hes a lion who can talk

The Seventh Wheel: A Case for Black Lion Lance

Alternatively titled: Lance Deserves The World Because He is My Son and I Love Him

Okay, so Shiro’s gone and someone’s gotta fill his big ass shoes. In the toss-up between him, Allura, and Keith, I’m going to be arguing in this post that Lance could be the guy to do it. And, fair warning, this is going to be ridiculously (like, ridiculously) long lmao so here’s the TL;DR right now: I think that a) Lance already shows the character traits of a good leader, and b) there’s a good chance of him becoming one, given his impending character arc. 

It also has a chance of not happening, of course, but who cares?? I already started writing this thing, so:

Alright, let’s begin at the beginning, because that’s always a good place to start.

Lance is first introduced to the audience as the classic loud, arrogant, goofy flirt. The perfect comic relief character. He rescues a guy because his “rival” was gonna do it first and he can’t have that, the first thing he does in the giant robot cat is fart, and he hits on a girl who just fell out of a pod in a magic castle. He’s there to make you laugh.

I can’t imagine anyone looking at a character like that and “You know what? This guy could be a leader.” Allura says it herself in episode 1. The black lion is supposed to be the decisive head of Voltron, a person who’s a natural born leader, who’s in control, and,

Basically, calm, collected, and respected. “A natural born leader.” So, definitely not Lance. Case closed.

But, not really. Because Lance actually is calm and collected. He’s just not respected. He has all the leadership traits– the problem is that he’s not treated as someone who could be a leader.

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okay but

au where Lance is killed in a battle and starts haunting the ship

he doesn’t know at first and feels like everyone is just ignoring him when they don’t pay him any attention

when it finally clicks, he just goes to Blue, who he can actually talk to

sometimes he’ll just break down in Blue’s hanger and the other lions can hear it and it hurts because, even if he wasn’t their paladin, they were still fond of him

sometimes, if one of the others are near or in their lion, they can hear the cries through their bond with the lion

they don’t understand it and it scares them at first, but when their lion finally tells them why they keep hearing crying when near/inside them, it fucking hurts

Lance and Matt BROTP (Latte)

Okay okay so we All know about the amazing langst potential with Matt around

But after that?

I just really want them to be best bros


Along the way they start talking. They discover that their sense of humor is almost the same and they have aLOt in common


*Keith walks into the room*

Matt: “is that a fucking Mullet. Who is that angsty teen over there”

Lance: “Thank u God for Pidge`s brother, Matt Holt, and my future husba-”

Pidge: “LANCE EW NO.”


*Green lion flying through the air*

Lance, muttering to himself:
“Oh shit whaddup-”

Matt, basically shouting into Shiro`s ear :


They talk about family, about how they both miss their moms. Lance tells Matt how he looks alot like his brother at home. Matt is just like “dude I can be your brother until u get back home” because that’s what Lance did to Pidge and Matt is forever grateful for that. He wants to return the favour.


What if one day they go on a diplomatic mission together and they managed to convince the aliens that voltron’s anthem was All Stars by Smashmouth??

They also manage to convince them that the sign of the alliance with Voltron is a finger gun dab?

Like dabbing but with finger guns

So like the Leader wanting to please Voltron commands their army to line up and yeah like there is a whole troop of millitants standing intimidatingly in front of the team. And then Suddenly the general shouts
“ATTENTION!” and all those scary buff ass soldiers dab in perfect syn c

The team LOSES their shit. Pidge is red faced, cackling , Hunk is wheezing so hard tears just keep streaming down his face, Keith is a little confused but chuckles, he is glad to see the team happy. Shiro is fighting hard to keep a straight face, his lips are turned up at the corners and his shoulders are shaking. Allura is just???? Coran is just shakes his head fondly because its That Thing Lance told him about and tries explaining it to the princess.


Lance introducing Matt to his “chill time”

It includes fabulous self care. Eg: face masks, nail polish, etc.
(“Katie touch my leg it’s so S m O O Th”)

Matt introduces Lance to his own “chill time” as well

Very fucking dramatic. It consists of launching themselves out of their lions, switching off their comms and screaming about how ‘life is a biTCH into the dark abyss of space where no one can hear them.


I bet they do little sleepovers where they gossip and do the whole self care routine

It will also usually include BLANKET FORTS.
And passwords and codenames.

Keith: “Cowboy McEmo”
He has to sing “Old McDonald had a farm” but instead it’s “Keith McEmo had a farm” or just brandish his knife threateningly

Pidge: “Gremlin” “WhatthehellisaPidge”
Has to say how cool Matt is in sonnets

Hunk: “Babe”, “Bro”, “Sweetheart,” basically any pet name in the world
Doesn’t need to do anything. But he insists and brings a snack or two anyways

Shiro: “Space dad,” “Naruto Scriptwriter”
Has to admit Matt is better at Mario Kart than he is (despite Matt being horrible at it)

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everybody lives AU | AKATSUKI
• setting — the Last

Akatsuki becomes a mercenary group for hire, as they did in Road to Ninja. 
This is more appropriately named the “everybody comes back to life and somehow things work out AU”… but as promised, 10 Akatsuki members in the timeline of The Last! Designing is fun (esp the village flak jackets) (・∀・)

See more extensive character/AU details below the cut!:

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Part 8 of Lance Bonding With the Lions!! Woohoo!!

The team went back to Blue’s hanger, hoping to find Lance still there. As they approached the entrance, that heard faint…snoring? The group eased into the room, peering to discover where the noise was coming from. The sight before them could cure any diseases. Lance, who was the culprit of the noise, was curled into a tight cocoon made of blankets, snuggling against the junction between Blue’s head and shoulder. The other Lions were sprawled across the room, a silent hum emitting from them. “Should we wake him?” “I don’t know, but I do want to get to the bottom of this.” Shiro turned to Allura. “Princess? What would you decide?” Allura weighed the options, and with a quick nod, made her decision. “We’ll wake him. We can talk to him, and then he can continue to rest.” As Allura reached down to do just that, Red’s eyes came to life, and a low growl rippled across the room. Allura jerked her hand away, looking at the lion in shock. Keith looked between Lance and his Lion in awe. “…I guess we shouldn’t wake him up. We might seriously regret it.” Pidge breathily replied. “Then how will we know how and even if Lance bonded with the other Lions?!” Hearing those words, the Red Lion slowly raised to its feet, slowly approaching them. Red then sat in front of the team, gazing down. The team let out a gasp as Red sent them a vision.
They were all back at the Garrison. It was as if they were watching a movie flicker in front of their eyes. “Keith, is that you?” Pidge asked as she pointed toward a dark figure with a familiar hairstyle. “Yeah…why did Red-” “Haha! Look at that freak!” A group of three older boys snarled at past Keith, shoving him into the wall. “Yeah, he doesn’t have any friends, and everybody hates him. I even heard that he doesn’t even have a family. Congratulations, Keith. Not even your own family liked you.” The team looked in anger and shock at the scene before them. Past Keith bit the inside of his cheeks, hands clenched into fists by his side. “Just leave me. The fuck. Alone.” One of the boys shoved Keith again. “You better watch that mouth of yours before we have to teach you a lesson. Again.” The boy sneered. With a final push, the boys began to walk away. Past Keith watched as they walked away. With a huff, he grabbed his things and hurried away. The team looked at Keith. “Why would Red show us this?” Keith clenched his jaw and shrugged. Just when he was about to say something, a door opening interrupted him. Out of the door, steps Lance (past Lance that is). Lance eyes were dark and his jaw was set. His eyes kept darting from where Keith and the group of boys parted ways. “Did he…hear all that?” Pidge questioned. “It appears so.” Murmured Allura. They watched as past Lance kept clenching and unclenching his hands. Finally, giving a curt nod, Lance jogged his way in the direction the group of boys left. “What is he-” the scene around them suddenly changed. They were now in past Lance and Hunk’s shared dorm. “Honestly Lance, what did you do this time?” “What?! How could you assume I started it? I’m betrayed Hunk.” Lance fell dramatically on his bed, but when he landed, he winced and moan a small “Ow.” “LANCE!! You’re gonna hurt yourself even more!” The team gasped as they really got to study Lance for the first time. Bruises were littered across his arms and face. A black eye shined brightly with a small gash underneath it that was still bleeding. His knuckles were bloody and bruised, and there were countless red scratches decorating his body. “Honestly Lance, taking on three guys at once? What we’re you thinking?!” Hunk stated as he tended to Lance’s many wounds. “What did they do that was so bad to make you go try to fight all of them? By yourself!” Lance winced at Hunk’s words. “Easy there buddy. My brain feels like it has went through a blender, so can we keep the volume to a bare minimum please?” Hunk purses his lips into a thin line, but he didn’t say anything. A moment passed. “…they were hurting someone. Someone I care about. Look up to even. And I…I had to do something. They couldn’t get away with that.” Lance clenched his fists. “Shouldn’t.” Hunk glanced down at him and gave him a sad smile. “Well, if this ever happens again, at least think it through before you go to them, fists a-blazing. Or at least take them one at a time.” Lance beamed at him through bloodied split lips. “GROSS, DUDE! I-I think I’m gonna hurl.”
The team find themselves back in the hanger, struggling to find words to say. Keith glances at Lance’s sleeping form. “He-did he really-I don’t-why-” “I remember that.” Hunk softly interrupts Keith. “He never really told me about that fight.” Before Keith or any of the others could say a word, the Yellow Lion stepped up. Hunk looks up, eyes light with curiosity and wonder. “Yellow? What are you-” the team suddenly find themselves in another vision.

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hi yes your voltron headcanons are beautiful and i love them thank you

hi yes thank you i love you

  • pidge, answering her comms: “what’s the sitch”
  • i feel like most people look at lance and hunk and assume that lance is the one with no respect for personal boundaries but no. it’s hunk
    • lance: will maybe get up in your face once or twice
    • hunk: will go through your personal belongings, read your diary, take your treasured pictures of MIA family members, and tell everyone about your secret girlfriend
  • coran’s current personality is 70% him compensating for that emo phase he had
  • one time lance talks shiro into letting them use codenames on a mission for the express purpose of being able to unironically call hunk “hunkules” for three hours
  • [someone pisses allura off] “oh shit you’ve done it now buddy… you’ve angered the lion goddess”
  • keith’s jacket is absolutely an aesthetic choice
    • because like. it has no other functional purpose? at most it’ll keep his arms warm?? maybe his neck a little??? he only wears it because he thinks it looks neat
    • “keith dude are you cold” keith, who can no longer feel his belly button: “no”
  • shiro: “from now on no one’s allowed to start their mission debriefings with ‘okay so in my defense’”
the signs as quotes from "the comeback kid"
  • aries: eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs
  • taurus: here's an on fire garbage can... could be a nursery
  • gemini: "you have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair," you know, how you talk to a child
  • cancer: marijuana is legal in 18 or 19 states. it's insane. don't whoo if you're white. it's always been legal for us, come on sir
  • leo: i know you told me, but i have had a very long day, i am very small, and i have no money, so you can imagine the stress im under
  • virgo: "oh we have to go!! we have to go see bill!" and without looking up at her my dad goes, "why? it's not like he's gonna remember you."
  • libra: so my dad pulled up to the drive thru window and ordered a black coffee. the one thing no kid can every enjoy
  • scorpio: anyone who's seen my dick and met my parents needs to die
  • sagittarius: bill clinton turns, looks at my mom and says, "hey ellen!" cause he never forgets a bitch ever
  • capricorn: we bought a house that was built in the 20s but it was flipped in 2014, which means it's haunted but it has a lovely kitchen backsplash
  • aquarius: we were at lion king on broadway and there was a five year old behind us going, "look it's pumbaa! look its timon!" and my dad turned around and said, "are you going to talk the entire time?"
  • pisces: some people give off a vibe of.. right away, and they're like, "do not fuck with me." my vibe is more like, "hey, you could pour soup in my lap and i'll probably apologize to you!"

I am so tired of seeing everyone shit on Keith because Shiro asked him to lead Voltron if things go south in season 2? Like really just so tired of watching people say the same rude things to justify why he would be a bad leader (which really aren’t even justifications at all?) lmao you’re not cute or original. 

So let’s talk about why Keith would actually be a good leader for Voltron, please and thanks:

  • We know that Shiro has been like a mentor for Keith, both pre-series and during the show (”Remember; patience yields focus”)
  • That being said, it means that Shiro has been there for him as he has grown and matured (excluding the time he was held captive, obviously)
    • While Keith is not at the fullest capacity to lead due to his poor impulse control and hot-headedness, it doesn’t mean that he will never get to that stage of maturity and rationality
    • It means that Shiro obviously sees those qualities in Keith (which is why he put this responsibility on his shoulders) and challenges him to hone them, which will in turn force him to grow as a character to become more level-headed and rational, as a leader needs to be
  • I mean y’all are so quick to make positive posts about your faves’ character developments but refuse to think that Keith is going to have an arc that transforms him and pushes him to focus on his leadership qualities and what is best for the team? bye lmao
  • Keith actually already knows how to think of the greater good; he argued against going to save Allura because it would be hand delivering the universe’s greatest weapon to Zarkon, something Allura has said can never happen
    • Yes, it was seen as callous and cold, but strategic-wise? Actually a smart move to avoid sending the universe’s last hope straight into the hands of the evil alien mastermind who has been conquering everyone left, right, and center for the past 10,000 years
  • The kid is dedicated to his teammates in every way possible
    • At the end of the first ep, he says “It’s been on honor flying with you boys” like ?? they had their lions together for 10 minutes and Keith is talking like they’ve gone through a hundred and three battles together? he loves his peeps
    • Flies through an asteroid field to get Lance’s lion back when Nyma and Rolo were a bunch of sneaks
    • Gets all up in Zarkon’s business for attacking Shiro
      • Point being that the Black Lion takes “someone whose men will follow without hesitation"
      • Keith has proven that he is dedicated to his fellow paladins, and they have proven the same to him 
  • When the time comes that leadership is needed in Shiro’s absence, is it really that far of a stretch to believe that the other paladins will follow Keith, who Shiro has been grooming for this kind of position already?
    • the answer is no, it’s not that hard to believe, so y’all can shove your ‘he’s hot-headed and an idiot bc he just rushes into things’ logic somewhere else it’s called character development let the second season actually air before making assumptions that just make an ass out of u and me! sound good?
  • In the original series, Keith literally is the leader of Voltron lmao sucks to suck it’s gonna be canon anyway just give it time

Ya all cant convince me by this point that the garla aint a very social species that does not like being alone

Like you almost never see a garla alone, and the one garla you see alone is the guy who’s fucking planting bombs and freeing prisoners when he should be infiiltrating the higher ranks, or the guy working in a people dense inviroment. or the guy who literally traps people to work with him and got very attached to hunk when he showed prowess and better food judgement then him.

also the one garla  that goes to earth on what i assume was a solo mission to figure out stuff about the blue lion? gets into it with a human, another incredibly social species, then has a baby with him.

random garla soldier meets someone “from the main fleet) and immediatly assures them that they get the commanders name wrong as well and feels comfortable enough to ask if theres a way to get in the main fight and admitting that he’s bored on the cargo ship, AND admitting that he’s not the most blood thirsty galra out there to this total stranger

even sendak- mister “there weak becouse they value others lives” commends and talks with his officer when he can easily leave him in the dark and just tell him what to do

and zarkon- mister big bad who has commanders who take care of and care for his crew exicuted or worse goes ape shit over loosing his bond with his lion and keeps reaching out even though its obviosly pointless and not working anymore

so obviosly a social species but like- they dont like admitting there a social species, put on a tought front even though when there put on solo missions or left alone they get pretty awful at there jobs and ten times more grouchy.

So with all this in mind imagine how part garla, part human keith who obviosly has both sets of instincts and instinctual social needs in him, felt when he lost his family, could not make friends by doing what his instincts told him to do which was become the best to show his peers that he is a worthy ally to be brought into a social circle or pack, then stuck alone in the desert for around a year chasing feelings that might just be him going crazy?

SU theory

I just realized something. Well we all know how much the crewniverse loves foreshadowing. And in the episode “Lars’ Head”, when Steven is going back to Homeworld, he tells Lion how he wishes he could understand him.

Weeeeeeell… Lars has just become a creature like Lion. So what if Lars can now communicate with Lion???

Do you understand how much vital information Lion could have?? We all talk to animals, right? And Rose had a lot of secrets! She needed someone to vent to! What if Lion has all the answers Steven has been looking for and Lars is the only one who can find out???

It’s just a theory, but a totally valid one. Think about it.

  • one night when lance’s homesickness has hit a whole new gear, he just wants to talk to someone.
  • he wants to tell them about his family and about his childhood and his life back home and he wants someone to listen and let him ramble because he can feel the tears coming.
  • his first instinct is hunk, who is asleep.
  • his next instinct is coran, who is also asleep.
  • he sits up in bed, runs his hand through his hair, and gets an idea.
  • he takes the blanket and pillow from his bed and tucks them under his arm and walks down the long, quiet hallways until he reaches the hanger. where the lions are.
  • he smiled as he felt blue’s welcoming energy the moment he entered the room. he doesn’t turn the lights on, her big, yellow eyes illuminate the room enough.
  • “hello,” he says, and he feels her say “hello!!
  • he walks up and makes his way into the cockpit. He throws the blanket and pillow on to the pilot seat and makes a little nest for himself.
  • this is different.” he feels her observe.
  • “I know,” he says out loud to her, “I hope you don’t mind. i was sad.”
  • nooo!! why!????” if she was a person she’d be hugging him.
  • “i miss earth again. I miss my home and my mom. I know I can’t go home yet and i don’t know how to feel or what to do. I want to see my nephew’s little face. I miss them all so much. i didn’t have anyone to talk to, so….”
  • it’s quiet and he doesn’t feel her say anything.
  • “are you listening?”
  • yes, go on.
  • he then launches into a long spiel gushing about playa varadero that after a while gets quieter and quieter as he starts falling asleep.
  • then it becomes a thing.
  • it becomes a thing for lance to bring his blanket and pillow to blue and sit in the seat and tell her stories about what he used to do on his home planet and what he missed about his home.
  • and if he feels particularly low about himself and his abilities he’ll confide in her about that as well.
  • it’s a different type of bonding. away from the heat of battle. they’re alone. it’s one-on-one.
  • he cries to her sometimes, and she remains soothing and comforting.
  • “we can do it. we will get you home one day. do not be afraid for now. i am here with you.”
  • sometimes she’s all he needs.

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Headcanon that Keith is secretly into K-Pop and knows a bunch of lyrics. And, if you want some of this "LaFluff" thingy, Lance hears him one day and begins to try and learn how to sing along, because hey, it's music and Keith likes it. I don't know where this is going, but itd be extra cute if Lance started trying to learn the (really hard but beautiful) dances to go with the songs. Idk how, but yeah


….what the fuck rea control yourself.

W A I  T.

OK, first off: canon accepted, that’s super cute. I love it. I love keef, and he would do such a great job singing kpop. I want to believe he sometimes sings it when he’s doing something mundane, and that’s the cutest thing ever.

Random scenario of Kefluff:

Keith in his lion during their Bonding with the Lion without Dying sessions, where you just go inside your Lion and chill and talk and whatever. 

So, Keith, thinking he’s alone, starts like singing whatever kpop song comes to mind, as he plays with his knife and somehow, Red picks up the song and melody quite quick and then she’s like making an echo of Keith’s singing, like a back up voice.

It makes Keith smile, because there are not a lot of ppl who can easily follow your kpop songs, you know? so he’s happy he can share this with Red.

(and fyi, the coms where on and everyone on the team heard him sing but no one said a word.) 



ThaT Lance tries to like, learn small things his team like to do? Like, he shows interest in Keith’s kpop and ask him to teach him a few songs and maybe some dances, bc Lance loves dancing and he makes it a friendly competition about who can make the wildest kpop dance choreography ever. It leaves them breathless and laughing and they have no regrets.

Lance also learns Shiro’s mother language, Japanese, because he has noticed that he relaxes more when he hears it whenever he’s going through a bad memory. Just…few words, you know? Maybe using his name and a comfort word like ‘I’m here’ it’s enough. 

Shiro appreciates it greatly and asks for Lance to teach him spanish in return, because he wants to give Lance a small piece of home while they are far far away. They have weekly language sessions. 

With Hunk, Lance usually joins him to bake. He would help him with all the mechanic stuff, but Lance enjoys seeing Hunk so free and happy, and that’s usually when he’s in the kitchen. Lance is like his little helper and he always gets to lick the spoon, ok? 

With Pidge, Lance tries to read into some old altean coding and tells Pidge about it, giving her a few ideas or option on how she can make her hacking quicker, They end up in the library, going trought books and sometimes night falls on them and one of the teams finds them in the floor, Pidge’s head on Lance’s stomach as the brunet is half sitting against the book shelves. 

Lance learns altean for Coran, and ask him all kind of questions about Altean. Sometimes it hurts to bring back the memoeris that you will never get back, but Lance sees it bring Coran more joy than sadness remembering his home and that he loves to talk about it. They share fun facts about their planets.

Finally, with Allura………..damn I dunno; maybe they share chilhood memories, like, Allura will tell Lance all about how she used to sneak out from the castle every now and then, and show him her best hiding spots whenever she played hide and seek with coran when she was a child. Lance will tell her about the beach, and how he learnt to swim thanks to his older brother. 

Theyjust share, you know? The team start to share a pieceof themselves slowly to each other and that only get their bond stronger than before. It’s a lovely thought. 

Seriously though. I can’t be the only one who envisions Lance being injured on a mission, and Keith is helping him walk back to where the lions are. Keith is trying to keep Lance from passing out until they can get him into a healing pod. Keith promises that once they get back and Lance is healed, they can get some food and just talk and relax.
And Lance, despite the dried blood crusted over his eye and cheek and the way blood oozes from his tongue through his teeth everytime he breathes, looks at Keith smugly out of the corner of his tired eyes and smiles in smug flirtation. “Talking? Eating? Are you asking me out on a date?”
Lance expects Keith to drop him right there on the rocks, but instead, Keith looks away and mumbles, “Yes.”

I've just thought about this

Ok, so what if Lance didn’t want to go in Garrison?
Like he and his grandpa made a promise when he was just a kid before his abuelo died
So, he goes to garrison and meets Hunk and then Pidge and when he sees them he thinks ‘woah, they’re amazing guys, LET’S PROTECT THEM ALL COAST’ so he puts a lot of effort to being a good friend and pilot and he becomes a fighter pilot (in that he was still in the cargo class) and he feels very proud but , as we know, when he make littles mistakes they always go with “you’re just in the fighter class ‘cuz the best pilot of our generation droped out” and that makes him feel as the worst and start to miss his family MORE ‘cuz “If they say that, then its better to go back home”. Hunk and Pidge always notice that and they try to make Lance feel better (in the night they listen Lance crying and being homesick). Thanks to this, Lance starts to love being a pilot and thanks his abuelo for making with him that promise and still he misses his family but starts to feels comfortable because he feels that Pidge and Hunk are like his family but in garrison.
bUT then happens the voltron thing and the sadness :-) and :-) homesickness :-) strikes :-) again :-).
He tells to Blue every night about his family and his friends in Cuba, his story about how he ended in the garrison and he “secret” (it isn’t, the mice and hunk already know about that) crush on Keith.
Blue always feels happy of having a paladin like Lance who fits perfectly in the role of the blue paladin. But also feels sad because “i dont want you to be sad :‘c you look really good happy :)”
Anyways, the team starts to hang more with eachother except the fact that nobodys ;)))) knows about :)))the depressed Lance :)))
And they start to make him unwanted, not-the team sharpshooter the cargo pilot the comic-relief the paladin that can be replaced easily, in conclusion THE SEVENTH WHEEL.
They fight against Zarkon and Shiro dissapears, they feel worried and sad, Keith becames the black paladin and Lance the red one, and then comes.. Lotor.
So he captures him and uses his weaknesses and breaks points to torture him.
The team (now with Shiro) rescues him, puts him in a pod and waits until he heal.
But, when Lance comes out, the team starts to argue to him, saying that he needs to hear the others and not to be mocking around, and Keith tells him “YOU’RE JUST A CARGO PILOT!” And “ITS ALWAYS YOUR FAULT” aaaaand Lance explodes.
So he tells everything, about the promise, about his crush on Keith, about the seventh wheel and finishes with “I’VE NEVER WANTED TO BE A PILOT I DIDN’T ASK FOR BEING A PALADIN”
All the team shuts in silent, Pidge starts to sob, Hunk is horrified and asks himself “is this the Lance i know?”, Shiro feels guilty for not listening Lance, Allura feels like the worst because she treated Lance like he was nothing, Keith feels super super super confused, angry, sad and happy in the same time and Coran…well, Coran already knew about Lance insecurities and feels bad for not telling the team about the selfless Lance
The Lions are angry (Lance treated them good and he puts to them cool pet-names. Also they heard a lot of Lances confession to Blue and when they heard him sing [yes, Lance can sing] they feel relaxed ) and refused to open to their Paladins.
Reds tells them that they need to fix this but first they need to convince Blue, who is extremaly angry with the team.
Shiro says that maybe Lance needed time to himself and that they will talk to him later.
They didn’t notice that Lance left the castle until dinner time.
They notice that Voltron is not gonna to be Voltron anymore.

Each lion loves their Paladin. They admire how brave their Paladins are, and want to do the best they can.

“My Pilot,” is how Blue calls her Paladin. She is proud he is her Paladin. His type of flying is fun, and it brings her joy. He tells the most wild stories of his home pack, of the other Paladins. Sometimes he misses his home, but he is proud to stand and do his duty to help defend the universe.
“My Pilot, can we do that spin again?! It’s been so long since I’ve done flips!”
“My Pilot, you’ve brought a friend! Oh, is she a friend? That does not look like how you hold a friend.”
“I will not call you Sharpshooter. You are My Pilot.”

“Idiot Cub,” is how Red originally thinks of her Paladin. He is quick to act, he panics internally and is quick to make decisions. She does not initially take to her Paladin, but when he protects her, “Idiot Cub” becomes “My Cub.” She would go to the ends of all universes to protect her Paladin, because his fiery passion is a perfect match for her own. It matters not he is part Galra. She loves him all the same.
“My Cub, as upset as you are, we must continue forward. Do not worry. We will exact revenge for those lost.”
“My Cub, your heritage does not mean you are bad. There was a time I knew many good Galra. Perhaps your mother was one of them…”

“My Bird” is how Green calls her Paladin. Hearing her Paladins friends call them Pidge, she learns Pidge could be short for pigeon, a subtype of an Earth species called bird. She loves to amuse her Paladin, letting them tinker with her mechanics, helping to make her stronger. She listens to her Paladin talk about their family, about how they hope to find them. Green vows to help search the universe for “Matt” and “Dad”
“My Bird! My Bird, you can look at my panels now! Look, look!”
“My Bird, tell me about ‘Dad’ again. Can 'Dad’ be my friend too?”
“My Bird, you have to sleep! You can’t continue working if you are dead on your feet! That’s it! I’m shutting down, and you can’t stop me!”

“Friend,” is how Yellow refers to his Paladin. His Paladin can be very anxious, but he is so brave he will push all his fears aside to help those in need. Yellow loves to hear his Paladin talk, loves to hear about Earth mechanics and mathmatics. Humans seem to be a little behind technologically speaking, but Yellow is consistently impressed with his paladins ability to build, create, and repair with things he has only just started to use as tools. Yellow’s Paladin is kind, he cares deeply for his friends, cares deeply for his lion, so Yellow calls him “Friend” in return, because he cares about his Paladin too.
“Hello, Friend! Have you come to work on your 'Make-shift’ human objects?”
“Friend, you can breathe. There is air around you, open your lungs…”
“Who is this Balmeran girl you think of? Is she nice? Is she a friend? Any friend of Friend is my friend!”

“My Paladin,” is how Black refers to her pilot. She calls him this often, but he always seems to forget. She feels guilt, mourning for her corrupted past paladin, all the while mourning for the loss of innocence for her current Paladin. Her Paladin is too forgiving, in her opinion. He constantly blames himself for things he has no control over. She tries her best to ease his pain, tries to prevent nightmares and occasionally he gets a dreamless sleep. She loves her paladin, maybe more than she ever has. He is brave, and strong, and too self-sacrificial. She will keep him safe.
“Good work, My Paladin…”
“My Paladin, you did what was necessary, dwelling on the past will not ease your heavy heart. How I wish I could remove this weight off your shoulders…”
“Rest, My Paladin, I have you…”

anonymous asked:

your shiro posts are great because i've noticed that in the talk about wanting shiro to just be able to rest and heal when he gets home, the black lion is reduced to a car or a bike instead of someone who cares for shiro and wants him to heal as much as anyone else. there’s no indication that he can't get rest while also being the leader; in general people seem to think a leader needs to be an unemotional machine and i have never understood it. it goes against the whole concept of the show.

I mean, just from what I’ve seen, it seems like both Shiro and Zarkon are people who have been damaged by the expectation that a leader must be an unfeeling pillar, and that would suggest something about Black herself.

Zarkon literally derides soft emotions (pity, mercy, compassion) as “weakness” and something rather seldom commented on him is that some of his most targeted and aggressive lashings-out have been whenever someone even insinuates he should take it easy. He cannot stand to be pitied or seen as anything but strong and he pretty much uses violence as a way to reinforce the image of himself as a conquering god-emperor.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that without his armor and helmet, when we see him recovering, he looks far more frail and vulnerable, and that this is the only time we’ve seen him without all his daunting armor on, or that Haggar is the only one permitted near his bedside.

Shiro is not remotely to that degree, but- he’s very much the therapist friend. He wants to invite the rest of the team to unburden themselves to him, but, when it comes to it… I don’t believe he ever talked to anyone about Sendak sending him into a near-dissociative episode. There’s a very specific and blatant hypocrisy to Shiro telling Allura that she needs to rest and take care of herself as a leader, when the only reason he knows she got up and tried to go back to working was because he was sitting there himself.

I do think Shiro needs to move away from that attitude but I think that Black is part of a key to that, because she understands where he’s coming from and quite possibly has that same problem herself. I mean- when Zarkon tries to manipulate the Black Lion via the druids, I stand by the idea that the pain Shiro experiences is Black’s pain.

Couple that with the fact that since the beginning of the show, Zarkon has been tracking them through the Black Lion, and it’s entirely possible that Zarkon has been quietly hurting Black the entire time she has been bonded to Shiro and she never once reached out to him for help. She only began opening up to Shiro about her own trauma during s2e7, when Shiro explicitly came to her and asked her to.

There’s a thread of self-sacrifice and self-denial to the Black Lion that runs through both of her paladins. They are people surrounded by those who care, or would care, and yet who are inclined to suffering in silence.

Frankly, I think there stands to be a wickedly fascinating dialogue if Shiro and Black explore these issues through one another- or through Shiro uncovering Zarkon’s history through what Black shows him. If maybe Zarkon’s whole start down a dark path was that he was grieving, or hurt in some manner, and tried to keep it to himself.

Maybe Zarkon’s hatred of “weak” emotions is because he feels that they were something that betrayed him or left his guard down at a vulnerable moment.

Possibly, Shiro learning that maybe he really, really should check into just how much he’s keeping bottled with the realization that with the right pressure, he could go exactly the way Zarkon did. 

Soul of the Team (hc)

Headcannon that Lance is low-key connected with all of the Lions.

  • Started with Blue, but he talks about Hunk so often, Yellow joins in
  • Green is next when Lance shows concern about Pidge’s health to Blue and Yellow
    • Green gives Lance suggestions
    • They both plot together about how to get Pidge to eat and sleep more
  • Red likes to listen in on Lance complaining about Keith to Blue
    • At first, was worried about the hostility toward Keith in Lance’s tone
      • Lance learns that Keith and Red have more of a mother + son bond than others
        • Thinks it’s cute that Red calls Keith her cub
        • Takes notes of the other bonds
          • Blue + Lance: Besties/Sibs
          • Yellow + Hunk: Mutual Platonic Love
          • Green + Pidge: Proud Sibs
          • Black + Shiro: Respected Partner/Co-Leaders
      • Lance tells Red that he doesn’t know how to bond with Keith any other way except challenging him
        • Brings up the petty forgetting
          • “I remember the cradling, but wanted to get back at him for forgetting me when we met again after saving Shiro.”
        • It’s a pattern Lance doesn’t really know how to break
      • Red tells Lance that Keith also wants to be friends, but doesn’t know how
        • Hints at Keith’s lonely life
        • Lance doesn’t ask, but files it away for later
      • Leads to Lance bonding with Keith via training
        • Learns about hobbies they have in common
          • Reading
          • Sneaking
          • Fanboying over Shiro
      • Lance updates Blue and Red about his friendship progress with Keith like he does about Pidge’s health to Green
  • Black knows that Lance has bonded somewhat with all the Lions and calls for him on night through Blue
    • Lance is super nervous
      • Principal’s office kind of feeling.
    • Cue random confessions of things he and the other lions have done
    • Black lets him go on feeling fond
      • The feeling grows until Lance notices and cuts himself off and apologizes respectfully
    • Black thanks Lance for treating the Lions like family instead of just war machine
      • The other Paladins acknowledge the other Lions as sentient, but not in the same way Lance does as equals
        • More like family of your friends instead of more friends you can have
        • The other Paladins don’t even talk to Lions that aren’t their own partner
    • Lance confesses that he didn’t realize he was treating the Lions differently than the other Paladins
      • Ponders out loud if it was because of his large family
        • How his neighborhood was more like one big family who slept in different houses instead of separate families
      • Paladins are like his brothers and sisters, but the Lions are just as much a part of the family
    • Black mentions that the Blue Paladin is often the most welcoming with an open mind/heart/soul, but Lance is the first to extend it to more than just Blue.
    • Lance plays it down, he didn’t actively work towards it, he did it because it was normal to him.
    • Black points out that that was what Earthlings call “talent”
      • Maybe flashback to Lance’s mama saying “you bring people together and can’t leave the lonely alone. It is a beautiful thing that will take you many places and give you many many friends and families.”
    • Black says that Lance’s talent to make friends and build a family wherever he goes is rare, especially since the Galra.


Wanted this to eventually lead to Black Paladin Lance and go further into Lance’s realtionships with the other Lions, but the thought train ran out of steam. Wish I could make this into a cohesive fic instead of just an outline, but I’m hoping it inspires someone to write a fic. Send me the link if you do! :^D

Well, Shit. (A Voltron Fanfiction Chapter 9)

Hey guys! Here’s chapter 9! 10 is on the way I swear! Also there is some Spanish in this chapter, I’m pretty limited when it comes to Spanish so I’m sorry if I made some mistakes! (Special thanks to @ we-are-broken-from-the-inside who helped correct some of my mistakes! You’re the true MVP!) I did put translations in so don’t worry if you only speak English! Enjoy! 

Want to read from the beginning? Here you go!




Lance and the team get back into their routine but things don’t go well for the paladin in blue when in a routine sweep he runs into Prince Lotor’s fleet. 

Chapter 9: Well, Crap.

Eventually they did leave the planet of Kann, Lance thankful and disappointed. They had stayed the night in the palace because everyone got drunk on whatever they were drinking. It had no effect on the human paladins but Allura and Coran got pretty hammered as well. So they couldn’t just leave them all passed out in the middle of the grand palace so the paladins took turns to be on watch while the rest slept until the early morning.

Allura and Coran woke with headaches and grumpy attitudes but otherwise seemed coherent. So they said goodbye to the Noo and Goo and continued on to save the universe. They continued to help those who had their distress beacons on. That’s when it happened.

Again things went to crap a lot quicker than Lance had anticipated and he barely had time to react. Lance was doing a routine sweep of an area of space, like they normally do. Usually they split into three groups, two in each group and someone back on the ship. However both Hunk and Pidge needed to help with some maintenance on the Castle, leaving Lance, Keith and Shiro to split and do the sweep. Keith and Shiro discussed how to split up, the only way was to have two go in one direction and one to go alone in the other.

Lance offered to go by himself.

“Lance that could be really dangerous.” Shiro said, “Not that I doubt you but I’m not sure…” Shiro trailed off before being interrupted.

“Well if you’re so worried, I’ll take quadrant 41, it’s not nearly as dangerous so I’ll be fine. Plus that way you guys can handle everything in 42, since Galra seem to be everywhere. If you need back up you can let me know.” Lance said.

He couldn’t see Shiro or Keith since they were talking through the comms but he heard Shiro sigh.

“Alright. Keep in contact at all times.” Shiro said sternly.

“Yes, sir!” Lance said, even saluting although he knew Shiro he couldn’t see it.

So the lions split up, Keith going with Shiro and Lance going by himself in the other direction. He should have known it wouldn’t have been that easy.

For the most part the sweep was going well, aside from an asteroid that tried to knock Blue on her ass. Things were going smoothly and he was nearly done with it when an entire Galra fleet wormholed right in front of him. Lance recognized that ship anywhere. Lotor.

Lance moved fast, practically yelling into the comms.

“Prince Lotor is in Quadrant 41! I repeat Prince Lotor is in quadrant 41!” Lance shouted, dodging debris and flying as fast as he could but where would he go?

He couldn’t go back to the Castle, he wasn’t going to lead Lotor right to Allura which he knew that’s what he wanted. Maybe he could wait for the rest of the team to come to him. They could form Voltron, fend him off while Allura and the Castle got ready to wormhole.

He then realized that no one was replying, all he heard was static. Great. Really fucking great. Lance breathed, all he had to do what lead him away or lose him. Lance could do that. Right?

So Lance continued to run, like he was desperate to get back to the Castle and the fleet followed quickly behind.

Shiro and Keith had made it through their sweep and were heading back to the Castle when they heard something strange. The comms had made a loud shrieking noise and went completely dead. The sound almost blew out Shiro’s eardrum.

“Keith? Can you hear me?” Shiro asked insistently. After a moment of trying to get the connection back Keith answered.

“Yeah, but what the hell was that sound?” Keith asked sounding irritated and concerned.

“I-I don’t know.” Shiro had a thought, “Lance, LANCE! Come in!” Shiro insisted.

Nothing. Just static.

“Shit!” Keith said, trying his own comms, “Lance, buddy are you there?” Keith asked really worrying now. Nothing.

“Allura, can you hear me?” Shiro asked.

“Yes! What’s happening?” Allura asked, hearing the worry in Shiro’s voice.

“We can’t get in contact with Lance! He- the comms just cut out for a moment and when they came back we couldn’t- couldn’t hear him!” Shiro said, panic rising with each word. He wasn’t about to lose Lance after all of this, not a chance.

“Hold on, Hunk and Pidge are on their way to the lions, I’ll look for his signal and give you the coordinates.” Allura said, stoic.

There was a slight pause while Allura worked and Shiro grew more anxious with each silent beat.

“I-I found him but…” Allura sounded like she was choking, her voice very tight, “He’s surrounded by Galra forces. He’s surrounded by Lotor’s forces. They appeared out of nowhere! How did they find him?!” Allura questioned, her own panic rising in her voice.

“Allura! It’s alright, we’re all going to get him. Send me the coordinates we need to move fast.” Shiro said.

“Lance is here.” The coordinates appearing on the screen in front of Shiro, “But he’s moving quickly away from us, far away. He’s headed…” She gasped, “He’s headed right into an asteroid field. Lance is in grave danger, you must get to him before he enters it!” She insisted.

“Understood.” Shiro said as Pidge and Hunk emerged from the Castle the four of them moving quickly to save their friend.

Lance saw the asteroid field and he knew two things. One, that this was about to get really complicated. Two that Lotor didn’t have a chance of getting through this field. Lance didn’t have much of a chance either, but he didn’t have a choice. He was going to protect everyone for as long as he could. So he entered the field without a second thought.

He and Blue were flying together but it was getting easier to distinguish who was who. He felt himself inside her (not in the creepy way get your minds out of the gutter) and they were one but distinct from one another. Lance had a thought. It was something that was probably dangerous, Coran had come to talk to him about his bond, the dangers of it several days before.

“There are somethings you need to know my boy. Flying Blue through your bond is a very powerful and wonderful thing. However it is also very dangerous. Paladin and Lion become one, intermingling essences, quintessence and even their soul. It can be wonderful, flying is easier, you become better at forming Voltron but it is extremely dangerous melding minds like that. So don’t ever, ever go deeper than necessary or else there may be consequences.” Coran said.

And look what Lance was doing, going deeper. Sorry Coran, he thought to himself and the kind Altean. But otherwise there was nothing else he could do, he was not going to get captured again because that fucked him up enough the first time. He wasn’t going back to the Castle because Lotor would not get his hands on Allura as long as Lance was alive. So Lance sunk deeper and deeper into his bond until he was barely there and Blue’s body truly became his, not just her eyes, everything.

He thought the feeling would be different, more mechanical since in reality Blue was a robotic magic lion. But instead he felt the way she moved like muscles, she was completely alive and Lance realized now that this had only gotten stranger. However he ignored everything and focused on where he was flying. The fleet was following him quickly. But no one attacked him, he was sure that Lotor simply wanted to follow him so that the real battle can start when they got to the Castle. On some level Lotor must had known that Lance was leading him away and not to, but for whatever reason he followed Lance anyway.

So Lance flew right into the asteroid field, he had done this before but this field was made up of the blue crystals that had a tendency to explode. Yeah those ones. And they were closely packed together. The Blue lion was observant, knowing one false move would send not only the Galra fleet but the lion up in flames with it. So she flew quickly but carefully between the beautiful but dangerous crystals turning slightly to see if the fleet dared to follow. They did. Lance looked back, they were crazy but maybe this could work. He knew he didn’t have any other option, so he prayed to god that he’d somehow make it out alive. He moved in further, luring them in until they were closer to the field. Then he shot up, turning around and shooting the large crystal closest to Lotor’s fleet. The explosion was spectacular.

They flew as fast as they could, however each second was agony. Shiro saw the dot that was supposed to be Lance move its way into the asteroid field. Shiro sucked in a harsh breath and practically screamed when the dot disappeared completely. This could not be happening, there was no way.

Lance!” Shiro cried.

What?! What happened?!” Hunk asked, desperate.

“We just lost Lance’s signal, we need to hurry!” Shiro said voice cracking.

So they moved even quicker if that was possible and as they drew closer they saw the huge fleet. The ship so familiar and not in a good way and the asteroid field behind them, the blue and green crystals some in mid explosion. Lance flew into that. Lance was in that explosion. Lance.

Shiro’s rage blinded him for one second but that was all it took, wings sprouted from the back of his lion and he was destroying everything in sight literally cutting a path to Lance. Lotor’s ship moved out of the way, already taking damage from the explosions of the crystals, moving to flee. But at the moment Shiro nor the rest of the team cared, they cut and destroyed everything to get to Lance.  

Shiro looked everywhere for something, anything that even remotely looked like the Blue lion.

“There!” Keith shouted, drawing Shiro’s attention.

Floating above the asteroid field was the Blue Lion, unmoving and black on one side but mostly intact or at least he hoped.

Lance!” Hunk shouted.

The Red lion raced forward, being the quickest among them with Yellow following close behind. Between the two of them they were able to bring the Blue lion back. Shiro kept his attention on the Galra fleet, the explosions had done a number on them. But they weren’t here for the fight, ships and weapons too damaged. So he watched as they formed a wormhole and escaped leaving Voltron behind.

They contacted Allura, telling her their coordinates and the Castle wormholed there quickly. The Red and Yellow lions escorting Blue inside.

As soon as they landed everyone ran out of their lions, like they had when Lance was first back from capture, the events being all too similar. Why was it always Lance? Hadn’t he had enough? But they ran as fast as their feet could carry them but the mouth of the Blue lion would not open at first.

Blue!” Hunk shouted, “I know you’re hurt but we need to get to Lance! Please! Blue?” Hunk called.

Blue eyes glowed slightly, just barely and the mouth fell open before the eyes stopped glowing completely. Without the ramp they were focused to climb Blue in order to get inside. The inside of Blue was relatively unharmed, however sparks of electricity crackled and when they got to Lance they sighed a breath of relief for he too appeared unharmed but unconscious. Allura arrived inside with Coran following behind.

She pulled off Lance’s helmet. Revealing blood that painted the back of Lance’s helmet a vibrant shade of red.

“That’s a lot of blood.” Pidge stated in shock.

Allura looked pale, “It looks like a lot but thankfully it actually not all that much. However I’m more worried about his brain.” She took Lance’s face in both hands, “Lance! Lance can you hear me? I need you to open your eyes!” Allura commanded. As she called to him, Coran pressed a rag to the back of his head, stopping the bleeding.

Nothing happened at first but slowly Lance blinked, Allura held his face because he seemed to have no energy to hold up his own head. She was about to breathe a sigh of relief until she saw his eyes. They were glowing blue, an extremely vibrant shade of blue that she could see vividly through the crack of his eyelids.  

Coran.” Allura said, slightly panicked.

Coran stepped forward and swallowed hard at the sight.

“Oh no.” He whispered, taking Lance’s head with his own hands Allura stepping aside to let him.

“What’s happening?” Shiro demanded.

There was a long silence until Lance said something.

“Espera, estoy confundido. ¿Dónde estoy?” Lance said groggily, his voice did not sound like his.

“What?” Keith asked, he knew that was Spanish but he didn’t know how to speak it.

“He’s confused, he doesn’t know where he is.” Hunk stated, of course he knows Spanish, Keith thought.

Hunk stepped forward, patting Lance’s shoulder.

“ Hola, socio. Estás en el espacio, ¿Sabes quién eres?” Hunk said.

“What are you saying?” Shiro asked.

Hunk turned slightly, “I’m telling him that he’s in space, I’m asking if he know who he is.” Hunk stated.

Lance looked at Hunk and then away, shaking his head despite his injury as if he couldn’t feel the pain. Coran moved his hands from his face to support the back of Lance’s neck so Lance’s head flopped to the side.

No, estoy muy confundido. Estoy aqui y allá, ¿Qué está sucediendo?” Lance asked, voice very very soft.

Hunk looked a little shocked before he told the rest what Lance had said.

“He says he’s too confused. He says he’s here and there and asks what’s happening but I don’t know what that means.” Hunk said panic rising in his voice.

Coran shock his head, “Lance has gone too deep into his bond. He doesn’t know who he is because he went too deep.” Coran stated, “I tried to warn him-“

“What do you mean too deep?” Shiro asked.

“When you pilot your lions your bonds become, well there are levels. So bonding in order to see out of the eyes of a lion is rather simple in terms of how much of the lion you can use. I told Lance to never, under any circumstances to delve deeper into the bond to say, use Blue’s entire body as his own. Lance’s mind and Blue would become so entangled in one another that it is possible to get lost. It’s why his eyes look the way they do because Blue is in his body too. Here and there, he in his body and there in Blue’s body.” Coran stated.

“Wait, you’re saying that Lance and the Blue lion are literally both in Lance’s body right now and in this body?” Pidge questioned, pointing at the Blue lion they were standing in, growing pale.

“Not all of Blue just part of her in Lance’s body anyway.” Coran stated, “Right now they’re too close to distinguish who is who. But we can try to help Lance realize who he is. If we talk to him he might become aware of himself. Memories, things shared, things unique to Lance. We might be able to pull him out of it.” Coran said but his face was grim.

Hunk nodded, determined and began to speak Spanish to Lance.

“¿Recuerdas cuando nos conocimos? Yo era muy timido y tu demasiado extrovertido. Pero nos hicimos amigos enseguida porque me dijiste que debo temerle a todo. Soliamos robar comida de los cuarteles cuando tenía hambre. Solia decirte que no pelearas con otros chicos, pero igual lo hacias. ¿Lo recuerdas, Lance? Ahora defendemos el universo de chicos malos. Aún te metes en problemas aún cuando te digo que no. Lance, necesito que vuelvas conmigo, amigo.”

Do you remember when we first met? I was very shy and you were very outgoing. But we became friends right away because you told me that I shouldn’t be afraid of everything. We stole food from the barracks when I got hungry. I told you not to pick a fight with the other kids but you did anyway. Do you remember Lance? Now we defend the universe from bad guys. You still get into trouble even when I tell you not to. Lance I need you to come back to me, buddy.

The rest of the team had no idea what Hunk was saying, none of them fluent in Spanish. But the words seemed to affect Lance, slowly his eyes were growing dull, the glow dissipating until by the end of the speech Lance looked normal again. He blinked still confused.

Hunk?” Lance asked.

Hunk grabbed Lance in a hug that was crushing his lungs.

“LANCE!” Hunk shouted.

“Lance!” Everyone else shouted, laughing with relief.

Allura pushed her way passed Hunk and Coran examining Lance, seeing if he was concussed.

“Do you feel ill? Confused? What’s your name and who are you?” She asked, inspecting Lance’s eyes carefully.

He answered dutifully.

“No, yes, my name is Lance and I am the blue paladin of Voltron.” Lance said.

She nodded, staring a bit more before letting him go.

“I think you are concussed but only slightly. Half an hour in the healing pod and you should be as good as new!” The Princess said with a smile.

“Alright but while we have you here, what happened?” Shiro asked seriously, taking a knee in front of Lance so he could look at him carefully, watching his eyes.

“I-I was sweeping the quadrant and it was going well…” Lance took a moment to think, “And suddenly Lotor’s fleet came out of nowhere. They just wormholed right in front of me… I knew I couldn’t go to the Castle. He wanted Allura and wasn’t going to lead him right to her. So I ran. I tried to call for help but the… the comms were off. Nothing but static. So I lead them away…” He paused again, shaking his head trying to concentrate at the task but his head was so fuzzy, “The asteroid field was my only chance, so I went in but I had to go deeper in my bond with Blue. I know Coran warned me. I knew seeing through her eyes wasn’t enough. So I went just above the point where I disappeared completely, coming together right at the edge. We… we went into the field and the fleet followed me or us I don’t know. So I drew them in and flew up at the last second to aim at one of the crystals that was closest to the fleet. But the crystals were so close to one another and they all blew up and I… I was too close.” Lance admitted, “But for some reason, I hit my head and I… I slipped. I dipped too deep into Blue and I got lost. I couldn’t tell what was me and what was her. I was here in my body and in her eyes. I was everywhere and nowhere it was… really confusing. But I heard Hunk talking to me and I just followed his voice and I kind of came back to myself.” Lance said finally.

Shiro blinked, he wasn’t sure understood everything Lance had said but he was sure going to try.

“I want to know…” Allura began, “How Lotor found us.” Allura wondered.

Lance was shaking his head.

“No they didn’t find us they found me.” Lance said.

What?” Allura said shocked when she realized he was right, “But how?” She asked.

There was silence before Lance spoke.

The quintessence.” Lance said his eyes widening with realization. “Like how Zarkon could sense the black lion through their bond and quintessence. It must be…” Lance trailed off.

That… yes that’s quite possible.” Allura admitted.

Lance looked at the ground, looking tired and ashamed. Shiro put a hand on his knee, grabbing his attention.

“Hey, don’t worry about it for now.” Shiro said.

“No. We have to. If we don’t do anything then he’ll just keep coming and eventually he’ll be close enough to the Castle to get Allura and I am not letting that happen.” Lance said seriously.

Allura was a little shocked, not shocked about how Lance wouldn’t let anything happen to her but how sincere he was. She had not realized how much Lance had grown to care for her.

“Lance, I appreciate you trying to protect me but Shiro is-“ But she was cut off.

“NO! You do not understand what he is capable of, you think you know but you don’t!” Lance shouted, tears escaping his eyes, “I will NOT allow any of you to be captured or even interact with that guy! He’s sick and cruel and none of you need to experience that.” Lance said, softer now.

Honestly he wasn’t sure they were ready to know what exactly happened. He hadn’t remotely told them the details of his time of Lotor’s ship. They should know and it wasn’t that Lance wasn’t ready to confess, he wasn’t sure he wanted them to know. What would it do to them? Were they ready? But they needed to know to understand.

“He put needles in every patch of skin he could find, deep. Sometimes he would electrocute me, for hours. It was painful. But the quintessence was worse. It burned like fire in my body I would be in agony for hours, seizing and barely being able to breathe like being suspended in the moment before you die. He would enjoy my reactions. Somethings he did it for answers, which I never gave him although that made him more excited. But sometimes he came and did things to just get a reaction. Stab me to see me in pain, talk to me to confuse me, try to convince me to betray you, promising to end the pain. I never said anything but I admit I was tempted… but it wasn’t the pain that made me want to talk. The hallucinations. He knew I was having them. I’d see him first, sometimes he turned into other people like Shiro, or my mom or really anyone I knew. They’d tell me I was better off dead. They told me to give up. It’s hard to fight against your own mind when it’s trying to make you give up… I must have said something when I was delirious, so sometimes he could play the role of my hallucination and I would talk to him. I thought he was my mind but it was so hard to tell what was real and what was fake. Mostly I begged him to let me die, to let me go.” Lance said, he looked at the ground at that last bit, shame clear on his face.

“He didn’t and I don’t think he ever intended to let me die. He’s twisted and under no circumstances will any of you experience that, especially you Allura. What happened to me, I’m glad it happened to me and not to any of you. I wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy. So no, we will deal with this now even if that means I leave temporarily.” Lance said finally.

Everyone was still processing what he said but then they realized.

No you are not leaving, we will find another way Lance.” Shiro assured him.

Lance shook his head.

“Unless there’s a way to remove or… change the quintessence so he can’t track me, this is our only option for now.” Lance said with a smile to Shiro.

There was more silence but then Allura spoke.

“There might be a way.” She admitted quietly, but her face said she didn’t like the idea.

Really?” Lance said, surprised.

“Yes but it’s extremely dangerous.” Allura said.

“Wait, Princess, you can’t be referring…” Coran began with look on her face he had his answer, “Quiznack that’s… NO we can’t it is simply too dangerous!” Coran said outraged.

“Whatever it is let’s do it.” Lance said.

“You haven’t even-“ Allura began.

Doesn’t matter. I’m a part of this team and I don’t want to leave but you guys are important. Just tell me what I need to do.” Lance said.

There was an anxious silence while everyone looked from Lance to Allura.

She set her shoulders and took a breath.

“Well first you’ll need to die.” She said seriously.

Okay so I have this headcanon that the paladins are only able to communicate with their own lions, but all the lions can communicate with one another. This is totally normal because the only way to be able to communicate with the lions is if you’ve bonded with them and gained their trust (if you’ve read my non-food Hunk HCs you know where this is going).
Some of the paladins complain to Allura about having to explain what their lions have said to them because the ideas can be too complex for words, but Allura just says that Paladins have only ever been able to talk with their own lion, it’s impossible to communicate with another one.
It all starts with Hunk (my precious Hawaiian hunk). He earns Yellow’s complete trust by helping her with mechanical repairs. After seeing how much yellow trusts hunk and how good he is at mechanical repairs, the other lions start coming to Hunk for mechanical repairs and telling Yellow whats wrong with them. It starts out with minor things, like a loose screw or a dented panel, but slowly they all begin to trust him with bigger things. It isn’t odd for a lion to report to Yellow their damages so Yellow can tell Hunk. However there is still a layer of distrust. Only Yellow trusts Hunk enough to turn her off to do major repairs. Until one day in a really bad battle Red gets seriously damaged. Everyone is surprised when Red limps over to Hunk afterwards because she has always held back. But this time it is necessary. Hunk makes sure to ask Yellow to tell Red that he’ll have to turn her off to fix the damages. Red consents and all the lions watch as Hunk repairs her and powers her back up. When Red tells Yellow to give Hunk her thanks Hunk gasps in shock. He just heard her say thank you! All of a sudden he can hear all the lions talking to him! Allura is frozen in shock because it’s supposed to be impossible! Lance just says, it’s Hunk. If Hunk could defeat Zarkon with just his love and compassion he would. Hunk is totally blushing in the corner and slightly overwhelmed by all the lions thoughts spinning around his head because they feel so alien.
This leads to the other paladins making efforts to bond with the other lions.
Pidge is the next one to achieve it. I always wondered why pidge didn’t just invisibility to all the other lions but then I realized, the lions wouldn’t have trusted pidge to mess with their programming. Only Green would because 1. She can read pidge’s mind and 2. She’s curious by nature and loves experiments. The other lions are always very wary whenever they see pidge plus a piece of technology, and this wariness only grows every time they see an experiment gone wrong that results in pidge covered with soot and Green smoking. Finally after a while of seeing Pidge get better and better with the lions technology Blue finally caves and goes over to Green asking for some of the upgrades too. (Blue really likes showing off some of those upgrades are really cool) Pidge is ecstatic of course, but starts out with small things they know work so they don’t end up losing all of the lions trust. Next is Red, feeding off of the ‘rivalry’, aka Red/Keith is jealous and wants some cool gadgets too! Oddly enough, Yellow is the last one to go to Pidge because she feels as if she is betraying Hunk by having someone else work on her. After a conversation between Yellow, Green, and Hunk, they convince her that programming is very different from mechanics and while Hunk could probably do some coding upgrades, Pidge is the expert. Soon pidge starts doing more experimental things with the lions programming that are custom to each lion. Once again, it’s after a rough battle where one of pidge’s upgrades is the only reason they all got out of there alive that all the lions bond with Pidge. Pidge gasps at all the thoughts entering their head and because of this ability to communicate directly with lions Pidge is able to understand the base code of how Voltron works (something which was previously unknown). Also, now whenever pidge falls asleep in the hangar the lions will gather around them to protect them while they sleep (pidge definitely freaked out the first time they woke up to five gigantic lions staring at them, but now it’s where they prefer to sleep).
After Keith and Lance get together they can hear each other’s lions and it actually gives them the ability to mentally communicate with each other (Lance totally takes advantage of this and will think of dirty things just to see Keith blush).
Lance ends up bonding with all the lions first, something he will hold over Keith’s head forever. Once he learned that he could communicate with the other lions through blue he went and talked to them everyday. He asked them questions about themselves (something no one had thought to do, most people only thought of them as machines). He tells them about his family and earth, they tell him about how they were made and all the things they’ve seen. It’s a pretty smooth transition to Lance being able to hear all of them. He was just hanging out with the lions in the hangar one day asking them about some of the past paladins when all of a sudden they just respond directly to him. He almost doesn’t realize because he’s already so used to having Blue, Red, and Keith in his head. But then his mind is also filled with Hunk and Pidge trying to figure something out and he realizes that Yellow just spoke directly to him. He decides to gloat to Keith during a sparring match to try catch him off guard, Keith just punches him in the side saying, “I can hear all your thoughts you idiot, now stop leaving your side open.”
Keith feels awkward because he can’t befriend the lions like Lance can, he can’t fix any mechanic stuff like Hunk can, and he certainly can’t program like Pidge can. So he kinda just ignores it and trains. One day when talking with Shiro about it, because he hasn’t had any success either, Shiro suggest that keith try to train with the lions since he likes doing that so much. Keith decides to give it a shot and asks all the lions through Red if any of them want to train to prove their reaction time. He explains that with Red being the fastest it would be good practice to try work on speed and stuff. The lions are all hesitant at first, so Blue (who can already talk to Keith) volunteers to go first so the others can watch. Basically it starts out as a serious exercise but ends up devolving into a giant game of tag between Red and Blue. The other lions, realizing they won’t get hurt join in. Soon these giant games of tag become a fairly regular bonding exercise, with the paladins sitting inside their lions, but not steering, just focusing on seeing through their lions eyes. Keith and Red always start as it, but they are usually able to tag someone pretty quickly. One day they decide to switch it up and play a game of hide and seek. Keith finds Red and Blue first thanks to their bond, Yellow and Green hiding in the same spot, and finally manages to sneak up on Black, scaring her into a flashback of Shiros. Keith quickly uses his calming methods for Shiro on Black and is surprised when he hears her say thank you. All of a sudden every lions’ thoughts are flodding his head making sure Black is okay and “can you teach us that? Black has some of Shiro’s PTSD and knowing what to do when the paladins aren’t around would be helpful.” Keith teaches all the lions, and the connected paladins, different ways to calm people down and what do for a flashback vs sleepwalking vs a panic attack etc. This really helps because up until then none of the paladins had realized that parts of them were bleeding over into their Lions. Shiro is the last to bond. He’s trying so hard but he just can’t get them to trust him and Black won’t tell him why. The other paladins are getting concerned with how dejected Shiro looks after leaving the hangar and it only gets worse with each person who manages to bond with the Lions. The other paladins have to remember to speak out loud because shiro can’t hear their thoughts yet and it really impacts him. Finally they gather all the Lions up and talk with them. ‘what’s going on? Is it because he has a galra arm?’ The Lions are like, ‘umm no? Keith is half galra and we trust him’ (everyone’s kinda like oh yeah forgot about that, Keith may turn a bit purple at that) ‘so what is it??’ they ask, but for some reason the Lions seem to be really hesitant to answer? Like they’ve never seen their Lions like this? Finally Black answers, 'it’s because he doesn’t trust himself. I act on logic, not emotions, and logically Shiro is a good leader and worthy, however we can’t wholly trust someone who doesn’t trust himself and that makes our emotional bond weak.’ The paladins are all in shock because they knew shiro had some issues but they didn’t realize it was that bad. Initiate Operation: Make Space Dad Realize His Worth™ (yes Lance and pidge came up with it). At first shiro doesn’t get why the paladins keep complimenting him and telling him how much they appreciate him, but each night he goes to bed feeling a bit lighter. Lance comes up with the idea of having a space family therapy night because coming from a huge family he knows that it was always easier to deal with personal issues once you acknowledged them and told others so they could help/encourage you. Allura and Coran agree to join. They have it in the common room, Lance organizes everything and just asks that people come in their PJs (yes actual PJs Keith, don’t you dare come in you’re regular clothes, oh my quiznak just use some of mine!) When everyone walks in the room is transformed. There are mattresses and blankets and pillows on the ground. There’s tissues and comfort food within arm’s reach. Everyone sits down and the paladins leave their minds open so the Lions can hear and participate in the conversation. Lance goes first talking about how he’s homesick and how he fears he isn’t good enough and that will result in the others dying because he was just a cargo pilot after all. (Keith sends him a mental kiss and then hugs him) Pidge talks about their fear if never seeing their family again and how they feel like they’re wasting their time doing voltron stuff and then feels guilty about that because they know how important voltron is. Allura talks about how she misses her father and how she’s repeatedly woken up in a cold sweat thinking she killed everyone by flying them into the sun. Coran talks about how he is filled with regret for not trying harder to save more Alteans. He feels like he could have at least saved one more person but he was so focused on getting allura and the black Lion out of there he didn’t even try. He tells the story of landing the castle know everyone he loved was dead. Keith talks about how he’s scared about how he feels so much love for everyone in this room because he’s lost everyone he loves and he doesn’t want to lose them. Finally everyone turns to shiro. He hesitates to unload his worries on then because they all have their own problems, but thankfully with a bit of nudging from Black he opens up. About the flashbacks, the nightmares, the amnesia, the insomnia, and the PTSD. How he’s barely holding it together for the team because he knows they need him to be strong and fearless and how he just feels like he isn’t good enough. -Hunk goes last (so shiro doesn’t dwell on his own confession.) He talks about how he’s scared he’s never gonna go home, that the universe will always need voltron, and that the only way he’s gonna leave is by dying. They have a big groups hug and talk about how they can help each other and what works best for themselves. After they make a cuddle puddle with shiro in the middle and all it takes is him thinking, I can do right by these people, and all of a sudden all the paladins gasp. They can Feel and See and Hear everything. Their lions, each other, the castle, the universe around them. It takes almost 20 minutes for it to stop being painful and reach a bearable level but all of them realize we can do this. We can defeat Zarkon because we managed to take the most powerful weapon in the universe and make it even stronger. (Eventually allura and Coran bond with the Lions because they are sick and tired of the paladins thinking they told allura/Coran something but all they did was think it. )