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Why would they post wanted posters of Scarecrow while he's wearing the mask? If we see a guy running around cackling with a sack on his head we're gonna KNOW he's wanted. But I'm pretty sure he's finding new victims on Tinder USING HIS OWN PICTURE because nobody knows that he's a total hottie. #OnlyInGotham #SwipeLeftPeople #HisDescriptionSaysHe'sInterestedInFindingThePerfectChemistry #ItSaysDon'tBeAfraid #BatmanDoSomething

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My Immortal is better than KS

Hi my name is Ugly Sang’woo Killing Stalking Way and I have a really ugly design (that’s how i got my name) with blond hair in an undercut and a lot of people tell me I look like a horse’s ass (AN: if you don’t know who dat is then get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he’s a total fucking hottie. I’m a murderer by my fans think I’m hot anyway. I have dark circles under my eyes. I’m also an abuser and I locked a guy in my basement where I abuse him but my fans think it’s hot. I’m a killer (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly bland stuff which makes people lose their shit for some reason. I love Sears and I buy most of my clothes off the clearance rack there. For example today I was wearing a butt-ugly turtleneck sweater, a pair of khakis, loafers, and gloves. I was walking outside my house. Some antis stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

- Mod Roman

sometimes (a lot of times) I see girls absolutely SWOON over boys who are… not attractive at all. I get we all have are types but i mean damn. i’m not gonna ruin anyone’s fun but the point of this post it that it makes me think my boyfriend might be ugly as HELL and i have no idea, i think he’s a total hottie while everyone else is just like :/ 

College Au! Wonwoo (bullet points)

This Au makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside and I may or may not be open to making a part two for this or a series for members 🙈 -Admin Jade //reading this a couple months later I realized this isn’t strictly a college AU, more like meeting him in college LOL

• oKAY you met wonwoo as a freshman in college but you didn’t know he existed even though he’s in a couple of your classes
• the first place you actually interacted wonwoo was in the be the library
because both of you couldn’t handle studying in your dorm rooms and you see this cutie reading a book and ignoring everything he should be studying
• your first impression was like ??? bc he looks intimidating but at the same time his glasses make him less scary plus he’s a boy that’s reading for fun?? you’re trying to figure out this boy and unconsciously you end up staring from afar
• although he’s really into the book he still notices you staring at him and super fast you pull a book from the shelf buT YOU PULLED IT OUT SO FAST THAT THE ENTIRE ROW OF BOOKS FELL
• tHE EMBARRASSMENT IS REAAAAL. after processing what just happened he gets up and helps u pick up the mess and asks if you’re okay before going back to his table  :’))
• after today you figured you’d never see him again since you haven’t seen him until today but WRONGG. omg you thought u can get away from this boy mhmm nahh
• so turns out wonwoos your best bud mingyu’s roommate and one day when you decide to study together but wonwoo tags along aND YOU SEE HIM AND WBSISKSBZHB
• its super awk because you just kNOW he remembers you and you’re debating whether to say anything or not. just when you were gonna say something he asks if you could help him with hw
• you get reeeeally confused bc he has the same assignment as you but you’ve never seen him and he’s just … “we’re in the same class….”
• tbh your friendship with wonwoo was awkward because he’s pretty quiet around ppl he isn’t close to so you’d always ask mingyu to tag along but you end up third wheeling more than half the time
• months passed and yooo you and wonwoo are pretty tight!! you guys are practically study buddies and before returning to the dorms from a study sesh you two always go get boba or whatever you were feeling that day
• once you posted a selca of you and wonwoo on one of your friend dates and your comment section went crazy!! your friends were like BOOOOY????.?. and all texted you if u were dating cuz you two look so cute together!! ofc you say he’s just a friend but we call know you’re lying ;)
• wonwoo saw the comment section anD bOY DOES THAT DO THINGS TO HIS HEART
• he actually likes you
• like
• a lot
• But he’s really good at hiding it from you, but not like you would notice anyways because you think you’re super g8 buddies
• ooooo but Mingyu. Sly fox mingyu knoooows.
• Wonwoo may be really good at hiding his feelings from you but not from him. Wonwoo could rambling on and on anD ON about his day with you or even when he didn’t hang out with you, wonwoo would magically find a way to talk about you in every convo he had with his friends
• It gets to the point where all
of his friends get really annoyed and tell him to confess to you already but smol lil wonwoo is too shy to :’)
•BuT fiNALLY after months of prep talk  he finally has the nerve to do it
•Wonwoo waited until it was almost sunset before dropping by at your apartment.
It was unannounced, but he knew you wouldn’t mind bc he it wouldn’t be anything new
•He wasn’t wearing anything too fancy, just a white tee with a red and black flannel, ripped black jeans, and white sneakers. His hair was done slightly, though not being too obvious for what was to come.
• “I’m kidnapping you”
• He doesn’t tell you where you’re going but judging from the route, you could tell that he’s taking you to the library
• you’re all confuzzled cuz finals is much later?? and there’s no test for you two to study for?? why you going there???
• to confess to you where you met, duuuh
• Of course he will stall though. Wonwoo would start reminiscing to try to make you forget why he brought you to the library, and you knew it wasn’t to study or reminisce.
• You would push him to tell you why you’re really there, like playfully nudging his arm and such. Wonwoo would be smiling as you do this, and he gives in.
• “Okay okay, I’ll tell you”
• His heart would be racing soo much and he’d be so nervous that he almost forgets how to speak. He could either take your friendship to whole new level, or totally ruin it.
• “remember when I first met you?”
• “Woo, I thought you were gonna tell me”
• “shhhh you didn’t let me finish”
• //eye rolling
• “like those books you dropped. I fell for you”
• “…..I’ve been waiting for this day and THATS how you confess to me?”
• His face would look make this dumb expression, the epitome of “wow I didn’t think past the whole confession part”. He would try to search for words but???
• he spends like a good minute just looking at you
• wonwoo was a vv happy happy child that day because he never imagined that he’d end up with you :’))
• but the next morning
• haha
• he had no clue what to do now that you were dating. Would things be any different in your behavior towards each other?
• He was awkward
• very awkward.
• After a couple weeks, Wonwoo had gotten the swing of things. Nothing really changed, except he didn’t have to hold back his urges to kiss or hug you
• back to college life!!
wonwoo was stressing about his upcoming exams causing you to stress out too ;;-;; finally you decided iT WAS ENOUGH so you dragged his butt down to your apartment so he can take a break
• you got him covered and cooked him his favorite food and even got his mother’s recipe
• after dinner you’d cuddle on the couch, listening to every kind of music, from rap to ballad
• this boy would be the king of cuddles
• He’d nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck, leaving kisses.
• Wonwoo would find comfort  run his fingers through your hair while his other hand rested on your waist to pull you closer to his body
• he would smell really nice, like laundry detergent or cotton
• You could tell he was still stressed but not as bad as he was when he got there :’)
• You’d kiss him lightly on his lips and look at him, telling him that he studied a lot and knows the content!!
• You buried your head into his chest and closed your eyes and that signaled him to take a nap too
And what do you know, he aced those exams

• imagine this boy in a cap and gown
• now imagine yourself in a cap and gown
• now put you two together
• He’d get emotional seeing you walk tbh
like wow we’ve gone through so many sleepless nights and endless stress together but look at where we are
• The. Couple. Graduation. Pictures.
• I literally cannot stress how cute and iconic these pictures would be
• holding your diplomas. holding each other’s diplomas and making silly faces. Hugging each other. Him taking your cap and you struggling to get it back bc you’re a smol bean (unless you’re not LMAO)
• idk bout you but this is my type of aesthetic
• Basically wonwoo would make the best college sweetheart

I know this guy was a jerk,


If ONE MORE fuckboy tells me to give them a reason that Roman Reigns should be champion, then says (btw looks aren’t a reason), I’m literally going to explode.

I AM A GIRL, and I LOVE WWE. Get over it. You want me to talk technical? Fine we’ll talk technical. 

Roman is a powerhouse wrestler, meaning he relies mostly on strength during his matches, so yes his move set is limited. Just because it isn't “flashy” like Daniel Bryan doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. 

No Roman isn’t as good as good on mic as some other people in the locker room, but I can guarantee he does a hell of a lot better than you could fuckboy, because you can’t even type a proper sentence. 

Yeah, you’re fucking right and I’m glad you acknowledge that he is a total hottie. The first thing I would ask him if I met him would be what hair product he uses; and if he can tell me where I can get it because you know that shit gets tangly as fuck, but some how it’s always on point. That boy is FINE, you know it, I know it, celibate monks know it. That doesn’t mean you should make the assumption that just because I’m a girl, I only watch because of the black haired beauty that is Roman Reigns. 

So Fuckboys…

Politely go shove your head up your own ass so I don’t have to do it for you.

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This is my first smut so give me a little bit of credit. They will probably get better. Send in reviews and requests! :)

“And that was Y/N Y/L/N performing Talking Body by Tove Lo! Give her a hand!” The crowd roared for you as you stepped off the stage after your incredible dance to the song, if you said so yourself. It was very sexy and used a lot of movements, and you had been practicing it for months. This was a scholarship that could get you into one of the best performing arts schools in the country, but at the moment you didn;t care about any of that. You cared about Luke.

Luke Hemmings, lead singer of 5 Seconds of Summer, looks-like-he-could-surf-but-couldn’t Aussie, total hottie, and most importantly- your boyfriend. Your boyfriend, who wasn’t there. The single most important performance of your life, and he wasn’t there to watch. You were with him before the show and he promised he’d be there, but you didn’t see him anywhere. You were pissed. You went behind the tent, not bothering to put on your robe to cover your bikini top and mini skirt that you had to wear for the dance, and started searching until someone ran into you. You turned to see Luke, his teeth messing with his lip ring and before you could tell him off he had grabbed your arms and pushed you into the wall below the stage, kissing you passionately. You kissed back, letting his hands travel down your body before releasing you were supposed to be mad and breaking off. “Where the hell were you!” You said angrily.

He rolled his eyes and groaned. “I was at the edge of the stage, could you please be mad at me later?”

“No! That was really important to me an- oh.” You stopped talking when you felt Luke’s bonar.

“That’s right, oh.” He growled. “Don’t expect me to watch you in that fucking outfit, and not do anything. “ His hands travelled down and he sucked on your neck, making you release an involuntary moan.

“Fuck Luke!” You groaned. “ Fuck! I’m,” Moan and you buckle into Luke’s arms, his hands traveling to your ass as you kiss his neck. “Supposed to be mad at you!” You let out a gasp as two cold fingers slip down your skirt and rubs your clit quickly. “Asshole!” You moaned into his neck and dug your fingernails into his back for support as he rubbed faster and faster.

“That’s it baby.” He said, and you could practically feel him smirking. His boner was still bulging through his pants. “Let’s take this somewhere else.”

You weren’t incredibly turned on in your small dressing room that was just big enough for you and Luke to fit but it didn’t matter as Luke took of his pants wit lust in his hands before pinning you back against the door and ripping your skirt off. That left you only in a crop top and a pink thong that Luke started playing with, making you wetter and wetter until you finally growled “Do something Like.” Your hands went up to his hair and you tugged as his hair as he pushed two fingers inside of you and you moaned again. “Shit,  shit Luke, fuck,”

He tilted your head up and kissed you quickly, before you tugged at his lips and played with his lip ring making his moan. “Do you like that baby?” You nodd quickly and he crouched down and started sucking on your stomach, still rubbing your clit and bending his fingers into your g-spot until you felt a familiar knot in your stomach.

“Luke, I-I’m, I’m gonna-” You breathed and he said in a husky voice. “Come for me baby.”

You released and arched your back as your orgasimed and panted when Luke came back up, licking his fingers, before pulling off your shirt and pulling off his. Your underwear had been kicked off long ago. His eyes you and moved his hands up and down your body, his cold fingers making goosebumps as they reached your skin. “Fuck Y/N,” He whispered, before sucking on your neck. “You are so fucking hot.”

You tugged at his boxers. “Take them off.” You whispered and he complied eagerly, his dick slapping against his belly. “Fuck look.”

He smirked. “Beg for it.”

“Look if you don’t fuck me right now, so help me g-” You were interrupted by him thrusting into you making you moan loudly. “Fuck Luke.”

“You like that?” He grunted. “Fuck baby you’re so tight, fuck that is so hot. You’re so wet for me.”

You just groaned in response and the next few minutes were nothing more than cursing, grunting, and moaning coming from both of us , with Luke’s thrusts getting sloppier and sloppier as he felt himself losing control. “Luke I’m going to come.” You gasp.

“Come on three baby.” He moaned, before thrusting again. “One, two… three.” You both release and it’s a mess of limbs and grunting before you fell into Luke’s big arms and rested your head on his chest, the two of you breathing heavily, and he started rubbing your bare back, placing a small kiss on your forehead until you finally looked up. You stayed like that until you heard something over the loudspeakers.

“And the winner of the 2015 Rose Quartz Dance Competition is… Y/N Y/L/N!”

“Shit Luke! Help me find clothes!”

Looks like a real gone to seed pretty boy. Hey bro you’ve put on a heap of weight, look at that belly you’ve developed. I mean I knew you had gained a fair bit I mean that thing is pushed through all your tops but now that you’ve got it fully off, jeez man I just can’t believe how soft and flabby you are these days. Your old teammates would laugh at how out of shape you’ve let yourself get. ‘Hey dude, you need some help getting those jammers on, I’m not sure they’ll fit anymore".But seriously this guy puts so much of his extra weight round the middle, and with his clothes on and belly sucked in he looks like a total stereotypical hottie but take it off and out pops the emerging potbelly

Jean Toomer, pictured here, was an American poet and novelist and an important figure both in the Harlem Renaissance and the modernism movement of the Lost Generation. His first book Cane, published in 1923, is a synthesis of the ideas and experimentation seen in both the Harlem Renaissance and modernism and is considered by many to be his most significant writing.

He was also a total hottie.

This is a photograph of him when he was quite young.  He also grew a mustache later in life, if that’s your jam.


the shower is such a magical place i stg i think of like 90% of my fic prompts while i’m showering okay so i got *dj khaled voice* anoTHER ONE-

so its a sort-of-YouTube au and in this one makki is friends with like everyone in Every Team you can think of from haikyuu okay like karasuno shiratorizawa nohebi: e v. E R Y O N E
but its a normal au (prolly college) and so like-
makki is trying to add moniwa on snapchat to show him how it works and stuff and he accidentally types in the wrong username but doesnt check it twice since moniwa is a heckin’ n00b with this stuff and makki is entirely confident in his typing skills and so he messages the person “lol okay grandpa i’m here its me”
and so mattsun, who is a v v big YouTuber in this au, responds to him like “who tf-”
and makki takes a picture of himself bc he thinks that moniwa doesnt recognize him and he’s like “its me you nerd geez” and mattsun is like lowkey freaking out bc goddAMn this random stranger is Pretty Hot so he decides to take a picture of himself too and he’s like “i’m not a grandpa, but i dont think i can say anything about that nerd comment”
and makki like falls out of his chair screaming because 1. he’s messaging a random stranger instead of his Clueless Friend and 2. said random stranger is Too Hot (Hot Damn) he might actually need to call the police and the fireman
so he’s like “okay hanamaki just 🐝 k00l” @ himself and so makki messages back “are you one of those hot nerds or smth bc-”
of course he immediately regrets it because makki what the fuck kind of smooth move was thAT
but mattsun found it funny and he’s like giggling to himself n stuff and he says “i guess, if someone as good-looking as you sees it” and makki is mcfreakin losing his shI T
so he calls up moniwa and moniwa’s like “dude wtf i’ve been staring at this dumb app for like 20 minutes did u add me or what” but makki immediately starts talking abt Random Stranger and poor moniwa is caught in the crossfire so he’s like “okay okay cool your jets, just talk to him like you would to anyone else” and makki is like “moniwa no oh my god he’s actually rlly hot i cant just Meme It Up jfc” but then mattsun sends makki the good shit meme during the call and makki has like instantly fallen in love
and so that’s how makki and mattsun started talking and they’ve even had a few snap streaks here and there but since mattsun is usually busy with college and making videos they dont keep it for that long (he always feels so bad that he doesnt keep them but makki is always there to assure him its okay)
now since makki had No Idea what mattsun did as a hobby mattsun has been making videos of him
nothing big just like little vlogs about what they were talking about that week or what interesting thing happened to them
but then his audience started going crAZY because who tf is this mystery stranger that mattsun is always talking abt ??? why dont we know him ??2? cant we at least know his name ?¿?¿??
and mattsun is just like “no u cannot know his name he is anonymous until said otherwise” (and by that he means until hanamaki finds out mattsun has a yt channel where he talks abt makki lmao)
and so moniwa, oh sweet moniwa, goes on like Every Single social media daily and he starts seeing screenshots and stuff about mattsun’s vlogs abt the “mysterious stranger” and he’s like “ooo sounds interesting I Want In™” so he goes to mattsun’s channel and watches the videos and since makki talks about the Same Exact Things to moniwa that mattsun is mentioning in his videos moniwa like totally loses his marbles
he immediately calls makki up and is like “dude you will n e v e r guess what i just found" and so moniwa links makki to mattsun’s video and makki legit screams for like three minutes straight because not only was his crush a Total Hottie but he was a Total Hottie with a youtube channel
and so makki sends mattsun the link and is like “gee i wonder who this is abt ;))))” and mattsun is highkey freaking out like “shitshitsHI T”
makki doesnt care tho he just wants to be in at least one video and so he pesters mattsun abt it for like a week and mattsun always uses the excuse “idek where u live tho” so makki just like straight up gives mattsun his address and is mattsun just like “fuck he’s actually rlly close to me”
so eventually mattsun agrees and makki is just ecstatic but at the same time totally terrified because he’s finally meeting mattsun irl and he’s finally gonna be able to touch him and clarify that he is indeed an Actual Person and not just someone on the internet and he’s just rlly overwhelmed
he doesnt get much sleep the day before mattsun picks him up because he’s too excited and when mattsun sees him for the first time he’s just like “dude what happened to you” but makki doesnt ca r e he just wraps mattsun into a tight hug and mattsun immediately hugs back and they literally Never let go of each other from then on out like there’s always at least a little physical contact between them whether makki takes mattsun’s arm or mattsun just links their pinky fingers together its always there and neither of them seemed to mind it
and so mattsun and makki film the video and makki is like “jesus that was way harder than i thought it would be” and mattsun just says “yea well i gotta do this like twice every week”
and so mattsun edits the video and uploads it to youtube with the title “Meet My Boyfriend” bc he thinks he’s smooth like that but no he’s just a dork
makki was literally the first viewer of the video and right when he saw the title he just flips his shit and starts screaming at mattsun like “heY WHY DIDNT I KNOW WE WERE TOGETHER DID YOU EVEN ASK ME” and mattsun just replies “well no but do you want to be my boyfriend?” and makki immediately says “fuck yes oh my god”
of course some of mattsun’s fans didnt take the news too well but overall they were pretty supportive of them
hanamaki turned into that one s/o that didnt have a youtube channel but he’s in like almost every one of mattsun’s videos making snarky comments or sarcastic replies and literally Everyone loves it and they ask for mo r e
one time hanamaki brought moniwa with him over to mattsun’s and moniwa was like “wait, so this all started because you got my username wrong on that app (he deleted snapchat bc he didnt know how to use it even after hanamaki explained rip moniwa). what did you spell it as?” and makki is just like “i forgot to how to spell eyebrows but apparently someone else did too” and mattsun said “wow r00d i did that on purpose” but makki didnt believe him

wow look @ me back at it again with the unnecessarily long posts jfc
sometimes i just Cant Control Myself and small ideas turn into v big ones who o p s
if you’ve read this far tysm lmao that must’ve taken A Lot™

i hope u enjoyed it tho !!!

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au where werewolf!Bones is hiding out in the woods so the hunter he's heard is in town won't find him - except he does, very very quickly, and looks up at him where he's hiding on a tree branch like 'you do know I'm a /vampire/ hunter right' and Bones just huffs and blushes but he does get down cause the guy seems safe enough, he even put down all of his weapons for him, and with the added bonus of being a total hottie Bones guesses he can test his luck

Jim showing up at Bones’ cabin one day with all his things and a charming grin and a “Mind if I crash?” before promptly taking over his couch and eventually Bones’ entire home.

And God knows why Bones lets him stay, but he does, and it’s not long before he’s watching Jim sharpen wooden stakes and polish silver crucifixes that Bones stays well clear of, and on full moons, Jim locks the doors and waits out the nights with a wolf draped possessively over his stomach.

Crisscolfer AU where Chris is the best man at a high profile celeb wedding. The couple really wanted their favorite actor-singer to perform and they managed to somehow get Darren booked. 

Darren is closeted and no one knows but he decides that this is a great way to come out, like subtly but giving the couple a nod with something about how they’re inspiration for him to live his life honestly. 

And Chris is so charmed and impressed with Darren’s voice and his style and his speech that after the reception is over he approaches Darren and asks him he wants to go get a drink. Darren is kind of bowled over with the fact that he basically just came out and he’s getting asked out by a total hottie and he says yes and 

Well, you get where it’s going from there.