hes face is beautiful i go gay for him

Who Should You Fight: Ezra Miller Edition

Kevin: do it. fight the little fucker. he’s a scrawny, megalomaniacal dickface, it’ll be easy. punch him right in the face, his family will thank you. (just make sure he can’t get his hands on a bow and some arrows because your chances of winning decrease dramatically in that event) 10/10

Elliot: 100% go for it. destroy this whiny mofo. u could blow on him and knock him over, he doesn’t stand a chance. 8/10

Patrick: I mean, you could fight Patrick. you’d probably win, too. but why would you he’s beautiful and gay and very sad. also Charlie will probably beat your ass. 0/10 would not recommend.

Daniel: this hippie probably weighs 15 whole pounds soaking wet, and he has sideburns. yeah, you could fight him, but consider this- hasn’t he suffered enough? 2/10 just leave him alone with his tears.

Leon Dupuis: sure, he’s distractingly pretty, but his name is Leon. 9/10 fight him.

Credence Barebone: there are 2 reasons why fighting this tiny child will be the worst mistake of ur life. reason #1 he’ll cry probably, and then you’ll feel like a monster, and reason #2 he can literally destroy you. -1000/10 do not fight this precious boy.

Barry Allen: 10/10 FIGHT THIS NERD!!!! you won’t win, he’s very fast, but fight him anyway.

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Okay but have you considered - deaged!Geno. 19 yr old Geno who is still in Russia bc of the whole pressuring mess suddenly in Pittsburgh? And finding out he gets to COME THERE? And STAY? For like. More than a DECADE? And marry SIDNEY CROSBY WITH TBE BEAUTIFUL HOCKEY? And be GAY? And it's all OKAY? And his TEAMMATES are OKAY with EVERYTHING? Help.

After Geno gets over the shock you just know he tries to flirt with Sidney with stuff like “Grown up me so lucky. Get nice view all the time” when Sidney’s cooking and his backside is facing him, or him straight up going like “Sidney, can I have kiss? Preview. From most pretty and smart husband.”


so i’ve just finished rewatching the episode after sleeping for like maybe 3 hours
i still have very mixed feelings about this episode because it was full of amazing moments that i loved a lot, it was also horrible in very moments and i am still bitter about this but i tried to limit my complaining at this point… i’ve been ranting for like 3 or 4 hours on tumblr with people and i’m just so tired about this

- alec complaining about the name of the sushi was so adorable
i love matt and harry for including this little interaction between alec and magnus. malec is so domestic

- magnus looked so surprised when alec bought him a present. it actually broke my heart. i’ve been suspecting nobody really cared enough to buy him anything for too long. magnus deserves everything that is good in this world and i am so happy that he found alec who is making effort and fighting for their relationship

- ‘you continue to surprise me’ is such a lovely parallel to the scene from 01x12. magnus is genuinly surprised that someone is doing so much just for him (oh is that my heart in pieces again)

- magnus casually name dropping casanova gave me life. alec’s reaction was adorable ‘seriously magnus… i’m trying here don’t be like this let me live’ haha

- malec’s makeout session on the balcony was just so casual and so soft and i am in love with this (and i am not gonna complain again about the fact that they cut out SO MUCH from this scene ugh)
and when alec gets a message, magnus is touching his lips… again. it’s like he can still taste alec’s lips on his own. it’s like he just wants to remind himself that yes, it is actually happening
and when alec is leaving, magnus looks so smitten? he’s already falling so hard for alec. it’s beautiful

- magnus and maia interacting together were the highlight of this episode. i didn’t know much i wanted to see them together. they were absolutely perfect
magnus telling her that he got a gift and that yes, it was from someone special
this scene was just so pure

  - magnus was such a badass when he was throwing out that rufus guy. we finally got a chance to see him actually being a high warlock of brooklyn and it was amazing

- i loved magnus speaking spanish to izzy

- magnus was trying to save isabelle, to help her and warn her. and she just used him like that… this is so not izzy?

- the scene where alec is talking about sex with izzy was one of the best scenes. she was so excited for him. and i love that alec finally felt sure enough to discuss his personal life with someone

- also… a fake girlfriend only proves how gay alec actually is. i love my gay son

- alec is so thirsty af, just going for it, grabbing magnus’ face to kiss him. he’s finally going for what he’s always wanted and it was beautiful

- magnus feeling so vulnerable and trying to stop alec
magnus’ feelings are important and he should’ve got a chance to talk about them. to say that he was okay with this because he was really worried about this
alec means so much to him and he’s scared to rush things, losing alec would be too heart-breaking for him
and i absolutely hate that he didn’t get a chance to say 'yes’ out loud. if alec being ready made him change his mind, it’d be absolutely okay. but they didn’t allow him to say this. kissing back doesn’t always means 'yes’. i’m still very bitter about this
and alec would never do anything against magnus’ will. their relationship is based on trust and communication. they deserved better than this

- and yes, i am still very bitter that they showed us literally nothing
magnus and alec decided to take a very important step in their relationship and it should’ve been shown with respect
but no, showing two men together is just too gay, isn’t it
because clearly they don’t have problems with showing up scenes before or after sex (like jace’s random hook-up or izzy with meliorn in s1)

- jace seriously needs to stop cockblocking alec, this is getting ridiculous

- the amount of unnecessary heterostraight drama in this episode was just… wow
why did we need that makeout session with some random girl that lasted for SO LONG when the only canon couple was barely shown? what was the point again?
yes, we needed to see the scene where alec is talking to jace (and the girl could be leaving at that moment) but everything else was literally taking screentime and adding more heterostraight bullshit that we have enough of
yes, we totally we needed to see her boobs more than an actual couple that decided to take a very important step in their relationship

- please don’t make jace this cocky dude again… cause i literally couldn’t care less about that version of jace in s1. he’s so much better than this

- jace loves clary so much… as soon as he thinks she’s in trouble, he leaves everything. caring jace is why i liked him later, this is the real jace. not that cocky idiot who pretends he doesn’t care about anything

- also, jimon was on a date. yes, fight me on this bye

- simon trying to show jace how he flirts… simon is the most precious bean and he needs to be protected

- simon is such a good guy. he’s always ready to give up on his plans for clary. but it’s good that he was trying to finally move on, even if that didn’t exactly work out

- simon and maia were so cute and adorable. i really love their interactions together
when she helped him clean the blood, this was such a lovely moment between them

- ‘i spit in one’ the sass master. her whole interaction with jace was just the best. she doesn’t let him feel superior to her. good.

- maia is the smartest woman ever and i love her with all my heart. i’m glad she let simon know that he was acting like an idiot and that she didn’t deserve to be treated like this
but she handled the situation with him in such a great way. she wasn’t angry, she always knew anyway. maia is an amazing friend and she gives the best advice to people who actually deserve any of her time

- i’m so worried about izzy. her scenes are breaking my heart, she doesn’t deserve this plot line. it’s just so hard to look at her shaking because she didn’t have yin fen for a while

- and the way she got angry with clary… sure, maybe clary should’ve told her. but this is all because of yin fen. izzy would never act like this before

- and going through victor’s office just to find more of it… this is really bad

- izzy trying to score… seriously, this plot line… izzy deserves better. i’m gonna keep repeating it until someone finally realises this and stops doing this to her

- and while i’m at it…
when he listed all the names he was called by his own sister… and then she just came to him, trying to betray him yet again? i can’t even imagine how he must’ve felt

- when valentine called luke parabatai… i was actually in tears. the pain on luke’s face… he really loved valentine in the past, considered him his brother and valentine betrayed him in the most horrible way. and now he’s using that word just to hurt him more… i hate valentine so much

- valentines pretends he wants to 'help the world to be safe again’. but really… it’s all about power for him, nothing else

- clary’s reaction to simon’s abs… yep, i feel ya girl same
although it kinda sucks that she finally saw him as a guy and not her best friend only after this… oh well

- i like that clary and alec are slooowly becoming friends, they could work really great as buddies

- i was actually very impressed that clary didn’t let cleophas manipulate her. and luke was also so impressed. he is such a proud father and i love him

- i can’t believe clary tased luke just to get her way… this is seriously clary from s1 and i wasn’t a big fan of that clary
yeah, it might’ve all worked out but she shouldn’t always do what she wants just because she thinks it’s right

- but i did love badass clary on the roof. she is really becoming a great shadowhunter and in that moment, i was very proud of her

- the plot with an angel was VERY intersting. i was waiting for it to happen. it broke my heart when valentine kept him captive
but him helping clary and actually stopping the whole thing was played out really great

- the way he communicated with clary and he just knew clary would do everything to help him. that’s why he showed her that vision. even if neither she nor jace understood it yet

- seeing and hearing the angel cry for help… this was so sad and moving. a real angel, treated so horribly by a person who was supposed to love him. valentine is such an evil person

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If you're still taking number prompts - kaishin #28 please?

Knocking on the Wrong Door AU

“Aoko,” Kaito whined, leaning on the door as he knocked. And knocked. And knocked. “Aoko, I’m sorry,” he called, “please let me in! I promise I won’t call your girlfriend a witch anymore!”

The door opened suddenly, sending Kaito sprawling. When he looked up, it was to see endlessly long legs in well-fitted black slacks. The man was shirtless with a flat stomach. He has a towel around his neck, and his hair was dripping.

Kaito swallowed.

“You’re not Aoko.”

He raised a perfect eyebrow, imperious and devastating. “Well spotted,” he drawled. “Nakamori is my neighbor.”

Kaito nodded. “That makes sense. I’m sorry for disturbing you.” He felt a little dizzy. He hoped he was speaking clearly.

“It’s fine.” He frowned. “Do you need help getting up?”

“No,” Kaito said brightly, “I just got distracted by how pretty you are. I’m fine!”

The second eyebrow joined the first. Kaito was a beat behind in realizing what he’d just said. His face flamed.

“Shit, I’m gay,” he cursed. He pressed his hands over his face. “That’s not helping, God damn it,” Kaito whined.

Aoko’s beautiful neighbor laughed. It was horrible–Kaito only liked him more.

“You’re cute.” When Kaito peeked up at him, he was smiling, a hand on his cocked hip. “My name’s Shinichi. Next time Nakamori has a dinner party, tell her to let me know. I can bring a salad.”


“How else am I going to get to know her cute friend?”

Kaito shot to his feet. “I’ll make her host one as soon as you’re free. What day works best for you?”

Shinichi smiled, fond and easy. “Saturday.”

“I’ll see you Saturday then.” Kaito beamed. Had he actually introduced himself? “Oh, shit my name’s–”

“Kuroba Kaito,” Shinichi said. “I’ve been to one of your shows. Plus Hakuba complains about you a lot.” He looked amused, and not at all like Hakuba had said enough to make him want to change his mind.

“I’ll–Saturday–see you,” Kaito stuttered.

“See you,” Shinichi said, waving. Kaito walked down the hallway. When the door closed, he hit his head against Aoko’s door. His face was hot, but he couldn’t stop grinning.

°☆。 ❛ — prompt list #01: 2 broke girls inspired
  1. “Hey, when you get a second, stop looking at my boobs.”
  2. “You’re an A. He kinda seems like a B.”
  3. “I thought you’d be at home feeling bad for yourself, not feeling your bad self.”
  4. “Hello, reason I do two hour phone therapy sessions every Wednesday.”
  5. “Don’t look at me like that, everyone masturbates.”
  6. “And text me next time. This whole talking thing is insane!”
  7. “I know your idea of fine dining is a ham and cheese hot pocket.”
  8. “You don’t have to be embarrassed in front of me, I’ve seen worse.”
  9. “Don’t get attached.”
  10. “When you went through that toilet looking for my earring, I knew I found my soulmate.”
  11. “Sorry, I wasn’t listening. I was staring at my new boyfriend over there.”
  12. “I’ll ride you home on my bicycle like a real man.”
  13. “You look so beautiful, I forgot how bad your personality is.”
  14. “It finally happened. Someone doesn’t want to have sex with me.”
  15. “Dude, don’t make me hit you.”
  16. “Just so you know, I’m not a hooker.”
  17. “And I should have told you four years ago, but I thought we wouldn’t last a month. But then we did. And then another month. And I’m still not sure how this happened, we became best friends.”
  18. “I really liked him. I did what you said and I let him get to know me. I’m never doing that again.”
  19. “I’m not wearing a bra and I think my thong is on backwards.”
  20. “Maybe this is the universe’s way of telling you to stop doing drugs.”
  21. “Cheat on me once, shame on you. Cheat on me twice, your balls are in a jar.”
  22. “Damn, girl, you look good. What you doing later? Can I get your number?”
  23. “Oh, shoot, now I’m gay.”
  24. “I will do anything for that girl.”
  25. “I’m sorry, have we met?”
  26. “I’m not good with faces I never want to see again.”
  27. “Sorry about the entire experience.”
  28. “You’re so beautiful. I don’t tell you that enough.”
  29. “Yo, did you just ask me to marry you?”
  30. “You can’t seriously be into him.”
  31. “He looks like someone in a boy band.”
  32. “He’s going in one direction, down there.”
  33. “What you need is a good nine inches.”
  34. “I was masturbating.”
  35. “I don’t have sex in beds, that’s where I eat.”
  36. “My pants kept saying ‘take me off,’ and I was like 'no, pants!’”
  37. “Well, I’m pretty classy, so…anal?”
  38. “I’m not ready to live without you.”
  39. “I need a break.”
  40. “Not seeing you 24 hours, 7 days a week would kill me!”
  41. “You know I don’t hold hands.”
  42. “You are the one person I care most about.”
  43. “So you’re not sick of me?”
  44. “That’s the first time you’ve said I love you.”
  45. “You’re the only person in the entire world I am not sick of.”
  46. “Your knowledge of these superhero movies is kinda turning me on right now.”
  47. “Are you about to come over here and touch me?”
  48. “You’re very cute when you’re worried.”
  49. “I can’t have another idiot up my ass right now. It’s at capacity.”
  50. ( anon’s choice of any line from the show )

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I ship Lee and Sakura so much!I honestly always wanted them to be together since i was a kid and i have a headcannon that Lee gets sakura flowers but not from the shop, he picks them himself and only the perfect ones worthy for sakura from gardens, woods and anywhere and turns it into a competition with guy and neji has to find the cutest flowers for ten ten too

I love this one because it’s so in character for him. He wakes up in the early morning with this fiery determination because ‘Sakura-chan deserves the most beautiful flowers!’ Of course, Gai would join him and he somehow ropes Neji into doing it. 

‘Do you not believe Tenten deserves the best flowers?!’

‘Yes she does, but I’m not–”


Lee may or may not go to Ino to arrange them or even teach him how to do it because he loves Sakura so much. Waking her up with a bouquet of flowers just to see her smile. That’s one of the best things in the world to him!! ♥  

tbh i often see ppl be like “blue is a lesbian!” bc they don’t like gansey or they don’t like bl*esey or they don’t like stief’s choices for any number of reasons, which is fine obviously to each their own, but then they never talk about it again lol. or about blue again. so….. let’s actually talk about lesbian!blue.

what pronouns did people use when they talked about the curse? did random psychics just get the idea of “doomed love” from her aura or w/e and assume it would be with a boy, because of heteronormativity? or if blue knew it was going to be a girl, what about the (sad af) connotations of knowing you’re doomed to a tragic love story as a woman who loves women, not only because of a magic curse but because that’s what society has always told you? how might being a lesbian have played into her Differentness in school, how might it have related to her not having friends? what about her deliberate fashion choices, and how blue wants to appear on the outside as she is on the inside? does she wear shirts that say “nobody knows i’m a lesbian” and get in trouble with her shitty small town school administration? (do maura, calla, jimi and persephone all sleep outside the superintendent’s office for a week until they let her wear it? obviously. obviously they do)

lets talk about lesbian blue as more than just a concept. also if blue is a lesbian you can’t include her in “everyone has a crush on adam” lol just puttin that out there. if blue is a lesbian then blue/adam was like a last ditch effort at heterosexuality and ultimately makes her feel really shitty but also helps her realize she doesnt want to date any boy ever, not just adam. so it’s not very Cute and is actually p sad and possibly traumatic for her but she’s thankful when she realizes she can still be friends with adam in spite of what went down between them (and maybe adam talks to her about being Not Straight when that’s something that becomes more pressing to him)

does blue Sense™ that ronan is gay? or vice versa tbh?? how does their friendship unfold when they have this thing in common? how long does it take for them to become hateful gay besties? how would it be different if ronan realized that he didnt have to be jealous of her ~relationship with adam early on? i’m picturing blue lying face down on the floor going ”but ronan….. girls” and ronan going “can’t relate” and it’s beautiful tbh

also i have a giant soft spot for girl!gansey and giril!blue/gansey and could talk about that all day. but if gansey is still a boy in this au then i think he and blue could have a sweet friendship where gansey admires her bravery and genuineness and also tries to set her up with every bougie oil industry heiress he knows and blue steps on his foot every time he says something offensive and he thanks her for it

ohhhh my god i got like half an hour before i gotta start gettin ready for school but like i cant stop thinking about kakashi and gai in this headcanon that got posted yesterday like just imagine like kakashi taking off the mask when just the two of them are together and gai gets the hugest stupid grin on his face and wont stop looking at him and the first couple times this happens kakashi gets really nervous and uncomfortable but then when he asks gai about it he gets a really cheesy but honest response like “i forgot how beautiful you are” which makes kakashi all flustered (but he really loves it) and then gai becomes the only one whos allowed to look at him like that. imagine gai obsessively tracing kakashis face w his fingers so that he can at least remember how he feels, if he cant ever remember how he looks. imagine kakashi going off for a long mission and gai loses all memory of how kakashi looks so when he sees him without the mask afterwards he gets incredibly sad because he cant even remember the face of the person he loves the most, and imagine kakashi pulling gai in for a hug and reassuring gai that its all okay and that he isnt broken and that he loves gai just the way he is, faceblindness and all

In almost every lifetime

Summary: “…weddings are always madness. Impossibly foolish. Whatever, whomever, whenever. You’d have to be delirious. Not that what I think matters. You two are going to do it anyway.”

There are a hundred ways Kurt and Blaine could have come to this. Here are seven.

Notes: Thanks and <3<3<3 to chiasmuslovesme, wowbright and judearaya.

5700 words, post-ep to 6.08: A Wedding.

Barely any of these are canonical but they all could be.


Blaine runs the pad of his thumb across his wedding band. It’s a tiny reminder of a forever that’s vast in his heart. This feels right. Some day it’ll also feel familiar.

His husband lies beside him in the half-light. He’s asleep, soft-faced and as beautiful as he’s ever been. Blaine watches Kurt breathe, slowly in, slowly out, slowly in. Here in their bed, Blaine doesn’t need to touch him, doesn’t need to wake him, he doesn’t need to see him smile. All the questions Blaine has ever asked are answered here.  



Their loft apartment is in Manhattan now. Kurt sits between exposed brick walls and artwork they chose together and squints at the income tax forms on his laptop screen. He runs a hand through his hair. He’ll have to redo it before the dinner later.

“This would be so much easier if we were married,” he says, “Not to mention cheaper.“ He glares at the screen for another minute before spinning about in the desk chair to face Blaine.

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Once Upon a Time (ReaderxDean)

Request: Can you do one where Gabriel puts reader reader and dean in the movie sleeping beauty because he knows they like each other and instead of aurora and Phillip it’s dean and reader and like the part where she falls into a deep sleep and needs her true love to kiss her can her true love be dean? Sorry if it’s to specific!

Warning(s): fluff!

Words: 1837

Note: I don’t know how I feel about my writing in this one, but I love this request! This is  in Dean’s POV, and I wanted to add Charlie and Sam into this for some more detail. Requests are open! :) Oh and you should all check out Lana Del Rey’s take on Once upon a Dream because she is a goddess.

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jerejean + eurovision ? i wanna see bitter jean because "bordel pourquoi il chante en anglais ce tarba." dunno why i picture jean speaking verlan, it would be soooo confusing for sweet jeremy ahahah. and yeah i think he swears a lot, especially in french

ok so i know i have like a thousand prompts but this is gold bc i can #relate and it must come to life. yes its late but i was drinking wine and eating baguette

  • so its MAY again and we all know what it means
  • they’re at their place and its the first time they’re gonna watch eurovision together
  • jeremy does not understand the fuss but seeing jean excitedly talk about it for like .1 seconds was enough to convince him
  • jean gets so much food ready and coffee and he is so excited
  • jeremy thinks the songs kinda suck???? but he doesn’t dare say anything when he sees the grin on jean’s have and the way he’s literally drinking the tv oh my god why is his boyfriend so extra
  • i mean was the “TELLEMENT GAY” when israel came on really necessary ? jean seems to think so
  • jean doesnt even seem to care about the few ones that have really good/classy songs and sing well or look half normal like what
  • when vlad the polish vampire comes on jean screams “NOW WE TALKIN” and he claps at the end and jeremy doesnt get why but okay ????
  • for some reason germany is SO AWFUL but jean is grinning and muttering in french and he legit seems to love it so much but he’s talking so fast jeremy cant understand a word he’s saying
  • what is this clusterfuck
  • everything is explained when australia comes on and jean gets so. freaking. mad. like he legit starts ranting in french about “putin d’enculés rentrez chez vous!!!!” and jeremy asks him whats going on bc even if he got better at french he still cant understand all the insults
  • “are you SERIOUSLY asking me whY im getting mAD when fucking AUSTRALIA has the NERVE to send SINGERS to a competition that is neither about MUSIC nor THEM??????????? what if they win this will be dramatic jer you don’t UNDERSTAND. they have nO RIGHT to come in OUR HOUSE, drive all the gays and glitter away and tHEN take the THRONE like they’re the ones to make the freaking RULES i wont stand for this” and he leaves to go get more coffee i mean seriously
  • but this isnt even the worst.
  • amir
  • amir comes on and okay jean has the tiniest little crush on him, bite me
  • but he is so outraged that he sings the chorus in english like are you freaking serious
  • yes okay france always gets last because we insist on singing in our beautiful language. so what. get out of my face we don’t need to be corrupted by the evil English Speakers just to gain a few ranks we’ll always be there anyways
  • “pd” “tarba” “nique ta mère” and jeremy is pretty sure 1) he’s never heard those 2) his ears would need bleaching if he’d understood them
  • jean finally calms down three songs later
  • jeremy makes the mistake of saying he thinks russia might win cuz it was his personal favourite song
  • jean. laughs.
  • “you’re so cute you think this is about music” 
  • did no one hear russia????? like it was really good what the fuck why dont they have a better rank
  • “don’t question it,” says jean while staring at the screen like a madman while the points are being distributed
  • he is so happy france is 6th you have no idea this has NEVER happened, and if you think jean will ever admit its because some of it was sung in english you are Wrong
    • he whistles it for days while Not Dancing around the house
  • jeremy is mad at himself for days because he didnt take any videos
Oneshot - The Most Beautiful Thing (Phan)

I remember when we first met…

“A guy?” I exclaimed.

“Phil is really sweet and I can so see you guys together.” Louise said in a calming voice.

“Be that as it may. I get so nervous around guys. I’ve never even dated guy.”

“You said it yourself, “I see myself so much happier with a guy” I was just making that happen. Everyone we know knows you’re bi, you know he’s gay so there no awkward game of ‘guess the sexuality’, I’ll be there and we’re all just gonna hang out.”

“Okay, okay I’ll give him a chance. Just one question… Is he, ya know.. a top?”

Louise laughed, “Yes, he’s a top. But there,s one more thing you should probably know about him.”


“He’s blind.”


“Don’t be like that, you wouldn’t even know it by looking at him, hes smart, attractive, funny, a great conversationalist, I could go on and on about him. Just give him a shot, for me?”

“Okay I’ll do it.” I said excited and nervous at the same time. Can I ask him about his blindness? What would his interests even be? What are we even gonna do?

The weekend came and I felt like I was going to die. I freaking out. I quadruple checked my hair, my clothes, everything. I stood in front of my mirror and repeated to myself, “Its gonna be okay. You got this.” until i heard a knock on the door

“Fuck.” I mumbled walking to the door.

“Coming!” I yelled, slipping on my shoes. I walked out the door and down the stairs of my flat building and into Louise’s car.

“Phil, this is Dan.” Louise said with pride.

“Hello.” I said trying to make my voice sound deeper than it actually was.

“Hi Dan.” He said with a smile. He had jet black hair and just the most adorable, he hasn’t even stopped smiling since I got in the car. His eyes looked like storm clouds, it was extremely fascinating. I wonder what he sees? Is it just total darkness. I really don’t want to ask though

“So where are we off to, Louise?” I questioned.

“We’re having lunch at the park then maybe back to my house just to hang out.”

“Oh cool.” I said, panicking, trying to find something, anything, to say.

“Louise said you like Malteasers so I got you a bag.” Phil said, blushing.

“Oh thank you, I didn’t get you anything.” I said awkwardly.

“No Louise mentioned that on the way here and i picked up some at the gas station when we stopped. It’s nothing.” Phil responded with that to-die-for smile of his.

“Do you want some?” I offered?

“Sure.” He said as I opened the bag

Attempting to be cute I giggled and said, “Open up.”

He blushed and opened his mouth and I placed a Malteaser on his tongue.

“Part of me was expecting this to be some sort pf trick and you to put your dick in my mouth.” Phil laughed.

“Oh my God, Phil.” Louise exclaimed in laughter.

“Well you ruined my plans for tonight..” I said sarcastically. Phil laughed.

We later arrived at the park and ate our lunch at one of the picnic tables and me and Phil got to know each other a little better. We actually had so much in common. We liked the same music (Including paramore, but only ironically), similar senses of humor, and making fun of the shitty “science” jokes on Big Bang Theory. We went back to Louise’s house where he said “I really like you and I don’t know if you’re just being nice but I thought I’d put that out there.” and blushed really hard and not knowing what to say, I just kissed him. He smiled really big and from then on we’d been inseparable.


Three Years Later…

“Phil?” I called out softly, “Are you awake?” Phil and I had moved in together a year ago after his parents knew they could trust me. It was a little awkward, I felt like I was adopting my boyfriend… But I’m glad I did and now I get to spend every waking moment with him. 

“In here!” He responded cheerily as I entered the living room. My heart still flutters every time i see him. I cant help but smile at the sight of him. I wish he could see the way I look at him and I love the way he smiles back at me without even knowing I’m smiling. I often think to myself how he doesn’t know what his amazing smile looks like and he probably never will and that truly breakfast my heart.

“Want some cereal?” I questioned before planting a kiss on his forehead. He just nodded in response with smile, he’s always smiling and always so happy, that’s what I love most about him.

as i left his side to pour us some cereal the phone rand and i saw an unfamiliar number appear on the screen. 

“Who is it?” Phil questioned. I shrugged and answered the phone.

“Hello?” I said cheerily.

“Yes this is Linda. i work at The ThedaCare Medical Center, is this Philip Lester?” The woman said in a professional but friendly tone. A few moths ago I stumbled across an experimental surgery that was successful in the states but very few doctors were willing to do it. I told Phil about it because I know how bad he wishes he could see. Of course I love him regardless and he said we should look into it more, so I did and I’ve called a few medical centers and this must be one getting back to us.

“No this is his uhm… Caregiver…” I trailed off.

“Oh right, Daniel. Well I have great news.” My heart jumped i knew what this was and i instantly put it on speaker so Phil could hear what Linda said. “I’m happy to tell you that Dr. Sullivan agreed to do the surgery. You are scheduled for the first Monday of next month.”

“this is amazing, thank you so much” I said with excitement.

“No problem, see you soon.” She said before hanging up and as soon as she did I noticed Phil’s bright smile again. and ran towards him giving him the biggest hug.

“I cant wait to finally see what you look like” Phil Whispered in my ear.


A few weeks later I drove to the hospital my heart pounding out of my chest. hat if something goes wrong? What if it doesn’t work and all of this is for nothing? I emptied my mind and focused on driving.

“Are You nervous?” I asked

“A little.” He responded sheepishly. i put my hand in his shoulder reassuring him that he was safe.


I sat in the waiting room, knowing that Phil would be coming out any minute. what if he doesn’t like the way I look? It just hit me that we’ve known each other for three years and he’s never seen me. Not that I think looks matter but what if he does? My mind clouded with thoughts and then I saw him.

“Phil!” I called out. He looked at me in shock and very confused.

“Dan?” He questioned. I just nodded too excited to speak.

“Oh my God…” He said staring into my eyes, “You’re the most beautiful thing I have ever seen…”

I blushed as I pulled him in for a hug. “We should get going, your family is waiting.”

Phil’s face lit up. I kissed him on the cheek and led him out of the hospital.

A Moment of Pride:

My LadyLove and I went out for dinner tonight, and the waiter, a graying man named Lou, asked us, “Are you a couple?” We said yes. His face lit up. “Are you going to the Pride parade or anything tomorrow? I’ve been with my partner for eighteen years, and we love going.”

I told him that we would love to go, but that we aren’t able to be fully out to the entire world just yet. We said we are planning to go NEXT year, though.

After dinner was finished, Lou brought us this beautiful dessert, with a lit candle on top.

“Happy Pride, ladies,” he said. “This is on me. Since you can’t go to Pride tomorrow, you can have Pride here tonight.”

Aoki [Total Dorks]

So this is what happens when I stay up late on skype chatting with this person Read at your own risk I wrote stupidity after stupidity ahahah Aokise total dorks plus Kiseki

“Kurokocchi! the truth is that I am in love with Aominecchi ssu.”

Kise’s voice resounded in Aomine’s ears like a mantra. There was no way Aomine would not recognize the idiot’s voice. For a reason or another Aomine found himself eavesdropping Kuroko’s and Kise’s conversation.

It was not like he wanted to, he just happened to pass by his locker room and saw his two teammates together. He was about to greet them, but stopped in his tracks when Kise uttered those words.

“I really love Aominecchi”

Kise repeated again, ignoring that a totally embarrassed and flabbergasted Aomine was listening to his confession, unseen. Taken aback, Aomine ran away as fast as he could, confusion gripping at him. How was it even possible that Kise felt this way towards him? He never had thought of it and now he was scared and confused.  

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