hes awesomeee

Summary of how the Hamatora Characters in s1:
  • Nice: *Doesn't give anything til episode 6* oh god he's mad at me my life is ruined forever shit art, ART ART ART ART ART ART
  • Murasaki: jfc shut-up Nice
  • Hajime: I only care for food, and food only.
  • Birthday: yoooo pretty lady
  • Ratio: Birthday no I swear to god
  • Art: I am a worthless good for nothing piece of trash
  • Gasket: this boy needs to chill
  • Honey: bitch please
  • Three: *roars loudly* have a lollipop
  • Moral: OMG NIce Ily <3 HE SO AWESOMEEE
  • Theo: I'm going to tell Nice how I feel...
  • Rei: Theo shut up can you be less gay?