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The one thing that, in my opinion, really makes this film stand out from other films this year (and past years)? The expressions. I absolutely love the expressions of the puppets in this film, especially Kubo’s. He looks so human! Its as if he and the rest of the puppets are living breathing creatures like you and me! Whenever he smiles i am immediately filled with joy and happiness, and smile as well. You can find bellow the pictures which i think prove my statement the best :)

(Its honestly no wonder LAIKA got a Sci Tech award from the Academy and won a Character Animation Annie for this movie!)

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I watched New Hope right after I came home from Rogue One. Luke is there wasting time and I get mad at him. Do you know who gave you this opportunity !!! Get your ass out there Luke!


My best friend and I were driving home from seeing Rogue One the first time, knee-deep in tears and feels, and she just turns to me and goes,

“You know what I just realized? Do you know what Luke is doing while Jyn and Cassian and Bodhi and EVERYONE was dying on Scarif? Luke Skywalker is sitting in his room playing with his toy spaceship and whining about power converters.” 

Like honestly. Get your shit together, Luke Skywalker. 

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