hes a child i swear

The only one I can relate right now is Chloe flirting with the fucking turkey

Drabble Prompts: You Cannot Get That Many Pop Tarts

“Twenty boxes?”

“There’s not twenty ,” Spencer pouted as you stood with your hands on your hips staring at the shopping cart.

You counted again, “Yes there is. And there’s four pop tarts in each box. That’s eighty. We do not need eighty pop tarts.”

“But… But they’re on sale!”

“No. You eat enough junk food as it is. Put them back.”

“But I like them. And I want them. I’ll go to the gym more, I swear it,” he was like a petulant child bargaining with his mother rather than a grown man out shopping with his girlfriend. You knew should have never let him control the cart.

“No! Put them back. You cannot get that many pop tarts. You can have two boxes.”



“Six?” he tried again.


“Four then. Let me have four.”

You sighed and shook your head. Next time you were doing the shop online. It was not worth this every time.

“Three. And that’s it. And you are not to ruin your dinner by eating them before.”

“Yay! Thanks, love you.”

He grabbed the cart and scurried off back to the aisle to put them back. Another woman who was having a similar debate but with her child, glanced over and caught your eye.

You smiled and started to walk away, hearing the child try to argue.

“He got three boxes, why can I only have one?”

God help if you and Spencer ever had kids…

EXO reacting to losing your child at a store

SUHO: *runs around the store trying to find your son and asks people if they’ve seen him. He grows anxious and starts panicking until he finds the kid eating a bucket of ice cream* Oh, God…Jr. don’t do that again

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CHANYEOL: *Was looking through the guitars, for this he put your 4 year old girl on the floor and without him realizing she just walked away from him. When he turned around to pick your girl again he noticed she was not there* OH SHIT NOT AGAIN

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CHEN: Seriously…you are just like your father CHENNIEE COME BACK HERE BEFORE YOUR MOTHER KILLS ME

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BAEKHYUN: *looses ur child while playing hide and seek at toys R’ Us then accidentally finds u while he was looking for ur child*

you: Where’s Y/Son or Daughter/N

baekhyun: *starts laughing nervously* what are you talking about we don’t have kids

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D.O: *realizes he lost your child* I swear to fu…*Goes to the costumer service office and calls your child through the mic*

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KAI: *To be honest this man will never lose your child in a store, he loves kids and knows how to deal with them*

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XIUMIN: ah man…you’ve got to be kidding me *starts thinking about the worst*

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LAY: *was looking at some food with you when they hear the costumer service calling the parents of a little boy/girl that got lost by the cereals aisle. Lay looks confused behind him and realizes he lost your kid* Um…I’ll be back *goes to retriever your child*

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SEHUN: Don’t worry jagi, your man will bring back our offspring *goes looking for your child but ends up as lost as him/her. In the end you found both of them eating chocolates and goofing around like the babies they were*

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OK I got something like this in my messages a few days ago but somehow the message got deleted ???? so if you wanted OT12 I’m sorry D:

Send your requests to @oohlaulock

y’all the joker probably left harley to die in the car when it fell in the water and i’m so angry?? because i am SURE this asshole isn’t in the car, he left her there y’all still think it’s romantic?? what the actual fuck?? she doesn’t deserve that, he better keep his abusive ass away from my child i swear, i can’t wait to see her find her independence at then end of the movie and finally break free from the joker, the squad is her new family and they will treat her with respect.

plus: i’m waiting for a dceu poison ivy to come and join the squad and then date harley

“I shouldn’t have eaten that.” + Yugyeom

Yugyeom rubs his stomach as he lays down on the couch with his head on your lap. He appears lethargic the minute you walk through the dorm to pay him a visit. You rake your fingers through his hair, “Why do you look so sick?”

He groans, “I shouldn’t have eaten that.”

Gently, you pat his cheek, “What did you eat, hm?”

“The kimchi tacos Jinyoung hyung brought back a week ago.” He drums his tummy like a child in hope to relief the ache. “I swear, Jinyoung hyung is out to kill me.”

I chuckle silently at the remark. To make it more comedic, Jinyoung shouts from his room, “I told you guys to throw it out a long time ago! Not my fault!”

Hyuuunnnngggg!” Yugyeom whines and you quiet him down by pressing a finger to his lips.

“Hey now, just relax. I’ll go get you some hot, organic tea and—”

“Oh my god, did Jackson hyung get you into that too?! Babe—”

You sigh, almost about to change your mind about helping to relieve your boyfriend’s stomach pain. “Do you want help or not?” Either way you were going to take care of him, but you just want to get his attention from being bitter and blaming others.

“Okay, okay,” He repeats. “I only trust you anyways.” His lips turn into a pout and you can’t resist but pinch his cheeks, the way he always does to you. “Ow!”

“You’re so cute,” You tease and he’s greatly bothered by it.

He takes your wrists and removes them from his red cheeks, both from blushing and from pinching. “Stop it, babe!”

“I can’t help it!” You squeal in a cute voice with the intention to annoy him some more, taking advantage of the moment because he can’t attack you. Your hands find way to his face and squeezes it into a fish. “I love you! Be right back!” You level down his head onto a pillow and walk to the kitchen for tea as well as search for some Pepto-bismo. You laugh to yourself once you are away at how precious Yugyeom can be.