hes absolutely adorable omg

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there was an event that our school was hosting, and i decided i would go all out and wear makeup(which is something i dont do often). well, something happened and i had to go ask my crush a question. when i went to talk to him he was talking to someone else, without really looking at me he said "oh hey anon" in a normal way. but then. he looked at me and his face just lit up and he repeated "oh HEY anon!" in the most excited voice and it was so cute! he flirted with me the rest of the night too!

Omg what a cute lil crush!! I bet you looked absolutely adorable. !!! How cute that he flirted with you omg what did he do?? I’m so excited for you! You probably were smiling the whole time omg.

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Ami is someone who has stood up for Jin. She really cares about him, so don't you dare say any different. He really means a lot to her, and in my opinion she IS the best Jin stan there is. Jin is REALLY lucky to have such an amazing fan. I think if they met, Jin would absolutely adore her. NOT TO MENTION HE WOULD BE LIKE "OMG GUYS I FOUND MY LONG LOST GIRLFRIEND I NEED TO MARRY HER NOW".

Ahhh thank you… This is really nice…

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10. as a st☆rlight, you love your bias because...

the small things :’) like his little smiles

or how he acts when he’s embarassed

or the fact that he adores children (esp his nephew omg♥︎)

or that he absolutely loves to eat

and have i mentioned his 핫바디 yet…

or how he has his own way of showing affection

and his soft voice when he speaks, when his face scrunches up into that expression when he hits those high notes, when he plays soccer, how he gets super competitive (and loses. esp against hyuk lol), how he cares for his fans, etc etc

i could go on and make an essay out of this with proper reference and diagrams…. :’)

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Omg can I tell u about my crush...okay hes so fukin adorable and its crazy because everytime we make eye contact or he smiles at me my whole head goes fuzzy and hes so unbelievably kind to everyone around him and hes super accomplished but humble? Hes the kind of guy who if I told him how amazing I think he is hed be so confused even tho everyone thinks hes amazing ahh. I stand no chance with him but its ok I just like being around him

Please do tell about him omg i love hearing people gush 🙊 he sounds absolutely ADORABLE !!