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Malec handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters in Magnus's apartment complex! OvO Maybe it's Alec's first time doing this (because uhhh Mundanes wtf?) but warms up to the idea because Magnus super loves seeing the children's costumes, maybe they have fun with it by decorating the loft haunted-house style for the kids to explore? X'3

thank you so much for this idea! 💜

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“Do people actually believe this stuff is real?” Alec asked, eyeing the fake cobweb in his hand dubiously. There was an air of ridiculousness to every mundane holiday in Alec’s opinion, but this one seemed especially strange. The things that they found scary were nothing in comparison to what he witnessed nearly every day. Demons were a far away concept to them, an exaggerated story to tell with a flashlight shining under their chins, while he was out shooting them with arrows as his job. They were definitely not something to celebrate, but Magnus insisted that Alec was missing the point.

“Of course not. It just adds to the overall aesthetic,” Magnus replied, his tone deadly serious as he snapped his fingers for the millionth time that day. They were rearranging and decorating the entire loft to make it appear like a haunted house- whatever that meant. The walls were draped in black and dark purple sheets, and mirrors leaned against them, warped to make the reflection uneven. Candles were spread throughout the space, flickering in and out every few seconds- apparently this made it more spooky- and fake spiders hung from the ceiling, which Alec was definitely not a fan of, but he refused to tell Magnus that.

“I just don’t-”

“See the point,” Magnus finished, letting out an impatient sigh. “Yes, I know, because you’ve told me about a hundred times tonight. Trust me, Alexander, you’ll see the fun in it once the kids start knocking.”

Alec decided to stay quiet after that, not wanting to ruin his boyfriend’s night. There was a gleam in Magnus’ eye that he hadn’t seen much of in the time that they had been together, and even if he didn’t understand, he wanted to try. Everything that mattered to Magnus mattered to him, too, and he was going to make an effort.

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