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My second dream was to become an actor. You know in dramas and movies there are characters Watching them, I imagined “What if I were that character?” “What would I have done?” Imagining this I thought. I want to show my face out there, and inspire people to have these kind of imaginations. Thats what I once thought. I wanted to be an actor and inspire other people to have different dreams.

- Kim Seokjin


“[On how he overcame racial dogma] I was taught that I had basic rights as a human being. I was taught that I was someone. I knew we had no money, still I was taught that I was someone. We had no electricity and no running water, still I was taught that I was someone. I had very little education. A year and a half, in fact, was all of the schooling that I was exposed to. Still I knew that I was someone.”

“Chris Pine was a rare and special casting. We wanted a man who was the true parallel to Diana. A giant spirit who is the kind of man one aspires to be, but isn’t afraid to be complex and leave room for and even compliment another. He is the kind of man women want to believe is out there. He’s also one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with.”

“He is so skilled, wonderful and funny. He’s such a talented guy. He came alive in this environment where he genuinely experienced the dynamic. He actually brought a performance that is so stunning to this film because he did something so tricky where he brought all the comic relief. Chris has those skills to call upon him when we needed it. We were able to go somewhere pretty incredible with him.”

“I cannot believe how perfect Chris was, from the moment we thought of him to the moment he played every second in this movie. Chris is one of the most talented actors I’ve ever worked with in my life. But also, he’s a real man, very comfortable with his masculinity, so much so that he’s not sexiest at all. He completely takes other people on their own face value and is willing to leave space for them, and as a result he’s the perfect boyfriend for Wonder Woman because it’s someone who could actually look at her and admire her and appreciate her and it didn’t take anything away from him. And then he just made us all laugh all the time.”

“Chris is such a gift to this movie because he gave integrity to Steve Trevor. Steve Trevor is intrinsic to her story line. So, we needed to find the perfect guy. Chris is so honorable, hilarious and charming.”

- Patty Jenkins. Director, Wonder Woman.

♥GLORIA_Hampstead Theatre

I’m alive.
I survived.
My soul is at peace now. I saw Colin Morgan a few meters from me… live, during his performance, saw how wonderful he is and how he’s great as an actor. Well, all the actors were so brilliant!!! The whole play was so wonderful!
But when he got up on stage my heart dropped on the floor…
It’s not like to see him on pc, on tv, it was really a big emotion! He’s wonderful….. ok, and a lovely dollophead because he didn’t come out for autographs but anyway I’m so happy!!! 
Go to see his play, really!!! He’s so beautiful! 

thank you @elokid per avermi convinta ad andare a vedere Gloria ♥

I’m a huge Peter Capaldi fan. Always have been. I think he’s a wonderful actor. I just thought ‘This is a great excuse to sit down and binge-watch Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.’ And so I was happy. I was very, very impressed. I thought it was fantastic. And I saw Missy. I thought Michelle was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. That was a real pleasure.
—  John Simm on preparing to reprise his role as the Master (DWM interview)
What Will We Miss Most About the King of Hell?

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There’s no doubt about it, Crowley was a captivating character that has left a space - both on the show and in fans’ hearts - that no one else can fill. Now, with Crowley dead and Mark confirming that he will not be returning to the show, I think celebrating the King of Hell is in order. I could go on for days about how much Crowley brought to the show, but for the sake of all of our time, I’ll keep it to the top five.

1. Mark Sheppard

Starting with the most obvious - the character of Crowley brought the amazing talent of Mark Sheppard to the show. There’s a reason they never changed up Crowley’s meatsuit (aside from him possessing others temporarily), and that’s because no one could pull off the role as well as Mark. He is an outstanding actor, a wonderful person, and Supernatural was lucky to have him.

2. The Snark

No matter what our feelings are on Crowley himself, I think that we can all appreciate his impeccable snark. Whenever Crowley was on screen, we were guaranteed a few laughs. I liked him from the start, but there was something about him screaming, “They ate my tailor!” that made me fall in love. And of course, we can’t forget the classic, “No one in the history of torture has been tortured with the torture like the torture you’ll be tortured with!”

3. He Was a Complex Character

No character is black and white, but Crowley could give you whiplash with how often he switched (or seemed to switch) sides. He went from being an uncomfortable ally, to a main villain, to someone who may-or-may-not-be-helping-no-one’s-really-sure-what-he’s-doing, to the main villain, then back to an ally, and so on. The point is, there was never any telling what Crowley’s next play would be, and even when he did seem ready to take up a more permanent position on Team Free Will, that complexity that was a large part of what made him so intriguing was never lost.

4. His Love for the Winchesters

That being said, somewhere along the line, Crowley did come to genuinely care for the Winchesters. This may have started with Dean; after all, “He’s my best friend. Dean Winchester completes me,” but it certainly extended to Sam and Castiel, as well (which was quite significant after Sam tried to kill him in season 10, and Castiel went back on his deal with him in season 6). When the King of Hell got his hands on one of the post powerful weapons in the world (capable of killing Lucifer), one would think he would do anything to keep it, but instead he destroyed it to save Castiel’s life, and I thoroughly believe that he would have done the same for any member of Team Free Will. Sure, a lot of people on the show care for the boys, but the fact that it was so unusual for Crowley to care about others - that it went against his demonic nature - made it something really special.

5. You’re Good, But He’s Crowley

Crowley was arguably one of the smartest characters on the show. I made this realization back in season 6 with, “ Am I the only game piece on the board who doesn’t underestimate those denim-wrapped nightmares?” Sure, he was proud, but he also knew his limits. This was also seen when Lucifer made him his dog - Crowley immediately sank to play the role of obedient servant because he knew better than to fight, but he never gave in completely, and he was eventually able to outsmart him. Crowley was cunning and resourceful - there was a reason Dean didn’t believe he was dead when Sam told him, and that was because he knew that Crowley was too smart to be beaten. And he never was. Because as Mark wrote, “Even when I lose, I win.”

Happy April fools birthday~

Hello everyone! I’m sure it’s no secret that Zen’s birthday is coming very soon! As president of one of Zen’s fan clubs it’s my pleasure to announce that we’ll be doing something special for him! An actor as talented and wonderful as he needs an equally amazing birthday!   

(quietly controls fangirling)

The fact that his birthday is on April Fools day isn’t going to be overlooked by the RFA members. Even though I’d prefer not to, the other members would enjoy pranking him for his birthday. You can take a guess who those members might be.

So I’m leaving this to you, the guests and loyal fans of true actors like Zen to make the choice of what you’d like to give him for his birthday. The ask box submissions will be opened for this event to receive gifts or pranks for Zen.  Let’s hope this will be a good day for him!


Send your presents or pranks to us or tag us in a post with the tag ‘ask team rfa bday prank’  or ‘ask team rfa bday gift’. You decide the fate of Zen’s day!

The event will close on April 2nd.

Feel free to be as creative as you like~ gift art, prank art, drabbles, anything! Have fun!  Whatever happens to him on this day he’ll probably still be fabulous.


I honestly wonder how come you all just realize how talented Chris Pine is. He has always been talented. His acting always been on point, Go watch Hell High Water, Finest Hours, Z for Zachariah and ofc Star Strek.

His acting and his subtle body language always got me amazed.

Also y'all, This world need more people like Chris Pine in the world.

Kai and Mon El: why do people hate on the wrong character?
  • Kai: Sociopath who knows he's a sociopath. Murdered his whole family, tried to kill his unborn nieces, put the main character in a supernatural coma linked to her best friends life.
  • TVD fandom: loves him (knows he nuts and should be in hell, but we love him) and appreciates Chris because my god he's a wonderful actor. Don't hate on Chris and probably just watched TVD again for Chris's return.
  • Mon-El: A party boy who's trying to change and help other people than himself. Constantly trying to learn more of Earth customs to better understand his new home. Trying to become a superhero to help others. ACTUALLY helps others. Constantly surprises Kara on what he does.
  • Supergirl Fandom: hates him. Just hates him because he's also a love interest and that Kara actually returns his feelings. But he's not just a love interest, he's finding his footing in this Earth. Yet calls him abusive (where?) and that he is boring. Also hates him because he's a "generic" white boy. Hate him because he's coming between a non existent ship. Also say he and Melissa don't have chemistry when the actor themselves are excited to see where they go.

“I don’t want to leave you. I don’t want to protect and like another girl. I don’t want to live with her forever, if she’s not you.”

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I think it speaks volumes to the type of person Bob is that although so many of us have never even met him, we are completely convinced he's an amazing human who deserves all good things. Thank you so much to everyone in the fandom who's met him over the years and helped spread the word about the genuinely beautiful soul he is. :)

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Bob Morley; great actor, beautiful man, and wonderful human being.