vapour

Characters/Ships: Steve Rogers x reader, Tony Stark, Thor, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton

Rating: PG

Warnings: Shirtless Steve, half naked reader (wtf is wrong with me), crappy writing and Super short fic

Humming silently to yourself, you twirled around the kitchen, the hem of your pyjamas shirt fluttering from your dancing. You began to take out the things you needed for cooking, deciding to make a typical English breakfast.

Picking up an egg, you tossed it from one hand to another playfully before cracking it into the already sizzling pan, steam rising from the pan with the egg white already forming bubbles of air. Sniffing the air for the satisfying smell of something cooking, you began to slice the large chunk of bacon into thinner pieces, the grease smearing against your fingers and once you were done, setting them into another pan and letting them cook.

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aah happy birthday rarepair queen olivia @larvesta!!!! this is super quick drabble ill have more for you another day but im really sick so i whipped this up super quickly i hope you love it i promise ill have more writing stuff for you soon!! i hope you had a lovely day <33

“Alya, Alya wake up.”

Soft prodding and an even softer voice wakes Alya from her dead-to-the-world state of existing. Her eyes fluttered open, finding only darkness.

“Alya are you up?” Adrien presses his face into her neck, his hair tickling her skin. “Wake up.”

She presses the heel of her hand into his cheek, pushing him away as she blinks sleep from her eyes. “Whu time is it?”

“Mmm 3am maybe?” he takes her hand in his and presses it to his lips.

Her effort to wake stops completely. “Why the fuck are you up then?” she has to fight to keep the whine from slipping into her tone.

“I want cake.” he mumbles against her hand. “It’s been bugging me all night I need cake.”

“We’ll call Mari in the morning go to sleep.” the end of her sentence slurs together as sleep reaches for her and drags her away from consciousness.

“Or,” he prods her again. “We could bake one right now.”

She cracks her eyes open again to shoot him a long blank stare.

His face breaks into a grin as he leans closer, his lips brushing her cheek. “Please?”

“Fuck no.” she breathes, rolling away from him. “Do it yourself.”

“But you make it so much better! You have Mari’s magic touch! You know the secrets of baking!”

She flips him off.

“Please, love? Light of my life, gorgeous girlfriend, please please please?” he tugs on her shirt, fingertips snaking around her bared skin.

Alya grabs blindly for her pillow and slams it into him. “Fine, you fucker. We’ll bake a goddamn cake at 3 in the fucking morning.”

He pulls her into a deep warm kiss though he’s smiling so much it only lasts a few seconds. He swoops her up easily and draws her from her warm blankets. She can hardly feel the sting of the cool apartment air through the barrier of his warmth.

“What’s first?” He smiles widely, dropping her onto the freezing kitchen floor.

“You could have texted her. She would have been up. Or call her. Or go to her house. She never sleeps. Just like you. But I like my fucking sleep and my warm blankets and I like not standing in my cold kitchen with my boyfriend in my underwear.” Alya grumbles quietly, gathering cake ingredients and dropping them unceremoniously on the counter.

“I’m not in your underwear, Alya. At least not tonight.” Adrien grins, green eyes trailing her as she drags herself around the kitchen.

“Shut up.” She spares a moment to flick his nose before grabbing utensils.

He opens the bag of flour, poking his nose through the opening and peering into the bag curiously.

Affection for him pushes aside the sleep still desperately clinging to her. She bumps his hip playfully as she sets the mixing bowl down.

It would have been a cute moment had he not right at that moment picked up the bag of flour. It slips from his grip, the cloud of flour that rose up cloaks the kitchen like fog.

Apologies spill from Adrien’s lips like a waterfall. “Alya oh my gosh I’m so sorry I’m so sorry I’ll clean it up why don’t you go back to bed oh god I’m sorry I love you I’m sorry I’m so-”

The laugh that bubbles from Alya’s throat startles them both. Her laugh spirals until she’s bent at the hip gasping for air, gasping which results in a considerable amount of flour flying down her throat that leaves her choking.

Adrien’s eyes go from bewildered to concerned. He places a warm hand on her shoulder as she recovers. “Okay now?” his lips curve into the smallest of smiles.

Alya grins and wraps her arms around him. When his lips meet hers, the flour on their lips mix into a disgusting paste that she can’t seem to mind. When he pulls away from her and touches his nose to hers she pinches him. “You’re high-maintenance.” she teases.

“Sorry.” his green eyes are sincere.

“I love you.” Alya laughs.

Adrien smears flour down her nose before pressing a warm kiss to her cheek.

Teacher Jimin

Words: 1390

Warning: Smut, teasing.

* Y/N =  YOUR NAME *

Yes, he was your teacher, but you couldn’t do anything but give it up

Originally posted by absivthe

It was Mr. Park’s class time. You breathed deep. Park Jimin was your new english teacher and he might not be more than 3 years older than you. All the girls were talking about him. His gorgeous red hair, the way his thight jeans made his thighs look like, his soft lips… everything.

Your grades in his subject were really low. Just because you spent all your time looking at him and thinking about what those fingers could do to you. You did sit in your usual place, in the middle of the class beside your bf’s chair.

“Morning, class” He smirked at the class. His smile was as dangerous as a gun shot.

“Today lets study Past participle x Simple past. I know, i know. This subject sucks. It’s boring, but we’ve to review, Ok?” He said.

The time was running and all you were doing was stare at him. You could hear his voice but couldn’t listen to what he was saying.

You took a paper and wrote to your friend:

OMG, He’s so damn hot! I would let him fuck me till i can’t breath nor walk

You quickly passed it to her.

She read, smirked and nodded slowly. She gave you the paper back.

“I hope that paper is something about the class, Y/N” Mr. Park told you, making you jump.

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

“Y-yes, Mr. Park. It is about the s-subject.” You blushed.

He walked towards you and leaned against your desk.

“I wanna see” he said softly. Your heart stopped, your brain screaming at you.

“NO!” you almost screamed. “I-i mean… No…I-i dont need help, she helped me already” you said, trying not to freak out.

“Unless you want to read this to all the class, i suggest you give me the paper” He said.

That was it. He was going to read the God damn paper, and you’d be fucked. He’d know what you thought about him.You were going to get in trouble.

You gave him the paper hesitantly.

He took it in his hands and read slowly.

Your heartbeat was fast, almost jumping to your mouth.

He looked at you, you saw his gaze darkening and his mouth falling open.

“Y/N… I wanna see you after class” He said and got back to his desk, saying nothing else.

You looked to your friend, who was staring scared.

“I’m fucked” you whispered to her.

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He takes care of you ♡ Grayson

Originally posted by infinitygarner

Request: ‘‘Also, could you write a Grayson imagine where you’re feeling a little sick but he’s really sweet and cuddly and carries you everywhere? Thank you, and I wish you the best of luck with your blog!! xx’‘

Response: Thank you so much ♡ had much fun writing it :) It includes taking a bath with Grayson, so I hope you enjoy! xxx

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

Today was Wednesday. Normally you would be in school right now, or at least doing something, but today you weren’t feeling very well. Your mom thought you had the flu; you thought she was right. All you had done today was laying in bed, watching Netflix. The only thing you had eaten today was a cracker, since that was the only thing your stomach could handle. Nope, today was not a good day.

You wake up from a nap and glance over to your nightstand to see what time it was. It was half past three. You sigh at the thought that you hadn’t been doing anything productive today. You knew that you were sick and it was totally okay to skip a day of school, but you couldn’t help feeling a little frustrated with yourself. After all, you were never sick. Both of your parents weren’t home to take care of you, because they had to work all day. With much struggling you prop yourself up and take your phone from the nightstand. While you scroll through Tumblr, you suddenly see an incoming call. It was Grayson Dolan, your boyfriend.

‘Y/N, babe, why are you not at school? I’ve been sending you texts, but you haven’t texted me back. Is everything okay?’ he asks with a worried tone in his voice. You cough before answering. ‘I’m sorry. I’m feeling a little sick. Have been sleeping all day.’  ‘Aw, I’m sorry to hear that. I will come straight to you when school is over. Should I bring some soup or do you need anything else?’ Grayson asks. You smile at his sweet voice. ‘No thank you, I’m okay. It would be nice if you could come, but I really don’t want you to get sick.  Maybe you can stop by tommorow?’ You hear Grayson laugh at the other side of the phone. ‘Y/N, I don’t care if I get sick. If I get to lay in bed with you all day, than it’s worth the risk. See you later, baby.’ ‘But, Gray-‘ you tried to protest, but he already had hung up.

With a sigh you put your phone back on the night stand. You yawn and let yourself fall back into the pillows. Now wasn’t the time to worry about if Gray was going to see you like this. If he wanted to be stubborn, you couldn’t stop him. You put your blanket back up to your chin, and before you know it your eyes are closed again and you doze off to dreamland.

With a quiet knock on the door your eyes flutter open. ‘Y/N?’ you hear Graysons soft voice on the other side of the door. ‘Come in,’ you say with a sore throat. Grayson pushes the door open and there he is, looking like an angel with a bowl of steaming soup in his hands. As always he’s looking gorgeous. He was wearing a black T-shirt, some blue jeans and over his shoulder he was carrying his schoolbag. ‘If you get sick, you can’t say I didn’t warn you,’ you say. He laughs. You smile softly while you work yourself up, leaning on your elbows.
Grayson puts his bag down and starts walking up to you with the soup.

He carefully sits down on the side of your bed. He glances over to study your face, eyebrows frowned. ‘How are you feeling?’ he asks, while he hands you over the soup. You gratefully take the soup from him. ‘A little better, now you’re here.’ He smirks and looks at you for a few seconds, before he stands up again. He takes off his shoes and throws hem near his bag. Without asking he takes the soup out of your hands. ‘What are you doing? I thought that was for me,’ you mutter confused. Grayson grins. ‘Just scoot over a little, please.’ You do as he says, and without spilling anything he comes laying next to you, handing you over the soup again. Although the soup is really hot, you were still feeling cold as hell. When you’re done eating, you cuddle up against his warm, muscular body. ‘Woa Y/N, you are really cold,’ you hear Grayson say. You laugh. He strokes your back and plays with your hair, leaving small kisses on the top of your head. Suddenly you didn’t really mind that you were sick. With a shiver of pleasure you close your eyes, enjoying the warm, bubbly feeling you had.

You cuddle together in bed for at least half an hour. ‘Thank you,’ you whisper against his chest. ‘For what?’ Graysons asks. ‘You know, for bringing me soup and cuddle with me when I look like a mess,’ you explain. ‘Anytime, princess. You would have done the same for me,’ he says while he pulls your hair out of your face. ‘Besides, you always look amazing, so I don’t know what you mean by looking like a mess.’ You smile, because you know that he was being honest. ‘But…’ Grayson starts. ‘But what?’ you ask, a little worried. ‘Don’t say that you have to go.’ You feel Grayson chuckle. ‘No, I just… Look, don’t take this wrong, but you smell a little weird. I think it’s because you’re sick and have been laying in bed all day.’ ‘Oh,’ you say, feeling a little embarrassed. ‘Should I make you a bath?’ Grayson asks. You nod. ‘Sure, that would be nice.’ Grayson gets up and leaves the room. He walks to the bathroom and a few seconds later you hear running water.

A few moments later you decide to go and meet Grayson in the bathroom. He was in there for more then ten minutes now. When you pull the sheets from your body and try to get up, you feel a sting in your stomach. ‘Ahh,’ you groan, just when Grayson walks in. He rushes towards you and pushes you gently down on your back. ‘Don’t move, Y/N. If there is one thing that you don’t have to do if you’re sick, it is moving.’ He slides his huge arms under your back and carries you without any effort towards the bathroom.

You hear soft music playing in the background. One of your favorite songs, Heart’s Content by Brandi Carlile, is playing. Grayson puts you down and grabs your shirt. You raise your arms up. He undresses you slowly, looking at your body with full admiration, like he’s enjoying every minute of this. You step out of your sweatpants. He takes of your bra and leaves a quick kiss in your neck. A pleasant tingling feeling goes along your back. He squats down on his knees and removes your panties. He then supports you with one hand on your lower back and his other hand holding your hand, while you step into the bath. You let yourself lower into the warm water. Grayson undresses himself within five seconds, and you can’t help but stare at his toned abs and just his body in general.

When he’s in the water you carefully settle yourself between his legs. He gives you a kiss on your back an starts massaging your shoulders. An unexpected loud moan escapes from your mouth and Grayson laughs. ‘Does that feel good?’ You close your eyes and nod. ‘Very good.’ He massages you for a few minutes, sometimes with a little more pressure, making sure it was just the way you liked it. You had never felt more relaxed in your life. After the little massage he washes your hair with your favorite shampoo and you rest your head against his bare chest. Grayson strokes his hands up and down your arms. ‘By the way, I didn’t think you smelled weird. I just wanted to take a bath with you.’ You giggle. ‘I knew it.’ ‘Is it okay if I visit you tomorrow too?’ he whispers softly in your ear. You grab his hand and put a kiss on it. ‘Do you even have to ask?’

Stranger in a Crowd

Prompt: Imagine Remy LeBeau (Gambit) seeing you in a crowded street and he just has to meet you.

Word Count: 1782

Warnings: Maybe language? A non gorey fight scene? Other than that it’s pure unadulterated fluff, y’all.

Note: Beta’d by the great @like-a-bag-of-potatoes. Also, this is my first Gambit fic and I REALLY wanted a southern fic lately.

Tags: @munlis @amarvelouswritings


Remy’s POV

Tonight wasn’t as humid as it usually was around Mardi Gras, but my lord, it was warm. The sea of bodies didn’t help a thing, either. My eyes scanned the crowd as I walked, checking for any threats. I hadn’t been bothered in a few weeks, which was nice, so tonight, in celebration of Fat Tuesday, why not have a little game of cards with some poor unsuspecting fellow at a nice watering hole? Of course, the French Quarter was crawling with tourists as beads flew, the smell of alcohol sweeping the streets, the perfume of seafood hitting my nostrils as I walked along, the warm air clinging to my skin like a blanket.

I had to find a good bar, and soon. The sun was setting, casting a handsome pinkish blue into the sky above us, but when the sun sets in New Awlins, lord, you better hold onto your hat here in the French Quarter.

Just as I looked up, I saw her. Her face was…it was like lookin’ into the face of an angel. My word…Her lips, her eyes, her mere presence was piercing. The way her hair swirled as a cool wind whipped through the streets and alleys. I don’t know what it was about her but she was completely captivatin’. Like a siren in the night, I was drawn to this girl.

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Peter looks up from his breakfast and smiles at Gamora. She just nods at him and starts reading the newspaper. Well, he won’t tell her that she holds it upside down. Groot is still eating and Rocket is half alseep next to him. Even Drax is here, but Tony is missing.

“I am Groot.”

“I don’t care that you are still hungry. That is my bacon!” Rocket growls and holds onto his plate.

Peter smiles and looks around. Where could Tony be? Normally he is the first in the kitchen because he needs his coffee. Its been over two months now that Peter and the Guardians are with Tony in his Tower, after they crashed their ship. His beautiful ship.

Still. Why is Tony not here?

“I am Groot.”

“No i’m not sleeping! I will eat it!” Rocket mumurs even tho his eyes are still closed. Peter shakes his head at them and looks to Gamora.

“Where’s Tony?”, he asks and Gamora doesn’t even look up.

“Already missing your Boyfriend?”, is what she asks back and Peter sputters.

“He is not my boyfriend?!” Peter nearly squeaks. But everyone at the table laughes. Even Drax and Peter is sure that he doesn’t know why.

“Good morning.”

Tony smiles at them when he enters the kitchen and he looks…gorgeous. He just wears an old jeans and a white shirt but the way he yawns and rubs his left eye. He is just too cute.

After Gamora told him that they wouldn’t be together, Peter was really sad. But then they’ve met Tony. And Peter was just…gone. Just like that. And his friends knew this.

“Morning, Tony.” Peter says and he can’t help his smile. Tony smiles back at him and then makes a beeline for the coffeemaker.

“So what are the plans for today?”, asks Tony once he is at his second cup of coffee. He sits down next to Drax, who grunts.

“Working on the ship. Care to join us?”, says Rocket who looks a lot more awake now. Tony smiles at him and shakes his head.

“Sadly no. But i wouldn’t be a help anyway.” Answers Tony and shrugs. Peter wants to say something about that. Because this isn’t true. Tony is always a help and he is a genius! He worked a lot on the ship already and Rocket wouldn’t ask him if Tony wasn’t good.

“Sir? Captain Rogers on the phone.” Friday says before Peter can say anything about Tonys sad look. He always gets the look when he says something about himself like that. Like he truly believes it. Like someone he loves told him that before. Peter wants to scream.

“Oh. I will talk to him la-…”, Tony begins but then they all can hear Captain America in the kitchen.

“Tony? What is the matter with you?”, Captain America shouts already and Tony gets even paler then before.

“I..uhm…can i call you back?” Tony whispers and he looks really afraid.

“What? No! I want to clarify that now!” Captain America growls and Tony stands up. He looks a bit shaken, tho.

“B-but i uh…i have visitors…”, Tony tries again and Captain America laughs.

“As if. Now want to tell me why Bucky is awake? We froze him for a reason, Stark! You know that. Do you want to hurt him again is that what you want?”, Captain America sounds so angry that even Drax looks a bit afraid at the ceiling where they can hear his voice.

“No! I…i made an update and i…wanted to help!”, Tony says now and he looks so desperate, that Peter wants to hold him.

“We don’t need your fucking help. Nobody does!” This is another voice on the phone but it is enough. Without another word Tony runs out of the room. The Guardians are left speechless.

“Captain, here is Starlord. I think you made Tony upset.” Peter stands up now, even if Captain America can’t see that. But his voice is cold.

“Who are you?” Asks Captain America back.

“Peter Quill. A friend of Tony. Rocket, Gamora, Drax and Groot are with me and we are the Guardians of the Galaxy.” Peter says slowly. He doesn’t know Captain America and now he is glad about it. Seems like an asshole.

“The Guardians of the Galaxy? What is Tony going to do now?!” Captain America sounds like they are the bad guys. Peter growls.

“Nothing that i would tell you, but listen. If you ever talk to him again like that, we will find you.” Peter says and Drax gets his knife out of one of his pockets. Peter shuhes him.

“Is that a threat?”

“Yes, Asshole.” Is all Peter says before he leaves, too. He needs to find Tony. He can hear Rockets and Groots voices as he leaves.

“I dont know who you are, Captain. But Tony is the smartest men i know and it means a lot when i say it.”

“I am Groot.”

Peter needs nearly an hour to find Tony and when he does he wants to smack himself. Of course Tony is here.

Tony really worked with Gamora und Rocket a lot on their ship the last weeks. And when he wasn’t, he tried to build a smaller ship that fits only himself, so he could visit them.

Peter was so happy when Tony asked them if that was okay. And he was sure the hug from Drax was painful but Tony smiled so wide, that all Peter could do was to smile back.

And now he sits in his little ship. Crying.

Well you know. Tony is a lot of things. And he does a lot of things. He likes to cuddle Peter when they watch a movie late at night. He likes to show Rocket his suits and even made one for him. He likes to cook with Gamora and he even teaches her. He dances with Groot when he is happy.

But Peter has never seen him cry.

Its heartbreaking. And beautiful.

“Tony?” Peter say after a few seconds and Tony looks up at him. Then he wipes his tears away and smiles.

“Oh hey Peter. Do you need anything?” Tonys eyes are still wet and the smile doesn’t look real.

Peter doesn’t answer he just goes over to Tony and nearly sits on his lap, before he hugs him. Tony freezes.



“What are you doing?” Tony sounds so unsure and then he cries again. Peter just holds him through it and pets his soft hair. Tony is such a wonderful men and nobody cares.

Peter had known that the Avengers and he had a fight, but he didn’t know it was that bad.

“S-sorry.” Tony says when he stops crying.

“Nothing to be sorry for.” Answers Peter.

“Its just hard to… uhm hear the truth.” Tony says slowly and he doesn’t look at Peter anymore. Peter shakes his head.

“What? He didn’t said the truth. He was just being an asshole.”, says Peter and hugs Tony again. He just likes it, okay? Tony is so warm.

“Don’t let him hear that.” Giggles Tony and Peter smiles, too. It took Tony a while before he would giggle around them. But now he does it a lot and its the cutest sound Peter has ever heard.

“Oh but i told him.” Peter answers and Tony gasped.

“What? But he is…Captain America!” Tony says then and he seems to really mean that. Sounds like he really like him before their fight.

“And I’m StarLord. Which is way better than a Captain.” Says Peter easily and Tony giggles again.

“That is true.”

They sit like that for a while and Peter even plays with Tonys fingers. Tony seems tired now and his eyes are nearly closed. Then he sits back up.

“Oh! And i’m Iron Man. Which means i’m only a men.” Now Tony sounds upset again and Peter pulls him closer. So that Tony sits now on his lap. Perfect. Tony is smaller than him and Peter is a goner for that.

“Nah. Not only a men. Just the best i know.” Answers Peter now and he even kisses Tonys head. Tony shudders.

“Y-you only know aliens, but me. Your opinion doesn’t count.” Whispers Tony and Peter shakes his head.

“Nope. My opinion is the only one that counts. But if it calms you. Rocket and Groot also told Captaim America to fuck himself. And Drax had already his knife out.” Peter tells him and Tony relaxes.

“Really?” Tony asks and he looks so surprised at that. Peter holds him closer.

“Course. We are your friends.” He whispers in Tonys ear and Tony shudders beautifully again.

“It’s just… i miss them you know? I miss Steve so much and i thought he was my friend. And Clint he was so angry at me. And…i just i…really wanted to help! I made an update for Bucky, so he could live withouth being afraid to be controlled again. I thought…that then they all would come back and i wouldn’t be alone anymore.” Tony tells him slowly.

“Come with us.”

“What?” Tony sits up again and he doesn’t seem to be angry that he still sits in Peters lap.

“Come with us. Be a Guardian of the Galaxy. Please.” Peter really means it. When the ship is ready, they need to leave. And he can’t leave without Tony.

“You don’t need me!” Tonys says and Peter kisses his hair again.

I need you.”

Before Tony can protest again, Peter turns him a bit around and kisses him. He can still feel the salt from Tonys tears on his lips, but he doesn’t care. It feels so good. Tonys grip around his shoulder gets firmer. And then Tony kisses him back.

Peter is in heaven.

“Really?” Tony asks shyly when they part and Peter leans his forehead against Tonys.

“Really.” Peter smiles because Tonys face is a bright red now. Tony looks up at him and smiles back.

“Okay. I will come with you.” Tony says then Peter kisses him again, just because he can do that now. Tony giggles.

“But only because you need a Starqueen at your side.”

anonymous asked:

Hello my love! I'm really sorry this is a reader insert but I've been waiting to send you this for a while! I would like reaper and Hanzo (separate) with a (preferably fem) s/o and the s/o is insecure about her pale skin. It makes her not want to show any of her skin but unfortunately it's getting warm, so their boyfriend is confused as to why they're wearing long sleeve tops and jeans? And then they reassure them it's fine and lots of fluff?😘 sorry if this is confusing and thank you if you do!


Before his botched resurrection he was always the first one out sleeveless and in shorts at the first hint of sunshine.

Now he’s glad he has you to be miserable and bundled up together when everyone else enjoys the spring weather

As such for the longest time he doesn’t even care why you do it. If pressed he’d assume you were doing it out of consideration for him, but the truth is as long as he’s not alone wearing his winter clothes for as long as humanly survivable (and, in his case, beyond that), he’s fine

It takes the annual spring cleaning to stoke his curiosity. In true spring cleaning tradition you started by sorting through the old books and photo albums and have spent the past hour reminiscing about the past, cleaning supplies forgotten by your side.

“Puberty saved your ass.” you say as you flip through the remarkable transformation that is a pre-pubescent Gabriel hot on the way to win the World’s Most Awkward Kid award to the man so beautiful his mirror image fell in love with him.

“I once got out of a speeding ticket because the cop thought I was hot.” he says conversationally and flips the page to show you the incident in question, recorded from the passenger seat of a car. He taps the photograph and it plays a short video, showing a cop in an unfamiliar uniform flustered at Gabriel’s shameless flirting.

“Italy?” you ask.

“Spain. With the ingrate. He filmed.” he says.

You move on, dusting off old memories instead of the vases that really need it more. Once you’ve gone through his Life in Pictures, it’s his turn to tease you for every life choice you ever made that got immortalised on film. Eventually though a theme starts to emerge.

“Alright, I have to ask. What’s with the long sleeves?”

He points at a picture taken just a few years before you met him on a carnival parade in Rio. You’re the only one with sleeves reaching past your shoulders and the difference is all the more stark with the scantily clad dancers in front. You shrug, try to flip to the next page but once something got his interest there’s little to stop him.

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of closets and meddlers

Kaider College AU. This fandom needs more fics.

Rating: T
Genre: Romance
Characters: [Kai and Cinder], Scarlet, Iko
Words: 5,953

In which Cinder and Kai are both really bad at feelings and Scarlet is more than a little frustrated by it. College AU / kaider


Cinder swirled her drink and studied the movement of the ice cubes as they bobbed in the clear liquid. Despite Thorne’s best efforts, she had warded off the alcohol that her friends were consuming and stuck to water. They needed someone to drive them home after all. Besides, liquor was bitter and had too strong of an aftertaste for her. She left the heavy drinking to Iko and Thorne.

She downed the rest of her water in one gulp and placed the glass back down on the counter with enough force to draw the eyes of several people around her. Cinder felt a blush crawl up the back of her neck and she withdrew her hands into her lap. She flexed her left hand, testing its grip, and sighed. The metal wasn’t creaking, but it didn’t feel as calibrated as it probably should. She would have to tweak it the next time she got into the shop.

“Cinder!” Iko called, stumbled over. Cinder’s best friend tripped into the chair next to her and giggled uncontrollably. Iko had definitely had a few too many drinks, and though her giggling was nothing new, it was more pronounced drunk. “Thorne’s hitting on another pretty girl!”

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New Year’s Eve (Yuri x Otabek)

Type: One shot

Genre: Fluff and Romance

Word count: 2,667

Pairing: Yurabek also known as Otayuri (Yuri/Otabek)

Summary: Every New Year’s party Yuuri and Viktor hold Yuri and Otabek attend and for the last two years Yuri has been trying to get his midnight kiss with Otabek, he’s failed for two years but he won’t give up that easily.

Warnings: None.

A/N:  Prompt me if you have any, I hope you enjoy this one shot and thanks to the person who sent me this prompt :3 I edited this in like 10 minutes so sorry if it sucks major ass 


The first New Year’s Party

 11:00 p.m.

Yuri sat in the corner of the crowded living room of Viktor’s flashy roof top apartment, people were sitting and standing talking excitedly to each other as the time moved closer to midnight, Yuri sighed to himself as he looked around the room everyone seemed happy for the year to be over all except Yuri Plisetsky, he always hated the start of a new year with everyone making plans to be a better them with all their resolutions that they end up failing within the first week of the new year, Yuri thought it was pathetic and stupid and he wanted to stay in the year that he finally one Gold, his angry thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of someone sitting next to him, as he looked to see who it was he saw Otabek’s handsome face

“What are you moping about over here?” He asked with a smirk

Yuri crosses his arms over his small chest “I am not moping” he replies stubbornly

“Sure” Otabek says taking a sip of the beer in his hand “Got any resolutions?”


“Not one?”

“No” Yuri looks over at Otabek ‘He looks really handsome tonight’ Yuri thinks to himself as he looks Otabek up and down, he had on a fitting black shirt with the first three buttons undone he also had on nicely fitting dark blue jeans, he looked up to see Otabek watching him which caused his pale cheeks to heat up a bright red

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Fill Me and Feel Better

((Based on a really really pretty photo by @sinfulsabertooth found here: http://sinfulsabertooth.tumblr.com/post/159543884410/more-nightangel-i-stick-by-my-headcanon-that

Warren is having a rather bad, grumpy day, so his precious Kurt cheers him up again with a bit of love.
(Rated R)


Warren looked up to the clock in Hank’s classroom as he sat slumped and exhausted in his seat; bouncing his foot and resting his cheek heavily in his palm as he leaned his elbow over on the desk. He inwardly groaned at seeing five full minutes of class remaining, and let a long sigh from his nose as he turned his eyes back to the board. He wasn’t sure why, but today had him tense and oddly tired, ready to snap more easily than usual and getting annoyed with the slightest things. He assumed it had something to do with his lack of sleep in the past week, but still couldn’t bring himself to seek help as to why he remained wide awake night after night, no matter how exhausted his brain was or how much he fucked and cuddled and held Kurt close in bed.
Finally, after what felt like an endless hour later of Warren’s brain spinning and clawing at itself, they were all dismissed for the day and able to go out as they pleased; done with class until tomorrow.

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