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Damn you’ve got it bad

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: What would have happened if Peter had gone to the pool in D.C.?

Warnings: peter being ripped, a few mentions of this because why not

A/N: I know I haven’t been very active lately, so I hope this makes up for it. I am currently working on something though :)

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dating peter parker would include...

dedicated to my harrison bestie anon in hopes it makes them smile :) also yes it’s really fuckin long i’m sorry i just love peter parker and have a lot of feelings

  • you actually hate to tell the story of how you two met because it’s mortifiying oh mygod
  • peter, however, loves to watch u blush about it even though it was only really embarrassing when it happened
  • taking the subway to school like every other day, you obviously had spent too many hours on the internet so u were tired as hell 
  • so tired you couldn’t grab the pole in time when the subway stopped
  • and you in an ungraceful manner, tripped, stumbled and fell
  • into his lap
  • his l a p 
  • you still get red cheeks when remember just how embarrassing it was
  • oh my god! i c-can’t believe that- i-i, i’m so so sorry- h-holy shit–
  • peter did find it extremely awkward but your mortified and blushing red face was so much more adorable 
  • n-no, it’s fine– d-do you want my seat?
  • o-oh no, it’s alright. i’d just like to crawl into a hole somewhere. sudden amnesia works too.
  • a cute girl with wit and oh my is that a nerdy shirt????
  • from them on, you had his entire heart 
  • yes i will totally be writing a full on imagine for this
  • you guys weren’t friends for long if u know what i mean 
  • like you had already face planted into his lap so you skipped most of the awkward interactions
  • you were kinda like ‘ah what the hell’ 
  • you did it while you guys were walking home together, like usual
  • hey peter, can you hold this for me?
  • yeah?” 
  • and you just grabbed his hand, grinning at him with wink 
  • cue the cutest blushing from peter 
  • peter goddamn nearly had a heart attack but couldn’t stop smiling the entire walk home 
  • he was really sad when he reached your building 
  • but then you stood on ur tippy toes and kissed him on the cheek so he wasn’t that sad
  • eventually kisses on the cheeks became kisses on the lips & it wasn’t official but you two just knew
  • let’s be real, peter is the worlds biggest dork so movie marathons are so common
  • i mean everything– star wars, back to the future, jurassic park, like man you name it 
  • and if u were a nerd too, then oH boy he would just be in a constant state of heart eyes 
  • he would be anyways but extra heart eyes if u geek out
  • c’mon pete, hurry that cute lil ass up! it’s rogue one!!
  • oh my god, please marry me right now.
  • you guys definitely try to quote movies as much as possible
  • i love you” ”i know *intense blushing* diD YOU JUST–
  • he has a such soft spot for when you guys marathon disney movies not that he tells you that
  • something about you lighting up & singing along makes him go !!!!!!! inside
  • no you two never perform disney duet songs together never ever have you done that why do u ask
  • (your favourite one to perform is hakuna matata because its a goddamn classic and peter gets so into it)
  • (breaking free from hsm is a close second because damn can peter hit those notes when he really tries)
  • peter parker is such an admirer like you dont even know
  • he could stare at you for hours and its pretty much what gets him through the day tbh
  • in fact, he has all your birthmarks and freckles committed to memory because shes so pretty i can’t deal with this
  • he blushes SO MUCH when you catch him staring
  • but lets be real, you were staring at him too
  • he blushed even more when he found that out because oh my fucking god she was staring at me do i look weird is there something on my face
  • but when you’re like no you goof, i’m admiring youu get 
  • he just never stops blushing 
  • he! would! try! so! hard! at everything 4 you
  • baking? hell yeah he’ll bake for u
  • singing? eh he’ll give it a go (but only for you)  
  • dancing? he hates it but he loves to watch u laugh and smile with him so he does it anyways (even if he sucks)
  • speaking of dancing
  • peter loves it when u dance
  • especially when you stay over and he wakes up to you dancing around the kitchen or his room 
  • his favourite is catching you off guard when you’re grooving to some 80′s song
  • babe– cutting himself off with his own laughter, i don’t think that’s dancing.
  • he loves to tease you about your funky dancing because seeing his girl blushing is like his second favourite thing
  • (the first being your smile because it completely melts his insides and everything is better when you smile at him)
  • you also love it when he’s teasing because all you have is pout and suddenly peter’s showering you in kisses 
  • peter is such a sucker for kisses
  • actually he’s such a hopeless romantic & lover of cliches like
  • constantly bringing you flowers he finds on nightly patrols? check 
  • stopping so you two can share a cutesy kiss in the rain? check 
  • dumb pick up lines that still make you laugh? check 
  • tbh you both do pickup lines
  • hey, hey y/n, are you the square root of -1? because you can’t be real 
  • he just giggles at you from the bed
  • except when you do it, its a different story
  • hey hey hey, peter 
  • hmm?” 
  • are you related to yoda? because yodalicious.
  • peter just falls off the bed 
  • you don’t even ask if he’s alright, you just cut straight to laughing at his reaction
  • s-shut up! this isn’t because of your pick up line!! i was startled! 
  • even though he’s trying to hide his face in a pillow, you can see his pink cheeks
  • sure, peter, sure. 
  • aunt may is both a blessing and a curse to both of you 
  • because she spills BOTH OF YOUR SECRETS
  • like you can’t ramble to her about peter because she will tell him everything
  • with you in the same room 
  • oh peter, you’re wearing that shirt? i know y/n loves it, she was talking just the other day about how she find it so hot– 
  • peter secretly really wants to know what you said about him 
  • but aunt may does it to peter too and he hates it
  • “seriously y/n, you should hear the things he says about you, i swear he’s turned into some lovesick–”
  • makeout sessions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • you both l o v e them 
  • funnily enough, peter is the one who usually starts them 
  • hey y/n, you’ve got something on your face, let me just– *kisses you all over you face*
  • because he’s more than ahead in his classes, ‘study dates’ really means makeout not that you mind though  
  • peter loves kisses everywhere
  • forehead kisses
  • nose kisses
  • shoulder kisses
  • eyelid kisses
  • back of the hand kisses
  • all the kisses
  • his absolute favourite kiss is the one he receives from you in the morning when you’ve stayed over
  • he’ll play with your hair softly and you’ll yawn & stretch and catch him gazing at you 
  • and you just smile and lean up and kiss him 
  • it never fails to make peters heart stop and when you pull away he just goes nooooooooooooo and pouts till you kiss him again 
  • it’s especially hard when you have to leave or part ways after school because peter turns into a needy lil boy
  • one more kiss! one more! 
  • peter you’ve said that seven times now!! 
  • you literally have to push his away, giggling and grinning, because otherwise he’s going to be late 
  • i swear to god parker, it’s only one class! 
  • and of course you know about him being spidey
  • you actually found out by accident 
  • you were searching thru his closest for something to wear when you stumbled across it 
  • tbh you thought it was a really dedicated costume at first
  • so you put it on and it was so fucking baggy man
  • hey peter! look at me, i’m the spider man! thwip thwip! 
  • except it was the real thing so 
  • y-y/n!! where did you find that??? 
  • don’t worry, i’ll keep your spider-man obsession a secret, peter.
  • but when you accidentally web peter’s hand to the wall, you figure out this suit is the real deal 
  • holy shit!! holy shit! you– you’re, this is the real, oh my god, you’re the spider-man!  
  • peter just panics because you’ve webbed him to the wall and he can’t actually do anything
  • no! no i’m not!
  • you freak out for like another minute before you gather your senses enough 
  • peter parker, do not play with me right now- are you spider-man?
  • would you believe me if i said it was a very detailed halloween costume?
  • after cutting him free, you squeezed him into the tightest hug because you were so goddamn proud of him 
  • but also because oh my god how many times had he risked his life and had you not known???? 
  • oh my god, this is so wicked i can’t believe you’re spider-man–
  • you can’t tell anyone! 
  • shh, you know i wouldn’t but holy god! you have to tell me everything
  • you’re not mad i didn’t tell you?” 
  • pfft, i’ll only be mad if you don’t tell me now.
  • yes i also want to make this an imagine
  • yes, you’re the one who patches him up which always ends in cuddles
  • basically you get to shower peter in constant love and affection because he would do that and more for you 
  • he’s just the perfect boyfriend??? 
  • i want a peter parker

Alright, it was pretty cute.

SHINee taking you to a movie


Originally posted by sibelhomme-tumb

  •  Would walk in to the cinema holding your hand like ‘yeah, she’s my girlfriend, isn’t she beautiful?’
  • Gets a huge box of popcorn and chomps on it more and more as the movie gets climactic 
  • The clumsy man would probably accidentally spill his drink on himself
  • And maybe trip on the way out
  • Has his arm around you for the whole movie and attacks you with cute cheek and nose kisses
  • Won’t shut up about the film for the whole night
  • Makes everyone jealous as he twirls you around and carries you on his shoulders going home
  • “Jagi, I had such a good time with you! I wouldn’t want to go with anyone else! Can we go every weekend baby, please?!” 


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  • Will see whatever you want to see as you’re his princess
  • Most likely to do something naughty in the cinema 
  • Like you’ll most definitely feel his hand running up your thigh
  • We all know he’ll be a crier if he see’s a sad movie
  • Calls you babe/baby in front of everyone
  • He won’t stop playing with his hair
  • Everyone will be like ‘who the hell is laughing like that?’ at the funny parts because everyone knows what Key’s laugh is like
  • He’s the type to stay until the credits end just in case anything else happens
  • He’ll probably miss half of the movie because of him kissing you 
  • “We can see whatever you want babe, anything that makes you happy. You are by Princess after all.”


Originally posted by dreamerwithbigeyes

  • He’ll hold your hand but blush the whole way through getting your tickets because of it
  • Before the movie starts he’ll gather up the courage to tell you how pretty you look
  • He’ll miss half of the movie by going to the toilet 24/7 
  • Secretly wants to do something naughty in the cinema but is too shy to initiate it
  • He’ll hold your hand and rub yours with his thumb instead 
  • Asks you questions during the movie like you know what’s gonna happen
  • He’ll probably be asked to be quiet by the people behind you cause he’ll be chatty as hell
  • He’s the type to hear ‘enjoy the movie’ and say ‘you too’ to the assistant
  • “So is she going to to choose the bad guy or the good guy then? Oh yeah, you don’t know. Sorry baby, I’ll try to be quiet.”


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  • Carries your bag for you in to the cinema
  • Doesn’t know what food to get so he gets one of everything
  • Will keep pointing out what’s happening in the film to make sure you understand in an accidentally condescending way
  • He’ll find a reason to cry at a film
  • Yet he’ll still feel good enough to kiss your neck and whisper what he wants to do to you afterwards in the darkness
  • He loves it when you rest your head on his shoulder
  • Wants to feed you sweets and crisps like it’s a picnic
  • You’ll catch him gazing at you just to see your reaction the the film
  • He’ll clap at the end of the film if he enjoyed it for some reason 
  • “I hope you know that just because I’m being a good boy here, doesn’t mean I won’t be doing some very bad stuff with you when we get home, baby girl.” 


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  • Minho would beg you to let him watch the sport themed movie
  • But being the softie he is, he’ll watch whatever you decide and at least pretend to be in to it
  • He’s the type to secretly enjoy a chick flick
  • Starts a mini popcorn throwing fight during the film
  • As for skinship, he’d rather take you in to the toilets for a quickie over starting something he can’t finish in public
  • Minho would have all the girls staring at him, even if they were in a relationship too
  • He’ll wait until you’re in bed cuddling to ask you what you thought about the movie and that’ll be your cute bedtime talk before sleeping
  • “Yah, baby, I have to admit it got me a bit teary. I mean when they kissed after all that time! I love spending quality time with you.” 
dating brad would include...

• forehead kisses

• bear hugs

• cuddle, pizza & movie dates

• falling asleep while cuddling

• neck kisses

• tickle fights

• “can I kiss you now?”

• calling him cute all the time

• “stop calling me cute, I’m manly”

• only getting into fights when he’s jealous

• him pouting when he wants a kiss

• waking up in his arms

• him complimenting you during sex

• “you look so pretty right now babe”

• playing with his hair

• this boy is definitely a top

• “come her princess”

• your parents loving him

• he’s cheeky when no one is around

• slow and sweet kisses


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Random Headcanons for TFP

I can’t answer asks or work on commissions right now, but I can do this.

Ratchet has terrible handwriting, Cybertronian or otherwise. It’s just really fast chicken scratch and most people can’t read it.

Bumblebee learned sign language from Raf because it seemed like fun.

Smokescreen was very clumsy as a sparkling and that can still be found now. Such as tripping over his own pedes when he’s walking or running into things around the base, does not translate into his fighting.

Optimus really loves learning the languages of Earth, without downloading them. So far is fluent in Spanish, French, and German and conversational in Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Bulkhead is afraid of picking up a brush and being artistic due to… Events.

Arcee might have been a dancer on Cybertron, specifically a Cybertronian form of Belly Dancing.

Ultra Magnus spends a lot of ‘free time’ after being told they’re a family watching family movies to understand.

Wheeljack really loves country music, specifically stuff with a fiddle in it. Absolutely wants to learn how to play the fiddle.

Knockout does a sort of vent that sounds like a snort when he laughs too hard, hates it and will be embarrassed for the next millennia.

Starscream watches model shows, like America’s Next Top Model and the like, even shows about making clothing. It’s the one thing he thinks humans are actually good at. Definitely where he learned to strut his stuff.

Breakdown really likes animals, all kinds. He knows he shouldn’t, but they’re so cute and small he can’t help it. Used to try and bring home random animals. Knockout had to stop him.

Soundwave, obviously, likes dubstep, but he secretly likes heavy metal like Black Sabbath. It’s a guilty pleasure. Would kill someone if they found out.

Megatron has the same interest in language as Optimus, but only learns to read them and comprehend speech. He has no interest in learning Earth languages.

Dreadwing likes Disney movies, especially Moana, a strong warrior with strong loyalty to her people. If anyone found out he will kill them

Shockwave watches Bill Nye, not just the Science Guy show, but all the other stuff he puts out. Gets notified anytime something new appears from him and listens to it while working.

guys but listen

  • so after the foxes win everyone starts paying attention to them
  • suddenly the press is all over their social media and wants them on talk shows and panels all the time
  • and they do it bc they could use some good publicity tbh and they rly need a bigger team
  • one day allison (her and neil are bffs now dont fight me on this i s2g) is watching tv w neil and he is rly into what’s happening and she pulls out her sc and starts taking a video
  • she holds the camera so both their faces show and goes “hey neil” and and when he starts to look over she kisses him on the cheek (allison reynolds does not give 2 shits about neil’s scars and she’s gonna show every1)
  • the video ends just as neil smiles
  • ppl on the internet lose their shit !! this video is everywhere
  • allison moved on from seth and NEIL JOSTEN is dating a teammate
  • so they go on a lowkey trashy talk show (and everyone warns neil to keep his mouth shut)
  • the lady is like “so neil i hear ur in a relationship with one of ur teammates”
  • all the foxes hold their breath he’s too unpredictable
  • wymack takes a drink
  • andreil arent hiding anything really they just dont do pda so neil is like “oh ya we like to keep our relationship private tho lets talk about exy”
  • and she is like “well it didnt look like you were keeping it private when allison posted this on her sc” and she plays the video
  • all the foxes start laughing except kevin, andrew, and aaron
  • allison is literally losing her shit and matt has trouble breathing for a few seconds
  • and the lady is like “…um did i miss something haha”
  • and nicky takes pity on her “we’re just laughing bc neil and allison are definitely not dating sry”
  • and she is like “???????????? but ur still dating a teammate”
  • kevin quickly redirects the conversation back to exy bc they do not have the time to sit here and talk about andreil’s love life jfc
  • she cant get anything else out of them
  • so ppl are just losing their minds for like a week trying to figure out who neil is dating when renee posts a pic on instagram of them w the caption “neil drove me to lunch and paid for my meal” ((they actually talk about andrew lol))
  • and now every1 is like omg !! this is it!!
  • so the foxes are doing a panel and they get through a decent amount of exy related questions and then
  • “i have a question for neil. would u like to comment on ur relationship w renee walker??”
  • “id like to comment that my relationship w renee is that we r good friends and that id like to talk about exy now”
  • they cant get anything else out of anyone
  • so now ppl rly confused bc neil is a Straight Man and only Dan is left but her and Matt are very publicly dating 
  • what kind of sexual deviancy is this ??????????? is neil josten engaging in some kind of polyamorous relationship with his teammates?????? no one can answer
  • ok so next talk show 
  • this woman barely gets the introductions out before she leaps right in
  • “neil are you currently in a relationship with dan wilds despite the fact that she is dating matt boyd?” 
  • neil has had enough
  • this boy just wants to play exy hes too old for this
  • he just stares at her
  • he cant even speak like who is this woman??
  • he didnt ask to dismantle heteronormativity in america but apparently he has to
  • “i dont have a gf”
  • she stares back
  • “are you no longer in a relationship with one of your teammates as you previously stated?????”
  • the foxes are getting worried neil might kill her
  • it’s getting very hard not to laugh
  • neil stares a little longer
  • “i dont have a gf
  • the host’s eyes widen
  • the audience goes silent
  • “am i to understand that neil josten, breakout exy player of the year, has just come out??”
  • ppl start clapping (some ppl boo and nicky starts to flip them off before kevin grabs his hand)
  • this woman has just gotten one of the best stories of her life on live television
  • she cant stop smiling
  • once again kevin steers the conversation back to exy (even when he isnt insulting ppl why does neil always have to cause problems ??) and doesnt let her go back
  • there’s wild speculation about which boy he’s dating bc it doesnt makes sense ?????/
  • aaron has been seen kissing katelyn after games
  • kevin and thea are now officially dating
  • nicky is v vocal about his bf (like 12 times a day on twitter)
  • matt and dan are definitely still dating
  • andrew is not capable of relationships ????? and him and neil hate each other ???/
  • the answer comes 3 weeks later
  • they are all in the girls’ room for a movie night
  • everyone but renee is slightly drunk
  • allison and renee take a cute pic
  • in the background u can kinda see neil asleep on andrew who in a rare display of affection actually has a hand in his hair
  • allison notices right before she posts it on instagram but andreil have already said that they arent rly trying to hide their relationship they just arent going to go out of their way just for crazy talk show hosts
  • and DAMN
  • the way they are leaning against each other is unmistakable (esp in light of recent news) 
  • neil josten and andrew minyard are in a relationship?????? have been in a relationship?????? the ppl need confirmation
  • neil’s twitter (that he uses to retweet exy players and occasionally start fights w them) is being blown up
  • finally he goes on twitter and makes his first original tweet 
  • “Andrew is my boyfriend.”
  • twitter literally explodes and “andreil” is trending for a week

Imagine Chris and the Avengers cast talking about you on Jimmy Kimmel.

You settled in your hotel room bed and turned on the television just in time to catch your husband, Chris Evans, and fellow cast members; Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner live on Jimmy Kimmel. You were meant to be at the interview with them but your commitment with your new movie sent you to London instead, and so there you were watching them answer the questions you were suppose to as well about the movie you all had acted in six months ago.

The interview started and the cast took their seats. You smiled at how handsome Chris looked in the outfit you had told him to take with him; everyone else looked great too. Seeing them made you miss their company and you wished you had been able to join them on the couch.

“It is so great to have you guys here tonight,” Jimmy addressed them with a wide grin. “The movie isn’t even out yet and everyone’s already excited to see part two.” The audience cheered their agreements. “Thank you all for coming out. I know all of you are very busy which is why we’re missing a few cast members tonight.”

The cast nodded in acknowledgement of your absence as well as a few others.

“Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, as well as your wife, Y/N,” Jimmy said to Chris and Chris nodded again, this time with a cute pout. “I heard she’s currently in London filming her next movie.”

“Yeah,” Chris chuckled. “She actually left for London like- a week after we wrapped up Infinity War. I headed home to relax and she went on to her next job, it definitely says a lot about our level of demand in the industry.” He joked and you chuckled softly. “No, I’m extremely proud of her. She’s up for an Oscar, did you guys know that?”

“How can we not? You talk about it all day every day,” Robert rolled his eyes as he pretended to be annoyed with Chris. “Even Y/N doesn’t talk about it as much as you do.” The room laughed. “No, seriously though- he talks about it all the time. Doesn’t he, guys?” He asked the cast for confirmation.

“All the time,” Scarlett and Jeremy nodded.

“Even Y/N tells him to shut up about it,” Mark chuckled.

“You’d think he was the one getting nominated,” Chris H added.

“He’s a proud husband,” Jimmy defended Chris.

“Yeah,” Chris laughed, “just leave me be.”

“He’s a lovesick puppy, that’s what he is.” Robert teased, glancing back at Chris. “Ever since the second he laid eyes on Y/N, he’s been head over heels for her.” The cast nodded and Chris blushed deeply, dropping his head. “You should have seen him the first time she walked on to the set, his eyes popped out of his skull and he became a huge blubbering mess.”

You giggled to yourself, remembering the day Robert was talking about. You’d been friends with Robert for quite a while now, having met on the set of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in 2009. He was the one who took you around on your first day at the Marvel Studios and introduced you to everyone, including your husband. Chris was a huge mess the first time he met you, mainly because he was already a fan of your work and you were drop dead gorgeous in a black lace dress; he was a bit of a sucker when it came to lace.

“Yeah, okay,” Chris chuckled, “I’ll admit I was a bit of a mess when I met Y/N.”

“A bit?” Chris H scoffed then chuckled. “We were all embarrassed for you, dude. You’re lucky she’s ridiculously nice and ignored your rambling otherwise you wouldn’t be here with that ring on your finger. You lucked out with her, my man.”

“Oh trust me, I know.” Chris chuckled. “She reminds me everyday.”

He was joking- while you did remind him occasionally, mostly as a joke, sometimes when you were fighting- he didn’t need a reminder when it came to you. He knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you even before the first date.

The two of you clicked pretty much immediately and every day on set became like a scene out of a romantic comedy. It got to a point where Joss had to keep you two apart because you and Chris couldn’t be in the same room without flirting and/or ending up in a fit of giggles.

Your relationship with him progressed with MCU film franchise. You met and started dating on the set of ‘The Avengers’, by 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier’, you’d moved in with him, he’d proposed during 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron’, and by the time 'Captain America: Civil War’ came around you’d been happily married for almost a year. The end of 'Infinity War: Part 1’ called for your first pregnancy- which the two of you were planning on keeping a secret until the three month mark. And by the end of 'Infinity War: Part 2’, your little miracle would have been born and introduced to the world.

“I know we’re here to talk about the movie but can we just discuss your personal life for a moment?” Jimmy asked Chris. “You and Y/N have been married for a while now, do you think we’re going to see little Captain Americas and little Agent 25s running around anytime soon?”

You pressed your lips together when you saw Chris’ reaction. He looked like he was definitely dying to tell someone but the two of you made a promise and neither of your families knew yet so he kept his mouth shut and let Jeremy made the first comment.

“He’s enough of a child for the both of them,” Jeremy joked. “You should see them out and about, they paint the town red till the break of dawn. It’s no wonder they work together 'cause I don’t think anyone else can keep up with them.”

You laughed, suddenly glad you weren’t there to be teased.

“You two like to party?” Jimmy asked, chuckling.

“Why do you think they don’t have kids yet?” Mark chuckled.

“So they’re the ones you guys call to have fun, Chris and Y/N?”

“Definitely.” Robert nodded. “Those two are absolutely hectic.”

“Mm hm,” the entire cast nodded with all their thumbs pointed at Chris.

“Nooooo, we’re not going to do that!” Chris held his hands up in surrender. “We’re on TV, guys! Our parents are watching this. C'mon, if Y/N sees this she’s going to lose her mind. We promised her no embarrassing stories, so c'mon!”

“If she doesn’t want any embarrassing stories about her then she should settle down,” Robert said. “Hear that, kid?” He addressed you through the camera. “Become a mom and everything embarrassing you’ve ever done is wiped clean off the slate.”

You chuckled and picked up your phone, texting Chris the following words.

Just break the news, babe. We’ll call our families after the interview. I know we said we’d wait but it’s happening so we might as well tell people. I know you’ve been dying to tell them anyway so go ahead, you’ve got my full support. ❤️️

After sending the text, you turned your attention back onto the TV screen. Chris flinched and you knew it was from the buzzing in his pocket. He subtly pulled his attention away from Jimmy and the rest and took his phone out of his pocket to read the text. You saw his smile and you couldn’t help but smile back. He looked up at the screen and winked, knowing you were watching.

“Hey guys, um-” Chris cleared his throat and drew the attention onto himself. “I’ve got something to announce. Y/N and I have been keeping this a secret for a while now and um- she actually just decided it was time we break the news. She just texted me telling me to announce it right here on Jimmy Kimmel.”

“No my God,” Scarlett gasped and turned to Chris a knowing smile. “Is she-”

The rest of the cast turned to Chris with widened eyes and excited smiles, waiting for confirmation.

“Yup,” Chris nodded, smiling. “We’re expecting our first child.” He said and the whole room gasped.

“Wow!” Jimmy clapped. “That is- congratulations, you guys. Y/N,” he looked into the camera. “We wish you could be here with us. Congratulations, you two are going to make wonderful parents.” He said and you smiled.

“No way!” Robert’s jaw dropped, his excited grin visible as he turned from Chris to the camera. “I knew it,” he pointed to the camera and you chuckled. “I’m so proud of you, kid. I can’t wait to meet your little one.”

“Congratulations, man!” Jeremy slapped Chris on the back excitedly.

“Yeah, welcome to the dad clan. You’re one of us now,” Chris H shook his hand, grinning.

“I’m so happy for you guys,” Mark told him, smiling. “You’re both going to make amazing parents.”

“Thanks guys,” Chris grinned. “I’m very excited as well.” He turned his attention back onto the camera, speaking directly to you. “I couldn’t have asked for a better person to experience parenthood with and- I’m ready as long as I’ve got you by my side, sweetheart. I love you and I can’t wait to see you.”

You smiled, feeling your eyes water as you picked up your phone and texted him your response.

I love you and I can’t wait to see you too.

I have a cellphone for one reason only

So… okay. Just because you all need to see it, I’ll leave you here this fanart because it caused me to start shipping this and so far I’m liking it.

Thank you @burythekidd for giving me this beautiful ship, I love it, I don’t care about anything else.

As a reference, this is set on a day-to-day AU. Akande is a martial artist, so he needs to train everyday as a job. I want to apologize if it’s not the best, it’s 1:40 in the morning and I just googled the info I needed.

Title: I have a cellphone for one reason only
Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing: Lúcio Correia dos Santos/Doomfist: The Successor | Akande Ogundimu
Rating: G.
Word Count: 1124
Brief tags: Fluff, Texting, Selfies, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting

Summary: Akande wouldn’t really need a cellphone if it wasn’t because Lúcio always sends him cute messages.

You can read it under the cut or in AO3!

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Louis: I have not watched Dunkirk yet.


Camp Headcanons (Evan Hansen x Reader)

Anon. requested: “This could be hc or a fic but reader and Evan go to a wilderness camp (trees!!) (they don’t know that the other is going) they end up thinking Evans name is a girls name (like evana or something like that idk) and you get put in a cabin together (like each cabin has two people or something ) and it’s too late to change so you spend the summer basically living together and find out you actually really like each other maybe smut idk”


I liked this a lot!!! So here’s my first headcanon feel free to request more!!!

*fem!reader btw

Warnings: smut smut smUT SMUT


-Heidi probably saw the camp on Facebook and signed Evan up bc “you need to get out of the house” and “you’ll like it look at all the nature!! Trees!!!”
-hes low key hype bc there’s so many new trees!! he’s only seen pictures of them!!! now he’ll get to go and see them irl!!
-but also high key anxious™ because he knows he’ll have to interact with all new people
-and he’s not all excited about having to share cabins with people but hey at least it’s boys with boys and girls with girls, right? (wrONG)
-you’re going bc you wanted a change of scenery
-you’re v outdoorsy and have unfortunately already seen everything to see in your town nature wise, and even been on hikes and walks outside your town.
-you saw the camp and were like “why not, new people, new scenery”
-you and Evan go to the same school btw you know each other but don’t talk. You’ve seen him around and smile at him in hallways and class and such but it’s just bc you’re nice.
-usually he tries to smile back but just averts his eyes and walks
-you’re just so nice to him?? and he doesn’t understand but he definitely has a low key crush on you
-like you know what I mean he isn’t pining after you very much but he low key would date you and wants to ask you out but he’s so anxious and you’re so pretty?
-you get to the camp first and go to information station and get ur cabin # and roomie name
-it says Evana Hansen (eh-vawn-uh)
-“wow what a cool name hehe that sounds a lot like that Evan kid at school wonder if they’re related”
-“wow that would suck if they are why would you name your kids so closely” ((side note fun fact my friends Mom almost named her and her twin Alexander and Alexandria yikes))
-so you go to the cabin and choose a bed and start putting some clothes in the dresser and closet on that side of the cabin
-door opens, you turn around to greet evana
-ur met with a very red, shocked, Evan
-“oh, hey? I think you have the wrong cabin, sorry?”
-“n-no so-orry they, uh, they had my n-name as E-evana? A-and though I-I-I was a girl I g-guess, sorry”
-“oh, haha, that sucks. Well, hey roomie, I’m y/n”
-hes just so shook bc you’re not like freaking out?? He thought you’d say he was a creep and that he probably hoped they’d think he was a girl and put him in a cabin with a girl or something
-but you’re so nice to him and you introduce himself and then the whole “I know” scene happens"
-“you know?” “Yeah well I’ve just seen you in science class and you know a lot about nature and trees and stuff and I just really like trees” or something along those lines
-you ask him his favorite tree and he’s so shocked bc!! That’s like such a weird thing for someone to have and you actually thought he might have a fav tree!! And he does!!
-you guys talk for a while about trees and nature in general until it’s time for dinner and then he’s all nervous about it
-so he’s definitely fidgeting with the hem of his shirt and you notice and recognize his tick and carefully take his hand in yours
-he jumps a bit and at first you’re like “ah shit sorry I should’ve asked you just looked nervous i was trying to help calm you”
-and he just kinda stutters that is okay but he’s blushing so much
-so for the next couple weeks of camp you guys have this best friends relationship and talk and hang out even when you don’t have to and stay up late talking together
-and then there’s a few movie events at camp where you can lay out a blanket on the lawn and watch horror movies (mostly cabin in the woods type bc teenagers are fucking masochists) on a big screen
-you love horror movies and were hype to go and Evan is like meh not so much but he’s still gonna go he’s just gonna probably cry a lil bit
-but he ends up getting the courage to ask you out to go
-“do y-you maybe wanna, go to th-th-that, uh, that horror m-movie, uh, to-together? I mean I guess we’re already going together but like together together like as a d-date” he speaks hella fast and ur just
-“Evan, honey, calm down, yes I’d love to go on a date with you” and he’s just a happy blushing mess
-you kiss his cheek and go out to the dining hall and he blushes again
-he doesn’t know you heard him go “yES!” when you left but you did and giggle until he catches up to you.
-low key holding hands under the table from now on
-so Evans a nervous wreck during the movie bc it’s scary and creepy
-and it’s Friday the 13th so he’s all kinda of freaking out bc there’s a big lake near the camp you’re at
-(you notice he tries to stay far from the lake there ever since y'all watched the movie)
-you see this and stroke your thumb on his hand
-jump scares definitely scare and make him jump and he squeezes your hand a bit each time so you just lay your head on his shoulder and kiss his cheek every once in a while
-he’s hella blushy at the nude scenes
-but y'all survive the movie and hold hands walking back to the cabin
-and you get there and he’s still hella freaked out so when you come out of the bathroom after putting in pajamas you see him sitting on his bed fidgeting and sit next to him and just hug him
-after a few minutes you get up to go to your own bed and he just holds on
-“p-please don’t l-leave”
-so you cuddle all night and it’s kinda awkward and clumsy but it’s still so warming and comforting
-you guys keep going to some of the movies but none of the really creepy cabin in the woods ones (no matter how much you want to)
-you take the time that almost all of camp is at movies to go on cute little dates and walks together and you just talk and maybe make out a little (you guys had your first kiss the morning after that first movie and like two weeks later he got comfortable enough to do some light making out)
-and then sometime a month and a half after y'all do the nastayyyy
-okay but they’re playing Nightmare On Elm Street and you both decided the last thing Evan needs is to be afraid to sleep so you guys definitely skip this one.
-You chill out at the cabin instead and just talk and cuddle
-you guys kiss and start to make out
-you were both sitting on his bed (which is both of yours now lets be real yall fall asleep cuddling there like every night) at first but after like five minutes you’re straddling him and sitting in his lap with your arms around his neck loosely.
-you can definitely feel the tent in his pants get bigger after you’ve been sitting in his lap for a while and moved a bit to adjust your position and pull back
-“o-oh go-od i-I’m sorry I-I get it I-if y-you wanna dump m-me and g-get a n-new cabin n-now”
-“Evan it’s fine… do you want me to, maybe, help you out?” ;))
-“oh, uh, y-yeah, I-if you want though”
-so you go back to making out and slowly make your way to his jawline and neck and start with kissing lightly but after a moment you’re giving him hickeys around the neckline of his t-shirt.
-he just mOANS but he’s so embarrassed by it and blushes
-he’s rolling and unrolling the hem of your shirt now and you pull back and put your hands on It like you’re gonna take it off
-you look at him like ‘is this okay?’ And he just nods (a little excitedly and it’s just so cute’
-so you slowly take your shirt off and fling it onto your bed and he just doesn’t know what to do so you slowly take his hands, again checking to make sure it’s okay, and direct them to your chest.
-at first they just sit there but eventually he starts to slowly massage them
-you bite your lip and ur slightly holding back a moan but also wishing he would pick up the pace a bit
-you reach for his shirt and he tenses but give you the okay and you take it off and fling it to yours
-your hands instantly rest on his chest and you’re just shook because he seems like he’d be a baby and have like no hair but he’s got a hella hairy chest
-and it def turns you on a bit more
-after some more making out he eventually lets his hands travel to your back and he fumbles with the clip but gets your bra off pretty fast
-Youre hella impressed like that was good for his first time
-he kisses your lips and slowly and hesitantly travels down to kiss your jaw and then collarbone and then the top of your breast
-he leaves a hickey there and you just let out a moan and man that turns him on
-this boy definitely could get off to your pleasure and moans
-after a while you stand to take off your shorts and he slips his off too real quick
-you push him to lay back on the bed and climb on top and straddle him again
-you grind down a bit and he lets out a groan and it’s so deep and turns you tf on
-you lean down and kiss his Adam’s apple and then down his neck and leave more hickeys on his his collarbone and he moans and rests his hands on your waist
-he’s rubbing the fabric of your panties between his thumb and finger and you can tell he’s low key itching to get it off so you stand up to do so and he has this look of realization
-“uh, do you have a condom?”
-at first you’re like shit and upset but remember you have a few still in your backpack
- thank god ou never empty the small pockets and you brought this bag
-hes so relieved and watches as you take your panties off and walk over and slowly pull his boxers down
-hes leaning against his elbows (and looks hella hot with the amount of hickeys and his swollen lips and bare chest) and blushes when his member springs free
-youre kinda rushing and rip the condom open and quickly put it on his cock and he’s just biting his lip
-“have you ever done this before?” “N-no, sorry, I-is that a problem?” “No, it’s fine, babe, I’m just gonna take the lead”
-climbing on top again you give him a gentle kiss and sit up, slowly lowering yourself onto him
-he suppressed a moan and you bite your lip, making sure he’s okay before you start riding him
-hes a groaning mess and he slowly stars to thrust up every time you slam down onto him
-your hands travel to his hair and you lace your fingers through it
-he definitely finds this hot and has a kink like this, not necessarily hair pulling but just running fingers through his hair
-your eyes are closed so you don’t notice his hands move to rest on your waist until they’re there and then his thumb is at your core
-you shudder a bit at the contact and he slowly starts to rubs your clit a bit and you moan so loud
-you both come within a minute after that and when your done you tie up and throw the condom away and cuddle
-after putting on underwear at least because you both agree sheets and blankets on your dick/vagina is hella weird feeling
-needless to say you both are very glad you came to camp :) ;)
-youre both glad you came to camp because you both came at camp ((BRB DELETING MY BLOG IM SORRY FOR THAT))

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How would the RFA+V+Saeran react to when they see their short s/o in a onesie for the first time?? Thanks a lot~

Here you go!


  • You guys were ready for a chill night in so you pull out your onesie
  • It was a lady bug onesie
  • It had a hood with the ears and all
  • When you walked into the living room, Zen nearly spit out his drink
  • You thought he was going to laugh at you
  • But he just lets out a big, “AWWW!”
  • He’s so adamant of taking pictures together
  • You look so precious


  • You saw it coming You put Pikachu onesie for pizza night
  • He gets super blushy when he sees you
  • Not because he’s embarassed, but you’re just so cute
  • All of it is making him so dizzy and he keeps gushing over you
  • He makes cheesy lines
  • “MC…I choose you.”
  • He keeps playing with your Pikachu ears
  • Sparks definitely fly later on;)


  • You were prepping for your weekly movie night
  • So you come out in your Rilakkuma onesie
  • Jaehee was a Huge, secret fan of Rilakkuma
  • She thinks you looks so cute in it…but is also kind of sad because she wants one
  • Good thing you know her well enough
  • You reach into the closet and pull out the matching one you got for her
  • She’s ecstatic and she almost wears it every day for a week


  • You didn’t expect him to be home early from his business trip
  • So he walked in on you, laying on the couch in a tiger onesie all cuddled up with Elizabeth
  • He softly gasps
  • He takes his phone out and immediately takes a blurry picture of you
  • “Why have you never worn one before?” he asks
  • “I was scared you wouldn’t take me seriously.”
  • “MC…I want one.”
  • And so you get him one..it was a plain black one with cat ears on the hood
  • But, since he’s most comfortable in a suit… he only ever wears it once


  • Seven kept the AC on unreasonably low that evening
  • So you pulled out your mouse onesie–complete with ears and a tail
  • But Seven was the one who squeaked when he saw you
  • He thought you looked absolutely adorable
  • He disappears for a second and comes back out with a cat onesie
  • “I guess I’m the cat, and you’re the mouse,” he says with a wink
  • He names his own onesie Tom
  • Then he proceeds to chase you around the house
  • Eventually you two are so tired and suffocated by the onesie, you end up half passed out on the couch


  • You were just in the mood for your elephant onesie
  • So you just walk around the house all day in it
  • Saeran sees you, and he really thinks you look weird
  • He bursts out laughing
  • You get annoyed and start attacking him with your trunk
  • He grabs it and holds onto it until you’re stuck
  • All day, it’s just this little tug of war of you attacking him and him retaliating with your onesie on


  • Assuming he can see you
  • You guys were cleaning the closets and he finds this Winnie the Pooh onesie in the back of the closet
  • He asks you what it is, and you put it on
  • He seems pretty calm besides a wide smile, but he’s melting inside
  • He asks if Winnie the Pooh is your favorite character
  • You also subtly flirt with him
  • “You’re my honey,” you’d tell him and watch him blush and wave a hand at you

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skams third season has ended

we have to wait until the end of February / begin of March for new episodes so i wanted to make a list of what to watch next

there is simply no show like skam and we all have fallen in love with isak and even this season, their relationship is so important to me

being gay made it really hard to find representation in media so this post focuses on the happy and positive portrayal of lgb teenagers in movies and tv series

Obvious shows like the fosters, shameless, pll, the 100, skin, glee, degrassi, buffy… are excluded from this list, many of them are too well known already, not really happy or good

but im a cheerleader: 

this comedy from 1999 is about megan who gets send to conversation therapy by her concerned friends and parents, sound terrible but is acutally really funny and cute and has a happy ending, natasha lyonne (from oitnb) plays the lead, its definitely more artsy, not as realistic as skam

the way he looks:

a brazilian movie about the blind, gay, 16 year old leonardo who falls in love with gabriel, the movie deals with self acceptance, first love, blindness, friendship and is really relatable, one of my favorite movies

the get down:

a netflix show (by baz luhrmann and nas!!!! even would love that) about the beginnings of hip hip and rap, has the best story line, music, characters, the most amazing girl friendship and a gay/bi character in a interracial relationship, just watch it, will be worth it, literally one of the best shows of 2016 (also the second part of the first season airs soon)


a dutch coming out movie, Sieger meets Marc who becomes a member of his athletics team and they fall in love, really nice and realistic, i recommend this to everyone, i just love this movie so much


also a dutch movie, about an interracial lesbian relationship, seems nice and there was a good review of it but i didnt watch it yet so it may or may not be good or have a happy ending


got really popular on tumblr so you may know it, its a bout two gay teens who witness a triple homicide, its more of a crime but with gay main characters, based on a norwegian series, i also recommend that (its low budget and bad but i liked it)


2011 movie about a 17 year old African american lesbian, not completely happy end (still happy tho), cinematically good


a german road movie about two 14 year old boys, i loved the book and they finally made a movie!! one characters gay, doesnt really focus on that but its one of the only german movies with non-white gay character so yeah…

show me love:

swedish movie about two girls in love, it is the best teenage lesbian movie, omg i love this one

closet monster:

more like a horror movie, a bit confusing, about the gay teenager oscar, kinda happy ending?


2016 movie about an african american gay man, the movies is parted into three parts of his life, one is his teenage life, one of the best movies this year, 99% on rotten tomatoes

hidden kisses: 

about a 16 year old boy who falls in love with a class mate, they face a lot of bulling, may have a sad ending, i can´t find something about the end and i havent watch it

i killed my mother: 

a movie by xavier dolan, hes gay himself and play the main character kits about the main characters relationship with his mother and his boyfriend, i really recommend this 

just watch any movie by xavier dolan


a mexican movie about two men who were in love as kids and meet again as adults, has a 100% on rotten tomatoes

being 17:

french movie about an interracial relationship between two guys


in the second season the teenage daughter gets a girlfriend

in the flesh:

a zombie show, the main character is the pansexual kieren, this is one of the most beautful shows ive seen, i fell in love with it, but it git canceled way too soon

cucumber & banana: 

i watched this but i dont actually remember a lot, i think both center around the same group of lgbt characters, i belive its well made and good 

not so happy movies i wanted to include:

the summer of sanaile:
center of the world

movies that come out soon

simon vs the homosapiens agenda

heaters reboot with a black lesbian and a gender queer lead 

call me by your name

the miseducation of cameron post (movie adaption of the book, about a lesbian teenager)

as you are ( with amandla stenberg)

feel free to add more or to correct this if something is wrong

It’s Difficult (WTLYBF) - 6

Originally posted by samwol

You weren’t expecting it. You didn’t know that they’d suddenly appear out of nowhere, at this exact moment. Jiyeon gave Taehyung a look, glaring at you as well. Her knuckles turned white as she held the straps of her shopping bags tightly. “Are you serious? If you like her then why’d you go out with me?!” Jiyeon practically screams. “No I just-” She interrupted him, continuing to rant. “She’s practically the reason we broke up! You preferred some other girl over your girlfriend.” Taehyung furrowed his brows and seemed to get mad. “Y/N isn’t just some girl!” You felt awkward. They were fighting about you. You just wanted to disappear out of existence. As if someone heard your pleads, a hand grabbed you and pulled you close. Jungkook. He smiled down at you, squeezing in reassurance. “Why are you even defending her?! She has someone else in her life! They’re right in front of you, are you blind?” Taehyung looks at you and Jungkook, looking as if he was hesitating to say something. “Don’t bring Jungkook into your shit, Jiyeon.” you spit out. She gives you a mocking look of surprise. “Me? You’re the one dragging him into this. Stop acting so innocent. The moment you began to get close you dragged him into it.” You grit your teeth, wanting to throw her down and step on her neck. “Stop blaming everything on me you self centered bitch!” At that, Jiyeon got mad. She raised her hand and was about to hit you but something stopped her. Jungkook grabbed her wrist, giving her a glare. “Don’t you dare lay a hand on her.” You felt flustered, not knowing how to react to Jungkook’s sudden heroism. Jiyeon smirks and seems to calm down. “Hm. Good luck deciding on who you’re ending up with.” She picks up her bags and walks off. You wince at the hard truth. No one said a word. Tae kept on looking away, glancing at you from time to time. You didn’t know what to say either. You were aware of Taehyung’s feelings for you now, but he didn’t know yours. You felt bad. You were almost fully over him, though how you did it you don’t know. He still acted like before. You shake your head, chasing the thoughts away. “Where do you guys want to go?” you ask. “How about you?” Tae asks quietly. “Uh..how about we go home and hangout? I feel like that’s more fun.” Tae lets out a small giggle. “You made Jungkook come all the way here to witness that, and for you to say we should go back home.” You laugh too. “Sorry, Kookie.” He shrugs. “It’s fine.”

Days later, you still didn’t know how to feel about Taehyung’s feelings. Did you like him back? Yes?..kind of. A little. You sigh in frustration, falling back on your bed. You decided to get your mind off of it with cooking. You were decently good at that. Though, you’d need a little help. You smile at the thought of doing something fun with another person you cared about. Taking out your phone, you scroll your contacts until you find the name. Then, you press call. “What do you want, Y/N?” You giggle. “Can you come over? I need help cooking.” You hear a small sigh on the other line. “Fine.” With that, he hangs up and you start to take out all the things you’d need. After a while, there’s a knock on your door. You run and open it, being greeted by your smiling older brother. “What’s good sis.” You roll your eyes playfully and let him in. “Hello to you too, Seokjin.” Jin enters your kitchen and examines it. “Stop trying to judge me and help me.” He laughs, grabbing you and pulling you into a hug. “Ok, what do you need help with?” You shrug. “Just help me cook something.” He nods and goes into your cabinet, taking out an old cooking book. “I feel like..this would be good. And this. Oh- this too.” You agree, to all of it. “So what are we doing?” Jin asks, looking confused on what to choose. “Let’s just cook all of it.” He smirks. “Great idea.” You two began pouring the right amount of ingredients, each of you doing different dishes but still helping each other. You two let everything cook for the right time, just chattering. “Wait- are we eating all of that?” You freeze as you lean against the counter. “No..wait let me call up some friends. I suggest you do the same.” You call Kook, telling him to bring Tae with him and another friend if he wanted to. Jin calls some of his friends, and after that you wait some more.

Just as you two were taking everything out, there were knocks at your door. “I’ll answer that.” You nod and let Jin go let them in. Once the door is opened there’s loud talking and laughter. Setting down the food, you enter your living room to greet everyone. “Hey Y/N!” You wave back to Jungkook, smiling at him. “So you’re the girl who’s been dragging them away.” You turn to the voice, being faced with a blonde haired cutie, slightly shorter than Jungkook and Tae. “Uh- yeah. Sorry about that,” You smile apologetically, holding out your hand. “I’m Y/N.” He nods. “I’ve heard your name come out of Kook’s mouth a lot. I’m Jimin.” Jungkook glares at Jimin, slapping his arm. “Hyung!” You laugh, Jimin laughing along with you. “Where’s the food?” Taehyung asks. “Yeah, I came here for the food.” You give Yoongi, one of Jin’s friends, a playful look. You’ve met almost everyone except for Jimin, which you were surprised by. “I’m just being honest.”

“Well, its fresh out of the oven so be careful. You guys can go ahead and sit down.” You begin to walk to the kitchen, but Taehyung stops you. “Let me help!” Chewing on the inside of your cheek, you nod. He walks alongside you, no one saying a thing. “You grab that one and I’ll take these two okay?” He nods, sending you a cute smile as he grabs a dish. The both of you walk in, setting down the food on the table. “Oh shit this smells good.” Hoseok says. “Thanks, Hobi. Jin and I did it together.” Jin grins at you. “You two will make perfect spouses.” Namjoon declares. “Obviously. Charm runs in the Kim family.” Jin jokes, blowing a kiss at whoever. “Whoever marries Y/N will definitely be lucky.” Kook says out of nowhere. You blush, smiling a bit. “T-Thanks.”

After eating you all sat down and watched a movie. You were in between Tae and Jungkook, and you didn’t mind but it obviously bothered the other. Half way into the movie, there was a particularly romantic scene, where the protagonist and their lover shared a kiss. At that moment, Jungkook nudged you softly on your waist. “Can we talk?” You were confused on why he wanted to talk, especially right now of all times. “Sure.” The two of you get up, receiving some looks but you don’t mind. You take him into your room, patting the seat next to you. He sits down, sighing softly. “What’s wrong?” Jungkook looks at you and shakes his head. “Nothing, really. I just- I want to tell you something and I was so determined to tell you today but now I can’t.” You giggle, grabbing his arm. “Just tell me, I won’t judge.” He looks you in the eye for a good few seconds before looking away. “Recently, I’ve been thinking of you as more of a friend. I’d ignore it and say that it’s because we were closer now and I thought of you as a best friend. But as time went by, I finally realized it. I like you. No- I love you. More than a friend. I love you like a lover does.” You blink, staring at Jungkook with wide eyes. “You- love me?” He breathes in and out before nodding. His warm brown eyes stared deeply into your e/c eyes. A warm feeling crawled onto your face. It felt like the day with Taehyung all over again. You didn’t know what to say, or how you felt. “Kook I’m deeply flattered. It’s just..I’m confused. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel the same. I probably do, but maybe I don’t. The incident with Tae..that confused me. I’m sorry. I promise I’ll tell you when I figure it out.” He smiles but you can see a hint of worry glint in his eyes. “That’s fine. Take your time,” His hand holds yours, squeezing it. You smile. “Thanks for being accepting of it. I know it must hurt.” He shakes his head. “I’m patient.”

»this series is almost ending ahhhh. thank you for the support through it 💕I’m so sorry for not uploading yesterday!! I wasn’t feeling quiet good and fell asleep :(( This will be the last part before the ending!! Lots of ppl want it to end with Kookie, some with Tae; we’ll just have to see, won’t we? ;)«

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 7 (JK Ending) Part 7 (Tae Ending)

I love how in the original movie script JD was supposed to make an egg disappear to impress Veronica. That’s so incredibly tame compared to what he actually did. The writers were like “hey, I know he’s supposed to do this cute trick, but you know what would be cooler? Let’s just have him shoot someone in the fucking face instead” like that is the definition of 0 to 100

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I always have Mint Eye AU ideas.


  • Precious little angel tries his best to tame this horribly traumatized cultist
  • You’ve been raised to believe that this world is horrible and unsavable, so on bad days, he texts you pictures of the things that make living worth it.
  • Kittens! Puppies! It doesn’t really fix the horrible drug treatments that Blonde Voldemort forced you to endure, but it does make you remember that the entire world doesn’t need to be purged in holy fire.
  • Just most of it.
  • Half of it?
  • A quarter of it?
  • …Okay, Yoosung, no purging. :(
  • He reads cute romance novels with you to help teach you Normal People Socialization, because, while he loves you dearly, you’re just -
  • you don’t
  • he brought you flowers and you ate them. 
  • you thought the box of chocolates he got you belonged on the mantle.
  • he bought you a Christmas gift and you thought the gift was the pretty wrapping.
  • of course romance novels are not the best place to get your life advice from but w/e it’s sadly a better guide than what you had previously.
  • all of your LOLOL friends think this is hilarious and frequently convince you that wacky things are true. you are just as gullible as Yoosung.


  • So, in one of those Weird Bad Ends, Unknown got all into playing dress up with some weird Zen sleeping beauty thing, which leads me to believe that, in his Free Time, Saeran definitely is into costuming and reading scripts for plays. on tuesdays Mint Eye has drama practice and you’re kind of into acting.
  • particularly fairy tales
  • zen wants to dress up like a fairy tale prince and do recitals with you, his fairy tale princess.
  • despite you being, y’know.
  • a cultist.
  • who used to worship a woman in the basement of some weird mountain monastary.
  • You’re the Weirdest Princess Ever.
  • Religious cults tend to be into the whole “do not be vain and eschew material possessions” thing so you’re a.) kind of weirded out by how much Zen preens and b.) feel weird about the dressing up thing, but he coaxes you into it and gradually helps you feel beautiful about yourself.


  • is going to punch Rika twice for you.
  • seriously she is SO MAD about how you were treated and she just QUIETLY SEETHES WITH RIGHTEOUS FURY.
  • Jaehee’s lovely little bakery is a great place for you, though, and she ends up hiring both you and Saeran as cafe workers. You become particularly fond of decorating cakes, he gets really into latte art, and Jaehee basically starts running the Cultist Rehabilitation Center.
  • There is that time when a customer gets really pissy with Jaehee and both you and Saeran end up threatening him with a knife but
  • she… manages to smooth that over with the police.
  • (you are both very protective of her.)


  • the both of you can be emotionally stunted together. how fun!
  • It’s weird, slowly coming to the realization that Rika Wasn’t a Great Person with him. 
  • It’s also weird, seeing people throw themselves at Jumin. It makes you….. jealous? really, really jealous? like, your role model up to this point has been Rika, the Queen of Vicious Jealousy, so yeah, you’re kind of ultra super jealous of these people TRYING TO STEAL YOUR NEW FAVORITE PERSON.
  • Jumin has to pat you on the heat to calm you down, and he reaffirms that it is you he loves and he’ll never leave you.
  • but i’m broken, you say.
  • but i’m worthless, you say.
  • but god doesn’t love me and i turned on my savior and -
  • shhhhh it’s okay. only dreams now.


  • man this poor boy has his hands full with you and Saeran.
  • It doesn’t help that the emotional politics of this situation are wack. Like, imagine this - you’re great cult pals with Saeran. You’re conditioned to hate Seven because of what Saeran has told you about him. Yet Seven is fantastically in love with you, and he also loves Saeran so much, and you love Seven despite yourself, and Saeran wants to trust him but can’t, and you want to hate Seven to stay on Saeran’s side but YOU CAN’T AND THIS IS SO DIFFICULT
  • y’all need therapy.
  • you frequently lock yourself in the bathroom to escape how painful this all is.
  • One of the nice moments you share though is when he coaxes you outside to go see the stars, and it’s so dark outside, and the sky is so pretty that it takes your breath away and -
  • And yeah everything is really complicated but sometimes you see Seven’s timid, tired smile when he’s too exhausted to pretend but he can’t help but smile at you and you think things might just be alright.


  • the fact that V let this happen to you has him just dying in guilt, and you kind of hate him at first because of What Rika Has Told You, so for a long time, interacting with V follows a pattern of, “V wants to help you, you shout at him to go away.”
  • (honestly there is some fodder for some REALLY interesting conversations here, because of his ties to you and Rika and everything, and how much you loved her, and how much he loved her, and how you’re both so disenchanted and disillusioned about… everything.)
  • It’s the photographs that get to you, first. Someone shows you some of them, someday, and you’re fascinated by how he makes the world look so beautiful.
  • How he makes it look like it’s… worth it.
  • He starts teaching you how to use a camera, and you start letting him, and that’s kind of the first point of healing for the two of you. You start to appreciate what he lost when he lost almost all of his sight, and he starts to want to help you for reasons beyond his paralyzing guilt.
  • he starts to see you as something more than his mistake.

Unknown (Saeran)

  • oh boy. 
  • You’re Saeran’s friend. You’ve been Saeran’s friend for so long. And Saeran, being Saeran, is possessive, controlling, and doesn’t want you to leave him. So when he sees you becoming close to the RFA…
  • this boy kind of flips.
  • like, he tries to extract you from the apartment and when Rika chastises him, he tries to kidnap you for himself.
  • There’s a lot of soothing this poor boy’s scared heart in the beginning, because he just doesn’t want you to leave him like Saeyoung left him and you’re like no I won’t you’re my friend and neither of you really know what Love is but you’re starting to kind of try to figure it out.
  • All the while, the RFA is trying to reach out to you too and you like them but??? Saeran??? How do you choose?
  • Can you choose?
  • How do you figure out what’s best for the both of you?
  • Mint Eye ends up trying to snag you both again and make you go through more Drug Therapy to cleanse your souls, and that’s when you realize…
  • this place isn’t good for Saeran. 
  • you need to get out. 
  • He’s pretty betrayed that you ask for Saeyoung’s help to get you both out, and won’t talk to you for awhile, but you’re just happy he isn’t being hurt anymore.


  • Poor Vandy gets a reputation for liking biters after hooking up with you, because you definitely bit them a few times while you were trying to escape from their protective custody.
  • IT’S NOT THAT, they try to defend themselves. THEY JUST.
  • You get really into soap operas! You cry at the end of Pixar movies! You’re cute, they don’t like you because you’re kind of
  • well
  • aggressive.
  • (it’s just a bonus)
  • Really they’re the most… practical and normal about your whole situation. They consult psychiatrists, they get you therapy, they honestly try to help you integrate with the normal world.
  • They listen to your problems, and while they frequently make sarcastic comments to the tune of what the hell is this complicated bullshit, they’re ultimately supportive.
  • They teach you how to cook and while it is initially a disaster, you are very enthusiastic, and you make Saeran try everything you make.
BTS Reaction: Their S/O singing and dancing along while watching Disney movies

||| Anon asked: Could I have a BTS reaction to their S/O not sitting down and quietly watching Disney movies? Like, for example, I always sing along and dance while watching disney movies |||

Jin/Kim Seokjin

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“If you plan on singing at least let me choose the movie, so I could sing with you.”

Park Jimin

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

He would stare at you for a while before sitting you back down in his lap because he had trouble concentrating with you looking so cute. 

V/Kim Taehyung

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Would most definitely join you even if he doesn’t know half of the words.

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by iheartkimseokjin

You would encourage him to do it as well but after falling over the table he would stick to watching you.

Suga/Min Yoongi

Originally posted by the9397

“You’re so childish~ Grow up a little.”

But lowkey would absolutely love seeing you being all adorable.

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok

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Would ask you out for a dance, bowing almost to the ground, imitating what he saw in the movies and you two would proceed to have fun, pretending to be in a ballroom.

Jeon Jungkook

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“Does this mean you’re challenging me to see which one of us is better?”

“No I’m just singing along-”

Would completely ignore you and start showing off is, as he calls them, ‘perfect Disney dance moves’, missing all of the notes in the process as well.

drive in with sam headcanons

summary : you go to the drive in w sam
author’s note : i went to the drive in recently and i have many feelings and thoughts about what i’m about to write so buckle up kids it’s gonna get g o o d (post writing: jk these actually suck xoxo)

  • okay so growing up you’ve gone to the drive in quite frequently
    • it was a big part of your teenage years
  • and one day you’re telling sam about the drive in
  • and he tells you he’s never been to one
    and you look at him all ??????
  • he gives you a sheepish smile and shrugs
  • “i dunno i don’t think there was one near me growing up”
  • you’re still in shock because the drive in is so much fun
  • but you tell him “i’ll take you”
  • and his face perks up and he grins widely
  • “really?! you will?!!”
  • and you can only smile at the childlike look on his face
    • he looks really cute
    • but you’d never tell him that
  • so you make plans for that weekend to go to the drive in movie
  • and coincidentally it happens to be free movie night
    • which is a definite bonus
  • and they’re playing a bunch of your favorite disney movies
    • like peter pan, tangled, and toy story
  • you somehow convince sam to go see tangled with you
    • “c’mon sam please? you know it’s my favorite!”
    • he only sighs “fine we can see tangled”
    • you give him a giant hug after this
    • his cheeks turn a faint shade of red and he’s confused
    • because why is he getting so flustered over his best friend hugging him?????
  • anyways
  • friday finally rolls around and you’ve got everything ready and prepared
    • there’s an abundance of candy and other various snacks in the back of your family’s old mini van
      • these are the best to go to a drive in with
      • bigger trunks = bigger room
    • along with stacks of blankets and pillows
    • everything
  • okay but you get to the drive in that night and you’re parked fairly close to the screen
  • and you make sure the sound is adjusted perfectly and the radio is on the correct station
  • sam insists on getting popcorn even though you tell him you have plenty of snacks already
    • ”(y/n) you don’t understand it’s not a movie without popcorn”
    • “fine we can get popcorn”
  • you only give in to make him happy
  • once sam finally gets his popcorn, you two clamber into the trunk of the mini van
  • there’s pillows surrounding you and blankets underneath you
  • and it’s nearing the end up summer so it’s still warm outside so the blankets aren’t really necessary
  • the movie starts nearly half an hour after the sun sets
  • you’re both sat comfortably close to each other
  • at some point during the movie you both reach to grab popcorn and your hands brush against each other’s leaving you both a blushing mess
    • this happens multiple times
    • and he definitely teases you about it
    • “i thought you didn’t want popcorn”
    • "oh piss off holland”
  • you’re not even half an hour into the movie when you start to shift to a more comfortable position
  • you wait to make sure sam is deeply focused into the movie before you grab the popcorn bucket and move it to the side of you
  • you shift a little bit closer to him and your squirming ceases only in the slightest
  • sam being the little cliché bean he is definitely does the fake yawn to wrap his arm around your shoulders
    • he hopes you don’t notice
    • you do and you start giggling about it
    • he never lives it down
  • when you won’t stop giggling about it, he goes to remove his arm from your shoulders
  • because he thinks you don’t like it
    • the only thing going through his mind is
  • but you make a slight whine in protest and grab his hand with your own
  • and you pull it around your shoulders again
  • your fingers slowly interlinking in the process
  • and you’re smiling really wide and your cheeks are burning and he’s the same
    • obviously you both do
  • but you both are just sitting there
  • until you start to shift again causing him to laugh softly at you
  • you ultimately end up practically laying down in the trunk, your head on his shoulder
  • when flynn and rapunzel finally get to the kingdom and the music is playing, you’re radiating happiness
  • "sam this is my favorite scene”
  • your voice is hushed but soaked in excitement
  • you’re looking at him with the cutest smile and he can’t help himself
  • he brings a hand to cup your cheek, pulling your face toward him
  • your breath hitches in your throat, your eyes slightly widening
  • he finally dips his head down and your eyes flutter shut, eyelashes kissing your under eyes
  • you lean back into the pillows, your hands coming up to cup his face which only causes you to pull him down with you
  • half of his body is on top of yours when you pull back, breathless
  • you tug on your lower lip, a smiling creeping up onto your face
  • you look up and into his eyes, giggling slightly as your cheeks heat from the way he’s looking at you
  • he ends up resting his head on your chest and you run your fingers through his hair your attention fully on the movie
  • when flynn ends up being revived by rapunzel’s tear your own eyes feel a bit wet
  • and you’re not aware sam has sat up until he’s not-so-subtly taken your arms and wrapped them around his neck
  • his forehead is against yours when he says
  • "did i ever tell you i’ve got a thing for my best friend?”
  • you shake your head at him, breathing out a laugh and a slight “sam you dork” before kissing him again
  • and wow these make me sad i want to go to the drive in w my boyfriend :////

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