hes a dawg

A hugely built man surveys the rent boys on the street corner. He points at the skinniest one to come with him. In the hotel room, the man preps a syringe and asks the kid to inject it into his thick ass. The brute roars in pleasure at the hit, shaking, flexing and shouting all sorts of dumb slogans about being a BEAST and an ALPHA DAWG. He offers the kid a dose, which the kid accepts, thinking that it’s just some sorta upper. He bends over and feels the cold metal prick his bottom.

It goes straight to his balls, making them clench and churn in pleasure as his dick tents up past his rolled-down briefs. His muscles become engorged in blood as well. His head starts swimming in all the pleasure and power. There’s no better feeling than this. Than being a BEAST. Than being an ALPHA DAWG. When the Beast breeds him and fills him up with cum, the kid knows he’s been reborn into the MEATHEAD tribe. He follows the Beast to a 24 hour gym, where he learns what it means to be a muscle beast like his maker. He’ll still make money with his body, but only by getting worshiped.

This guy right here 💕 he puts up with my overthinking, my short temper, my insecurities, my jealousy just like i put up with the stuff he goes through, he really has the patience for me dawg. He bugs me out but I’ve never been any happier in this relationship. He is amazing hilarious!! They’ll be times where we will go to the super market to buy shit and I’ll do something so dumb just so i can see that smile that appears on his face! He is my best friend I’m such a fuck up but he is there for me anyway and doesn’t look at me differently, I’ve never been any happier. 8516 if i lost you I’ll lose my mind, me tippy toeing just so i can get a kiss from you, us laughing our asses off to some shit I did, You make me feel like the only girl in the world and you’ve never stopped doing so I appreciate you so much. You and I shall be together always ❤️ I’m in love with you. @letsnotgettechnical

DP: You don’t have to label yourself for anybody except yourself. ‘Sides, those sorts of labels are like designer jeans – they’re great when they fit, but it’s when they don’t – and you go on one of those miracle ”this-will-likely-kill-you” Hollywood diets to fit in it – that’s when they do their damage. Me? I’m two sizes too big for any label to really fit snugly on me. Trust.
If you’re happy with your partner now, and gender is nothing more than a set of chromozones to you, you don’t need to try it with the same sex just to make sure. That being said, if your partner is chill, he’d probably understand if you did want to sprawl seductively on the other team’s bench. For scientific purposes, of course. 

@huskyhuddle Box dawg! We’re joining the club!

He’s staring at the Synovi G4 treat I’m holding above my head. I feel like it’s the doggie equivalent of flinstones vitamins.