hes 6'4

HENRIETTA: What the fuck does this even mean?
RUBY: Oh! Well, it’s a long story.
RUBY: I’ll tell you. I bet you all know my brother Craig, right?
MICHAEL: He’s the only person taller than me in South Park, so yes.
RUBY: And you know Tweek too? They were South Park’s most popular couple.

RUBY: So that’s a recap of what has happened!
MICHAEL: … What.
HENRIETTA: I never would’ve thought this, but now my annoying little alien brother doesn’t seem so bad as a younger sibling anymore.

I thought it would be funny to play a silly prank on my husband, so while he was taking a shower so I snuck up on him and splashed him with cold water. 

This turned out to be not-so-good of an idea, because instead of being like “oh goodness that was a surprise haha” he thought I was an intruder and that the sudden cold sensation was from him being stabbed Psycho-style and he let out the most terrified, high-pitched scream I have ever heard in my entire life. 

this is a little gift for my BDF (Best Dragon Friend) rene bara-dragon

i just wanna say rene is one of the coolest guys i know and he inspired me to start making art again and im thankful for that (also rene isn’t actually that tall irl)