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Broken Heart

Jeff Atkins x Reader

Fandom: 13 Reasons Why
Summary: Jeff comforts his crush at the Winter Formal after their hearts been broken.
Characters (+Mentioned): Reader, Jeff Atkins, Montgomery De La Cruz, Justin Foley, Hannah Baker, Jessica Davis, Clay Jensen, Tony Padilla, Marcus Cole, and Zach Dempsey.
Warnings: Broken heart ¿
A/N: I seriously can’t get over Jeff, like why? Why pick such a beautiful innocent person for that kind of ending?

The music was blaring loudly from the large speakers in the gym, lights flickering back and forth between different colors of the spectrum, the smell of punch lingered in the air mixed with alcohol that some students had managed to sneak in.

(Y/N) sat on the bleachers with her head down, looking at her short and shiny black heels that were beginning to make her feet ache. Reaching down, she took them off and wiggled her toes for a moment before sighing and leaning back against the bleacher behind her.

She knew this was a stupid idea, attending the winter formal when she didn’t even have a proper date. Coming here with Justin Foley was a terrible idea because (Y/N) knew he had the hots for Jessica Davis, the way he looked at her and the fact that he was taking care of her right now while she was drunk said it all.

She came with a guy who had eyes for someone else, the guy she had a crush on since freshman year.

Another small sigh escaped her lips as she pushed herself up, making her way across the dance floor she winced whenever she stepped on something sticky but continued on until she was pushing past the gym doors out into the hallway.

Her lips twitched and she walked down the hall for a moment, not wanting to go home just yet so she turned the knob of the nearest classroom and stepped inside, not realizing that her eyes had been bubbling with tears. She looked around and noticed it was the science room, she could tell by the tables they had placed in the room instead of separate desks, and the periodic table poster that was hanging on top of the clock over the teachers desk.

She let go of her heels and sat down at one of the tables, laying her head down and allowing herself to sob quietly for a while.

“I’ll be right back, alright?” Jeff stood up slowly from where he had been sitting next to Clay; urging him to go ask Hannah to dance but he was to shy and embarrassed to do that.

“Where are you going?” The boy asked, his blue orbs filling with worry.

“Saw (Y/N) walk out, she looked upset. I’m gonna go find her!” He yelled over the loud music Tony was playing.

He jumped down off the bleachers and made his way towards the doors, passing by Justin who was dancing rather inappropriately with Jessica. Jeff’s eyebrows scrunched together for a moment as he remembered that Justin was (Y/N)’s date, he let it sink for a moment before his eyes widened in realization.

Jeff didn’t talk to (Y/N) a lot—unfortunately for him—but the way she talked about Justin made bells ring in his head because he knew the way she was talking about the boy meant she liked him, he knew that because it was the same way he talked about her to Clay.

He pushed past the doors and saw her entering the science room that belonged to Mr. Parker, he didn’t hesitate to jog over and go inside, but before entering he gripped the doorknob so tightly in his hands that his knuckles turned a lighter shade.

He breathed in and held his breath, the sound of muffled sobs inside made his heart ache, it made him want to go back into the dance and throw Justin into the basketball hoop.

(Y/N) deserved more than she was getting, all the guys she went out with were the definition of asshole. Monty harassed her so much and tried to touch her that she finally gave up on trying to go out on a nice date with him. Zach caused her to have a bad self esteem. And Marcus? He was only ever interested in a girl if he knew he could get laid, and Justin was just plain stupid.

He was one of the “nice jocks” but then he could turn around and become one of the worst possible boy’s you could ever hope to meet. It irked Jeff when he saw (Y/N) giving that boy heart eyes when he felt like that look should be directed towards himself, sadly though, he couldn’t make (Y/N) fall in love with him, but he sure as hell could help mend a broken heart.

Opening the door softly, Jeff entered and almost tripped over the short heels lying near the door that no doubt belonged to the girl sitting at one of the tables with her head in her arms. The sound of him almost face-planting caused her to look up.

Her hair was sticking to the side of her face where tears had fallen, her cheeks pink and eyes a little puffy, they no longer gleamed. If it was one thing Jeff liked to admire about this girl, was his ability to tell what she was feeling by looking into her large eyes.

Right now they seemed so dull it made him want to cry.

“Justin Foley? He is a complete idiot for not paying attention to you tonight.” Jeff spoke softly, hitting his hands together awkwardly.

He could be confident around any girl at this school, all except for (Y/N). He didn’t take that as a bad sign though, he knew that if he really liked someone, he should at least be a little nervous around them, with her, his nerves were all over the place.

“You look beautiful by the way.” He added quickly once he sat down beside her on the plastic chairs.

A scoff tore through her pink colored lips, plump and soft looking, Jeff had to restrain himself from grabbing her chin and kissing her right then and there. That would be taking advantage of her because of her weakened state right now.

“My mascara is running, my lips are actually really chapped and my lipstick is smudged, my hair is a mess and—”

“—and you’re still the prettiest girl at Liberty High. At least, you are to me.” He licked his lips, anxiously, hoping he wasn’t overstepping his boundaries because the last thing he wanted to do was make her feel uncomfortable after having her heart ripped out from her chest.

As if he had been blessed, her lips stretched out into a large beautiful smile, a contagious one that he couldn’t help but return. She lifted her thumb and rubbed her nose for a moment before looking over at him.

“Like I said before, Justin is an idiot if he didn’t notice how amazing his date is.”

His heart sped up a little when she leaned over and laid her head on his broad shoulder, rubbing her cheek against the soft fabric of his dark suit.

“You know, your not so bad looking yourself.” She lifted her hand and tugged at his suit a little. “Didn’t know you dressed up so well.”

“Are you saying that I normally don’t have good sense of style?” He said with a mocking tone. “Have you seen Brianna Johnson? She wore a white top after Labor Day! Who does that?”

“Only a monster would dare.” (Y/N) played along and even let out a soft giggle that shook her shoulders, a giggle—that like her smile—was also very warm and contagious.

They spent a few minutes in a silent state, not an awkward silence but a comforting one. The sound of the music still passed through the walls, and the sound of laughter too.

“Are you going to be okay? About this thing with Justin?”

(Y/N) smiled weakly and nodded slowly, making a fist and knocking it against her chest.

“Hearts still beating, so yeah, I’ll get through this. But,” She dragged the word out and lifted her head to look him in the eye. “I’m going to need support to get through a broken heart.”

“Well, lucky for you, I’m an expert at these sort of things.” He stood up and held his arm out, she didn’t falter in her movements and quickly stood up to link hers with his, the chair making a small sound as it scrapped against the ground while the two teenagers quickly left the school.

(Y/N)’s sides ached from laughing, her tongue tasted like strawberry from the ice cream Jeff had provided her with. They sat on top of his car’s trunk over a small cliff that overlooked the town, a tub of Ben and Jerry’s in each person’s hand.

He had taken her up here—as cliché as this might sound—to look at the stars and eat ice cream together because it was a great way to mend a broken heart as Jeff had said. He had taken the liberty to try and make her laugh so much she almost snorted the dessert out of her nose, it wasn’t disgusting to him though, he took it as a good sign.

“Did you really hit him that hard?”

“I didn’t even know he was behind me, you know I throw a pretty mean hard ball.” He winked.

Behind you? I thought the ball was suppose to go forward.“ She asked with her eyes squinted in question.

He opened his mouth while his eyes trailed off, no words formed and he shrugged his shoulders before digging his plastic spoon into the Rocky Road goodness that he had bought at the 24 hour convenience store down the road from his house.

(Y/N) put the lid back on hers and licked the spoon while leaning her head against Jeff’s shoulders again. He had taken off his coat to throw over her shoulders, leaving him in a button up that didn’t help to make her heart slow down because it showed how broad he was and how all those exercises he had done from baseball had paid off.

“Thank you.” She mumbled softly, hoping that he had heard her. She took the sign of him wrapping his arms around her shoulders as a good one as he leaned down to kiss her forehead softly, in a comforting and loving way.

“Anything for you.” He spoke softly too and tightened his grip on her, hopefully they wouldn’t go back to the way things were. Where she’d go hang out with her friends and Jeff would go back to the baseball team, because he needed to spend more time like this with (Y/N), almost like he needed air to breath.

For today, he ignored the thoughts of school and just held her close. Enjoying the taste of his ice cream and the sight of the stars twinkling above as the girl he loved stared at him, thinking he was more prettier than the starry sky.

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Making New Rules

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: After Papa Stark finds his daughter and Peter getting steamy, he decides they need to settle some rules if those two are going to become an item.

word count:1798

Part 1  Part 2



Originally posted by tonybeifong

To say dinner was awkward was an understatement. Neither of them knew what to say or do, especially since every time the teenagers glanced at each other Tony sent glares in Peter’s direction.

Y/n couldn’t believe her father. Hadn’t he been the one that suggested they dated each other? Sure, he had find them making out in her bed, but still! She glared back at him, trying to make him drop his attitude.

Everyone could feel the tension in the air, especially with the silence that filled the room. Peter wanted to make some conversation, but he knew if he did Mr. Stark might throw the knife at him. He felt really bad about dating his daughter, the one girl that was off limits, but still, he couldn’t believe the girl he had had a crush for over a year actually liked him back. It felt too good to be real.

Everyone ate their food lost in their own thoughts, trying their hardest to avoid what they knew was next. Y/n knew her father would have a “friendly” conversation with Peter, which would scare him off, just like every other boyfriend of hers. The difference was she would actually care if this one went away.

They spend the longest hour eating, but after it was obvious what they were doing Tony finally stand up, dragging the chair loudly, making both teenagers look at him.

“Well Peter, if you’re done pretending to eat, I’ll like to have a word or two with you, in private”

Peter stared at Y/n and back at her father. He knew she couldn’t save him from this one. He had to go with him and hope for the best. He stood up and followed as Mr. Stark went into his office, not waiting for him. He glanced back at the girl one more time, and just the sight of her giving him an apologetic and worried look was enough for him to gather some courage and finally step into the room.

He closed the door behind him and looked around the office, until he finally spotted the man, looking through the big glass wall, staring at the city under them. He approached him slowly, remaining a couple feet behind him.

“Peter, you see the city, all the people in it? How many people do you think there are in New York? How many girls? There has to be at least a dozen girls in it, different sizes, shapes, ages”

“I uhh- I guess there are many”

“Then-” Tony turned around and faced him, getting a step closer to him “Why did you choose the one girl I told you not to?”

Before Peter could even open his mouth Mr. Stark was talking again, not caring about his actual answer.

“My girl is the most important thing for me! If all you wanted was a pretty face to fool around with I can introduce you to someone! Obviously not prettier than Y/n, cause she has like, really good genes- but still”

Peter could not believe what he was listening to. It had taken him a whole year for Y/n to notice him, he wasn’t about to give up on the girl of his dreams.

“It’s not like that! I- I don’t- I don’t want anybody else!”

“Why not?!”

“Because she is Y/n! I mean- her looks are a bonus but I want to get to know her, I want her to fall for me and make her happy. She is not only intelligent but also the kindest person, and she is also very funny and I just-really like her”

“How would you know? It’s not like you ever talked to her before!”

“I didn’t knew I had a chance until yesterday! If I weren’t spider man she would’ve rejected me!”

As soon as the words left Peter mouth he realised it wasn’t the smartest idea, but it was already too late. The man in front of him got an upset and angry look that suggested he wanted to murder him in the spot.

“If you really think that way about my daughter then you shouldn’t date her”

Peter knew it was wrong to even think about it, but honestly, why would the perfect girl even glance in his direction if it weren’t for the suit? Also, she just made a move once she realised who he was.

“Why else would she even think of dating me? I’m nothing compared to her”

Tony sighed as he took a seat in the couch in his office, patting the seat beside him for Peter. The boy went and sat next to him, as the man spoke.

“Lemme tell you a story about Y/n’s first day at school Peter. I thought that maybe homeschooling wasn’t the best option for her, so hey, why not send her to a public school? Get her to have the whole high school experience right? However after she arrived from her first day I knew I  was fucked. Peter, why do you think Y/n is so popular?”

“Because of you?”

“Exactly! So like at first it was ok, she had a ton of friends, but all of the sudden all the boys wanted to get into her pants, apparently you included- But she never payed attention to none, until that first day she arrived home from school and started rambling about a familiar sounding boy-

“She said she had seen the cutest boy in her Chemistry class. Apparently not only was he “cute” but also super smart.”

Tony proceed to try to imitate his daughter puppy eyes and her voice, making a lovesick grin while he continued.

“I’m telling you dad! He has the softest brown eyes! And curly hair and he is just- the most handsome boy I’ve ever seen. He is also super smart and- has like all the answers for everything! He is in the decathlon team and seriously dad, he might be smarter than your geniuses in the lab down here!”

“Everyday she would come home with one of her stories about cute brown eyes boy, until she finally discovered your name and told me”

Peter had never felt so confused. Did Y/n liked him since so long ago? Why hadn’t she said anything? They had both been pinning when they could have actually been together?

“So, you see why I’m not into the idea of you guys dating? You’re the one boy that might actually hurt my daughter, or take her away from me”

“I would never do either of those things. I really like her and I know- I know how it feels to lose people, I would never do that to you”

Tony finally loosen up to his words and gave him a side hug, while ruffling his hair.

“I know you mean no harm kid, but she is the most important person in my life, we gotta settle some rules if you really want to be with her”

“I do, and I promise I’ll try to follow them this time”

“So, first rule, no touching kid, even though you already broke that rule, try to keep your hands to yourself”

Peter knew that rule was going to be broken many times, and Tony seemed to realise as he pushed the boy and punched his arm.

“You could at least try! Okay new rule, no touching in front of me, and once the time is right we’ll have a safe talk- but that doesn’t mean I give you permission to bone my daughter!”

“What? No- Of course not! Okay so, second rule?”

“Your job is to protect her, if I’m not around then it’s your duty! Don’t let people find out about her and you being spider man! Don’t let your enemies get close to her or I swear I’ll kill you myself kiddo”

“I won’t let them anywhere near her I promise”

“Last but not least you have to maker her the happiest girl okay? She comes home crying because of you and I’ll make sure you pay for it Peter, and I mean it- especially if you break my rules. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my daughter”

“I know Mr. Stark- and also- I- I wanted to apologize for before. I shouldn’t have betrayed your trust, especially after everything you’ve done for me and-”

“I’m sorry Peter, I overreacted- and to be honest, I’ll rather have her date you than any other asshole. Anyways, We should go met Y/n, she must think I already killed you”

With these final words Tony got up and opened the door as he called for Y/n to come in, even though she was probably pretending not to spy on them.

“Everything’s settled then, I have a meeting to go, you guys finish your homework. Goodbye honey”

He kissed Y/n’s forehead, ignoring the surprised look she gave him and stepped out, leaving them alone.

“God what did he told you? I thought I’d heard some yelling in here”

The girl came next to him and cuddled beside him as he hugged her from the side.

“He was actually very cool about it, he even told me some interesting stuff”

She looked at him while Peter played with her hair, a knowing grin in his face.

“What did he told you?”

“Just stuff”

“Tell meeee!”

“He might’ve told me the story about the soft brown eyed boy”

She blushed and hide her face in his chest, as he laughed at her reaction.

“I can’t believe you had a crush on me!”

“Pete stop it! We’re dating!”

“Still! I still can’t believe it tho, we could’ve been dating for almost a year!

“Well, it’s your fault we had to wait all this time! You should’ve asked me out!”

“Well, you never talked to me either! How was I supposed to know you liked awkward dorky Peter?”

“That’s because I always thought you saw me as a mean superficial bimbo girl! I never thought you’d go out with someone like that! At least not when there were a dozen of girls better than me!”

Peter looked down at the girl in his arms and removed the hair from her face, cupping her cheek and bringing her close to him. She looked perfect next to him, looking expectantly at him, trying to get closer before he talked again.

“You’re the only girl for me”

He finally pulled her in for a kiss. This one felt different. It was sweet and slow, making his heart full with happiness. He knew next to her he didn’t had to worry about anything else, he had all the time in the world by her side.

“I guess the wait was worth it”

“It totally was”

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Irreplaceable [m]

Originally posted by kihyuon

Summary: When my bff called me and told me Kihyun had just left her for another girl she tasked me with finding out who this other woman was. I never expected him to say that it was me.

Warnings: spanking, mild daddykink, cum play, angst, swearing, quasi-cheating?, violence

Word Count: 13,808 (most of which turned out to be smut lol)

I had just gotten in the car and was about to drive home from a little late evening practice time when the leader of my girl group called me. “Ha-Have you talked to Kihyun tonight?” she asked, her voice desperate and shaking.

“Not since this morning. Why? What’s wrong?”

“He…h-he broke up with me!” she squeaked out and then she lapsed into a bout of so-intense-it’s-almost-comical wailing.

I didn’t believe it. I’m not saying I couldn’t believe it, I’m saying I literally did not believe it.

You see, she and Kihyun had “broken up” at least a half dozen times before but they weren’t real breakups. They were like mini relationship vacations. They’d last one day, three days, maybe one week tops. He always went back to her. He always did and he always would. I had found that out myself the hard way.

After his previous breakup with Kyung Mi, Kihyun had called me and asked me to meet up to talk. He was in a bad state, really upset, so of course I said yes. We went out drinking and after we talked things out for a while he relaxed and we just started having fun. We went back to my place, started making out, one thing led to another, and we ended up having sex.

It was the happiest night of my entire life. I had always secretly loved Kihyun despite him being taken since the day I met him. Sure, I felt guilty about my feelings but I didn’t think that his girlfriend treated him right. She sometimes did petty things that made him suffer and then I’d long to steal him away from her. 

I never acted on that impulse until that night, though, because she was my friend and she was also my Leader. There are some lines you just don’t cross.

Plus there was the fact that Kyung Mi had been with Kihyun for over a year before I met him so I didn’t really know the full extent of their relationship or what was really between them. 

I thought there must be some reason he put up with her, some kind of super bond, or something. I didn’t know what really made relationships tick – not the ones that really lasted for a long time – so who was I to judge? I only knew that he loved her and it hurt me to see it when I so desperately wanted that love for myself.

That was a feeling I had learned to suppress over two years of knowing him, so getting to be with him that night felt like a dream come true. 

I thought Kihyun was happy that night, too. He seemed happy. He said things to me that made me think that he cared for me as more than a friend, but then the next morning things changed.

I’d thought they might change a little, but I hadn’t expected how drastic it would really be.  When I woke up he was perched on the edge of my bed, looking all haggard and mopey and guilty. He even cried a little, saying that we had made a huge mistake and telling me in detail what a terrible person he was.

He said that he was still in love with Kyung Mi and he regretted what we did. 

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Full Bloom

There was a slam from behind him as Bucky kicked the door shut with all the might his ten-year-old body could muster, and then the sounds of distant yelling from inside the room he’d just stormed from.

He didn’t care. The people his mom had taken him around to visit were assholes. He just felt bad for leaving Stevie in there to fend for himself- although to be honest, he was probably just having to be held back by Mrs Rogers as he made a desperate attempt to smash their kneecaps in.

Bucky growled at nothing, kicking a nearby rock as he marched through the unknown village. The place they were in was foreign to him; the rich side of town where Bucky rarely even heard about, let alone visited. Only reason he’d been dragged along in the first place was because of the new job his and Steve’s mom had both been offered, and their potential new bosses had wanted to meet for dinner to discuss ‘arrangements’, whatever that meant.

They probably didn’t want to discuss anything now- not after the way Bucky had reacted. 

Which was great. Meant his mom had lost the job offer. Again.

And Bucky had tried, he really had- best behaviour and everything that his mom had asked him to- he knew that this was important to her. And Sarah. Probably more so to her; she and Stevie struggled to put food on the table as it was.

And he’d ruined everything.

Sniffing and adamantly refusing to cry, he kept marching, unsure of where he was going, but uncaring too. He just needed to… to find somewhere quiet. 

He’d be in so much trouble when his momma got hold of him.

It was only a few minutes later when he came back to himself, realising that he’d somehow managed to wander into a field, filled with pretty flowers and lovely green grass. It was surrounded by trees perfect for climbing, and the sun shone on it in a way that made it all glow.

Not that Bucky cared. Right now, he just needed a place to sit and be grumpy.

Throwing himself forward, he fell to his ass with an angry little growl and tucked his knees up against his chest, staring moodily ahead of him. There were little flowers dotted around the grass, and he picked at them absently, ripping their petals off and then letting them flutter to the ground or float away in the light breeze.

“Hey! Don’t do that, what did the flowers ever do to you?”

Bucky jerked and turned around immediately, eyes wide and searching for the owner of the voice. He definitely hadn’t expected to be found in a place like this- not so soon anyway.

Ahead of him, there was a skinny little boy, his warm brown eyes as big as saucers as he stared down at Bucky and the angry look that was still etched on his face. The boy was dressed in clothes that probably cost more than the contents of Bucky’s entire room, but there was grass stains and muddy patches all over them. His curly hair was falling into his eyes a little, but he quickly brushed it out when he saw Bucky looking; probably out of habit.

“Those… those flowers are pretty. Don’t ruin them,” the boy said weakly, apparently losing his confidence as he saw Bucky’s grumpy look.

He probably did look quite scary- a boy already tall for his age, in the wrong part of town and picking apart flowers in this fancy field whilst wearing a look of absolute thunder on his face. No wonder the newcomer was looking a little shifty.

He made an effort to smooth out his face a little, but he doubted it did much. “Sorry,” he said gruffly, shrugging his shoulders, “I’ll find somewhere else, I didn’t know you were here-“

“No, I didn’t mean you had to leave,” the boy said hurriedly, taking a brave step forward, “I just heard you storming in, and wanted to see who you were. That’s all. And there’s better ways to make use of the flowers than to rip them up, you know.”

Bucky looked at him quizzically, and then his eyes drifted down to the little chain of colourful flowers the other boy was gripping in his hand. Apparently losing all confidence again when he caught Bucky staring, his eyes widened and he hid the offending object behind his back, taking a little step back once again. It was like he was dancing, he moved that much.

“They’re just flowers, it’s not a crime, boys can like flowers too you know, I don’t- don’t beat me up,” he stumbled, holding his chin high in defiance but failing to hide the panic in his eyes as he took another step back.

Bucky furrowed his brow in confusion. Why the hell would he think he was gonna get beat up? Bucky didn’t hurt anyone- not unless they started it first, anyway.

“I’m not gonna beat you up,” he declared, shaking his head, “and I know it’s okay for boys to like flowers. I was just angry, and I wanted to fiddle with somethin’. Sorry if I hurt them,” he said, biting his lip.

He didn’t want this boy to think he was mean. Even if he probably looked pretty mean right now- Bucky didn’t want him to be scared. He looked as if he was scared quite a lot, actually.

There was silence, as the boy ran another hand through his hair and bounced on the balls of his feet. He was keeping his eyes fixed on his floor, and Bucky was just about to get up and say he was leaving when the boy suddenly spoke up again.

“I come out to this field when I get upset, like you. But… uh, I use the flowers too. I just mess with them in different ways,” he said, like that was supposed to explain something.

Bucky looked at him in confusion, and after a few seconds the boy’s hand was slowly removed from behind his back, revealing the pretty chain of flowers again. “Have you ever made a daisy chain before?” he asked tentatively.
Bucky shook his head, wondering where the boy was heading.

“Okay. Do you want to learn?”

He was being looked at almost fiercely, and the boy’s knees were crouched a little, like he was preparing to run at a moment’s notice. It made Bucky frown again, because why the heck did this person seem so convinced Bucky was going to try and hurt him?

“Yeah. Okay. I’d… I’d like that,” Bucky answered, trying to smile a little, despite his foul mood.

The boy’s eyes widened, like that had not been the answer he was expecting. Bucky noted that he had very nice eyes. And hair. In fact, he was even prettier than Dorothy- the girl who sat in front of him at school. Everyone loved her- but she didn’t share a patch on the boy stood in front of him right now.

“I’m Tony,” he stated, finally stepping forward and holding out his hand.

“Bucky- nice to meet you.”

“Come with me,” Tony said, pulling on Bucky’s hand and leading them to the left, where the trees met field, “I know a place full of so many flowers you won’t even know what to do with them all.”

“So why were you angry?” Tony asked, his knee knocking against Bucky’s as he carefully wove a tiny little stem through the gap in another.

Bucky paused, face clouding over. He put his chain down carefully, in case he ripped it in his frustration. “Mine and Steve’s momma met their new bosses, and they’re really stupid.”

“What did they do?” Tony asked, “did they not know how to count to ten?”

“No, not that kinda stupid,” Bucky waved him off, “they were just mean. And wrong. There was an advert on the TV and it had two boys in it and they said that it was disgusting but it isn’t disgusting. I like boys. I know I’m not disgusting. An’ I told ‘em that much myself, ‘cuz I ain’t afraid of no dumb adults,” Bucky said defiantly, hands fisting against his legs as he thought back to their gross faces.

Tony was staring at him, and Bucky realised that maybe Tony thought he was disgusting, too, so he jumped to his feet angrily. “If you don’t like it either, you can take your flower crown and scram, ‘cuz you’re just stupid too-“

“No!” Tony raised his hands, eyes wide as he looked up at Bucky, “No, I don’t think it’s disgusting. I just think you’re… you’re really brave. I could never do that to adults. I tried to do it once, when my dad called me an idiot, but then he just hit me and so I didn’t do it again,” he said, looking at the floor again like he was… like he was embarrassed or something.

Bucky frowned again, confused. Why would his dad have hit him? Weren’t parents supposed to keep you safe from being hit, not be the ones to do it in the first place? 

That being said, Bucky had noticed the angry red mark that was cutting through Tony’s cheek, and wondered if that was the reason he was in this field in the first place. And if it was his own dad that was doing that, it made everything even worse.

“I’ll beat him up if you want,” Bucky said, sitting down again so that his leg was pressed up against Tony’s. “Like I said- I’m not scared of no adults.”

Tony’s eyes were wide, and he was staring at Bucky like he was his guardian angel or something. Bucky liked Tony looking at him like that; it made him feel all fluttery inside. “You’d really do that? For me?”

“Yeah,” Bucky nodded his head adamantly, “definitely.”

Tony smiled, but then shook his head and sighed. “No. Dad’s strong, and even if you’re strong too, he’s big. I don’t want him to hurt you too. That’s why I come out here. I like flowers. They’re pretty. And dad can’t yell at me when I’m here.”
There was a short pause, and then Tony’s eyes widened as he turned to face Bucky. “You can’t tell anyone you saw me here, okay? If dad finds out I like flowers he’ll call me stuff and hit me and stop me coming, and I really like it here, so you can’t, okay, you can’t-“

“I ain’t telling your dad shit,” Bucky told him, liking how the curse word sounded on his tongue. He wasn’t sure what it meant, but he’d heard someone yell it on the street, and thought it would be a good thing to use here. “I like flowers too. And you. I wouldn’t tell him anything that might hurt either of ‘em.”

Tony relaxed a little, and nodded gratefully. “Thank you. And by the way, I definitely don’t think it’s disgusting. I like boys too- more than I like girls. But I just don’t tell anyone because I don’t want people at school or home to beat me up more,” he admitted, worrying at his lower lip and avoiding Bucky’s eyes again.

“But… why are you telling me then?” He asked.

Tony looked at him, and then shrugged, his cheeks beginning to turn pink. 

“’Cause you’re my friend. Right? And friends can tell each other secrets.”

Bucky thought about every secret of Steve’s he had kept, and then nodded his head. “Definitely.”

“Good,“ Tony broke off, finally finished with the little chain of daises he’d been making through the conversation. He raised it up and smiled at his work, before shuffling forward a little and carefully placing it around Bucky’s neck. “It suits you,” he said quietly, and Bucky thought the blush that was spreading through his cheeks again was very pretty.

Bucky nodded looking down at the chain around his neck and smiling. “You can wear mine when I’ve finished- it won’t be as good though, ‘cuz you’ve been doing it longer and I’m still learning-“

“I think it’s great anyway,” Tony assured him, picking up the half-finished masterpiece, which was a little uneven and splayed. But Tony was practically beaming at it, and it made Bucky feel lovely and special.

“BUCK! BUCKY! YOU HERE?” A loud voice interrupted, and both of them jerked, Tony’s eyes flashing with panic as he dropped the chain and turned. Bucky made note that he didn’t like loud voices.

Quickly grabbing his hand, he caught Tony’s attention. “Hey- don’t worry, that’s just my friend. He’s called Steve, and I’ve been gone a while, so everyone’s probably worried. And mad. But not at you,” Bucky explained hurriedly. “Do you wanna go, or do you wanna meet him?”

Tony paused, before looking across at the boy who was even tinier than him, shock of blonde hair falling over his face as he stumbled through the long grass and searched for his friend. “I’ll stay.”

“Good, because he’s great- you’ll love him,” Bucky grinned, before pulling them both up and waving. “STEVIE!”

Steve turned, eyes locking on to both of them immediately. He frowned a little at the sight of Tony, but it was gone in a second and replaced with a friendly smile. “WE’VE BEEN LOOKING ALL OVER FOR YOU, IDIOT,” he yelled across the field, beginning to jog across until he had caught up with them. “Your mom’s gonna give you an earful when you get back, you know?”

Bucky grimaced. “Yeah, I know I was stupid- I ruined their jobs-“

“No no, they don’t care about that. The people were assholes, they turned down the offer as soon as you slammed out of the door,” Steve explained, “your mom’s mad because you just wandered off for two and a half hours in a place you don’t know. Idiot.”

“I had Tony,” Bucky said defensively, “we made flower crowns. And now we’re friends and he’s gonna hang out with us, okay? He needs to teach you how to make flower chains- he’s awesome at them,” Bucky explained, squeezing Tony’s hand and smiling, gesturing proudly to the chain around his head.

Steve stared at it for a few seconds, and Tony was all jittery again, but then Steve just smiled in wonder and stepped forward, examining the work around Bucky’s neck. “That’s so cool! Can you make me one?” He asked, eyes wide.

Tony practically beamed, and nodded his head happily. 

“But I get to make Tony’s,” Bucky added quickly, shooting Steve a look. 

“Why can’t I make one for him too?” Steve asked, frowning.

“’Cuz I’ve known him longer and I asked first,” Bucky replied.

Tony giggled a little, and Bucky’s stomach went all fluttery again. “You can… if you want, you can both make me one?”

Steve opened his mouth to reply, but upon seeing the desperate looks Bucky was throwing his way, he slowly shut it again, comprehension dawning on his face. “Oh. I didn’t realise… uh, you know what, Tony, I think I’ll leave it to Bucky. He’s better at them than me, and he did ask first.”

Tony just shrugged, and then smiled at Bucky again. They were still holding hands. “Okay.”

“Uh, Buck- I hate to break this up, but if I don’t come back with you soon, I think your mom’s gonna call for a search party,” Steve said sheepishly, interrupting their moment and rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. 

Bucky sighed grumpily, but nodded his head. “Yeah yeah, whatever. Tony, do… do you want to come ‘round to my house sometime? Steve will probably be there, and there’s a nice meadow behind our garden. You can teach us how to make even cooler chains than before, and… and I’ll be able to make you one all on my own?” Bucky asked it like a question, and looked stubbornly at his shuffling feet as Tony’s hand squeezed around his own.

“I’d like that, yeah,” Tony said softly, prompting another beam from Bucky.

“Cool! I’ll… I’ll meet you here at the same time tomorrow, and we’ll walk down, okay? Sound good?”

Tony nodded happily, a little stunned expression on his face as his gaze jolted from person to person, as if he expected the joke to be revealed.

Bucky squeezed his hand a little tighter and then let go, the great big grin still on his face. Bad moods seemed impossible now. “I’ll come find you tomorrow then, Tony,” he called out behind him, walking up to Steve and then making their way toward the roadside.

There was a pause, and then the sound of hurrying footsteps prompted Bucky to turn around again. He only had a chance to look at Tony in surprise for a second, before suddenly the smaller boy had leaned up and planted a kiss on his cheek. 

It lasted 0.3 seconds and the butterflies that Bucky had been feeling all afternoon suddenly exploded in his tummy, lighting up his face bright pink and turning his knees to jelly. He felt like his heart was doing somersaults as he watched Tony lean back down again, covered in a pretty blush of his own, and then turn tail and run back through the grass, waving behind him as he went.

Bucky stood there, stunned, until Steve suddenly burst out laughing and elbowed him in the ribs. “Bucky and Tony, sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-“
“Shuddup,” Bucky said gruffly, unable to take the smile off his face as he shoved Steve gently.

Steve continued to giggle all the way home, but Bucky didn’t even care. He was going to look up how to make the best flower-crowns that night, so that he would be able to impress Tony when they next met tomorrow.

“I think he’s gonna be real good, Buck,” Steve said, suddenly solemn, as he nodded his head pensively.

“I know he is,” Bucky agreed, head still tilted in the direction the other boy had run.

He was gonna make the best flower crown for Tony. Just you watch.

BTS Reaction to meeting you in person after catfishing you online-

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Once Jin was scrolling through instagram and saw one of your gorgeous photos on his timeline, he HAD to talk to you. He had to get to know you. But how could he when he was Worldwide Handsome guy from the popular KPOP group, BTS? After creating a totally fake profile with an even faker identity, he’d only fallen even harder for you that originally thought. You both made plans to finally meet and Jin (as well as you) was DYING with nervousness. He knew it had to happen to though. He needed you know who he really was already. He decided to keep it simple and just invite you to the dorms. Once you arrived at opened the door to the most beautiful man you’d ever seen, NOTHING like in the instagram photo’s you’d seen on daily basis for a few months now. Jin smiled nervously as he stood in front of you. “I-I know this isn’t who you were expecting but I-” You didn’t let him finish as you were too busy crashing your lips directly into his. 


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As Yoongi had finished creating his fake twitter profile, the first person he looked up was you. He’d gotten to know you better through the use of this fake account and couldn’t believe how perfect you seemed. You’d finally annoyed Yoongi enough into agreeing to meet you this saturday. He reluctantly gave you the address to his studio and waited while sweating. He finally heard small knocks on the door and his nerves went into maximum overdrive. He slowly, nervously, and adorably answered the door. Prepared to get rejected right then and there for lying about his identity. “Yoongi?…” He met your eyes and was certain now that you were the one he was going to marry. Your voice melted like butter to his he ears. You stood in front of him and reached up gently to touch his face. Not believing how beautiful he actually was. He closed his eyes as he felt your hand pressed to the side of his face and gulped nervously. “I’m sorry I lied,” He said softly. His voice deeper than you expected. You said nothing in response. Just wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled your self close. Your lips meeting half way. Once you both pulled away, slightly sweaty and panty, you giggled and pressed your forehead against his. “I forgive you.”


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When a stranger with the screen name JH added you on snapchat, you were a bit skeptical about messaging back. “Ehh what the hell.” You thought before typing back a “hi”. You had no idea that this would blossom into such an amazing relationship. With a stranger who’s face you hadn’t seen yet!! You’d begged and bitched enough to JH and he finally agreed to meet you. Hoseok was UNBELIEVABLY nervous when he typed out the address to the dance studio that he frequently practices in. He’d made sure all the boys were gone so that you two could have complete privacy. Once he heard the knocks at the door, he shook his body and jumped up and down alittle to try and calm his nerves. Didn’t work. He opened the back door to the studio to reveal the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen his life. So much prettier than your snapchats. “Jung Hoseok…? J-Hope?” You asked as your jaw dropped. He smiled that gorgeous smile and nodded slowly, “You know BTS?” You didn’t answer due to you being in total shock that J-Hope, your ultimate bias was at the door. “Your smile is so much prettier in person..” You said, scanning Hoseok with your eyes. Still in shock. He blushed and smiled wider, motioning for you to come inside. “Will you dance for me?!” You asked excitedly. Hoseok suddenly grabbed your arm and pulled you into him. Both of you nose to nose. “If I can have a kiss first.”

Rap Mon-

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Namjoon couldn’t believe himself when he was making a fake Tumblr account just to be able to speak to you. He looked over your beautiful pictures once more and remembered why. He was too nervous to use his actual self so creating a whole new identity was the way to go in his eyes. You both became super close over the next few months and you both couldn’t believe it. It was a mutual decision to finally meet at Namjoon invited you to his dorm. He forced all the boys out for the night to assure total privacy. Once you had arrived and he heard the knocks at the door, Namjoon’s mouth went dry. He shook his head while slowly making his way to the door. Once he opened up, your jaw dropped at the handsome sight in front of you. “Wait…you’re no-” “I know. I’m sorry. I lied. My real name is Kim Namjoon and…I just had to talk to you but I couldn’t as me…I understand if you feel betrayed and want to leave.” You looked him up and down, not believing that this beautiful man was scared to talk to you as himself. You smirked at him before pushing his chest all the way inside, kicking the door closed with your foot. You pushed him all the way to the couch in the living room and straddled his lap. You rested your hands on his chest as his were rested against your hips. “Hi Kim Namjoon. I’m Y/N.”


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Jimin finished his fake facebook account and searched up your name immediately. It took him a little over a week to fully befriend you. And before you both knew it, you were unbelievably close to eachother. It took some convincing on your part but you finally got Jimin to meet with you. You both decided to meet up at a local coffee shop. When you arrived at the set time, which was pretty late in the evening, you saw only one other person besides the barista. And it wasn’t the same person in the pictures you were used to seeing. Jimin met your eyes and it was as if time stood still. He slowly got up from his table and went to go meet you up close. “Y/M, hello…” “Stop.” You said before he could go on. Jimin looked up at you with nothing but worry in his eyes. “There is no way. No WAY. Someone can be so hot and so cute at the same time.” You said with a smile. Jimin blushed and laughed, covering his mouth with his hand. He the motioned for you to come join him at his table. “How do you take your coffee?” 


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Taehyung made a fake Tinder profile for fun. Fake picture, name and all. But totally didn’t expect to meet one of the most perfect humans in the world. AKA you. You both exchanged numbers and got along unbelievably well. You forced Taehyung to agree to meet with you finally because enough was enough. Taehyung made sure that the rest of the boys would be out of the dorm for the night and sped cleaned the whole place for you. Once he heard those knocks on the door, he screamed lightly to himself and ran to the bathroom. “You can do this. You dress really good. 1,2,3 let’s do this.” He went to open the door and once he did, you couldn’t believe it. “V?!” Taehyung laughed deeply and grabbed your arm, pulling you in. “Shh, don’t be so loud.” “You’re telling me to shh? You lied!” You said dramatically. Taehyung laughed once more, gaining the confidence he needed to meet with you. “ You’re mad at me?” He said wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you to him.You bit on your lip, looking into his eyes. Taking notice of how gorgeous he was. The real him. “I don’t know.” You responded honestly, your hands pressed to his chest. He smiled and leaned in, pressing a small kiss to your jaw. “Let me make it up to you.” He whispered.


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Jungkook thought nothing of it when he added you on wordswithfriends. Just a fellow competitor. He began to message you for no reason and before he knew it, he was hooked on you. And the same went for you. You both had finally talked and gotten to know each other enough to meet. Jungkook begged his hyungs to leave for the night so that you both could have the dorms to yourselves. They eventually agreed and Jungkook nervously waited for your arrival. Once he heard the knocks on the door, his heart rate increased and his palms became sweaty. He opened up to find beautiful you, looking absolutely..beautiful. He smiled nervously. Knowing you noticed that it was not originally him in the pictures you’d seen. “Jungkook?” You asked, stepping a bit closer to examine his handsome face. “Yeah…listen Y/N i’m really sorr-” “You’re so much hotter, oh my god…” Jungkook laughed and blushed, grabbing your hand gently to pull you inside. “Come on, gorgeous.”

Just Not Possible (Seth Clearwater)

“What about her?” Seth asked, pointing at a random girl in the lunch line.

“Nope.” I said, popping the ‘p’.

“Her?” he asked, pointing to a girl a couple tables down from us.

“Try again!” I laughed.

“Her?” he said pointing to a girl a few feet in front of us.

“No, sir.” I laughed at my boyfriend’s attempts.

Seth being the definition of an optimist just couldn’t seem to fathom how I didn’t like any girls at this school, well aside from Kim.

“There has to be somebody?!” he inquired incredulously.

“Seth, there is nobody! All of these girls are low key bitches.” I explained, getting a head nod in agreement from Kim.

“Okay, you know Janet Jones?” he asked.

I knew of her and she did seem nice enough, but for some reason I didn’t trust her.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Well, I’m going to get you to like her, even if you hate me for it.”

Three days. It had been three whole, freaking days with me having to hear about Janet.

Janet this.

Janet that.

Seth was persistent in attempts to get us to be friends. Bringing her over to our lunch table, inviting her out with the rest of the pack. I could see her snaking herself around Seth. The looks she gave him, the way she obnoxiously, dramatically laughed at even the smallest of his jokes, the way she seemed to need more and more of his help on her homework. To say I was getting pissed off would be an understatement.

One day, Seth invited Janet to come sit with us (because you know, why the fuck not, right?)

So she’s sitting with us, ruining the comfortableness that we had amongst each other and then this bitch is going to reach over and hold his hand.

She held his fucking hand.

Kim looked at me.

Jared looked at me.

Hell, even Seth the optimist knew she fucked up.

See, this is where I would’ve given this bitch the cussing out of a lifetime and kindly/not so kindly put her back in her place, but I decided to surprise everyone.

I stood up and left.

I was nearly outside when I heard my name being called.

“Y/N, come on, she didn’t mean anything by that.” Seth tried to explain to me as he caught up.

“Seth, I know how you see that girl is trying to replace me?!” I nearly screamed.

“What?” Seth asked, disbelieving.

“Seth, how can you not see it?! It’s so obvious!” I asked, confused.

“Y/N, you’re the only girl that matters to me. I guess I didn’t realize because I simply don’t care. You know nothing could ever come between us, right?” he asked me, tilting my face so I can look at him.

“Well, people can try!” I tried to reason.

“It’ll never work so why does it matter?” he asked.

“So, you’re saying that no girl will ever, ever, in our lives, catch your eye?”

“Never.” he answered sincerely.

“Even if she had bigger boobs?” I asked, feeling slightly better.

“Nope.” he laughed.

“What about a bigger butt?”

“Try again.” he said, mocking me.

“What if she’s prettier than me?” I asked.

“Now, that’s just not possible.” he said, pulling me in for a kiss.

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Todoroki's reaction when he hears his crush laughing and saying 'Me? Who would like someone like me?' Would he hint that someone likes them or maybe straight out tell them that he likes them?

Hello!! I know I haven’t been active since I opened up this blog, and I am REALLY sorry!!! I just got bombarded with work, and couldn’t find the time to write, so, I apologize again! Thanks for all your requests, I am already working on them ;) Sorry if this wasn’t quite what you expected ヽ(・∀・)

You were talking with your friends beside the classroom door about random topics that came up, when the conversation eventually took a rather unexpected turn.

“I know this is out of the blue, but have you guys seen how that boy from the class next door stares at [name]?” and just as you heard the weird question that your best friend blurted, you let out a loud chuckle. You would consider yourself average at every category, and that was exaggerating. There were much prettier, smarter, and funnier girls than you, who had just barely passed the admission test.

“Me?” you answered while still laughing “ Who would like someone like me?” the girls went quiet for a few seconds.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself [name]” and after that they continued with the little chat they had going on.

You excused yourself and headed to your seat looking somewhat down. What you hadn’t noticed earlier was that a certain boy with multi colored hair heard the whole conversation. Why you might ask? Well, he was curious about your answer. Poor boy, he had fallen for you, and you failed to notice all the small hints that he gave you. Actually, you HAD noticed them, but given your low self esteem, discarded the possibility of him liking you.

It hurt him seeing that you thought that way about yourself, in his eyes, you were everything. You, like everyone, had your flaws, but he had learned to love them. Every little quirk and bit.

Maybe it was time someone made you realize that you were awesome… maybe he could even tell you what he thought about you. He had been planning on doing so a few months back, when he realized he liked you, but he never had chance. And so, Todoroki worked up the courage to tell you about his feelings, you knew each other a bit, and talked with frequency, so you were no strangers. He could do it, right? But… what if this ruined your friendship? What would he do then? No… he had to tell you.

You were preparing for the next class when a figure came up to you.

“Oh, hey Todoroki, what’s up?” you immediately turned happy. He was a really nice friend who you could always count on and trust.

“Hello [name], I just came to inform you that I know first hand that someone in this class likes you” and with that he walked away. Well, that didn’t come out as expected. Did he mean a friend of his liked you? Was he throwing hints at you? Who knows, but you trusted him. And the idea of someone liking you made you very, VERY, happy. Even more so if there was the possibility that Todoroki liked you.

He almost thought he blew it, he was blushing like crazy! But as he turned around to get a look at you, he could see you had a hint if red spread across your face and with a huge smile plastered on.

He couldn’t quite confess, but seeing you that cheered up made his day. He got nervous this time, but the next one, he’ll definitely tell you how incredible you are and how dearly he cares for you.

Move You|Imagine

Song(s):Move You by Kelly Clarkson
Summary:Where is love for her is so miraculous that he often has problem articulating his feelings for the one he fell so deeply in love with.

A/N: I recommend you read this while listening to the song. 

Laying here with her, he felt his body become lighter as she snuggled closer into his embrace. The smile on his lips was shinning so bright, it could most likely light up one of the biggest cities in the world. He couldn’t come to terms as to how someone like himself had been blessed with the beauty laying in his arms. The feeling he got when he was around her was out of this world. He often got lightheaded about just how in love he was with this girl, and constantly wondered if he had moved her as much as she had moved him.

He remembered the first time he meet her, everything seemed brighter and he suddenly had a greater purpose. It was difficult for him to focus on the most simplest of things. He would often find himself daydreaming about their futures together, what it’ll feel like to press his lips against her, holding her tightly every night, but most importantly being the one she came home to every night. All those dizzying thoughts were signs he had fallen completely and utterly in love with the beauty he had met. He wasn’t sure what he was feeling at first, he had simply justified his actions as a small crush, but little did he know that this girl had shaken his world so violently that it would never be the same again.


That was the world that came to mind when he thought of her. Everything she did was unique she stood out in a crowd. Even the simple tasks she managed to do it in a way that had him memorized and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He wasn’t able to look at anyone else without comparing them to her, no girl was every prettier, smarter, or nicer than she was.

He felt alive, everything about her enhanced every single sense in his body. He was happier, nicer, and calmer. All his friends had noticed the sudden change in him, and it was astonishing. He had tried many times trying to explain to everyone around him just how much she meant to him and he always came up with the same words that left everyone a bit puzzled but they understood.

She moved me..

She moved him in a way no else was able to do so. None of his past lovers, had been able to extract a feeling so deep and so raw that it felt like a million violins playing. He came up with a million companions as to what it felt like when he had finally fallen so deeply in love with her. It was almost like the feeling of when a choir shouts ‘Amen’. It was a endless fire durning when her skin was on his. Her kisses always kept the fire deep within him alive. He loved her so much it hurt him to know that at any moment she could possibly realize he wasn’t what he wanted.

She was the hands that simply held him, when words couldn’t make things right. She had been his rock, whenever troubles would hit him so hard. Her arms where always waiting for him, welcoming him after a rough day at work. Her lips would collide with his temple pressing soft kisses as she held onto him harder almost as if she could make everything else disappear and have it be just them.

Looking down at the girl in his arms, he smiled a she softly yawned and opened her eyes to greet him with a warm smile. She cuddled closer into him, loving the safe feeling he gave her whenever he was around. Pressing a kiss onto her forehead, he felt all the things he had felt when she had moved him in a way he wasn’t able to explain. She reminded him of the symphony made up of thunder in the middle of July. She had crashed into his life sending him into a spiral, but she was there to save him time and time again.

“You know you moved me in a way thats so hard to explain..” He breathed as she smiled and looked up at him with sleep in her eyes and the warmest look on her face. “It almost feels like being back in the house I grew up..” He smiled as her heart swelled up in her chest.

“I love you..” She breathed out as he smiled knowing that that moment that she had been moved just as much as he had been.

Like the first time that he had met her, they both fell too hard to fast, and thats the way he moved her.

“Why me?” - Alec Lightwood

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REQUEST: Jace is (Y/N)’s twin brother but she is the exact opposite of him (shy, don’t talk a lot, self-conscious about herself), and Alec ends up saving her from a demon and tells her he likes her.

“Come on Jace, leave your sister alone.” Alec said as Jace was showing off about his last missions.
“I’m just saying, I’ve killed more than twenty demons in my last three missions. How many demons did you kill in the last three months, (Y/N)?” Jace asked with a smirk.
“Jace, shut up.” Alec said half friendly.
(Y/N) rolled her eyes and went to her room. She sat down on her bed and burried her face in her hands.

Jace was (Y/N)’s twin brother. He was confident and cocky. Jace was everything (Y/N) wasn’t. She was shy, quiet and self-conscious. (Y/N) was so different from her brother, sometimes she was convinced she had been adopted, or put in the wrong family, maybe even in the wrong world.
(Y/N) loved being a shadowhunter but she couldn’t help comparing herself to her brother and everybody knew that Jace was one of the best shadowhunters of his generation. Everytime Jace was bragging about his missions, (Y/N) felt like maybe she didn’t belong to this world, it would explain why she wasn’t as good as her brother.
(Y/N) also loved her brother, but Jace was the opposite of her and it was difficult to have a personal conversation with him. They weren’t very close but they would always be willing to die for one another. They were a family, after all.

(Y/N) lifted her head up when she heard someone walk into her room. It was Alec. (Y/N) felt her cheeks blush so she burried her face back in her hands. (Y/N) had a crush on Alec but she was way too shy and scared of rejection to talk to anyone about it, especially not Alec.
“Are you okay?” Alec asked.
“Don’t do that again.” (Y/N) said. Alec frowned. “You don’t need to defend me when my brother makes fun of me. I can handle it on my own.” (Y/N) didn’t mean to be rude but somehow it all came out pretty agressive. (Y/N) shook her head and sighed.
“I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m sorry.” Alec declared.
“No, I’m sorry. None of this is your fault. I shouldn’t take it all out on you. Thanks for caring about me, though.” (Y/N) smiled a little and looked down.
“Of course I do. I will always care about you, (Y/N).” Alec said very seriously.
(Y/N) looked at him. Alec was about to add something when Maryse Lightwood walked into the room. (Y/N) wished people would knock before entering her bedroom.
“Ah! There you are. Something came up. You two need to get ready for a new mission.” Alec’s mother ordered. (Y/N) held back a complaint. She had just came back from another mission and she had been training all day. She was exhausted.
“What about Jace and Izzy?” (Y/N) asked.
“They already left. They went to see Meliorn to get some information. Why? Is there a problem?” Maryse asked with her usual cold attitude.
“No. I was just wondering.” (Y/N) lied.
She knew that if she told Maryse that she was too exhausted for a new mission, she would be seen as weak. And (Y/N) didn’t want to be called a coward in front of Alec.

As (Y/N) and Alec got to their location, Alec kept looking at (Y/N) with concern.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Alec asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” (Y/N) lied.
She was tired, she couldn’t remember the last time she slept for more than two hours in a row. And the few injuries she got from the last mission were still healing and sore, and everything hurt everytime she was taking a new step.
“(Y/N), I hope you know that not being as good as your brother doesn’t make you less of a good shadowhunter.” Alec declared. “You know that everything is a competition for Jace, but it’s not about the number of demons you kill during a mission, it’s about-”
“Watch out!” (Y/N) shouted as she tightened her grip around her seraph blade.
A demon came running on Alec and (Y/N) pushed Alec aside to take care of the creature. She pushed her weapon through the demon’s body and it disappeared into a cloud of dust almost immediatly.
“See, you’re a great shadowhunter. You just saved my life.” Alec said with a little smile on his face.
“Yeah, well, tell that to Jace.” (Y/N) chuckled.
“(Y/N), I need to tell you something, I -” Alec didn’t have time to finish.
(Y/N) screamed and collapsed on the ground. It took Alec a few seconds to see the demon that injured (Y/N). He killed it without a struggle and rushed to (Y/N)’s side.
“Damn it!” (Y/N) shouted as she held onto her shoulder, in pain.
Alec reached for his stele and drew the healing rune on (Y/N)’s injury. She winced and gritted her teeth.
“There. The pain should fade away in a minute.” Alec said. “Are you okay?” He added.
“I’m fine.” Alec offered (Y/N) his hand, she grabbed it and lifted herself from the ground.

After the mission, Alec and (Y/N) went back to the Institute. (Y/N) was still exhausted and a little bit in pain, but when she got to her room, Alec joined her there a few minutes later.
“Oh, sorry! I didn’t know you were about to go to bed.” Alec said as he saw (Y/N) in her night clothes -which were nothing more than a oversized t-shirt.
(Y/N) blushed when she caught Alec staring at her bear legs.
“It’s okay. What’s going on?” (Y/N) asked.
Alec walked closer to (Y/N) and she almost forgot how to breathe.
“I wanted to apologize.” Alec declared.
“What for?” (Y/N) frowned.
“Well, if I didn’t talk to you during the mission, you wouldn’t have been distracted and you wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”
“Oh, no Alec, it wasn’t your fault.” Alec looked down.
(Y/N) reached for Alec’s chin and lifted it up with her soft hand. “I mean it, Alec. It wasn’t your fault.”
Alec stared at (Y/N) and got lost in her eyes for a minute.

Suddenly, Alec put his hands on each side of (Y/N)’s face and kissed her. (Y/N) was surprised and shocked but she kissed him back. Alec let go of (Y/N), she looked at him with wide eyes.
“Why did you do that?” (Y/N) asked, almost blaming Alec.
“I like you, (Y/N).” Alec declared. He was feeling anxious and scared that (Y/N) would reject him. Alec knew how hard it was for (Y/N) to let people in.
“Is this some kind of joke? Did Jace dare you to kiss me?” (Y/N) felt angry. She knew her brother would be able to do something like that for his own entertainment. He always told (Y/N) that she was too hung-up with boys.
“What? No!” Alec said, confused. “Your brother doesn’t even know that I have feelings for you.”
“Do you really? Because I swear to God Alec, if this is a joke, it’s really not funny and cruel.” (Y/N) didn’t know what to think anymore.
On one hand, (Y/N) didn’t think that Alec was mean enough to play with her feelings. But on the other hand, she couldn’t believe that Alec could really like her.
“(Y/N), this isn’t a joke, OK? I would never do anything to hurt you.” Alec took (Y/N)’s hands in his.
“But why me?” (Y/N) asked quietly.
“What do you mean by that?” Alec frowned.
“Well, there are lots of prettier girls than me in this world. I’m not exactly the best shadowhunter, I am clumsy, shy and-”
“Hey, stop. You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever met and you’re a great shadowhunter. I mean how many times did you save my life?” Alec chuckled.
“Well, how many times did you save mine?” (Y/N) mumbled.
“(Y/N), listen. I like everything about you, I really do.” Alec said. He sounded very sincere. “Now, I understand if you don’t feel the same way.” Hardly had he finished his sentence that (Y/N) pressed her lips against his. The two of them kissed passionately for a while.
“It was about time.”
(Y/N) and Alec turned to face the door and saw Izzy leaned on the door frame.
“Can’t you people just knock?” (Y/N) declared half laughing and half embarrassed.
“Fine. Fine. I’ll leave you two to it.” Izzy smiled and left the room.
Alec and (Y/N) laughed and kissed again.

Sometimes you shouldn’t burry your feelings or ignore them. Sometimes you just let them go, and who knows, maybe everything will be alright.
S/O getting jealous


Jin was always one to talk to fan and sign things and take picture. You fine with it, but when out on a date, it could be annoying. 

“Come on Jin. Were gonna be late.” you tried telling him, slightly pullling him away. Several girl was talking to him and not just talking,but flirting. You know he was just trying to be nice,but he was also completely oblivious.

“I’ll be just a few more minutes, Okay Jagi?” You rolled yours eyes and went to a bench to wait. It was another 10 minutes before he was finally done when he came over to you and frowned slightly. “What’s wrong?”

You crossed your arms and sighed. Tonight was our night and those girls just keep taking you from me.” you mumble, knowing it wasn’t worth be upset over.

“Maybe so, but I still love you y/n.”Jin pulled you up and kissed your forehead. “That, I can promise.”

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It was late again and Suga was no where to be found. You knew that he was probably working on music, so you went to his studio. When you got there, you noticed Suran. The two of them were awfully close, but you didn’t mind since you knew nothing would happen, but seeing them together was annoying.

Never the less, you waved and said your hello’s, letting Suga know you were waiting for him. You went back up to your guys room and sighed, wondering what you had to do to gain back more attention from Suga. Another 20 minutes passed before you heard a “I’m back babe.” from Suga walking in.

He got into his pj’s and laid down next to you. The two of you snuggle close and begin to fall asleep. You look up to him and sigh.”I’m not losing you to music am I?” you ask quietly.

Suga just glances down at you and laugh. “Music makes me happy, but you make me sane. I’m never letting you go.” he gives you a quick peck on the head.”Now go back to sleep.”

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J-hope never understood why you were so jealous. All it was was some fans. “I don’t get what’s so wrong! You know I don’t care about them the same why I care about you!” he let out, obviously annoyed.

“Thats just the thing.You don’t see it at all. Literally all those girls love you and want you, yet you chose me. What if you change your mind?” you finally blurt out, covering your mouth as soon as you said so. 

J=hope’s face changed and came over to you. He grabbed your hands and moved them away, looking you straight in the face. “My mind is made up. I love you and nothing is going to change that. I promise.” he said, giving you a small kiss on the forehead.

You smiled, knowing he was telling the truth and calmed down some, happy to have your J-hope back.

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Rap Monster

You always felt awkward at award shows. You came to support Rap Monster, but when ever a girl group preformed, you felt as if he was watching them just slightly to close. You could tell his eyes were following the girls as they danced.You’d never admit it, but it made you jealous, so you decided to do something about it.

That night, you pulled on the new outfit you had bought and went into your guys room. You were admittable uncomfortable in it, but you wanted your monnie back. Rap Monster certainly noticed the new outfit, but was slightly confused. “It isn’t exactly like you to dress up like that?Is something going on?” he asked as he came closer to inspect it.”

“I just want you to look at me the way you were those girl groups today.” you say with a small smile.Rap Monster tilted his head and gave you a small smile.”I don’t. I look at them because they’re talented. I look at you with love. You’re a much better sight.” he said, smiling. He grabbed a blanket and wrapped you up in it.”Come on, lets cuddle or something.”

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Jimin always loved dancing, that much was plain to see. You never minded either, except when his new choreographer was a stunningly beautiful girl. You had always been kinda self conscious about your lack of curves and seeing her dance with Jimin made the feeling even worse.

The worst part was the fact that they were becoming friends. After a day of them hanging out, Jimin came back home to find you staring into the mirror. “Do you like her? Is she prettier than me?Do you find her pretty at all?” you asked, looking up at him. 

Jimin came over to you and hugged you, peppering you with small kisses. “She’s just a friend. I love her, but not the same why I love you. You’re my little bunny.” he said as you blushed at the nickname. “Besides,I would never try anything on her. Her girlfriend scares me.”

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It wasn’t that odd for you and V to bicker. As life long friends turned lovers, it seemed to come naturally. But this was the last straw.

“I could plainly see you staring at her! Admit it, you wish I had a bigger boobs an ass just like her!” you yelled, stomping into your room. 

“It’s not like that y/n. I’m sorry for staring. Your the one I love!” he pleaded. He knew this was a touch and go problem with you because of how things ended for your parents. “I’m not gonna leave you. I promise.”

He came over to you and hugged you from behind, putting his chin on your head. “Besides, she was to tall for me to do this.”

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Jungkook was one of the biggest flirts ever. The only problem was that he didn’t know it. “Can you please stop?” you ask him,pulling him aside from the girl.

“What? I’m only helping her with directions.” he explained, showing her the map he had pulled up on his phone.

“She’s flirting with you. Hard core too. And you’re flirting back.” You explained. Jungkook blushed and turned toward the other girl and then back to you. “I’m sorry Jagi, I didn’t mean to”

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You are mine cripple

Pairing: Ivar x reader 

Note: Not requested, this is my own original imagine! so enjoy 

Warnings: language, slight smut, cheating. possible minor errors

Your blood boiled when you saw the young blonde slave naked, sitting upon the lap of your lover. Ivar’s eyes calmly shifted from you to her before whispering to her that she was now a free woman, your teeth grind against eachother as you unintentionally reach for the knife that was hidden underneath your dress and tied to your thigh.

It felt like an eternity to you before she nods and slides off your future husband, you couldn’t help but wonder- what if you had entered the throne room a moment later. She steps down the duet of stairs pulling on her dress that was pooled on the ground, she bends over giving Ivar a perfect view of her arse for his eyes to wonder and wonder it did. At this point you wanted blood, was your presence invisible?

The slave rushed towards the door but stops beside you offering a curt and clumsy curtsy before attempting to slip past, You grab a handful of her long hair pulling her close then growled into her ear. “If i see you near Ivar again, I promise i will relieve you of your head and let the birds feast on it,” you threaten. You smirk feeling her tremble under your grasp, it was known that you were just as ruthless as your lover which made this encounter even more disrespectful. She nodded quickly in response and i release her hair allowing her to leave, oh how you wanted to throw the hidden knife into her back.

“(Y/N)” Ivar calls in a joyful voice with his hands raised.Your deadly glare turns  to him, you marched right to the throne he was perched upon with the intention of disarming him of his penis. 

“You disloyal arsehole!” You yelled slapping him across his beautifully flawless face. He chuckles bringing his hands to his now red cheeks, he looks up at you with a mischievous glint in his glowing blue eyes.

“How am i not loyal to you?I was simply freeing a slave girl,” his authentic and sarcastic sounding voice angers you more. His head tilts and his eyes moved towards the door that the slave had exited moments ago.

“Were you freeing her of her clothes as well?!” You yell once again trying to keep your sanity. He simply shrugged looking around the throne room before his eyes returned to yours.

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Unwilling Bride Pt1

Unwilling Bride Pt2

Unwilling Bride Pt3

Unwilling Bride Pt4

Unwilling Bride Pt5

Unwilling Bride Pt6

Unwilling Bride Pt7

Unwilling Bride Pt8

Unwilling Bride Pt9

Unwilling Bride Pt10

Unwilling Bride Pt11

Unwilling Bride Pt12

Unwilling Bride Pt13

(Y/N) had just vanished in a cloud of smoke, leaving a camp full of confused Lost Boys and even more confused new comers.

‘D-did I do something wrong?’ Wendy asked as she looked around.

‘Apparently so.’ Pan said with a tilted head.

‘I-I didn’t mean to offend anyone-’ Wendy rambled.

‘Wendy! Remember why we’re here!’ John hissed as he pulled Micheal closer to him.

‘Oh right. We are here for Bae, and we demand you return him and us home safely.’ Wendy said in false authority.

Pan couldn’t help but chuckle at this girl’s attempt at bossing him around.

‘Cage her.’ Pan smiled as his loyal boys grabbed Wendy by her arms and began pulling her away.

‘W-What did I do?!’ she yelled.

‘Wendy!’ John and Micheal yelled as they went to chase after their sister.

‘Not so fast boys.’ Pan said as he cast a quick spell that froze the brothers in place.

‘Normally I’d let you two stay and become Lost Boys and all that, but given your connection to a certain boy of mine I can’t offer that. Now I know what you want, your sister back. And I will giver her to you…after you have served your purpose.’ Pan explained.

‘For now I am sending you home, until I need you again.’

With that all said and he broke the spell and released them before his shadow swooped down and carried them off.

‘And that is the shortest amount of time anyone has ever spent on the island.’ one of boys scoffed.

‘Don’t let Bae find out about the girl, or that the Darlings were ever even here.’ Pan announced before letting the boys go about there business.

‘Now you Felix are going to help me figure out what made (Y/N) so damn mad.’ Pan said as he made his way toward the path back to his tree house, he didn’t have to look to know Felix was following.

‘Are you serious?’ Felix asked from behind him.

‘What?’ Pan asked in confusion.

‘She’s your wife and you just brought another girl to the island, a ditzy girl at that. Now how do you think she took that?’ Felix tried to explain, but the annoyed face he received from Pan told him that he had not been clear.

‘OK, how would you feel if she introduced you to a big muscular boy who was dumb as dirt but also gorgeous?’ Felix asked.

Pan’s face soured at the thought, but then his eyes widened in realization.

He groaned as he hurried toward the tree house.

‘And he’s got it, I’ll let you and the missus have some privacy.’ Felix said before he turned and headed back to camp.

Once he was at the tree house he took a deep breath, letting himself relax enough to stop being Pan and start being Peter. He wanted to always be Peter around (Y/N).

He tried to open the door but it was locked.

‘(Y/N) let me in.’ he said.

‘Shouldn’t you be showing your new little doll how to survive this island? Unless your newest kink is necrophilia.’ (Y/N) said angrily from the other side.

‘(Y/N) it-it’s not like that I promise. Let me in so I can explain.’ Peter tried again.

‘Explain from outside.’

‘I…I thought that you would like to have another girl on the island to talk to.’ Peter admitted with red cheeks,  happy now that she couldn’t see him.

It was quiet for a while before the door was unlocked and opened a bit, but not fully, just enough for (Y/N) to look at him.

‘What?’ she asked.

Peter looked down in embarrassment. 

‘You’re the only girl here, I thought you would like having a girl to talk to about girl…stuff.’

Again it was quiet.

Before (Y/N) let out a chuckle as she opened the door all the way, revealing that she had knocked down and destroyed basically everything that was on his side of the room.

‘You should have said something earlier.’ she smiled as she snapped her fingers and repaired everything.

Peter shook his head as he chuckled himself.

‘I’m sorry for jumping the gun, but you must have known how that looked to me Peter.’ she said as she stepped outside.

‘I honestly didn’t see how it looked until Felix pointed it out.’ Peter said as he sat on the edge of their porch.

‘Seriously? You didn’t see that bringing a prettier girl home to meet your wife was a bad idea?’ she said as she sat next to him.

‘I didn’t think she was prettier than you.’ Peter said honestly.

(Y/N) looked over him and he looked back her and she saw pure honesty in his eyes.

‘You wanna know why I was really upset?’ she asked.

‘You mean other than overwhelming jealousy that someone would realize how much of a catch I am?’ he teased.

‘Shut up.’ she groaned as she hit his arm.

‘I thought you got tired of waiting for me, that I waited too long to admit how I felt.’ (Y/N) said looking at the ground below them.

Peter looked over at her in shock.

‘Before Felix came to get me, I was already planning on telling you.’

‘You like me.’ Peter smiled.

‘Yeah…I like you.’ she blushed.

‘Does that mean now we can consummate the marriage.’ Peter wiggled his eyebrows.

‘You perv, come on I’m being serious.’ she whined.

‘So am I.’ Peter said.

He pushed her back so she was laying with her legs over the edge before he placed a gentle, slow and sweet kiss on her lips.

They were both hit with a strong breeze that was so strong it shook the island, but still they kissed until they were breathless.

Finally they pulled away and took deep breaths.

‘What was that?’ (Y/N) asked.

‘A true loves kiss.’ Peter smiled down at her.

You are Beautiful (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Hello! If your requests are still open, I would love to request something! Could I have a Jughead x Reader fic where the reader and jughead are dating and the reader is very insecure about herself and constantly questions why Jughead is with her? Maybe she talks to Archie about it and he reassures her that everything is fine? Could there be fluff at the end? Thank you so much! I love your writing!

Plus size reader x jughead

A/N: It took me a while to do this but I do hope you enjoy it! I added two requests together and changed it just a bit. Requests are Welcome!


You Are Beautiful (Jughead x Reader)

Looking down at the tight black dress hugging your figure, negative thoughts flood your mind.

It’s too tight. Turning in the mirror, you sigh in frustration. You could see fat everywhere.

Your chest tightens at the thought and you peel the dress off. Screw this, jeans and a sweatshirt it is. You change quickly and rush out the door. Hopefully the girls won’t be mad.

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Captain Black

Request: “Can you do a Pirate AU with Sirius Black where you’re on a ship and it sinks and he saves you?? Or something else if that idea was horrid.”

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: violence n stuff


Originally posted by pioggiadiricordi

Life on the open waters was rough. Literally and emotionally. Being an explorer of the new world required many months at sea, and currently you were sailing along the Western coast of Africa; prime pirate territory. You had warned the captain of your ship that these waters were too treacherous, that cargo ships taking the shortcut back to England were excellent targets for those vile creatures called pirates. But he had waved you off, muttering something about how you were lucky to be on board because you’re a “disrespectful woman who had no business being on his ship”.

So you had bunkered down, a permanent scowl on your face as the other shipmates gave you hungry looks. At least if you survived taking this shorter route you would be home sooner, meaning no more sleeping while clutching a knife under you pillow. You had no other choice but to accept your companions, since no other ships would accept a female adventurer. You wished that the Kraken would come up and swallow them all whole.

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Fight Hard, Love Harder | Sweet Pea x Reader

Anons requested #2, #3, #5, and #21 with Sweet Pea.

The cold hardwood floor of your living room creaked under your feet as you paced back and forth, pulling at the roots of your dyed hair in frustration. Your boyfriend’s endless chattering continued as you decided to tune him out. 

How can he still be talking about all of this bullshit when none of it is valid? you think to yourself.

The argument that you two are having is one that is reoccurring. Coming into this relationship, you knew that Sweet Pea wasn’t one for relationships. He usually liked to fool around and then be done with it. Monogamy wasn’t in his dictionary. Commitment? Communication? All foreign to him. You thought that starting something with him would change that, but you stood corrected. “Oh my God, would you shut up for two seconds?” you cry.

Sweet Pea’s banter ceases as he clenches his fist. “What’s your problem?” he spits.

Scoffing and opening your eyes wider, if that was possible, you say, “What’s my problem? My problem is that my boyfriend can’t keep his dick in his pants!” He rolls his eyes and averts his gaze on you. “Every day I see you flirting with some chic. Last time I checked, I was your girlfriend!”

“It’s not like I’m sleeping with any of them, (Y/N),” he huffs, straightening out his leather jacket while still not looking anywhere near your general direction.

Grabbing your hair in fist fulls, “That’s not my point! You shouldn’t have the inclination to be looking at any girls, period! If you really loved me, or even cared about me, you wouldn’t dare think about any girl in that light!” Your words are filled with hurt and pain and he shakes his head, looking at his feet. “Look at me, god dammit!” you scream at him as he picks his head up. His jaw is clenched in clear anger and you know he’s doing everything in his power to not become volatile.

 He sucks in a sharp breath before speaking, “Don’t speak to me in that tone.” 

You cross your arms and raise an eyebrow. “Excuse me?” you retort, Sweet Pea letting out a breath it vaguely sounds like a growl. “The last time I checked you weren’t in charge of me.”

“(Y/N), I swear to God,” he challenges as you take a step closer to him, pushing him against the wall. 

Your hands rest on his toned torso as his hands lay delicately on your sides. “What are you gonna do about it, tough guy?” you test him, biting your lip, knowing that it’s driving him nuts. 

Before you know it, your pushed up against the wall and his lips crash down onto yours, needing sweet relief that he craved when this argument started in the first place. You try to moan his name, but he covers your mouth with his hand whispering, “Shut it.” His lips make their way down your neck, biting and sucking at the flesh. You sigh, loving the feeling that he brings you. Sweet Pea takes both of your wrists in his large, calloused hands and pins them above your head against the wall. His free hand now able to roam your body where desired. 

“Please,” you moan, bucking your hips up, your core aching for any contact with him. He smirks, knowing he has won, and he roughly grinds his pelvis against you as the two of you sigh in sync. You feel the outline of him through his jeans and you desperately try to wiggle from his grip. “Not yet, princess,” he teases in your ear before grinding against you again, you biting on your lip hard this time.

The two of you laced profanities under your breath as he continues to touch you freely, as you stand there in euphoria at his mercy. Finally, he lets your hands free as you immediately tangle your fingers in his raven hair, pulling at it gently. He grabs your thighs as you jump on him, wrapping your legs around his torso. Pushing you against the wall, his mouth leaves hot kisses down your neck to your chest. “Oh my God,” you pant, his mouth doing wonders for you. He reconnects your lips again before he pulls away the two of you breathless. His eyes are filled with guilt and you know that he’s sorry about what he said before. 

“I’m sorry,” he says, truly meaning it. You softly smile and the boy as he lets you down onto the floor. “I shouldn’t have over reacted like that. Everything is my fault. I’m sorry, baby.”

Grabbing his face with your two hands, you smile. “I know you are. I just get scared that…”

“That what?” he asks, grabbing your waist, pulling you closer.

Sighing, you respond, “That you’re gonna leave me for one of those girls. They are all prettier or skinnier or just better than me.”

Sweet Pea looks at you, not knowing you felt like that. “Hey,” he says, tilting your chin up before kissing your lips softly. “I’m not gonna leave you. I chose you for a reason. You are the prettiest, smartest, and most bad ass chic out there. I love you.” 

His words make your heart swell with love. He wouldn’t talk like this to you always, but when he did it just made your heart sing. “I love you, too,” you tell him. He smiles and dips his head down to kiss you again. Pulling away quickly, you say, “But next time give me a warning before you pull something like that again.” 

He laughs and slaps your butt. “Well, guess what. I’m coming again,” he says before picking you up and carrying you to your room to finish what you started.

You turn to your side, looking at a sleeping Sweet Pea as you gently kiss his bare chest. Being sure not to wake him up, you slowly climb out of the bed, grabbing a shirt and a pair of underwear off the floor. As you tip toe your way back into the kitchen, you pour yourself a glass of water and smile to yourself about the moment you and your boyfriend shared. It was unlike any of the other times you slept together. He was gentle and sweet, but still passionate. It was definitely something you wouldn’t forget. 

Is that my shirt?” a groggy voice asks as you turn around. Sweet Pea stands in the door frame of the entrance to the kitchen, shirtless with a pair of plaid boxers on. 

Looking at the shirt, you notice it comes down to your knees. “Uh, yeah. I guess it is,” you giggle.

“Good. Keep it on. It looks hot,” he walks to you planting a kiss to your swollen lips from the night you shared. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too,” you smile.

anonymous asked:

how BTS would react when they were in award show with their non-idol gf and the MC being rUdE and telling them why they're with Y\N and not with another idol girl they're more prettier etc

Sure! Thanks for the request.

Being the leader, he knew he couldn’t get too angry since everything was broadcasted on live television. He’d laugh fakely and would be very stiff for the rest of the show.
‘Ha, is that really the topic to talk about? I’d like to thank ARMYs instead.’

Originally posted by namjoonsgurl

He’d try to play it off as a joke, at the same time reassuring his love for you. He’d be annoyed, but wouldn’t show it, quickly changing the subject.
‘You think someone as handsome as me would settle for anything less than gorgeous? Y/N is beautiful in her own way!’

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Oh boy oh boy would Yoongi be pissed. He wouldn’t know how to react so as not to show his fury and so would get even quieter so he doesn’t accidentally give himself away.
‘I’m very happy with Y/N actually, so, yeah. I don’t need anyone else.’

Originally posted by jimiyoong

He’d try to keep looking happy, laughing his sunshine laugh and hoping that the MC was just joking before talking about something else to get away from the subject.
‘I didn’t know I’d come on a dating show! Are you trying to matchmake me?’

Originally posted by parkjmzl

Jimin would give a short response with a forced smile, secretly wanting to rip the MC’s head off but knowing it was probably a something they’d been asked to talk about by producers.
‘Sorry *girl idol’s name*, but I’ve got Y/N and I’m content with her.’

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

I think he’d struggle the most to keep in his anger, and would stutter a little before Seokjin placed a hand on his shoulder to calm him down.
‘I’m not sure that’s really the thing to say to someone in a happy relationship *MC’s name*.

Originally posted by herthealbum

He’d be a little confused as he probably couldn’t believe someone had actually said something so rude to him on live television. He’d clear his throat and give a quick answer.
‘I may be young, but I believe I am old enough to know when I am happy with someone.’

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