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Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 4

In this episode, Y/N finally finds out what’s on top of her desk! How does she react? Does she cry? Or does she just accept what is happening! Stay tuned!

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You looked at the two small men on the desk, widening your eyes. There was one in a purple suit, leaning on a small cane. His hair was wild, pointing in in many directions. The other was coughing, holding a handkerchief to his mouth. You sighed, placing your hand on your head.

“More of you?” You mumbled, looking at them. The man with the cane frowned, pointing it at you.

“No need for that tone, miss.” He grumbled. You sat at your desk, looking at them.

“Sorry, I’m just dealing with these four, and now two more of you show up.” The other laughed, placing his cloth in his pocket.

“Please, do not compare us to those simple minds.”

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Jumping Bean

Originally posted by solo-harry


Late nights and baby firsts
Warnings: None

You were typing away like crazy, occasionally pulling at your hair when your brain seemed to stop working. You lost track of time so distracted to get this final report done for work even though you’re supposed to be on vacation

Harry turned into your shared bed and reached to pull you closer, but felt nothing but cold sheets. He got up sighing and wiped the sleep from his eyes as best as he could. Walking downstairs to your office he leaned against the door frame watching you for a second

“What the hell was I supposed to enter here” you mumbled to yourself on the verge of tears.

“Baby come back to bed” Harry said sleep still lingering in his voice, you ignored him trying to think

“Babe?” he said again “Come on you don’t need to get that done right now it’s 1 am and you can’t think straight when you’re tired” he tried convincing you

“Harry I’m almost done please let me finish” you said wiping a tear from your eye that seemed to escape

“No Y/N you’re coming to bed right now, you have time off for a reason and that’s to relax” he said closing your laptop

You sighed and turned your chair to him, looking up at him with bags under your eyes and looking more drained than ever

“I feel like crap and I can’t seem to focus on anything” you whined putting your face in your hands tears coming down your face again

“Hey pet no, no. Please don’t cry” He bent down to your level and moved your hands “How about this baby, you go up to our room and sit on the bed and let me do the rest” he wiped your tears and smiled caressing your jaw “Hmm? how does that sound I’ll treat ya a bit” He leaned in and stole a kiss

You smiled at your amazing fiancé “okay H only cause I’m too exhausted to argue and I know you won’t take no for an answer” you stood up with your hands on your growing bump

“How’s my little bean in there treating ya well?” he smiled softly, holding your hand and walking you up to the room

“Yeah she’s good no movement yet. She probably sleeps all the time like her father” you giggled.

Harry turned to you and put a hand on his heart acting hurt “well then I guess I’ll just have a new napping buddy when she comes” He sticks his tongue out at you playfully and you rolled your eyes, giggling

As you reached your room you went to your shared bed and sat down and Harry just stared at you admiring all your beautiful features

“What harry?” you blushed softly

“just can’t believe your mine and carrying my beautiful baby girl in there. you’re going to be the best damned mom out there and I know that for a fact” he walked over to you and kissed you softly, you instantly melted into his lips and kissed back, wrapping your arms around his neck playing with the ends of his hair. He pulled away softly causing you to whine and he pressed his forehead against yours

“I’m going to run a bath and put your favorite bath bomb in there to relieve all your tense muscles” he whispered giving your nose a quick peck

“Only if you join me Styles” You half way yelled as he walked into your shared bathroom and you were left sitting on the bed thinking about how lucky you were to have him and how much he cared about you.

Moments later he comes back with just a towel around his waist “Ready lovely?” he smirks

“Yes Mr. Styles” you smiled and stood up walking towards him. He grabbed your hand and led you into the front of the mirror so that you were facing it and he was standing behind you.

He looked at you in the mirror with his arms wrapped around your waist, starting to slowly and lovingly kissing your neck, you moaned softly and smiled

“Mmm H what are you doing ” you bit your lip

“Helping you relax” he whispered and slowly lifted your (his) shirt off of you, not wearing a bra because they were annoying at this point. You looked at yourself and put your arms to your chest to cover yourself.

“Hey hey don’t hide you are the most beautiful woman that I have ever laid eyes on. Let me see you beautiful” He smiled hopefully.

You dropped your arms and smiled shyly at him in the mirror “I’m so lucky to have you and so is little bean to have you as her father” you smiled, eyes prickling with tears cause your emotions were all over the place

He continued to help you get undressed and step into the bath water carefully so you wouldn’t slip and as soon as you sat down you felt the weight of the world come off your shoulders, you closed your eyes and inhaled deeply, smiling at the rose scent in your bathroom from your favorite bath bomb. Harry turned on some soft music and lit a couple of candles before he got in behind you.

“I love you so much Harry Edward Styles” you mumbled and leaned back into him “I love you too Y/N M/N soon to be Styles” he kissed the back of your head and put one of his hands on your bump rubbing softly

A few minutes later of comfortable silence you felt your insides pull one way and felt a tug, your eyes shot open

“HARRY!” you smiled excitedly “Y/N she kicked!” he exclaimed “Oh my gosh i felt her kick!” he smiled from ear to ear “Aw she loves her daddy” you giggled your eyes watering again at the sentimental moment

“I love her and you so much” he giggled tearing up also and kissing you intimately “Our beautiful little family” he whispered in the kiss as he caressed your face looking at you with love.

“As much as I’d want to celebrate this moment you look so tired my love so let’s get you and our now jumping bean to bed” he smiled helping you wash up and get ready for “bed” at what was then 3 in the morning. You both finished the night off stealing kisses and Harry talking and singing to his little bean until you both drifted off to sleep only to wake up and celebrate over little beans accomplishment.

A/N: Okay so this is my very first story… It’s kinda bad but tell me how you feel and how I can improve! I would like to thank @all-the-love-harold for giving me the confidence and support to start writing! Thank you all again give me ideas of you want more 😊

jeemyjamz  asked:

Loving the fics you've been putting out :D haven't done this in awhile but can I request a story where Betty, who has a crush on Jughead, babysits Jellybean and Jellybean tries to play matchmaker?

Cute! Let’s give it a go. I can’t of changed it a little, I can write it different if you’d like!

Tightening her ponytail and taking a deep breath , she raised a fist to knock on the jones trailer.

Jughead was her friend, one of the best friends she could ever ask for, so why was she so nervous to babysit his little sister?

Because you’re head over heels in love with him Betty Cooper, she thought bitterly.

She’d been in love with jughead since she was seven, she’d always pushed it down, choosing to spend her time pursuing the red headed boy next door who called her beautiful and she thought maybe she had a Chance with.

She never had a chance with jughead, he wasn’t interested in her, so she had been resigned to admire from afar.

Shaking her from her thoughts, jugheads dad opened the door smiling and holding a bouncing jellybean.

“Betty, thanks so much for coming last minute. with jugheads sprained wrist, I figured he might need a little help caring for this jumping bean.”

She reached out taking the baby from his arms

“No problem, I always love spending time with this adorable baby.”

Jughead came running out of his room at the sound of the beautiful blondes voice.

“Hey bets” he mumbled out

“Hey juggie,” she blushed

“Okay I’ll leave you two kids alone, you know where I’ll be if you need me.” Jugheads dad walked out the door kissing jellybean on the forehead on the way out.

Jughead threw himself on the couch patting the seat next to him with his good hand

“Come on bets, there’s an old episode of monk on, we can still catch it if we tune in now.”

She laughed at his excitement, that boy and his murder mysteries.

Resting the baby on her hip, she sat down and began playing with her.

Jughead stared at the scene in front of him.
Betty was so good with children, it came natural to her, nurturing and that ever present maternal instinct.

It was just one of the many things he loved about her.

That’s right, he was in love with Betty Cooper.

Had been since he was seven years old, but she had gone for Archie before he even had the chance to show her how he felt.

Suddenly he was staring directly into the green eyes of his best friend, her expression confused.

“Everything okay jug, you look a little sick?”

Yeah heart sick

“Yeah bets, im fine, just hungry” he shot her a wide smile.

She laughed “what else is new, come on let me put jellybean down and then I’ll cook up something for dinner.”

After the baby was resting in her playpen, Jughead followed Betty into the kitchen, watching her move around the cabinets gathering things to make.


Alright, enough is enough.

As Betty turned around, a shaker of cinnamon in hand, Jughead had pushed her against the counter and was standing nose to nose with her.

“Jughead” she breathed out

“Betty, I’m gonna kiss you. If you want me to stop just say stop.”

He moved closer, watching for any sign of hesitation. She just stood their closing her eyes.

He kissed her.

And it was perfect. It was everything she thought it would be. Everything she had bottled up over the last ten years, she put into that kiss.

He was gentle, and passionate and he made her feel like she was the best damn girl in the world.

Jughead felt butterflies, it felt like the first bite of a chocolate cake.

She was so beautiful, and her lips were so soft, he wanted her to know just how badly he had wanted her for so long.

Suddenly a sharp cry broke them out of their bubble.

Resting his head against hers, he smiled softly

“I’ll go get her.”

“Hmm” she hummed happily

Dropping his lips down to hers for one more kiss he laughed

“We’ll talk later.”

“Mhmm” she said drowsily leaning against the counter laughing.

Are You Gonna Marry Her?

Just a little something inspired by a post I saw about Jellybean meeting Betty and embarrassing Jughead!

Warning: mentions of steamy Bughead

“Hey, Juggie, where are you?” Betty spoke into her phone, leaning slightly to look out of the window, shifting her curtains with a delicate hand to get a better view of Archie’s house from where she stood. “You don’t exactly live that far,” she joked.

“Err, I’ll be right there,” Jughead replied, his voice a little off.

“Is everything ok?” 

“…yeah. Yeah, it’s fine. I just- I’m bringing a guest,” Jughead said cryptically. He sounded distracted, but Betty knew him well enough by now to know that there was something else underlying his wary tone. He sounded… amused?

“Well, ok. I’ll be here,” she chirped, hanging up the phone after his last promise that he’d be right over. They were supposed to be studying for a History test together. In reality, Betty had just returned from a cheer retreat and she hadn’t seen her boyfriend for over a week and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on him. She felt the tell-tale blush creep over her cheeks and spread out across her chest at the thought of Jughead’s lips on hers, on her neck, her collarbone, his hands slipping beneath her shirt…

She took a steadying breath. They hadn’t actually gone all the way yet. Jughead had confided in her about how he felt. He’d never really felt these kinds of feelings before, what he said he thought were typical teenage boy feelings had never made themselves known to him before he fell for Betty. But he still wasn’t sure what he was comfortable with, he’d told her while averting his eyes, a very out of place pink staining his cheeks while his fingers fiddled with the edge of her shirt peeking out from beneath her pale blue sweater. She’d cupped his face, waiting for him to look at her in the eyes before speaking, telling him that it was ok, that it was all ok. He could feel however he wanted and that was normal, they didn’t have to rush anything or push harder than he wanted. She was here for him, whatever he needed. He’d taken a breath, his shoulders relaxing visibly, before leaning in for a lingering kiss. She knew him now, all of him.

She was surprised, since their talk, at the fervour that slipped into their physical relationship. It was almost as if, Jughead had once told her, he hadn’t really known how to breathe before he’d found her. That every touch of her skin against his lit up a fire within him that he wasn’t aware was waiting to be sparked. He craved it. 

Just before she’d had to leave last week she found herself on her bed, seated in his lap as his hands wrestled desperately with the clasp at the back of her bra. 

“Who designs these things, NASA?” he griped, still failing to undo the tricky hooks while deflecting his teenage embarrassment. She laughed with a glint in her eye and reached round to help him, undoing it with one hand. “Showoff.”

All snarky humour vanished, though, as the offending material fell between them, leaving Betty’s chest bare before him for the first time. He gulped, moving his eyes down slightly, still feeling like he was witnessing something forbidden. 

“Is this ok?” she’d asked, and his chest tightened at her concern. Even here, laid vulnerable before him she was still worried if she had taken things too far for him. He shook his head. He wanted her to know how much he wanted her. He brought up a shaky hand to gently cup the soft mound, running his thumb experimentally across the dark pink peak. Betty’s head fell back, her mouth falling open to let out a deep moan that had all the blood in Jughead’s body rushing south, creating a feeling he wasn’t used to but was certainly coming to like. He gripped the back of her neck and pulled her mouth to his, tongue exploring along with his hands in desperation, willing her to be closer to him. Her hips ground down on his and he could have sworn he was a goner.

The sound of a car horn outside pulled them apart, chests heaving, which Jughead definitely didn’t mind in that moment, as they tried to catch their breath. Betty covered her chest modestly as she leaned to look out her window.

“It’s Veronica, I’ve got to go,” she breathed. Jughead groaned, letting his head fall against her collarbone. “To be continued,” she’d promised, biting her lip teasingly.

And that’s what she’d been hoping for now, the memory allowing an anticipatory tingle to settle in the pit of her stomach. Which is why it was concerning her that Jughead was so late. She’d even told him they’d have the house to themselves this afternoon. 

Betty was bought out of her daydream by a dark figure making its way out of Archie’s house and across the street… two dark figures. She squinted to get a better look, noticing the way Jughead turned back, grabbing the little girl’s hand before they crossed the street. 

“Hey, Juggie,” Betty said, questioningly, after answering the door. “Who’s this?” He gave her an apologetic look.

“Hey, Betts. This is my sister, Jellybean. Jellybean, this is Betty.” The little girl turned to him with an annoyed look. 

“I already told you, it’s JB now.” She turned to Betty. “He never listens to me,” she snarked, rolling her eyes in an adorably grown-up way. Betty chuckled, eyes flicking between the two.

“Hi, JB. I didn’t know you’d be visiting,” Betty said, her sunshine smile lighting up her face. 

“Yeah, well mom had to go to a class out of town and I told her it had been forever since I’d seen Juggie so she dropped me off on her way,” the little girl grinned up at her big brother, revealing a missing tooth.

“That’s so sweet. Why don’t you come in? There’re snacks in my room, we were just going to study but I wouldn’t want to take away your time with Jughead,” Betty said graciously, motioning up the stairs. 

“That’s ok, I have some homework to do too,” Jellybean replied, heading straight for the stairs. Betty chuckled as she watched the confident girl go. 

“I’m sorry, Betts, I know it was supposed to be our time but when mom phoned-” Betty silenced him with a long awaited kiss. He melted in front of her.

“It’s ok, Jugs. We’ll have all the time in the world later. She’s family.” Betty turned to follow Jellybean up the stairs and dig out the History books she didn’t know she’d actually have to use today. Jughead stared after her with an awed smile. She was perfect. 

He found them in Betty’s room, Jellybean peering around in wonderment, nosing through Betty’s dressing table. 

“I like your room, I wish mine was as nice as this,” she said, longing coating her voice.

“Well maybe Jug and I could take a trip to come and see you soon and we could help you decorate. How does that sound? I’ll even bring some of the things I don’t need anymore, I’m sure I’ve got a spare set of twinkle lights lying around somewhere,” Betty smiled, giving the girl her full and genuine attention.

“Oh, could you, Juggie? That’d be just the best!” JB turned to look at him, hope shining in her eyes, fingers clutching at Betty’s soft pink duvet. He smirked, shaking his head slightly at the pair before him.

“Sure, JB. We could do that,” he replied, heart swelling with pride for his beautiful girlfriend, gazing back at him with the prettiest smile he’d ever seen. 

The day passed peacefully among the three of them, an afternoon of studying, snacks and a few movies when they grew tired of work. Eventually, Jellybean’s eyes started to drift closed and Jughead tapped her gently to rouse her.

“Time to go, jumping bean,” he murmured as she stirred, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and going to find her shoes. Jughead and Betty followed her down the stairs where they stood, facing each other, in front of the door. 

“I had a lovely day,” Betty murmured bashfully, looking up at him from beneath her thick lashes. He slipped his hand around her waist and pulled her in for a kiss, leaving behind the promise of their continuation against her lips. 

“Me too,” he mumbled. Jellybean cleared her throat when they hadn’t broken their gaze for a moment or two. Jughead dropped his hands from her. “Night, Betts.” 

“Goodnight, Betty!” Jellybean called as they descended the steps to the Cooper house. 

“Night, JB!”

“I like her, she’s nice,” Betty heard Jellybean tell Jughead as they stood waiting to cross the street. Jughead laughed. 

“Yeah, she’s pretty great.”

“Are you going to marry her?” Jellybean asked suddenly, a little too loudly in the quiet night air.

“Jellybean!” Jughead shouted, turning back to look at where Betty could still hear them from the porch, his eyes wide and cheeks red. Betty couldn’t help but let out a laugh, louder and purer than she had in a long time. Jughead watched her, all golden and bathed in light and couldn’t help but laugh through his embarrassment. Yeah, he though, I think I might. 

3 -- for the Kent Parson Birthday Bash

“Nobody is know,” said Alexei. They were having Thai food before he left for Providence after spending a week in Las Vegas. “I’m sure. Everyone think I’m the man on your instagram – why you put those, anyway?”

“Well –” Kent flushed. Alexei was referencing some particularly ravishing photos of Jeff’s mostly naked body. “He looked good. I couldn’t help it. You saw that ass, obviously.” He took a bite of his pad kee mao. Alexei had green curry, but it was almost gone.

Alexei laughed. He had such a nice, warm laugh that Kent couldn’t help but smile in response to it. Alexei ruffled Kent’s hair a little. “Yeah, okay,” he said. “My abs better, but if people have to think I look like someone else naked, is not a bad choice. He looks good.” He swirled some of Kent’s noodles around a fork, stealing a bite.

Kent laughed. “I should put you both on there, keep people guessing.”

Alexei raised a brow. “What, not enough drama for you in last year?”

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Space babyyyyy prt 2

“Fuckin- he’s a fuckin baby whisperer.” Keith exclaimed. “I mean! Like??? Fuckin shes jumping around like a goddamned garbanzo bean but he just picks her up and boom. She’s quiet.”
“Keith-” Shiro put a hand ontop of keiths shoulder.
“Like wtf, how come he hadn’t told us? I always thought he’d be friggin horrible with small children.”
“There’s more to our blue paladin than meets the eye.” Coran twirled his mustache as he spoke.
“Where is Lance?” Asked Allura looking around.
“He’s putting Annaleise down.”
Allura looked at Keith in horror. “He’s killing her?!”
“What- no! He’s putting her to sleep!”
“But isn’t putting something down-”
“Not exclusively Allura. Not anymore.”
Pidge snorted as Shiro explained. “Lance the baby whisperer, it suits him I think.”
“I second that.” Hunk smiled. “Speak of the devil.”
“Hey guys, whatcha talkin’ bout?” Lance smiled.
“You being a fuckin baby whisperer.” Keith muttered.
“Oh cool,” Lance leaned against the counter. “I’m gonna take the bean to the space mall tomorrow. Get her some toys and stuff.”
“With what money Lance?” Shiro questioned.
“I have my ways of acquiring money. We’ve been on this planet for awhile now.”
“Aw Lance, you’re gonna pamper the shit out of her aren’t you?”
“Obviously, what else am I supposed to do.”
“Well you little shit, if you think I’m gonna let you do all the spoiling you’re wrong.” Pidge smiled.
“I’m gonna head to bed. She likes to get up early and doesn’t sleep the whole night usually so night guys.” He waved to them before leaving.
“Actual dad Lance Mcclain.” Pidge smiled and hunk nodded.
“You’ve no idea.”

Early the next morning Leise awoke, cuddling into Lances side.
“Lan…” she mumbled, hugging him.
“Goodmorning Baby girl, how’d you sleep?” He yawned, kissing her head.
“I slept good.” She spoke in her adorable voice, still filled with sleep.
“Are you hungry?” He asked, Leise nodding in response.
He picked her up, carrying her into the kitchen. No one else was up besides Allura and Coran. He sat or attempted to sit her down nect to Coran but she wouldn’t let go of his shirt. So he made breakfast with his little Alien ‘daughter’ falling asleep on his shoulder. By the time he’d finished making food, Liese was asleep on his shoulder, her small mouth open and drooling. The strap on her purple nightgown falling off her lavender skin. He gently moved the strap up.
The next person to wake up was Shiro, the minute he open his mouth Lance hushed him, next pointing at Leise.
“I’ll be quiet.” He said softly and Lance nodded.
Keith and Hunk were next, Lance did the same to them.
“How long as she been asleep?” Hunk asked.
“Thirty minutes.”
“Woah dude.”
Lance nodded. “Yeah. She fell asleep while I was making breakfast.”
“When are you two leaving?”
“Probably around one, Be back by fiveish.”
Leise stirred and Lance instinctly rubbed the childs back. She opened her eyes and yawned.
“Lan..” She whined.
“What is it small one?”
“’M hungy.”
“Ready for breakfast?” Leise nodded he reheated the bowl and sat at the table, bouncing Leise slightly as she ate.

Soon one came and the two left the castle.
“Lan! Lan! Les go into dat one!” She giggled, leaning towards the toy store. Lance obliged and walked into the store, letting her pick out any two toys she wanted.
The day went past quickly, it was almost six by the time they made it back to the castle. He set the young girl down. “Go show pidge your new toys okay?”
Leise nodded and smiled. “Pid pid!” Liese padded down the hall.
“Keith was right. You really are good with kids.” Shiro’s voice sounded from behind him.
“I mean I wouldn’t it’s anything special. Just average really.”
“No, no, you’re good with her Lance. Really good with her.”
“I guess.” He shrugged again and sat down. “You mind if she sleeps with you tonight? I don’t feel good, in case I have something I don’t want to give it to her.”
“Yeah…no problem. You do look kinda pale, you should probably go to sleep early tonight.” Shiro raised an eyebrow at Lance, who’s eyes were already closed. Lance only nodded.

Sooooo here ist part two. I’m probs gon make some langst cuz i need it. Siiiick lanceeeeeee. Annnnyway, that is if I make prt 3?l, whatcha think??

Make Me Yours CH.2 IT’s Him (PennywiseXReader)

(Your P.O.V)

I woke up the next day to the sound of my mother making lunch, with tired eyes I look over to my watch; 12:45, great. I took my time getting up and just put on a pair of pants, ‘cause come on; sleeping in your underwear with a loose shirt and no bra on is amazing. Walking down the steps I caught my mother just in time before she walked out.

“Hey there sleepy beauty, are you feeling okay after last night?” she told me with a playful tone. I was a bit confused what she was talking about but a small flashback mad me remember, “Uhhh…yeah, I’m feeling a bit better but I need a bit more sleep, i’m feeling really exhausted.”

Looking at the counter I saw her purse next to a lunchbox.  "I  thought you didn’t work today mom.“ I said in confusion. "I didn’t think so either, but I got called in to the hospital because Annette had a few more to drink last night. So I’m taking her shift for today and tomorrow.” “Wow, seriously?” “Yeah, but I’m getting paid extra because of this, so that’s a good thing, right?”

She kisses my forehead and starts walking towards the front door, “There’s some leftovers in the fridge okay? I’ll be working late tonight, your father is at work and your brothers are out with friends and some girls, but just let them know, okay? Love you!” “Yeah, mom. I will, I love you too!”

Once she closed the front door, I opened the fridge to get myself a cold water before returning to my bedroom. I close the door behind me and I sit of the edge of my bed, taking a sip of my water I lay back on my bed. My conscious speaks to me, “So are you really going to ignore the fact that you just witnessed a fucking murder? What if the cops stop by again?! What if the murderer followed you home and knows where you live?! You know you saw those fucking eyes last night, those fiery yellow eyes looking dead at you with hunger. God knows what might happen next.”

I can’t let all this crazy shit continue running through my head, With my father at work, and my brothers probably out and about fucking around with friends I had the house to myself. So much, but so little can go wrong at the same time. Next thing I know, I see a dark tall figure at the corner of my right eye in my closet behind a curtain, I freeze when I saw those same fiery eyes.

(Pennywise’s P.O.V)

I haven’t been able to sleep for the rest of the night, my curiosity has me pacing back and forth in my lair thinking about that young woman. This has been nonstop ever since I laid my eyes on her hours ago, I looked up at the roof of my lair seeing that it was broad daylight, “She must be awake by now. The sooner the better.”

I teleport to the young woman’s front door, just as I was about to knock an adult woman opens the door and makes her way past me. Luckily, adults are not able to see me; but there she was, I was able to catch a glimpse of her before the adult closed the door. “Might as well just pop up in her closet and observe her for a minute so I can figure out a way to approach her.”  

I teleport to her closet, needles to say but nothing happens to cover it up but a black curtain. I stand there quietly waiting for her to come in, sure things enough she comes in and sits on her bed. Not only her beauty bothers me but her appearance itself makes me feel a bit intimidated and flustered.

She lays back on her bed and I caught a slight glimpse of her soft piquant stomach, curvy robust shaped body, looking up to her long soft neck with a small luscious vein popping out a long the side of it, I couldn’t help but I became licentious and indecent by just looking at her; her succulent looks make my appetite for her more anxious and to my surprise, more degrading, more……perverted.

I continue to look at her making my way to her beautiful e/c eyes, which surprised me, She was looking straight at me, “Oh shit.”

(Your own P.O.V)

I froze in fear,knowing those were the same eyes I saw last knight. IT’s him (LOL get it?). He found me, he probably slipped into my bedroom while I was downstairs or something. Whatever or whoever this is, is here to get rid of witnesses. Next thing you know, he steps out of the closet, I jump out of my bed and crawl backwards into a corner next to my bean bag chair, thinking he might jump at me, but instead he speaks to me in a calm and professional tone.

“Hey there, I didn’t mean to scare you. You were the girl back by the sewers weren’t you? Last night? You probably heard the screaming little boy, that was my fault…” As he keeps talking to me, I observe him, tall, lean and…..funny looking? This is the wild killer I saw last night? A FUCKING CLOWN?

Starring in complete awe, I couldn’t help but giggle a little. “… then I decide to come see you and you’re laughing at the thought that i’m a clown aren’t you?” I snap out of my thoughts and try to keep a straight face, “Wait, so you did the killing? The little boy? You were the glowing yellow eyes I saw last night? but your eyes are blue.”

I start to stand up from my corner and sits in my bean bag chair.“Yeah, my eyes glow yellow whenever I’m hungry, whether it’s food or any other hunger.” I blush at the thought of his other hungers. “Right, so uhh… you got a name?” “I’m Pennywise the Dancing Clown.” He gives me a creepy smile showing off his bucktooth front teeth and drool coming out of his mouth. Hearing his name and the jingles from him made me snicker even more.

“You’re not afraid of me?”  "In all honesty no… first off; our name really got me. I mean PENNYWISE? You couldn’t be named QUARTERWISE? Not something scary like Agramon? Or Aulock? or maybe….“ Before I can finish my sentence I hard a growl coming from him, within a blink of an eye he grabbed me by the throat and pinned me down on my bed. His eyes glowed a fiery reddish yellow. In that moment I knew I fucked up.

"HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME THAT WAY HUMAN!! Do you not know all the pain and fear I can cause you? You’re nothing but a meal worm to this bird’s eye. I can cause as much pain….” As he continues to ramble on about his threat, surprisingly enough his threat did not scare me.

Being pinned down by his amazingly large hands and the smell of blood from his breath caused a bit of an arousal out of me. The smell of sewage rots my nose but has been over powered by the smell of carnival food. My stomach growls with hunger like never before. He happens to notice because he stopped in the middle of his sentence  and starred at me with big googly eyes. He bends over closer to my neck, taking in a deep sniff.

“Are you really not afraid of me?” Sill pinned under his grasp, I nodded 'no.’ He releases his grasp, eyes faded back to his diamond blue eyes; He takes a couple steps back and sits in the chair in a face of awe. I sat up and just starred at him, who knows what he might be thinking, I think I broke him. “I haven’t gotten your name yet.” “f/n,  f/n l/n….”  "F/n… beautiful.“

CH. NOTE: I have included many IT Easter eggs throughout the duration of this series. Name them and whoever gets them correct will get featured in my following chapter.

HINT: Pay attention to names included in the chapter, define them. Good Luck.​​​​​​​

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I really hope you two aren't overwhelmed with ask right now! Can I please ask how the nordics would react when they realize their s/o is the one? Ya know...THE ONE

We always have quite a few asks (at least 15, but we keep em coming!) But we don’t mind! It means you guys love us ;)! Anyway, enjoy! And feel free to ask again!~ Admin Jay and Sarah

Norway: “Huh?…Really?…”
Lukas would be a bit shocked at the thought of having his s/o be the one…Lukas would be more shocked by the fact that someone broke through his walls, and put up with his moody moments. Nonetheless, he would feel his heart skip a beat as he looks at his s/o with a soft smile. He can’t wait to have them be his s/o forever…

Iceland: “H-hey…I did it..!”
Emil, believe it or not, is very sensitive and often very emotional, also the youngest out of his group of brothers, so when he realized he had found the one, he would be shocked yet so proud of himself. He wouldn’t feel like the baby anymore (though his brothers would quickly remind him that he is in fact still the baby). As soon as he realized his s/o was the one, Emil wouldn’t let them go.

Finland: *happy noises* “I can’t believe it!”
One word: ecstatic. Tino would be so happy to know he’s found the one! He would hardly be able to control himself as he jumps up and down in joy, a bright smile on his face, though, as soon as he could, Tino would want to marry his s/o, so they can officially be his one and only.

  Sweden: “….Me?…”
Berwald is very used to people being scared of him, not liking him, ect. So when he found the one it would be…shocking. His heart would begin to beat faster and after a moment a very small smile would cross his lips; only for a second though. In the end, Berwald would want to marry his s/o as soon as possible…It would be reassuring for him to know he won’t end up alone after all. 

Denmark: “Where have you been?! I must have been looking in the wrong spot!”
Matthias would be so happy! He would be bouncing around like a jumping bean as he hugs his s/o tightly and smiles bigger than ever. Matthias is the prince in the saying “go find your prince charming, the idiot is probably stuck in a tree.” With that in mind, the fact he actually found the one would give him so much joy for the rest of his life, especially since he could show them off to everyone else to prove them wrong!

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Title: Never Give Up

Character: Erastus “Deaf” Smith

TV: Texas Rising

Warnings: None!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

The past couple of years had been difficult for the Deaf and his wife, Y/N. Her especially.

Many tears had been shed, many nights of Deaf holding her closely to him, rubbing her back and soothing her sadness when they found out that she wasn’t pregnant.

Y/N felt broken. She felt as though she wasn’t good enough. No matter how many times they laid together, she never could get pregnant.

Deaf had felt that he was failing as a husband in some ways. He knew that Y/N desperately wanted a family with him and he wanted that with her, but something always seemed to come up and he couldn’t focus solely on Y/N.

Right now was one of those moments. He was being called away on a mission with The Rangers and Y/N stood by the dinner table, biting her bottom lip.

“How long will you be gone?” she asked, her voice thick with emotion.

Deaf went to her, sweeping some loose strands of hair behind her ears, “I don’t know, Sweetheart, but I promise to stop by when given the chance,”

The tears that pooled in her eyes broke him.

She rolled her lips and blinked, sending wet trails down her cheeks, “Just… just promise to c-come back to me?”

Cupping her cheeks and wiping away the tears, Deaf leaned down and gently laid his lips over hers, unmoving.

The peck was soft, making Y/N cry even harder.

He could sense that she had been more tearful as of lately, but he figured it was because of her monthly.

“Shhh, you know I’ll come back, Sweetheart,” he soothed, resting his head on top of hers.

She sniffled, gripping his arms.

Deaf pulled back, his brows pinched, “Y/N…”

She shook her head and took a deep breath. Standing on her tiptoes, Y/N pulled Deaf’s head down to give him one last kiss goodbye.

“I love you, Erastus,” she whispered into the kiss.

Damnit, he really didn’t want to leave her.

“I love you, too, Darlin’.”

He kissed his way from her lips to her cheek, where he squished her to his body in a crushing hug.

Backing away and going to the door, he looked back one last time at his beautiful wife and silently hoped that he’d make it back in one piece.
Deaf laid on the ground, staring up at the stars that were becoming visible. He was tired, worn down and wanting to go home to be with his wife.

They’d finished their mission, but it was too late into the night to travel any further.

The thunder of a galloping horse nearing the camp, had the Texas Rangers on high alert.

They gathered their weapons, ready for what was approaching.

The rider was male and young of age. Appearing to be out of breath, he scanned the small group before speaking with his hands.

Deaf watched, his eyes widening when the boy finished.

“What did he say, Deaf?” Beans asked, adjusting his gun.

Deaf had his eyes on the kid, not hearing his fellow friend.

Beans tapped Deaf’s arm, making him jump.


“What did he say?” Beans asked again.

“It’s Y/N… she’s sick,”

What felt like a giant lead ball l fell into his gut making him nauseous.

His fellow friends all urged him to follow the boy back to his home. Doing so, Deaf gathered his stuff and mounted his horse, the rested animal taking off in a gallop.
The faint glow of candles lit up their bedroom. Deaf quickly jumped off the horse, letting the boy take the reigns as he ran into the house.

Deaf could feel the vibrations of his heavy footsteps as he neared the bedroom.

Slowly, he opened the door and peered in. Y/N lay on the bed, a light, crisp sheet covering her.

Quietly walking in, Deaf removed his hat, his nervous hands playing with the brim of it.

The closer he got to Y/N, the more pale she looked with dark circles shadowing her normally bright eyes.

He carefully sat next to her on the bed and bowed his head as he tried to keep his spirits positive.

Deaf looked up when he felt her warm hand on his forearm.


To his damaged ears, her voice sounded faint and weak.

He shushed her, leaning over to run his fingers through her hair.

“Keep your strength, Darlin’.” he said, lightly kissing her lips.

“I’m fine, Erastus, I promise.” she reassured, but from her looks, it had him more than worried.

“Has Doc Kline been by yet?” he asked.

Y/N nodded and held up her arms, “Help me up, please?”

“Yes Ma'am,” Deaf whispered.

Gently, he propped Y/N up and pulled the sheet up to her waist.

“What did the Doc say Y/N?”

She lifted her hand, covering her mouth as she yawned, then tried to blink the tiredness from her vision.

“Y/N? C'mon Darlin’, you’re scarin’ me,” Deaf pleaded.

“I’m pregnant,” Y/N whispered, a small smile on her lips.

Deaf just stared at his wife, not comprehending what she had said.

“Come again?”

Lifting her hands, she slowly signed that she was carrying his child.

Tears blurred his vision as relief hit him like a sack of rocks.

“Really?” he asked, coming closer to her.

When he cupped her cheeks, she leaned into his touch and sighed happily, “Really, honestly and truly,”

After trying for so long, their wish to become parents had finally come true.

Deaf wanted to run around the house and shout out to anyone willing to listen that he was going to be a Dad.

Tilting her head up, Deaf lowered his lips to Y/N’s and kissed the very breath from her.

She giggled as he got down on his knees, his head at the perfect height with her stomach.

Deaf laid his forehead on the small bump forming in her stomach. He even went as far as kissing the bump and speaking to it, even though he knew that it wouldn’t understand him.

When Y/N’s fingers ran through his hair, he looked up at her and smiled, “I love you Darlin’. The both of you,”

Smiling down at him, she softly said, “We love you too, Honey.”