hes a dawg

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Imagine Victor helping Yurio with something and Yurio says "Thanks dad" but thought he said "Thanks dawg" and when Victor points it out Yurio gets all flustered and starts yelling while Victor is just grinning like an idiot cause he's just enjoying the entire situation


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I really love Dre's relationship with Jee. Give that boy ome love for me Dr. Dre.

* o, JEE? Da’s ma boi, dawg.

* He my lil’eminem. He my star on th’ rise.
* YEAH I’ll give ‘em extra love next time I see ‘em,, I’d be fuckin’ glad to.


So. If you’re on team Instinct, you’ve likely noticed Spark’s recent disappearance and his replacement, as Candela was reading off our appraisal for the past week.
Well, my boyfriend was joking around saying that Spark was probably off catching raid bosses and stuff, considering that legendaries got released. I laughed and agreed “headcanon that Spark made Candela take over for him while he went away,” I said. “Spark just gives her a script like, ‘here, this is what I say to them, make sure you say the same thing so they don’t get worried.’ and she just went with it,” He joked back.
BUT, in the most recent update, in the notes does it say they “fixed a bug” ? NO it freaking says “Spark has returned”

That little meme daddy sporting that cheesy grin actually went somewhere, it wasn’t a glitch

I would bet my life that that baby boi was out there running from gym to gym trying to catch those legendaries and just had Candela hold down the fort for him while he was gone, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

DEEP (TOG College AU) Part i

Nesryn’s life was supposed to be all laid out in front of her. Get through college, continue on her gymnastics career, and eventually get into the Olympics. Easy, right? But after a terrible accident, she’s been scared to step foot anywhere near a tumbl trak. Plus, she’s got her ex-bf to worry about, friends that have equal problems of their own and him. The guy that starts with an ‘S’ and ends in trouble-town. [Part 1/3]

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So yeah a lot of things suck but my sister is adopting this cute little dude and I’ve pretty much convinced her to call him Albus (as in Dumbledore) and I get to meet him tomorrow so yeah it ain’t all bad

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Hi! I just wanna say that I really realy love your werewolf!76 comic so much ♥ thanks for sharing it :)

What he said; Thanks dawg~

I got some commissions to finish but after that, I’ll be working on something new for the AU. Stay tuned!