hes a total hottie

Boyfriend Jihun

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  • Get ready for the fluffball Jihun
  • He’s the definition of fluffball 
  • Literal. fluff. ball. 
  • Back hugs galore 
  • Hugs galore in general 
  • Pecks here there and everywhere 
  • Doesn’t care if y'all are in public will still show his love for you 
  • Giggles giggles giggles 
  • Can be hella dominant at times 
  • Looks hot asf not just cute 
  • When he’s concentrating god 
  • Basically whenever he’s not looking at you 
  • He’ll be a total hottie 
  • But then turn total fluff when he sees you 
  • Lolz did I mention c u d d l e s 
  • Dresses up when going on dates with you 
  • Bc he knows how pretty you are :) 
  • And tries to dress up so he looks as good as u 
  • Fr tho you never look ugly in his eyes 
  • Basically pure and puppy love 
  • Looks into your eyes 
  • “I love you y/nnnnn” 
  • Laughs at you 
  • Fr if you do anything stupid he’ll fall to the ground laughing 
  • Brings you out with the members often 
  • But holds your hand and everything and keeps you with him 
  • “Seungjun why are you standing next to y/n !!” 
  • Sometimes you feel like you’re third wheeling Seungjun + Jihun 
  • But then Jihun comes up and pecks you on the lips and you’re fine 
  • Seungjun: disappointed but not surprised 
  • Fixes your hair and clothes for you 
  • Wants to watch scary movies with you 
  • Ends up so scared 
  • Screams 
  • Shouts 
  • Squeals 
  • After watching the movie he’ll call you at midnight 
  • And be like 
  • “Y/n I’m scared come and sleep with me” 
  • You’ll just laugh at him and ask him to go back to bed 
  • “SCRATCH mY bACK” 
  • Literally begs for you to scratch his back when Seungjun doesn’t 
  • One last thing: CUDDLES

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Ok, first I wanted to say that I love your blog and your writing, allt he kudos to you!!! Also, since this is Nursey week: what do you think about Adil Koukouh as a Nursey fancast? His complexion doesn't match exactly but I think his features are pretty on point.

Hi Nonnie! Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy this disaster :)

As for Adil Koukouh - he is certainly a hottie!!! And I can totally see the resemblance in his facial features! Unfortunately, I was unable to find much about him by googling him quickly, specifically where it comes to his ethnicity. Ngozi has told us that Nursey is biracial, and to me, representing his blackness is an important part of his character.

Because of this, I personally would not fan cast Adil as Nursey without knowing more about his background, so that we don’t erase Nursey’s blackness. 

(my personal favorite fan cast is Jordan Matheson!)

Country Eric

Okay so image Eric is a total Country boy with southern accent and the lives on the farm and all that good junk, and Kyle Is a Jersey boy who moves to the country with his family. He meets Eric who is a total hottie and jacked from all that farm work, and who’s accent makes him think of sinful things. Eric thinks he’s super cute even for a city slicker, and that subtle jersey accent doesn’t hurt either. So Eric tries to impress like “Hey, you wanna come over an ride my tractor? I don’t mean ta brag or nothin, but it’s huge. :)” And Kyle thinks it’s an innuendo and he’s all like “Um, Hell yeah I wanna ride your big tractor :D” So they set up a date and all that. When Kyle gets over to Eric’s, Eric is all like “Are you ready?” and Kyle is fuckin /ready/ and he’s like “Yeah!” So Eric goes “Great! It’s out back, follow me” and Kyle is completely thrown for a loop like ‘wat wat I thought you wanted my butt?’ And when they get to the tractor it clicks that Eric was being literal about the tractor.

Later on he calls up his friend Stan to tell what a dumb ass he feels like and Stan fuckin loses it cause that’s hilarious.

@parti-pooper this is what I meant about country Eric (well, one story)

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This is my first smut so give me a little bit of credit. They will probably get better. Send in reviews and requests! :)

“And that was Y/N Y/L/N performing Talking Body by Tove Lo! Give her a hand!” The crowd roared for you as you stepped off the stage after your incredible dance to the song, if you said so yourself. It was very sexy and used a lot of movements, and you had been practicing it for months. This was a scholarship that could get you into one of the best performing arts schools in the country, but at the moment you didn;t care about any of that. You cared about Luke.

Luke Hemmings, lead singer of 5 Seconds of Summer, looks-like-he-could-surf-but-couldn’t Aussie, total hottie, and most importantly- your boyfriend. Your boyfriend, who wasn’t there. The single most important performance of your life, and he wasn’t there to watch. You were with him before the show and he promised he’d be there, but you didn’t see him anywhere. You were pissed. You went behind the tent, not bothering to put on your robe to cover your bikini top and mini skirt that you had to wear for the dance, and started searching until someone ran into you. You turned to see Luke, his teeth messing with his lip ring and before you could tell him off he had grabbed your arms and pushed you into the wall below the stage, kissing you passionately. You kissed back, letting his hands travel down your body before releasing you were supposed to be mad and breaking off. “Where the hell were you!” You said angrily.

He rolled his eyes and groaned. “I was at the edge of the stage, could you please be mad at me later?”

“No! That was really important to me an- oh.” You stopped talking when you felt Luke’s bonar.

“That’s right, oh.” He growled. “Don’t expect me to watch you in that fucking outfit, and not do anything. “ His hands travelled down and he sucked on your neck, making you release an involuntary moan.

“Fuck Luke!” You groaned. “ Fuck! I’m,” Moan and you buckle into Luke’s arms, his hands traveling to your ass as you kiss his neck. “Supposed to be mad at you!” You let out a gasp as two cold fingers slip down your skirt and rubs your clit quickly. “Asshole!” You moaned into his neck and dug your fingernails into his back for support as he rubbed faster and faster.

“That’s it baby.” He said, and you could practically feel him smirking. His boner was still bulging through his pants. “Let’s take this somewhere else.”

You weren’t incredibly turned on in your small dressing room that was just big enough for you and Luke to fit but it didn’t matter as Luke took of his pants wit lust in his hands before pinning you back against the door and ripping your skirt off. That left you only in a crop top and a pink thong that Luke started playing with, making you wetter and wetter until you finally growled “Do something Like.” Your hands went up to his hair and you tugged as his hair as he pushed two fingers inside of you and you moaned again. “Shit,  shit Luke, fuck,”

He tilted your head up and kissed you quickly, before you tugged at his lips and played with his lip ring making his moan. “Do you like that baby?” You nodd quickly and he crouched down and started sucking on your stomach, still rubbing your clit and bending his fingers into your g-spot until you felt a familiar knot in your stomach.

“Luke, I-I’m, I’m gonna-” You breathed and he said in a husky voice. “Come for me baby.”

You released and arched your back as your orgasimed and panted when Luke came back up, licking his fingers, before pulling off your shirt and pulling off his. Your underwear had been kicked off long ago. His eyes you and moved his hands up and down your body, his cold fingers making goosebumps as they reached your skin. “Fuck Y/N,” He whispered, before sucking on your neck. “You are so fucking hot.”

You tugged at his boxers. “Take them off.” You whispered and he complied eagerly, his dick slapping against his belly. “Fuck look.”

He smirked. “Beg for it.”

“Look if you don’t fuck me right now, so help me g-” You were interrupted by him thrusting into you making you moan loudly. “Fuck Luke.”

“You like that?” He grunted. “Fuck baby you’re so tight, fuck that is so hot. You’re so wet for me.”

You just groaned in response and the next few minutes were nothing more than cursing, grunting, and moaning coming from both of us , with Luke’s thrusts getting sloppier and sloppier as he felt himself losing control. “Luke I’m going to come.” You gasp.

“Come on three baby.” He moaned, before thrusting again. “One, two… three.” You both release and it’s a mess of limbs and grunting before you fell into Luke’s big arms and rested your head on his chest, the two of you breathing heavily, and he started rubbing your bare back, placing a small kiss on your forehead until you finally looked up. You stayed like that until you heard something over the loudspeakers.

“And the winner of the 2015 Rose Quartz Dance Competition is… Y/N Y/L/N!”

“Shit Luke! Help me find clothes!”


I know this guy was a jerk,


how ppl view intjs vs what intjs are actually like

How most people view INTJs:

hi my name is Genius Darkness INTJ Intellectual and i have massive brains.  im not related to Sherlock but i wish i was because he is a total hottie (AN: if u dont kno who he is then u can go away).  ppl often say i look like INTP.  it was raining and storming and i liked it. sum SJs said “hello i hope u have a nice day”. i glared at them bc i am far too intelligent to engage in this disgusting inferior phony custom known as small talk

What INTJs are really like:

hi my name is Void Paradox INTJ apocalypse and i have infinitely otherworldly ni.  im not related to ENTJ but i wish i was bc he is a total hottie (AN: if u dont kno who he is then i feel sorry for your inability to appreciate this only source of  perfection that exists in this painfully smol universe).  ppl often say i look like INFJ.  the moon was red and blue and the sun was black and the planets were aligned as if to signal an impending doom that is a metaphor for how the universe is much bigger than humanity and i liked it.  sum mortals stared at the vessel which contains my soul.  i glared at them using the portals to the visual world that are upon my face

If ONE MORE fuckboy tells me to give them a reason that Roman Reigns should be champion, then says (btw looks aren’t a reason), I’m literally going to explode.

I AM A GIRL, and I LOVE WWE. Get over it. You want me to talk technical? Fine we’ll talk technical. 

Roman is a powerhouse wrestler, meaning he relies mostly on strength during his matches, so yes his move set is limited. Just because it isn't “flashy” like Daniel Bryan doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. 

No Roman isn’t as good as good on mic as some other people in the locker room, but I can guarantee he does a hell of a lot better than you could fuckboy, because you can’t even type a proper sentence. 

Yeah, you’re fucking right and I’m glad you acknowledge that he is a total hottie. The first thing I would ask him if I met him would be what hair product he uses; and if he can tell me where I can get it because you know that shit gets tangly as fuck, but some how it’s always on point. That boy is FINE, you know it, I know it, celibate monks know it. That doesn’t mean you should make the assumption that just because I’m a girl, I only watch because of the black haired beauty that is Roman Reigns. 

So Fuckboys…

Politely go shove your head up your own ass so I don’t have to do it for you.