hes a hot doggy

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Bakugou nsfw hc for sinday? Love you and your blog 😘

  • Bakugou has to be an ass man
    • He likes an ass he can smack and pinch at when his s/o walks by 
    • That shit should bounce back and ripple when he hits it. He thinks that shit is fucking hot as hell. 
  • Doggy style is one of his top five positions
    • He loves watching his s/o’s ass shake when his hips smack against them

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It's not part of the meme but mehh do you have any other sarumi headcanons? ^^ idk I really like ur other ones...*_* so awesome <3

Hey! I’m glad you like my other headcannons XD! Thank you!

Not sure what kind of headcannons you like so I will put down a few fluffs and angsts and NSFW etc.


  • Saruhiko doesn’t really know how to do houseworks properly. I mean he knows the basics when he lived in the S4 dorm by himself and sure because of his damn parents. However one time when he did the washings because Misaki got called in for work, he put both white and colours together and bought front-loader washing powder for their top loader washing machine and forgot to turn on the hot water supply. When Misaki came home and took out the washings it was a disaster with red-stains on Saruhiko’s white work shirts (from his Homra T-shirt) and black fur balls everywhere from Saruhiko’s furry jacket (which is supposed to be handwashed/dry cleaned). At the end Misaki had to redo the whole thing again and Saruhiko was just secretly watching him around the corner LOL …
  • Saruhiko’s PDA alarm setting: 6:00am for work
    Misaki’s PDA alarm setting: 6:00am, 6:05am, 6:15am, 6:30am, etcetcetc for work.
    Saruhiko mostly wakes up 5 minutes before the alarm rings or just wakes up when it rings. But Misaki usually puts it on ultimate snooze and Saruhiko gets super annoyed by those alarms and he will forcefully wake Misaki up (with kisses and tickles and pinching and harassing you-know-where-XD) after he gets ready.
  • Both of them are really weak with alcohol, but Misaki pretends he’s fine. Misaki is a loud drunk fiery ball like he won’t stop shouting/talking/laughing/moving his body around and it gets a bit stupid sometimes. Saruhiko is quiet usually when he’s a bit drunk he will just fall asleep. Therefore whenever there is workplace dinner/Homra party etc Saruhiko will secretly swap his soda with Misaki’s “adult soda” so Misaki won’t get drunk. When Saruhiko eventually gets drunk Misaki will have to take him home (and then Saruhiko can cling onto Misaki whole night XD)
  • “Fuck you asshole” “Shut your face virgin” are probably how they say “I love you” “I miss you” because tsundere dorks never learn.
  • Saruhiko is not a dessert person. But every two days after work he will buy crepes/donuts/puddings home as an after-dinner treat for thank Misaki for all the hard work but pretend that “they’re on special”.
  • Misaki loves Saruhiko’s fluffy sweaters etc. When Saruhiko’s not home he will put them on while snuggling on the coach watching TV/play games. Saruhiko knows about it tho because it will smell like Misaki.
  • They put each other as “emergency contact” and “first of kin” but never tell each other. Saruhiko secretly bought insurance for Misaki and put his family as the kin so just in case anything happened to them Misaki’s family at least be looked after.
  • Saruhiko brings his lunchbox to work everyday and the alphabet boys will get super jealous on how good the lunchbox tastes. One time Domyouji asked if he could taste the veggies since Saruhiko doesn’t like veggies anyway but Saruhiko replied with a tongue click “Tsk. That’s my food.” and ate his veggies (because MISAKI COOKED FOR HIM EVEN HE HAS TO SUFFER LOL).
  • Sometimes when they can’t sleep at night they go to 24hr game centre to play a few games like the past and buy ice blocks on their way back. Then Misaki starts talking about their middle school and Saruhiko will tease him for not growing since then XD.


  • Saruhiko still feels guilty when he sees the scar on Misaki’s arm because he threw a dagger at Misaki and stop it from healing with the red aura.
  • Misaki hates Saruhiko’s hair style. Whenever Saruhiko gets home he’d ask him to go to shower. His new hair style reminds him of asshole Niki, and how Saruhiko behaves like Niki when they were fighting. He doesn’t want Saruhiko to live under his shadow. He prefers Saruhiko’s hair down so Misaki remembers him as the middle-school Saruhiko, his best friend.
  • Saruhiko is not a deep sleeper. He is still afraid of dreaming. He avoids having dreams because most of time he recalls the scene in the dark alley, and also Misaki walking away from him.
  • Misaki has never deleted the message app. He reads the chat history from time to time (more often when they were in the “break up period”). 
  • After they move in together, in the beginning Misaki gets annoyed at Saruhiko never locks the door properly. However he doesn’t know that Saruhiko never locks his door since after they broke up and moved to S4 dorm. He was back to his childhood self. Because there is nothing important in his dorm room anymore. Saruhiko is still getting used to it after they move back in together.

NSFW (Under the cut): *Warning: I’m a TOP!Saru shipper so no R18-Misaru here*

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This summer I and my boyfriend where going for a walk in the evening. The sun was going down and we were extremely horny so we ended up having sex in an corn field. At first in a position were he was holding my hips and then doggy. It was so hot *_*

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