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A tribute to Demo

Over time Demo has become one of my favourite characters in this whole series. It’s very sad that he gets so little attention (from both the comic team and the fans it seems). That’s why I decided to make a small appreciation post about what I like about him.

Let’s start with chapter 1: Gray Mann took over Mann Co. and fired all mercs. Most of them went into hiding or just moved on with their lives:
Scout: Helped Soldier and then wanted to get his money from the bank before vanishing. Ended up in prison though.
Soldier: Was kicked out of his castle and then started working as a tourist guide.
Pyro: Apparently became the CEO of a freaking engineering company??
Heavy: Returned to his family in Siberia.
Engie: Disappeared and took care of the Administrator.
Medic: Started working for a different team.
Sniper: Went back home to Australia and then started looking for his birth parents.
Spy: Wanted to go underground for a while. Ended up in prison with Scout unfortunately.

But what does Demo do? Nothing. He is depressed and unable to move on with his life. This job was everything to him.

He seems to drink even more than usual and completely lets himself go, not caring for anything. 

And now look at him when Miss Pauling is giving him his job back.

Look at his face: He is so genuinely happy and blissful when he is offered to join the gang again. Totally changed from one second to the next! :D

Another thing to notice about Demo is that he doesn’t bear grudges against his friends, no matter how shitty they may treat him.

Sniper knocks him out and then wants to throw him into a shallow grave!

But who is the one who supports Sniper after he got shot by the TFC mercs? Demo. 

In Chapter 6 Medic joins his old comrades in battle again. 

Medic betrayed the team and got Sniper killed, but he brought him back to life later - and that’s all that matters to Demo. He also doesn’t really mind Medic cutting pieces of his brain out.

(Don’t forget, he also immediately forgave his liver for leaving him.
DemoxLiver = OTP lol)

Look how happy and enthused he is to be back in action and to blow things up. This guy loves his work!

Look how happy he is to be reunited with his team. This guy loves his friends!

He is the only one of the mercs who visibly cares for the others and is happy to work with them. And that’s why I love him. :)

HEADCANON: When Maui finally visits Moana on Motonui and she introduces her family, it turns out Chief Tui is a huge fan. Imagine meeting THE guy who brought his favorite thing EVER into existence. He can’t stop gushing to Maui how great the Coconut is–all of it’s uses and how it provides everything they could possibly need in one neat little package. How did you KNOW he enthuses to an awkwardly shifting Maui–to make the Coconut so so so great???? And Maui’s just standing there half wanting to soak in the attention as usual and say cuz he’s a genius but seriously he’s never seen someone so obsessed with the Coconut before that it feels kinda weird. The other half of him just wants to admit the truth and say “dude I didn’t plan that it just happened,” all while Moana is trying to hold back laughter. She’s had to listen to her Dad talking/singing about the stupid coconut for 16 years and it’s all his fault.


Part Two

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Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: not really, except Jughead may be slightly ooc but just a little

Summary: Jughead is reunited with (Y/N), after meeting her in juvy six years previous.

Part One

“Max, you can’t just pick all the vegetables out,” (Y/N) scolded, as her brother pulled a ketchup-soaked lettuce leaf from his burger and dropped it onto the side of his plate, where it fell with a wet splat.

“Wa-watch me,” Max stuttered smugly.

(Y/N) didn’t force the issue. She watched him take a huge gulp of his milkshake then screw his eyes shut against the brain freeze. In the soft neon glow of the diner, Max couldn’t be mistaken for anyone else’s brother, with his (Y/H/C) hair falling in his (Y/E/C) eyes, he was (Y/N). Minus the criminal record.

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one hell of a ride

Orgasm deniel kink / hair pulling / face fucking

request: Ok so if requests are open… a Lin x reader smut where they play Peggy/maria? Lin and the reader are blocking or rehearsing say no to this and things get steamy, etc. If you like the sounds of this feel free to do whatever you want with it!

You took in a deep breath as you moved your hands and body into the right positions. Andy watched and clapped out the beat before he let out a loud sigh, giving up. You returned the sigh and sat down on the floor. Pushing your face into your hands, Andy began to walk towards you and kneeled down to your level. He pulled your hands away from your face as he began to speak.

“Why don’t you have this down?” He asked as he rubbed his thumbs over your palm, you shrugged. You didn’t know why. Maybe it was because you had never done two part in one musical, or maybe that you always did it with Javier and not with Lin or maybe you were just horrible. “It’s weird doing it with Lin and not with Javier.” You told him after the silence you took. Andy sighed. You hadn’t even done it with Lin yet, you didn’t know if it was weird. Maybe it was. Oh well. But you knew this dance better than anyone and you know how to move better than anyone. You always nailed this.

“What if you actually did it with Lin?” Andy asked and looked at your eyes. “Would that make this better?” You nodded at his question as a smile spread across his face and he helped you up. “Great!” He enthused. “I’ll go get him.” Andy lifted himself from the kneeling position before leaving the room. A sigh left your mouth once again as you lifted yourself from you spot on the ground dusting off dirt that had gotten onto your shorts. You adjusted the sports bra that clung to your sweaty chest as Andy and Lin walked in. Your eyes met with Lin’s while he smiled in your direction. You returned one back and started walking to meet them halfway. Andy looked between the two of you before he began to speak.

“I’m actually going to go to lunch,” He told the two of you with a smile on his face. “If you want to rehearse, go ahead. If you want to get something to eat, do it. Just be back in an hour.” A nod was taken from the two of you as Andy walked away and out of the building.

“So…” You tried to begin as you looked down at your feet. “So?” Lin asked and looked at you. You swallowed thickly while you fumbled with your fingers as you spoke.

“We can rehearse?” It wasn’t actually a question. You didn’t mean to make it a question but it was. Lin nodded in agreement as he stood where the desk normally was and began to sing. You followed his lead and walked towards him.

“I know you are a man of honor / I’m so sorry to bug you at home / but I don’t know where to go and I came here all along.” You moved slightly closer to Lin as he began to sang.

“She said,” He raised a finger and looked out to the audience.

“My husband’s doing me wrong / beaten me / cheaten me / mistreating me / suddenly he’s up and gone / I do not have the means to go on.” Your eyebrows knitted as he nodded at you. Your eyes meeting as he sang his part.

“This one’s mine sir.” You looked at the non-existent building before turning back to him.

“She turned red / Lead me to her bed / Let her legs spread and said:”


“Hey /That’s when I began to pray /  Lord show me how to say no to this / I don’t know how to say no to this / But my God she looks so helpless / And her body’s screaming hell yes.”

“Whoa..” You sang, your voice getting louder as he looked down at you. You moved closer to him and wrapped your arm around his bicep and your free hand laid on his chest.

“Nooo / Show me how to say no to this,” He sang and allowed his voice to meet in the middle to make the impression that the ensemble was behind the two of you.

“I don’t know how to say no to this / In my mind, I’m trying to go / But then her mouth is on mine and I do not say” He sang before you pressed your lips against his. Your hands moved up his body as his hands as his hands found your hips. Your lips moved in sync, your hearts beating quickly and sparks flying from your lips to your feet. Lin pulled back with wide eyes and took a deep breath before continuing his work.

“I wish I could say that was the last time / I said that last time / It became a pastime…” You zoned out as you stood in your position. You began to get lost in your thoughts. The way his hands would feel pressed against your exposed skin, or how hips would feel against your clit and the way his skillful tongue could make you shake for more… You have pulled away from your thoughts when Lin walked up to you and began yelling.

“‘How could you?’ in her face / She said:” You fell to your knees and grabbed his hand.

“No, sir!” You pleaded.

“Half dressed, apologetic / A mess, she looked pathetic / She cried:”

“Please don’t go, sir!”

“SO was your whole story a getup?” He asked and ripped his hand from your grip.

“I don’t know about any letter!” You argued.

“Stop crying / Goddamnit, get up!” You rose from your spot as he walked downstage, “I didn’t know any better!” You cried out.

“I am ruined.” He murmured as you sang the rest.

“If you pay you can stay!” Your voice was louder and powerful as you walked behind him and moved your hands up his chest.

Lin walked towards the chair that one of the crew had brought out before you followed. “When her bodies on mine I do not say…”

You sat on his lap. You butt making contact with his crotch as he pressed his lips to your neck, you moved your hips to adjust yourself and took his hands in yours. Setting it on your thigh and the other on your breast, you squeezed his hand as you let out a breathy “Yes.” and then a whimpered one, followed by a broken whisper of a ‘yes.’ Lin slowly sunk his teeth into your neck, a soft moan leaving your lips before he moved his lips from your neck. A series of apologies leaving his lips. You could feel his hard on pressing against your ass as you began to moved your hips again, you turned your head back to look at him as you continued. His eyes filled with a fire before his lips attached to yours. His hand that was still on your breast, moved down your body and back up before he pulled away.

“If you want me to stop,” He breathed before continuing. “We can stop.” You shook your head and moved his hands so you can get up. You took his hands in yours before dragging him to your dressing room. You opened the door before closing it and turning the lock. You and Lin looked at each other before lunging at one another. Your lips met in a sloppy kiss as your hands quickly moved on each other’s bodies. Your hands removed his shirt once you pulled away before pulling off the sports bra you had once worn. Your hands unbutton and unbuckled his pants as his went to pull at the elastic of your shorts.

Your lips met again, this time in a passionate and deep kiss. He brought you to the small couch, allowing you to straddle his thigh as you kissed. Your hands met with his hair as you kissed, you pulled softly on the long locks as he let go of your lips. You felt your covered pussy met with the muscle of his thigh as you began to grind against it. His hands met your hips, squeezing. He began to move you faster against his thigh, allowing your clit to get the attention it needed. A soft moan escaped your lips as he began to kiss your neck. Licking and biting in many places. You closed your eyes and laid your head on his shoulder as you moaned out from the feeling. Your hands left his hair to fall onto your breasts, you squeezed and groped them while your hips moved frantically as you chased your orgasm. Your mouth gaped open as the knot that had begun to tie itself together, started to untie itself, Lin stopped your actions. His hands stilling you as a gasped whine left your lips.

“Not now.” He whispered unto your ear. Your head lifted off his shoulder as you pouted, a chuckle leaving Lin’s lips. “Why not?” You asked in a whining matter. “Why can’t I cum?” Your hands moved up his chest before moving down to his boxers. Lin looked up at you with his bottom lip between his teeth. “I want you to cum on my cock,” He smirked as your mouth parted at his words. “Does that sound good, kitten?” You nodded as an answer. One of his hands left your hips and moved up to your neck, his thumb brushed over the small bite mark that he had put on your skin. The intention spreading a red color around it. He gave a soft smile and pressed his lips against yours. Your hand pulled at the elastic of the restraining material, before letting it go to snap against his skin. A gasp and a hiss left his throat. You bite his lip and pulled away, leaving him breathless. You swung your leg from over his thigh, setting it on the cold hardwood floor before sinking to your knees in front of him. Lin smirked and ran a hand down his face as you moved your thumb over his tip. A smile played at your lips when you felt the pre-cum press against the thin material and your thumb.

You dragged your thumb down the base of his cock and then back up to the waistband. You pushed your hand inside the material and looked up at him, his eyes were staring down at you. Your eyes met with him an innocent look playing in them as you took hold of his cock. A loud moan erupted from him, his eyes closing and his head fell back. Your free hand went to the waistband and pulled them down. Lin’s hips rising up to allow you to get them all the way off.

You continued stroking him while staring up at his face. His nose was scrunched and hit plump lips were parted. You opened your mouth and licked the tip of his cock, letting out a moan at the taste of pre-cum. A low growl erupted from him.

“Do that again.” You demanded when your tongue left him. You obliged, doing it again. This time, slower. You licked one long strip on his tip before taking him in your mouth. You took him halfway down before choking which enlightened a groan from Lin. He moved his hands to your hair, wrapping his fingers around it and pulled on the locks of Y/H/C hair. A moan left your lips as you went down further, choking again. He huffed and thrust his hips upwards, his cock meeting with the back of your throat. You gagged and allowed him to push his hips up again. This time it was harder.  A moan moved out of his mouth as he began to move his hips faster.

“Oh God.” He groaned and pulled your head up. A loud breathy moan leaving him when your warm mouth was taken from his cock, the cool air hitting it.

“You’re so good with your mouth,” Lin muttered and pushed his hand through your hair, a smile formed on your lips. The sound of footsteps was heard before the door knob rattled. “Shit,” you whisper and lifted from the ground and rushed around to find your clothes. You buckled your bra once it was on your chest and quickly pulled on your underwear and pants as the door opened.

“Hey, we nee- OH MY GOD!” Andy screeched before closing his eyes. Lin’s pants were being pulled up and he adjusted his cock as he looked between you and Andy. You pulled on your shirt over your head and quickly walked out of the room, the blush staying on your cheeks. Andy walked behind you before muttering “You guys are nasty.” in your ear. A choked laugh leaving your lips as you closed your eyes.

This is going to be one hell of a ride.

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ok, but when and how does adrian find out kara is supergirl?

Something’s familiar about Kara the first time he sees her, when she walks almost timidly into Maggie’s apartment – which Adrian’s filled up with the scents of the cooking his dad and Maggie have taught him to do over the years – and hugs her sister and hugs Maggie.

There’s something familiar about her when she walks toward him, where he’s stationed in the kitchen with the “Kiss the Cook, He’s Hot, Just Look at Him” apron Maggie keeps in his little cabinet.

Maggie squints and watches him closely, her lips pursed with the beginnings of a grin.

Alex nudges her gently in the shoulder.

Maggie nudges her gently right back.

Kara adjusts her glasses, and Adrian – ever relishing the opportunity to play host, especially tonight; the first night that he’s meeting anyone from Alex’s life – wipes his hand on his apron and extends it toward her.

“Firm handshake,” they both say, impressed, at the same time, and Maggie and Alex exchange a partially nervous, partially excited glance.

“I’ve heard all about you from Maggie and Alex,” Kara tells him after they power through their slightly awkward giggling and let their hands drop awkwardly to their sides.

“And I’ve heard all about you. So I cooked a lot! I love food, too,” he enthuses, and he gives her a whirlwind tour of all the dishes he and Alex have been making.

Kara is groaning within seconds, and she leans into Maggie eagerly.

“Can I borrow him sometimes? He cooks so much!”

“I helped!” Alex protests, offended, and Maggie, Adrian, and Kara exchange a secret glance that has all three of them stifling laughter.

The tickle war that ensues – Adrian only joining the Danvers girls and their Maggie after Alex yanks him in – bonds him and Kara into a solid tickle team against their older sisters.

As the night goes on, Adrian’s initial impression of familiarity with Kara fades as he gets to know her.

Gets to know the way she snorts sometimes when she laughs; the way that Alex and Maggie really weren’t exaggerating when they told him to cook extra food; the way she doesn’t flinch, not once, when Adrian and Maggie swap queer jokes; the way she laughs along, because maybe, just maybe, she’s queer, too.

He doesn’t think about it – that familiarity, that jolt of ‘haven’t I seen you before’ – until he’s face down on the cracked concrete, his university in Star City under some sort of Cadmus attack.

He doesn’t think he’s injured – he thinks he can feel all his limbs – but his hands shake on his phone.

Everyone around him must be calling 911. He knows that. Him?

He doesn’t care if she’s entire cities away.

He calls the only police number that makes him feel safe.


“Okay, Ade, can you get somewhere out of the way? Somewhere hidden? I’m sending someone for you. I promise we’re getting you out of there, I promise you. Just stay on the phone, okay, kid? I’ve got you. Just… just stay on the phone. And no heroics, kid, you here me?”

He can’t hear what she shouts next – it’s garbled and there’s so much screaming on his end that he can’t get his head around it – and he doesn’t have time to protest that whoever she sends can’t possibly get there in time, because these guys have guns that look like they can blow up the entire quad with one or two shots…

And he heard her, he did, when she said no heroics, but there’s some kid that looks like a freshman and he’s sitting ducks, looks like his ankle is broken, and Adrian doesn’t think – Maggie wouldn’t think – and Adrian sprints, and Adrian hauls him to his feet, and Adrian turns, and there’s a Cadmus weapon trained at him, and Maggie’s voice will be the last thing he hears, and somehow, that’s okay.

But then there’s a shadow flying low above him, and there’s a rustling and his hair flutters and there’s a red cape and an explosion from the weapon that was pointing at him but the explosion doesn’t hit him or the kid he’s supporting, doesn’t hurt him or the kid he’s holding.

He doesn’t even feel its heat.

Because Supergirl has landed in front of him, and he hears his schoolmates scattered across the broken quad, cheering, because Supergirl is snapping the weapon over her knee and knocking the Cadmus guy out cold easily.

She turns to Adrian and the boy with the broken ankle with her hands on her hips, like she hadn’t just flown across multiple cities and beaten up an armed Cadmus lackey with her bare hands, grinning faintly at the applause in the background.

“Oof, looks like you need a doctor,” she tells the boy, and he nods breathlessly.

“Can we get a couple medics here?” Supergirl calls, her voice low, and something twitches in the back of Adrian’s mind, that familiarity, but he can’t place it.

She doesn’t look at him and he vaguely wonders why as two paramedics on scene run up to help the boy Adrian had protected. The boy kisses Adrian’s cheek with a soft thank you, scribbling his number onto Adrian’s forearm as they help him limp somewhere he can get his ankle looked at.

Adrian watches him go with wide eyes, and he raises his phone to his ear again, but Supergirl takes it from him before he can speak.

“I thought you told him no heroics!” she scolds into the phone, and suddenly Adrian knows why he felt that sensation of familiarity when he met Kara.

“Well, apparently he’s just about as good at obeying orders as you and my sister are; when I got here he was busy rescuing some kid with a broken ankle – I know, I’ll tell him – I – well, I think he’s earned it. I mean, you trust him, right, and he just proved he’s got the heart of a hero – I know you’ve always said that – okay, you know what, I’m on duty, I’m putting him on the phone. I’ll see you at movie night tonight. Tell Alex everything’s under control here, but they should still send a team to clean up the mess. Here, Adrian,” she finishes, handing him back the phone.

“Thanks Kara,” he says faintly, softly, looking levelly into her eyes, and she grins softly at him.

“Welcome to the Superfriends,” she puts a hand on his shoulder with a soft wink, letting her voice rise more into Kara’s than Supergirl’s for a moment.

He puts the phone back to his ear, still slack-jawed, as Kara flies up, up, and away with a whoosh that blows his jacket back, over to survey the rest of campus, to make sure there’s no lingering threat.

“Maggie – “ he begins, but stops, because he has no idea what to say.

“The glasses really don’t help, do they, kid?”

He laughs explosively, because in the last five minutes, he’s almost died, he’s saved a boy’s life, he’s gotten said boy’s number, and he’s found out that his queer aunt slash sister-in-law just happens to be Supergirl.

He’s alive, and he has a boy’s phone number on his arm, and Supergirl – Kara, Kara, Kara – trusts him with her biggest secret.

So he laughs explosively, he laughs happily, he laughs with relief and with love and with affection, because no. No, the glasses really don’t help.

The True Epilogue (a Harry Potter fanfic)

*in which all my ships are true and things are great*

Several pairs of curious eyes followed the family of five as they pushed through the crowd at Kings Cross Station toward the barrier between platforms nine and ten. Atop the packed trolleys that the parents pushed were two cages- one containing a beautiful snowy owl and the other a badger, which made grumpy noises every few seconds.
“Hang in there, Comet,” the black-haired boy said placatingly. “I know it’s no fun, but you’ve got to behave.”
“I don’t know why you had to bring the stupid thing anyway,” his brother said, rolling his eyes. “It’s not on the approved list.”
“Yes, but he’s injured!”
“All your pets are or were injured.”
“And he has separation anxiety!”
“I bet they’ll take it away from you.”
“James!” their father scolded as Matthew’s bright blue eyes widened in fear. “Don’t say things like that. Your dad and I wrote to Headmistress McGonagall in advance, and she said it was fine.” Draco put a hand on Matthew’s shoulder. “No one is going to take Comet away.”
“Hey,” Harry said suddenly, “there’s Ginny, Luna, and the girls.” The youngest Potter shrieked and made to run toward the family friends, but Draco grabbed her arm and pulled her back.
“Callisto Ariana Potter, what have we told you about running off?” he scolded. She smiled cheekily.
“Not to do it, I think.”
“Well, you think right. Look, here they are now, anyway.” The other family reached them, and there were cheerful greetings all around.
“So, shall we cross over?” Luna asked, and Ginny nodded. Their oldest daughter, Nymphadora, took a step forward, but her sister exclaimed, “Wait!” Nym raised an eye brow.
“What is it, Gillian?” The redhead bounced excitedly on her toes as she answered.
“This is Matty and my first year going through as actual students, so we should get to go first!” Matt held up both hands to show that he was not a part of this. Nym was already squinting, though.
“I say, whoever gets through first gets through first,” she said challengingly. She and Gillian turned and raced for the barrier together, disappearing through it within a second of each other. Ginny sighed in exasperation, pushing a trolley forward to follow them. Luna only looked amused as she trailed after her wife. Callisto tugged on Draco’s sleeve.
“I thought you said no running,” she told him, frowning.
“Yes, but I can’t control what they do. They’re not my children.” This argument lost its value, though, when James pushed ahead through the barrier as well. Harry groaned.
“I promise I’ll talk to him, Callie,” he said to avoid the rising complaints. The rest of the family followed James.
“Can I go this year, Daddy?” Callie asked. Harry shook his head with a chuckle.
“Just one more year, sweetheart.” She scowled and stamped the ground.
“Dad?” Matt said as James boarded the train with Nym (though Gillian stayed behind to wait). “Do you know what House I’m gonna be in?” Harry smiled and shook his head.
“No one knows for sure ahead of time,” he said, “but I know you’ll be great no matter what.”
“And luckily,” Draco added, “you know kids in every House, so you’ll always have someone to talk to.” Callie tossed her blonde hair over her shoulder.
“I’m gonna be a Slytherin,” she said confidently. A little bit of pride shone in Draco’s eyes.
“I don’t doubt it.”
“Alright, Matt. Go on and take your stuff,” Harry said gently. “You and Gillian should get on board. You don’t want to get left behind. Matt nodded and moved toward the train, then swiveled and threw himself into his father’s arms.
"I’m gonna miss you,” he said. Harry hugged him hard.
“I’ll miss you too, kiddo.” Matt hugged Draco too, and then he and Gillian got their stuff and waded through the small crowd to the train door.
“We’ll write!” Draco called after him.
“Every day, if you want!” Harry added. Matt gave them a slightly wavering grin before disappearing.

Matthew thought he was ready for the Sorting. He thought he’d either be in Gryffindor, like Harry, or Slytherin like Draco. He definitely was not expecting the Sorting Hat to yell out “HUFFLEPUFF!” the moment it touched his head. To ecstatic cheers from his new Housemates, he made his way dazedly toward the Hufflepuff table. He’d heard Hufflepuffs called ‘duffers’ and 'goody two-shoes’ and even once 'the stoner House’, none of which sounded very positive to Matt. Still, he put on a brave face. A cobalt-haired Teddy Lupin clapped him on the back as he sat down.
“Glad to have you, Matt!” he enthused. That’s right! Teddy’s a Hufflepuff, and he’s not so bad. This thought didn’t erase his disappointment entirely, but it did help. What helped even more was hearing another shout of “HUFFLEPUFF!” immediately following a call of “Weasley, Gillian”. Matt broke into a grin as his best friend sat beside him.
“I can’t believe I’m a Hufflepuff,” he stage-whispered to her. Surprisingly, she rolled her eyes and laughed.
“Oh, please. Like you could have been anything else.” His eyebrows furrowed.
“What do you mean?”
“Let’s see. For starters, you’re a vegetarian. You always get one of your dads to take you to random volunteer things. You never let anyone get away with saying mean things. You take in injured animals- you’ve literally got twenty different pets now, if you hadn’t noticed- and your favorite just happens to be a badger, the symbol of Hufflepuff House. Honestly, if you’d been sorted anywhere else, I would have died of surprise.” Matt laughed.
“Well, when you put it like that.”
Any remaining worries he had about his Sorting vanished the moment they stepped foot in the common room. It was vastly wide and round, with honey-colored walls. The lighting was a mixture of natural light coming through the circular windows and and a warmer, golden light shining from within glass spheres on intricately carved stands. The room itself felt like mid-autumn and laughter. Best of all, there were animals. Matt suddenly understood why the Headmistress had given in to his parents’ request to accept Comet so quickly. There were maybe two dozen creatures- some magical (like a pixie and a clutter of puffskeins), some nonmagical (like a hawk, a dog, a rabbit, and a beautiful peacock). Matt heard a loud noise and turned.
“Comet!” The excited badger barreled across the room and into his legs. Matt crooned as he and Gillian bent down to pet it. A few of their new Housemates crowded around to coo at the addition to their strange zoo.
“I think this little guy will be happy here,” Teddy said. “As far as I know, we’ve never had a badger. Which is honestly ridiculous, given our symbol.” Matt laughed. I think I’m gonna like it here.

James had never felt so ashamed and rejected. The words still echoed in his head. “Not the right fit,” they had said. He, James Alexander Potter, wasn’t the right fit for Gryffindor seeker. It was humiliating. After all, his own dad had supposedly been the best seeker Gryffindor ever had, and Draco had been his Slytherin counterpart. Yet James had failed.
It wasn’t that James was vain or inflexible- when they said he’d make a better chaser, he’d tried out with all his effort and scored the spot. It was a matter of belonging. James, the oldest, was the only one of the Potter children who wasn’t the biological child of either parent. Matt was Harry’s- as anyone could see by the untamable hair and the awkward knobby knees. Callie was Draco’s- again apparent by the blonde hair and the confident ambition. James was alone with his plain brown hair and hazel eyes and his (apparent) lack of Seeking skills. To add insult to injury, this meant he was the only one with no blood ties to the Lovegood/Weasley family, which had been interwoven with the Potters’ in the cases of Matt and Callie, as well as Nym and Gillian. In any case, he wasn’t sure what to do now. He had no other way to prove himself worthy of being the son of the Chosen One.
“You know it doesn’t matter to them,” Aiden Finnigan told him. “Your dads, I mean. You’re their son, and they love you.” They were in the Gryffindor common room that evening, and James gazed into the fire, only half-listening as he dwelled on his own shame. He sighed.
“Yeah, I know. It’s just… man, you know I don’t normally care what people think of me, but this is different. People look at Matt and they see Harry Potter. They don’t even act much alike, but Matt’s got the look and that’s enough for everyone. Me, what have I got?”
“Bravery, willingness, an open mind, a mischievous nature, and great taste in friends.” James looked up from the fire for the first time in ten minutes, a ghost of a smile crossing his face, and gave his best friend a light push.
“Hey, I’m serious,” Aiden continued. “I mean, I’m not much like either of my dads. I mean, I’ve been told I look like a Finnigan, but I definitely don’t act like one. And Dad #2 likes to joke that I got my extreme height from him, even though I don’t carry any of his blood. I don’t act much like him either. And that doesn’t bother me. We’re not meant to be pale echoes of our parents anyway; we’re meant to find and shape our own identities.” James nodded.
“I suppose you’re right.”
“As always.”
“Oh, shut it.”
A few days later, James’s owl showed up at breakfast with a letter from Harry.

I heard you made the Quidditch team, and I’m so proud of you! I knew you could do it if you wanted to- I’ve watched you fly, and you’re fantastic. Make sure to keep your nerves in check before games, okay? Ron can vouch for the fact that anxiety is a Quidditch player’s worst enemy. I’m not worried, though. Oh, I wish your Grandpa James could see you now. You know I never got to see him play, but he was a Chaser too in his day- don’t know if I ever told you that. He was also a hell of a prankster, just like you. McGonagall won’t tell you anything, because she can’t be seen condoning troublemaking, but if you see Fred floating around, he’ll tell you all the use he and George got out of the Marauders Map when they were students. Grandpa James is the one known as Prongs. I wish I could show you the map personally, but it went blank when Teddy’s dad died- he was the last Marauder standing; they called him Moony. Sorry, I’ve gone off on a tangent. My point is, we’re all proud of you, and your grandparents would be too. Lots of love,

James was stunned. His grandfather, the one he had been named for, was a Gryffindor chaser? How had he not known? He re-read the note once, twice. It appeared that he was a bit of a Potter after all. He was curious about this Map thing too; he’d better find Fred.

Ben was tired. Okay, maybe that was an understatement. “Exhausted” might have worked better; “barely functioning” was near perfect. He was tired because it was midnight and he was sitting in the hallway outside his common room. He was physically capable of going inside and lying down in his nice warm bed to sleep, but he could never do that. Neither could the thirteen other Slytherins sitting out in the hallway with him, including Nym. A prefect had come out three times now to order them all to bed, but no one budged.
“I’m not stepping foot in that place until they change the password,” Ben had told her the third time she came out. She had thrown up her hands and not come back, which earned Ben a few pats on the back.
The hallway was quiet enough that Ben could hear the footsteps long before anyone appeared down the far end.
“Someone’s coming,” he whispered. Everyone tensed. Would they be punished for this? Ben hoped not, but he needn’t have worried. He let out a breath of relief when he saw Teddy Lupin heading toward them. The Head Boy had probably been summoned to help mitigate the situation.
“What’s going on here, guys?” he asked.
“The new password is offensive,” a fifth year girl answered, “and we’re not going in until they change it.” Teddy Lupin frowned- not at those in the hallway, of course, but rather at the situation.
“Oh? What’s the password?”
“Clean blood,” Nym spat disgustedly. Teddy only sighed outwardly, but his hair turning scarlet was a clear sign of his true anger.
“Alright, well we can’t have you lot just sitting in the hallway, so you’ll have to come stay with us for the night.” There were hesitant nods all around, and the beginnings of smiles on a few faces. Staying with the Hufflepuffs…
Before we go, I have to check who’s coming. Your prefects gave me the list of absent students. Please say 'here’ when I call your name. Jade Moorland?“
"Here,” said the fifth-year who’d spoken up earlier.
“Nymphadora Weasley?”
“Here,” Nym said, and Teddy smiled. He’d always seemed fond of the younger girl, though maybe it was because she bore his mother’s name.
“Joshua Bingham?”
“Here.” Teddy went on down the list, ending with “Benjamin Wood?”
“Here,” Ben answered.
“Alright, that’s everyone. Come on, you all!”
Ben liked the Hufflepuff common room. He liked how friendly everyone was. He liked the peacock, Heracles, who seemed to like him too. There were even more things he liked the next day: for instance, how a cluster of Ravenclaws took turns shooting charms at the Slytherin door, trying to change the password or else get it to open without one. Or how, when that failed, the Gryffindors- led by their prefect, who happened to be Ben’s older sister, Elizabeth- attempted to forcibly remove the door entirely. This series of tries failed as well, but it stirred up enough commotion to draw in the Headmistress and she, upon understanding the problem, rectified it immediately, to great cheers from all parties. Ben hugged his sibling.
“Thanks for the help, Lizzy,” he said.
“Any time, little brother. It’s a good thing you guys did here today, pushing for change. Dads will be proud.”
“Think so?”
“I know so. You’ll probably make prefect next year too.” Ben laughed.
“Oh, D1 would love that.” He imagined Percy’s face when he learned that both of his children were now prefects like he had been, and Ben felt a warm rush in his stomach. I’d love that too, he thought to himself. Lizzy just grinned.

Daisy hadn’t meant to start crying in the middle of Charms class; she just couldn’t hold it back anymore. She’d been trying to control her distress since the letter had arrived that morning from her father, letting her know that Grandpa Vernon didn’t want them coming over for Christmas that year or, it seemed, any year following. Of course, Dudley hadn’t explicitly told his daughter why they were no longer welcome, but she wasn’t dumb enough that she couldn’t figure it out on her own: it was because she had magic. It was already her second year at Hogwarts, but at holiday time last year her grandparents hadn’t known yet. Now they did, and Grandpa didn’t want to see her anymore.
She cried silently, with her head down, but her fellow Ravenclaws didn’t miss her shaking shoulders, and the room got quiet. Anna Granger-Weasley, her closest friend and the only one who knew what had happened, put a comforting hand on Daisy’s back.
“I know it’s not the same,” she whispered, so as not to disturb the rest of the class, “but you guys are totally coming to our Holiday gathering instead.” Daisy turned her head to look at Anna with teary eyes.
“We are?”
“Oh, absolutely. It’s a huge get-together that we do every year in James and Matt’s backyard. My Granny Molly makes twice as much food as we need, even though there’s already thirty-three of us in total. Uncle Percy drinks too much mulled wine and then goes on a rant about something or other, except none of it makes sense. Aunt Ginny and Uncle Oliver fight over which of their Quidditch teams are better- Ginny plays Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies and Oliver is Keeper for Puddlemere United. Uncle George tells us stories about Fred and him when they were students together. Aiden’s little sister Mallory, Professor Longbottom’s daughter Bex, and Callie sometimes decide to put on some silly show. It’s all great fun.” Daisy smiled weakly.
“Sounds great. You sure there’s room for me and my mum and dad?” Anna laughed softly.
“There’s always more room at a Weasley party, and the Potters’ backyard is distinctly huge.”
“I suppose that’s true.”
Daisy tried to grin after that, but Anna could probably tell she wasn’t back at 100%, because at lunch she started up a game.
“It’s called the Story Game. We take turns adding a sentence to a story as we go along. The sentences have to make grammatical sense, but the plot can be as strange or random as you want.”
“Ooh, sounds fun. Can we join in?” Daisy and Anna looked up to see Matt, Gillian, and Nym sliding in beside them (The school had recently switched to an open-seating policy to maintain camaraderie between the Houses).
“Yeah, sure,” Daisy said, scooting to make more room.
“Alright, I’ll start,” Anna said eagerly. She drummed her fingers in thought for a moment. “Okay. Once, there was an old, grumpy sorcerer who lived in a cave on a mountain.” Gillian jumped in next.
“The people at the base of the mountain believed that if you brought the sorcerer a gift that he liked, he would grant you a wish in exchange.”
“Every day,” Matt added, “Someone took a gift up the mountain, but the sorcerer didn’t like any of them.”
“Then a new woman moved to the town below,” Daisy inserted nervously, hoping she was doing this right.
“She heard about the man on the mountain, but nothing about his powers,” Nym put in. Anna’s eyes brightened as she saw where Nym was going with this.
“The woman thought the man must be lonely and perhaps cold all by himself, so she took a warm blanket and a fresh batch of cookies and brought them to him,” she said.
“The man was touched by her genuine generosity,” Gillian said, “and he offered her anything she wanted.”
“She thought for a long while, and finally she decided,” Matt contributed.
“And she asked, 'Can you put some brains in my son Tobias’s head, because he hasn’t got any.”
Anna snorted at the mention of her brother, and suddenly the whole group had dissolved into laughter.
“You can n-never tell Toby about this,” Daisy choked out between giggles. They all shook their heads in agreement, still fighting to contain the wave of mirth.
“This is why you’re my favorite,” Anna informed Daisy gleefully, and Daisy grinned. These really are the people I want to spend my holidays with, she realized.

Aiden’s heart started racing the second the blood red envelope landed in front of him at breakfast. He elbowed James, eyes wide with horror.
“It’s a Howler,” he said with a voice full of dread. James gave a sympathetic smile.
“It might not be so bad. Maybe it’s some really good news, or maybe it’s just a prank from someone. You haven’t done anything wrong, have you?” Aiden shrugged.
“I mean, we did turn all Professor Longbottom’s gardening things pink and sparkly last week, but he didn’t seem to mind. I think he even sent a set home to Bex, who I’m sure was thrilled. It was an innocent bit of fun.” James smiled at the memory, but the smile dropped from his face almost immediately.
“Dude, it’s smoking at the edges.” Aiden jolted in alarm.
“Just open it, before it’s too late,” James counseled. Aiden took a deep breath, squeezed his eyes shut, and tore the envelope open.
When he heard his ten-year-old sister Mallory’s voice ring out, he thought he was safe. Just a prank after all. But then he heard her words.


For a moment, there was dead silence in the Great Hall, and then a hundred people started shouting at once. They were all muggleborns or half-bloods who watched Nevateria, the current most popular sci-fi show, and they were all furious at Aiden.
“I’m sorry!” he yelled. “I didn’t ask her to tell me!” James frowned.
“What was all that about?” he asked. Oh. Aiden had forgotten that, even though James’s dad was raised by Muggles, they didn’t watch television very often.
“It’s a show,” he tried to explain. “One of the best shows. And Mallory just spoiled it for everyone.”
Aiden was shamed by his non-pureblood peers for the rest of the day. It might have continued on longer, except that Toby Granger-Weasley ran up to him in the hallway after his last class, out of breath, and exclaimed, “The Room of Requirement can generate wifi!”
“AND it can be a movie theater!”
“You’re joking.”
“I’m not! It’s officially the weekend. Let’s round everybody up and marathon Nevateria together, my guy! I’ve got Anna waiting in there so the room stays put. Whoever you pass, send them that way. We can get a few house elves to bring snacks. There’s tons of space, so if they want to watch too, that’s fine. Come on, let’s go!” Toby, Aiden, and James took off down the hallway together.
“Brilliant, you are!” Aiden exclaimed while they ran. “This is why you’re a Ravenclaw!”
The plan worked seamlessly. Everyone interested gathered in the Room of Requirement, sitting in movie theater seats, and they got the show to play. Several house elves carried around food and drink for those who wanted it, though a group of Hufflepuffs convinced two to sit down and watch for a while. It turned out Missy didn’t like it much, but Pokey was absolutely entranced. He babbled nonstop about the brilliance of it to his unfortunate neighbor, who happened to be Matt. Matt was too pleased at seeing a house elf freely enthuse about an interest to care. They all had a great time, and all the animosity toward Aiden ended. It was definitely a good day.

There would certainly be more struggles ahead for the Potters, Granger-Weasleys, (Lovegood-)Weasleys, Finnigans, Woods, Longbottom, Lupin, and Dursley, but they didn’t have to worry. They were one huge team, a family, and they could handle anything. Well, almost anything. It turned out there was still a limit on how many animals a single person could bring into the school, which was a problem for Matt, who found himself missing his other creatures.
“You know, when they say don’t do something,” James said oh-so-helpfully, “they just mean don’t get caught doing it.” Matt shoved his brother, insisting that he wasn’t like that, but in the end he snuck all his animals into the castle, with help from Callie. Family meant helping each other, even if it’s helping them break school rules… didn’t it?

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Junkrat,lucio,zarya,and mcree reaction to 75 teen giving them a self portrait of them she drew and it looks really realistic?like god damn it looks like a black and white photo of their face.


  • He is blown away
    • Careful to not smear any ash on it
    • He tenderly puts it on the wall
  • He’ll just look at it occasionally


  • He is so proud of it
    • Asking if it can be his album art for his next one
    • He’ll frame it
  • Just proudly showing it on his wall


  • She gives you an enthusiastic thumbs up
    • Tucking it into her vest
    • She’ll smile at you when you cheerfully look at her
  • She’ll look at it whenever she’s feeling down


  • He’s flabbergasted
    • Overexaggerately slapping his chest as he enthuses about it
    • He’ll just rave about it
  • He’s like that parent who shows it to everyone
    • Or to anyone who will listen
Emmerdale’s boss Iain MacLeod remains firmly behind the couple and has huge praise for the fans who support them with so much passion. Speaking to Metro.co.uk at a recent event, he enthused: ‘You’d have to be a robot not to feel some sort of pressure from the Robron fans. They are so passionate and so loyal. They will hunt me down and beat me to death if we didn’t pay off what they wanted!

Iain Macleod

“Remains firmly behind the couple”
We are lucky to have the main man as invested as we are. Shout-out to the doubters-he loves them as much as we do and knows a good thing when he sees it.

part of me is you.

really sad lin imagine, send help. if you’ve seen grey’s anatomy some of the flashbacks are inspired by them.


“Y/N,” Lin whispered as his hand squeezed hers. She was dying. He had to learn to be alone.

“It’s okay to go,” Lin whispered and felt the tears fall down his cheeks, they dripped down his lips and onto his chin as he squeezed her hand once more.


“Smile at the camera,” Lin laughed as he pointed his phone at his girlfriend. Y/N shook her head as she looked up at the man from where she was seated. Lin smiled at her, she always smiled when he smiled. It was her weakness.

“No.” Y/N said bitterly, looking back her her textbook Lin’s arms wrapped around her. “Please.” He begged while she shook her head. Of course, she didn’t look up, though, she was busy. She was an intern, doing scut, learning the way around the hospital. Lin was beyond proud of her, the smile on his lips never leaving when he pointed the back of his phone at them again.

“Our children will appreciate seeing your smile when you’re gone,” Lin noted and kissed her forehead. “Our children?” Y/N questioned and turned her head to look at him. Lin’s eyes widened while the smile never left.

“Yeah, our kids,” Lin confirmed as a smile spread across Y/N’s lips while she leaned up to press her lips to his in a soft and passionate kiss. He removed his lips from hers before smiling down. Her head turned to the camera, a smile wide on her lips before she spoke up.

“Our children will not appreciate that.” She giggled and went back to the textbook.

His eyes met with his mom’s, her eyes held many things that he couldn’t name. A soft sigh left her lips while she walked to the side of the hospital bed her daughter-in-law was laying in.

“She was amazing,” She whispered to her son, “We’re all going to miss her.” Her voice soothed Lin. He nodded. Of course, they were going to miss her. How could they not? She was everything to this family. She made sure everyone saw each other more than normal. She made sure his family knew his family and vice versa.

“How am I going to raise two kids on my own?” Lin asked and looked at the pale, lifeless face of his wife once again as tears stung his eyes once more.

“You’re not alone.” His mom whispered and took his free hand in hers before squeezing it. Lin’s lips twitched up as he looked at his mom.

“Thank you.” He whispered before bringing his attention back to his dying wife.


“Love,” Lin giggled as he pointed his phone at his wife, the camera recording her as she put on chapstick, a smile was painted on her lips as she looked at him through the mirror. “Yes, Lin?” She asked and closed the chapstick before putting it in her purse. “I love you.” Lin smiled and kissed his wife’s cheek, she repeated the words and sat her hands on her stomach.

“And I love this little ray of sunshine.” She giggled and felt Lin’s hands replace her own, a kiss being placed on her temple this time.

“This little ray of sunshine will be with us for the rest of our days.” His hand gently touched her chin as he moved her head so he could see her eyes and lips. A smile being played onto their lips as he leaned in to give her a sweet, meaningful kiss.

He pulled away and pointed the camera at the two of them. “Eight years to go!” Lin enthused as he smiled at his girlfriend.

“Eight years.” She repeated.

“Is mommy going to be alright?” Sebastian, their youngest, asked. Lin nodded his head to tell his son that everything was going to be alright, but it wasn’t. Nothing was going to be alright.

“When is mommy going to wake up?” Romina’s voice held a knowing sense that her mother wasn’t okay, the tubes that were running from her mouth and nose scaring her and making her wonder: Was she really okay? Was she really going to wake up?

Lin’s eyes fell at the question, his heart shattered at the thought of having to tell his children their mom wasn’t coming back, but, never-the-less, he had to keep their hopes up - keep them positive.

“Soon,” Lin told his children but not letting any smile return to his face.


“Okay,” Lin murmured as he scribbled lyrics onto his napkin, a small smile playing at Y/N’s lips. He had been working on ‘Hamilton: An American Musical’ for years and he was finally going to be able to put it on at The Public, she couldn’t be prouder of her husband.

“What did you say to me?” Lin asked himself referring to his wife. “God, what was it?” He questioned, Y/N looked at the small child playing on the floor of their apartment before she spoke.

“If this child shares a fraction of your smile or a fraction of your mind, look out world,” She paused and walked from the kitchen island to the chair Lin had sat himself in.

“That would be enough.” Y/N finished in a hushed tone. Lin looked up at his wife, his heart melting at the way she created lyrics with simple words. Her hands rested themselves on his shoulders, his eyes drifted to her large stomach. She was going to have another baby, his baby. He was getting a family. A bigger family than he had expected.

“That’s beautiful,” Lin’s lips quirked up as he turned to write down the words, “You’re beautiful.” He complimented under his breath. A large smile plastered itself on her lips as she kissed his head.

“I love you,” She whispered and looked at the clock. Five past nine.

“Romani.” Y/N’s voice boomed so the little girl could hear, the dark mess of hair looked up at her mother with the same eyes as Lin’s.

“Time to go to sleep,” Y/N told the little girl, receiving a nod they headed to the bathroom to brush their teeth. Leaving Lin alone.

“I don’t pretend to know the challenges you’re facing/ The worlds you keep erasing and creating in your mind.” He wrote down quickly.

Lin rocked Sebastian in his arms while he watched the heart monitor. He knew the only thing keeping her alive was the machines.

How could a surgeon, who lived to save lives, now dying because she can’t save her own?

Lin’s eyes met with his mother’s for a split second before his eyes wandered to his daughter.

“Mommy isn’t going to wake up,” She said in a whisper so her little brother couldn’t hear her. Lin’s heart stopped and felt his breath get caught in his throat.

“I don’t know,” Lin whispered, but he knew. How couldn’t he know? He had been here for days after the accident, his eyes never leaving her lifeless frame but he couldn’t just tell his daughter her mother was dead. He couldn’t hurt her like that.


“Alexander, come back to sleep.” Pippa sang as she came from stage left. Lin looked up at her before singing his part.

“I have an early meeting out of town.” He didn’t look up at her, he kept writing like they rehearsed. Y/N remembered him telling her this song reminded him of her but how different his and Hamilton’s situations were.

Hamilton was going to go die, as Lin was going to stay alive.

“It’s still dark outside -” Pippa argued at the man. Lin only shook his head and kept going.

“I know, I just need to write something down.” Lin sang.

‘How powerful could a 48-second song be?’ Y/N thought as she watched her husband do his role.

“Why do you write like you’re running out of time-” Y/N had asked this question many times when she would get home in the late hours of the night. It was a constant question in their household.

“Sh…” Lin hushed, he’s done this many times also.

“Come back to bed,” Pippa pleaded, but he wouldn’t let up on where he stood.

“I’ll be back before you know I’m gone-” Y/N felt her eyes tear up because she knew what this was like. What it must’ve been like for Eliza. She knew what it was like to get her heartbroken, many men had been able to do that to her before Lin came around and saved her.

“Come back to sleep.” Y/N pulled herself from her thoughts to look at the two. God, she loved him. She loved him with every fiber in her body.

“This meeting’s at dawn,” Lin argued, Pippa’s poster became straighter as she touched his shoulder.

“Well, I’m going back to sleep.” She began to walk off when Lin took her hand in his.

“Hey,” He whispered, “Best of Wives and Best of Women.” He kissed her knuckles as she walked away.

Lin sat his things down as the next song rolled in. He made eye contact with Y/N, she knew what was about the happen, tears were already in her eyes at the thought of her boyfriend fake dying.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine,” The company sang, Y/N made herself comfortable and watched as everyone began to move around the stage. She knew this was fake, but thinking of this as if it was real, hurt.

“You need to eat,” Luz argued with her son, he simply shook his head and looked down at his wife’s hands. They were cold. Brittle.

“She would want you to eat.” She pressed, he looked up to her. She was right as always.

He agreed after a moment, lifting himself up and walking out with his mother.


Y/N felt tears spring to her eyes as she looked at her boyfriend as he bowed.

This was the end of Hamilton for him. His creation would be passed down and it would be amazing.

She stood and clapped her hands, his eyes meeting hers. Tears were in both of their eyes. They were happy tears, but also sad ones.

After moments of waiting, Y/N walked back to the dressing rooms. She smiled at the actors and actresses before opening the room to Lin’s room.

Lin’s bare back was facing her as he redressed, she closed the door quietly before going up behind him, putting her hands on his back. He let out a sigh, he knew the feel of her hands. He knew how she would softly touch him after a show and how her fingers would press into his back or how she would move her nails up and down his spine. The way she would have feather light touches and give him soft pecks on his spine. He loved that.

He loved her.

“Hey, baby.” Lin greeted, a smile playing on his lips. Her lips met with his back before he pushed his shirt over his head and onto her body, she removed her hands.

“Hey,” She whispered as Lin turned around.

“You did amazing.” Y/N whispered and wrapped her arms around his neck, he smiled.

“Really?” He smiled and leaned closer, brushing his lips against hers. Y/N nodded and pressed her lips against his. They stayed in the position for what felt like moments before she pulled away.

“Let’s go home?” He asked and brushed her cheek, “I bet my mom is tired of the kids already.” A small giggle left her lips as she nodded and lifted her coat onto her shoulders. They interlaced their fingers before walked out.

A heart-wrenching sob left Romani’s lips as she watched her mother’s chest rise and fall one more time. Lin’s eyes closed as his children hung onto him. They all allowed tears to fall from their eyes as they choked out sobs.

“You said mommy would be okay,” whimpered Sebastian. Lin let out a loud sob. He did. He told his children Y/N would be okay.

“I’m sorry,” Lin apologized in a soft whimper as Luz wrapped her arms around the children.

“I’m going to take the children for a moment.” She whispered and kissed Lin’s cheek before walking out with the kids.

Lin walked to his wife’s bedside and sat his hand on top of hers.

“I love you. I love you. I love you.” He repeated.

“I wish I wasn’t alone. I wish they could have a mother with them,” he paused while a sob ripped through his shaking body.

“I’m sorry you were taken from us so soon.” He whispered and took his hands from hers, lifting himself up. He whispered a small ‘I love you’ before walking out and nodding at the nurses.


“Smile for the camera!” Y/N giggled as she pointed the camera at her children. Lin’s laugh could be heard throughout the room they had been sitting in. “No,” Romani argued, Y/N’s lips turned into a frown.

“Daddy will smile for me,” Y/N told her daughter, “Won’t you?” Y/N turned the camera to her husband, Lin’s lips twitched into a smile before he nodded.

“Of course I will.” He smiled making a smile play at Y/N’s lips.

“Will you smile for me now?” Y/N asked. Romani nodded as the camera was pointed at her again, a big toothless grin spreading across her face. Y/N giggled before she turned the camera back on herself. Lin walked up behind her and put a kiss on her forehead.

“I love you, love.” Lin smiled. Y/N repeated the words and turned her head towards him before pressing a kiss to his lips.

“I love you.” He repeated.

“I love you.” She smiled.

“I love her,” Lin whispered to his mother as she nodded and wrapped a secure arm around him as he cried.

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Could we get Prompto and s/o's child going back in time as well? c: Your guys' writing is amazing, by the way <3

*Takes deep breath*

Alright. I heard y’all. I heard ya. And because I heard ya it took me forever to write this because I wanted it to be perfect. 

First, it makes me so happy to see how much you guys have enjoyed the OC children. I’m having an absolute blast writing them. Huge shoutout to the anon who started it all. Second, there’s some kid/kid shipping in this one— so prepare yo selves!

Third, I’ve been thinking about it and if by chance, you guys want additional content with the children and want to suggest prompts including them, then please do! I don’t think I’m ready to let go of these bbys just yet. ;_;

(For timeline purposes, this takes place shortly before Ignis’ prompt)

Enjoy my lovelies~


Read Noctis, Ignis, and Gladio here!

When you meet her it’s not in the heat of battle, it’s not just before the end of the world— it’s by a stroke of luck— or fate if you will, that you even see her at all.

Only Prompto, Ignis, and yourself are traveling by chococbos through the southern region of Duscae one cloudy afternoon. Noctis has been suffering from terrible migraines as of late and it’s becoming clear that they’re correlated with the sleeping Astral underneath the meteor. It’s the only reason why you haven’t yet left for Lestallum— he had taken a terrible hit by an Iron Giant the previous night; the pain in his head impairing his defenses.

“You sure it’s around here, Iggy?” Prompto asks, fidgeting as he struggles to control the bird beneath him.

Keep reading

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after everything that took my interest in the liveshow i thought i can't wait to read your thoughts on it. have any? x

i’m not in the greatest headspace and probably can’t rewatch this ls so i think i will do things a bit differently today and just share some of the best messages i received from people on the liveshow. i always feel bad bc i spend a lot of time writing my own thoughts and then tend not to a good job sharing other people’s thoughts that they take the time to send to me so hopefully their words can speak to what i don’t have the ability to think/write about today. 

While I found dans ls pretty unextraordinary, his whole sexuality talk was really great. There is a large group of his fans who are not straight, and many of those, myself included, may be struggling with figuring ourselves out. Hearing him talk about things like that and how important it is for individuals to make their own decisions on how they want to label themselves is something I really needed to hear.

i really liked this liveshow!! honestly dan talking about labels and how they can be a good thing but can also be unnecessary made me super happy. i feel like he was just really saying the first things that came to mind with that whole “daniel lester” “good suggestion” and the openness when it came to talking about sexuality. and the way he talked about it, like he’d given the matter a lot of thought beforehand, was just very interesting. idk, just my take

well that’s that, dan officially referred to himself as formless blob after using that exact same term to describe people who choose to exist without a label.

dan mentioned the validity of asexuality again today and I’m crying again??? he is so good

the whole sexuality bit was really great and uplifting and validated a lot of what i’d written about the topic this week, in terms of people’s unrelenting pressure for dnp to place an explicit label on their sexual preferences and then share that with us. the compulsion to treat your sexuality as an intrinsic and widely shared part of your identity is great for some people but not as good for others and i love that dan gave voice to the people who might be questioning and uncomfortable with placing one static label on their experiences. this was also the furthest i think he’s ever gone in basically embracing the label of queer (when someone said it was a good umbrella term and he immediately said “it is” and talked about how it encompasses everything that’s not normative. he then defined what those normative groups would be and pointedly didn’t include himself in that group.) as anon above said, he also either consciously or subconsciously referred to himself in the exact same way as he suggested to another person to describe themselves if they didn’t want to label their sexuality (i.e. formless blob). and then of course,,, the sucking balls comment. the way he was weirdly enthused about the “your hair is like my sexuality” comment. good stuff. 

I love the way you criticize Dan and Phil (in a respectful way) and point the things you don’t like about them. I wanted to know what do you think about Dan saying that he likes that he has a diverse audience, with different tastes, ages and humor. To you this doesn’t have anything to do with all the tween girls thing? Also I have seen a lot of comments that want them to play lis to see what choices they make (and well, the game is about choices, so that’s not actually weird)

yep i thought dan did a good job walking back some of the instinctive criticisms he’d made towards his audience earlier in the ls. as i said, he does a pretty good job trying not to explicitly play into “fangirl” stereotypes but that doesn’t change the fact that his instinct is to mock/tease them and take them less seriously. so i don’t know. i feel on the fence about it. 

regarding the ‘play life is strange!!!!’ crowd: i agree that a lot of people have been spamming them to do that, and talking about how it’d be interesting to see the decisions they make. i also understand why the idea of that makes dan extremely uncomfortable. what i didn’t agree with was the way he assumed a high-pitched annoying voice to make fun of the people who were asking him to do it, and then the way he was sort of making fun of how people would be so into watching him and phil make moral decisions. his voice was dripping with sarcasm and mockery and it felt really rude to me. he talks about how people will psychoanalyze him and how it’s all dumb because you can’t tell anything about him from what he does on a youtube video … which obvi hits me personally a little bit hard bc all i do is sit here and think about his personality based on what he does on youtube and what he says in live shows lol so once again im just like ??? lol why do i do this? i mean he’s wrong, blatantly. you can tell a LOT about him from what he does on youtube and what he says in live shows and whatever, but as before i’m sort of put in the position of wondering if all of this rambling is actually invasive and disrespectful ,, who knows

it’s worth adding that dan was not only rude repeatedly to the audience but also to phil at one point? when someone in the chat asked what to do when anime is better than reality he said something like “just settle for someone who is definitely more disappointing than your fav anime character,” like referring to himself which is .. interesting .. i mean it’s def the same type of joking way he talks about phil but he delivered in a much more deadpan and dry way than his usual joking tone so it was just .. weird.

(edit, adding this bc it’s great): i love how proud he seems to be of the dapg channel!!!! he just keeps promoting it and saying it’s really funny and telling people to go watch it. it makes me really warm to know that even if he has been having some issues with dinof, he still is making something he’s happy with (as someone who works w creative things, i understand how frustrating it is to make things you don’t think are good enough, even when other people tell u it’s fine)

yes. he so happily sponned dapg and that made me happy to hear. it’s clear that it’s playing the same role it did back in december for him when he explicitly told us that making gaming vids w phil was what he needed at that moment for his peace of mind and his happiness (as opposed to ‘being existential and sarcastic’ or something along those lines on dinof) 


chat: daniel lester

dan: good suggestion!!!!!!

me, instantly craving death .. 

other notes: the allusion to hating the apartment for its noisiness at the end. they gon move. the constant allusions to how stressful and tiring the last two weeks have been. they’re definitely working on some stuff. it will be interesting to see what it is and when it comes to light. the whole talk about watching ‘get out’ and dealing w the annoying person who wouldn’t stop being loud was really funny, esp bc it involved YET ANOTHER reiteration that phil gets anxious in social settings. why are they both really pushing that so hard these days?? it’s def interesting to me. i also liked that when someone suggested he play dungeons and dragons he immediately related it to phil. and to sum all of that up, the twitter reply to the person that edited ‘me and phil’ onto his forehead was gold. ‘tldw’ or ‘too long, didn’t watch’ (a play off of ‘tl;dr’ which means ‘too long didn’t read,’ which is used as a way to summarize really long posts/articles, for those who were confused) so he’s basically saying that if anyone doesn’t want to watch the ls bc it’s too long, that picture is all the summary you need. i mean,,, he’s not wrong. at least he’s self aware. 

(live show: dan or the grim reaper? scientists can’t tell - 3.21.17)

Shklance - The most fun when it’s all three of us

I saw the post @fonbella made a few days ago about how most of the voltron poly fics are nsfw, and that it sucks major ass, (I tried finding the post but couldn’t,,,,,) and I agreed 100% and immediately came up with like 100 ideas for nice innocent stuff. This is the one I liked the best. Read more because it got a little long, or read on ao3

“He-llo YouTube!” Lance smiled brightly at the camera, giving his signature wink and finger guns. The lights were all set, his room properly organized, everything was exactly like it always was when he sat down to film another video… Except for one little fact. He had unusual guests today. Emphasis on unusual, because he often had guests over. Other YouTubers, friends, his little sisters, even his mother at one point.

But today… He glanced to the side, where his two boyfriends, Keith and Shiro stood out of camera shot and waited for his signal. Today was special.

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Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze...

In which I desperately try to avoid giving you spoilers…

You’ll recall that I had a sneak play of “Episode 2″ of this way back in April 2016.

I was very excited then, but such is the nature of these things that I was restricted in what I could say - I did always know that Jack was going to be in this, and in fact I had an over-eager conversation with Nathan at the closing party of The Distance where I mentioned the tie choice they’d made for Jack and mentioned that it was one of my favourites. Bless him, he was suitably enthused about it!

(Look at that tie - isn’t it gorgeous?)

So, what do we have? OK, here we go, with something that’s half-review, half epic fangirling!

Part graphic novel, part ‘choose your own adventure’ game, the 4th season* of ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’ sets out it’s stall in the pre-credit sequence: Murdoch Foyle is back, taunting Phryne even as he is supposedly led to the gallows to be hung for the murder of her sister Janey.

This: “Murder at the Opera” is the first of a proposed eight episode series**. It’s not a spoiler to say that the reappearance of Foyle is the over-riding arc of the season. But he makes only a slight appearance here, book-ending the plot of a murder at The Princess Theatre in Melbourne. 

We pick up, well, it’s not clear actually. We’re definitely post-airfield, but *when* exactly we are, and whether Jack did ‘come after’ Phryne are never clarified - the evening at the Opera is described as a date if you choose one path through the many routes available to you, but if you choose another, well, let’s just say that Phryne’s Boudoir is still receiving it’s fair share of overnight guests…

The art work is gorgeous - a selection of everyone’s favourite Phryne outfits can be chosen from, and we spend the first Act of the ‘novel’ with Jack in a tux. Phan-girl heaven! 

(The above is just one of several outfit options available to you - all of them gorgeously realised)

(Jack in a tux!!!!!)

And the music! Greg J Walker’s excellent compositions from the TV show are all here, often in extended versions that really help to enhance the mood and tone of Lisa Jeong’s excellent artwork. 

The whole thing is at times reminiscent of the dizzy heights of Season 2: Phryne and Jack flirt and banter; Aunt P is scathing but ultimately concerned for Phryne and her Found Family; and Dot continues her character development arc in a marvellous piece of undercover work. 

If you’re worried that you might not have the skills to play the game, worry not. It is very, very intuitive, and in fact the game won’t let you move on until you’ve discovered a vital clue, going so far as to pretty much tell you which screen you need to be going to if you are trying to ‘go the wrong way’. 

Phryne does a lot of sleuthing, all of it with her trademark wit and zeal. She’s less afraid to ‘get her hands dirty’ than she perhaps is in the TV show - there’s a bit in an alley that would probably usually fall to Hugh to deal with, but here the constraints of producing artwork mean that it’s Phryne doing the physical work. 

The plot is clever, well written, and - it makes sense! The use of little summary boxes for storage in your ‘detective journal’ delivers some absolute gems such as this:

Really, when it’s written down like that, the whole thing does come across as faintly ridiculous. Kudos to Nicholas Bell for managing to make Murdoch Foyle so intimidating. 

I have no idea what the release schedule is going to be, and at the moment it’s on iOs for iPad or iPhone only - I know, I know! If, like me, you have an Android phone, and the only iteration of Apple you own is the Mac Mini, then this *is* disappointing. But you’ve maybe got a friend who’s willing to lend you their iPad - it’s worth asking them, and that’s how I’m able to join in all the fun. There is a reason for this: the people at Apple and Android have very specific requirements for what’s contained within the code of the applications they allow onto their platforms. I am told, by people who work in the industry (including the aforementioned owner of the borrowed iPad), that it is much, much easier to code for iOs first, and then adapt to Android later - try it the other way and you apparently find yourself pretty much reinventing the wheel each time. 

It appears that the cost is 2.99 of your local currency (seems to be that in both US Dollars and UK Pounds). I’m honestly going to spend more than that on my lunch tomorrow, and this has far less bad calories in it. I presume that the rest of the run will cost the same, meaning that the whole Season will be about the same price as a Box Set DVD release. 

I strongly encourage you to log onto the App Store and download this; it really is worth the foray into a different sort of media. 

*Season 4? Why, yes. Look, we know we’re not getting a TV Season 4, at least not anytime soon. This has eight episodes and it picks up after Season 3. So, you know…

**Not to be too blunt, but if sales aren’t what they need to be, they won’t have the capital to release them all. I’m sorry if that ‘sounds like blackmail’. I know that ‘everyone’ has an Android phone, but as detailed above, that’ll be coming later. For now, if you have an iPhone or iPad, please support the game. Supporting the game means supporting the show, and creators deserve to be paid for their effort. Tin Man is run from a tiny space, smaller than Phryne’s parlour, with people crammed in and working their guts out. They’re an amazing team, and they so deserve to have this be a success after how long they’ve been working on it.


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WinwinxReader AU (requested)

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 2.3k 

A/N So this turned out a little very different than what had been requested, and the tone of it kinda changes because I left it for a while and came back to it later. Honestly it’s not the greatest T.T But I hope you still enjoy reading it anon dear~ (Also some things may come off a little insensitive, but this is in all honestly based on my personal experiences with exchange students and language barriers.)

“Sicheng, are you okay?” 

Winwin looks at you like he just came back from another dimension. His eyes are blinking slowly, and his mouth is opening to explain himself. But he’s posture is stiff, as an unreadable tension falls on his shoulders. Although slightly confused, you didn’t have to think too hard about why he appeared so uncomfortable. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi hi! Can I request fluffy wonwoo on a rainy day w kisses and cuddles?? Thank you!!

of course!! <3

Outside the rain had stayed all morning, an endless downpour casting the world in a wash of grey. You stood by the window watching the drops hit the ground and bounce back again, mingling with the air before fading. Today the cityscape looked cold and uninviting and winter still gripped the world, fierce and unwelcoming.

Blanket forts: that was what the world needed right now.

After you had collected all the comfort you could find you stood for a moment, alone in your apartment, staring down at the pile of blankets. Now the process of creation began. The graft was long and hard (approximately 30 mins, with a snack break in the middle) but eventually it was done and you sat back, sweaty but proud of your fortress.

Being an adult is hard, you contemplated as you crawled hands and knees into your new home. These things have to be way bigger for me to fit.

Once inside, you snuggled down into the floor of cushions and duvet, glancing beside you at the crack of window you had left visible. Predictably the rain was still doing its best to flood the world, and you rolled your eyes and pulled your phone from your pocket.

3 text notifications from Wonwoo? Was it your birthday?

‘Hey, are you in?’

‘I’m gonna drop off your housewarming gift. You better be home.’

‘I’m nearly there. Why do you have a phone if you never bother answering?’

Oh, god. Here you were, in your pyjamas, blanket fortress encompassing your entire living room, and your boyfriend (whom you had been on approximately 5 dates with, and who had never seen you in your fully-pyjamad glory)  was on his way here. Scrambling back out the entrance, commando style, you flailed on the floor for a few moments, trying to work out a course of action. Okay, go get dressed, and then-

Ding! Diiing! DIIIING!

The buzzer for your apartment sounded three times, becoming progressively louder with each. Defeatedly, you heaved yourself to your feet and went to press the button to let your guest up, slouching against the wall until the inevitable knock at the door came. You flattened down the frizz of your hair best you could, before opening the door a crack, peering out.

Oh god.  

Standing in the corridor, sleepy eyes watching you curiously, was Wonwoo. He was dressed in all dark clothing, slouching a little, hair slick from the rain. He offered you a smile, holding out a potted cactus. A potted cactus… Your potted cactus, gifted by him. Had anyone, in the universe, ever given a greater gift? It was so beautiful, you-

“Are you going to open the door?” He questioned, interrupting your delusions as he peered at you through the small gap you were staring out of. Gathering strength, you mustered your best smile and opened the door wider, exposing your polar bear pyjamas and the blanket kingdom behind you.

“Ah, yeah- um. Please come in.” You offered, desperately trying to read his facial expressions as his eyes danced around the room. His footsteps continued until he was standing at the entrance of the fort, cactus nestled into the crook of his arm. He placed it down on the side cabinet, and you admired it from where you were standing behind him.

“Thank you for the cactus,” you put in robotically, and he turned to you with a bemused smile.

“It’s fine.” He paused for a long while, studying your face as you squirmed under his gaze. The two of you had never been completely alone like this whilst dating, always preferring to go to cafes or restaurants. Now here you were, in all of your childlike glory, feeling like a tiny speck under the spotlight of his intense stare.

“Can I go in?” Was what he finally uttered.

“Aaaahhum… sure.” You replied, surprised by this sudden request. You had expected him to tease you for this situation at the very least, but instead he had coolly assessed your work and was now crawling inside the fort, and without warning you were continuing after him.

Finding yourself at the other side of the entrance, you sat down in the enclosed space, noticing that Wonwoo was now sitting cross legged only a few feet away from you. Still his eyes followed you, and you were unsure of what to say, prolonging the awkward silence that hung in the air. Then, without warning, he broke out into a smile.

“It’s great,” he enthused, looking around with twinkling brown eyes. “I used to build ones just like this, when I lived at home.”

When I was a tiny child, and not a fully grown adult, You added the words in your head you believed he was too polite to say.

Whilst you scrambled to think of a reply, Wonwoo was already nestling down into the blankets, clearly content with the silence. He now lay back fully on a pile of cushions, watching the rain outside with drooping eyelids. Was this man always tired?

“You should try laying back,” he murmured thoughtfully. “It’s peaceful.”

As if moving in slow motion, you inched towards his figure, letting gravity slowly pull you down into the welcoming cocoon of cushions that Wonwoo was hogging. Now you were mere inches away from one another, your legs touching slightly as you made yourself comfortable. This situation seemed natural to your boyfriend, whose slender fingers reached to twiddle with a strand of your hair. Before long his own actions had made him sleepier than ever, and he had come to rest his head on your shoulder.

“Wonwoo,” you muttered, beginning to feel drowsy yourself. “You’re.. going to.. fall asleep.”

The soft touch of his lips upon your neck was his response as he left a series of sleepy kisses, his eyelids fluttering closed once again.

“Just five more minutes,” he whispered, his arm now draped across you as he had tried to make himself comfortable.

“Five more minutes,” you echoed, tracing the back of his hand with your fingers as you struggled to ward off sleep. “Five more minutes.”

Outside of your perfect blanket Kingdom, pounding rain and fierce howling winds continued to batter against those who braved them. But, inside the walls of your castle, it was warm and safe. As the real world faded around you you slipped into a dream, about a sleepy-eyed prince and the many adventures the two of you would come to share.

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wrote my way out

it’s almost 5am, wrote my way out made me cry so i wrote this. lol thx lin for the writers block playlist, really helped tbh.

“How old were you when you wrote your first musical?” The interviewer asked. Y/N paused as she thought about the question. “When I was about five,” She laughed at the memory. “It was horrible and I didn’t really know how musicals and plays worked, but I had gone to many broadway musicals so I had this thought that if you can write a song and make it emotionally funny, you’re doing something that could change the world.” She explained with a grin on her cheeks and a glint of sparkle in her eyes.

“And your parents? Were they supportive?” They asked, she took a breath and looked at them. Confusion was playing in her eyes for a split moment as she scratched the back of her neck. “Yeah,” She said with a tone that told you she wasn’t sure. How could she be sure, though? She was twelve when they died. She wrote her way from the life she had, and God bless she did. If she was there she would probably be dead.

“I would like to think they were proud,” She smiled softly before going on to explain more. “I actually had written about four small musicals by the time they passed. I was working on the fourth one when I became an orphan and because of that I didn’t have the support I needed growing up,” She nodded and pushed her hands down the skirt she had been wearing. “I wrote myself out of that situation, I truly believe that I survived from my writing.” The interviewer looked down the carpet before pulling out their phone to read something.

“Who did you live with after that?” They asked as a smile faded from Y/N’s lips. “My grandparents,” She told them and kind of shook her head. “Can we not talk about that? It’s pretty touchy.” Y/N smiled politely as the interviewer nodded.

“Of course. Well, a fan had actually asked me to ask you a question,” They told her, she nodded.

“The tweet says and I quote ‘Have you seen Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda & if so, do you think of yourself as Hamilton?’” They asked. Y/N’s lips parted slightly before she answered the question.

“To the first part, no.” She shrugged her shoulders for a moment, “I am busy starring in my own musical, I do not have the time or money to see ‘Hamilton.’” She told the interviewer, a nod was sent through their head as she continued talking. “Shit, man. I do want to see it, though and to the second part…” She paused for a moment and took a breath as she looked around. “I do not think so?” It was more of a question. She somewhat shook her head and looked down at her shoes. “I’m not sure,” She explained before being gestured somewhere else.

“I’m sorry,” She apologized. “I need to go.” She pointed to the next interviewer that asked the same questions but one stood out.

“You have been compared to Alexander Hamilton a lot and asked if you’ve seen the musical,” The interviewer paused, “Do you see yourself as Alexander or if you were offered the part would you take it?” They asked. Y/N looked anywhere but at the interview as she scratched the side of her lip before answering. “If I was offered it, I might.” Y/N nodded and bite her lip. “I’m actually leaving ‘Annabell’ soon, so if the offer stood I would and in regards to the whole ‘Do I see myself as Hamilton,’ thing,” She paused so she could let out a giggle. “I do not.” She confirmed once again before explaining the confirmation. “We’re just very different people with very different backgrounds.” The interviewer nodded as Y/N’s agent gestured her inside. She said her goodbyes, blowing a kiss at the camera before walking in. Her hands tugged at her dress as she began to think about her life as a child.

Parents died. Lived with hurtful guardians. Wrote her way from the poor New York town. Got into Stanford. Graduated. Wrote a musical and got bigger than she had ever thought would happen.

“We’re sitting by Lin-Manuel Miranda.” Her agent told her, a nod came from Y/N to tell her she understood as they walked down the aisle until they found the seats.

“Right there.” She pointed to Y/N’s name.

Y/N Y/L/N.

Her breath was caught in her throat as she sat down.

This was real. This wasn’t a dream. She wasn’t fourteen writing a musical for her school and hoping this would be real. This was real.

She watched as people walked in and took their seats. She couldn’t help the feeling in her chest when she saw Lin.

He created Hamilton.

A wide smile was playing on his lips when he spoke to everyone. He pushed himself through the aisle, muttering a small ‘excuse me,’ as he shuffled by Y/N to sit. A smile played at her lips as he sat down.

“I’m Lin.” He introduced and stuck out his hand for her when he noticed her hands shaking. She smiled and told him her name while shaking his hand. His mouth opened slightly before he began to ramble about ‘Annabell.’

“You wrote ‘Annabell?’” He asked. Y/N nodded and smiled. “Yeah.” She breathed out as he spoke.

“That freaking musical is so beautiful! How did you come up with the concept?” He smiled widely with a questioning sparkle in his eyes.

“Personal experiences, ya know?” She giggled at her own words as he nodded. “God, yeah I do.” He whispered while the lights dimmed.

“Good luck.” He whispered in her ear as she nodded and whispered the same words to him.

“And the best American Musical goes to…” The tension could be cut with a knife at this point as everyone waited for the answer.

“‘Annabell!’” A chorus of cheers was heard around the room as she stood up and hugged her agent. She turned to Lin who was standing with a wide smile on his face. They embraced as she walked up to the stage. She walked the stairs and was handed the Tony.

“Um, wow.” She smiled and looked at the award, letting out a breathy laugh she continued the speech she had been making up in her mind since she was a child.

“I don’t know what to say, so I’ll do the speech from when I was nineteen.” She told the audience before continuing.

“I am a twenty-five-year-old who had always dreamed of having a musical on Broadway and winning an award for it, but I never thought it would actually happen. I have to thank my parents, who can’t be here with me currently, they believed in me since I was a child. Twenty years ago, God.” She paused and looked at the Tony as she spoke.

“I’m old.” She laughed, “And I one hundred percent think that ‘Hamilton’ should of one, so this goes out to you guys!” She raised the Tony and smiled before walking off. Many people cheered as she felt hands on her back and ‘Congratulations,’ being thrown from all places.

She stood quietly as she watched the boy had her name put onto the award.

“Hey,” Someone said making her jump from the sudden noise. She looked at the person who surprised her before smiling.


“Hey,” She repeated and looked back at the boy. “We won something.” He enthused with a wide smile which she shared. “That’s great!” He nodded and let out a sigh while bouncing on his heels and toes.

“I was wondering,” He began as he looked at you, trying to find reassurance he could go on. She nodded. “Would you like to get lunch sometime?” Lin asked as his hands began to fidget. A smile spread across Y/N’s lips.

“Yeah.” She replied when the guy turned back to hand her the Tony.

“Great! Let me just get your number.” He murmured the ending as he took out his phone, unlocking it and hanging it to her. She typed in the eleven digit number and her name before handing it back to him. He quickly composed a message and smiled at her.

“I’ll see you soon.” She nodded in response while allowing her smile to grow bigger.

Maybe this was the start of more beautiful things.


Jessa, Adam, and Hannah in between (but over them)

I have loved (and at times hated) the characters of HBO’s ‘Girls’. They’ve made me cry, laugh, roll my eyes, and ask, “WHY?!”, more times than I can recall, but overall, it’s been a lot more relatable to me, than Sex And The City And Their Unaffordable Life (that’s what it should’ve been). There are two relationships that’ve been tearing at me for the longest time now, and that is the falling-out of the romantic one between Adam and Hannah, and the “friendship” between Hannah and Jessa.

Jessa for me, has always been this mix of that indie-jaded free-spirited, confident woman who at the end of the day is comfortable with the choices she’s made. She’s someone I wish I could be, and also someone I hope to never become, because while she may seem empowered, she’s also just as guilty as Hannah for being selfish in her own self-destructive way. Now, what strikes me as odd, is a lot of people beginning to think that she’s second choice to Hannah (when it comes to Adam). After tonight’s episode (SPOILER ALERT - DO NOT READ ON if you haven’t watched), it is confirmed that is indeed, what she is. However, what you may not realize or remember, is that that was how their relationship began in the first place: Hannah choosing herself over Adam.

You see, back when Adam was being an ass while getting involved in that play (where we first met Desi), he kept choosing to be around theatre people and hanging out with them and less so with Hannah. That’s fine, he was following his dreams, and getting a really awesome role out of it. Yet, when Hannah got the offer to go to Iowa for her writing, he was less than enthused, but in the end, supported her, or so it appeared. So when she returned to find that Adam not only did not wait for her, but also practically moved his new girlfriend Mimi-Rose (the first really put-together woman he dated really) in, yeah, it threw her for a loop. What really hurt was that we learned that it was Jessa that not only encouraged him to move on, but introduced him to the new girl. That’s not a dear friend, that should’ve been the end of that friendship right there, because Hannah wasn’t trying to go with other guys, she just wanted to prove herself as a writer. Only after Mimi-Rose and Adam split, and after Sample was born, did he have that “epiphany” that he was done being away from Hannah and wanted her back, literally reached his hand out towards her. What did she do? She said, “I can’t.”, then pulled her hand away.
Season five, suddenly he’s into Jessa, and Jessa knows it’s against friends to date their exes (you practically have all the info without learning it for yourself, you know? Like a ‘How To Date My Ex: The Right Way’ novel), but still, they eventually become a couple. But, I’ve wondered since that season, if Jessa ever knew that he went back to Hannah, and that if she hadn’t pulled away, they’d still be going through their usual ups and downs - Jessa wouldn’t be in the picture.

Hannah’s baby threw Adam off his game. It’s like when you go on Facebook and see the old friends you used to be close to, reaching these huge milestones (babies, marriages, promotions, visiting that one place you always said you wanted to go to, etc), but deep down you know it’s reached that point where you don’t feel close enough to truly congratulate them aside from a like or comment. When you see your former best friend and say, “we should get together sometime”, knowing you never will. Adam is as he said, looking back over his shoulder, where this intense and oddly loving relationship was with Hannah. I also think he’s fearful of Jessa falling out-of-love with him, because as we all saw in his film, he’s clearly a very emotionally insecure person.

As Adam and Hannah poorly attempt to rekindle the flame that they had, slowly she starts piecing together that not only is he doing this because the baby meant she was moving forward, but that he was coming up with these plans too fast and not giving himself a chance to breathe. When she sees the mom washing her baby alone on the baby-tub package, it’s dawned on her that the plans she’s made were for that of herself and above all, her kid. From that point on, we should all know that this ship is about to finally sink like the Titanic we knew it was. In a diner over a couple of bowls of soup, Hannah’s eyes begin to fill with tears, and because Adam knows Hannah too well, and could see that the reality finally set into her that this isn’t going to work, he also tearfully realizes that it’s over.

We don’t see them say anymore goodbyes, but we know that while Jessa did attempt to revert to her old ways of getting over something (a la Season 1 episode 2), it didn’t work, because she truly does love Adam, and Adam, rejected by Hannah once again, returns to her, and with a sad smile, she goes to buzz him in.

All forms of relationships begin, end, get back together or draw away. Whatever or whoever happens in that time between can change a person, or may be it doesn’t, and you realize you’re the one that changed. The point is that you can’t go back. The blanks won’t be filled, because they no longer need to be. People may be chapters of a book in your life, but I’d like to think of it as a series, not a stand alone. Sometimes you have to put the book down, and start a new one.

Kiss-Part 1| Jimin♡

Pairing: Jimin x Reader.


You stand there in the mirror, looking at your reflection in the dress you bought recently for Jimin’s birthday party. It is a black v-neck skater dress that gives a great view of your cleavage. As you start to feel yourself pointing out your flaws, the door of your dorm opens.

“Y/n, you almos- woah, you look so cute!” Hobi says as he places both hands on his cheek in aw. You blush slightly and smile at his sweetness.

“Thanks hobi.” You smile sincerely.

“Welcome, now let’s go! Hurry hurry!” He says rushing you out of the door as you grab your leather jacket.

Your hair was natural (wavy), but the sides were plaited and gripped round to the back. You would usually straighten your hair to tame it, but today you wanted a change. Your had done your makeup, but you still looked elegant and natural. Fleeky winged eyeliner and a touch of mascara was usually enough for you, but today you added a tiny little eyeshadow and it looked good!

As the door to the house opened, a gush of a sweaty odor hit you, along with a muggy heat. You could hold in your excitement… not.

“Y/n!” Your best friend Jimin enthuses as he walks over to greet you. You smile hugely and he hugs you before showing you around the place.

After being shown around the house, he takes you back to the area with free seats and you see your dance buddy, Grace. Suddenly the music controller plays BTS-Dope as a joke to the band.

“Dance challenge!!” Jin says as he pushes Jimin and J-hope into the middle of the room. Everyone stares at you and Grace knowing you 4 are the best dancers. Luckily for you two, you’ve had to teach the dance before. You both take of your heels and start imitating the boys’ dancing, everyone screams and cheers for you. The boys laugh and dance the next part before you interrupt and so on. The competition comes to an end with an errupt of laughter from you and Jimin. “You guys definitely won that game!” Hobi laughed whilst looming at Grace. You and Jimin leave the pair and go get some more drinks. When Jimin leaves your side, you sit back on the sofa next to V. He smirks at you and eventually speaks. “Good dancing.” He grinned. “Thanks.” You reply smiling before downing your amaretto and coke, this is your 4th glass and you’re pretty good with alcohol, so you still have a clear mind. “Y/n, I finally have a dare for you.” He says. You raise your eyebrows for him to carry on talking. “Makeout with Jimin.” He says blunty but nicely. Your mouth opens in shock and you question his thoughts. “What, no. Why?” You groan, knowing you have to do as he says because you owe him. He said one day he would dare you to do something and you had to do it because he pretended to be your boyfriend one time. “I don’t have to justify my reasoning to you. I don’t have to see you do if either, I know you will eventually.” He says as he walks away. You walk around and begin looking for Jimin and soon enough you hear a toilet flush and see him walk out of the bathroom. He looks straight at you as he looks up from the floor. You walk over to him and kiss him, straight away, without saying a word. Your lips start to move on top of his and after a few seconds he starts to move his too. You are the dominant one for now and you decide on deepening the kiss. Jimin places his cold hands onto your back, giving you goosebumps and sending a tingling sensation through your body. Just as you started to feel like you should stop, Jimin pulls your body closer. Suddenly realisation hits you that you shouldn’t be enjoying this. You pull away from the kiss and smile at him gently before bowing your head and walking away. Luckily Jimin doesn’t stop you since he is clearly too confused and shocked about what just happened… You head towards the door, ready to leave the house with hot cheeks and a sicky feeling in your stomach. As you grab the door handle, J-hope grabs your arm gently. “Y/n, Are you okay?? Where are you going?” He asks worried. “Home, I’m fine don’t worry. Please don’t follow me! Go take care of jimin for the night please?” You reply before walking out and going home. “