hes 6'4

my cis straight boyfriend: I wanted to ask how you’d like to identify in terms of partner labels, like what’s most comfortable for you?
me, trying not to tear up: who made you where did you come from


Smol 5'1 Enjolras telling all his friends the reason he doesn’t date is because his standards are too high and when questioned by Courf what that means Enjolras just stares at him in the eye dead serious
“He has to be 6'4 so I can climb on his shoulders and finally be tall like I’ve always dreamed”

Courf cries

A few months later a super tall R walks in to a meeting for the first time because Ferre dragged him
Enjolras is already flustered because DANG THAT BOY HAS PRETTY EYES
Courf notices and strides over to the new kid and The first thing Courf asks (and very loudly so Enjolras can hear in his little corner) is how tall he is

R just blushes because well he’s obviously taller than Ferre by a couple inches and R is a little self conscious about his height and mumbles out a shy “6'5”

Enjolras nearly dies

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au where hamilton is 6'4

He towers over EVERYoNE




MADISON is like some DOG 



@jarpad says he wasn’t always 6'4" & an actor and admits he was bullied. Says cyber bullying isn’t a political issue, pushes for punishment

@realGpad opening up about bullying she faced in school and notes how different it is for victims now b/c of social media #DavidsLaw

©@AshleyG_KVUE   Actors @jarpad & @realGpad being honored on Senate floor for their work to fight cyber bullying & mental illness stigmas. They live in ATX

just little batfleck things™

• the smirk
• he beefy
• seriously hes 6'4"
• henry is only 6'1" this is ridiculous stop him
• he works out w/ large tires
• that’s extra af
• he actually appears to be affected mentally by all the traumatic shit he’s gone through
• the bruce wayne persona
• “i like those shoes!”
• the fake-ass smile
• when the fake-ass smiles falls off his face and he look like he boutta use heat vision himself
• sucks @ lying to alfred
• does it anyway
• gets caught
• batdad af
• daddy af
• i’m SORRY
• runs toward the destruction while everyone else runs away
• saves a little girl
• arguably debates making her his new robin on the spot
• loves his mom
• is constantly outsmarted by diana
• would probably let diana punch him in the face
• would punch clark in the face
• “i’m a friend of your son’s”
• is proven wrong multiple times
• never admits he was wrong, instead pretends he was on the right side the entire time
• totally useless in the final battle
• seriously just stands there and watches
• “just a feeling”
• yeah right
• more like both barry and lex screamed at you
• not fooling anyone but always thinks he is

Kit Kat

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,508

Summary: Before the 1st season of Supernatural airs, Jensen meets the reader at his talent agency in LA.

M&M’s. Snickers. Butterfingers. Reese Peanut Butter Cups. You name it. If it’s fucking chocolate, you’ll eat it. You’re a stress eater. You’re stressed. And there’s not one God damn piece of candy left in your bag.

“Y/N! Get in here!” You hear your boss Eileen yell from inside her office.

You stand up quickly and smooth out your dress. You don’t know why you bother, you’re just a measly intern. But your mom said to dress for the job you want instead of the job you have. So here you are. Ugh. Thanks, mom.

“Yes?” You try to say as confidently as possible.

Keep reading

“We’d been having a sort of tacit conversation about it for a couple years. Then one day, his sister, who already knew, was teasing him about having a crush on a boy at school. And I heard him say: ‘Well, maybe it’s true!’ So I said: 'Son, we’ve never really talked about this. Are you gay?’ And even though he was 6'4”, he came over to me, curled up in my lap and just sobbed and sobbed. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life, actually.“

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about even/henrik's height- i asked him on insta: he is 193cm aka 6'4 😍 i don't know how to send pics on thjs so here is the link of the tweet haha twitter. com/fxckingtragedy/status/798646472187092992 (ignore the space between twitter. and com bc tmblr won't let me include links -.- )


Science teacher

This is my first story so it might be a little bad but i hope you enjoy it!

I was fourteen-years old and in the ninth grade. Mr. Jovelo had been my science teacher when I was in the sixth, seventh and eighth grade.

Mr. Jovelo was in his thirties and very tall, 6'4. He was always well-groomed, clean cut, attractive and well built. He had very dark black hair, that was always neatly trimmed, brown eyes, full lips and an always ready smile. And a bubble but that made all the girls swoon, it was a lot more difficult for a horny, gay teen-age boy.

Mr. Jovelo had us do an group assigment with three other people. Usually i went with my friends and started the questions on the board. “Ok class, you have to answer in complete sentences” he said, finishing writing up the last question.

Now Mr. Jovelo is usually never careful were he sits, he’s sat on more kids in his life than chairs. Mr. Jovelo always says its an “accident” but i feel like he does it on purpose. I’ve never been sat by him before, but with a butt like that i wouldnt mind.

My shoulder partner called over Mr. Jovelo and came over to my side. My partners,including myself, didnt notice him coming and he just sat on me. I froze, i didnt know what to do but to enjoy it.

Im usually quiet in the group so my partners didnt notice i was under him, but he did. Mr jovelo started wiggling around and bouncing up and down a little. I instantly got hard and almost came on the spot. Finally Mr. Jovelo realized and got up.“Sorry i didnt see you there..” he said with a smirk, “but must i say you’re pretty comfortable to sit on” and winked.

“Uh, a-anyways we need help with question four…” i said. He helped us find the answer and left. Throughout the whole assignment i couldnt stop thinking what he said, you’re very comfortable to sit on. While i was replaying the moment in my head i forgot we were going over the questions

“Jake…JAKE” Mr. Jovelo almost shouted. I was frozen, embarresed by my daydreaming i could speak. “Fine if you won’t answer,I’ll see you after class”

“So jake why didn’t you answer the question today?” Mr. Jovelo said. “I-i was distracted” i answered. He got up from his seat and approached me, “ Was it because i sat on you?” he said with a smile that makes everyone melt inside. I didnt answer unsure of what to say.

“I felt your little friend was a little excited wasnt he? I bet you would like me to sit on you again wouldn’t you?” Mr. Jovelo said patting his bubble butt.

“I guess i would” i said without thinking. He laughed and sat back down in his chair “Take a seat i want to give you something”. I sat in the chair infront of him. Mr. Jovelo pulled out a plastic cup and poured in a liquid i couldnt identify.

Taking this as a sign i drank it, it was sweet with a bitter after taste. “What was that?” i asked. A smirk quickly appeared on his face. “Oh you’ll find out eventually”. What did he mean by that? Suddenly my vision clouded, the last thing i saw was Mr. Jovelo mouth, can’t wait till we get home.


I woke up in a strange room. I looked around but it was too dark to see. Where am i? I tried to get up but i couldn’t. My body couldn’t move and the air was kind of stuffy. Suddenly the weight on me lifts off and a wave of fresh air hits me. “Good morning sleepy head” a familiar voice said, “ Do you enjoy the view” he said showing off his giant bubble butt. Ive never seen a butt so huge, his underwear seemed to be at the point of breaking wanting to release those two huge mounds of meat

Once my vision cleared i saw Mr. Jovelo standing over me, he was a giant from my point of view. “Whats going on Mr. Jovelo?” i asked confused.

“Remeber that drink i gave you? It shrunk you down to 4 tiny little inches, now you’re a little ant compared to me.” A rush of emotions ran over me, a little more turn on than scared and confused.

“What about my family and my friends? They’ll worried sick about me, i have to go back to my normal size please” i said. Laughing he said “ Oh don’t worry about that i told your family you were sent off to a program in London for a couple of years, to will improve your science skills and they ate that up like hungry wolfs” he said confident in his plan.

I stood there unable to speak. I couldn’t think or even function with all this information. “But why me? Why not anyone else?”

He got face to face with me “Oh thats easy, ive known you liked my ass for years,and youre the smartest in the class so it made sense to pick you for my made up story” he said. But there was still something bugging me more than anything

“What am i even doing here in your house anyways Mr. Jovelo?”. He released a big burp that almost knocked me down. “ Ive been working on that drink for years, mixing differnet chemicals to shrink a human completely and once it was done i had to test it out on someone” he laughed and continued “ I always needed an ass slave to worship every inch of my ass and you seemed to fit what i looked in for a slave”.

My heart almost left my body. I was taken away from my family,friends and my whole life to become an ass slave.

“Mr. Jovelo this is crazy!! You have to-” i was interrupted by another burp that succsefully knocked me down this time.

“Oh Jake do you think i care? Now if you dont mind its time for me to watch tv shows” he said standing up.

His ass blocked the light and all i could see was his ass eating at his underwear and a sweat line going down his beautiful crack. I stood there in fear and lust seeing his ass approach closer and closer.

“Oh and jake?” he said stopping “ Dont call me Mr. Jovelo anymore… Call me master from now on, and you’ll be addressed as slave"  and with that final sentence his bubble butt engulfed my tiny body


I’ve lost track of the time under his sweaty ass. I didnt have any trouble breathing but man it reaked really bad in there. Soon after i realized my tiny face was on his asshole.

Great. This is what i have to do untill i die, living servicing my science teacher.

In the middle of my thought he let out a wet fart. “I hope you dont mind, I’ve had at least 60 deviled eggs for dinner today and they make me very gassy” he said as he farted once more, longer than the last one

The smell was unbearable i couldnt stand it. I almost threw up each time i inhaled. “Slave i want you to purify my farts, i don’t want to smell a thing when i fart, slave and if i do you’ll experience the worst punishment of smells in your life” he said farting again.

Afraid and not wanting to face this punishment i inhaled his fart, gagging each time. “Thats how its done slave very well”


Hours went by and countless farts were released. “Ahh i think i might hit the hay slave”

He got up and fished me out from in between his ass and set me by the counter. Dazzed i didnt move much. “I just wanted to see you one more time before bed slave” he said charmingly

“Hope you enjoyed our little session today, because its about to get a lot better” he said

He grabbed me and started moving me towards his ass. “Mr. Jovelo please dont!”
He stopped suddenly and brought me close to his face. “I told you to call me master, slave.” he said, “ since i feel nice today and this is your first day you’ll face something somewhat similar”

He set me down and pulled of his boxer briefs. I was mesmerized by the sight, his ass cheeks were bouncing with freedom and his cock and balls were huge. He left the room and came back with a thong

“What is that?!” I asked. He picked me up and placed me in the little pocket designed for a shruken person. “Oh its something to help you remember to call me master”

He put on the thong, he spread apart his ass cheeks so i would meet his asshole faster Once he finally got my face on his asshole he let go of his mounds closing me in a fart oven.

“Do you like it? I designed it myself. Now everytime i fart you can smell purify the fart! Aren’t you glad to have such a generous master?” he said farting

“This is inhumane-” i was cut off by a wet fart. “I don’t want anyone smelling any farts tomorrow slave, we’ll be going to school where you’ll sniff my farts all day without anyone knowing but me” Mr. Jovelo i mean… My master said

“Well nap time slave!” he said and layed down.
I couldn’t sleep through night with my master farting every 5 minutes, like a ticking bomb.
Tomorrow wouldnt be any better

Altair: 6’0
Ezio: 6’0
Connor: 6’4
Edward: 5’11
Arno: 5’7
Jacob: 5’6 (Assuming Evie is the same height)
^Altair, Ezio, and Connor’s are canon. Noah(Connor’s voice actor) said he was 6'4. Matt Ryan(Edward’s voice actor) is 5'11 so I assume…. Napoleon was 5'7 and Arno is the same height in game so-….. yeah.

Just encase you guys want this I’ll leave this here.

Edit; Fixed Arno’s height. The French Pounce and English Inch were apparently not the same thing back then, so thanks to some help, I changed it.

Edit; apparently I saw a post going around saying Jacob is 5'6? So…
You're So Tiny

Tadaaaa @ashes-to-ashesx

At 5'3" you were easily the shortest person on the team. Morgan, Hotch, and Reid easily towered above you. You might be little but you were a force to be reckoned with, so much so that the team often called you Hurricane.
You slipped through the tiny gap in the fencing that only you could fit through and kept moving while the rest of the team went around the building to find another way in. Hotch didn’t like it but you had this guy pinned down and like hell were you letting him get away.
You round the corner and see him standing at the end of the hallway. He sees you and laughs.
“You? You’re an Agent?”
“Put your hands up.”
“You’re tiny.”
“Hands up.” You snap again slowly moving closer. He’s right. Compared to him you’re tiny. He stands probably 6'4" and has to weigh 250 easy. “I don’t want to have to shoot you.” He laughs then lunges at you knocking the gun away from you. “Where’s that backup?” You ask dodging a blow from him. He may be quick but you’re faster. You land two solid punches before he catches you and pins you against the wall by your throat. Your feet scraping the ground. You push your legs off of the wall and kick him in the hip causing him to loosen his grip enough for you to suck in a breath of air. He punches you then and you try to break his grip when suddenly there’s a gun shot and you watch as the UnSub’s eyes unfocus and his body goes slack. You drop to the floor and feel your ankle pop, damn it. Morgan checks on the UnSub as Hotch hurries toward you.
“You okay?” He reaches down a hand for you and you take it trying not to show you’re in pain because you know what’s coming next. “I told you this was a bad idea.”
“I know. I know.”
“You okay Hurricane?” Morgan asks from his place by the UnSub. You’re almost positive he’s dead.
“Yea. He dead?”
“Yup.” Morgan confirms.
“Damn it.” You growl then go to take a step when the pain rips through you. “Shit!” You yelp as you crumble off of your injured ankle. Hotch catches you before you hit the floor.
“What’s wrong?” He asks his voice tight.
“My ankle.” You growl out.
“Alright,” Hotch scoops you up, bridal style and starts out of the room. “I’m taking little miss Hurricane to the hospital.”
“Sounds good.” Morgan responds calling in the dead serial killer.
“Don’t I get a say in this?”
“No.” He’s short with you which means he’s pissed. He carries you around the building not saying a word.
“Why are you mad at me?” He stops dead in his tracks and looks down at you.
“I’m not mad at you.”
“Then what is it? I know something is wrong.”
“You really scared me.” Uh, wait what? “I know we joke about you being a force of nature, a hurricane but you’re small. I wouldn’t have taken that guy on and you’re tiny compared to me.”
“But I’m okay.”
“Because we got there in time.”
“I’m sorry Hotch.” You whisper wrapping your arms tightly around his neck. “I’m sorry.”
“I’m just glad you’re okay.”
“Yea, thanks for that.”