hes extremely adorable


“The F*** you starin’ at, PUNK?!

Happy Birthday to my favorite petit Mafioso, Chuuya~ (*≧∇≦)ノ<※*・:*:`♪ I don’t drink but I’m knocking back a glass of grape juice for you, buddy~ 🍷

Did you know? The real Nakahara Chuuya was born in 1907 so this would have been his 110th birthday! 🎩💖📖

do you know who the real MVP is? kinoshita hisashi, that’s who. #7 for karasuno. the kid with light brown spiky hair and cat eyes. do you know what he does? he encourages narita and ennoshita during the rare instances they do get to play. he wholeheartedly vouches for ennoshita as next year’s captain. he cheers karasuno on in every single game. he performs all the penalties, all the flying receives and sprints up grassy hills, all the drills and all the practices. and yet, he’s always just watching from the sidelines. he has literally never played in an official match since we have come to know him. he gives his everything to karasuno and his team despite never having played. not even once. 

please love kinoshita hisashi.

Reaction to their badass s/o doing aegyo

Request: Hi! Can I request a bts reaction where the members discover that their s/o looks like a badass but is really cute doing aegyo?💖 Sorry for my bad grammar 😅


Jin would not be expecting you to do aegyo at all, so when you did it he found it extremely adorable.

“Jagiya that was so cute!!” (Pretend you’re namjoon lol)

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When you did aegyo for the first time, he actually jumped out of his seat out of excitement.


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You and yoongi were practically the same person: you wore all black, kinda moody, and basically, you were both badasses. So when you did aegyo, he acted shocked, but secretly loved it.

“Ah, jagiya that was so cute”

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Hobi just knew that at least once he’d see you do aegyo, there’s no way you could be a badass all the time. So when he saw you doing it, he held his hands over his heart and dramatically said;

“I didn’t know you could do that! My badass girlfriend.. did aegyo?! My life is complete!”

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Jimin would find it so adorable that you finally did aegyo. Once you did it once, he would always beg you to do it more.

“Y/n, jagiya, pleeease? One more time! You’re so adorable!”

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Tae would always ask you to do aegyo but you always said no, so when you finally did it he would be s o e x t r a.


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Hi, how would bts react if their smoll gf hides behind their back whenever she gets scared 🐥

​Cute lil baby bean~ I’m pretty tall but I reaalllyyyy wish I was smol and adorable. 

BTS: Reaction to you hiding behind them when you’re scared

•Jin: Jin jumped a little when you suddenly held onto his shoulders and buried your face into his back. He almost scolded you but realized why you scared him; it was because you-yourself was scared. He knew how jumpy and easily scared you were, but he found it extremely adorable, even though he sometimes gave you shit for it.He turned around to face you and squished your soft cheeks.

“It’s ok, Oppa’s got you.”

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•Yoongi: His heart instantly jumped to his throat. He couldn’t stop the smile threatening to crack on his lips. It was the tinniest banging sound that made you so scared, and he found it annoyingly adorable. He turned his head over his shoulder to look at you. 

“What? That scared you? You’re such a baby.” He grabbed onto your hand tightly. “I’ll protect you.”

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•Namjoon: I wasn’t too long after Namjoon broke another thing that Band PD came in to yell. You were not very fond of yelling, so you would hide behind Namjoon out of fear or as a safety habit. Namjoon just laughed at you and called you cute over and over again. But he still wanted you to know he wouldn’t ever let anything hurt you.

“Do you think I’ll let you be yelled at? I dare someone to.”

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•Hoseok: He heard it too, that loud crashing noise. But he also knew the source of it, so he didn’t even flinch. But seeing you jump behind him made him laugh instantly. You were scared of yourself dropping a stack of books. He gently tapped his hands over yours to reassure you.

“Really baby? Even I wasn’t scared. You’re so cute.”

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•Jimin: He isn’t able to contain his laughter. It’s how he expresses his happiness. When you hugged onto him from behind tightly and whined about the small spider across the room, he instantly lost it. He covered his face to try and contain some laughter so you wouldn’t be angry.

“You want me to kill it? It’s half the size of your fingertip baby just-”

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•Taehyung: He didn’t necessarily like it when you were scared, but he adore your reaction. But he loved it so much, he didn’t want the other members to see in fear of them falling for your charm. Instantly after you hid behind him, he’d turn right around to face you, and wave his sleeves in front of your face. 

“Stop it stop it you’re too cute for them to see.”

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•Jungkook: He was genuinely worried about you. When your nose buried into his back and your shaking arms wrapped around him from behind, he’d get protective. You being so smol, he felt like he needed to stand up for you 100% of the time. Fixing his hair and sighing heavily, he turned his head to glance back at you. 

“Are you ok? Who do I have to hurt?”

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Yes, Charlotte Wessels did get married!

It was last weekend, clearly at the place that she posted. I’m sure it was very ~aesthetic~ and hipster-y.

I’ve known since November that she was engaged, and that she was getting married in August. It’s not been a *super* well-kept secret, but I didn’t really want to mention anything unless Charlotte did. So I’ve had all this on my chest since this event, and now I will share bits of what I know!

They’ve been engaged since sometime in September. She was the one who proposed to him. It was a surprise to everybody in her life, who thought that she was never going to get married (because she wasn’t the type). She had some qualms herself, but was so excited about it as well.

Her now-husband and her had been dating for 11 or 12 years. We’ve met, and I’ve spent a bit of time around him. He’s a really nice guy, very quiet and private, but also quite sociable and friendly once he warms up. They have the same sense of humour. They’re adorable together, and very, very much in love.

I’m so, so happy for them.

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How would the RFA+Saeran react to being called Senpai by MC

A/N: S-senpai (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ ~Admin 404

Disclaimer: Hey guys, just a gentle reminder that while yes, I know they are Korean and would use oppa in place of senpai, I just want to say this was solely for entertainment purposes! I understand the differences~ I heavily played on the idea that perhaps MC had shown them some sort of japanese anime and that’s where it came from ^^


               He’s practically spitting out his drink. Him? S-senpai? Everyone sees him as a child but here you are, considering him a senpai, and he is about to just live in this moment. Every time you do it however, he’s a blushing, stuttering mess and he can’t form a coherent sentence. Sometimes he just drops to the floor and hides his face behind a pillow or his hands, but don’t stop MC!!! Just… definitely don’t do it in public!


               MC that’s just as bad as calling him “oppa”. Don’t you dare stop, MC, it’s amazing. He loves it so so much, and honestly sometimes it just him going. He’s very good at hiding that he loves it though, just so he can hear you say it over and over again.~ You just have to pick and choose /when/ you say it, because you just might trigger the beast if you’re leaning in close and whispering it in his ear- there’s no guarantee he won’t be turned on afterwards, MC!


               She doesn’t think twice about it, actually? She’s seen some anime and knows the word and she just thinks about it too literally. It means upperclassman, and neither of you are in school? So why in the world were you calling her that? You tried telling her you meant it in more of a flirty or sexy way and she just doesn’t see it? Like yes, you’re adorable no matter what you do but? Really just doesn’t see the appeal. She’ll pat you on the head, flash you a smile, and be on her way


               Also doesn’t understand the appeal. He takes it too literally as well. You show him some anime clips to show him what you mean by it, that it’s just a way to flirt with him and he just;;; doesn’t get it. There are a few times you call him senpai and he calls you senpai right back. Like, no no, Jumin, you don’t say it to me. But does he get it? No, he started to think it was a term of endearment because you said it so often and just wanted to return the favour.


               He’s calling you kohai right back. Of course, he gets really red and flustered the first few times you do it, but it’s almost as if a switch is flipped and he’s extremely seductive. Really likes to set up “accidental” scenarios where he’s the senpai, helping his dear kohai out and he always, and I mean /always/ makes it sexual- even in public. This dork will dress up as a school girl and flip it onto you though, calling you senpai and awaiting the retaliation


               You call him senpai and a light blush will spread across his face, his lips are graced with a soft smile, and all you get in return is a pat on the head. You two cuddle close and you casually call him senpai and just receive a kiss on the head. He thinks you’re extremely adorable but he doesn’t know how to react to it besides giving you soft affection! It’s mainly because he can’t express with clear logic why it makes his heart race or why it gives him butterflies


               You call him senpai and he just stares at you. Sometimes it’s in confusion, others it’s in annoyance, either way he’s just staring at you. There’s no way to tell if he likes it… or if he thinks you’re just stupid? So you stop calling him that for a while, but you notice he tries to, in a roundabout way, ask you to call him that again. “Whatever happened to the whole ‘senpai’ thing,” he had asked but he couldn’t look you in the eyes while he asked, because he was nervous and extremely red. He does like it, but he doesn’t want /you/ to know he likes it.


BTS’ reaction to their s/o being alot shorter than them [maknae line]

So, this is officially the first post on this blog after introduction! I don’t have any requests yet, so I started with something simple (and with something I can relate to lol) I did a post for both maknae and hyung line, because together it was too long ~ I apologize for any mistakes, english is not my first language.

Feel free to request stuff!

( hyung line )


Jimin said that he wants his s/o to be shorter than him, so I think he would find it extremely adorable. I feel like he would pinch your cheeks 24/7, cutely pat your head and he would be extremely cuddly (he’s our cute and hugable koala, after all). I don’t think he would tease you that much since the other members (especially Kookie) tease him alot about his height.


[I apologize to all the Taehyung stans that died from how adorable this gif is]

Tae Tae, Taehyungie, the dorkiest vocalist I know would also find it cute. He would probably back hug you alot, even around the members, and I feel like he would be the one to fanboy alot when you ask him to get you something from the top shelf (and I’m 1000% sure that he would put things on that shelf on purpose, because he just can’t get over how adorable it is when you stand on your toes trying to reach something)


Oh, Kookie. He would be the biggest tease out of the maknae line. We all know how he teases Jimin for being shorter, so I think he would tease you hella lot. He would rest his chin on the top of your head whenever he gets the chance to do so, he would hold your stuff up high and make you jump for it before giving it to you and he would almost die laughing watching you climbing on a chair to get a jar of cookies (or - kookies?) from the top shelf. But even when he would tease you this much, he’d think you are the cutest thing in the world and he would be a protective muscle bunny 24/7.

Imagine going to see the new IT movie with Sam and ending up holding his hand because he is scared.

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“Sam” you whispered to the man next to you that looked more stiff than a statue “Sammy” you said softly, squeezing his hand and he jumped slightly.

“Wha- Yes?” he swallowed the lump in his throat and you bit your lip because you felt both bad for dragging him to this movie and found him extremely adorable. He ad fought the devil, for Chuck’s sake, and he was scared by a guy dressed up as a clown with a red balloon.

“It’s all fine, you know.” you didn’t even need to ask if he was ok because he clearly wasn’t “He’s just an actor, they are all actors. None of it is real, you know this right?”

“Ye-yeah…?” it came out as a question and you still smiled as he tried to clear his throat and focus on understanding what you’d said.

“Yeah” you nodded your head, pecking his cheek “It’s all fake, besides you are Sam fucking Winchester. I bet you’d be able to beat him any freaking second if you wanted to!”

“Yeah I- I think you’re right.” he stuttered and you squeezed his bigger hand once more “He’s just- We’re lucky he’s not real for now, though.”

“Or, who knows, with our luck we might end up running into him once we get out of the cinema cause-” you squinted, pointing at a guy a few rows down “Did you see that guy come in? I mean with such a great and on point costume we would have seen him, right?”

“Wh-what?!” his voice came out squeaky and you only giggled. 

Ignoring the fact that said man heard you. But Sam didn’t. And as the man turned and grinned at the younger Winchester that creepy smile, Sam felt all air get knocked out of his lungs as every word you’d told him started fading away. 

He was so lucky he loved your giggle so damn much and your hand in his felt so right in his he just laced his fingers with yours and decided to focus on his rapidly beating heart more than him. That and his growing blush.

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Deepest Wish

Requested by @jazminblake

Summary: There is once again a party in the camp and everyone is partying except Bellamy who’s keeping watch, but mostly watches reader, who is dancing, laughing and singing, which makes him smile. Later she decides to keep him a company but eventually falls asleep. Bellamy takes her to her tent and is about to leave but reader stops him, because she’s done feeling alone.

Word count: 2502

Song: She’s crazy, but she’s mine

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Bellamy sat leaned against the tree a little afar from the centre of the party. Just as always he was keeping an eye on the delinquents who were partying, but his eyes were specifically trained on Y/N. The girl that had stolen his heart.

He felt a smile grew on his own lips as he watched her dancing and singing around the fire with that fairy laugh of hers echoing trough the whole camp. Her hair was waving around her and her eyes were lit up as she was having fun with her friends.

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NCT 127 reaction: you struggling to speak Korean

NCT 127 members reacting to you struggling to pronounce Korean words. (Requests are open)


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Taeil would probably just stand back and watch you struggle with pronunciation before actually helping you. He’d just look at you with a cute smile on his face. There’s just something about you being frustrated that he finds extremely adorable.


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Johnny would definitely tease you about it and he’d laugh at your awkward pronunciations. He would secretly love hearing you make cute mistakes. Just you attempting to learn Korean would make him smile.


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He’d find your pronunciation and accent to be super cute that he probably wouldn’t help you until you actually asked him to. But if you didn’t ask whether or not you were saying something right, he’d just sit there and listen to you with a smile on his face.


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Since Yuta had to go through the same struggles as you, he wouldn’t hesitate to help you improve your pronunciation skills. He would still enjoy hearing you make adorable mistakes and he would definitely tease you about it nonstop.


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I feel like Doyoung would be the type to literally record your awkward pronunciations so he could tease you about it later and because he secretly finds it beyond cute. He would constantly tell you how grateful he is that you are trying your best to improve your Korean speaking skills.


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Jaehyun, being the aegyo loving guy that he is, would be really weak to your cute mistakes. He’d sit back and hear you speak while covering his mouth with his hand because he finds it to be so adorable. He’s the type of guy to literally squeeze your cheeks because your cuteness is too much for him.


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Winwin probably wouldn’t notice your mistakes as he himself is still learning how to improve his Korean speaking skills. So, the both of you would probably study together. He, however, would probably tease you saying that he speaks Korean better than you.


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Mark would really like the idea of you wanting to be good at speaking Korean because of him. He would like seeing you struggle but pushing through because not only would he find your mistakes cute, but he’d like seeing the little fist pump you’d do every time you got something right.


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He would definitely laugh at you and tease you nonstop. He wouldn’t let you live it down whenever you butchered a word pretty badly, but it’s only because he secretly loves hearing you make errors. He would like it because he’s the first you go to for help on pronouncing something.