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Sam, I learned tonight that Warren Buffet plays the ukulele, and I felt like you were the kind of person that should know that, if you didn't already. Also, thank you for sharing about how net worth is valuated - that was surprisingly relevant to my current work life and gave me something to talk about with my finance department :D.


Look at this oldmanchild playing his ukulele with the coke-bottle sound hole. 


He lives on coca-cola, Utz potato sticks, and ice cream, because he looked at the actuarial tables and found that six-year-olds have the lowest mortality rate. Also his son Howard is a farmer. Just a straight-up gentleman farmer. Warren’s like “Well yes I hope Howard will take over as chair of Berkshire Hathaway when I die but let’s be clear he’ll be a figurehead because he’s a farmer, not a financial genius, so he’ll be like, the moral compass of the company.” 

This is why I, myself, am the Warren Buffett fandom, a fandom of one. (Unless you count a lot of gross investment advisors which I don’t because they’re not really in the Warren Buffett fandom, they’re in the money fandom, he’s just a BNF in the money fandom.) 

goSH one of my favorite indie artists perfume genius just released a music video for his song on his new album and i just. it’s so beautiful??? it Literally left me spechless/breathless and the song is beautiful too like i love how it starts off slow and then picks up and!! it fills me with this strange sense of hope and happiness?? i just love him and his music so much i’m so excited for his new album

  • Me: *takes a deep breath* I lo-
  • Anyone who's been around me for at least 5 seconds: You love Erwin Smith, we know. You Love Erwin Smith so much, we know. You just love Erwin Smith, he's the light of your eyes, we know. You love Erwin Smith as a proud mother, you are proud of him he is a genius and a wonderful commander, you are so proud of your Cinnamon roll, you are so proud and you love him so much. We fucking know. YOU LOVE 13th COMMANDER OF THE SURVEY CORPS ERWIN SMITH. WE KNOW.

Prayer circle and a therapist for Yoonbum please.


You know why.

No, I don’t know why.

  • Namjoon: *trips over and unplugs TV*
  • BTS: OH NOOOOO!! you broke it!!!!!
  • Yoongi: *plugs in the TV while the rest aren't watching* I fixed it!!
  • ~
  • Later at an interview
  • BTS: yeah Suga fixes everything, he's a genius!

j-hope’s rap is so well-written from a native korean speaker’s point of view i mean the verses are put together really nicely – he uses rhymes that are fun(ny) and quirky yet easy and original?? and they are not heavy in a sense that it’s got more chic imagery and wordplay rather than traditional poetic elements idk i aint a rap expert but i just really like his rap & word choice with korean

But like...

Can we just take a minute to talk about how amazing Nico actually is?
- He was the only one to notice and be friendly to Hestia on The Last Olympian
- He’s so goddamn polite. Everyone always characterizes him as like not giving two fucks, but he was raised a fucking gentleman and he canonically is.
- Tbh, he probably pulls out the chair for Will when they go out for dinner.
- He’s a fucking genius. He survived Tartarus alone. Like, he /knew/ to drink from the Plegethon (spelling?) river to be able to breathe. How?
- He survived on his own for about 3 years.
- He’s so sweet to Hazel.
- he’s so sweet in general. Like, the whole thing with Bob and such.
- He’s so goddamn brave. He went through Tartarus alone and he keeps fighting
- He’s a small cinnamon roll that must be protected at all costs.