hes awesomeee

The whole gang from The King’s Avatar (Quan Zhi Gai Shou) is here! Who else is in love with this series as I am? I’ve been reading the light novel for ages (currently translated up to chapter 610 or so) and with the anime out, I wait impatiently for every episode! The only thing I’m disappointed about at the moment is the way the anime depicted Blue River. He looked waaaay better in the manga! Can you guess who they all are? (I can!) Steamed Bun Invasion is awesomeee, he’s such a cutie!

Summary of how the Hamatora Characters in s1:
  • Nice: *Doesn't give anything til episode 6* oh god he's mad at me my life is ruined forever shit art, ART ART ART ART ART ART
  • Murasaki: jfc shut-up Nice
  • Hajime: I only care for food, and food only.
  • Birthday: yoooo pretty lady
  • Ratio: Birthday no I swear to god
  • Art: I am a worthless good for nothing piece of trash
  • Gasket: this boy needs to chill
  • Honey: bitch please
  • Three: *roars loudly* have a lollipop
  • Moral: OMG NIce Ily <3 HE SO AWESOMEEE
  • Theo: I'm going to tell Nice how I feel...
  • Rei: Theo shut up can you be less gay?