hes a prettier girl than me

so my mother really likes I.M....

*sitting at a Mexican restaurant, waiting for food*

me: Mom, look at I.M , I haven’t shown you his new teaser pic yet before, right?

her: he’s so good looking. He’s more beautiful than most girls

me: he is! he’s gorgeous isn’t he?

her: he’s way prettier than you

me: …

BTS reaction to you only having kissed girls before

Monsta x and bts reaction to their girlfriend only ever having kissed girls before (like she’s straight(ish) tho)

[Monsta X Version]


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“Doesn’t matter, Jagi. I’m better looking than all those girls anyways.”

“Jin, you’ve never seen them.”

“Don’t need to, I know I’m prettier.”


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“Well, you’re in a relationship with me in the end, so whose the real winner here?”


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“That’s okay, Y/N. It’s not about the past anyways, let’s look forward to our future!”

Rap Monster

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“Was it to experiment or are you bisexual*? 


(I know in the gif he’s giving a real judgmental look but please look at it like it’s confusion xD)


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“Does that make me the first boy?”


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“I don’t mind, I still love you!”


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“How have they kissed more girls than I have? What is this witchcraft??”

Showing baekhyun to my mom
  • Me: this is baekhyun, mom. What do you think about him?
  • Mom: .. is that lipstick on his lips?
  • Me: *coughs*..no...
  • Mom: I'm pretty sure it's lipstick.. why is a boy putting on lipstick?
  • Me: .... ... .. he's cute, right?..
  • Mom: he's screaming beautiful.. so feminine..
  • Me: ...ok...
  • Mom: a girl can't walk beside him cuz he'll look prettier than her and it'd be awkward..
  • Me: ...
  • Mom: .. so feminine and pretty ..gosh..
Love at First Sight with SHINee

Request: Can u plz do a reaction of Shinee seeing u at a fan meet and they instantly fall in love?


Onew: He’s been eyeing you whenever he had the chance and when you’re finally in front of him, he can’t stop himself from smiling widely. “Y/N, that’s a beautiful name.” He says after you tell him your name. “Please come back to see us.” He holds your hand a little longer than necessary and lets you leave, a little saddened by your departure. 

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Key: “Damn girl..you’re prettier than me.” You blush as he signs your album and you go so the next person can come, You look back to see him staring at you and pointing to the album. You look down and it reads: Call me so we can make pretty babies together. xxx-xxx-xxxx -Key

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Jonghyun: “Hi.” Is all you have to say to have him smiling widely. He becomes a nervous wreck as he autographs your CD with hearts all over it. “Thank you for your support, please come back to see me soon. I mean us…” He smiles as you leave and spends the rest of the day thinking of you.

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Minho: When he first sees you, he notices how beautiful your eyes are and he can’t stop staring. When he gets nudged by Key, he realizes he didn’t sing your album yet. “Sorry…your beauty distracted me.” Your cheeks heat up when he hands you your album, “Thank you. See you next time.” You say before leaving.

“I’m sure fate will allow us to see each other sooner than you think.” 

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Taemin: At first he avoids eye contact with you but gains confidence when he sees how shy you are. “You look so pretty!” He exclaims happily, “We appreciate your support.” You smile brightly and he blushes, “I think I just fell in love.” 

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“he’s beautiful”

               “He’s beautiful,” he says.

               “Beautiful?” the other man replies.

               “Yeah. He’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. Don’t you ever look at him and think that he’s prettier than any girl, prettier than…than anything?”

               “Ah, no, I think that’s probably just…”

               “Doesn’t matter. I think so, man, and yanno what? I can’t even tell him. I can’t let him catch me starin’, and I can’t touch him like I wanna. Do you have any idea how hard it is to want to touch him so badly and know that I can’t? It would ruin everything if I tried. If he knew…if he thought for a second that I wanted him that way…he would hate me. He would…he would never speak to me again. It’s not normal, man, wantin’ your best friend like that. But he makes it so hard. He…”

               “Did you ever think that he might want you back?”

               Rhett pauses, thinking of each and every time Link touched him and his fingers lingered a touch too long. All the times the two of them stayed up late, squished together in the same bed, staring at the ceiling and talking about the future. The adventures they had in the middle of the night, the trouble they got into together. The way Link’s eyes sparkled every time Rhett made him laugh. But all it takes to help him remember the truth is the way Link wouldn’t speak to him for days after the last time he pulled the I’m dead move. “No. No, never. You know where we are, don’t you? Where we grew up? The way I feel is gonna send me straight to hell. You really think he’d be willing to go there with me?”

               “Yes.” Gregg is sincere, somber, when following the affirmation, he meets Rhett’s eyes. “For you, he would. He’d follow you anywhere.”

               “Even to…?”

               “Even straight to hell.”

               Rhett is still awake when Link comes back from the library at two in the morning. Instead of doing what he wants, instead of touching, speaking, telling the truth, fear keeps him immobile. Link crawls into his own bed and Rhett stays in his.

               He loves Link, in more ways than he should, and he knows that Gregg is probably right. Link would follow Rhett even if it meant being damned. And Rhett lies awake, resolute, making up his mind.

               He loves Link, in more ways than he should, but he will never condemn Link to the same fate as him. He will never allow Link the same damnation.

               Link shifts in his bed and makes a small, sleepy noise that cuts Rhett to the bone. And as the night wears on, Rhett faces hell alone.

Drunken Confessions

Pairing: Lafayette x reader

Words: 770

Warnings: Google translated French, alcohol

Prompts: “Are you drunk?” “I may have had a few shots.”

A/N: This is my first Lafayette and it’s probably really shitty but that won’t stop me from uploading it! As usual please send requests(I only have like 2 more fanfiction ideas please send requests)

You stumbled, nearly tripping in the array of people as you made your way over to your friend at the other side of the bar. He was talking to some girl who was prettier and more confident than you, but all logical thinking was tossed aside after your third shot.

“Heyy, Lafayette.” You could hear your own slurring as you leaned on the Frenchman for extra balance.

“Are you drunk?” He questioned, staring at you incredulously. You rarely gotten drunk and you usually had a good reason for drinking.

“I may have had a few shots.” You retorted.

“We should get you home.”

“As long as you come with me, Laf.” You knew you never called him Laf, but why not start now?

“Come on.” He wasn’t looking you in the eye and it was frustrating you to no end.

“Why won’t you look at me? I like looking into your eyes.” He stared straight ahead as he gripped your arm, dragging you to his car.

“You’re drunk; you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“That doesn’t stop me from loving you.” You smirked as he froze, looking at you with wide eyes.

“Tu m’aimes?” He reverted to his native language in surprise.

“You know I only speak English, frenchy.” You giggled, sliding into the passenger seat of his car.

“Nothing, it’s not important. What’s important is you not dying on the way home.” He focused only on the road, the entire drive home and you pouted.

“Come on, Laffy Taffy, I can tell you’re resisting me and I don’t know why, it’s not like I’d regret hitting that.” A blush crept onto his cheeks as he stared at you for a moment.

“No. You’re drunk, which wouldn’t make it consensual.” He exclaimed flatly.

“Don’t be like that.” You whined, leaning closer to him in the car before he pushed you away with one hand. You clumsily fell backwards at the gesture. “Fine.” You sat pouting for the rest of the ride.

“We’re here.” Lafayette announced finally.

“Will you stay the night?” You tried once more, the alcohol giving you all of your confidence.

“Alright, but that’s all I’m doing.” He sighed, as you admired his features.

Lafayette brought you inside, laying you in your bed and grabbing a glass of water for you to drink in the morning. He resigned to the couch once he assumed you were asleep. You, however, were not.

You snuck into the living room where the unsuspecting Frenchman was sleeping on the pull-out couch. You smiled drunkenly, climbing in next to him and quickly drifting off into a peaceful dream.

You woke up groggily, a headache blasting through your ears. Suddenly your eyes snapped open as you felt the body heat next to you. “L-Lafayette?” You mumbled, half asleep but panicked. A groan responded, rolling over.

“Y/N?” He sat up, and you were suddenly extremely aware of how shirtless he was.

“What happened last night?” You asked quietly, unsure of if you wanted the answer or not.

“Nothing!” You sighed in relief. “I made sure nothing would happen because you were so drunk!” He quickly replied. “Last thing I remember was sleeping in a different room from you.” He mumbled, almost to himself.

“Well, last thing I remember is getting drunk, so you’d know more than me.” You groaned, standing to get yourself some water. You retreated back to the couch once you had it.

“You kept hitting on me.” You choked on your drink. Oh no.

“Oh, uh yeah.” You laughed, playing it off. “I was just really drunk.” He looked at you, and you could’ve sworn his expression had a hint of sadness.

“So you didn’t mean anything you said to me?” He whispered.

“I mean, I don’t know what I said to you.” He almost looked crushed. “But, probably.” He looked up suddenly, his eyes wide.

“What does that mean?” He questioned, his voice raising slightly as he got more excited.

“Well…” You decided it was now or never to tell him you were in love with him. “I’m kinda… In love with you.” You were about to stand, leaving the room out of pure awkwardness when you felt a pair of lips crashing against yours. It didn’t take long for you to melt into the kiss, your arms wrapping around Lafayette. Finally, oxygen got the better of the two of you, and you both pulled away. “Maybe I need to get drunk more often.” You laughed.

“So I was at this little cafe this morning, and this little girl runs up to me, tugging on the bottom of my shirt. I look down at her and she’s got tears in her eyes, and I literally almost died. She said she wasn’t sure where she was and her daddy had disappeared. Than this really handsome man comes running up, telling me that it’s his daughter and looked at his daughter, trying to whisper to her only do that with pretty girls. Just as I was about to turn and slap him, his daughter got this most disgusted, and stomped on his foot, telling him that I was much prettier than some Anne and he still dated her, then stormed off. I have so much faith in that little girl.” 


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“Ask him out!” Natasha told you. “The worst Steve can do is say no.”

“No, the worst that can happen is he’ll say yes, but get tired of me and as soon as a prettier girl comes along, he’ll leave me for her,” you stated,

“You know Steve isn’t like that,” Natasha stated.

“I know, but he deserves better than me,” you stated.

“Let me decide what I do and don’t deserve when it comes to the people I like,” Steve commented, rounding the corner into the room.

Your face turned bright red. “You knew he was over there,” you accused Natasha.

“Yep. Because you like him, and he likes you, so you just needed a little push,” Natasha stated.

“People always say I can have any girl I want. I don’t fully believe that, but I am aware I have my options,” Steve stated. “And the reason I haven’t picked a girl yet is because I was trying to figure out how to ask you.”

“B-but why me?” you asked. You thought for sure he’d end up with a girl as attractive as he is.

“Because you’re cute, and really sweet,” Steve replied, as if it was the simplest thing. “And I know you, and know that we get along very well.”

“Stop making excuses and just go for it,” Natasha said, pushing you into Steve. You stumbled a little, falling into the Avenger’s chest., nearly knocking your glasses off. Steve put his arms around you to catch you, and you were blushing all over again.

“Why are you so adamant about getting Steve and I together?” you asked, turning your head since Steve was holding your body still.

“Because Steve hasn’t had a girlfriend in seventy years. It’s time,” Natasha said, before turning to leave. “Have fun you two!”

Steve looked down at you. “So, since I’ve never really been on a proper date, I’ll have to defer to your experience with these things,” he said.

“Well, then we’re both screwed,” you commented.

“We’ll just have to learn together then,” Steve said, before kissing the top of your head.

Am I Pretty Yet?

Seungcheol always notices the beauty in other girls. So why couldn’t he do that with you, his best friend?

Warning: Language

“Jeonghan’s prettier than you, so you shouldn’t date him,” Seungcheol says, making funny faces at Jeonghan. You know it’s a joke, but you’re a little annoyed.

Seungcheol had been getting on your nerves all week, pointing out all the pretty girls, haunting you with their perfect hair and body, flawless skin and smiles. You know that wasn’t his intention. He was simply admiring their beauty, and had never once compared them negatively to you. But you were still annoyed by it. And hearing that Jeonghan, a man, was prettier hurt. Whether it was true or not.

“You keep telling me who I shouldn’t date, can’t you be a normal friend for once and tell me who I should date?” He smiles nudging you slightly.

“I’m only saying these things because no one is good enough for my best friend. You’re basically my little sister,” He jokes.

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✰ — ‘pride’ starters (seven deadly sins sentence series)


is this idea original? not in the slightest. am i doing it anyway? you bet. 

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 "i know i’m prettier than all the other girls in my class, don’t worry.“
 "what do mean, ‘no’? everyone wants to sleep with me.”
 "i’m the best you’ll ever have.“
 "you really thought you could beat my score? nobody ever beats my score!
 "listen, i look great in everything… and i also look great naked.“
 "there’s no way he did a better job than me.”
 "do you want someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, or do you want me?
 "i know you’re proud but it’s not too late to ask for help…”
“since when does talking about myself sometimes make me self-obsessed?!
“i’m top dog around here, you better get used to it.”
 "what i say goes!
 "who cares? i have more money than them anyway!
 "you don’t tell me what to do, i tell you what to do. and you better do it.“
 "not to sound vain, but… that was nowhere near as good as my performance.”
 "i’m the one who’s been here from the start! i’ve done everything right around here!

  • congrats! you got yourself a pretty long-haired angel for a boyfriend!
  • probably even prettier than you or any of the girls you know,,
  • but hey, jeonghan would always assure you saying,
  • “whatever you say, you are the most beautiful person i ever lay my eyes on, y/n. i didn’t even drool as much when i look at myself in the mirror.”
  • “so basically, you drool at yourself in the mirror, too…”
  • “i can’t help it. god blessed me with this look. i gotta appreciate the masterpiece.”
  • “i’m done…”
  • let’s just say that, he’s a bit of a narcissist, but who is he to blame? he’s naturally gorgeous!
  • but when he says that you are the most beautiful person on earth, he meant it. it’s the truth. he admits that you are much more beautiful than him, despite his usually self-loving trait.
  • “you are beautiful, y/n.”
  • “stop forcing yourself to say it, jeonghan.”
  • “i’m not forcing myself. i’m being genuine. you are beautiful.”
  • “okay, i heard you the first time.”
  • “you still wouldn’t believe me, would you?”
  • “no. because i know i’m not as beautiful as a certain person i know.”
  • wrinkling his nose cutely, he pinches your cheeks and gravitates closer so that you two are eye-to-eye.
  • “baby, believe me when i say this. if you could see yourself just for a day, you’d see how everyone else sees you, and how i see you. and my god, you are fucking beautiful.”
  • and he just naturally dives his lips to press into yours, pulling you closer by your hips and murmuring compliments on how perfect you are to him.
  • yeap, he has a sweet mouth. figuratively and literally.
  • “you taste like cherry today.” he’d say and fricking liCKS HIS LIPS TO DECIPHER THE TASTE.
  • and you’re like, “do you really have to say that?”  (。-_- 。)
  • jeonghan loves sleeping. so if he’s nowhere to be found, you’d probably just discover him at the back of the school, lying down under the big tree.
  • “this guy should find another hobby other than sleeping.” you chuckle and crouch down next to the sleeping angel, gently brushing his long brown fringe from tickling his face.
  • and somehow, in his sleeping state, jeonghan managed to catch your hand in the gentlest way possible but never letting go. he’s like pressing the back of your hand against his cheek and smacks his lips like a baby.
  • chuckling, you lift up his head and places it on your lap where jeonghan seems to be falling into a deeper slumber as you stroke his hair.
  • normal days:
  • “y/n, whose baby are you?” ( ̄▽ ̄ )
  • (눈_눈)
  • “y/n, whose baby are youuu?” ~( ̄▽ ̄~)
  • ( ̄□ ̄)
  • “y/n, whose baby–”
  • (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
  • days when you are close with the other guys:
  • “y/n, whose baby girl are you?” (꒪◡꒪ )
  • (ಠ__ಠ)
  • can be the most annoying, possessive boyfriend, but can also be the most caring mother figure.
  • “have you eaten well the past week? you look skinnier than the last time.” he’d worriedly coo while playing around with your cheeks.
  • “i’ve been eating a ton of junk food for the past week. i think you need glasses, jeonghan.”
  • “no, really. you look skinny. cOME ON, MOMMY WILL BUY YOU HAMBURGER, FRIES AND SOME CHOCOLATE SHAKE.” and literally drags you away to some fast food restaurant.
  • and he WILL feed you.
  • “jeonghan, i have hands. i can feed myself…”
  • “but i wanna feed you! ahhh.”
  • “no – mMPH.”
  • and then during physical ed, he’d come around with water bottles in his arms and runs over to you with a large grin on his face.
  • and you’re like, “why do you have a shit ton of water with you?”
  • and he responds by placing one of the bottles in your hand and beams, “gotta take care of all my babies ♥”
  • “all?”
  • and the next thing you know, he’s handing out the other twelve bottles to the boys.
  • seungkwan: “tHANKS, MOMMY.”
  • “why am i not surprised…”
  • would take you to dates where he would have the opportunity to lie his head on your lap and snore away.
  • “let’s have a picnic!”
  • “you just wanna sleep on me…”
  • “go awheii.”
  • at prom dance, you’d rush to his home with hairdryer, hair gel and comb just so you could fix his hair and make him more charming than beautiful.
  • so while you’re applying gel with his hair, jeonghan is like burying his face in your stomach with his arms wrapped around your hips.
  • “did i tell you that you look beautiful tonight?”
  • “for the twenty-sixth time, yeap. now, straighten up. your hair will be ruined.”
  • “but i’m scared. what if the other guys think you look beautiful too and start hitting on you?”
  • “they won’t–”
  • but jeonghan manage to calm his nerves from smacking the daylight out of seokmin for flirting with you. and he has a great dance with you.
  • at the climax, he leans his forehead on yours and sighs in contentment. “i wish time would just stop so i can hold you longer like this.”
  • “then don’t ever let me go.” you smile and peck his lips.
  • jeonghan’s face brightens and he presses his lips fully on yours again. it would be a full-blown make-out if not because of seungcheol.
  • and everyone laughs, leaving you two embarrassed and plotting revenge on the guy.
  • at the rarest times, during late nights, jeonghan would come over to your apartment with a pack of ramyeon and cider.
  • “i strangely couldn’t sleep tonight. let’s eat!”
  • and while you cook, he slithers his arms around you from behind and digs his chin into your shoulder and you’re just like, “you have a craving for ramyeon at the strangest times.”
  • “well, you might have to get used to this because you’re going to encounter it more.”
  • “why so?”
  • “because i’m gonna marry you, baby.”
  • you: ☆ヽ(o_ _)o
  • “y/n, dON’T FAINT ON ME!”

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Dolan Twins Preference

Your First Fight


You two were walking around in the mall. His arm wrapped around your waist and you leaning against him. You two passed a small group of girls and you looked up at him with a smile. He turned and watched a girl pass by. They both made eye contact and she smiled at him passing by. 

Grayson Bailey, really?” You scolded, pushing him off you. 

“What?” He asks like it wasn’t very obvious. 

You crossed your arms and scoffed. “Checking out another girl, while I’m here. What a very considerate boyfriend,”

“I didn’t mean to.” He replies. 

“What? She’s prettier than me? Skinnier?” You ask. 

No!” He answers. 

“Oh, she’s taller, right? Because I’m pretty hefty to carry up, right?” You ask with a sarcastic smile. 

He groans. “No! That’s not why. Gosh, why do you have to make a big deal out of this?” 

You felt offended. “Really? So you wouldn’t mind me checking out other guys in front of you?”

He didn’t answer and just looked at you. 

“This is a mistake,” You scoff. 

“Yea, it is,” He mutters. 

You looked at him surprised. “I meant this relationship, but it’s fine if you agree. No bad blood there!” You walk backwards and toss his jacket you were wearing. “I’m gone. It’s fine.” You walk away. 

(y/n)!” He yells behind you. 

Have a good life, Grayson Bailey!” You yelled back, not breaking your stride. 

(y/n)!” He yelled again. 

You ignored him and went to the only place in the mall that would calm you - the mall fountain. You sat at one of the benches and watched the water dance, while changing colors.

You knew he finally caught up to you. “Why, Grayson? I’m not good enough?” You ask, not turning your head. 

“Baby, I’m sorry.” He was now at your side, standing near you. 

Tears started to build up on your eyes. “I knew it was too good to be true. The Grayson Bailey Dolan wants to be with me.” You scoffed. “I’m stupid for letting my guard down,” 

He put his hand under yours, but you pulled your hand away. He just sighed. “(y/n), I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to stare at other girls,” 

You finally turned to him with tears finally pouring out. “Then why do it? And that wasn’t even subtle. That was the worst check-out I’ve seen,” 

“Baby, don’t cry. I’m sorry,” He grabs you for a hug. 

“Then why check out another girl?” You ask. 

“She had that necklace you wanted. Remember that silver heart necklace you showed me before?” He asks. 

You wiped your tears and looked up in his eyes. ”The one with our diamond encrusted initials?” 

He smiles and laughs. “Yes, that one. That girl was wearing something similar to it and I wanted to ask her where she got it. It was suposed to be a surprise and I wanted to get that necklace for you,”

You suddenly felt stupid. “That’s the only reason you looked at her, right?”

He nodded and put his hands on both sides of your face. “Of course. I can’t deal with you leaving me. I’m sorry if it seemed like I was checking her out,”

“No, I’m sorry. I should’ve listened to your reason first,” You apoligized. 

“I love you, (y/n) (y/middle/n),” He kissed leaned down and kissed you. 

“I love you, too, Grayson Bailey,”



I clicked off snapchat, sighing at all the videos I seen of Kian. He was hanging with some pretty good looking girls who were obviously prettier than me. I tossed my phone down and went into the kitchen, grabbing a Debbie cake. I hated being at the house by myself with no action. I had to take care of the two dogs and cat.

I opened my Debbie cakes and bit into the first one, jerking from getting a text message.

Baby 💗 : wanna FaceTime?

Me : sure

I sighed and waited for my phone to ring. I took another bite then my phone rang.


“Hey baby.”


“What’s wrong, (y/n)?”


“Fucking bullshit.” I shrugged my shoulders, finishing my first Debbie cake. “Don’t eat all those baby!”

I stuck my tongue out. “And if I do?”

“I’ll push you into the pool.”

I laughed and ate the next one while Kian talked about how his tour was going and how much fun he was having and talking about how fans told him that he changed their lives. I loved hearing him talk about everything but the pretty girls that he partied with just get to me.

“Spill it, (y/n). What’s wrong?”

I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. “I just get jealous of the girls that dance or hang with you. I mean, I hope you’re not cheating and I know you wouldn’t but I just get nervous like really nervous because I love you so much and I don’t want some girl stealing you away from me.”

He sighed. “Princess. I will always love you. No girls can get between us and no guy will get between us. I’m your boyfriend. You’re my girlfriend. I plan on marrying you some day and I plan on having kids with you. Nothing will get between us. You’re my baby. Always and forever, (y/n). I love you.”

“I love you.”

Kian an me talked for the rest of the night till he fell asleep (of course I screenshot it) but I’m just glad I have a wonderful boyfriend like Kian.

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Scared that he'll leave me bc there are a lot of girls who like him and they are so much nicer and prettier than me and even tho i want him to be happy I'm just scared bc he's one of the best people i know and i don't wanna lose him... he's also super into cars and talks about them non stop and he laughs at his own jokes and teases me about my love for penguins and got me a plushie last Christmas and still wears that scarf i got him and ahajaja thanks for enduring my ramble haha (pt2)

aah like he sounds so sweet i dont think you have anything to worry about losing him!!

Gordo - Missed you at lunch today?
Lizzie - I’m not very hungry.
Gordo - They had the big chocolate chip cookies. I got you one.
Lizzie - Thanks… Ronnie broke up with me.
Gordo - He’s a loser.
Lizzie - No Gordo, I’m the loser, ok? He likes another girl. She’s probably prettier than me. And she’s probably smarter than me. And she’s probably a lot more fun than I am.
Gordo - No, she’s not.
Lizzie - How do you know?
Gordo - Because there’s nobody prettier than you, or more fun to be with.
Lizzie - You forgot smarter.
Gordo - Yeah, well, I was including myself in that one.
Lizzie - *laughs*… I feel so awful.
Gordo - Yeah, I know, but you’ll get over it. Whereas that guy, he’s gonna realize what an idiot he was and he’s gonna feel awful for the rest of his life.
Lizzie - You’re such a good friend Gordo. 

Everybody deserves a friend like Gordo