hes a little shit though

Ok but Percy Jackson isn’t just cute or even just hot he’s ACTUALLY ATTRACTIVE BECAUSE OF HIS PERSONALITY like he’s relatable to the readers and he’s not disturbing with millions of sex jokes and he respects Annabeth and gives her credit for how badass she is and admits his faults and ACTUALLY TRIES TO IMPROVE THEM and he loves his mom and he’s just so respectful??? Like???

Okay you know what I want? I want a huge Super family, I want all of Lois and Clark’s kids alive and well, okay?

I want Jon-Jon as the baby

Chris as a little older (12) who’s joined at the hip with Jon, they fight, get into trouble back each other up, you know brothers

Conner is the cool older high school brother who baby sits some times and the littles bug the shit out of be he adores them (though he’d never admit it)

and Mia is the super cool, older sister in college who always is willing to drive you anywhere, buys the kids stuff they technically shouldn’t have and is super lax about rule enforcement when she babysits 

and poor Lois and Clark are the long suffering parents of 4 dramatic over the top, wild and stupid Superkids 

a thing I will probably never be over: in the 12 steps job the way eliot’s hand shakes when he reaches into the car to yank the wires out of the bomb

like this is a guy who went up against an entire room of mooks with guns armed with nothing more than a cup of tea and he finished the tea first like………….very little shakes eliot spencer. he has Seen Some Shit and been though seven kinds of hell. he does what needs to be done, and if he goes out in the course of what’s right, then so be it.

but it’s hardison sitting on the bomb. and that’s a whole different story.

On Peter Pan and Morality

Okay, so this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. A big response to all of my Peter Pan posts has been “I always knew Peter was evil” or some other form of “Peter Pan is a horrible villain/monster”. People seem to think “If he’s not the hero, he must be the villain!” and that’s not true at all. That has never been my view. Peter, to me, is a truly gray moral character .See, Captain Hook is definitely a villain because he knows that what he is doing is wrong and doesn’t care. Peter though? Peter doesn’t know.

Peter isn’t evil. He’s also not good. Naturally, people want to label him the villain since he isn’t the hero. He’s chaotic neutral, if anything, I think? I don’t have a firm understanding of those terms. The thing readers have to understand about Peter is that he does not possess morality. He mentally cannot comprehend it. Because he cannot grow up, he cannot learn right from wrong ever. It’s his curse. He also cannot comprehend other people’s feelings or any complex emotions. He can’t develop to that stage.

 Hook willingly chooses to do evil. He would willingly harm a child, no problem. Peter, on the other hand, does not know that what he is doing is wrong. He doesn’t know what wrong is. He has the emotions and memory of a small child. He doesn’t remember anything that happens, because a six year old (which is around the age he’s supposed to be) can’t remember anything. So he doesn’t remember the Lost Boys or Wendy or Tinkerbell. He doesn’t remember that other people eat. He is literally incapable of grasping that.

He cannot comprehend anything beyond the love of a mother for a child, which is why he assumes every woman wants to be his mother. He doesn’t know when he’s taken things too far, like cutting off Hook’s hand. Like a child, he knows that some things - like growing up - are “Bad” and he’s not supposed to do it, but like a child he doesn’t understand what “bad” is. He knows “Bad” must be punished, but he doesn’t understand what those punishments are. Peter absolutely does not understand death. He doesn’t know what it means for people to be dead. For one, he doesn’t remember people long enough to notice their absences. He can barely grasp that other people have feelings that aren’t in relation to him, so he definitely can’t understand that killing them is literally killing them.

There’s a passage I really like that talks about how there’s a saying in Neverland that every time you breathe a grown up dies, and Peter - who is very angry - is heavily breathing to kill them all. I love this passage because it is both beautifully vindictive and tragically naive. It’s the equivalent of a child stomping on a  crack in the sidewalk because they’re mad at their mother. It doesn’t actually do anything and if the child actually understood the meaning they’d never do it, but it lets their frustrations out. In his head growing up = bad, pirates = grownups, therefore pirates = bad and bad must be punished. It’s all a game to him, because as a child games are all he understands.

Can he be truly evil when he doesn’t know what evil is?

About Wendy Darling - About Captain Hook - About Neverland 

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48 and 76 w/ Kookie please, can you make it like the boys were hanging out, when they started to talk about you, Jk's girlfriend, and how pretty, sexy, and hot you were, while Jungkook was silently listening to them when the talk came to a perverted one? Then Jungkook was all pissed, and suddenly burst in anger at his hyungs, scolding them and such and... the rest is up to you. xD sorry about this, and if you cant do it, its totally okay :D Love your works, btw. :)

Talk Shit, Get Hit (Jungkook x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “Stop it.” + “Don’t you dare!”

Summary: It’s never been easy dating Jungkook, especially when he’s always away on tour or busy working. Luckily, the other members of BTS support the relationship wholeheartedly. In fact, they like you quite a bit! (A bit too much, if Jungkook’s being honest.)

Word count: 1.2k words

Originally posted by jungkookfortunekookies

On your screen, Jungkook’s image was slightly pixelated due to the dim lighting of his hotel room. Luckily, he got his own suite, so the two of you could FaceTime in peace. Still, it wasn’t like you minded the other BTS members.

It was usually really fun to talk to them, but you hadn’t seen Jungkook in weeks because of the tour, and you were seriously missing your boyfriend.

Jungkook ran his hand through his hair–still damp from his shower–and smiled slightly down at his camera. You tried not to swoon at the sight.

“Hey Y/N,” he said, his voice sounding tinny through your earphones.

“Hi Kook,” you smiled back, gazing at your small screen. You shifted on your bed, settling further underneath your thick covers. “How did the concert go?”

“It went well,” Jungkook replied shortly. After a moment of silence, it was clear Jungkook wasn’t planning on elaborating. Looking closer at his image, you could see his jaw was set tightly, and his brows were slightly furrowed.

“Are you okay?” you asked, concern lining your voice. “You seem upset.”

“It’s nothing, Y/N,” Jungkook said sharply, clearly sounding angry. Suddenly, he sighed loudly and rubbed his hand over his face tiredly. “It’s…just don’t worry about it. I’m fine.”

“You can tell me, Kook,” you said softly, frowning at your boyfriend sounding so distraught. “Maybe you’ll feel better if you talk about it.”

“It’s seriously nothing,” Jungkook whined, not sounding as angry as before. His eyes darted to the side, avoiding looking at you and the camera. “I’m kinda embarrassed about it, honestly. I was being stupid.”

“Now I’m curious!” you laughed. “You have to tell me now, Jungkook.”

“Oh, shit. You said my full name,” Jungkook gasped dramatically. “Things are getting intense.”

“Just tell me,” you whined, shaking your phone in frustration. You could hear Jungkook cackling through your earphones.

“Fine, I’ll tell you,” Jungkook conceded. “Just…just don’t make fun of me afterwards, okay?”

JUNGKOOK’S POV (One hour earlier)

Like every other night, Jungkook was sprawled across Jin’s bed, his legs hanging off the edge. Taehyung was sitting somewhere above Jungkook, watching a movie on his phone. The other hyungs were there, too, just hanging out before they went to bed.

Everyone was dead tired after their performance earlier that day, but they had a nighttime routine they never dared to break. One time, Jungkook and Taehyung skipped the nightly chill session to binge-watch Haikyuu, and the next morning, Jin lectured them on the importance of family.

So, that was why Jungkook was doing nothing in Namjoon and Jin’s suite when he could have been FaceTiming his girlfriend instead. He sighed petulantly, but none of the hyungs paid him any mind.

“Are we gonna do anything?” Jungkook asked impatiently. “Or are we just going to sit here in silence? Because I’m supposed to FaceTime Y/N tonight, and I would really rather be doing that right now.”

“Oh, you’re talking to Y/N soon?” Hoseok piped up, his head popping into Jungkook’s line of vision as he sat up quickly. “Can I say hi? I haven’t spoken to her in so long!”

“No! This is like, the equivalent of a date, okay?” Jungkook refused. He pulled himself into a sitting position, his tired muscles aching. “Just message her or something, I dunno.”

“How’s she doing, anyway?” Namjoon asked more seriously. “No one giving her any trouble? You two have been pretty good at keeping everything low-key.”

“No, she’s fine,” Jungkook said quickly.

“You know, you’re so lucky Y/N’s such a good girlfriend,” Jimin sighed wistfully from across the room. “If it were another girl, she probably would have told everyone. Like, how do we even know girls like us for us? And not for our money, or something.”

“Yeah, Jungkook’s seriously lucky,” Hoseok agreed. “Plus, Y/N is so cute! Remember when she baked us that cake on our 3rd anniversary since our debut? So adorable!”

“You better not take her for granted, Jungkook. Otherwise, one of us might just steal her from you,” Jin joked.

Jungkook felt his right eye twitch in annoyance, but he knew better than to talk back.

“Yeah, Jin’s right,” Taehyung said, looking up from his phone. He had a glint in his eye, and Jungkook knew he was about to start something. “Y/N’s fucking fit. You know when she visits us in the studio? Sometimes she wears these leggings, and her ass looks so–”

“Stop it! Tae!” Jungkook bellowed, launching himself at Taehyung. The two boys collided and tumbled off the bed, landing on the ground with a loud thunk! Jungkook pinned the other boy beneath him, positively seething in anger.

“Whoa, chill,” Taehyung squeaked. “It was a joke, Kookie!”

“Don’t you dare pull that shit with me, Tae,” Jungkook spat, having his shoulders a rough shake before lifting himself off his friend. “It’s not fucking funny.”

Jungkook made his way to the door, his hyungs staring at him, wide-eyed in shock. Only Yoongi remained passive, regarding Jungkook cooly from where he sat at the desk.

“I’m going to cool down,” Jungkook announced, his voice strained. “Don’t try to follow me.”

“Jungkook, stop being a little shit,” Yoongi said quietly, though he still sounded terrifying. The look in his eyes had Jungkook shaking, but he wasn’t going to admit that. And he wasn’t going to apologize, either.

“Talk shit, get hit!” Jungkook growled, and then promptly spun on his heel and sped out of the suite. He practically ran down the hallway to his room, fearing Yoongi would chase after him and whoop his ass. Luckily, no one followed.

You burst into laughter immediately after Jungkook finished his story. He looked at you, the betrayal written clearly on his face.

“Y/N! You promised you wouldn’t laugh,” Jungkook pouted, his cheeks turning bright pink. “I told you it was embarrassing!”

“N-no, it’s not that,” you gasped out, breathless after laughing so hard. “You’re so cute, Kook. I didn’t know you were the jealous type!”

“It’s because I haven’t seen you in so long,” Jungkook explained bashfully, his blush worsening. “Sometimes it really sucks. I hardly get to spend time with you anymore, and I hate it so fucking much.”

“Hey, Kook. It’s okay,” you smiled, although you understood Jungkook’s frustration. “You’re out there doing amazing things and following your dreams. I don’t mind waiting for you–I’ll always be waiting, so don’t worry about that. Okay?”

“Yeah,” Jungkook replied softly. “Sometimes I just wish things were different, you know?”

“I don’t,” you said firmly. “Seriously, Kook. I know it’s hard, but we’ll make it through together.”

“I love you, Y/N,” Jungkook blurted out suddenly. “I-I just…fuck, this is embarrassing. Like, you’re so good to me and I want to say ‘thank you’ all the time, but that seems so weird. But…thanks. Thanks for being you, and thanks for sticking with me.”

“I love you, too. And thanks for being you,” you giggled, snuggling into your warm bed. “Also, you really need to apologize to everyone. Especially Tae. What were you thinking, Kook?”

“I will,” Jungkook pouted, sighing loudly as he flopped onto his bed dramatically. You laughed at your boyfriend’s childish antics, and the two of you talked until you drifted to sleep–both dreaming of each other.

- Girl in Luv

This one was fun! Thanks for requesting~ I notice a lot of you guys apologize when you send us requests. Why!!! We love you! You guys are the best!!!! Seriously, we appreciate the support so much. You could ask me to write a 100k word novel and I’d probably do it. (Also, have you guys listened to Winner’s new songs? Fool is my jammmmm) 💛

2ps as High School Teachers

2p!America: History Teacher

  • Okay but first off, this dude is like Alfred with Science, He LOVES History
  • Especially U.S. History but he still loves all of history around the world
  • He’s not a big fan of the textbooks
  • Which he believes are wrong and when one thing is wrong he throws a fit
  • His class is next to James’s English Class
  • So James and his students hear Al’s rage about History books being wrong
  • Al’s class loves these fits. They find it hilarious
  • James, however, does not.

2p!Canada: English Teacher

  • His class is next to Al’s
  • He will hear Al rage about the textbooks while in the middle of teaching his class
  • Suddenly he has to stop when he hears a thump against the wall
  • He knows Allan threw the damn book
  • So now he has to leave his class and go calm Al down and remind him that Damaging property and cussing out the textbook is gonna get him fired
  • James also corrects Al Grammar
  • Which Further just angers Al who calls him a Grammar Nazi

2p!England: Foods Teacher/Home Ec

  • Sweetest Teacher ever
  • Unless you are really REALLY Bad
  • Shares what his class bakes with the other teachers plus the Principle
  • He’s known for an “Incident” that happened a few years back but all the students then have graduated since, so now only the faculty know what happened back then
  • No one likes to talk about it
  • Poor Kid should have been more careful than to anger Ollie

2p!France: French Teacher

  • Often gets personal treats from Oliver. All the students of them both ship it
  • Why the hell are you taking his class?
  • He’s more like a college professor, honestly?
  • He doesn’t care if you skip or not as long as you get the work done
  • Very laid back and lets his students listen to their music
  • Does care for his students but they should know how to be responsible

2p!China: Study Hall Teacher

  • Everyone loves him
  • Everyone knows he smokes weed
  • He’s dealt Weed to a kid before
  • Possibly dealt other drugs as well
  • Loves to let his class have small parties
  • Still makes sure they do their work though
  • Helps them if they need any help
  • Is seriously Chill and practically friends with the student body

2p!Russia: Principle

  • Wonders how his life came to this
  • Has tried to kick out Flavio so many times but he keeps coming back
  • Eventually he gave up
  • Also gave up on threatening Allan every time Allan threw a tantrum over the History Books
  • He’s really tired of this school
  • Natasha is a secretary in the office
  • Kat is the vice principle
  • Someone please give this man a break

2p!Italy: Art Teacher

  • Passionate about Art
  • He encourages his students with their art
  • Locks the door to his classroom so Flavio can’t get in
  • one student always unlocks the damn door
  • Lutz comes in during his free periods just to annoy Luciano 
  • Luciano has come so close to stabbing Lutz with a paintbrush
  • try him fucker
  • He’ll use your blood as paint

2p!Germany: Gym Teacher

  • Loves his job
  • Surprisingly Lazy when he wants to be
  • Loves his students
  • Usually has fun games planned for each day
  • Actually does have favorite students
  • Klaus picked out the gym uniforms
  • Lutz may have tried to get something more inappropriate
  • Klaus would not allow it
  • He’s a good teacher for the most part

2p!Prussia: Librarian

  • Everyone knows him yet everyone has a hard time noticing him
  • He hears a lot of gossip from kids in the library
  • Will tell Flavio cause he begs
  • Viktor actually likes him
  • Cause he does his fucking job
  • Passive aggressive little shit though like with Andres and unlocking the door
  • Also with the grammar nazi thing, he’ll sometimes walk by as James and Al argue 
  • when the brothers get to that point they freeze
  • Outside the door
  • The cold, red stare of the Prussian warns
  • ‘Say another thing and it’s your lives you should worry about not your jobs’
  • Is nice to the students
  • Won’t take shit from the teachers/Faculty (Unless they are Viktor)

2p!Japan: Math Teacher

  • Everyone sees him as a mean/Terrible teacher
  • A lot of his students think he’s still hot though
  • Like damn boii
  • Xiao randomly busts in his class cause he gets bored
  • Kuro kicks him out
  • Literally
  • He’ll even barricade the door if he must
  • Just keep Xiao out
  • Anyways, he’s actually a pretty chill teacher.
  • Just study up and take notes

2p!Romano: Literally just goes to the school to gossip with everyone even the students. He’s not even a teacher.

  • He’s mainly there for his brother and Andres
  • Viktor has tried to keep him out of the school 
  • Flavio has ways though, honey
  • He’s down for rumors and gossip
  • Usually goes to Klaus for details because Klaus knows all of it
  • He’ll keep the PDA away from the student’s eyes. Only cause he knows Viktor will seriously kick him out if he’s seen kissing Andres
  • And Andres wouldn’t stop Viktor
  • So PDA in front of students is a no no

2p!Spain: Spanish Teacher

  • Really fucking lazy
  • Like…really
  • He knows the student’s don’t care much to learn his language
  • So he only teaches the kids who care to learn
  • Everyone else just goes to a different room like the library and do their own thing
  • Also tries to lock his class room door
  • Does not work
  • Klaus is the lil shit who unlocks the door for Flavio
  • Fuck you, Klaus
  • He’s actually a good teacher when he puts forth effort
  • But like I said
  • Only puts forth effort for students who put forth effort back
Quiet little headcanon #17

Ryan has a shockingly bad poker face.

“For a good actor, you’re a terrible liar,” Geoff tells him.

It’s one of the reasons he wears masks, face paint, coloured contacts… When something’s on his mind it’s clear as day, and everyone asks him what’s wrong, what he knows, what’s been bothering him. 

The problem is he knows too much and he knows that makes him a liability. He’ll never confess, never openly rat someone out or give up information, but it will be clear that he knows something and all it takes is someone persistent enough who knows what it takes to truly hurt him…

…Which one of them do we have to hurt for you to tell us? 

He doesn’t like to think about it.

The others are reassuring; “It’s ok Ryan, we know you won’t say anything…”

“That’s the problem; I’m too loud when I’m not speaking.”

I am obviously really glad that Moonlight ended up winning Best Picture, but as an Old Hollywood fan at the same time I feel really sorry for Warren Beatty. He’s a legendary actor and director, and his directorial comeback was completely disregarded by the Academy. Even aside from that they made a point to hype up his Bonnie and Clyde reunion with Faye Dunaway, and again it was overshadowed. I’m obviously not positive but I think he read what was on the envelope and felt too embarrassed to admit that any mistake was made in front of millions of people, so he stalled until Faye Dunaway read the name. What upset me the most though was that after everyone realized that there was a mistake, no one let Warren or Faye, the PRESENTERS, read the correct name themselves. Someone from the crew of La La Land  LITERALLY SNATCHED THE CARD WITH THE CORRECT NAME FROM HIS HAND and with it took Warren’s chance to redeem himself away from him too, and I find that really upsetting. After the lack of acclaim for Rules Don’t Apply, he may never get the chance to step on that stage again, and I find it really heartbreaking that he may very well go down in history as the guy who read the wrong Best Picture winner (when technically he didn’t even read the name himself).

You were strange to him… Very strange. Especially since you blindly followed the instructions of some stranger who was messaging you through some app. He couldn’t tell if you were just pure and trusting, or downright stupid… But as strange as you were, oddly enough, he had always been fascinated by weird things.

Tumblr request of UnknownXMC fluff I guess haha. Idk MC is licking him.

What Kind Of Affection Would NCT Do? Yuta


  • Kisses. Lots of them. 
  • More into kissing than hugging 
  • On your cheek when you were in a more public place 
  • On your forehead when you were tired or sad 
  • On your nose when he was being playful 
  • On your lips, long and passionate or short and sweet 
  • Sometimes teasing, just kissing around your lips but not actually on them 
  • Then smiling and giving you a peck like the little shit he is 
  • I feel like he would enjoy cuddlling sometimes though 
  • When you had inside date nights just watching a film he’d do the slick thing and fake a yawn just to put his arm round you 
  • Would enjoy just having an arm round you 
  • Maybe when you were out with him he’d enjoy casually putting an arm round your shoulders 
  • Just enjoys holding you lightly 
  • So he can pull you in closer 
  • Or reassuringly squeeze you every so often 
  • Type to get clingy sometimes though 
  • Would just constantly have his arms round you 
  • Wanting you to hug him back 
  • Rubbing his hands up and down your back and smiling at you 
  • If you had time he’d want to pull you onto a sofa, or chair, or even your bed 
  • And just lie down with you, running his hands along your arm on something, just to feel your close to him 
  • A lowkey sap but also loves to tease you, basically.

Originally posted by yuseols

Being a slave and Ivar becoming obsessed with you would include...

  • being one of the few slaves who’s not afraid of him (simply because you don’t care) and that incidentally being the reason why he likes you
  • Ivar always giving you smug looks and ordering you around at dinner
  • him getting pissed off when his brothers talk to you or ask you for anything
  • smacks on the butt whenever you walk past him
  • making you trip and spill whatever it is you’re carrying on purpose so you have to bend down in front of him
  • glaring at Ivar while he talks to you
  • Ivar being a sarcastic little shit even though he really tries to be nice and get your attention
  • a lot of extra tasks for you just so he has an excuse to be around you without making it obvious
  • you’d get away with a lot more than most people, sometimes even daring to argue with him
  • he’d follow you around from time to time to see what you liked doing in your free time
  • Ivar started out as your worst nightmare but you’d slowly realize that he talked differently to you and it wasn’t in a bad way
  • he’d think about making you a free woman a lot but wouldn’t dare, thinking you’d leave and never talk to him again
Ch 30/? - The Golden Age That Never Was (RotG/Blackice)

Title: The Golden Age That Never Was (30/?)

Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Jack Frost/Pitch Black (or if you want to get tetchily specific - Jack Overland who becomes Jack Frost with Kozmotis Pitchiner who becomes elements of Pitch Black…..)
Characters: Jack Frost, Kozmotis Pitchiner/Pitch Black, E. Aster Bunnymund, Sanderson Mansnoozie, Toothiana, Nicholas St. North, Jamie Bennett, Seraphina Pitchiner, The Man in the Moon, Tsar Lunanoff, Tsarina Lunanoff, Cupcake.
Warnings/Tags: Hurt/comfort, Whump, Angst, Book & Movie Combination, Friendship, Minor Character Death, Slow burn, Abuse of Power/Authority, Dysfunctional Relationships, Power Play, Corporal Punishment, Adventure, Space Opera (kiiiind of), Golden Age, D/s, Initiation, Kink, Injury, Grief, AU, apologies to canon enthusiasts and people who love authentic representations of space. (Please see AO3 for more tags).                  

Summary: Soldier in training Jack Overland is approaching the day of his initiation, finally he’ll learn how to fight back against the living darkness and serve the Tsar and Tsarina Lunanoff. More importantly, maybe it will get him closer to Royal Admiral Kozmotis Pitchiner, Jack’s hero, champion of the people. If only anything ever worked out the way it should.

The Golden Age that Never Was - Chapter 30 - Ripped Open

In which Anton means well, but absolutely makes a mess of something, Jack decides to deal with the situation in…not the healthiest of ways, and finds his inner snark-puppy, and Pitch admits something important.


grumpy!blushing!mathgeek!cheeky!Shawn there’s a little bit of sexual (making out) content just as a warning. The smut is very light for once. 

  • Being almost late to your further math lesson and scanning the room for an empty seat
  • The only available seat is next to that tall, constantly frowning boy that doesn’t have any friends.
  • Sitting down next to him and smiling shyly at him when he frowns down at you.
  • Your teacher deciding it would be a fantastic idea to pair people off for  group projects on algorithms. 
  • Shawn questioning the teacher’s decision and asking how one can make a group project about algorithms.
  • Shawn frowning when the teacher tells him to just do the work and stop questioning his authority. 
  • You turning to Shawn and smiling again to try and get the big grumpy guy to stop frowning. 
  • Shawn simply pushing his glasses up his nose and telling you to get to work. 
  • You see him making a mistake and tell him so. 
  • He frowns at you
  • “It’s not wrong.” 
  • “It’s so wrong even Einstein is turning over in his grave.”
  • “How dare you bring Einstein into this?”
  • Constant arguing, but in a friendly way. Shawn sometimes getting so worked up that he starts blushing. 
  • You make it your life mission to make him blush.
  • When you write a test you two are always top of the class. sometimes he’s first sometimes you’re first. 
  • Everyone in the class, teacher included, finds you two very entertaining.  yet scary. 
  • Sexual Tension™️
  • Recognising each other as fellow math enthusiasts and deciding to study together.
  • Spending hours on end talking about physics, math, chemistry, science in general. 
  • Arguing: which theory makes more sense? 
  • Slowly but surely progressing into Unbearable Sexual Tension™️
  • The teacher lets you two study in the math classroom, because you are his favourite students. 
  • You’re writing on the blackboard, explaining to him your method which he says is the wrong method. 
  • Shawn crossing his arms and frowning down at you when he realises you’re right. 
  • Refusing to acknowledge it. 
  • Arguing. Him looming over you, smirking. You’re getting all worked up because he refuses to say you’re right even though he knows you are. (He’s a little shit let’s be real here)
  • Somehow ending up pressed up against the blackboard, Shawn wrapping your legs around his waist. 
  • His lips hovering over yours, waiting for you to rejecting him. (Fat chance of that happening) 
  • Messy kisses, his fingers digging into your hips, your fingers ruffling his curly hair. 
  • Grinding against his crotch, huffed breaths leaving Shawn as his cheeks heat up. 
  • Kissing his jaw as he grinds against you. His glasses fogging up.
  • Before things get too heated in the middle of a classroom you break it off. 
  • His glasses slid down his nose a little and you can’t help adjusting them.
  • Shawn asking you out, grumbling and stuttering, blushing because he stuttered then frowning because he blushed.  
  • Walking into class the next day and kissing the top of his fluffy head, the entire class gasping did she really kiss his head? does she want to die? 
  • Shawn blushing just a little bit but mostly smirking because damn straight he’s got a hot girlfriend and all those single losers that judged him can suck it now. 
  • Shawn not even hiding the hickey on his neck.
  • Just because you’re dating doesn’t mean you are going to argue any less. 
  • The private study sessions somehow always end with Shawn’s glasses all steamy and your hair all messed up. 
  • Shawn frowning at a physics problem. You cup his chin with one hand, turning it towards you. Kissing the frown, then smoothing out the wrinkles on his forehead. 
  • “There, all ironed.”
  • “Ironed?” 
  • “You looked like an old shirt. A cute old shirt though.”
  • “Really? An old shirt?” *flat voiced, disbelieving Shawn* 
  • Shawn getting all flustered when you talk about math because your eyes sparkle and you smile so prettily. 
  • You asking him what has him all fidgety and blushy. Shawn mumbling grumpily. 
  • *mumble grumble* you *blushy mumble grumble*
  • The entire class not understanding how Grumpy McFrowny turns all smiley and blushy around you. 
  • Someone pointing it out. 
  • Shawn giving them The Death Stare. The classmate shrinking back and wondering why they ever thought it would be a good idea to point that out.
  • You gently touching his arm to get Shawn to release the guy from The Death Stare.
  • Grumpy Cat Mendes melting under your touch.
  • Shawn sometimes riling you up on purpose during your study sessions. You guys sitting on your bed, Shawn disagreeing on purpose. Smiling like an idiot because damn he loves you. 
  • You catching on and kissing that smile off his face. 
  • So much making out, crumpled math notes and pulling textbooks from under your butt.
  •  Shawn whispering “I love you” into your ear. It’s a secret that only you’re allowed to know about. 

for my little sponge @foleyftmendes I hope you enjoy it. 

  • What she says: I'm not fine
  • What she means when she elaborates: Soma cared about Ciel probably more than anyone else in the series, maybe even more than Lizzy. He saw Ciel as his little brother in every way and would go to any lengths to protect him and defend him. He never showed Ciel anything but concern and affection, despite the fact that Ciel literally never returned any of it, and even went so far as to deny being his friend. Soma was always willing to go out of his way for him and pretty much thought he was the greatest little shit on earth even though he never got any love from him in return. And now, Soma probably thinks Ciel betrayed him because Ciel's twin most likely killed Agni. So now Soma not only lost his best friend, but also the boy who he saw as his little brother. So basically fuck Ciel for never showing Soma love and once this is cleared up and Soma realizes Ciel didn't kill Agni, Ciel better tell Soma that he's his best fucking friend or I sweat to god I'll burn this place to the ground all over again.
Got7 reaction to their S/O not being able to reach something

A/N - Well this one’s a super relatable one for me haha. Hopefully all you other short people reading this can sympathise too 😜 But seriously though, the boys are all tall af so rip me if I ever met them lol. 

Smol bean of 4'10 here! #SmolSquad I would totally love to see a reaction of GOT7 seeing their s/o try to reach the top shelf or something too high from their reach~ Thanks! I really love your blog btw, I found it today and I’ve been reading everything you’ve written ^-^’ Your writing is great ♡♡♡ -🌙

Mark: He would tease you so much oml like be prepared for endless jokes about how small you are in comparison to him. If you really need to get something down from a cupboard or shelf, he’ll get it for you but only if you give him a kiss.

JB: He would love walking into a room after hearing the sounds of you struggling to see you trying to reach something. He thinks your height is really cute and will admire how adorable you look but will then get whatever it is you wanted without any teasing.

Jackson: Jackson understands your pain but will still laugh at you because he’s happy that someone is smaller than him. He finds you really cute when you get annoyed at him for laughing but will eventually stop and hug you, telling you how much he loves your small height.

Jinyoung: Surprisingly, Jinyoung wouldn’t go all savage on you and he’d actually be helpful and reach the item you were trying to get previously. He might giggle a bit at your struggling since it was rather funny seeing you get annoyed at how short your arms (and everything else) were.

Youngjae: Youngjae finds your small height super adorable and if he sees you trying to reach something but cursing under your breath because you couldn’t quite reach, he’ll smile fondly at you before helping you out. He’d like knowing his tall height was useful to you.

Bambam: Being the social media expert he is, Bambam will take a photo or video and will just post it all over his twitter or instagram with a mean caption making fun of you. He finds it so funny how you’re so small and will tease you till the ends of the earth. He still loves you though, really.

Yugyeom: This annoying little shit will laugh and tease you so much omg. He’ll take photos for future blackmailing purposes and will just watch as you struggle, not even thinking about offering to help you out. He finds it hilarious watching you get increasingly annoyed.

I get real defensive when people insult the cinnamon roll that is tom holland

so don’t do it in my presence or you better be fucking prepared for my petty ass to come at you ready to fight a bitch