hes a cutie pie

imjustherefortheplot  asked:

Drunk matsu headcanons?~

HMM all of these are probably supported by canon i dont remember LMAO

osomatsu: very stereotypical drunk, very handsy, this is a blmatsu blog so i can just go ahead and say he feels up all his brothers while he’s drunk. doesn’t give a fuck. right there in chibita’s oden stand. don’t like don’t look. I also feel like there’s a rare aggressive emo drunk osomatsu (ep 24 hi)

karamatsu: why do i feel like he acts exactly the same bc how much more ridiculous can you get. I feel like he’d either get REALLY whiny and submissive or way more confident and dominant and I really can’t decide

choromatsu: a cutie pie!!!!!! lets his guard down so he’s a big sweetie and it’s adorable?? probably would just laugh everything (oso’s nasty hands) off bc he’s happy and up for everything aaghgg IT’S SO CUTE

ichimatsu: also a happy boy! let’s his guard down after a few drinks even if at first he’s his usual pissy self. Although if I remember there was a whole thing abt Ichi never drinking in canon which brings up the possibility that he’s the wildest most extra drunk guy ever and it’s embarrassing and that’s why he doesn’t

jyushimatsu: Similar to karamatsu, what do I even say about this boy. I can’t even make a furry joke bc he does that when he’s sober. Maybe he mellows down. Maybe he’s the softest boy of all

todomatsu: Todomatsu comes out of the closet when he’s drunk and is a big whiny baby pervert. This isn’t a maybe this is a FACT

Just look at this cutie-pie:

And this one:

And this one:

And this one (evil Nick Valentine):

And this one:

And this one:

And then there’s THIS guy, who’s on the exact opposite end of the spectrum:

Seriously, I hate him.

But I respect him.