hes an angel okay

can we just. take a moment to appreciate how amazing yuuri katsuki is? like truly. he is. amazing. can we please talk about how hard he works at maintaining a peak physique for skating? can we please talk about how endearing his love for food is? can we please talk about how amazing and brilliant he is for skating to the victor nikiforov’s free program in his off season to near perfection when he isn’t at what’s considered the ideal physique for figure skating? can we please talk about how he’s the top men’s skater in japan and most likely owned japanese nationals and like. every competition in the junior division? 

and not only that, but yuuri katsuki made it to the grand prix while getting his college degree and studied in america for five years while ranking high enough in competitions and making it to the grand prix final. and the only reason he flubbed was because he went through a lot? his dog died, he binge ate and just… he wasn’t at his best and oh he’s just so scared and anxious of letting people down and blames himself for things he just can’t control and honestly like?? give him?? a hug?? the biggest hug??

and despite all that, he still got back up again, still got himself out of his slump. he trained his ass off, got to work, made the most of his time with victor and is still! making the most! of his time with victor! he’s just so good! amazing! iconic! everything i aspire to be! i love him! i love yuuri katsuki!

there’s something that i’ve been thinking about, that i’m sure someone somewhere else has already vocalized better but…

let’s talk about how much of a hero zevran is, and how much he doesn’t realize it.

in dialogue with him, he mentions that the crows bought him as a child to start training him. and later, if you take him into the fade his dream is of him being tortured as a part of his training. now, while zevran processes his own trauma by being very blunt and blase about it, there’s no reason to believe that this wasn’t the status quo for most of the crows. 

in fact i imagine they have a habit of recruiting elven children in particular, because elves are so often looked down on and ignored in most cities. makes it a lot easier to hear things they’re not supposed to, and get close to people. 

but zevran is also the first member of the antivan crows (that i know about at least) to actively abandon them. now, arguably, at first he does it because he fails his mission to kill the warden. he can’t go back to them in disgrace, or they’ll kill him outright. but then you get to denerim, where taleisan (sp?) offers zev the chance to kill the warden then and there, and come back.

and what does he do? regardless of whether you romanced him, if you and zev were friends he refuses. and it’s not a practical decision, but purely emotional; the warden is his friend, is someone he cares greatly about, who he’s witnessed doing great and amazing and wonderful things even in the midst of the blight. zev realized that there was more to life than just killing people for money, that the crows didn’t need to control him, and he can make his own choices.

and instead of just cutting all ties with the crows, when it would be easier to avoid them, he turns and takes the fight back to them. sends a message point blank that they can no longer control them, he won’t allow it. 

now, imagine how that must seem to the other crows, to the other kids that were taken from similar or worse situations, the ones that had to be broken and reshaped into a new tool designed to serve whatever purpose the crows set for them. some of the crows thrive, and become quite well renown and wealthy, but not all of them viewed it as a smart career move.

but they learn about what zevran has done, and it gives them the courage to leave the crows as well. it shows them that they can have choices too, they’re real, and alive, and their existence has an intrinsic value. 

like, yes zev is a hero because he was there to stop the blight. but to those few ex-crows, he’s so much more. he’s a hero because he was one of them, and he had the courage to break away, to take his life into his own hands.

so just imagine one day zevran meets another of those ex-crows, and they’re in awe of him, so grateful, and just “you’re my hero”

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Yooooo what if the family Reaper is watching from afar in the Christmas comic is Reyes' ex-wife and son? They now believe him to be dead, but he can never reveal himself because of the monster he's become. All he can do is... check now and then, to see that they're alright without him.

Oh boy, going straight for my feels without hesitating, don’t you?

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I’ve become addicted to befriending Genji’s as Mercy.

Literally every time I see a Genji - ally or enemy, it doesn’t matter - I will try to be friendly towards him.

Most Genji’s will either kill you on sight (enemy) or ignore you (ally).

But like,,,, there’s this weird satisfaction I get in winning them over?? 

Example: Tonight I had a Genji main randomly put on my team in quickplay. He didn’t move during the pre-attack phase except to get into position at the side door away from the rest of the team. I spammed the hello emote and “Your guardian angel” voiceline, but he didn’t respond at all. Okay, w/e that’s not the first time I’ve been ignored. 

But then the match starts. 

(FYI we are attacking on Volskaya) My team goes left and Genji goes right. I follow my team to heal them and the fighting at the choke begins. I immediately notice Genji is climbing to the right window, getting hurt, backing out, and repeating as he’s trying to destroy the enemy turret. I instantly glide over and heal him. As soon as I’m done, I glide right back to my team. But then I turn around and he’s doing it again. So I fly back and heal him again. After the third time I fly across the choke at my own peril to save him, he says Thank you. I use the “Your Guardian Angel” voiceline again. (He does eventually get the turret)

It doesn’t take long for my team to push the attack after that. After this I notice that every time I heal Genji he says thanks (Yay!). Once we cap Point A, we move on to Point B. Genji stakes out the turret in the upper left window this time. I heal him when he needs it while taking care of the rest of my team. At one point when I glide up to him in the window and he says Hello to me. I say Hello back (Yay!). 

Now the long and the short of it is that my team kept getting themselves picked off one by one without ever really pushing. It was a little frustrating as a Mercy having to sit there with my rez knowing it would never be used to its full potential without a real push for attack. At one point, however, I decide to do a 2-man rez since my team seemed to want to push at that moment. Genji was in that rez and he said Thank You to me again. Sadly, my team was shut down by the enemy and he promptly died right after. 

He went into team chat and wrote “Sorry for letting you down :((” 

I told him it was okay, we’d try again.

Eventually, I did have to urge my team to rush attack so we could get SOMETHING started and I could rez a bunch of them at once to be effective. In that last fight, my team seemed to be doing alright but went down after ulting. I ran in and did a 3-man rez - Genji ulted to try and finish capping the point, but sadly we ended up dying to a molten cored turret. 

Genji said in the team chat, “I’m sorry, I really tried to go after that turret there.”

I said it was okay, I did see him doing his job going after the turrets.

We may have lost the match, but that Genji sent me a friend request and I consider that a win.

For your consideration: Aziraphale is really bad at self-care, even the minimal self-care he’d have to do just having a mortal-ish physical form.  Like, he’ll just. Forget to eat or sleep just because he can scrape by by using his angelic energy, even if it’s not good for him or his physical form (re: the layer of dust that formed as he read the prophecies).  And this always freaks Crowley out to the point that he’ll drop in on his angel just to make sure that he’s okay and that he hasn’t keeled over for some reason or another, damn these human bodies.  “Angel when was the last time you even looked at your wings they’re a mess.  Will you just let me fix it.”

Meanwhile people who wander into the bookshop often get the impression that its owner is somewhat depressed:  “excuse me sir have you eaten recently?”  “I had a piece of toast last week, thank you very much.”  he doesn’t go outside.  his only company is that anxious guy in the suit.  Is he okay.

okay but seriously i want to know why everyone keeps on hating on penetrator chris? I mean okay he’s definitely not an angel but c’mon he didn’t do anything to deserve this amount of hate. He cheated of course but so did Eva and I don’t see anyone writing bad stuff about her. His girlfriend dumped him (thank god) and he hooked up with some girls, and???

 He persuaded William to come back to Nora, I bet he yelled at him in the car to come back to her, he comforted Eva at the Halloween party. And u keep hating, okay.

I hope Skam’s producers will give him a whole season (mainly because I think he’s bisexual) BYE

Fallen Angel

Pairing: Joker x Reader x Harley

Words: 727

Studying their next victim, smiling at herself cynically as her heart races in adrenaline.

“Help!” Harley screeches a heart-wrenching scream, “Help!” She repeats, holding onto Fallen Angel, waiting for their victim to fall in their trap.

With their heads down, hair covering their infamous faces, sobbing as he approaches Harley holding the fake-hurt Fallen Angel.

“Are you okay? What happened?” He floods them with questions as he helps Harley hold her up. Her sobs discontinue once standing, running her small hands through her hair to show her recognizable features, as long as me.

His eyes widen, stammering back as he holds his hands in defense, “Harley Quinn and Fallen Angel.” He exasperates.

Harley cocks her head sideways, “Is that what you really want your last words to be? Our pretty little names?” She mocks as we step toward him. Closing our distance to only inches from his towering body, Harley in front, Fallen Angel in back. Harley drops low slowly, never breaking eye contact as her fingers dance down the sides of his pant legs. Angel uses her hidden strength to hold him still. Harley’s eyes travel down to his zipper, her fingers following cue. But instead of her hands reaching his zipper, she pulls his knees toward her, collapsing his body on the ground behind him. Without hesitating, Fallen Angel climbs on top of him as she pulls out her choice of weapon: a long, shiny knife.

Gripping the handle with both of her fragile looking hands, holding it above her head. The second she lets out a grunt to exuberate her force of impact, a strong force pushes her off the victim. Immediately standing to her feet after flying feet away, she stares at the inconvenience.

With the cape blowing in the wind, and bat mask covering his face.

“Father.” She greets with a sigh.

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You Scared For Your First Time: BTS

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Jin: He honestly would worry, as you seemed very nervous when things were going to a new level, so he asked you if you were alright. When you told him that this was your first time and you were scared, he would assure you that you didn’t have to go to this level. When you’re ready, he would make sure you were happy and okay, being a complete angel to you and letting you know that you were safe as you could trust him

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Suga: He wondered why you were nervous, so he gazed down at you and asked you if you were okay. Once you informed him that you were scared, as this was your first time, he would instantly become his softer side. He would reassure you, holding you close so you know you were safe. When you said you were okay, he would make sure that you actually were okay, going slow so that you were feel calm and trust him.

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J-Hope: This boy is a literal angel. He immediately noticed that you were scared, so he asked you if you wanted to stop before things got to far. Before you could even answer, he would bombard you with questions, asking if you were okay or if you were feeling well. When you finally got the chance to speak, you’d tell him that you were just scared for your first time. This angel would immediately make you feel safe and when you’re ready be even more of an angel more than usual. 

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Rap Monster: It took him a bit, but when he noticed that you seemed uneasy, he would stop what he was doing quickly. When you told him you were just scared that it was your first time, he would honestly get panicky. He would make sure you felt safe with him and trust him. Once you’re ready, he would be gentle and go slow just in case you wanted to stop at any moment. 

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Jimin: This boy is like an angel, so he would be shy in the first place. Of course, he would ask you what was wrong once he noticed that you were acting odd. When you told him that this was your first time and you were only scared, he would become incredibly soft. Making sure that you were okay and feel safe, he would continue what he was doing if you said you were ready. 

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V: He would stop once he noticed that you weren’t acting like your normal self. Asking if you were okay, he would start to turn into his serious side, which didn’t come out often. When you said that this is your first time, hence why you’re scared, he would become soft and silly. He would make sure you felt safe and trusted him, acting like the weird guy he is to make you calm down. Once you’re ready, he would be slow, as he didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable. 

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Jungkook: He was already shy during the whole experience, so when he noticed that you seemed off, he became worried and even embarrassed. When he asked you what was wrong, his embarrassment left, but his worry grew once you told him you’re scared because it’s your first time. He’d make sure you trusted him and once you felt safe and ready, he would go slow so you didn’t get scared again. 

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